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Manning's Roughness Coefficient


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Manning's Roughness Coefficient Sponsored Links

Manning's roughness coefficient values for some common materials

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Manning's roughness coefficient values are used in the Manning's formula for flow calculation in open flow
channels. Coefficients for some common used surface materials can be found in the table below:

Manning's Roughness
Surface Material Coefficient
Asbestos cement 0.011
Asphalt 0.016
Miscellaneous Brass 0.011
Physiology Brickwork 0.015
Piping Systems Cast-iron, new 0.012
Process Control Clay tile 0.014
Pumps Concrete - steel forms 0.011
Standards Organizations Concrete - finished 0.012
Steam and Condensate
Concrete - wooden forms 0.015
Concrete - centrifugally spun 0.013
Water Systems
Copper 0.011
Corrugated metal 0.022
Earth 0.025
Earth channel - clean 0.022
Earth channel - gravelly 0.025
Earth channel - weedy 0.030
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Earth channel - stony, cobbles 0.035
Temperature Magazines
Floodplains - pasture, farmland 0.035
Floodplains - light brush 0.050 Microwave Product
F Floodplains - heavy brush 0.075 Digest
Floodplains - trees 0.15

Galvanized iron 0.016
Glass 0.010
m Gravel 0.029
km Lead 0.011
in Masonry 0.025
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Metal - corrugated 0.022 Outsourcing
Natural streams - clean and
miles 0.030
nautical miles
Natural streams - major rivers 0.035
Natural streams - sluggish with
Volume 0.040
deep pools
Plastic 0.009
Polyethylene PE - Corrugated EE Times Europe
liters 0.009 - 0.015
with smooth inner walls
3 Polyethylene PE - Corrugated
ft 0.018 - 0.025
with corrugated inner walls
us gal
Polyvinyl Chloride PVC - with
0.009 - 0.011
smooth inner walls
Velocity Steel - Coal-tar enamel 0.010
Steel - smooth 0.012
Steel - New unlined 0.011 Engineering
Steel - Riveted 0.019 Standards

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Manning's Roughness Coefficient

knots Manning's Roughness
Surface Material Coefficient
Pressure Wood - planed 0.012
Wood - unplaned 0.013
Pa (N/m )
Wood stave 0.012
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