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!N1001 - Reprogramming LoRa sensor

with serial bootloader
This application note describe how to re-flash microprocessor inside the LoRa sensors that arent
equipped with the USB interface.
For the upgrade process, is needed a dedicated tool for connect the PC to the sensor and a software
program supplied by ST Microelectronics.

Connect the adapter tool to the PC with USB cable

The adapter tool is a USB to serial converter. The converter is based on FTDI chipset and the
necessary driver is typically present in the Microsoft Windows installation.
Move the power switch and boot switch in OFF position and see that all led are off

Fig. 1 Switch in OFF position

Install Software

Install the flash_loader_demo_v2.8.0 following the instruction.

At the end of installation running the program STMFlashLoaderDemo.exe
Choose the serial port in according with your computer setup.
Set the serial speed and the connection parameter as
reported in this figure.
When the sensor is connected and powered in according on
below instruction, press Next button.

Next Button

Connect the adapter tool to the sensor

Connect the 10-poles flat cable to the sensor in according with the pictures below. Power-
up the sensor in this sequence, in order to put the sensor in bootloader mode:

- Remove the internal battery connection.

- Move the power switch and boot switch in OFF position and see that all led are off
- Move the power switch in ON position and see the red led is ON
- Move the Boot switch in ON position and see the green led is ON
- Push and release the reset button
When the target is connected, press again Next button.

Next Button

Next Button

Select the correct target.

STM32L1_Cat2-64K is the correct type for
all sensors, except the magnetic contact for
outdoor cabinet. (CM868LRCB)
When the type is selected, press Next

STM32L1_Cat2-128K is the correct type

only for magnetic contact for outdoor cabinet (CM868LRCB)
Select the desired image to flash in the sensor.
Flag the option Verify after download

Press Next button when ready.

Select Image


Next Button