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Bulletin of the DANISH SHORT WAVE CLUB INTERNATIONAL for short wave listeners and DXers

No 8 December 2016 Volume 59

November 17th 1956 November 17th 2016

Thank you very much to all our faithful members during 60 years
DX-Clubs to replace DSWCI
At our AGM in October I promised to publish the names, ad-
dresses and websites of those clubs, we can recommend.
One of these, which in content is similar to the DSWCI, is the
British DX Club which publishes a big bulletin each month
called Communication in English. You can subscribe for it in
print or PDF (e-mail). The website is: and the
postal address: 10 Hemdean Hill, Caversham, Reading RG4
Editorial 7SB, UK.
Two other printed DX-Bulletins are:
November 27th, 2016 Radio-Kurier monthly in German published by the ADDX,
Scharsbergweg 14, D-41189 Mnchengladbach, Germany.
Dear friends, members and readers all E-mail: . Website:
over the World. DX-AKTUELLT published bi-monthly in Danish and Swedish
by DDXLK and SDXF. The address of Dansk DX Lytter Klub is
This is my very last editorial written at our clubs 60 years old his- P. O. Box 112, DK 8960 Randers S, Denmark.
tory. I remember an editorial written by a former editor-in-chief E-mail: . Website: .
may be 50 years ago. He just wrote.The editor doesnt say any- Our excellent MW and SW tips editor during many years,
thing others got the word. That short could it be said. However Klaus-Dieter Scholz will continue to receive tips by e-mail on
I have more to say in my last editorial. It has always been a and publish these on . Thus you
pleasure to edit and compile SWN. There have been times that can continue to report and get tips from other former DSWCI-
almost nothing happened within the DX World, so it was difficult members!
to write an editorial, thus. I got so little material, that hardly an en-
tire SWN could be made. At other times, fortunately most of the Some other useful digital DX-bulletins available by e-mail are:
time, I got so much material, that it was an very easy task for me, NASWA Electronic Flashsheet published weekly in English by
to edit our bulletin. All just because of you. As I always end my the North American Shortwave Association, 45 Wildflower
annual editor report at the AGM, without you, we could not made Road,
a SWN, which I think and hope, has given all of you both up-to- Levittown, PA 19057, USA.
date news and valuable information. E-mail: . Website: .
Hard-Core-DX, California, USA, publishes nearly daily tips in
I want to express my deepest and personal thank you so much English by E-mail: .
for all your welcomed, nice and/ or touching mails. I have put Shortwave Bulletin, Engelholm, Sweden, published bi-weekly
those greetings on our letterbox section, which at this time has in English (and Swedish) by E-mail: thom-
been extended to 2 pages. .
Website: .
The board has decided that in this last issue, there will be no limi-
tations of pages, as we always have had before. So you will have Bulgarian DX Blog, Sofia, Bulgaria publishes nearly daily latest
an extraordinary big issue in your hand. Besides we have decided loggings in English on website
to make the entire bulletin in color. We hope that you will like it.
E-mail: .
In this issue you will have an extensive report from the last AGM Rhein-Main-Radio-Club e.V publishes bi-monthly RMRC Ak-
held in Kalundborg, where no less than 39 members and spouses tuell in German. Website: . E-mail:
from 14 different countries attended. Also this shows, how Inter- .
national we always have been. For sure we will get in contact with Suomen DX-liitto ry publishes monthly DX-clusive in Finnish
many of you also in the future. A photo of most of the participants and English by e-mail at . Website:
can be seen on the front page in SWN October/November issue. .
In the beginning of November, I wrote to many of our most active Japan SW Club publishes monthly SW DX GUIDE in English
members, to ask them if they could write something no matter and Japanese. E-mail: .
what, just relating to our common hobby, for the last issue of
SWN. I can tell you, that I got very good feed-back from many of Finally a hint about why shortwave broadcasting is fading out
those members, so thank you very much for your stories. They and why young people prefer the internet listening. You need
are all published in this issue, and there are many very different to know the websites of the radiostations to hear with FM quali-
articles, and that should it just be. ty their live streaming on your PC. However, this is NOT DX-
Because our club is closing by January 1st, our chairman has col- In the World Radio TV Handbook you can find these websites.
lected a list, with active DX Clubs, that could be of interest for But one company the - has collected most of
you. The list can be seen at right on this page. these websites in one very large website, which has this long
Now as it all has come to an end, I certainly do hope that we will
get in contact also in the future with each other. It is for sure, that e.asp?sBrowseType=Location .
I never will stop listening to radiostations on SW and MW; it has Here you can get, free of charge, access to no less that 22.228
been a very big deal of my entire life. I will keep the same well- ordinary radiostations (mostly FM and MW) plus 14.896 special
known e-mail address also in the future. So if you will get in touch internet radiostations. A total of 37.124 radiostations from the
with me, just write me, and I will certainly give you a feed-back. If whole world!!!
you by any chance should come to Copenhagen, I will gladly
meet you either in the City or in our new apartment, which we will As examples these numbers of stations can be heard at pre-
move to on January 1 , which are situated very close to a station. sent:
Greece 525, Ghana 38, Kuwait 85, Indonesia 454, Fiji 6, Cana-
Dear friends, once again thank you very much for your contribu- da 1323, Guatemala 37, Trinidad and Tobago 20 and Peru 123.
tions to SWN and for your friendship. We will get in touch for
sure. Take care, and Very best 73s from Kaj (Your old editor) Good listening, Anker Petersen

2 DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016

Compiled and edited by Klaus-Dieter Scholz
FAX: +49-32 22 11 52 93 9

153,0 2342- ROU 2.11 Antena Statelor, Braov Bod Romanian 35453 CG-POR
162,0 0502- F 6.11 France Inter, Allouis French 45444 AAB-RUS
171,0 0655- MRC 8.11 Radio Mediterranee International, Nador French MAM-E
183,0 2054- D 6.11 Europe 1, Felsberg, Saarlouis French 25342 AAB-RUS
189,0 1955- ISL 4.11 Rikisutvarpid, Gufusklum Icelandic 34352 CG-POR
198,0 0503- G 6.11 BBC, Droitwich English 25342 AAB-RUS
207,0 2052- ISL 21.11 Rikisutvarpid, Eium Icelandic 25442 AAB-RUS
225,0 1254- POL 8.11 Polskie Radio, Solec Kujawski Polish 15351 CG-POR
234,0 2056- LUX 21.10 RTL, Beidweiler French 35443 AAB-RUS
243,0 0500- DNK 6.11 DR1, Kalunborg Danish 45444 AAB-RUS
270,0 2107- CZE 16.10 CR, Topolna Czech 15341 CG-POR
279,0 1924- TKM 7.11 Turkmen Radio, Asgabat Turkmen 34342 CG-POR
549,0 0522- UKR 22.10 Ukrainian Radio 1, Luch, Nikolayev Ukrainian 25443 AAB-RUS
590,0 2143- CAN 3.11 Radio VOCM, St. John`s, NF English 43442 CG-POR
595,0 1907- MRC 1.11 SNRT - Al Watania, Oujda Arabic 44444 CG-POR
600,0 2304- CAN 3.11 Radio CBNA, St. Antony (t) English 33442 CG-POR
657,0 0525- UKR 22.10 Ukrainian Radio 1, Chernovtsy Ukrainian 35443 AAB-RUS
660,0 2343- USA 5.11 Radio WFAN, New York (p) English 22441 CG-POR
677,4 2217- LBY 12.10 V of Free Libya, Sawt ul Libya al Hurra, Benghazi (p) Arabic 33442 CG-POR
693,0 2242- ALG 7.10 Radio Algerienne, Radio Adrar, Reggane Arabic 23441 CG-POR
702,0 2235- ALG 5.10 Radio Algerienne, Al-Aghwat Arabic 44444 CG-POR
710,0 2207- CAN 12.10 CVKO, Clarenville (p) English 23441 CG-POR
711,0 1757- AOE 7.11 Radio El Aaium, El Aaium Arabic 44444 MAM-E
711,0 2145- IRN 12.10 IRIB, Radio Awaz, Ahwaz 33432 CG-POR
711,0 2315- MRC 15.11 RTM "R", El Aiun Arabic 44433 CG-POR
711,0 2200- ROU 12.10 Radio Romania Actualitati, Sighet Maramuresh Rumanian 23431 CG-POR
730,0 2330- CAN 7.11 Radio CKAC, Montreal French 33442 CG-POR
740,0 2237- CAN 5.11 Radio CHCM, Marystown, NF English 33442 CG-POR
750,0 2231- CAN 20.10 Radio CBGY, Bonavista Bay, NF (p) English 13441 CG-POR
756,0 2248- G 1.10 BBC Radio 4, Lanner (Redruth) English 24331 CG-POR
756,0 2240- IRN 22.10 URIB, Radio Gilan, Rasht 34332 CG-POR
756,0 2246- NIG 18.10 Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State, Ibadan Vernacular 24331 CG-POR
760,0 2141- B 3.11 Radio Uirapuru, Forteleza Portuguese 23441 CG-POR
760,0 2341- USA 7.11 Radio WJR, Detroit-MI English 23441 CG-POR
765,0 2236- ARS 7.10 BSKSA (p) Arabic 23441 CG-POR
765,0 2308- G 3.11 BBC Radio Essex, Chelmford English 34432 CG-POR
770,0 2335- USA 7.11 Radio WABC, New York English 23441 CG-POR
774,3 2201- EGY 9.10 ERTU, Abis Arabic 43442 CG-POR
783,0 2139- MTN 3.11 Radio Mauretanie, Nouakchott Arabic 44444 CG-POR
783,0 2241- SYR 1.11 Radio Damascus, Tartus Arabic 44444 CG-POR
800,0 2142- CAN 12.10 Radio VOWR, St. Johns, NF (p) English 32441 CG-POR
819,0 1937- EGY 1.11 ERTU, Al-Mansura, Batrah Arabic 45444 CG-POR
828,0 0646- AZR 12.11 RdP-Aores, Monte das Cruzes Portuguese 24322 MAM-E
828,0 1959- RUS 2.10 Radiogazeta Slovo, St. Petersburg (t) Russian 22232 KDS-D
837,0 0529- UKR 22.10 Ukrainian Radio 1, Chernovtsy Ukrainian 43443 AAB-RUS
846,0 2247- IRL 1.11 Radio North, Redcastle English 33442 CG-POR
DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
860,0 2248- B 20.11 Radio Cidade (t), Fortaleza Portuguese 22441 CG-POR
864,0 2315- EGY 20.11 ERTU, Santah Arabic 22441 CG-POR
880,0 2304- USA 20.11 Radio WCBS, New York English 23441 CG-POR
891,0 2238- HOL 4.10 Radio 538, Hulsberg 34432 CG-POR
917,0 1942- NIG 5.11 Radio Gotel, Yola, Jabula. Vernacular 44443 CG-POR
927,0 2107- ALG 2.10 Radio Adrar, Timimoun. Arabic 45444 CG-POR
945,0 2259- G 1.11 Smooth Radio, Bexhill-on-Sea (Eastbourne) English 34443 CG-POR
945,0 2213- IRN 15.10 IRIB, Radio Kordestan, Dehgolan 23341 CG-POR
945,0 1938- NIG 5.11 Kebbi Broadcasting Corporation, Birnin Kebbi Vernacular 22441 CG-POR
945,0 2201- STP 3.11 Radio Nacional de Sao Tome e Principe, Pinheira Portuguese 33443 CG-POR
963,0 2231- TUN 7.10 Radio Tunis Chine Internationale, Djedeira French 32441 CG-POR
990,0 2137- IRN 9.10 IRIB 1, Shiraz English 12431 CG-POR
999,0 2312- ARS 16.11 BSKSA Quran, Duba (t) Arabic 22441 CG-POR
1010,0 2315- USA 16.11 Radio WINS, New York (p) English 22441 CG-POR
1026,0 2255- E 16.11 SER Radio Reus, Reus Spanish 43333 AMI-I
1035,0 2246- EST 15.11 Radio Eli, Tartu Russian 23431 CG-POR
1035,0 1938- G 4.11 Lyca Dilse Radio, London Vernacular 23431 CG-POR
1035,0 2300- IRN 1.11 IRIB, Radio Teheran, Yazd 33432 CG-POR
1050,0 2245- USA 5.11 Radio WEPN, New York (p) English 33442 CG-POR
1070,0 2208- B 3.11 Radio Dif. Cajazeiras, Cajazeiras Portuguese 34443 CG-POR
1071,0 2314- ARS 8.11 BSKSA, Beesha Arabic 24442 CG-POR
1071,0 2030- IND 16.11 All India Radio, Rajkot 23222 AMI-I
1071,0 2324- IRN 8.11 IRIB, Radio Maaref, Alborz 34443 CG-POR
1080,0 2140- IRN 9.10 IRIB, VoIRI, Bandr-e Mahshar (p) Arabic 22441 CG-POR
1089,0 1913- ALG 1.11 Radio Adrar, Adrar Arabic 34433 CG-POR
1130,0 2249- USA 5.11 Radio WBBR, New York English 32441 CG-POR
1160,0 2318- ATG 20.11 Caribbean Lighthouse, St. Johns (p) English 22441 CG-POR
1161,0 2158- ALG 26.10 Radio Tamanrasset, Ain-Salah Arabic 34433 CG-POR
1161,0 1925- G 1.11 BBC Sussex & Surrey, Bexhill-on-Sea English 34432 CG-POR
1161,0 2151- IRN 26.10 IRIB, Radio Teheran, Qasr-e-Shirin (p) Arabic 34343 CG-POR
1170,0 2211- G 23.10 Swansea Sound, Winsh-wen (Swansea) English 24421 CG-POR
1170,0 2330- SVN 17.11 Radio Capodistria, Beli Kri Italian 24331 CG-POR
1170,0 2144- UAE 26.10 Abu Dhabi FM, Al-Dhabbaya Arabic 23431 CG-POR
1188,0 1931- IRN 1.11 IRIB, Radio Payam, Teheran 35433 CG-POR
1190,0 2335- USA 1.11 Radio WLIB, New York English 24341 CG-POR
1197,0 1923- G 1.11 Absolute Radio English 34433 CG-POR
1233,0 2234- CZE 2.11 Radio Dechovka, Libeznice Czech 34432 CG-POR
1233,0 2245- G 2.11 Absolute Radio English 24432 CG-POR
1250,0 0650- VEN 7.11 Radio Latina, Puerto Ordaz (p) Spanish 14321 MAM-E
1251,0 1955- IRN 2.10 IRIB, Radio Teheran Farsi 22442 KDS-D
1280,0 2343- BER 4.11 Bible BC Network, Hamilton English 34432 CG-POR
1280,0 2345- PTR 4.11 Radio WCMN, Radio NotiUno, Arecibo Spanish 24441 CG-POR
1280,0 0645- VEN 6.11 Radio Trujillo, Trujillo Spanish 14321 MAM-E
1290,0 0629- VEN 6.11 Radio Puerto Cabello, Puerto Cabello Spanish 34433 MAM-E
1330,0 2249- USA 7.11 Radio WRCA, Watertown, MA Spanish 34342 CG-POR
1332,0 1917- CZE 16.10 R 2, Moravske-Budejovice Czech 43432 CG-POR
1332,0 2305- G 1.11 Smooth Radio, Peterbourough English 24432 CG-POR
1332,0 2301- ROU 1.11 Romnia Actualiti, Galai Romanian 33432 CG-POR
1350,0 1905- ARM 1.11 Trans World Radio, Gavar Hebrew 33442 CG-POR
1350,0 2135- B 13.10 Super Radio Cristal, Salvador (p) Portuguese 34342 CG-POR
1350,0 2133- BOT 13.10 Radio Botswana, Tsabong Vernacular 24341 CG-POR
1350,0 0527- GEO 24.10 Apsua Radio, Sukhumi Abkhazian 23342 RP-BUL
1350,0 2230- I 1.11 Radio AM 1, Milano Italian 24432 CG-POR
1359,0 1920- ETH 7.11 Voice of Tigray Revolution, Mekele Vernacular 34443 CG-POR
1359,0 1917- G 4.11 Smooth Radio English 33442 CG-POR
1368,0 1530- G 4.11 Manx Radio, Foxdale, Isle of Man English 35433 CG-POR
1377,0 1904- ARM 1.11 Trans World Radio, Gavar Farsi 35342 CG-POR
1377,0 1650- CHN 6.11 China National Radio 1, Xingyang, Henan Chinese 33333 RP-BUL
1377,0 2213- CHN 20.10 Voice of China, Yingyang Mandarin 14321 MAM-E
DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
1377,0 2322- TZA 18.11 Radio Free Africa, Mwanza Swahili 35342 CG-POR
1380,0 2111- B 13.10 Radio Itai, Luna (p) Portuguese 34343 CG-POR
1380,0 0637- VEN 6.11 Ondas del Mar, Pt. Cabello Spanish 14321 MAM-E
1386,0 2338- LTU 1.11 Radio Liberty, Sitkunai Russian 35443 CG-POR
1390,0 2331- B 6.11 Radio Farol, Touros (p) Portuguese 35443 CG-POR
1390,0 2335- PTR 4.11 Radio WISA Spanish 24442 CG-POR
1395,0 2224- HOL 17.10 Seabreze AM Dutsch 25332 CG-POR
1400,0 2107- B 13.10 Radio Club Paranaese, Curitiba Portuguese 34342 CG-POR
1400,0 2236- CAN 7.11 Radio CBG, Gander-NF English 34432 CG-POR
1400,0 2331- GRD 4.11 Harbourlight of the Windwards, Carriaacou English 34443 CG-POR
1404,0 2308- GRC 1.11 ERA, Komotini Greek 34443 CG-POR
1404,0 2205- ROU 25.10 Radio Romnia Actualiti, Sibiu Rmnicu Vlcea Romanian 33432 CG-POR
1404,0 1835- UKR 25.10 Ukrainske Radio 1, Izmail 22341 CG-POR
1413,0 2247- MDA 2.11 Vesti FM, Grigoripol Russian 23441 CG-POR
1422,0 2208- ALG 3.11 Radio Algerienne, Ouled Fayet Arabic 43443 BM-F
1422,0 2241- ARS 28.10 BSKSA, Ar-Riyad Arabic 22441 CG-POR
1422,0 2906- ROU 24.10 Radio Romnia Actualiti, Rmnicu Vlcea Romanian 23442 KDS-D
1430,0 2335- B 6.11 Radio Libertadora Mossoronense, Mossoro Portuguese 23441 CG-POR
1431,0 2235- DJI 1.11 Radio Sawa, Dorale Arabic 34332 CG-POR
1431,0 2233- IRN 1.11 IRIB, Radio Fars, Lamerd 34332 CG-POR
1440,0 2206- B 3.11 Radio Independncia, St. Amaro da Purrifio, PE (p) Portuguese 34432 CG-POR
1440,0 2346- NIG 16.11 Adamawa Broadcasting Corporation, Yola Vernacular 12441 CG-POR
1458,0 1256- GIB 8.11 Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation, Wellington Front English 45454 CG-POR
1467,0 2336- ARS 8.11 BSKSA, Hafar Al-Batin Arabic 14341 CG-POR
1467,0 2338- IRN 8.11 IRIB, Radio Teheran, Qom 14341 CG-POR
1476,0 1921- IRN 17.11 IRIB, Radio Kurdistan, Marivan 25442 CG-POR
1480,0 2311- PTR 6.11 Radio WMDD, Radio Tropical Spanish 23431 CG-POR
1500,0 2338- USA 6.11 Radio WFED, Washington-DC English 44443 CG-POR
1503,0 2211- AZR 18.10 AFN, Base Aereas das Ljes - Terceira English 23441 CG-POR
1510,0 2330- USA 20.11 Radio WMEX, Boston-MA English 23441 CG-POR
1510,0 2237- USA 6.11 Radio WWZN, Boston English 32341 CG-POR
1512,0 1711- ARS 3.10 SBC Al-Quran al-Karim/Idha'at ul-Nedaa al-Islam, Arabic 12232 KDS-D
1512,0 2347- IRN 20.11 IRIB, Radio Teheran, Ardabil 24431 CG-POR
1520,0 0825- USA 17.10 Radio WWKB, Buffalo, NY English 34343 CG-POR
1521,0 1840- CHN 16.10 China Test PX, Xinjiang, Urumqi 34433 KDS-D
1530,0 1252- MDR 8.11 Posto Emissor do Funchal, Poiso Portuguese 35453 CG-POR
1530,0 2015- STP 16.11 Voice of America, Ponta Praio French 33333 AMI-I
1539,0 1704- IRN 3.10 IRIB Regional, Gorgan Farsi 22222 KDS-D
1548,0 1505- G 7.11 Radio Capital Gold, Saffron Green, London English 35443 CG-POR
1550,0 2125- ALG 19.11 National Radio of SADR, Rabouni Arabic 21321 MAM-E
1557,0 1941- G 1.11 Smooth Radio English 35332 CG-POR
1560,0 2301- USA 3.11 Radio WFME, New York (p) English 24332 CG-POR
1566,0 0435- BEN 13.10 Trans World Radio, Parakou Vernacular 33333 MAG-I
1566,0 2231- G 6.11 BBC Bristol & Somerset Sound, Taunton English 34342 CG-POR
1566,0 2216- G 11.10 Premier Christian Radio, Peasmarsh (Guildford) English 23432 CG-POR
1566,0 2234- HOL 6.11 Vahon Hindustani Radio, Leidschenveen 33341 CG-POR
1566,0 1712- IND 1.11 All India Radio, Nagpur 22322 AP-DNK
1575,0 2003- UAE 2.10 Radio Farda, Al-Dhabbiya Farsi 22332 KDS-D
1584,0 2223- G 8.10 Panjab Radio, London (p) Vernacular 22442 KDS-D
1593,0 1848- ROU 4.10 Radio Neumark, Miercurea Cciuc. German 33443 KDS-D
1593,0 2220- ROU 6.11 Radio Romnia Actualiti, Ion Corvin Romanian 34343 CG-POR
1610,0 2023- AIA 20.11 Caribbean Beacon, The Valley English 14321 CG-POR
1611,0 2131- PIR 22.10 Radio Turftrekker Dutch 35342 CG-POR
1614,8 2247- PIR 8.11 Radio Uniek Dutch 15341 CG-POR
1614,9 2238- PIR 21.10 Radio Pandora Dutch 25342 CG-POR
1615,1 1928- PIR 17.11 Radio Digital 15321 CG-POR
1615,6 2201- PIR 1.11 Radio Uniek Dutch 15341 CG-POR
1617,9 1825- PIR 27.10 Radio Drukstrojager Dutch 25342 CG-POR
DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
1620,0 2247- CUB 4.11 Radio Rebelde, Bauta Spanish 44333 CG-POR
1620,0 ^1854- GRC 5.11 Radio Fonokomaton Greek 35343 CG-POR
1620,0 2202- PIR 27.10 Radio Romax 15341 CG-POR
1620,0 2100- PIR 21.10 Radio Santana Dutch 35343 CG-POR
1620,0 1807- PIR 23.10 Radio Sapporo Dutch 15341 CG-POR
1620,0 1844- PIR 27.10 Radio Schaduwjager Dutch 15331 CG-POR
1623,0 2110- PIR 10.10 Radio Wilskracht Dutch 15341 CG-POR
1624,9 2128- PIR 24.10 Radio Pandora Dutch 35342 CG-POR
1625,0 2320- PIR 19.11 Radio Pandora Dutch 15341 CG-POR
1625,0 2231- PIR 19.11 Radio Turftrekker Dutch 15341 CG-POR
1625,1 2337- PIR 19.11 Radio Eldorado Dutch 15341 CG-POR
1627,0 2203- PIR 6.11 Radio Nordzee 35342 CG-POR
1628,9 1921- PIR 23.10 Radio Zwarte Panter 25341 CG-POR
1629,0 2309- PIR 19.11 Radio Nordzee Dutch 15341 CG-POR
1629,9 1944- PIR 15.11 Radio Marianne 15341 CG-POR
1632,0 2237- PIR 11.10 Radio Barones Dutch + English 35342 CG-POR
1632,0 2014- PIR 10.10 Radio Blauwe Vogel Dutch 25341 CG-POR
1633,0 2135- PIR 4.10 Radio Barcelona 35342 CG-POR
1634,0 2132- PIR 3.10 Radio Blauwe Vogel Dutch 35443 CG-POR
1635,9 1825- PIR 22.10 Radio Keizer Keizerin Dutch 25341 CG-POR
1636,0 2322- PIR 19.11 Radio Montecarlo Dutch 25341 CG-POR
1636,0 2219- PIR 19.11 Radio Nordzee Dutch 15341 CG-POR
1636,0 2218- PIR 15.11 Radio Toulouse 15341 CG-POR
1638,0 2112- PIR 27.10 Radio Blauwe Vogel Dutch 35342 CG-POR
1638,0 2128- PIR 28.10 Radio Scorpion (t) 15341 CG-POR
1638,0 2107- PIR 5.10 Radio Toulouse (t) 15341 CG-POR
1639,0 2301- PIR 19.11 Radio Elektron 15341 CG-POR
1639,8 1816- PIR 10.10 Radio Veronica Dutch 15341 CG-POR
1639,9 1920- PIR 18.11 Radio Admiral 15341 CG-POR
1639,9 2218- PIR 16.11 Radio Professor Sickbock Dutch 25341 CG-POR
1640,0 2115- PIR 5.10 Radio Anton 15341 CG-POR
1640,0 2246- PIR 17.11 Radio Montecarlo Dutch 15341 CG-POR
1640,0 2117- PIR 6.10 Radio Professor Sickbock Dutch 25341 CG-POR
1640,4 2216- PIR 3.10 Radio Casablanca Dutch 35342 CG-POR
1641,3 2250- PIR 22.10 Radio Casablanca 15341 CG-POR
1642,0 2135- PIR 6.10 Radio Nordzee Dutch 25342 CG-POR
1642,2 2132- PIR 10.10 Radio Relmus Dutch 35332 CG-POR
1642,8 2132- PIR 25.10 Radio Vrolijke Mijnwerker Dutch 35342 CG-POR
1644,0 2122- CNR 2.10 Arrecife Radio, Montaa de Haria E + Spanish 25342 CG-POR
1645,0 2223- PIR 5.10 Radio Montecarlo Dutch 25342 CG-POR
1645,0 2121- PIR 6.10 Radio Nordzee Dutch 35342 CG-POR
1646,0 2155- PIR 2.10 Radio Dinkelland 15341 CG-POR
1647,0 1840- PIR 9.10 Radio Witte Tornado Dutch 25341 CG-POR
1648,0 2126- PIR2 1.10 Radio Moby Dick 25342 CG-POR
1648,0 1942- PIR 16.11 Radio Admiral 15341 CG-POR
1648,0 2222- PIR 2.10 Radio Montecarlo Dutch 25341 CG-POR
1650,0 2205- F 2.10 CROSS Corsen, Pointe de Corsen 35343 CG-POR
1650,0 2217- PIR 7.10 Radio Montecarlo 15341 CG-POR
1650,0 2145- PIR 10.10 Radio Vrije Vogel 15341 CG-POR
1652,0 2116- PIR 8.10 Radio Turfsteker 15341 CG-POR
1655,0 2122- PIR 5.10 Ozem Radio (t) Dutch 25342 CG-POR
1655,0 2156- PIR 7.10 Radio Nordzee Dutch 25341 CG-POR
1655,0 2123- PIR 23.10 Radio Wilskracht Dutch 15341 CG-POR
1657,9 2146- PIR 28.10 Radio Zwarte Panter Dutch 25341 CG-POR
1660,0 2228- PTR 22.10 R La Gigante, WGIT, Faro de Santidad, Canovanas Spanish 15341 CG-POR
1660,0 2336- USA 17.11 Radio WWRU, Jersey City, NJ (p) Korean 14331 CG-POR
1662,9 2205- PIR 20.10 Radio Montecarlo 15331 CG-POR
1665,0 2138- PIR 20.10 Radio Kristal Dutch 25342 CG-POR
1671,0 2246- PIR 19.11 Radio Twentana Dutch 15341 CG-POR
DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
1674,0 2205- S 28.10 Stockholm Radio, Stavsns 15341 CG-POR
1689,0 2118- CNR 2.10 Las Palmas Radio, Maspalomas E+ Spanish 35343 CG-POR
1696,0 2203- F 2.10 CROSS Med La Garde, Fort Sainte-Margue French 35342 CG-POR
1734,0 2152- DNK 1.10 Lyngby Radio, Blvant 15331 CG-POR
1758,0 2152- DNK 6.10 Lyngby Radio, Frederikshavn 15341 CG-POR
1797,0 2205- S 1.10 Stockholm Radio, Gislvshammar 15341 CG-POR
2485,0 1920- AUS 13.10 Radio VL8K, Katherine English 22222 MAG-I
2624,0 2155- I 1.10 Trieste Radio, Trieste 15341 CG-POR
2632,0 2221- I 9.10 Napoli Radio, Napoli 15341 CG-POR
2642,0 2158- I 1.10 Genova Radio, Forte-Casellaccio 25342 CG-POR
2656,0 2200- I 1.10 Ancona Radio, Ancona 15341 CG-POR
2663,0 2212- I 19.11 Crotone Radio, Crotone 15341 CG-POR
2677,0 2207- F 2.10 CROSS Corsen, Pointe de Corsen 25342 CG-POR
2680,0 2210- I 19.11 Cagliari Radio, Quartu Sant`Elena 25331 CG-POR
2719,0 2225- I 9.10 Porto Torres Radio, Porto Torres 25342 CG-POR
2733,0 2204- S 1.10 Stockholm Radio, Hrnsand 35332 CG-POR
x 3210,0 1426- AUS 25.10 Unique Radio, Halls Creek - NSW (p) RHW-USA
3215,0 0250- USA 20.10 Radio WWCR, Nashville English 25332 AP-DNK
3240,0 0310- SWZ 14.11 Trans World Radio, Mpangela Ranch Shona 25242 AP-DNK
3250,0 2132- KRE 18.10 Voice of Korea, Pyongyang Japanese 25331 CG-POR
3255,0 1950- AFS 1.10 BBC, Meyerton English 22222 AMI-I
x 3260,0 1144- PNG 26.10 Radio Madang, Madang English RHW-USA
x 3275,0 1203- PNG 25.10 Radio Southern Highlands, Mendi (p) RHW-USA
3310,0 0055- BOL 20.11 Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba Quechua 14321 MAM-E
x 3320,0 2147- AFS 13.11 SABC, Radio Sonder Grense, Meyerton Afrikaans RAD-USA
x 3325,0 1114- INS 13.10 Radio Republik Indonesia, Palangkaraya Indonesian RHW-USA
x 3325,0 1133- PNG 26.10 Radio Bougainville, Buku, Buka Island Tok Pisin RHW-USA
3345,0 0300- AFS 21.11 Chanel Africa, Meyerton English 32332 AP-DNK
3480,0 2128- CLA 14.10 Voice of the People, Goyang Korean 34332 CG-POR
3900,0 2124- CHN 18.10 PBS Hulun Buir, Hailar, Nai Mengu Mandarin 14331 CG-POR
3905,0 2114- PIR 23.10 Radio Kachelboer 35332 CG-POR
3912,0 1819- CLA 15.10 Voice of the People, Goyang Korean 23331 CG-POR
3915,0 2340- 15.11 BBC, Kranji English 25232 AP-DNK
3930,0 2103- PIR 22.10 Radio Akenzo Dutch + English 35342 CG-POR
3930,0 2046- PIR 26.10 Radio Batavia Dutch + English 35443 CG-POR
3950,0 0240- CHN 21.11 Xinjiang PBS, Urumqi Chinese 35333 AP-DNK
3955,0 2144- G 21.10 KBS, Woofferton French 54455 RKI-D
3955,0 1930- G 19.11 Radio Taiwan International, Woofferton German 45444 KDS-D
3985,0 1604- D 28.10 Radio HCJB, Bremen-Weenermoor German 14321 MAM-E
3985,0 1940- D 10.10 Voice of Mongolia, Kall-Krekel English 44444 AP-DNK
3985,0 2048- KOR 9.10 Radio Echo of Hope, Gyeonggi-do Korean 23431 CG-POR
3990,0 2315- CHN 27.10 Gannan PBS, Tianshui, Gansu Tibetan 35233 AP-DNK
3990,0 2330- CHN 15.11 PBS Xinjang, Urumqi Uhigur 44444 AP-DNK
3995,0 0305- D 21.11 Radio HCJB, Bremen-Weenermoor English 45444 AP-DNK
4010,0 0310- KGZ 21.11 Birinchi, Krasnaya Rechka Kyrgyz 45444 AP-DNK
4015,0 2106- PIR 9.10 Laser Hot Hits English 25331 CG-POR
4029,0 2130- PIR 16.10 Laser Hot Hits English 35343 CG-POR
x 4055,0 1101- GTM 13.11 TGAV, Radio Verdad, Chiqimula English RAD-USA
4450,0 2130- CLA 14.10 Voice of the People, Goyang Korean 32331 CG-POR
4500,0 1750- CHN 11.11 Xinjiang PBS, Urumqi BM-F
4557,0 1752- CLA 11.11 Voice of the People, Goyang Korean 15331 BM-F
4747,5 2325- PRU 11.11 Radio Huanta 2000, Huanta (p) Spanish 14321 MAM-E
4750,0 1750- BGD 5.11 Radio Bangladesh, Bangladesh Betar, Shavar Bengali 25232 AP-DNK
4750,0 2245- CHN 27.10 Voice of China, Hailar, Nei Menggu, Nanning Chinese 25332 AP-DNK
4760,0 0205- IND 20.10 All India Radio, Leh (p) Vernacular 15311 AP-DNK
4760,0 0205- IND 20.10 Radio Kashmir, Leh (t) Vernacular 25232 AP-DNK
4765,0 0227- CUB 21.10 Radio Progreso Cadena Nacional, La Habana Spanish 24322 MAM-E
4765,0 2335- TJK 16.11 Tajik Radio, Yangi-Yul Tajik 35333 AP-DNK
x 4774,9 1008- PRU 13.11 Radio Tarma, OCX4W, Tarma, Junin (p) Spanish RAD-USA
DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
4775,0 2124- B 19.11 Radio Dif. Congonhas, ZYG207, Congonhas (p) Portuguese 14321 MAM-E
4785,0 0206- B 20.10 Radio Caiari, Porto Velho, Rondonia Portuguese 25232 RP-BUL
4800,0 1726- IND 19.11 All India Radio, Hyderabad English 12321 MAM-E
4805,0 2120- B 15.10 Radio Difusora do Amazonas, ZYF273, Manaus Portuguese 35342 CG-POR
4810,0 1817- ARM 5.11 Armenian National Radio, Naratus, Gavar Arabic 35343 AP-DNK
4810,0 0025- IND 4.11 All India Radio, Bhopal Hindi 35222 AP-DNK
4815,0 0136- B 15.11 Radio Difusora Londrina, ZYG640, Parana Portuguese CG-POR
4819,9 0240- KGZ 7.11 Birinchi Radio, Krasnaya Rechka, Bishkek Kyrgyz 15111 AP-DNK
4819,9 0225- KGZ 20.10 Kyrgyz Radio, Krasnaya Rechka, Bishkek Kyrgyz 15221 AP-DNK
4820,0 2125- CHN 26.10 Xizang PBS, Lhasa, Tibet English AP-DNK
4820,0 0125- KGZ 11.10 Birinchi Radio, Krasnaya Rechka, Bishkek Kyrgyz 35232 AP-DNK
4824,4 2329- PRU 11.11 La Voz de la Selva, Iquitos Spanish 14321 MAM-E
4835,0 1540- AUS 14.11 Radio VL8A, Alice Springs English 34333 PC-IRL
x 4835,0 1143- IND 10.11 All India Radio, Gangtok, Sikkim RHW-USA
4840,0 0320- USA 21.11 Radio WWCR, Nashville English 35333 AP-DNK
4845,0 2154- B 14.10 Radio Cultura do Amazonas, Manaus Portuguese 35342 CG-POR
4845,0 2110- B 6.11 Radio Cultura Ondas Tropicais, ZYF278, Manaus Portuguese 14221 MAM-E
4850,0 2340- CHN 16.11 Xinjiang PBS, Urumqui-Changji Kazakh 35311 AP-DNK
4862,2 2123- B 15.10 Radio Alvorada, Londrina (t) Portuguese 35331 CG-POR
4865,0 2310- B 8.11 Radio Verdes Floretas, ZYF203, Cruz do Sul Portuguese 14321 MAM-E
x 4869,9 1235- INS 10.11 Radio Republik Indonesia, Wamena English RHW-USA
4875,1 2340- B 13.11 Radio Difusora Roraima, ZYG810, Boa Vista Portuguese 33222 PC-IRL
4885,0 0540- B 19.11 Radio Clube do Para, ZYG362, Belem Portuguese 24322 MAM-E
4885,0 1715- KOR 4.11 Radio Echo of Hope, Sagang Hwaesong Korean 25222 AP-DNK
4895,0 0100- IND 20.11 All India Radio, Kurseong Vernacular 24322 MAM-E
4905,0 0640- B 7.11 Nova Radio Relgio, Rio de Janairo (p) Portuguese 14321 MAM-E
4905,0 0048- CHN 3.11 Xizang PBS, Lhasa, Tibet Chinese 25342 RP-BUL
4910,0 0110- AUS 17.10 Radio VL8T, Tennant Creek English 35233 AP-DNK
4910,0 1731- IND 19.11 All India Radio, Jaipur, Rajasthan English 14321 MAM-E
4915,0 2057- B 19.11 Radio Daqui, Goinia Portuguese 14321 MAM-E
4920,0 0048- CHN 3.11 Xizang PBS, Lhasa, Tibet Chinese RP-BUL
4920,0 1722- IND 19.11 All India Radio, Chennai Hindi 24322 MAM-E
4925,2 2209- B 14.10 Radio Educaao Rural, Coari Portuguese 34342 CG-POR
4930,0 0325- BOT 21.11 Voice of America, Moepemg Hill English 45343 AP-DNK
x 4940,0 1504- CHN 5.11 Voice of Taiwan Strait, Fuzhou English RHW-USA
x 4940,0 1106- CHN 13.11 Voice of Taiwan Strait, Gutian-Xincheng, Fujian Chinese RAD-USA
4940,0 2028- STP 20.11 Voice of America, Pinheira English 45232 AP-DNK
4949,8 2355- AGL 17.11 Radio Nacional de Angola "A", Mulenvos Portuguese 15232 AP-DNK
4950,0 1432- IND 30.10 All India Radio, Srinagar, Kashmir BWC-FNL*
4955,0 2320- PRU 13.11 Radio Cultural Amauta, OAX5S, Huanta Spanish 33222 PC-IRL
4960,0 0425- STP 14.10 Voice of America, Pinheira English 45344 AP-DNK
x 4970,0 1242- IND 23.10 All India Radio, Shillong English RHW-USA
4980,0 2345- CHN 16.11 PBS Xinjang, Urumqi Uhigur 35211 AP-DNK
4985,0 2110- B 19.11 Radio Brasil Central, ZYF690, Goinia Portuguese 14321 MAM-E
5005,0 0507- GNE 20.11 Radio Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial, Bata Spanish 14321 MAM-E
5010,0 1718- IND 19.11 All India Radio, Thiruwananthapuram, Muttathura English + Hindi 24322 MAM-E
5015,0 0145- USA 11.10 Overcomer Ministry, Okeechobee FL English 25232 AP-DNK
x 5020,0 1212- SLM 5.11 SIBC, Honaira RHW-USA
x 5024,9 1133- PRU 3.11 Radio Quillabamba, Quillabamba, Cusco Spanish GH-USA
5025,0 0330- CUB 23.11 Radio Rebelde, Bauta Spanish 45333 AP-DNK
5035,0 2104- B 19.11 Radio Aparecida, Aparecida Portuguese 14321 MAM-E
5040,0 0315- CUB 2.11 Radio Habana Cuba, Bauta Spanish 35233 AP-DNK
5040,0 1724- IND 19.11 All India Radio, Jeypore, Orissa Hindi 14321 MAM-E
5050,0 2315- CHN 19.11 Beibu Bay Radio, Nanning, Guangxi Chinese 35233 AP-DNK
x 5050,0 1220- IND 23.10 All India Radio, Aizawl (p) English RHW-USA
5060,0 1535- CHN 20.11 Xinjiang PBS, Urumqi Chinese 45333 AP-DNK
5070,0 0245- USA 13.10 Radio WWCR, Nashville (t) English 25211 AP-DNK
5109,6 0255- USA 13.10 Radio WBCQ, Monticello English 25232 AP-DNK
5130,0 1725- KGZ 4.11 Short Wave Ralay Service, Krasnaya Rechka Farsi 25232 AP-DNK
DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
x 5875,0 1110- THA 15.11 BBC, Nakhon Sawan Vietnamese RAD-USA
5910,0 0508- CLM 20.11 Alcaravan Radio, Puerto Lleras Spanish 24322 MAM-E
5910,0 1932- ROU 19.11 Radio Romania Internationale, Tiganesti German 55555 KDS-D
x 5915,0 1317- MYA 7.11 Radio Myanmar, Nay Pye Taw Burmese RHW-USA
5915,0 0345- ZMB 14.11 ZNBC, Radio One Vernacular 35343 AP-DNK
5920,0 1604- D 28.10 Radio HCJB, Weenermoor German MAM-E
5938,9 2114- B 9.11 Radio Voz Missionara, Cambori Portuguese 34433 MAM-E
5939,9 0410- B 10.11 Radio Voz Missionara, Cambori Portuguese 25232 AP-DNK
x 5950,0 0257- ETH 15.11 Voice of the Revolution of Tigray, Mmekele Tigrinya RAD-USA
5952,4 2335- BOL 11.11 Radio Pio XII, Siglo Veinte Spanish 12321 MAM-E
x 5960,0 2111- ALB 13.11 Radio China International, Cerrik English RAD-USA
5960,0 2345- CHN 17.11 Xinjiang PBS, Urumqui-Changji Chinese 21321 AP-DNK
x 5960,0 2257- TUR 12.11 TRT; Emirler English RAD-USA
5965,0 0658- B 20.11 Radio Transmundial, Santa Maria Portuguese 14321 MAM-E
5970,0 2315- CHN 27.10 Gannan PBS, Hezou, Gansu Tibetan 25333 AP-DNK
5980,0 2328- PRU 10.11 Radio Chaski, Urubamba Spanish 13221 MAM-E
5980,0 0745- USA 13.10 Radio Marti, Greenville Spanish 44333 PC-IRL
5985,0 0010- MYA 4.11 Padauk Myay Radio via Radio Myanmar Vernacular 33222 HD-D
5985,0 0010- MYA 4.11 Radio Myanmar, Pyinmana-Naypitaw Bamar 35343 AP-DNK
x 5985,0 0432- USA 11.11 Radio WRMI, Okeechobee HSE-CAN
5995,0 0634- MLI 20.11 RDTV Malienne, Bamako Vernacular 13321 MAM-E
6005,0 0754- D 20.11 Radio Mi Amigo, Kall-Kregel English MAM-E
6010,0 0703- B 11.11 Radio Inconfidncia, Belo Horizonte Portuguese 14321 MAM-E
6010,0 0855- CLM 15.11 La Voz de tu Conciencia, Lomalinda Spanish 24322 PC-IRL
6025,0 0048- CHN 3.11 PBS Xizang, Lhasa, Tibet Chinese RP-BUL
x 6030,0 1226- CAN 26.10 CFVP, Calgary English RHW-USA
6030,0 0355- ETH 14.11 Radio Oromiya, Geja Dera Oromo 34433 AP-DNK
6030,0 0745- USA 13.10 Radio Marti, Greenville Spanish 24322 PC-IRL
x 6035,0 1110- BTN 6.11 Bhutan Broadcasing Service, Sangaygang, Thimphu RHW-USA
x 6035,0 1130- CHN 19.10 Yunnan PBS, Kunming RHW-USA
6039,5 0500- B 14.10 Radio Club Paranaese, Curitiba Portuguese 22333 MAG-I
6040,0 2116- B 9.11 Radio RB2, Curitiba Portuguese 14321 MAM-E
x 6045,0 1202- THA 13.11 Voice of America, Udorn Thani Chinese RAD-USA
6050,0 0453- EQA 16.10 Radio HCJB, Mount Pichincha English 24322 MAM-E
6050,0 0527- LBR 16.10 ELWA, Monrovia English 14321 MAM-E
x 6050,0 0946- MLA 21.10 Asyik FM, Kajang Vernacular RHW-USA
6059,9 0705- B 6.11 Super Radio Deus e Amor, Curitiba Portuguese 14321 MAM-E
6060,0 1805- IRN 21.11 IRIB, Radio Teheran, Zahedan Arabic 35443 KDS-D
6070,0 0700- D 23.10 Atlantic Radio 2000, Rohrbach French 34433 MAM-E
6070,0 0844- D 20.11 Superclan Radio, Rohrbach English 34433 MAM-E
6080,0 1303- CHN 6.11 China National Radio, Golmud Chinese 23442 RP-BUL
6085,0 0745- D 20.11 Radio Mi Amigo, Kall-Krekel English 34433 MAM-E
6090,0 0731- B 7.11 Radio Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo Portuguese 14321 MAM-E
6090,0 0430- ETH 10.11 Amhara State Radio, Geja Jewe Amharic 34343 AP-DNK
6100,0 1529- AFG 27.10 Radio Afghanistan, Kabul English + Urdu II-BUL
6100,0 2044- CHN 24.11 China Radio International, Xian-Xianyang Arabic 55555 KDS-D
x 6105,3 0111 BOL 11.11 Radio Panamericana, La Paz Spanish GH-USA
6110,0 0048- CHN 3.11 Xizang PBS, Lhasa, Tibet Chinese RP-BUL
6110,0 0400- ETH 14.11 Radio Fana, Geja Jawe Amharic 45333 AP-DNK
6115,0 1759- COG 7.11 Radio Congo, Brazzaville French 23322 MAM-E
6120,0 1800- ARM 15.10 SM Radio International, Gavar English 34433 MAM-E
6120,0 0705- B 6.11 Super Radio Deus e Amor, So Paulo Portuguese MAM-E
6120,0 2330- CHN 15.11 Xinjiang PBS, Urumqi Uighur 35444 CG-POR
6130,0 0048- CHN 3.11 Xizang PBS, Lhasa, Tibet Chinese RP-BUL
6130,0 2047- SWZ 1.10 TWR, Mpangela Ranch Portuguese 43333 AMI-I
6130,0 0255- USA 13.10 Radio WBCQ, Monticello English 25232 AP-DNK
6134,8 2337- BOL 11.11 Radio Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Spanish 13321 MAM-E
x 6135,0 0534- ASC 6.11 BBC, English Bay Hausa RAD-USA
6135,0 0716- B 21.10 Radio B2, Curitiba Portuguese MAM-E
DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
6135,2 0240- B 20.10 Radio Aparecida, Aparecida Portuguese 25343 AP-DNK
x 6145,0 0138- D 20.11 Mighty KBC, Nauen English RAD-USA
6150,0 0715- D 20.11 Radio Europe 24, Datteln German 34433 MAM-E
x 6155,0 0656- AUT 20.11 Radio Austria 1, Moosbrunn German RAD-USA
x 6155,0 2120- F 14.11 Radio Algerienne, Issoudun Arabic RAD-USA
6160,0 0640- B 6.11 Radio Boa Vontade, Porto Alegre Portuguese 14321 MAM-E
6160,0 1937- CHN 19.11 China Radio International, Xian-Xianyang German 55444 KDS-D
6165,0 0045- MYA 4.11 Thazin Broadcasting Station, Pyin Oo Lwin Burmese 35233 AP-DNK
6170,0 1940- KRE 19.11 Voice of Korea, Kuyang German 34333 KDS-D
6180,0 0410- B 14.11 Radio Nacional da Amaznia, Brasilia Portuguese 45333 AP-DNK
6185,0 0340- MEX 21.11 Radio Educacion, XEPPM, Mexico City Spanish 24222 AP-DNK
6190,0 1035- D 19.11 Hamburger Lokalradio, Ghren German 35333 AP-DNK
6200,0 1230- CHN 4.11 Voice of Jinling, Nanjang Chinese II-BUL
6200,0 0048- CHN 3.11 Xizang PBS, Lhasa, Tibet Chinese RP-BUL
6295,0 1945- PIR 16.10 Reflections Europe English 25342 RP-BUL
x 7120,0 1355- SOM 8.11 Radio Hargeisa, Hargeisa RHW-USA
x 7146,6 1407- ERT 8.11 Voice of the Broad Masses of Eritrea, Asmara RHW-USA
x 7175,0 1407- ERI 8.11 Voice of Broad Masses of Eritrea, Asmara Arabic RHW-USA
7185,0 1755- ERI 3.11 Voice of Broad Masses of Eritrea, Selai Daro Amharic 35343 AP-DNK
x 7200,0 1300- MYA 20.10 Radio Myanmar, Nay Pyi Taw Burmese RHW-USA
7205,0 0350- SDN 16.10 SNBC, Radio Omdurman, All Atihab Arabic 55344 AP-DNK
7215,0 1941- CHN 19.11 Radio China International, Beijing-Doudian Cantonese 33333 KDS-D
7236,9 1601- CLA 8.10 Voice of Eritrea, Addis Abeba Vernacular 24331 CG-POR
7255,0 0048- CHN 3.11 PBS Xizang, Lhasa, Tibet Chinese RP-BUL
x 7255,0 2026- NIG 13.11 Voice of Nigeria, Abuja Hausa RAD-USA
7255,0 0604- NIG 20.11 Voice of Nigeria, Ikorodu English 34433 MAM-E
7260,0 2307- CHN 27.10 Xinjiang PBS, Urumqi Chinese 15211 AP-DNK
x 7260,0 1237- VUT 12.10 Radio Vanuatu, Emden Lagoon English RHW-USA
7285,0 2105- ALB 3.11 China Radio International, Cerrik English 55455 RKI-D
7310,0 1215- D 5.11 Radio Mi Amigo, Kall-Krekel German 25232 AP-DNK
x 7345,0 0500- RUS 4.11 Radio Sakha, Yakutsk Russian RHW-USA
7355,0 1259- NZL 8.11 Radio New Zealand International, Rangitaiki English II-BUL
7365,0 1539- D 28.10 Radio HCJB, Bremen-Weenermoor German 34433 MAM-E
7385,0 0048- CHN 3.11 PBS Xizang, Lhasa, Tibet Chinese RP-BUL
7395,0 2235- CHN 29.10 China Business Radio, Xian-Xianyang Chinese 35233 AP-DNK
x 7410,0 1302- J 15.11 Shiokaze, Sea Breeze, Yamata (p) Japanese 4 RAD-USA
7415,0 2110- CHN 3.11 China Radio International, Kashi-Saibagh English 55445 RKI-D
7425,0 0951- NZL 20.10 Radio New Zealand International, Rangitaiki English 15421 CG-POR
7490,0 2200- USA 19.11 European Music Radio, via Radio WBCQ, Maine English 34433 MAM-E
7530,0 1743- PIR 11.10 Radio Latino Spanish 24322 MAM-E
7550,0 1613- PIR 15.10 Radio Latino Spanish 34433 MAM-E
7580,0 1732- PIR 7.10 Radio Latino English + Italian 24322 MAM-E
7700,0 1805- I 11.10 Marconi Radio International, USB Italian 14321 MAM-E
x 7730,0 0012- USA 17.10 Club Diexistas de la Amistad, via Radio WMRI, Spanish GH-USA
8989,0 2149- NCG 18.10 Radio El Buen Pescador (USB) 15331 CG-POR
x 9380,0 1152- IND 15.11 All India Radio, Aligarh Hindi RAD-USA
x 9390,0 1228- THA 15.11 Radio Thailand, Udon Thani English RAD-USA
x 9410,0 1040- CHN 15.11 Voice of Zhonghua, CNR-5, Beijing Chinese RAD-USA
9410,0 1230- TWN 7.11 Fu Hsing BS, Kuanyin Chinese 25332 RP-BUL
x 9450,0 2224- TWN 13.11 Radio Taiwan International, Tamsui Chinese RAD-USA
9485,0 0959- D 20.11 Hamburger Lokalradio, Ghren German 34433 MAM-E
9485,0 2129- STP 21.10 Voice of America, Pinheira Bambara 35333 RKI-D
9495,0 1946- MDG 19.11 Madagascar World Voice, Mahajanga Russian 22222 KDS-D
9510,0 0930- BUL 19.11 Radio City, IRRS, Sofia-Kostinbrod English 44444 MAM-E
9515,0 2112- B 9.11 Radio Murumby, Florianopolis Portuguese 14321 MAM-E
9525,9 1300- INS 11.11 Radio Republik Indonesia, Cimanggis English II-BUL
9540,0 0300- OMA 19.10 Radio Oman, Thumrait English 35333 RP-BUL
x 9545,0 0432- SLM 13.11 SIBC, Honaira Tok Pisin RHW-USA
DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
9550,0 2136- B 14.10 Radio Boa Vontade, Porto Alegre Portuguese 24432 CG-POR
9565,0 2135- B 4.11 Super Radio Deus e Amor, Curitiba Portuguese 23222 HD-D
9575,0 0655- MRC 8.11 Radio Medi 1, Nador French 34433 MAM-E
9580,0 1915- AUS 31.10 Radio Australia, Shepperton English 33431 CG-POR
9590,0 1920- STP 6.11 Voice of America, Pinheira French RP-BUL
9600,0 2124- CHN 3.11 China Radio International, Kashi-Saibagh English 55445 RKI-D
9630,0 2004- B 19.11 Radio Aparecida, ZYE 954, Aparecida Portuguese 24322 MAM-E
9635,0 0800- MLI 20.11 Radio Mali, Bamako French 13321 MAM-E
9635,8 1000- VTN 14.10 Voice of Vietnam, Son Tay Vietnamese 35332 CG-POR
x 9650,0 0633- GNE 13.11 Radio Guinee, Conacry French RHW-USA
9665,0 2120- B 9.11 Radio Voz Missionara, Camboriu Portuguese 34433 MAM-E
9675,0 1948- ARS 19.11 BSKSA, Riyadh Turkish 55444 KDS-D
9676,9 1045- AZE 25.10 Voice of Justice, Toleshston Sdo Radio, Stepanakert, in FM modulation II-BUL
9694,2 1240- B 22.10 Radio Rio Mar, Manaus Portuguese 14321 MAM-E
9700,0 1901- NZL 1.10 Radio New Zealand International, Rangitaiki English 55444 CG-POR
9724,9 2104- B 19.11 Radio Aparecida, Curitiba Portuguese MAM-E
9724,9 2121- B 9.11 RB2, Curitiba Portuguese 24322 MAM-E
9730,0 1855- VTN 21.11 Voice of Vietnam, San Tay German 33443 KDS-D
9745,0 1404- BHR 12.11 Radio Bahrein, Abu Hayan Arabic II-BUL
x 9750,0 2147- CHN 27.10 PBS Nei Menggu, Hohot Mongolian 45333 HSE-CAN
x 9765,0 0956- NZL 14.11 Radio New Zealand International, Ragitaiki English RAD-USA
9819,5 0612- B 20.11 Radio 9 de Julho, Sao Paulo Portuguese 24322 MAM-E
9820,0 2315- CHN 19.11 Beibu Bay Radio, Nanning Chinese 22231 AP-DNK
9835,0 1554- MLA 3.11 Sarawak FM, Kajang 25332 BM-F
9865,0 1245- IND 30.10 All India Radio, Bengaluru Hindi II-BUL
10000,0 0625- B 20.11 Observatorio Nacional, DSHO Portuguese 33333 MAM-E
10000,0 1913- I 31.10 Time Signal Station Italcable Italian 25341 CG-POR
11580,0 2030- USA 15.10 Hobart Radio International via WRMI, Okeechobee English 34433 MAM-E
x 11580,0 0205- USA 20.11 Radio Ukraine International, Okeechobee English RAD-USA
x 11600,0 1952- CLA 21.10 Denge Kurdistan, Grigoripol Kurdish RAD-USA
x 11660,0 2102- CHN 9.10 China Radio International, Kashi-Saibagh French RAD-USA
x 11665,0 1211- MLA 26.10 Wai FM, Kajang RHW-USA
x 11710,6 0032- ARG 6.10 RAE, General Pacheco Portuguese RAD-USA
x 11725,0 0511- NZL 9.11 Radio New Zealand International, Rangitaiki English RAD-USA
11735,0 0848- B 20.11 Radio Transmundial, Santa Maria Portuguese 34433 MAM-E
11735,0 1525- TZA 7.11 Radio Tanzania, Dole, Zanzibar Swahili II-BUL
11735,0 1832- ZMB 18.10 ZNBC Swahili 34443 CG-POR
11750,0 1745- CLN 9.10 SLBC, Trincomalee 44444 MAG-I
x 11764,8 0223- B 13.11 Super Radio Deus e Amor, ZYE726, Curitiba Portuguese RAD-USA
11780,0 2124- B 9.11 Radio Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia Portuguese 34433 MAM-E
11815,0 2125- B 9.11 Radio Brasil Central, ZYE440, Goinia Portuguese 22322 MAM-E
x 11850,0 2029- ROU 21.10 Radio Romania Internationale, Tiganesti English RAD-USA
11855,0 1958- B 19.11 Radio Aparecida, ZYE594, Aparecida Portuguese 24322 MAM-E
11895,0 2005- B 15.10 Radio Boa Vontade, Porto Alegre Portuguese 24322 MAM-E
x 11900,0 1554- D 12.11 Radio Teos, Nauen Russian RAD-USA
x 11900,0 2110- STP 21.10 Voice of America, Pinheira French RAD-USA
11925,2 1748- B 19.11 Radio Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo Portuguese 34322 MAM-E
11934,7 1923- B 15.10 RB2, Curitiba Portuguese 13221 MAM-E
x 11965,0 1709- CLA 8.11 Radio Erena, Kostinbrod Tigrinya RAD-USA
x 11965,0 1640- G 12.11 BBC, Woofferton Sinhalese RAD-USA
12035,0 1013- MNG 16.10 Voice of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar-Khonkhor Japanese 15432 CG-POR
x 12050,0 2032- CLA 14.11 Dandal Kura, via Babcock, Ascension Kanuri RAD-USA
12075,0 1920- BOT 6.11 Voice of America, Selebi-Thikwe French RP-BUL
12085,0 1150- AUS 19.10 Radio Australia, Shepperton English 25331 CG-POR
12255,0 1818- PIR 9.10 Reflections Europe English 25432 CG-POR
13800,0 1445- CLA 16.11 Radio Tamazuj, Talata Volonondry Arabic 45333 AP-DNK
x 15105,0 1228- BGD 13.11 Bangladesh Betar, Kapipur RAD-USA
x 15140,0 1413- OMA 12.11 Radio Sultanate of Oman, Thumrait English RAD-USA
15190,0 2129- B 9.11 Radio Inconfidncia, ZYE622, Belo Horizonte Portuguese 14321 MAM-E
DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
x 15235,0 1701- AFS 13.11 Chanel Africa, Meyerton English RAD-USA
x 15240,0 1626- CLA 19.11 Radio Munansi, Morrison Luganda RAD-USA
15345,3 1950- ARG 6.10 RAE, General Pacheco Spanish 33333 MAG-I
x 15345,3 0100- ARG 5.10 RAE, General Pacheco RAD-USA
15476,0 2047- ATA 11.11 LRA 36, Radio Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel, Base Spanish 14321 MAM-E
x 15590,0 0002- THA 6.10 Radio Thailand, Udon Thani English RAD-USA
x 15620,0 1621- G 13.11 Voice of America, Wooferton Somali RAD-USA
15720,0 2201- NZL 17.10 Radio New Zealand, Rangitaiki English 25432 CG-POR
x 17640,0 1823- MDG 13.11 Madagascar World Voice, Mahajanga English 4 RAD-USA
x 17730,0 1641- CLA 13.11 Eye Radio, SSD, Issoudun Arabic RAD-USA
17760,0 0800- AFS 13.11 South African Radio League via Chanell Africa English II-BUL
x 17765,0 1613- CLA 20.11 Manara, Issoudun (p) Hausa RAD-USA
x 17870,0 1706- CLA 12.11 Radio Inyabutatu, Issoudun Kinyarwanda RAD-USA
21550,0 0800- AFS 13.11 South African Radio League via Chanell Africa English II-BUL
21560,0 0800- AFS 13.11 South African Radio League via Chanell Africa English II-BUL
25000,0 0820- FNL 23.10 Time Signal Station MIKES, Espoo 24322 MAM-E

Thank you very much to no less than 19 active Tips contributors, those being:
AMI-I Alessandro Micheli Tecsun PL-660 Telescopic, AN 25
AAB-RUS Alexander A. Beryozkin Zeus ZS-1 ALA-1530
AP-DNK Anker Petersen AOR AR7030PLUS, BONITO Radio Jet 1102S 28 m lw
BM-F Bernard Mille ICOM R75, FRT7700, T2FD 18m lw
BWC-FNL* Bruce W. Churchill REMOTE RX
CG-POR Carlos Assuno JRC NRD-545. 13 dB Wellbrook amp. several
x GH-USA Glenn Hauser FRG-7, DX-398, YB-400 random wireles
HD-D Harald Denzel Kenwood R1000, Perseus, Tecsun PL880 pa0rdt Mini-Whip
x HSE-CAN Harold Sellers ETON E-1 Sony AN-1
II-BUL Ivo Ivanov SONY ICF 2001D 30 m lw
KDS-D Klaus-Dieter Scholz for LW/MW: Intersound WE-12M, SW: HF-150, DE Degen 31 MS, AN-200
1103,E1, PL-880
MAM-E Manuel Mndez Novo Satellit 500, SONY ICF SW 7600G, Tecsun PL-880 10m lw, Degen 31MS
MAG-I Mauro Giroletti JRC525NRD, LOWE HF-150, Elad FDM S2 Loop, ALA 100M, Mini Whip
PC-IRL Patrick Cody AOR 7030 Plus Wellbrook ALA330S Loop
x RAD-USA Richard A. d'Angelo Drake R-8, HF-150, Ten-Tec RX-340 AD Sloper, ANC-4, FL3
RKI-D Robert Kipp FiFi-SDR Mini Whip, 10m lw
RPU-I Roberto Puppo
x RHW-USA Ron Howard ETON E-1, CR-1
RP-BUL Rumen Pankov Sony ICF 7600 SW 12 m lw
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Request from Wolf Harranth Obituary

Now that we have more or less finished basic One of Swedens most famous DX-ers passed away
"filling" of Broadcast QSLs Online , on October 20, 2016: Bjrn Fransson, who lived
we really worry about old (and new) cards. Our with his DX-shack in Visby on the island of Gotland.
archive mainly starts in the mid-60's and ends in the He began DX-ing in 1957 and has been a regular
early 80's. listener since then, concentrating on domestic
Do you think your members could contribute? Not stations, particularly African, and hobby-pirates on
necessarily with the hard stuff itself (though we short- and mediumwaves. He became an active
really need particularly old and rare cards), a member in the DX-Alliance and wrote regular
screen would do. articles in Eter-Aktuelt, later DX-Aktuellt. He also
73, Wolf Harranth, Documentary Archive Radio joined the Shortwave Bulletin, Arctic Radio Club,
Communications, An den Steinfeldern 4A, 1230 DXLD and in 1982 the DSWCI as member no.
Wien, Austria. 2248. It is just one month ago, since Bjrn sent me
Ph: +43 (0)1 87878 21071 / Mobile: +43 (0)676 a message, saying that he was dying by incurable
401 2585, / cancer and cancelled further DX-Windows. I , thanked him for many years of good cooperation.
We all remember his ending of articles - "73 from
Bjrn Fransson, DX-ing on the island of
Gotland, Sweden - RIP. (Petersen)
DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
November 13, 2016 due to a QTH relocation soon to be
advised. The new QTH / transmission point might be from a
site either north or south west of the current transmission site.
This will depend from where the owner ends up, location wise!
(Gaynor in DXLD)

4750.03, Bangladesh Betar, Shavar (Home Service), 1235-
1243 on Mo Oct 31 with the weekly SAARC (The South Asian
Edited by Dmitry Mezin Association for Regional Cooperation) news bulletin in English,
Assalamu alaikum. This is Bangladesh Betar welcoming you,
P.O.Box 128, Kazan 420080, Russia headlines (Bangladesh and Sri Lanka sign coastal shipping
e-mail: agreement), then the details; poor, with usual CODAR and
CNR1 QRM, but able to make out bits and pieces of some of
the items. (Howard). Also heard at 1520-1558*, Oct 25, Nov 03
and 06, news, "Commentary" and weekly survey of events in
Dear friends, English, during the news at 1536: "This is Bangladesh Betar
With this edition, the DSWCI bulletins become a thing of the with the news", not very readable with CNR1 QRM; in another
past. Being a member of the multi-national editorial staff for month should have much better reception. (Howard, Mille and
several years was a pleasure for me, which will never be Pankov). Also heard with one hour extended broadcast, 1750-
forgotten! I believe we (editors, contributors and readers) will 1816*, Nov 05, Bengali talk, song, 1800 Bengali news, 1812
keep communicating via the social media and personal mails. local song with abrupt s/off, 25232. (Petersen)
73s from Dmitry, take care!
6035, BBS, Sangaygang, 1137-1200*, Oct 19, pop songs
DX NEWS (Nobel prize winner for literature Bob Dylan with "Just Like a
Woman", mixing with Yunnan PBS - Voice Shangri-la (today
also 1200*). On Oct 22 and 23 at 1142-1201* Bhutan also
AFGHANISTAN heard, while Yunnan was off the air. On Nov 06 suddenly off at
6100, R Afghanistan, External Service, Kabul, 1529-1635, Oct 1113, leaving Yunnan PBS in the clear till past 1202; an early
27, English/Urdu to Asia, fair, off at 1642. (Ivanov) cut off for BBS. (Howard)

4949.75, R Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos, 0312-0529, Oct 24 5952.42, R Pio Doce, Siglo XX, 0227-0229*, Oct 20, the start
and Nov 04, another day of nicely above threshold level audio, of their sign off format (whistling Colonel Bogey March, IDs
Portuguese talk, numerous clear IDs, e.g. at 0359, 0404 and and chimes), poor. (Howard). Also hear at 2335-2346, Nov 11,
0409 ("Radio Nacional de Angola"), African and light pop Spanish comments. Best on LSB due to strong interference on
songs, 0400 time pips, news, radio drama. (Howard and 5950, 12321. (Mndez)
Petersen). Also heard at 1725-1835, Oct 31 and Nov 05,
Portuguese comments and news about Angola, ID: "Radio 6105.34, R Panamericana, La Paz, 0111-0121, Nov 11, in one
Nacional de Angola", 24322. (Mndez and Mille). I tried to of its rare reactivations with Spanish enthusiastic ftbol
listen to this station at 2025, Nov 07, but just a weak carrier coverage, including a gooooooooal at 0116, South American
was heard in Denmark, no audio. (Petersen) World Cup qualifying Brasil vs Argentina, frequent breaks for
advs, S8 signal with splatter from WWCR on 6115. (Hauser)
15475.95, LRA36, R Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel, Base 6134.82, R Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, 0150-0209,
Esperanza, 1835-2140*, Nov 07, at first only carrier detected, Oct 20, futbol coverage, slightly extended broadcast, frequent
later talks and music, but extremely weak, barely audible, but sound of sirens and the fans at the game; poor. (Howard). Also
later better with comments and songs. Also heard at 1959- heard at 2120-2355, Nov 07, 10 and 11, Spanish comments,
2100v*, Nov 09, 10 and 11, English pop songs and songs in "Radio Santa Cruz saluda a sus oyentes, acompenos en
Spanish, male comments in Spanish. Very weak but best Radio Santa Cruz", "Por Radio Santa Cruz", "El desarrollo
signal and without noise on USB, 14321. (Mndez). Also heard regional comunitario" best on LSB, 13321. On Nov 10 at 2328-
in Chile at 2050, Nov 08, Spanish music, signal acceptable 2350, live soccer match Venezuela vs Bolivia, comments in
with deep fading at times, 35333. On other days only a carrier. Spanish, 13321. (Mndez). And also at 0121, Nov 11, Spanish
(Lpez). So far it did not propagate to Denmark. (Petersen) game coverage, could even be // 6105.34 Panamericana?
Goooooals are yelled a few seconds apart, so likely same
ARMENIA football game if not same coverage. (Hauser)
4810.00, Armenian Public R, Noratus, 1750-1825, Oct 06, Nov
04 and 05, Azerbaijani talks, Arabic news and comments, BRAZIL
35343. (Beryozkin, Mndez and Petersen) 4775, R Congonhas, Congonhas, MG, 0720-0735, Nov 07,
Portuguese religious comments, "Bom dia", songs, 24322.
AUSTRALIA Also at 2110-2112, Nov 09, "A Voz do Brasil", 14321.
3210, Unique R, Halls Creek, NSW, 0825-0927, Sep 25, male (Mndez)
ann. Weak audio heard better on AM rather than my usual use
of USB from Perseus site in Brisbane. Signal occasionally 4785, R Caiari, Porto Velho, RO (presumed), 0206, Oct 20,
faded to inaudibility for minutes at a time. (Churchill). After Portuguese, relays program: Com A Mae Aparecida, 25232 //
almost daily checking here, on Oct 25 had a definite station for 6135. (Pankov)
a brief time at 1426, announcer and faint music, not very
usable and too weak to get any meaningful details, but 4875.1, R Difusora Roraima, Boa Vista, RR, 2131-2156, Nov
seemed to be a positive sign of some activity here. My local 07 and 09, Portuguese comments, "A Voz do Brasil", 14321.
sunrise at 1425 UT. (Howard). It has been heard by other DX- (Mndez)
ers in Sep-Oct 2016. (Petersen). Shortwave broadcasts (3210
kHz) from Halls Creek NSW have been suspended from
DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
4885.04, R Clube do Par, Belm, PA, 0140-0405, Oct 06, 11, kHz, banda de 25 metros", comments, 34433 // 6060. (Mndez
14 and 30, Portuguese talk, mentioning Brazil, Brazilian pop and Mille)
music, 35343. (Giroletti and Petersen). Also heard at 0505-
0730, Oct 05, 08, 15, 16 and 21, Nov 11, Brazilian songs and 15190.1, R Inconfidncia, Belo Horizonte, MG, 0940-0950,
comments, ID: "Radio Clube do Par", "Bom da, bom da", "4 Nov 07, Portuguese comments. Very weak signal and with
y 14", 24322. (DAngelo, Giroletti and Mndez). And also at distortion, probably transmission failure for weeks, 13221. Also
2111-2114, Nov 09, Portuguese comments, not relay "A Voz 2129-2133, Nov 09, "A Voz do Brasil". Very weak, 14321.
do Brasil", 24322. (Mndez) (Mndez)

4905, Nova R Relogio, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (presumed), 0640- CANADA

0653, Nov 07, Portuguese religious comments, 14321. 6030, CFVP, Calgary, relaying CKMX (AM 1060), 1226, Oct
(Mndez) 26, heard under CNR1 with comedy and a lot of canned
laughing, joke about Utah. Not bad for 100 watts! (Howard)
5035, R Aparecida, Aparecida, SP (presumed), 0107, Oct 29,
very poor signal with Doppler flutter, normally masked by CHINA
splash from 5040 R Habana Cuba, which is off. (Hauser). 4750.00, Voice of China, Hailar, *2025-2126, Oct 10, Chinese
Heard all days in Playa Blanca in later evening, night and early ID: "Zhongyang Renmin Guangbo Diantai, Zhongguo zhi
morning with clear signal. Also at 0700, Nov 08, religious Sheng", music 25222 // 4800 (45444). (Mille and Petersen)
songs and comments, Portuguese, ID: "Rdio Aparecida",
34433 // 6135, 9630. (Mndez) 4820.00, Xizang PBS, Lhasa, Tibet, 2015-2019, Oct 13,
Nostalgia (Tibetan song), I feel that Chinese transmitters are
5939.88, Voz Missionaria, Cambori, SC, 2114-2118, Nov 09, over modulating a little, 35333. (Wagai). Also heard at 2125-
"A Voz do Brasil". 34433. (Mndez). Also heard at 0020-0025, 2135, Oct 26, Chinese ann, songs in Chinese and English!
0340-0345 and 0410-0415, Oct 14, Nov 02 and 10, religious And at 2250-2255, Oct 27, relaying Chinese news from Beijing
talk, hymns, 25333 // 9665 (25232). (Petersen) // 4750 and 4800, 45333. (Petersen)

5965, R Transmundial, Santa Mara, RS, 0531-0555, Oct 16, 4905, Xizang PBS (Tibetan Service), via Lhasa, 1139-1216,
Portuguese comments. Very weak, 14321. Also heard at 0703- Oct 23 and 26, for several weeks now this frequency has been
0722, Nov 06 and 11, Portuguese religious comments and totally clear of the long standing RTTY QRM, during my local
hymns, ID: "Transmundial", 24322. (Mndez) mornings, fair-good and // 4920 (fair/light QRM). On Oct 26 the
RTTY QRM returned again! (Howard). Heard at 0048, Nov 03,
6010.1, R Inconfidncia, Belo Horizonte, MG, 0703-0740, Oct Chinese, hymn The East Is Red, 25342 // 4920 (here under
21, Nov 07 and 11, Brazilian songs, Portuguese comments, AIR), 6025, 6110, 6130, 6200, 7255, 7385 (all confirmed).
"Bom dia, bom dia", 13321. Also at 2115-2120, Nov 09, "A Voz (Pankov)
do Brasil", 12321. (Mndez)
4920.00, Xizang PBS, Lhasa, Tibet, 2110-2125, Oct 26,
6120, Super R Deus Amor, So Paulo, SP, 0536-0548, Oct Tibetan conversation, folksong, 45333 // 4905 (45333).
16, Portuguese religious comments. Very weak, 14321 // 9565. (Petersen)
Also at 0713-0720, Oct 23, comments in Portuguese, 14321.
(Mndez) 4940, Voice of Strait, Fuzhou, 1500, Oct 22, Sa only English
program "Focus on China", started with Air Supply singing
6160, R Boa Vontade, Porto Alegre, RS, 0640-0655, Nov 06, "Making Love Out of Nothing at All", on Mo, China sent two
Portuguese religious comments, 14321. (Mndez) "astronauts" into space for 30 days (actually "taikonauts" would
seem to be a more accurate word), reviewed the history of
9515, R Marumby, Curitiba, PR, 2112-2143, Nov 06 and 09, China's space program, ID: "You are now listening to Focus on
Portuguese, "A Voz do Brasil", religious comments, "Gloria a China, Voice of Strait Broadcast Station"; mostly fair. Also at
Deus...", 14321. (Mndez) 1504, Nov 05, "Focus on China" once again, items about the
Confucius Institutes in China and about the Waldorf alternative
9694.2, R Rio Mar, Manaus, AM (presumed), 1240-1256, Oct educational system, fair. (Howard)
22, comments, very weak, barely audible, 14321. (Mndez)
5050.02, Beibu Bay R, Nanning, *2258-2307, Oct 27, opening
11735, R Transmundial, Santa Mara, RS, 0940-1020, Oct 02, music, time signal, Chinese talk, 25222. (Petersen)
22 and 29, Portuguese comments, songs, ID: "Transmundial",
23322. On Nov 11 it was heard already at *0854-0920, 5935, Xizang PBS, Lhasa, Tibet, 2000-2010, Oct 19, Good
initiating transmission at this time all days, program "Bom Dia Time In Gebasangsong, in Japan on 49mb there are electric
RTM", with religious comments and songs, other songs and wave pollutions caused by unnecessary make for me, 35333.
news, "A Traves da Biblia", ID: "Esta e a Transmundial, (Wagai)
Transmundial, para todo o mundo...", "Bon Dia RTM", 34433.
(Mndez) 5970.00, Gannan PBS, Tianshui, 2315-2320, Oct 27, Tibetan
talk, 25333 // 3990 (35233). (Petersen)
11855, R Aparecida, Aparecida, SP, 2125-2131, Nov 09 and
11, Brazilian song, "A Voz do Brasil", 24322. (Mndez and 6035, Yunnan PBS, Kunming, 1130-1200*, Oct 13 and 19,
Mille) nice to hear English IDs: ". . . Voice Shangri-la" at 1130 and
again at 1139; mixing with Bhutan/BBS; on Oct 15 at 1205-
11895, R Boa Vontade, Porto Alegre, RS, 2005-2015, Oct 15, 1223* with classical orchestra music, on Oct 18 at 1200-1206*
Portuguese religious comments, 24322. (Mndez) classical music. (Howard)

11925.17, R Bandeirantes, So Paulo, SP, 2126-2140, Nov 09 6200, Xizang PBS, via Lhasa, 1600, Oct 25, the Holy Tibet
and 11, soccer comments. Not relay "A Voz do Brasil". 34433. program in English, usual intro: This is Holy Tibet, presented
Also 0647-0710, Nov 11, ID: "Esta e a Rdio Bandeirantes to you by China Tibet Broadcasting. Find out the history and
transmitindo en onda media, 840 kHz, ondas curtas, 6060 kHz, reality on the roof of the world and keep in touch with the
banda de 49 metros, 9645 kHz, banda de 31 metros e 11925 developments and changes in Tibet. This is Holy Tibet, news
items. (Howard)
DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
9749.98, Nei Menggu PBS, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, *2147, GERMANY
Oct 27, music, 2150 presumed sign-on in Mongolian (did not 5920.00, HCJB, via Weenermoor, 0230-0240, Oct 20, English
sound like Chinese) as listed, by man speaking over music, religious talk, 35433. Also at 0950-1000, Mo Oct 17, German
45333. (Sellers). Also heard at 0730-0740, Nov 03, friendly talk Letterbox with comments on the coming closure of German
on the phone, I feel that frequency is a little lower than broadcasts from Quito, Ecuadorian folkmusic, 45434 // 3995
9749.98, 35232. (Wagai) (15232). (Petersen). Also heard at 0642-0653, Oct 21, German
religious comments, 24322. And at 1540-1614, Oct 28,
COLOMBIA German comments, 24322 // 3985, 7365. (Mndez)
5910.04, Alcaravn R, Puerto Lleras, 0404-0435, Oct 24 and
Nov 05, non-stop Latin vocals and music until 0430 Spanish ID 6005, R Mi Amigo, Kall Krekel, *0700-0720, Oct 22, ID: "Mi
and began talking. Poor to fair. (DAngelo and Petersen). Also Amigo", "Mi Amigo", Welcome to Radio Mi Amigo", pop music,
heard at 0703-0733, Nov 06 and 09, Latin American songs, 34433. (Mndez)
religious comments, ID: "Alcaravn Radio", "LLaneras",
Mexican and other Latin American songs, ID: "Alcaravn 6070, Atlantic 2000 International, via Rohrbach, *0700-0820,
Radio", 24322. (Mndez) Oct 20 and 23, tuning music, ID: "Atlantic 2000
International...", French comments, pop music, 34433.
6010, La Voz de tu Conciencia, Puerto Lleras, 0433-0450, Oct (Mndez)
16, Latin American songs, 14321. (Mndez)
6085.03, R Mi Amigo, via the new transmitter in Kall-Krekel,
CUBA 1215-1235, Nov 05, English ann, pop songs, requests
4765.00, R Progreso, La Habana, 0215-0320, Oct 16, 20 and reception reports, ID: "Radio Mi Amigo International", 35343 //,
21, Spanish conversation between a woman in studio and a but not synchronised 6005 (44333 CWQRM in LSB) and 7310
man on phone about Donald Trump, "Ritmos, el programa (25232). (Petersen)
musical de La Onda de la Alegra de La Habana", "El
programa Ritmos, de Radio Progreso, un saludo musical", 6190-CUSB, Hamburger LokalRadio, Ghren, 0630-0700, Oct
Cuban songs, 34433. (Mndez) 22, English, Glenn Hauser's program "World of Radio", 14321.
(Mndez). Also heard at 0700-0800, Sa Nov 05, English with
5025.00, R Rebelde, Bauta, back on Nov 02 and 07 at 0315, Switzerland In Sound until 0730, then World of Radio#1850,
0538 and 1315 after being several days off, Spanish ID and good signal. (Ivanov)
talk, S9+20, but somewhat under modulated; a music
countdown being enumerated. Irregular. Was off again at 0049 7365, HCJB, Weenermoor, 0739-0746, Oct 22, German
on Nov 08 and at 0400, Nov 14. (Hauser and Petersen). On religious comments and songs, 24322. Also heard at 1539-
Nov 09 at 0133 check, R Rebelde is off again. At 1157 it`s on 1555, Oct 28, German comments, 34433 // 5920. (Mndez)
again, enumerating the states won by Trump and by Clinton
but mispronouncing a lot of them. Also heard at 0117-0137, 9560, DP07 Seewetter, via Kall-Krekel, 0730-0800, Oct 04,
Nov 11, covering ftbol Argentina vs Brasil // 1180 MW, but German daily, weak. (Ivanov)
5025 is running 3 words ahead of 1180; QRM R Quillabamba,
Peru on low side. (Hauser) GUATEMALA
4055, R Verdad, Chiquimula, 0440-0720, Oct 14, 16 and 29,
EQUATORIAL GUINEA religious programs in English and Spanish, religious songs,
5005.00, R Difusion de Guinea Ecuatorial, Bat, 0446, Oct 24, 33333. (Giroletti and Mndez)
African music, poor. (Howard). Also heard in southern
Germany at 0535-0543, Oct 28, weak S=4-5 signal during GUINEA Rep.
grayline path. As every day some co-channel utility RTTY 9650, R Guine, Conakry, *0600-0800, Oct 03, 05, 08, 09 and
signal on 5006.04 kHz, with two peaks signals on 5005.88 and 22, Nov 13, Koran, French ann, ID: "Radio Guine, Le
5006.08, 20Hz. (Bueschel). Also heard at 0633-0645, Nov 11 musicale", news, Su religious program "Le Jour du Seigneur",
and 12, Spanish comments. Very weak. 14221. And at 1758- mostly fair with QRM from Voice of Korea, North Korea, in
1814, Nov 05, now on air with vernacular comments, ID: Japanese. *0659 seemed to be light QRM from the start of
"Radio Nacional Guinea Ecuatorial", 14321. (Mndez). And assume R Sonder Grense (South Africa). (Giroletti, Howard,
also at 2013, Oct 16, music program, 33333. (Giroletti) Ivanov and Mndez). Also heard at 1530-1620, Oct 15, Nov 03
and 08, African songs, ID: "Radio National de la Republique du
ERITREA Guine emettan du Conakry, French comments, advs. All
7175.0, Voice of the Broad Masses of Eritrea-2, Asmara, back days very strong signal, 44444. (Giroletti, Mndez and Mille).
to former frequency, ex: 7185, 1407-1429, Nov 08, mostly And at 2343-2400*, Oct 08, African music maybe in French,
Horn of Africa music/singing and on air phone call. 7185 silent, fair signal. (Hauser)
neither frequency jammed. (Howard). Also heard at 1432-
1515, Nov 08, but strong white noise digital jamming started at INDIA
*1500. (Ivanov) 4760/7390, AIR Port Blair is not heard by me for some time
now. I contacted the station today (Oct 12) and was informed
ETHIOPIA that they are temporarily off air now due to shortage of spare
6030.00, R Oromiya, Adama, via Geja Jewe, 0350-0435, Oct parts. Their MW and FM transmitters are on air as usual. Then
14 and 16, Nov 10 and 14, Oromo talks, Horn of Africa song, it is good time to check for clear signals from AIR Leh, which
news at 0400, QRM from 6020, 34333. (Mndez and also operates on 4760 summer at 0130/ winter 0213-0430
Petersen). Also heard at 1705-1720, Oct 21, vernacular songs, 1130-1630. (Jacob)
East African songs, 24322. (Mndez)
4760.02, R Kashmir, Leh (tentative), 0205-0215, Oct 20, very
6090.00, Voice of Amhara State, Geja Jewe, 0355-0445, Oct weak carrier, man talking, 15311. (Petersen). And also at
14 and 16, Nov 10, Amharic conversation by woman and man, 1543-1628*, Oct 31, from Perseus site in E. Finland with nice
local song, 0400 ann, Horn of Africa music by trumpet. QRM R S3-4 signal level with moderate adjacent channel QRM from
Bandeirantes. (Petersen). Also heard at 1715-1726, Oct 21, Tajik R on 4765. Language and music type very unlike what is
vernacular comments, East African songs, 24322. (Mndez) typically heard from Port Blair. End of Delhi English news at
1543, commercials at 1545, into vernacular news with
Pakistan mentioned often to 1600, ann, group singing with
DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
drums and accompaniment from what I think is a Kashmiri children", his speech was interrupted by the opposition
sor-nai wind folk instrument. (Churchill in DXplorer) lawmakers who at one point loudly protested and caused a
ruckus till they finally walked out on the PM's speech;
4835, AIR Gangtok (presumed), 1143-1353, Nov 02 and 10, preempted regular programming, after 1027 no longer //;
ABC Alice Springs, NT, was off the air until *1353, so I was mostly fair on 9835, while 6050 was poor. 6050, Salam FM, via
able to hear this station with weak audio, 1215 chanting/ Kajang also heard at 1501-1530, Oct 25, Islamic programming
singing (indigenous), 1352 subcontinent music/singing. On in vernacular, many singing IDs, 1515 ID with "shortwave" and
Nov 10 at *1343 ABC was back on the air blocking Gangtok "FM" frequencies, which is unusual, as they normally pull the
reception. (Howard) plug shortly after 1500. Finally at 1444 heard Asyik FM with
very good reception. (Howard)
4950, R Kashmir, Srinagar, 1432-1533v*, Oct 30 and 31, from
Perseus site in E. Finland. Poorly modulated signal on both 11665, Wai FM returned to the airwaves on Oct 26, noted at
days with strong carrier presence. Programming content was 1211, with fair reception. (Howard)
almost unreadable with talk, commercial and vocal. (Churchill
in DXplorer) MYANMAR
5915.00, Myanma R, Naypyidaw, 0010-0035, Nov 02,
4970, AIR Shillong, 1242-1314, Oct 23, the usual Sunday vernacular talk with short musical interludes, 35233.
program of American country and western songs ("You Do (Petersen). Also heard at 1317, Nov 07, found a rare occasion
Your Thing" by Montgomery Gentry, "Cups" by Anna with Myanmar actually stronger than the normally stronger CRI
Kendrick), DJ in English, at times almost fair. Not my (in Russian). Must be due to propagation. (Howard)
favorite music, but knowing it was coming all the way from
Shillong, made it more palatable. (Howard) 5985.00, Myanma R, Yegu, 0025-0035, Nov 02, Bamar talk
mentioning Myanmar, song to string music, 0027 transmitter
5050, AIR Aizawl, 1220-1230, Oct 23, local ID, into some type fall out - back at 0031, 35343. (Petersen). Also heard at 1234-
of news in English, 1225-1230 in Hindi, 1230 with the New 1255, We Oct 19 and 26, language "Lesson 16 and 17, A
Delhi audio feed of the news in English, giving clear ID "This is Presentation, Negotiating" which was a repeat of the Mo show
All India Radio. The news read by . ."; very respectable signal (heard 1215-1235); strong North Korea pulsating noise
strength, even though mixing with Beibu Bay R, China. jamming till 1251*, which was warming up for Shiokaze; after
(Howard) jamming off, almost fair; always starts and ends with the same
theme music. As often noted in the past when this was
INDONESIA formerly on 9730, the Mo show is on the air earlier than the We
3325, Pro 1 RRI Palangkaraya, 1114, Oct 13, playing the program. (Howard). Also heard at 1525-1540, Oct 21, Bamar
patriotic song Bagimu Negeri (For You Our Country) and to South East Asia, 1530-1536 English news bulletin, from
local ID, this song was composed by Indonesian musician and 1536 English produced by R Japan NHK. (Ivanov). Also heard
composer Koesbini, in 1942; much stronger than NBC at 1530, Oct 21, start of their English segment, theme music
Bougainville. (Howard) and ID which goes something like: "Hello listeners. Good
evening. Here is our final transmission for today, radiating on
4869.89, RRI Wamena, 1230-1305, Th Oct 20 and Nov 10, 5985 kHz, 50.13 meters, 576 kHz, 520 meters and 594 kHz,
start of the Th only edition of KGI (Kang Guru Indonesia), 505 meters. Now we start with the news", fairly well. (Howard).
clearly in English, but not very readable, able to make out Greg Also heard at 2320-2335, Oct 27, Bamar songs, ann, 2327
Worrell's voice, "My name is Greg", 1253 contact info for KGI morning gymnastics to piano, 2330 Bamar pop song and talk,
and thanking the Australian government for support, in both 35333. (Petersen)
English and in Bahasa Indonesia, played several pop songs,
poor. (Howard) On Mo Oct 17, I found their new schedule for the R Australia
produced "English for Business" on 5985, from 1215 to 1235,
KYRGYZSTAN "Lesson 16, A Presentation", believe their schedule for this
4010.00, Birinchi R, Krasnaya Rechka, *0000-0010, Nov 02, program will be sometime during the 1200-1300 UT segment,
ID's in Kyrgyz and Russian, National anthem, 0003 Russian on Mo and We. Based on some of my recent observations,
talk by man and woman (news ?), 0007 local music, the Myanmar R, on 5985, also has the following:
transmitter fall out for a few seconds, 45333. Also heard on - VOA's Special English on We, during a portion of 1530-1600.
4010.24 at 0240-0250, Nov 07, Kyrgyz conversation - again - NHK's "Friends Around the World" on Th and Fr, during a
drifting from nominal frequency, 45232 // 4819.94 (15111). portion of 1530-1600. NHK also produces a radio drama in the
(Petersen). And also on 4010.20, 1740-1743, Nov 04, Russian, Burmese language for Myanma R, but am not sure of the
talks on local topic, 25342. (Beryozkin) schedule on 5985. (Howard)

4819.94, Birinchi R, Krasnaya Rechka, 0125-0230 fading out, 6165.00, Thazin R, Pyin U Lwin, 0045-0055, Nov 04, Kachin
Oct 11 and 20, Kyrgyz talk, ID: "Birinchi Radio", news about ann, Burmese songs, 35233. (Petersen)
President Putin and Ukraine, 35232 // 4010 (45333).
(Petersen) 7200, Myanma R, Yegu, 1300-1350, Oct 20, at 1300 both RTI
and CNR1 jamming went off the air after the time pips,
5130.00, SW Relay Sce., Krasnaya Rechka, 1725-1735, Nov expected to hear Myanmar, but not on the air, but heard at
04, Farsi (presumed) religious talk, 25232. (Petersen) 1421 with fair-good reception. (Howard)


6050, ELWA R, Monrovia, *0527-0631 fade out, Oct 15 and 3260, NBC Madang, Madang, 1144-1207v*, Oct 25 and 26, DJ
16, English religious comments and songs, 14321. (Churchill in Tok Pisin, playing pop Pacific Islands music, religious song
and Mndez) at 1158, in Tok Pisin with "hallelujah, hallelujah", "News in
Brief," along with weather forecast (showers and thunder
MALAYSIA showers), suddenly off. (Howard)
6050, RTM, Kajang, 0946-1027, Oct 21, Asyik FM // 9835
(Sarawak FM), Prime Minister Razak speaking before 3325, NBC Bougainville, Kubu, 1133-1202*, Oct 26, special
Parliament, to deliver the 2017 budget, mostly in vernacular, program which preempted regular shows, farewell speech by
but briefly "If you want to reach the people, educate their an Australian (official?) who was returning home, thanked
DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
many people, mentioned Australian government support, did find then with the usual 1000* (is off the air 1000-1100),
alliance for peace and prosperity, "Thank you for your suddenly went off the air. Scheduling here is never what I
hospitality", thanks given to the organizers of the event and a would call regular. 9774 seems to only be on the air very rarely
prayer given; another speech in English by a young woman, and I have not heard that in a long time. (Howard and Pankov)
1157 into Tok Pisin and mentioned "5:30 AM tomorrow TANZANIA
morning"; unable to make just who was giving the speech, but
11735, Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation, Dole, 2049-2100*,
he must have been an important official; off the air just after
Oct 21, woman announcer talking to a man on the phone in
"NBC Bougainville" ID, light QRM from RRI Palangkaraya.
Swahili, male vocal selection at 2056, ID and closedown anns
at 2058 followed by flute music, more talk by woman
PERU announcer for another minute until carrier terminated. Fair.
4774.9, R Tarma, Tarma, 2315-2346, Nov 07, 09, 10 and 11, (DAngelo)
Spanish comments, ID: "Radio Tarma", commercial advs, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
program "Antena Deportiva, soccer comments, live match
3215.02, WWCR, Nashville, TN, 0250-0255, Oct 20, English
between Peru and Paraguay, "Caja Huancayo", 24322.
religious talk, hymns, 25332. (Petersen)
5015.00, Overcomer Ministry, via Okeechobee, FL, 2322-
4824.4, La Voz de la Selva, Iquitos, 2329-2345, Nov 11,
2325, Oct 01, English talk, 25332. (Mille). Also heard at 0145-
Spanish comments. Very weak, best on LSB, 14321. (Mndez)
0150, Oct 11, English conversation, 25232. (Petersen)
5024.92, R Quillabamba, Cusco (presumed), 1133, Nov 03,
5070.00, WWCR, Nashville, TN (tent.), 0245-0255, Oct 13,
weak signal with some talk still propagating, despite Cusco
English talk - unusual broadcast time, much fading, 25211.
sunrise of 1013! in absence of 5025 R Rebelde. Marred by
nearby storm noise. (Hauser)
5130.00, WBCQ, Monticello, ME, 0255-0305, Oct 13, English
talk with musical interludes, 0300 two men in a dialogue,
7345, R Sakha, via Yakutsk, 0357-0500*, Oct 20 and 24, Nov
25232. (Petersen)
04, surprised to hear this. That would be about 4 hours before
their sunset! At 0400 the usual IS (Jew's harp) and time pips, 5985, WRMI, Okeechobee, FL, 0432, Nov 11, Jeff White
into the news, unable to hear 7295 due to strong QRM there. reading reception reports, good. (Sellers)
This was a first for me, to hear them at this time period. Off at 11580, Hobart R International, via Okeechobee, *2030-2045,
0500* with the Jews harp. (Howard) Oct 15, tuning music, ID: "Hobart Radio International", English
SOLOMON ISLANDS comments, 34433. (Mndez)
5020, Wantok FM relay, Honiara, 1217-1302*, Oct 21, yet VANUATU
another extended broadcast; pops songs, Wantok FM IDs 7260 (slightly on the low side), R Vanuatu, Emten Lagoon,
(very different format than the SIBC extended broadcast of 1205-1305, Oct 22, religious program in vernacular, along with
only Public Service Anns, commercial anns and no IDs); audio some religious songs, into program of non-stop pop songs
ended at 1302, but open carrier with decent strength was (Elton John with "Can You Feel the Love Tonight"), 1304
noted past 1337. Also heard SIBC at 1201-1252, Su Oct 30, drums and conch shell horn before the news, some China
end of the National Anthem, one minute of dead air (open QRM. (Howard)
carrier), 1202 start of the usual Sunday non-stop religious
songs in English; later noted 1505*, suddenly going off the air ZAMBIA
in mid-song, never any IDs, so not a Wantok FM relay, but a 5915.01, ZNBC/R One, Lusaka, *0244-0344*, Nov 04, Fish
longer than usual extended SIBC broadcast; mostly poor. Also Eagle IS, pop African singing till suddenly off due to problems
heard on Mo Oct 31 at 1254-past 1416, pop hit songs, frequent with their national power supply. (Howard). Also heard at 0355-
IDs ("This is Wantok FM 96.3. Good times, great music"); poor. 0404*, Nov 10 and 13, vernacular conversation with a few
(Howard) English words, African instrumental music, abrupt s/off, 35333.
(Howard and Petersen). Also heard 0345-0348*, Nov 14,
5020, SIBC, Honiara, 1212-1347*, Nov 05, extended SIBC vernacular ann, lively African songs, 35343. (Petersen)
programming of non-stop pop songs (Cyndi Lauper), never an
ID (clearly not a Wantok FM relay). Also heard on Su Nov 06
with Wantok FM relay at 1223-1339*. The Sunday show of CONTRIBUTORS
Christian religious songs in English, frequent IDs (1234, 1241,
1248, 1257, 1300, 1309, 1317, 1327 and 1334); almost fair DSWCI-0099 Anker Petersen, Skovlunde, Denmark
when sudden cut off. (Howard) DSWCI-0798 Jerry Berg/DXplorer, Lexington, MA, U.S.A.
9545, SIBC, Honiara, 0432-0630, Su Nov 13, special extended DSWCI-0894 Rumen Pankov, Sofia, Bulgaria
broadcast, long past their usual sign off time; often fair DSWCI-1331 Wolfgang Bueschel/wwdxc BC-DX, Germany
reception. Highlights: 0432-0556: Congratulations to Solomon DSWCI-1959 Richard DAngelo, Wyomissing, PA, U.S.A.
Islands for the win over Tahiti at the World Cup Qualifications DSWCI-2026 Ron Howard, San Francisco/
match held at Lawson Tama Stadium, Honiara, live coverage Pacific Grove, CA, U.S.A.
in Tok Pisin, half time break filled with Christian religious songs DSWCI-3043 Harold Sellers, Vernon, B.C., Canada
("I Will Follow You"). 0600-0630: Christian religious songs ("I DSWCI-3090 Glenn Hauser/DX Listening Digest, Enid, U.S.A.
Forgive You"). 0622: Tonight's upcoming program schedule in DSWCI-3477 Ivo Ivanov/Observer SW News, Sofia, Bulgaria
Tok Pisin. 0630: Christian religious program for "boys and DSWCI-3619 Bruce Churchill, Fallbrook, CA, U.S.A.
girls"; low modulation. (Howard) DSWCI-3627 Manuel Mndez, Lugo/Reinante and Friol, Spain,
and also at Playa Blanca, Lanzarote, Canary Islands
SUDAN DSWCI-3667 Alexander A. Beryozkin, St. Petersburg, Russia
7205.00, R Omdurman, Al-Aitahab, 0350-0400, Oct 16, Arabic DSWCI-3696 Bernard Mille, Bailleul, France
phone-in report and comments, musical interlude, 55344. DSWCI-3740 Mauro Giroletti, Milano, Italy
TAIWAN Tim Gaynor, Owner/manager, Unique R, Halls Creek, Australia
9410, Fu Hsing BS, Kuanyin (presumed), Oct 14, 15, 17 and Jose Jacob, Hyderabad, India
22, Nov 07, heard at various times between *1100-1300*, Hugo Lpez C., Santiago, Chile
mostly light music and in Chinese, suddenly went off the air in Tomoaki Wagai, Wakayama, Japan
mid-music. Oct 18 and 19 not on during 1100-1300, but Oct 18
DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
The annual frequency change was implemented from 1100 on

World News 10th Nov'16. Each language of "Xinjiang People's Campus"

began using the frequency of 4 MHz band. It is exactly the same
frequency as last year. It is one week behind usual.
The Xinjiang Humitomo broadcaster carries 12 lines only with
EDITED BY DR.T. JAISAKTHIVEL radio broadcasting, and among them 5 lines are issued even in
Assistant Professor, short wave broadcasting.
Dept. of Journalism &Communication, Xinjiang PBS Winter frequencies: effective from 1100 UTC on
November 10, 2016
University of Madras, Chen 005, Tamil Uighur
Nadu, India 2300 - 1800 (Tue.0800 - 1100 off the air)
3990 2300-0300, 1135-1800 4980 2300-0300, 1135-1800
E-mail: 6120 2300-0300, 1200-1800 7205 2310-0300, 1225-1800
7275 0300 1200 9560 0245 - 1200
ALASKA Reception of WCB KNLS The New Life Station on 11885 0250 1200 13670 0300 - 1225
Nov.9 Chinese
0800-0900 on 9615 NLS 100 kW / 270 deg to SEAs English tx#2 2300-1800 (Tue.0800-1100 off the air)
0900-1000 on 9680*NLS 100 kW / 300 deg to NEAs Russian 3950 2300-0230, 1205-1800 5060 2300-0300, 1135-1800
tx#2 5960 2300 1800 7260 0230 - 1205
* strong QRM on 9676.9 unknown tx site to CeAs Ictimai Radio 7310 2310-0300, 1200-1800 9600 0300 - 1200
DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov 11770 0250 - 1200
ALBANIA Reception of Radio Tirana with distorted audio on Mongolian
Nov.13: 2300 - 0330, 0530 - 1030, 1230 - 1800 (Tue.0800 - 1100 off the
0800-1000 on 7390 SHI 100 kW / 310 deg to WeEu Albanian air)
Home Sce 1 4500 2300-0330, 1210-1800 6190 2300-0330, 1210-1800
DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov 7230 0510-1030 9510 0510-1030
ARMENIA Special broadcast of SatZentrale Das Radio via 2300 - 1800 (Tue.0800 - 1100 off the air)
Shortwaveservice, Nov.13 4850 2300-0300, 1155-1800 6015 2300-0345, 1150-1800
2000-2100 on 6145 ERV 100 kW / 305 deg to WeEu German via 7340 0300 1155 9470 0345-1150
NORATUS Yerevan-Gavar:
The next special broadcast via Shortwaveservice will be on Kyrgyz
Nov.27 - Radio MiAmigo 0330-0530, 1030-1230 7295 0310-0530, 1030-1230
1900-2100 on 6145 ERV 100 kW / 305 deg to WeEu English via 9705 0310-0530, 1030-1230
NORATUS Yerevan-Gavar Source :
DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi

AUSTRALIA Reception of Reach Beyond Australia, Nov.9: CUBA Reception of Radio Habana Cuba in 16mb on Nov.9:
1300-1400 on 9645*KNX 100 kW / 305 deg to SoAs English 1220&1240 on 17580 BAU 100 kW / 160 deg to SoAm Spanish
1405-1435 on 11980 KNX 100 kW / 305 deg to SoAs English 1220&1240 on 17730 BAU 100 kW / 130 deg to SoAm Spanish
*co-ch KBS WR 9645 KIM 100 kW / 319 deg to CeAs Russian 1220&1240 on 17750 QVC 250 kW / 160 deg to SoAm Spanish
DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov

AZERBAIJAN Good signal of Ictimai Radio or Voice of Justice ERITREA Frequency change of VOBME 2 Dimtsi Hafash, Nov.8
on Nov.9: from 0940 on 9676.9 unknown tx/unknown to CeAs, 1430&1500 on 7185.0 ASM 100 kW / non-dir to EaAf Amharic
broadband FM modulation VOBME 2, ex 7185
DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov 1432&1515 on 7146.6 ASM 100 kW / non-dir to EaAf Amharic
VOBME 1, no change
BAHRAIN Reception of Radio Bahrain in CUSB on Nov.12 From 1500UT both frequencies jammed with strong white noise
1404&1502 on 9745 ABH 010 kW / non-dir to N/ME Arabic digital jamming
DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov

BELGIUM Reception of Living Water Ministry Broadcasting on FRANCE Reception of Sagalee Qeerroo Bilisummaa via TDF
Nov.9 Issoudun on Nov.8
1530-1630 on 9650*unknown probably PUG to NEAs Korean 1630-1658 on 17840 ISS 250 kW / 130 deg to EaAf Oromo
Wed via Alyx&Yey Tue/Thu/Fri, fair to good
*strong co-ch 9650 CON 050 kW / non-dir to WeAf French No signal of Oromo Voice Radio via TDF Issoudun, Nov.12
R.Guinea Conakry 1600-1630 on 17850 ISS 250 kW / 130 deg to EaAf Afar Oromo
DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov Wed/Sat

CHINA Voice of Jinling vs.PBS Xizang, Nov.10 GERMANY Reception of Radio Xoriyo Ogaden via MBR
1230-1500 on 6200 NJG 100 kW / 161 deg to EaAs Chinese Issoudun on Nov.8
Voice of Jinling 1600-1630 on 17630 ISS 500 kW / 130 deg to EaAf Somali
* co-ch same 6200 LHA 100 kW / 085 deg to EaAs Tibetan PBS Tue/Sat, weak/fair
Some changes of Deutsche Welle from Nov.10 & Nov.19:
DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov
from Nov.10
1330-1430 on 17720 NAU 500 kW / 094 deg to WeAs
Xinjiang PBS frequency change
Dari/Pashto, ex DHA
Xinjiang broadcast frequency change
// frequency 15430 DHA 250 kW / 045 deg to WeAs Dari/Pashto
from Nov.19
DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
1425-1630 on 15355 ISS 500 kW / 170 deg to WeAf Hausa Sat*, 1015-1100 on 11750 TWR 200 kW / 305 deg to EaAs Chinese
ex 15390 Mon-Sat
// frequency 17570 ISS 500 kW / 165 deg to WeAf Hausa Sat* 1032-1112 on 11965 TWR 100 kW / 263 deg to SEAs English
* Football Bundesliga Nov.19-Dec.17, 2016 and Jan.21-March Mon-Fri
18, 2017. 1100-1200 on 12120 TWR 200 kW / 315 deg to EaAs Chinese
1100-1300 on 9910 TWR 200 kW / 305 deg to EaAs Chinese
DW B16
Language Time/UTC Frequency Txer Site Target Area
Frequency change of KTWR Trans World Radio, probably from
AMHARIC 1600-1700 15275 kHz TRINCOMALEE Ethiopia
AMHARIC 1600-1700 17800 kHz NAUEN Ethiopia daily
1345-1500 NF 7510 TWR 100 kW / 320 deg to EaAs Korean
DARI 1330-1400 15430 kHz DHABAYYA Afghanistan daily
Mon-Fri, ex 9910
DARI 1330-1400 17720 kHz TRINCOMALEE Afghanistan
1500-1515 NF 7510 TWR 100 kW / 320 deg to EaAs Korean
ENGLISH 1600-1700 09820 kHz MEYERTON Africa (east)
Sat/Sun, ex 9910
ENGLISH 1600-1700 15290 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (east) daily
DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov
ENGLISH 1600-1700 15315 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west)
ENGLISH 1600-1700 17690 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west)
INDIA AIR Vividh Bharati on old 9870 kHz and on new 9865 kHz,
ENGLISH 1600-1700 17710 kHz DHABAYYA Africa (east)
FRENCH 1700-1800 15275 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa daily
0900-1100 on 9870 BGL 500 kW / 035 deg to SoAs Hindi,
FRENCH 1700-1800 15560 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa daily
instead of 9865
FRENCH 1700-1800 17800 kHz ASCENSION Africa daily
1100-1200 on 9865 BGL 500 kW / 035 deg to SoAs Hindi as
HAUSA 0630-0700 09830 kHz SAO TOME Africa (west) daily
scheduled B16
HAUSA 0630-0700 11800 kHz NAUEN Africa (west) daily
DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov
HAUSA 0630-0700 15530 kHz MEYERTON Africa (west)
HAUSA 0630-0700 17800 kHz DHABAYYA Africa (west) daily
INDONESIA Reception of Voice of Indonesia on Nov.9:
HAUSA 1300-1400 09830 kHz SAO TOME Africa (west) daily
1305-1405 on 9525.9 JAK 250 kW / 010 deg to EaAs English
HAUSA 1300-1400 17800 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west) daily
* QRM VOA on 9530.0 PHT 250 kW / 349 deg to EaAs Chinese
HAUSA 1300-1400 21780 kHz ASCENSION Africa (west)
HAUSA 1800-1900 09830 kHz SAO TOME Africa (west) daily Voice of Indonesia ONLY with English program on Nov.11:
HAUSA 1800-1900 11700 kHz ISSOUDUN Africa (west) daily 1600-1700 on 9525.9 JAK 250 kW / 290 deg to N/ME, instead of
HAUSA 1800-1900 15275 kHz DHABAYYA Africa (west) daily Arabic
PASHTO 1400-1430 15430 kHz DHABAYYA Afghanistan 1700-1800 on 9525.9 JAK 250 kW / 290 deg to WeEu, instead
PASHTO 1400-1428 17720 kHz TRINCOMALEE Afghanistan of Spanish
SWAHILI 0300-0400 06045 kHz MEYERTON Africa (east) 1800-1900 on 9525.9 JAK 250 kW / 290 deg to WeEu, instead
SWAHILI 0300-0400 07260 kHz MEYERTON Africa (east) of German
SWAHILI 1000-1100 15275 kHz MADAGASCAR Africa (east) 1900-2000 on 9525.9*JAK 250 kW / 290 deg to WeEu English,
SWAHILI 1000-1100 17710 kHz MEYERTON Africa (east) as scheduled
SWAHILI 1500-1559 15275 kHz TRINCOMALEE Africa (east) 2000-2100 on 9525.9*JAK 250 kW / 290 deg to WeEu, instead
SWAHILI 1500-1600 17710 kHz DHABAYYA Africa (east) daily of French
Alokesh Gupta, India Voice of Indonesia with its normal schedule, Nov.12:
1300-1400 on 9525.9*JAK 250 kW / 010 deg to EaAs English
GREECE Voice of Greece on 9420 kHz and 9935 kHz on Nov.9 1400-1500 on 9525.9*JAK 250 kW / 010 deg to EaAs
0700&0800 on 9420 AVL 170 kW / 323 deg to WeEu Indonesian
Greek#tx#3 1500-1600 on 9525.9 JAK 250 kW / 010 deg to EaAs Chinese
0700&0800 on 9935*AVL 100 kW / 323 deg to ENAm 1600-1700 on 9525.9 JAK 250 kW / 290 deg to N/ME Arabic
Greek#tx#1 DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov
* instead of 11645 AVL 100 kW / 182 deg to NoAf Greek tx#1
# relay Proto programa, First program. Off around 0810UTC. IRAN Upcoming frequency changes of Voice of Islamic Republic
Voice of Greece on 9420/9935/11645 kHz, Nov.10-11 of Iran from Nov.22
from 1930 on 9420 AVL 170 kW / 323 deg to WeEu Greek tx#3 1523-1620 NF 5940 SIR 500 kW / 090 deg to SoAs Urdu, ex
from 1930 on 9935 AVL 100 kW / 285 deg to WeEu Greek tx#1 9810 to avoid BBC Pashto
from 0700 on 9420 AVL 170 kW / 323 deg to WeEu Greek*tx#3 1823-1920 NF 9850 SIR 500 kW / 253 deg to NWAf Hausa, ex
from 0700 on 11645 AVL 100 kW / 182 deg to NoAf Greek*tx#1 11700 to avoid DW Hausa
* incl.Serbian at 0702UT, Arabic at 0805UT & off at 0858UT DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov
Voice of Greece on 9420 kHz and 9935 kHz, Nov.12:
ITALY Shortwave schedule of Marconi Radio International on
from 1900 on 9420 AVL 170 kW / 323 deg to WeEu Greek tx#3
Tuesday, Nov.8
from 1900 on 9935 AVL 100 kW / 285 deg to WeEu Greek tx#1
1500-1700 on 15070 unknown 100 watts tx to WeEu
Voice of Greece on 9420 kHz and 9935 kHz, Nov.13: English/Italian/Spanish USB
0700&0800 on 9420 AVL 170 kW / 323 deg to WeEu 1800-2200 on 7700 unknown 100 watts tx to WeEu
Greek#tx#3 English/Italian/Spanish USB
0700&0800 on 9935*AVL 100 kW / 323 deg to ENAm
Unscheduled test broadcast of Marconi Radio International on
* instead of 11645 AVL 100 kW / 182 deg to NoAf Greek tx#1
1500-1655 on 15070 unknown 100 watts tx to WeEu
# Voice of Greece relay Sunday Liturgy. Off around 0805UT.
English/Italian/Spanish USB
DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov
DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov

GUAM Very poor signal of KTWR Trans World Radio Asia,

1527-1600 on 12120 TWR 100 kW / 293 deg to SEAs English
GRI 7280 0045 0115 41 300 98 0 2/4/0.5 23456 HINDI
Reception of KTWR Trans World Radio Asia, Nov.11:
GRI 7280 0115 0130 41 300 98 0 2/4/0.5 3 HINDI
DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
GRI 7280 0115 0130 41 300 98 0 2/4/0.5 4 DZONKHA 17530 0400 0500 Chinese S.China 1100-1200 3 55
GRI 7280 0115 0130 41 300 98 0 2/4/0.5 2 NEPALI 9570 1800 1900 Russian E.Russia 1900-2000 3 355
GRI 7280 0115 0130 41 300 98 0 2/4/0.5 56 TIBETAN 17640 1800 1900 A.English Africa 1700-2000 2 310
TAC 7505 1430 1445 41 100 131 10 2/4/0.5 23456 HINDI 9495 1900 2000 Russian E.Russia 2100-2200 3 355
TAC 7505 1445 1515 41 100 131 10 2/4/0.5 23456 PUNJABI 11945 1900 2000 Arabic Iraq 2000-2200 2 355
GRI 15755 1345 1400 41 300 98 0 2/4/0.5 1 34567 HINDI 13710 2000 2100 Arabic Iraq 2100-2300 3 355
GRI 15755 1345 1400 41 300 98 0 2/4/0.5 2 AWADI 17640 2000 2100 A.English Africa 1900-2200 2 295
GRI 15755 1400 1430 41 300 98 0 2/4/0.5 23456 BHOJPURI 11610 2100 2200 Chinese Europe 2100-2200 2 325
GRI 15755 1400 1430 41 300 98 0 2/4/0.5 1 PUNJABI 9535 2200 2300 Chinese S.China 0500-0600 3 55
GRI 15755 1400 1430 41 300 98 0 2/4/0.5 7 HINDI 11790 2200 2300 Arabic N.Africa 2200-2400 2 325
GRI 7505 1515 1545 41 300 98 0 2/4/0.5 23456 PUNJABI Reception report to :
ERV 9345 1245 1300 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 1 SANTHALI Alokesh Gupta, India
ERV 9345 1245 1300 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 7 KUI
ERV 9345 1245 1315 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 23456 MAITHILI MOROCCO Radio Medi 1 Mediterranee was back on shortwave,
ERV 9345 1300 1315 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 1 MAITHILI Nov.7
ERV 9345 1300 1315 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 7 HO from 1625 on 9575 NAD 250 kW / 110 deg to NoAf Arabic &
ERV 9345 1315 1330 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 123 MARWARI French:
ERV 9345 1315 1330 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 4 MEWARI DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov
ERV 9345 1315 1330 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 56 MAGAHI
ERV 9345 1315 1330 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 7 BENGALI NEW ZEALAND Frequency change of Radio New Zealand
ERV 9345 1330 1345 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 1 BRAJ International, Nov.8:
BHASHA 1259-1650 on 7355*RAN 050 kW / 035 deg English to Pacific
ERV 9345 1330 1345 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 2 KHARIA Daily, ex 9700
ERV 9345 1330 1345 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 3 KASHMIRI *1323-1425 on 7355 SIR 500 kW / 313 deg to WeAs Kurdish
ERV 9345 1330 1345 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 4 SADRI Kirmanji VIRI/IRIB
ERV 9345 1330 1345 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 5 BONDO DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov
ERV 9345 1330 1345 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 6 HARYANVI
ERV 9345 1330 1345 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 7 BUNDELI OMAN Good signal of Radio Sultanate of Oman on Nov.9:
ERV 9920 1345 1400 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 1 567 KURUKH 1400-1500 on 15140 THU 100 kW / 315 deg to WeEu English
ERV 9920 1345 1400 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 23 MUNDARI 1500-2200 on 15140 THU 100 kW / 315 deg to WeEu Arabic
ERV 9920 1345 1400 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 4 VASAVI DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov
ERV 9920 1400 1415 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 1 CHODRI
ERV 9920 1400 1415 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 23 BHILI PALAU Reception of Radio Que Me via WHRI T8WH Angel 3,
ERV 9920 1400 1415 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 45 VASAVI Nov.11
ERV 9920 1400 1415 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 67 MOUCHI 1200-1230 on 9930 HBN 100 kW / 318 deg to EaAs Vietnamese
ERV 9920 1415 1430 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 1 GAMIT Fri:
ERV 9920 1415 1445 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 7 GAMIT DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov
ERV 9920 1430 1445 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 1 DHODIA
ERV 9920 1415 1445 41 300 100 0 8/8/1 23456 SINDHI PHILIPPINES FEBC Radio, Radio Teos in Russian/Buryatian,
Submit reports at : Nov.10
OR at 1500-1600 on 11650 BOC 100 kW / 323 deg to CeAs
Alokesh Gupta Russian/Buryatian:
DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov
JAPAN Weak signal of Radio Japan NHK World on Nov.7:
0915-0945 on 9700 YAM 300 kW / 290 deg to EaAs Korean RUSSIA Pirate station Comintern Radio again on shortwave on
DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov Nov.13
1200-1500 NF 6209.9 VOR 001 kW / non-dir to EaEu Russian,
MADAGASCAR Reception of KNLS Madagascar World Voice in ex 6989,9
1800-2200UT slot on Nov.10 DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov
1800-1900 on 9570 MWV 100 kW / 355 deg to EaEu Russian
tx#1 KNLS, New Life Station SOUTH AFRICA Reception of South African Radio League,
1800-1900 on 17640*MWV 100 kW / 310 deg to WeAf English Nov.13
tx#2 African Pathways Radio 0800-0840 on 17760 MEY 250 kW / 019 deg to EaAf English Sun
1900-2000 on 9495 MWV 100 kW / 355 deg to EaEu Russian 0840-0850 on 17760 MEY 250 kW / 019 deg to EaAf Africaans
tx#2 KNLS, New Life Station Sun
1900-2000 on 11945 MWV 100 kW / 355 deg to N/ME Arabic 0850-0900 on 17760*MEY 250 kW / 019 deg to EaAf English
tx#1 Radio Feda, very poor Sun
2000-2100 on 13710 MWV 100 kW / 355 deg to N/ME Arabic * co-ch same 17760 SMG 250 kW / 210 deg to NWAf Vatican
tx#1 Radio Feda, very poor Radio // 21550, 21560
2000-2100 on 17640*MWV 100 kW / 295 deg to CeAf English DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov
tx#2 African Pathways Radio
2100-2200 on 11610 MWV 100 kW / 325 deg to WeEu Chinese SRI LANKA No signal from Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corp.,
tx#1, strong signal, videos Nov.6-7
* confirmed via SDR Twente, but no signal here in Sofia 1115-1215 on 9720 TRM 125 kW / 345 deg to SoAs Tamil
DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov 1630-1830 on 11750 TRM 125 kW / 345 deg to N/ME Sinhala
MWV B16 DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov
Freq Start Stop Language Target Area Local Time Ant Azi
9600 0100 0200 English India 0630-0730 3 40 SUDAN Frequency change of Radio Tamazuj & Radio Dabanga,
7390 0200 0300 Spanish S.America 2100-2300 1 250 Nov.9. Radio Tamazuj
7390 0300 0400 Spanish N.S.America 2100-2300 1 265 1427-1500 NF 15540 ISS 250 kW / 138 deg to EaAf Juba Arabic,
15670 0300 0400 English India 0830-0930 3 40 ex 15550
11825 0400 0500 A.English Africa 0400-0700 1 295 // frequency 13800 NAU 125 kW / 152 deg to EaAf Juba Arabic
DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
1500-1527 NF 15540 SMG 250 kW / 151 deg to EaAf Juba Good signal of World Wide Christian Radio WWCR-1 on Nov.9
Arabic, ex 15550 1200-1215 on 15795 WCR 100 kW / 046 deg to WeEu English
// frequency 13800 MDC 250 kW / 340 deg to EaAf Juba Arabic 1215-1230 on 15795 WCR 100 kW / 046 deg to WeEu Arabic
Radio Dabanga Mon-Fri
1527-1627 NF 15540 SMG 250 kW / 151 deg to EaAf Juba 1215-1245 on 15795 WCR 100 kW / 046 deg to WeEu English
Arabic, ex 15550 Sat/Sun
// frequency 13800 MDC 250 kW / 340 deg to EaAf Juba Arabic 1230-1245 on 15795 WCR 100 kW / 046 deg to WeEu Russian
And probably same frequency change for the morning programs Mon-Fri
Radio Tamazuj 1245-1300 on 15795 WCR 100 kW / 046 deg to WeEu English
0327-0427 NF 15540 MDC 250 kW / 335 deg to EaAf Juba
Arabic, ex 15550 Frequency change of Voice of America VOA Radio Ashna
parallel freq 7315 SMG 250 kW / 146 deg to EaAf Juba Arabic 1430-1500 NF 11940 KWT 250 kW / 070 deg to WeAs Pashto,
parallel freq 9600 ISS 250 kW / 138 deg to EaAf Juba Arabic ex 11860* in HFCC
Radio Dabanga 1500-1630 NF 11940 KWT 250 kW / 070 deg to WeAs Dari, ex
0427-0530 NF 15540 MDC 250 kW / 335 deg to EaAf Juba 11860* in HFCC
Arabic, ex 15550 *to avoid on 11860 unknown tx / unknown to N/ME Arabic Rep.of
0530-0557 NF 15540 SMG 250 kW / 151 deg to EaAf Juba Yemen Radio
Arabic, ex 15550 Reception of World Harvest Radio International WHRI Angel 1,
parallel freq 7315 SMG 250 kW / 151 deg to EaAf Juba Arabic Nov.12
DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov 1300-1400 on 21610 HRI 250 kW / 085 deg to CeAf English
Sat/Sun Brother Stair
TAIWAN/FRANCE Changes of Radio Taiwan International from 1400-1500 on 21610 HRI 250 kW / 085 deg to CeAf English Sat
Nov.13 Brother Stair
1800-1900 NF 11885 ISS 500 kW / 185 deg to NWAf French Alyx & Yeyi B16
1900-2000 on 11875 ISS 500 kW / 185 deg to NWAf French Sun TARGET AREA
till Nov.6: Denge Kurdistan 0400-2200 9400 mtwtfss Kurdish
DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov Middle East
Eye Radio 0400-0500 7250 mtwtfss Arabic Africa
TAJIKISTAN Weak signal of Voice of Tajik, Nov.10 Suab Xaa Moo Zoo 1130-1200 11570 mtwtfss Hmong
1300-1400 on 7245 DB 100 kW / non-dir to CeAs English Asia
DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov Que Me 1200-1230 9930 ----f-- Vietnamese Asia
Living Water Minsitry B* 1530-1630 9650 --w---- Korean Asia
TANZANIA Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation was back on Eye Radio 1600-1700 17730 mtwtfss Arabic Africa
shortwave, Nov.7: Radio Xoriyo 1600-1630 17870 m---f-- Somali Africa
from 1525 on 11735 DOL 050 kW / non-dir to CeAf Swahili Oromo Voice 1600-1630 17850 m-w--s- Oromo
DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov Africa
Radio Voice of I.Oromia** 1600-1630 17850 ------s Oromo
U.K. Weak signal of Sedoye Bahar via BaBcoCk Grigoriopol on Africa
Nov.10 Sagalee Qeerroo Bilisummaa 1630-170017840 -t-tf-- Oromo
1900-1930 on 7510 KCH 500 kW / 116 deg to WeAs Farsi Africa
Thu/Fri Voice of Spring Voice of Amara Radio 1700-1800 15360 m-w--s- Amharic
Reception of R.Ranginkaman/Rainbow via BaBcoCk Grigoriopol, Africa
Nov.11: Suab Xaa Moo Zoo 2230-2300 7530 mtwtfss Hmong
1700-1730 on 7580 KCH 500 kW / 116 deg to WeAs Farsi Asia
Mon/Fri, very weak signal * Living Water Ministry Brodcasting, ** Radio Voice of
Radio ERGO and TWR Africa via BaBcoCk Dhabayya on Independent Oromia, Reception reports to :
Nov.13: Alyx and Yeyi, LLC - 5201 Blue Lagoon Drive, 8th Floor, Miami,
1200-1300 on 17845 DHA 250 kW / 225 deg to EaAf Somali FL 33126 - U.S.A.
Daily Radio ERGO Alokesh Gupta, India
1300-1315 on 17680 DHA 250 kW / 230 deg to EaAf Afar Thu-
Sun TWR Africa VATICAN Special broadcast of Vatican Radio on unscheduled
DX RE MIX NEWS#978, Ivo Ivanov frequency, Nov.13
from 0850 NF 17760*SMG 250 kW / 210 deg to NWAf French, ex
BBC World Service announces biggest expansion 'since the 21570 kHz in HFCC!
1940s'. The BBC World Service will launch 11 new language from 0850 on 21550 SMG 250 kW / 145 deg to CeAf English, as
services as part of its biggest expansion "since the 1940s", the scheduled in B-16
corporation has announced. The expansion is a result of the from 0850 on 21560 SMG 250 kW / 165 deg to SoAf Portuguese,
funding boost announced by the UK government last year. as scheduled B-16
The new languages will be Afaan Oromo, Amharic, Gujarati, * co-ch same 17760 MEY 250 kW / 019 deg to EaAf Sun South
Igbo, Korean, Marathi, Pidgin, Punjabi, Telugu, Tigrinya, and African Radio League
Yoruba. The first new services are expected to launch in 2017.
Full story at : And that concludes World News for Shortwave News. Your
37990220 contributions are always welcomed to our AIR Radio World.
Alokesh Gupta, India This program will start from January 2017. Further
information available in
USA Good signal of WEWN-1 Global Catholic Radio & WRMI 73s. Dr. T. Jaisakthivel
tx#01 in 25 mb on Nov.8
from 1000 on 11520 EWN 250 kW / 355 deg to SEAs English
WEWN-1 Global Catholic R Thank you for your entries during the years.
from 1000 on 11580 YFR 100 kW / 044 deg to WeEu English
Brother Stair WRMI tx#01
DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
Report from the last AGM in Kalundborg On the 9 of May last year at our AGM in Tarp in Schleswig, the
by Anker Petersen members decided with 97% majority to dissolve the DSWCI by
the end of 2016. There were four reasons for that:
On October 08, 2016, at 1400 local time no less than 39 DSWCI 1. More and more SW and MW stations replace their
members and guests, representing 14 nations, were gathered in broadcasting with live streaming on the internet with
the 89 years old longwave station of Radio Denmark in high quality. Thus we are coming near the end of
Kalundborg to attend our last Annual General Meeting (AGM). shortwave broadcasting!
2. Now in 2016, six of the eight members of the Board of
the DSWCI have passed the age of 75 years.
It is evident, that in that age illness and disabilties
become more frequent. We also get more tired in our
daily routines. All this means, that we have less time
available for the Club work.
3. Our big problem is, that shortwave listening no longer
fascinates younger people, when they can hear the
whole world well on the internet. Thus nobody are
prepared to replace the present Board.
4. The DSWCI was created on the 18 of November,
1956. Thus the Board decided to hold our last AGM
today, as the Statutes does not allow it to be held later
than the month of October.

The following came from

abroad: Victor Goonetilleke
(Sri Lanka), Jawahar Almeida
(Goa, India), Alexander and
Valentina Beryozkin (Russia),
Risto Vhkainu, Arto
Mujunen, Heikki Puranen,
Juha and Virpi Tuominen and
Henri Ekman (all from
Finland), Tibor (born in
Hungary) and Barbro Szilagyi and Per Eriksson (Sweden),
Andreas and Gertrud Schmid, Robert Kipp (born in U.S.A.),
Joachim Kornek, Bernhard Hein, Simon-Peter Liehr, Hella and
Karl Helt, Uwe and Suree (born in Thailand) Volk (all from
Germany), Jonathan Marks (Media Network, The Netherlands),
Marcel Rommerts (Belgium), Dave Kenny and Alan Pennington
(United Kingdom). Some of the participants at the last AGM

From Denmark came: Anker Petersen, Kaj Bredahl Jrgensen I am happy to report to you, that the past 1 year again has
and Else Malmstrm, Bent Nielsen and Elin Hammer Jensen, been good and stable for the DSWCI. Our economy is still good.
Erik Kie, Jens Christian and Editha (born in the Philippines) We have published Shortwave News in printed and electronic
Seeberg, Jens Sndergaard, Vagn and Karin Nielsen and Niels versions every sixth week, the electronic Newsletter DX-
Dreijer. Window every second week, the annual Domestic Broadcasting
Survey and the monthly Tropical Bands Monitor. Our website
has been working very well.

The DSWCI has had global membership with members in all 6

continents since 1965. Today we have 227 members living in 33
countries in 6 continents. 141 of these members are so-called E-
members. At the AGM in 2015 we had 230 members in 34
Unfortunately we have lost contact to our member in Poland, but
besides that, the countries and most of the members are the
In September 2015 the Board decided with immediate effect to
cut off collection of renewals of membership fees and acceptance
of new members. Our economy was so good, that we can pay
The board and the chairman of the meeting the remaining SWNs until December 2016. Thus our last new
member became number 3786 Niels Dreijer, who is present here
The DSWCI Chairman, Anker Petersen, welcomed this global today. That means that during the 60 years of our Club has had
participation, they introduced themselves and he forwarded 3786 members.
greetings from many absent members.

Then Tibor Szilagyi for the last time was elected as Chairman of
the DSWCI AGM, which had a reduced agenda. The report from
the latest AGM in Tarp, published in SWN June 2015 was

The DSWCI chairman of the board then gave his last report:

DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
In 2015 our Czech member, Jaroslav Bohac, again arranged the
annual DX Contest called: The Grand Tour across all
continents. This time 22 DX-ers from 17 countries did
participate. I wish herewith to thank Jaroslav very much for
organizing these annual contests since year 1988 in such a
perfect way!
In November 2015 our German member, Michael Schmitz, who
is also editor in ADDX, finished the immense work to scan and
digitize all printed issues of Shortwave News from 1957 till 2015
and put them on a DVD. He sells it to anyone interested. Our
thanks to Michael for doing this job with historical dimensions!
By the way, Michael Schmitz just offered to those, who have
purchased the DVD, that he next year can make a download file
with the SWNs published in 2016, if there is an interest ?
At our 50 years jubilee ten years ago, we published a 48 pages
Three of the female participants, Else, Elin and Barbro special publication about the history of the DSWCI. Not much has
changed since then, so we decided NOT to publish a new
One of the main activities in the DSWCI has always been the publication. Instead I made a two pages article in SWN July/
production of Shortwave News (SWN), edited by Kaj Bredahl August 2016 with highlights from our history.
Jrgensen and his international co-editors. The final issue of My sincere thanks go to all eight members of the DSWCI Board,
SWN will be the December issue. The good news is, that our the whole Editing Staff and our webmaster for your stable and
excellent MW and SW tips editor, Klaus-Dieter Scholz, also in very fine work for so many years for the Club. Thank you also to
2017 will continue to receive tips by e-mail on and the auditors Torben Dahl and Vagn Nielsen for checking the Club
publish these on . Thus you can continue to report account on behalf of the members.
and get tips from other former DSWCI-members!
A common question is: Can the DSWCI recommend another DX-
Another main activity is the bi-weekly DX-Window newsletter. It Club to its members after dissolvement in two months ? Yes, you
now takes too much of my limited sparetime, so edition no. 570 can find many active DX-Clubs in the WRTH. But in our last
in mid-December will be my last one!I am grateful to all SWN, we particularly will publish the names, addresses and
contributors all over the world for their regular tips and news. By websites of those clubs, we can recommend.
this also DX-Mirror in SWN edited by Dmitry Mezin will end. One of these, which in content is similar to the DSWCI, is the
Rolf Wernli in Switzerland has done an excellent job as DSWCI British DX Club. Two of its Board members, Alan Pennington and
webmaster since 2002. He visited me in June this summer and Dave Kenny, are here today, so you can talk with them about
told me the good news, that he has prolonged the DSWCI possible membership.
website at to exist until March 2021. Thus you Finally I would say that during these 60 years we have
can still read about the DSWCI, the recent SWNs and DX- established a fantastic friendship with DX-ers all over the world. I
Windows on our website. am sure, that this friendship will continue in the future. You are
always welcome to contact us by e-mail or postal addresses.

Then the editor of Shortwave News, Kaj Bredahl Jrgensen,

gave his last report:
This report from your editor is the very last one just before
dissolving our club, after 60 years. I myself have been an active
member of our club in 58 years, and the editor-in-chief for more
than 30 years now. Of course it is sad, that we have to close our
club, but time nowadays is much more different than 60 years
ago in quite many ways.

My last report for the last time is going from May 2015 to
September 2016, in all 12 editions. My report last year just
covered 8 editions, but as we have the AGM half a year later this
year, there will be reports from 12 editions, thus comparison
cannot be made. We will still have 2 more editions to be
At the end of March 2016, I finished editing the 18 edition of the published before we close January 1st.
Domestic Broadcasting Survey (DBS), which also was our 44
edition of the annual Tropical Bands Survey. It was completely In this time span period just one edition contained 28 pages, the
updated and is unique in the world, thanks to several monitors rest contained from 16-24 pages, which tells us that the news
amongst our members. We have sold 30 printed and 44 digital and information from the short wave bands are still getting lesser
copies of DBS-17. So far we have sold 30 printed and 52 digital and lesser. In the old days, we could easily make almost every
copies of DBS-18, so the interest is increasing! Thanks to Toshi edition that contained 32 pages, which was our postage limit.
Ohtake for buying again in both years 10 copies for resale to
Japanese DX-ers. In the time span just mentioned, we produced 280 pages.
Our Tropical Bands Monitor has now been published on our Besides all the regular sections, which have been published in
website every month since year 2005. It is a unique way to be every issue without any delay, we have also published many
updated on, which broadcast stations in the Tropical Bands that interesting articles written by our own members. Here is a brief
have been heard recently. survey of which articles that were published from May 2015 to
The good news is, that in 2017 I intend to continue editing both September 2016.
the Domestic Broadcasting Survey and the Tropical Bands
Monitor, as these are the only ones of their kind in the world. We Starting with the June 2015 issue, we had a three page report of
will no longer print the Domestic Broadcasting Survey, but only the recent held AGM in Tarp, Germany written as usual by our
send it out electronically free of charge to those, who want it. chairman. The annual survey Trends in Tropical Bands was also
Our webmaster has accepted, that both can be published on the published, written as usual by our chairman.
public section on our website.

DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
In the August issue we had an interesting article from the islands I always end my report to say, that without your work it is not
of Scilly written by Christian Ghibaudo, France, who by the way possible at all to make a SWN with all useful information and not
has provided us with many good and interesting articles during at least such a stable level. Thank you for listen to me, and lets
the years. get in touch!!

Next the treasurer Bent Nielsen presented the audited account,

which was published in SWN April/May 2016 page 10. Joachim
Kornek asked, why the expenses at our last AGM were only 75
DKK. Bent replied, that the 75 DKK were for the name tags. But
we got a good deal with Landgasthof Tarp, that they did not ask
for anything extra, after the participants had paid their rooms and

Bent Nielsen then explained the disposal of the remaining

capital of the DSWCI, which was estimated to be about
DKK 18.000.
It was higher than planned, because the Danish Mail
Service per the 1st of July 2016 had reduced some of
the postal rates! The final remaining capital will first be
available around New Year.
Our Statutes Article 18, para 5 says: "The capital will
preferably be used for DX/Radio purposes or a Radio
Museum, alternatively for charitable purposes". It is our
intentions to use the remaining capital on the following
five recipients:

1. Wolf Harranth's Documentary Archive Radio

Communication in Vienna, Austria.
Alexander and Victor in front of the radiostation
2. Ringsted Radiomuseum.
The November issue had a comprehensive report from the
recent held EDXC Conference in St. Petersburg written by our 3. Snderjyllands Radiomuseum.
good friend and member Alexander Beryozkin, who by the way is
present here today. 4. Red Cross.
The December/January issue had a three page long article about 5. Doctors Without Borders.
a visit to the voice of Indonesia written by Jawahar Almeida who
also is present here today great!! At the AGM nobody objected to these five recipients.
Continuing with the February issue we brought the final results of The Chairman of the AGM then asked the AGM to empower the
the 6 International DX Contest arranged as usual by Jaroslav Board to decide the distribution of the remaining capital, which all
Bohac, in the Check republic. Furthermore a four page long accepted.
review of Shortwave News on DVD written by Jerry Berg. The
DVD has been made by our German friends from ADDX. As far In Miscellaneous, the manager of the longwavestation, Jens
as I know, there are still some copies left. Christian Seeberg, said that as long as he has access to the
radiobuilding, DX-ers are welcome to hold an annual meeting
The March issue had the press release of the New Domestic here, preferably in July-August.
Broadcasting Survey. I have brought with me the rest of the
printed version we made, which we will give away for free after Marcel Rommerts adviced that all DSWCI archives may be sent
this meeting. to Wolf Harranth in Vienna. By the way, he has already received
Now going to the June issue, we had the annual report about all printed copies of SWN from 1957-2016.
Trends in Tropical bands broadcasting as usual made by Anker.
With this, the AGM was over and Editha Seeberg served coffee
In July/August SWN the complete programme for the upcoming and tea with specially designed cakes celebrating the 60 years of
EDXC Conference in Manchester was published, which by the the DSWCI!
way, was a very good one. In the same issue, Anker has also
written a two page long story with highlights of DSWCI during 60 Jens Chr. Seeberg present the birthday cake
Finally in the September issue we brought an interesting article
about the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs radio station 1972-
2014, written by Erik Kie.
I want here to express my great thank you very much to all
those, who had written articles to our bulletin during the period.
Of course here at this occasion I also want to express a big
thank you to all my faithful co-editors during many years as well
as to all the members who have contributed to our bulletin.
The DSWCI has filled quite a lot in my life, so it is of course with
great sadness we have to close our club. But I sincerely do hope
that we will keep the contact also afterwards, either by
telephone, mail or snail mail. It is my wife and my intension to
participate the coming EDXC Conferences as long as we are
able to, so at least at those occasions we will see each other.

DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
After an outdoor Group photo, Niels Dreijer gave a lecture about
The future of the AM bands and Jens Chr. Seeberg showed us
around on the radiostation, which has a modern LW-transmitter.
More of the participants at the dinner.

Everybody expressed
afterwards, that this
AGM at Radiostation
Kalundborg and the
Jubilee Dinner had
been very successful.

At the entrance of the radiostation

In the evening we enjoyed the 60 years Jubilee Dinner in the 600
years old Bistro Bispegaarden, which served delicious local
dishes. Kaj Bredahl Jrgensen told, how Shortwave listening has
been a great part of his life. Victor Goonetilleke thanked the
Danes for organizing this unique event, where he met so many
global radio friends.

Alan Pennington, Dave Kenny, UK and Henri Ekman, Finland

Kalundborg railway station
Risto Vhkainu honored Kaj Bredahl Jrgensen with a pennant
from the Finnish DX-Club Suomen DX Litto. Risto then invited all "Postscript.
to come to Tampere in Finland next year on 18-20 August to
celebrate the 50 anniversary of the European DX Council and
After the AGM a big majority of the Board has decided to
the 100 years of Independence of Finland. split the remaining capital into five equal parts and send
one part to each of the five recipients mentioned in the
AGM report.

The size of the remaining capital will first be known around

New Year and will be told our members by e-mail."

DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
We would also like to send greetings to the members of the
DSWCI wishing you still many good years with the DX-hobby.

Thanks for the efforts - and good luck!

Best 73s, Stig Hartvig Nielsen,
Edited by chairman for The Danish DX Listeners Club
Kaj Bredahl

Dear friends and members all over the World. We have received
quite many letters, comments and greetings in connection with
the very last issue of SWN. Here I have published most of those
greetings. Thank you very much to everybody for their comments
and thoughts.

DSWCI 3039 Francis Mougenez, Luxembourg writes: Many

thanks and greetings from DSWCI-3039 here in Luxembourg on
the occasion of the last issue of Shortwave News. I have been
extremely pleased of being a member of the Club over the years
and I did not want to let pass the last deadline for contributions to
SWN without expressing my gratitude!
Thanks to all of you and all the best for the future.

DSWCI 40, Torre Ekblom, Finland writes: "Hopefully you got

my wishes for the AGM. So sorry we could not continue due to
missing of new and young members, who could take over the
duties. My health situation prevented me to join you all at AGM.
Our friendship continues for ever. "

DSWCI 2026 Ron Howard, U.S.A.: Wish to thank you for all the
hard work you have put into DSWCI and DX-Window over the
years. Very much appreciated!! Ron California

DSWCI-3612 Luigi Cobisi, Italy: I saw the photo you take at DSWCI 3642 John C. Herkimer, Arizona, USA: Thanks,
the AGM in Kalundborg and included in my little article about the Anker, and you are absolutely right: there are still some SW
end of our Club stations to hear. And I'm happy to hear that you are continuing with the Domestic Broadcasting Survey. That's great news (and
y&sid=3790&lang=en thanks)! 73, John
You really have had a very courageous initiative, the dissolution.
We'll miss DSWCI but we all, you and the other friends I've After his attendance to our last AGM our longtime Indian member
known in many years, we're not getting out of touch. 2848 Jawahar Almeida from Goa wrote in my Guest Book:
"Dear Anker, Thank you so much for showing me around during
DSWCI-2897 Harald Kuhl, Germany: A real pity for the DX- my visit to Denmark for the final AGM. It was truly a memorable
world, but I can of course fully understand. Many many thanks occasion that I shall never forget...
for all the work you have done! Good to read that there also will The hospitality I experienced with the DSWCI fraternity shall
be a DBS-19, hi. As you correctly pointed out, its a unique always be cherished.
publication and still is needed by the DXing community. A nice Radio shack and finally thanks for all the good work for us
DX'ers all these years.
Greetings to DSWCI and your final AGM Best 73's and wishing you the best of everything...
Greetings from the DDXLK - The Danish DX Listener Club - to
the DSWCI and the participants at this year's AGM. The final.

We find it sad that DSWCI must cease its activities and dissolve
the club, which for so many years has meant so much for the
DX-hobby in many parts of the world. The efforts - in the form of
Shortwave News, DX Window and the Domestic Broadcasting
Survey - have been very great and very important for a lot of
DXers and their/our ability to engage in our common hobby.

It is regrettable that there are no younger talents to take over, but

it is obvious that the DX-hobby has no big future ahead. Interest
in DX'ing is falling in general; interest in shortwave-DX'ing in

From the DDXLK we would like to express our thanks for the
cooperation over the years, in particular the large and successful
EDXC conference in Rebild in 1995, which we arranged jointly. Victor and Jawahar on the main street in Kalundborg

DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
DSWCI 1014 Robert Kipp, Germany
For the "Last SWN", I wanted to write a personal letter of thanks
to all the DSWCI for so many years of friendships and dedication
to our wonderful hobby of radio listening.
Since I could not find the right words for a simple letter, I wrote
the poem "The Last AGM" dedicated to the Danish Short Wave
Club International.

Wishing you all good health with the best of everything else, and
Overall, friendships will remain, Robert

Dedicated to the Danish Short Wave Club International

The Last AGM
Det var en lrdag aften,
ShortWave News will be no more,
We'll miss DX-Window sore,
Clandestine and Tropic Band,
In heart'n mind forever be.

Strength of signal may decline,

Interference night and day,
Noise allows no five by nine, From the EDXC meeting 1968 at Ankers home, Skovlunde.
Perhaps it all will fade away,
Overall, friendships will remain.
Sixty years now and often,
We say to all, "Best seven three "!

3014 Karl Helt, Germany: "Our last meeting in Kalundborg was

a kind of Farewell, but exciting and highly international.... Thanks
God, there are so helpful people in the 3rd World! We will always
remember that!" (He was thinking that Victor helped him with a
problem with his AOR receiver-ed.)

Tore Nilsen and presenter Stuart George in the studio at

BBC Radio Stoke, May 2016
3667 Alexander. Beryozkin , Russia:After our farewell at the
airport of Copenhagen we have safely arrived in Helsinki, spent a
night in the hotel. We started to St. Petersburg at 11 a.m. and
came home at 11 p.m. On our way we visited a friend of mine in
his summer house.. Many, many thanks for your kind help for us!
At the AGM. We really enjoyed your company. For many years it
was my dream to come to Denmark, and finally I did it. Hope to
see you both (Else & Kaj) next year at EDXC meeting.
Best regards and 73, Alexander and Valentina

3765E Kari Kiveks, Finland: On behalf of the European DX

Council, I have the honor to write this message. Over the
decades, the Danish Shortwave Club International has been one
2409 Tore Nilsen, Norway: It goes against the inexorable end
of the most active DX clubs in our organization. Your club has
of SWN etc. It will be missed! Although I exclusively am active in
been a forerunner in many areas of our great hobby.
the medium wave p. t., I constantly read SWN and DXW with
great interest, and many useful tips they have brought.
I would like to thank all members of DSWCI and especially its
Nonetheless, I hope you still in the online world will find tips and
board for the highly valued work you have done. You have
news with their large networks .Thank you for your great efforts. I
connected many people all around the world. Even though your
hope you in the future will have many nice hours with the rx.
club is now signing off, it does not mean that the co-operation
Tore send us the pictures that can be seen on the right column.
and friendship between DX fellows will disappear. I am sure that
thank you very much ed..
we will have many occasions in the future where we can meet,
discuss and share information about our hobby, DXing.
DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
7MK & 7RL - The first Danish broadcast stations on short wave.
By Erik Koie

We are back in the year 1928. The acknowledging reports from Denmark and
interest for radio was growing very fast, abroad, they asked for more reports in
and several radio magazines were Danish, English, German, French and
published in Denmark, the first one Spanish. Reports came from Hamburger
started in 1922. Here in 1928 the Radioklub, Hamborn am Rhein and
magazines were: Radiolytteren (The Kreuzburg in Ober-Schlesien, Prague and
Radio Listener), Radio Uge Revue (Radio Scotland. Transmissions were mainly on
Weekly Review) and RadioPosten, which Tuesdays and Fridays after 23.00 hours
both joined to a magazine called Ugens for two hours.
Radio (This Weeks Radio) on July 6,
1928. Also, the monthly Radio Magasinet To get the station heard farther away,
continued to be published after July 1928. they halved the wavelength to 39,2
Furthermore, in March 1928 the monthly meters on April 3rd. The gramophone
magazine Populr Radio started. company, Danish Polyphon, gave the
records to be played on air to 7MK, and in
Two of these magazines got the idea to late March of 1928 they had 60 music
explore the short waves further for and song numbers to choose from. At this
broadcasting purposes by establishing time, 7MK was mentioned in radio
their own short wave stations. The first magazines such as the British Wireless
public ones in Denmark. In mid-February World and the German Funk. Also, the
1928 the station belonging to International Radio Press Agency in the
RadioPosten, 7MK, went on the air with Haag in the Netherlands spread the
tests on 78,5 meters. It was crystal information about 7MK.
controlled and made by Engineer Jens
Jrgensen of the Elektromekano The transmission on Friday, April 20, was
company, located at Aarhusgade 88 in entirely in English trying to reach North
Copenhagen. When the tests were America. Reports did not show up, but
completed, the transmitter was moved to after this broadcast a British listener
a building in Nrum, north of suggested that the station should be
Copenhagen, where Elektromekano had called 7 Midnight King, as it could be
had a receiving station for the connection difficult to distinguish between M and N.
between Greenland and Denmark. So, from Friday, April 27 the station
Unfortunately, I have not been able to find adopted this name, 7 Midnight King. On
the power of the transmitter or the this date it also changed the wavelength
antenna type used. The station was on to 32,05 meters.
the air with talk after the official Danish
radio stopped their transmissions, usually In the middle of May the Midnight King
around 23.00 hours. The first real was heard in Brazil, and at the end of
broadcast with live songs and music May also in Pennsylvania, USA, with this
started at 23.00 hours, Wednesday, report: Could hear you perfectly, and
March 14. 7MK featured the first letterbox modulation of speech very good, but I
program during the interval of a broadcast missed the first part of the music. Your
Friday, March 30 again from 23.00 hours crystal controlled signals are R6. The
with Danish, German and French music. station was NU3PF and the Danish one
During this Letterbox program ED7MK (ED meaning Europe Denmark at

DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
that time). This was the last time 7MK March 1st . Their first real broadcast was
was mentioned in Radio Posten (June 1, on March 6, 1928 on approximately 44
1928, issue). meters. The first schedule of 7RL is seen
to the left, with the logo of The Radio
When the Radio Post magazine on July Listeners short wave station.
1, 1928, was joined with Radio Weekly
Review and the Radio Magazine the The transmissions consisted of
transmissions of 7MK seemed to stop. Calibrating, voice transmission, Morse
These three magazines now published (CW) lessons and a telegraphy
The Weeks Radio and the Radio broadcast.
Interest in transmitting pictures and
7RL: drawings developed, and 7RL started
picture radio transmissions on Tuesday,
May 29, 1928. They also arranged a
picture radio competition on Tuesday
and Friday June 5 and 8, 1928 at 2330-
0100 on 42,12 meters, and on June 12
and 15 at 2330-0100 on 84,25 meters.
Below is the 7RL set-up with the picture
transmitter to the left:

From March 1929 regular picture

broadcasts were heard/seen on
Tuesdays and Fridays on 168 meters,
and from April on Fridays on 84 meters.
The other Danish magazine The Radio
During the summer of 1929 the stations
Listener began tests during the last half
broadcasts were discontinued, and after
of February 1928 from its crystal
this, very little mention of 7RL was seen.
controlled short wave station 7RL (7-
Radio Listener), made by the Danish
company M. P. Pedersen. The Radio With thanks to especially these
Listener began publishing the more magazines: Radio Posten, Radio Lytteren
technical magazine Popular Radio on and Populr Radio.

DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
Special DSWCI broadcasts under preparation.
In Kalundborg Robert Kipp made recordings to special DSWCI broadcasts, which now are under preparation.

Two one hour broadcasts via SLBC, Trincomalee, managed by Victor Goonetilleke:
Saturday December 03 at 1930-2030 UTC 9715 kHz at 350 degrees with 125 kW to Europe.
Sunday December 04 (or Saturday December 03) at 1000-1100 UTC to Japan, Asia and Australia on 11730 kHz.

Ten 30 minutes broadcasts via WRMI, Okeechobee, Florida, managed by Jeff White:
2300 UTC Saturday, December 03 5850 kHz to North America (especially Central and West)
2330 UTC Saturday, December 03 11580 kHz to Eastern North America ( and Europe )
2030 UTC Sunday, December 04 11580 kHz to Europe ( and Eastern North America )
2300 UTC Sunday, December 04 5850 kHz to North America (especially Central and West)
0230 UTC Monday, December 05 9955 kHz to the Caribbean, North and South America
2300 UTC Saturday, December 10 5850 kHz to North America (especially Central and West)
2330 UTC Saturday, December 10 11580 kHz to Eastern North America ( and Europe )
2030 UTC Sunday, December 11 11580 kHz to Europe ( and Eastern North America )
2300 UTC Sunday, December 11 5850 kHz to North America (especially Central and West)
0230 UTC Monday, December 12 9955 kHz to the Caribbean, North and South America
Note that the Monday transmissions on 9955 kHz are actually Sunday evening in the Americas.
I will publish the final times and frequencies in DX-Window no. 569 and on our website. (Ed)

Dear DX-friends,

The nearby dissolvement of the DSWCI has been mentioned in many DX-bulletins abroad.
I have noticed it in PLAY-DX (Italy), RUS-DX (Russia) and DX-plorer (U.S.A.)
Furthermore it was mentioned in the latest Shortwave Bulletin (Sweden) with quotations from BDXC (U.K.), Grupo Radioescucha
Argentino (Argentine) and RMRC (Germany) (See attachment).

The Argentine bulletin brings a photo of me at the Dinner in Bispegaarden in Kalundborg taken by Jonathan Marks, the
Netherlands. See below
This again proves that the DSWCI really has been a global DX-Club! Best 73, Anker
I can add that it has also been mentioned in the December issue of the "Radiouser" magazine. Best73 Bent

DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
Members own contributions
to the final issue of SWN.
Edited by Kaj Bredahl Jorgensen
Since 1956 I think, I have been a DXer , and became a member
of DSWCI the next year. Thus DXing has filled a lot in my entire
life, now as being in the mid 70es. I have had lots of wonderful
moments and have meet lots of interesting people as a Dxer, and
many of them has also been my friends during many years.

My membership card of the DSWCI, was made by member no.

91, Hans Erik Malmstrm. Remark my membership number
below at right.

The years went quickly on, and during many years I was not very
active with my DXing though still an editor, but I never have give it
all up During the past 12 years I have participated the EDXC
Conferences all over Europe. By attending those meetings, I
have got many good friends, who it always is a joy and pleasure
to meet. It is my aim whenever it is possible to continue to attend
those meetings also in the future, so that I by this way can keep
the contact with good friends.
Kaj Bredahl Jorgensen, Denmark.
John Herkimer, Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A. sent us this story:
I don't remember when I first turned on a shortwave radio. I didn't
keep records then, and writing reception reports would come
later, but I do know my first QSL was from HCJB, Ecuador, dated
November 1967. It's not in very good shape small holes from
thumb tacks and stained with the remnants of adhesive tape - but
As written above I started my carrier in 1956. Shortly after a it's as important to me as any QSL in my collection.
local group of members of the DSWCI, started regular local My father was the one that got me interested in shortwave
meetings in Copenhagen area. At that occasion I met another listening. He was a radio operator in the U.S. Army and got his
member of our club, Hans Erik Malmstrm, who later became my amateur radio license when WWII ended. He had done some
brother-in law. At that time I didnt knew that he had a sister, who shortwave listening in his youth and showed me where and when
many years after became my wife. I think it is not very common to look for stations. Although years later I would hear exotic DX
first to know ones brother-in-law before ones wife. That is one of stations like Falklands, Mauritius, Azad Kashmir, etc., those first
the many things DXing has given me. years of shortwave listening bring back some of my favourite
memories. It seemed like every time I turned on the radio, I
I became married in 1969 and some years after we started to discovered at least one new station, and each day meant racing
travel to far away countries in Africa and Asia. We have been in to the mailbox to see if there was a QSL waiting for me.
Gambia, Senegal, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Hongkong, India Radio has been an important part of my life. Even though our
and Nepal. On many of those travels, I brought my big American hobby has suffered over the years with declining participation and
made Zenith Trans Oceanic rx with me, which I by the way loss of stations and targets, there is something that keeps
purchased in Greenland, while working on the American Air bringing many of us back. When I complain to a close friend
Bases. This receiver was the best choice at that time in the mid about the state of shortwave compared to years past, he reminds
60es for having a shortwave radio with me, though t was rather me, "Be glad you were in it when you were." I think that's good
heavy and uncomfortable. When visiting Gambia in 1974, I had advice.
the radio with me, and I still remember all those Latin-American
Thank you, DSWCI, for helping to make the DXing hobby so
stations that could be heard on the tropical bands. Our hotel was
enjoyable for so long. You will be missed.
situated right out to the Atlantic Ocean, so there was just but
Photo caption: This blurry black & white photo from 1968 is the
water between to the LA countries. Also many interesting African
only one I have from my first years of shortwave listening. Shown
radio stations were heard on the tropical bands.
is a Hallicrafters SX-28a receiver, borrowed from a friend of my
fathers, and a few QSL cards tacked to a bulletin board.
In the mid 1970ies SONY ICF 5900W was very popular among
DXers at that time, because it had a smaller size and the
performance was much better compared with other older
receivers. So in 1977 when we went on our big Far East Asian
journey, and came to Hongkong, the place where everything
could and can be purchased, I bought such a SONY receiver,
which I still have and use. Unfortunately there was no time for
listening while travelling those countries.

A year before our journey, I sent a reception report to Radio

Nepal, and when they didnt sent me a reply I also send them
follow-up, but still no answer, so when we came to Nepal, I went
to the radio station in Kathmandu in order to obtain my QSL. We
was welcomed and got a glass of tea, before the responsible
officer came down to the reception, when I showed him a copy of
my rapport, by this I got my QSL from Nepal. There are many
ways to get a QSL if your just have the will!
DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
Max van Arnhem, The Netherlands Christian Ghibaudo, Nice France
After starting DX-ing in 1969, I became a member of the Danish Im a Dxer for many years, since late 70s. I visited a lot of
Shortwave Clubs International in 1977. stations in the world, when I travel. Most of the time, I visited
International stations, such as RFI Paris, RCI in Canada, BRT-
From the start of my DX-ing I was interested in Latin American RTBF in Belgium, BBC London, DW, R. Sweden etc And also
radio stations and especially the DSWCI LA News columns local stations, in France, Monaco, Italy, Portugal, Azores, UK
written by Tor-Henrik Ekblom got my interest. Of course the etc From time to time, I sent my participation to Radio Quizz
Tropical Bands were a great target to hear these stations. organised by International Radio stations, and I was lucky to win
Unfortunately, nowadays most Latin American Tropical bands two time a travels in Romania organised by the French Service of
stations have closed and my interest has moved to medium RRI. But I would like to talk about my travel in the Republic of
wave. Not a bad move, because so many stations can be heard Moldova.
here, almost from every south American country but also from
many other parts of the world. Each years Radio Moldova International, had a contest, the first
prize was a travel in Moldova for 4 days. In 2007, I was the lucky
But, between the start of my listening on the radio bands until winner of this contest, so in mid-October I flew to Chisinau.
now, I had and still have many other DX interests too: shortwave Violeta of the French service meet me at the airport, with a driver
broadcasts, all type of utility stations, low band VHF (30-50 mhz) and my visita in this exotic European country began. It was a
and FM ( troposphere and Sporadic E). very surprising travel, as Moldova is still a poor country. I was in
Getting a QSL always have been a challenge after hearing a new a wonderful hotel quite expensive as the price for a night in this
station. hotel was twice of the average salary in the country. In Chisinau,
it was the Wine Festival, with a lot of folkloric manifestations and
With the disappearance of many stations and also after the wine tasting. I got the opportunity to have a drink with former
introduction of internet radio, it is increasing difficult to receive full President Vladimir Voronine. A quiet impressive man
data verifications. It seems that stations are less interested in On the morning, before I leave Chisinau, I was invited to the radio
reports from abroad. However in all those years I managed to get station, RMI. I was received as a personality by the Director of
a lot of interesting QSLs, about 2600 from different stations all the Radio & Television. At a meeting, I received congratulations,
over the world. Besides QSLs, reception reports were sometimes and again many gifts. After that, an interview for a programme in
also followed by phone calls with a request for an interview on the Russian language, to be broadcast on television Moldova 1.
air but also newspapers were interested in my listening Later, I spent the time with the French service team, for
adventures. interviews and visit of the building. It was interesting, because
even it was in 2007, most of the things were still of the soviet era.
DX-ing changed my life; radio is everywhere, at home but also I found a lot of radio pennants, made in the 80s, with the logo of
during travelling. the soviet radio Moldova. Such historic memorabilias.
I attended to two EDXC conferences and made several It was a very nice travel, and I remember that in Chisinau, I dont
contributions for Media Network and the Spanish Radio Enlace of find so much adults. Its the country of Grandparents and
Radio Netherlands. In the meantime I am also a country Children. Because, two thirds of the population are outside the
contributor for the World Radio TV Handbook. country mainly Russia and Western Europe, for economic
reasons. After the excellent reception, this is one of my biggest
During my travels I am always trying to visit radio stations that I memory of this trip to Moldova.
managed to hear at home. No matter what type of station, utility
or broadcast, these visits often result in many nice meetings with
the persons that work at these stations.
Nowadays, with the introduction of SDR listening possibilities
have changed a lot. Especially, recording of the total medium
wave at night and listening to the recording the next day always
gives a lot of pleasure.

It is a pity that the DSWCI has ended and I want to thank all of
the board for all these excellent years and Anker Petersen for all
his work and passion for the DX Window which is an excellent
source of DX news.
I wish you all the best and good DX in the future !
Max van Arnhem, The Netherlands

Christian in front of his house in Tende, France

Another souvenir, its the EDXC Conference in 2014. In the 80s,

I started to take part of EDXC conferences, I remember of the
one in Paris and Stockholm, where I met many friends. The
following years, I stopped to participate to these conferences,
mainly for job reasons. But in 2010, Dario Monferini, convinced
me to attend the conference in Ankara. So I went with him in
Ankara, and I enjoyed it a lot. During the conference, Tibor
Szilagyi asked me if I can think about a next conference in Nice,
DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
where I live. I have thought about this and in 2013 in Portugal I those first years of the mimeographed pages to the fine colour
have offered an invitation for the following year, 2014. During Offset that the club progressed into.
some weeks, I looked after hotels where we can be for the I shall deeply miss the SWN and DSWCI. It had become so much
conference, but in Nice, hotel rooms and conference rooms are a part of my life that its demise I can not even imagine. In
very expensive, so with Karis advices, I looked after a place in September this year, that is why I made a visit to Europe for just
the mountains. And I find a place, in Tende, where I have a one week to attend the final AGM. It was a duty to do so and a
house and where I spent most of my week-ends. It was very debt of gratitude for the long years of service to the DSWCI by
interesting to organise the conference, even its a lot of work. the BOD and for being part of my life. Through this sadness one
In September 2014, I welcome 27 people in St Dalmas de Tende, consolation comes and that is the fact that we as members and
it was an opportunity to visita, Tende, Ventimiglia, Monaco and life-long friends can still be in touch and keep the spirit of DSWCI
Nice. And I hope that everybody like this conference. and those friendships alive though the Internet. I send an open
invitation to any member of DSWCI to be my guest in Sri Lanka
Victor Goonetilike, Sri Lanka: and you wouldnt be the first.
I would be failing in my duty if I do not write my appreciation of
the DSWCI as we have the curtain call in December. I am To Anker, Kaj, Bent and all those members past and present I
member 729 and I go back to before 1975 and so the memories send my deep gratitude, its thank you but not goodbye.
are really great, touching and also affectionate. The International
nature of the club is more than obvious when you consider me a Special Radio art festival in Halle from 1. 30.10.2016
devout member in a far flung out post as Sri Lanaka (Ceylon). I "Eckhard Rscher"
was fortunate that the BOARD considered me for an honorary Unfortunately I couldnt speak about a spectacular DX-event for
membership and gave me the chance to interact with dxers all the last time. But there was a special event in city Halle during
over the world at a time when the Internet/email were not even October. There was a special radio art festival from 1.
dreamed of. I have been active in those years and done my duty 30.10.2016 organized by Radio Corax (a FM station in Halle) and
to standby the club that was closest to my radio heart. radio amateurs from Halle. The special was the prepared radio
To a great extent my development as a dxer and also projection programs on 99.3 MHz FM and 1575 kHz medium wave. The
to the international arena had much to do with DSWCI. Through program name was Radio Revolten!
SWN and the club I came to know the best of dxers and enjoy the I thought it couldnt be a problem to listen to the FM and medium
hobby no end. In those 40+ years, every month I looked forward wave programs because Halle is only 60 km far away from my
to receiving SWN and read about what was happening in the home town Dessau. At first I tried the reception on 99.3 MHz FM.
International broadcasting scene and also about fellow hobbyists. Here I could only receive Radio 1 from Brandenburg. I could do
I never felt alone in far away Sri Lanka because I could share my what I want it wasnt possible to listen to Radio Revolten on this
dx results and those of others through SWN. I also got to meet frequency. Then I tried to listen to them on 1575 kHz during the
many members from Europe who were visiting Sri Lanka and the early evening. We had October and Halle isnt far away. I was
first were Kaj Bredahl and Elisa in Colombo in 1975. My most surprised that I could only listen to RAI from Genova on 1575 kHz
memorable visit was in 1984 when I travelled down to Denmark at this time. I saw that I have no success in Dessau so I tried the
with Anker, Andy Sennit, Jens Frost, Alessandro Gropathsi and following:
Noel Green after EDXC in Stockholm. We stayed with Anker in
his home and had the most wonderful time. I shall always My wife and I went by car on highway A9 in South direction. It is
remember the warm hearted Jens Frost who was a father to me the same direction from where they transmitted. I adjusted my car
with whom I had a long personal relationship and with Andy and radio to their FM frequency. Normal I listen to Radio 1 from
WRTH..all made possible thanks to my association with DSWCI. Brandenburg on this frequency here in Dessau. Short time before
we arrived at the resting place (picnic area) closed to Kckern the
signal of Radio 1 was weaker. I drove to the resting place and
tried to listen to Radio Revolten on FM without success, because
Radio 1 was still too strong. Then I switched to the medium wave
1575 kHz and here I could listen to an English program and
indeed it was Radio Revolten. I sent my report to them and
described what I had to do to listen to them. They were fascinated
and invited me to come to the transmitter site in Halle.
Unfortunately I had not enough time to do it. They promised a
QSL. Hope I will receive it.
Now Im waiting for their QSL. The attached map shows you how
closed I live to Halle and how closed I had to go to be able to
receive a signal from Radio Revolten! Sure is it wasnt really DX,
but an enjoyable radio event!
I attach some photos of my receiver. I used the car receiver and a
Sony ICF-SW 7600G with frame antenna.

I was so fortunate to receive Anker in my home in Sri Lanka and

my family will always remember those visits. I was able to attend
the DSWCI AGM after the Rebild EDXC and further my ties in
1998. In these years I came to see what dedication and effort
Anker, Bent, Kai and so many put in to keep DSWCI one of the
best clubs ever in our hobby. SWN, Tropical Band Survey,
Clandestine Station News and the monthly DX Window are very
hard to keep coming, month after month and the quality from
DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
Michael Meyer, Denmark:
When I joined the club back in 1984, I believe I was one of the
youngest members! Bitten by the DX-bug by my teenage-style
JVC stereo set, which had two SW bands. It was a big experience
to listen to stations like Radio Kuwait, Radio Australia and even
one evening Radio Globo from Rio de Janeiro!

Very fortunate, since my dad was airline captain for SAS, he was
flying Singapore and could buy for me the brand new Sony ICF-
2001D, which was a dream radio for me with digital frequency
readout and synchronous detection! I was in heaven and spend
many nights chasing Latin American stations. With a homemade
antenna under the roof made by an ordinary wire cable, I one
night logged Radio Quillabamba in Peru on 5025 kHz, which
were only running on 500 watt! They conformed my report with a
letter in Spanish I had to have my gymnasiums Spanish teacher
to translate, and also send me a pennant. Back in the 80's and as
a teenager, it was very exciting to receive all these letters and
postcards from very remote parts of the world!

But what happened was I sold the Sony after two years, finished A short review of the Icom IC-7300 from a swl's perspective!
gymnasium and started military service. Some years later, I had
moved to Copenhagen to study biology. Had a short attempt to I don't have a HAM license, so why buy a HAM transceiver? Well,
start dx-ing again by buying a Yaesu FRG-7. Unfortunately, I did I wanted a modern, advanced general receiver and for some
not get the manual and really had difficulties in operating the old reasons, I don't really fancy the computer-connected SDRs,
radio! It was a big downstep for me to go from direct frequency despite many having excellent reviews and probably good
entrance to fiddling with pre-selectors and Wadley loop tuning! usability when receiving shortwave radio. Maybe I'm just to
Sold it same year and completely forgot everything about conservative, so I started looking around for a new, stand-alone
shortwave dx-ing for the next decades! But then it changed...... sw receiver, and ended up buying the IC-7300 from a UK retailer,
favoured by the low exchange rate of the British Pound. It is now
In 2010 I moved away from an apartment building into a row connected to a Wellbrook ALA-1530LN active antenna. Other
house, and suddenly I was back in business, setting up a good, receivers in my "shack" is a Yaesu FRG-100, a Sony ICF-2001D
outdoor antenna in the garden. I had some years ago bought a and a Tecsun pl-880. It does not come with a power adapter, in
Sony ICF-SW7600GR to use a bedside and travel radio but not my case I just run it from a car battery.
really been dx-ing. But that now changed. Got a Yaesu FRG-100 So how is the IC-7300 to operate? Well, first of all, one really
and now a Icom IC-7300, and got married and moved to a "real" need to read the manual a few times and keep it close at hand
house. the first few months! Since it is a transceiver, many of its knobs
and buttoms are only relevant for transmitting. It also means it
It is still possible to get QSL-cards, but within the past few years, only have the amateur bands pre-programmed, not the broadcast
things have changed to the worse - I rarely get any replies and bands. Another disappointing drawback is, despite its rather hefty
since the price for a stamp outside Denmark have gone up to 25 price around 1000 GBP, there is neither synchronous detection
DKR (3 EUR), I have ceased to send any letters outside nor DRM reception. But again, its a transceiver, and most swl-
Denmark! Most likely, PostDanmark will close down many years receivers have those two omitments as well....... The ICOM IC-
before the last shortwave station! 7300 is a so-called direct sampling receiver, which means the
antenna signal after some bandpass filter goes directly into digital
When I re-joined the club a few years ago, it was a little out of sampling, processing and detection, and first becomes analog
curiosity, since most of my resources for shortwave listening were again when turned into audio.
easy accessed from internet. Websites like www.short- and and a few more provided But then comes all the good stuff! The display is a touch screen,
all necessary news for me. And here comes some critics from and very delightful in daily use, making changing of bandwith,
me, regarding my good old DSWCI: The club have been more or modulation, tuning speed and frequency input very convenient.
less static for 30 years! Like it have not been able or had wishes And the spectrum scope feature is very, very useful when
to deal with the changes in our hobby. I know we are challenged bandscanning. Since it's span can be extended up to 1000 kHz,
on the fact that shortwave broadcasting from the big, national one can easily overlook most of a given meter band! For me, I
powerhouses have been in decrease for decades. But it's like it keep its span to 200 kHz, to make it most readable. I have not
wanted to keep everything as it was, which is obviously tried the scanning function, since the spectrum scope is enough

I love shortwave listening, combined with gathering information

on the internet about stations, their programs, our hobby in
general. It's like a international friend, thats always here
(almost!). But we all have a challenge in todays society where
everything is about Facebook and selfies.

So let me send my thanks to the hard-working members of the

board as well as active members. I'm sure dx'ing will continue as
a hobby for many people worldwide. A niche-hobby maybe, but
who cares as long as we enjoy ourselves doing it!

DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
for me to overlook neighboring frequencies. much surprised and assisted his antenna setting. Then I found
Bandwidth is truly customizable, but pre-programmed for three every serious DXer setting up his own antenna at the site.
defult settings for each modulation mode (AM, SSB, CW and
RTTY) From the three user programmable defaults, it can be The most impressive activity relating to the club is Radio St.
changed between 0,4 kHz to 10 kHz and two rotating knobs Helena revival project led by Mr. Robert Kipp, a DSWCI member.
adjust twin passband tuning to eliminate interference. And a small The island is very remote from my country (Japan), and very
graphic shows how much the passband is offset from the center exotic. Once a year transmission seemed extremely challenging
frequency. Direct frequency entry is done on the screen ( in MHz, and so many radio listeners in Japan participated in the project to
takes a little time to get familiar with!), and when using the tuning revive the radio station by donating hardware and money. The
knob, fast tuning can be set to step with either 1, 5, 9 or 10 kHz - revived transmissions were well received in Japan and all
convenient when scanning short- and mediumwave bands. And participants of the project were very much satisfied.
since it has 99 memory channel with alpha-numeric tagging, I
have set up a memory channel for each broadcast meterband, to
compensate for the missing pre-programmed ditto!
Other features are adjustable AGC - pre programmed as well as
adjustable (I'm just using the pre programmed), Auto notch, pre-
amplifiers combined with an attenuator to adjust incoming signal
strength, and now a very cool feature: A 14-level digital noise
reduction, that works in the RF stages! Mine is mostly set to level
3 or 4, which reduces static and to some extent light interference,
without altering the audio quality of the received signal - music
still sounds good! But then comes a not so satisfactory function:
The noise blanker is not very efficient on pulse noise, like from
the neighbors electric fence. It reduces a little but does not
eliminate the pulses.
It is more sensitive than my Yaesu FRG-100, except on long- and
mediumwave, where the Yaesu shines more. But on shortwave, if
I tune a weak station on the Icom, then switches antenna to the
Yaesu FRG-100, station often disappears. And despite fitting the
Yaesu with better filters, if a strong station like BBC is on 6005 Finally I would like to express my warmest appreciation to Anker
kHz and a weak station is on 6000 kHz, on the Icom, I can almost and his staff for their dedicated efforts to establish the DSWCI as
eliminate BBC and get a audible signal on 6000 kHz, still in AM one of the most known and reliable radio hobby organizations. I
mode. I have tried ECSS a few times. It works fine, but audio gets really miss the club, but I am hoping to meet nice people
a little hull since SSB bandwith can only be 3,6 kHz as maximum. acquainted through the club at future gatherings in Europe, such
How is the final output - the audio? Well, it's internal speaker is as annual EDXC Conference.
insufficient to enjoy good audio, but it works. Recently, I bought a
used JRC NVA-88 speaker, and it's a keeper so far. An external Patrick Cody, Ireland:
speaker is a must for most of the radios, I've tried. Audio is more While it is very sad to see the closure of the club the DSWCI
clean and sharp from the Icom, compared to the Yaesu and the should be very proud of the achievements of the club. The club
Sony. And a software control in the Icom can alter bass and has been the best source for the most up-to-date information on
treble a little, but not really much. Taste is different, I do like the shortwave radio on a world-wide basis over many years.
Icoms audio, but at times I also enjoy the analog Yaesu audio. Congratulations to everyone in the club for their hard work and
Audio can be recorded on a SD card. Unfortunately, it is not enthusiasm.
possible to program the timer to switch on and start recording.
One have to get up and do it manually. To bad...... I attach herewith an article on some favorite QSLs. I was only
There are some good reviews with audio samples on the able to fit those from Europe and Africa on the one page. Please
excellent blog, : feel free to edit as necessary and I can understand if you cannot
review-of-the-icom-ic-7300-direct-rf-sampling-transceiver/ and include the article as it may be too long. If I were to include those
here on from Asia and America I could fill a complete bulletin!.

All in all: To me this is close to be a dream-machine in shortwave Kind regards to all in the DSWCI,
listening! But certainly not a cheap one!
Unfortunately I could not use your file, because it was a Excel file
Toshimichi Ohtake, Kamakura, Japan. Patrick. Sorry ed.)
The Editorial of WRTH 2016 edition stated, Under the expert
guidance of Mr. Anker Petersen the DSWCI has so many years Wolf Harrant, Curator, Documentary Archives Radio
been providing an excellent forum for many DXers, and Communication (DokuFunk) writes: There are DX Clubs, and
invaluable information on Domestic SW broadcasting. This is a there are institutions. DSWCI is an institution. Thanks to your
good description about the club and I realize that the DSWCI has cooperation we file a complete set of your bulletin and
been providing vital information to the world radio listeners who publications in our Archive. It is amazing to see how you followed
have been getting so much benefit from the information. - and mirror - the rise and shine of international short
wave radio, and lately it's deplorable descent, too.
In addition to the source of radio information, I love a family-like It must have been a very difficult decision for your board to reap
atmosphere of the club. Every time I joined the club activities, I the sails, but probably it was an inevitable and thus a wise one.
met so many friendly members and enjoyed warm welcome and
conversation. My first participation of the Club AGM was in 2002 We at DokuFunk salute and thank you for a great work done for
and Anker gave me a long ride from Copenhagen to the West so many years. And even with DSWCI gone we will not cease to
coast of the Country where the AGM was held. As soon as we listen in to the amazing word of international broadcasting.
arrived, Anker started to put up a long-wire antenna going up- Farewell, DSWCI
and-down a hill. As I assumed the Chairman, a VIP, would sit and
wait to have an antenna being set up by somebody-else, I was so
DSWCI Short Wave News December 2016
Digital Reprint on DVD

Shortwave News on DVD

Digital Reprint of all Editions ever published
from 1957-2015

The Danish Short Wave Club International (DSWCI) was founded in 1957 and is one of the most traditional and by far
the most international club for radio enthusiasts worldwide. Since January 1957 the club publishes the regular magazine
Shortwave News which for decades now is a unique source of information due to a most international network of corre-
spondents and monitors worldwide.
From 1957 to 2000 Shortwave News was published on a monthly basis, and af-
ter that every sixth week. In 1957 and 1958 the magazine was published in Danish
and from 1957 to 1969 two different editions were distributed: Shortwave News in
English and Kortblge Nyt in Danish. Since January 1970 the magazine is exclusi-
vely in English language.
The DSWCI decided on its last Annual General Meeting in 2015 to close the club
at the end of 2016. But it was agreed that everything ever published from the DSWCI
should also be available for future generations of radio enthusiasts: A unique blend
of accurate news, reports and background information which was only possible with
the great support of countless people during the past almost six decades.
During the last years we got access to every edition of Shortwave News and
Kortblge Nyt ever published. The magazines were scanned, digitized and proces-
sed with an OCR software. The work is finished and therefore we now can offer a
DVD with almost 60 years of radio-history and club-history of the DSWCI.
DSWCI and ADDX in Germany offer this DVD to anyone interested:

Price: 49 Euro! incl. shipment worldwide via Airmail,

Orders: Orders should be made by sending the money in cash via

registered mail to:

Scharsbergweg 14
D-41189 Mnchengladbach

Alternative: Orders via E-Mail to and transfer of

the money to our ADDX-Bank Account IBAN: DE25 3007 0024 0868
6800 00, BIC: DEUT DE DB DUE. Payment via Paypal is possible on
request. Please write to for details.

The DVD will be shipped after the money has been received on our
Bank Account.
Kalundborg R., 243, f/d pers lr for E-RR, 9d RK

R. Free Gambia, 15465, f/d cd via WRMI, ($), 178d PR
R. Maria France, 1467, E-cd, v/s G. Bernardini, 2d AFL

Atlantic 2000 Int, 6070, E-cd for E-RR, 11d CG
Atlantic 2000 Int, 6070, cd for E-RR, 3w AFL
Atlantic 2000 Int, 6070, f/d E-cd for E-RR, 14d JW
Authentic Rock R., 6070, f/d cd for E-RR, 12d PR
Bible Voice via Nauen, 5945, f/d cd for E-RR, 9d GJ
Das Medienmagazin, 6070, cd for E-RR, 4d CG
Abbreviations, frequently used in this column: Das Medienmagazin DX News, 6070, E-cdfor E-RR, 3w AFL
ac=audio clip; addr=address; cal=calendar; d=day/s; DP07Seefunk, 9560, f/d cd, 35d GLN
dir=director; E=E-mail; EV = e-mail verie; f/d=full detailed; Deutscher Wetterdienst, 5905, f/d cd for E-RR, f/up, 3d DN
f/up= follow-up report; gen=general; hrd=heard; Energy Sachsen, 98.2, f/d cd, (ms), 6d ER
Int=international; IRC= International Reply Coupon; Europa 24, 6150, f/d cd, lr for E-RR, 72d DN
kHz=kilohertz; KW= kilowatt/s; lr=letter; LV=La Voz/La Everything R., 6070, n/d EV for E-RR, 10min PR
Voix; m=month/s; MHz= megahertz; ms=mint stamps; n/ Flying Rock Circus, 6070, f/d EV for E-RR, 26d ASC
d=non detailed; p/d=partly detailed; pers=personal; Grooveline, 6070, f/d cd, business cd for E-RR, 26d ER
PPC=prepared postcard; pg= program guide; pt=pennant; Hit AM, 6045, f/d E-cd for E-RR, 2d JW
R.=radio; rf=report form; rp=return postage; RR=reception Hit AM, 6045, f/d cd for E-RR, 8d ER
report; SAE=self addressed envelope; SASE=self addressed Hit AM, 6045, f/d E-cd for E-RR, 4d PR
and stamped envelope; sce=service; sched=schedule; sec= Hit AM, 6070, f/d E-cd for E-RR, 3d PR
secretary; st=sticker; v/s=verification signer; vc=view-card; Hit AM R., 6045, cd for E-RR, 11d CG
VO=Voice of; w=week/s; W=watt/s; y=year/s; $=US-dollar.


R. Tirana, 7465, f/d cd, 70d ER
R. Tirana, 7475, f/d cd for E-RR, 27d GJ
TWR, 1395, f/d E-cd, v/s K. Dobos, 10d GLN

FM 4, 97.4, f/d cd, 30d PR
Radio DARC, 6070, f/d cd, lr, (ms), 3d DN
Hobart R. Int, 7310, f/D E-cd, v/s R. Wise, 10d GLN
Bulgaria IBC Radio, 6070, f/d E-cd for E-RR, 30d ASC
BNR Horizont, 576, f/d E-cd for E-RR, 2d ER Ichtys R., 3995, f/d cd for E-RR, 4d ER
BNR R. Horizont, 576, f/d E-cd for E-RR, 2d JW Medienmagazin, 6070, f/d cd for E-RR, 2d JW
Overcomer Ministry, 11810/12075, PPCs, v/s R. G. Stair Medienmagazin, 6070, f/d cd for E-RR, 2d ER
(SASEs), 36-42d GJ Medienmagazin PMA Bonn, 6070, f/d cd for E-RR, 15d PR
R. Varna, 9300, f/d E-cd, E-lr, v/S M. Pelovska, f/up 1d GLN Missionswerk Heukelbach, 3995, f/d E-cd, 99d VK
Radio ohne Namen, 6070, f/d E-cd for E-RR, 0d ER
Croatia Radio ohne Namen, 6070, p/d E-cd for E-RR, 1d ASC
*HRT R. Pula, 101.3, EV, PPC, bag, v/s V. Ivetic, 2 / 4w NR R. Chemnitz, 95.8, f/d cd for E-RR, 11d ASC
*HRT R. Rijeka, 104.7, PPC, st, pen, 3w NR R. Dresden, 91.1, f/d cd for E-RR, 11d ASC
Czech Republic
esk Impuls, 981, f/d E-cd for E-RR, 9d PR
esk rozhlas Plze, 103.4, f/d cd, 10d ER

R. Erzgebirge, 107.2, f/d cd, lanyard keychain, (ms) 22d ER

R. Klein Paris, 6070, f/d E-certificate for E-RR, 1d ASC
R. Mi Amigo, 3985, cd, 8d CG
R. Mi Amigo, 6005, cd, st for E-RR, 8d AFL
R. Mi Amigo, 6070, f/d cd for E-RR, 6d DN
R. Mi Amigo UK, 6070, f/d cd for E-RR, 55d ER
R. Pushka, 6070, cd for E-RR, 3w AFL

DSWCI - Short Wave News - December 2016
R. Pushka, 6070, f/d cd for E-RR, 9d PR R. Payam e-Doost, 7480, f/d E-cd, 2d GLN
R. Revolten, 1575, EV for E-RR, v/s B. Kukielka, 1d NR R. Sedaye Bahar, 7495, f/d E-cd for E-RR, 4d GJ
R. Slovakia Int, 7310, f/d cd for E-RR, 69d SPL R. Vesti FM, 1413, f/d E-cd, 1d GLN
R. Sylvia, 6070, E-cd for E-RR, 19d AFL TWR Europe, 1548, f/d E-cd, v/s K. Dobos, after f/up 3d GLN
R. Sylvia, 6070, cd, (SASE), 14d SPL TWR Romania, 1548, EV + E-cd for web-RR + E-RR,
R. Sylvia, 6070, f/d E-cd, for E-RR, v/s M. Andrsen, 10d ASC v/s K. Dobos, 4d/2w AFL
SM Radio Int, 6070, f/d E-cd for E-RR, 10d ER
Vogtland R, 95.4, f/d cd, pers lr, (ms), 10d ER Monaco
Vogtland R., 95.4, f/d cd, st, info for E-RR, 29d ASC R. Maria France, 1467, E-cd for E-RR, 1d CG

Greece Norway
ERT Komotini, 1404, f/d E-cd, E-lr, 15d GLN Northern Star, 5895, f/d E-cd, E-lr, v/s S. Martinsen, 20d GLN

Hungary Netherlands
Gyor, 1350, cd, v/s K. Suveges, after f/up 30d GLN Atlantis R., 1395, EV, cd for web-RR, v/s M. Joustra,
Solt, 540, cd, v/s K. Suveges, after f/up 30d GLN 1d / 3m NR
*Falcon R. Maastricht, 94.3, lr, PPC, info, st, v/s R.-Y.
Iceland Franssen, 8w NR
Rkistvarpi, 207, f/d lr, ($), 82d HD *Lokale Omroep Stein, 96.2, PPC, v/s H. Lardinois, 6m NR
*Radio SLAM!, 220.352 ch 11 C, PPC, v/s Joost, 8w NR
Ireland R. Babylona, 747, E-cd, E-photos, E-info, 1d MVA
St Gabriels Church Clontarf, 27751, n/d cd, PPC, 1018d PR R. Seagull, 747, E-cd, 1d MVA
Seabreeze AM, 1395, p/d cd for E-RR, 4d PR
Italy *Studio 040 Eindhoven, 106.6, lr, st, v/s M. Bosgra, 10w NR
Free R. AMM, 1476, p/d EV for E-RR, 7d PR
IBC, 6970, f/d cd for E-RR, 65d SPL Romania
IBC voa R. Studio X, 1584, f/d E-cd for E-RR, 23d PR R. Trgu Mures, 1593, f/d cd, lr, st, photos, f/up 420d GLN

*R. Triglav, 96.0, PPC, 2w NR

Key Channel R., 6920, f/d E-cd, E-lr, E-photos, 1d ASC

R. Sala, 6060, f/d cd for E-RR, 3d SPL
SDXF transmission, 9405, f/d cd for E-RR, 71d DN

*Country R. Switzerland, 202.928 ch 9 A, folder, PPC, st,
v/s D. + B. Bolli, 1w NR
*Frquence Banane, 199.360 ch 8 C, PPC, v/s Ainnaa, 2m NR

Marconi R. Int, 7700, E-cd for E-RR, 34d CG

Regional R., 1602, n/d EV for E-RR, 2d PR
R. Europe, 6875, E-cd for E-RR, 2d CG
R. Latino, 7565, E-cd for E-RR, 11d CG

R. Baltic Waves Int, 1386, f/d E-cd, 20min GLN

Denge Kurdistan, 9400, f/d E-cd, 3d GLN *GDS.FM Zrich, 202.928 ch 9 A, lr, PPC, st, 3w NR
R. Moldova, 1494, n/d EV for E-RR, 61d PR * Lausanne, 199.360 ch 8 C, lr, PPC, st, info,

DSWCI - Short Wave News - December 2016
pers cd, map, v/s D. Badan, 6w NR
*R. Melody, 204.640 ch 9 B, PPC, 2w NR
*R. Phare FM Romandie.199.360 ch 8 C, lr, PPC, info, disc,
v/s E. Ziehli, 3w NR

R. Khvylia, 1377, p/d EV for E-rr, 2h PR

United Kingdom
Swansea Sound, 1170, f/d pers E-lr, v/s M. Foorwood, 5h GLN

Vatican City State Taiwan

Vatican R., 11625, f/d cd, sched, 66d KD R. Taiwan Int, 11665, cd for E-RR, 74d CG

Tajikistan R., 7245, E-cd, E-lr, 2d GLN

Canary Islands
*R. Europa FM, 98.7, EV, v/s C. Sana Gonzales, after
E-f/up 1d NR

ERTU, 819, n/d EV for E-RR, 4d PR

Madagascar World Voice, 17640, f/d cd for E-RR, 36d SPL
Madagascar World Voice, 9570, cd for E-RR, 3w NR Thailand
R. Thailand, 9535, f/d cd for E-RR, 14d HD
Puntland R., 13800, n/d EV for E-RR, 1min ASC
Puntland R., 13800, n/d EV for E-RR, 2min JW
Puntland R., 13800, n/d EV for E-RR, 5min HD
Puntland R., 13800, n/d EV for E-RR, 371d PR

Golden 80s Rewind, 6145, n/d lr for E-RR, 8d PR
R. Free Asia, 9940, f/d cd for E-RR, 7d GJ
R. Mi Amigo, 6120, f/d cd, (2 $), 6d ER
R. Mi Amigo, 6120, f/d cd, st for E-RR, 5d JW
R. Prag, 11845, f/d cd, beer mat for E-RR, 35d ER
R. Prag, 11845, f/d cd, info, balloon for E-RR, 16d JW United Arab Emirates
R. Prag relay, 11845, f/d cd, 11d PR Gaweylon Tibetan R., 15215, f/d cd, pers lr, v/s A. R. Alfred
R. Prague, 9885, f/d cd, info pen for web-RR, 16d AP 15d GLN
R. Prague, 11845, cd for E-RR, 6d CG TWR Africa, 17680, E-cd, E-lr, v/s L. Stavropoulos, 2d GLN
SM Radio Int, 11845, f/d E-cd for E-RR, 20d ER
TWR, 1377, E-cd, 3d GLN

CRI Jinhua, 9765, f/d E-cd for E-RR, 116d GJ
CRI Kashi, 11610, f/d E-cd for E-RR, 2d GJ Australia
Reach Beyond, 15590, f/d E-cd for E-RR, 2d GJ
IRIB, 7235/7415/9660/ f/d cds for E-RRs, 55-80d GJ Guam
KTWR, 12120, f/d cd, (SASE), 17d SPL
Korea, North JSWC, 15530, cd, (IRC), 24d SPL
VO Korea, 6170, f/d cd, 182d GJ
New Zealand
Kuwait R. New Zealand, 11725, f/d E-cd for E-RR, 8d KD
R. Free Asia, 13820, f/d cd for web-RR, 10d JW
Northern Mariana Islands
Malaysia, Western RFA Tinian, 7465, cd for E-RR, 10d CG
RTM, 9835, f/d cd, v/s S. Binti Abu Bakar, f/up 2y GLN
Wai FM, 11665, f/d cd for E-RR, 23d PR

FEBC, 9345, f/d cd, (IRC), 49d SPL USA
Blues R. Int, 5985, cd via WRMI, 615d SPL

DSWCI - Short Wave News - December 2016
Ecos del Torbes program via WRMI, 15770, f/d E-cd, 6d RK Juan de Nova
Frecuencia al Da, 5985, f/d cd for E-RR, 120d ER FT4JA, 21300, f/d cd, 7m NR
R. Japan, 5985, f/d cd, pg for web-RR, 86d ER
R. Miami Int, 9955, f/d cd, 65d KD Ukraine
WRNO, 7505, f/d cd, (SASE), 41d GJ *NDB GR Krasnohrad, 778, pers lr, 246d VK
*NDB KB Kyiv Boryspil, 825, pers lr, 246d VK
*NDB KE Kyiv Boryspil, 825, pers lr, 246d VK
*NDB SW Shepetivka, 830, pers lr, 246d VK

United Kingdom
Cuba *NDB BIA Bournemouth, 339, PPC, after f/up 37d VK
R. Habana Cuba, 6060, f/d cd, sched, cal for E-RR, 395d ER *NDB KMB Kemble, 349, PPC, after f/up 57d VK

Guatemala Contributors to this QSL-corner

R. Verdad, 4055, f/d cd, lr, info, ??d GLN AFL Arturo Fernndez Llorella, Spain
AP Anker Petersen, Denmark
Mexico ASC Andreas Schmid, Germany
XECTA La Radio de Morelos, 1390, f/d lr, 196d MVA CG Christian Ghibaudo, France
DN Dirk Nehring, Germany
ER Eckhard Rscher, Germany
GJ Gnter Jacob, Germany
GLN Gian Luigi Naj, Italy
HD Harald Denzel, Germany
Brazil JW Jrgen Waga, Germany
R. Brasil Central, 11815, f/d cd, (2$), 427d HD KD Kyriakos Dritsas, Greece
RTM, 11735, f/d cd, cal for E-RR, 118d DN MVA Max van Arnhem, The Netherlands
NR Norbert Reiner, Germany
Colombia PR Patrick Robic, Austria
La Voz de tu Conciencia, 6010, f/d cd, st, 88d KD RCM Rafael Carlos Martnez, Spain
RK Robert Kipp, Germany
SPL Simon-Peter Liehr, Germany
UNOFFICIAL RADIO VK Vashek Korinek, South Africa
In this issue contributions from 18 members from 09 coun-
BZN Radio, 6295, f/d E-cd for E-RR, 0d ER
Cupid R., 6265, E-cd for E-RR, 4w AFL
Many thanks for your cooperation! Several members have
Eighties R., 6040, f/d E-cd for E-RR, 6d ER
heard the stations in various places. I marked them with as-
Halloween R., 3935.6, f/d E-cd for E-RR, 14d PR
terisk *.
Marconi R. Int, 7700, f/d E-cd, E-info, E-lr for E-RR, 49d ER
This is after 19 years with 92 editions my last QSL-corner.
NMD Radio, 6300, f/d E-cd for E-RR, 1d ER
Id like to thank all participants who helped over the years to
Pirate Beacon Common & Precious, 6398.5, f/d cd for E-RR
create this column.
120d PR
Pirate Beacon RPI R. Pirana, 6355, f/s E-cd for E-RR, 1d PR
Merry Christmas and a Happy New
R. Alice, 3905, E-cd, MP3 Jingle for E-RR + ac, 4d RCM
R. Paradise, 1440, E-cd for E-RR, v/s Manuel, 3d NR
*R. Pioneer, 6295, f/d E-cd, 104d VK
RocknRoll R., 6210, E-cd for E-RR + ac, 5d RCM

My special QSL
R. Itahuka, 17870, f/d E-cd via Media Broadcast, 3d VK When I listened to Puntland Radio, I received a short n/d
email from the director of the station for my reception report,
sent by email. After several mails, explaining, what a real
QSL is, Jamal Arab accepted my prepared PPC-QSL, signed
and sealed it and returned as PDF file.

USCG OPBAT Nassau, 10242, n/D EV for E-RR, 30min PR

CHU, 7850, f/d cd for E-RR +ac, 8d SPL

Czech Republic
*NDB L Namestnad Oslavou, 262, scanned PPC, 298d VK
*NDB XU Namestnad Oslavou, 563, scanned PPC, 298d VK

Gladiator-NATO Napoli, 18726, n/d EV for E-RR, 7h PR

DSWCI - Short Wave News - December 2016