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Trump signs $700 billion military

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SEASIDE Breaks Ground on a

New Post Office Plaza.Page 5


ADULT XMAS FUN!.... Page 10

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Page 2 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Thursday, December 14, 2017
The Editors Editorial
Let me tell ya. Views expressed in The EMERALD STAR NEWS do not necessarily reflect those of the
The Wolfes Den publisher. The staff of The EMERALD STAR NEWS pride ourselves in our efforts to
ensure accuracy of the publication contents. However, there is no guarantee of the accuracy of
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all! all the Information nor the absence of errors and omissions (especially when sent through a third
Normally most folks this time of year reflect upon the year as party); therefore, no responsibility can or will be assumed. 2500 copies printed bi-weekly.
it has past. Think of things that took place this yr. in your life.
Sometimes, it is so enjoyable to watch old video films of
Christmass gone by. Many black and white photos, back when Polaroid came out with the Quote of Publisher / Editor Frank Wolfe Jr.
color film to blow on to see the picture. Remember those? the week :
Unfortunately, not all about Christmas is happy times. Some folks become traumatic from
past experiences of those who have passed on before us. Sometimes extreme depression Grinch lives here
(850) 585-0262
sets in for many of us, due to the lack of companions or friends, family.
Memories that seem the best are the ones, where you think of the days of being a child
in Walton County
too! Dont allow
E-mail info. to:
anticipating seeing Santa Claus. Getting a new Bike. Can you even remember those days? yourself to
It appears that this country is mixed up on expressing feelings of glad tidings and joy become another
towards each other. Trying to be politically correct to strangers, makes people not say victim to crimes. Main Office/Sales - 850-585-0262
much to anyone. Why? People who are afraid of confrontation for they may wish someone Be vigilante. Be Contributing Editor - Ret. Col. Mark Barren
well, but they turn out to be Muslim or something? We need humanity to work together. smart, safe and Resource Director Bethany Phillips
We all know this world needs Gods guidance. When I say to work together. I mean think watch out for Sales & Delivery Carol-The Southern Praline
towards the bigger picture of the future. What is your purpose of LIFE? others. Columnist Pamela Bond
Just as you do your home or yard, you have ideas to make this wonderful display and then Take down a Web Designer Lee Cox
the weather kills off those expensive plants. So then you have to change to adapt to foliage crook or thief, Health Post Dr. George Roll PPA
that this area can handle. People from other parts of the country moving here, is similar in become a hero Healthmark Post-Ron Kelley
how we feel accepted or Not. Being an outsider makes it hard to find good honest people among citizens
to become friends. What evil lurks hidden in this paradise? like you who
The people most friendly here are visitors! How long can the stigma of lower Alabama truly do care. Special Thanks to our advertisers,
continue here in Walton County? That is up to you the people who elect the same old show your support to small businesses.
people for so many years that they seem to lose a sense of a realistic tomorrow and every-
thing being well organized. To be proud of where you live is a dream in itself. Color online:
How many of you remember the old Mayor of Freeport, Mickey talked about how he did
Not want to see Palm Trees around here, for they are Not native here? I dont know about
you, but I picture Palm Trees when anyone mentions Florida. Sure there are some folks Mail invoices and other information to:
who think the long leaf pines are plenty. But trust me. With our area changing closer to
accommodating tourists, you better have island type plants and vacation beauty to make
them not drive far beyond here to enjoy the scenery. Agree?
P.O. Box 1133
This season try something different. Make it a new tradition for your kids and family to
carry on for years. Families live so far apart that those big family dinners are Not the Big Freeport, Florida 32439
Deal as it once was. If you have younger kids around that is the joy for them. As we get
older we tend to lose that excitement about sharing times with good people.
As you all have been reading, this year has been one of the most difficult for me to bear This newspaper is your voice to the county and all city or state employees, or
with. My family has been through more than anyone should have ever experienced in their whomever it may concern. Have something to say? Good or bad. Lets hear?
lifetime. I will seek retribution, whether it be thru prosecutions or lawsuits for damages Did you ever want to be a writer? Have an investigative mind?
and stolen property, I will NOT stop until I see that Justice does what is right. Heres your chance to be recognized. Or you can help anonymously, like most.
I have been told by numerous Lawyers, Senators, Governor and also the FBI has backed Send any and all inquiries to the address listed below.
up my claims, to me having been restricted of my Constitutional rights, Civil rights and We have made numerous contacts in Walton Co. now offering
treatment of my Mental Disorder by the Law enforcement here in Walton County. our FREEPORT NEWSPAPER, The Emerald Star News.
It is a Federal Offense to stalk, harass or antagonize anyone under US Veteran under any The paper is FREE, thanks to each Advertiser in each Edition. Tell them!!
form of mental diagnosis. That is now why the FBI has handled this case for no matter the
outcome from this upcoming hearing Dec.19th. There will be enforcement present in court Advertising does NOT mean that people will be lining up to come see you the
to hear testimony from those individuals (who are now in possession of stolen property) next day. Unless you are offering something special or unique that folks feel
illegally removed from 49 Waterside Ln. in Freeport. The shear number of calls thus far a need to have. They do NOT know what you offer, if you dont advertise!
have made a solid foundation for future suits. Thanks to you all who have come forward
with detailed information. Keep calling as you see them shift things around to hide it.
The reward of $5000 still remains up for anyone, to produce the location (of said
goods) written about in this Newspaper over the past 5 months. It is a shame that the
detectives here in Walton did NOT follow up on the leads, as they first came in back in
June, they would have reclaimed my belongings by searching. There are currently so many
people involved, that it is amusing to me to see most of them around town. (Even the
thieves who need to evict from MY home)! You are the ones who jumped to ignore a
Judges Order and take it upon yourself to have enemy neighbors take the engines and
other valuables from my property as the Judge has already noted.
Dont do the Crime or plan on doing TIME!
False accusations will also be dealt with, as more information has come through with the
FBI, as well as our Newspaper. This is just the beginning for this County to be investigated
You talk about Headlines? Just wait.
I suppose Ill just repeat as the Judge stated, if it bothers you to read what is in this
Newspaper, DONT PICK IT UP! Maybe it bothers you, because it is the truth, you know
you are guilty of what we know you have done thus far.
Until next time. Enjoy the season as it is upon us. Help others in their time of need. That is We will make space for you to .
exactly what this Newspaper is designed to do. To give you a voice for those in positions Advertise with us!
to hear you. Not everyone can afford an Attorney. The power of the people is one this Call Frank today. 585-0262
County and State will adhere to. Write in, that you can make our place free from dirtbags thank you for reading and caring.
Thursday, December 14, 2017 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Page 3

Amended Complaint Removes

Argument of Wrongdoing by Crazy Carls LLC. On Hwy 83N
Walton County Commissioners
DeFuniak Springs, Florida
On December 1st, 2017, the Historic Inlet Beach
Neighborhood Association filed an amended Call: 850-951-2525
petition for writ of certiorari in a case that was
originally filed on November 8, 2017.
The Historic Inlet Beach Neighborhood
Association initially argued that two Walton
County Commissioners had not disclosed ex
parte communications regarding the October 5,
2017 hearing of the Summerhouse Bed &
Sarah Sanders: Breakfast project. The amended petition for writ
**** 20 years same Location *****
of certiorari removes any argument regarding the
'Laughable' for Obama ex parte communications forms.
to Try to Take Credit for In the initial case filing, Jennifer A Sullivan, Golf cart repair and conversions
Economy attorney for the petitioner, argued that both
District 2 Commissioner and then Chair Cecilia
White House Press Secretary Sarah Jones and District 5 Commissioner Tony Service sales Parts
Sanders said it's "laughable" that Anderson had failed to disclose their ex parte
former President Barack Obama is communications regarding the project.
all models, fast affordable repair
trying to take credit for the booming Since the filing of the case, it has been found
economy. that both Commissioners Jones and Anderson
During a speech at the North did in fact file all the correct paperwork with the fleet service
American Climate Summit in Walton County Clerk of Courts at the
Chicago on Tuesday, Obama said, appropriate time, which was at the hearing, said ***pick up and delivery
we saw the U.S. economy grow Walton County Administrator Larry Jones. It is
consistently after he focused on our understanding, based on the request made to
clean energy and carbon pollution the Clerks office, the attachments regarding ex OPEN: Mon Fri 9-5 Sat 9-Noon.
regulations. We saw the longest parte communication were specifically requested
streak of job creation in American for three commissioners, but not for
history by far, Obama said. A Commissioners Jones and Anderson.
streak that still continues, by the Following the initial filing for the case by the Trump signs $700 billion military budget
way. Thanks, Obama. petitioner, Walton County provided
"I think it's laughable that President
Obama thinks he has anything to do
information to the attorney for the petitioner that into law
the filing was incorrect and that the
with the success of where the required documentation did in fact exist and was President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed into law a sweeping defense policy bill
economy is right now," Sanders said provided to the Clerk of Courts at the that authorizes a $700 billion budget for the military, including additional spending
on "Watters' World." Jesse Watters appropriate time. on missile defense programs to counter North Korea's growing nuclear weapons
noted that 228,000 jobs were added All ex parte communications and their threat. But there's a catch. The $700 billion budget won't become reality until
in November and unemployment is attachments were provided to the petitioner, lawmakers agree to roll back a 2011 law that set strict limits on federal spending,
at a 17-year low. "This is all a direct which the County believes led to the filing of the including by the Defense Department -- and they haven't yet. The law caps 2018
result not just of President Trump's amended petition for writ of certiorari. defense spending at $549 billion. Temporary government funding is set to run out on
swearing-in, but from the minute he The receiving and filling of public records Dec. 22, the deadline for lawmakers to send the White House a broader government
was elected, consumer confidence requests are done on a daily basis by the funding bill or risk a partial government shutdown. The 2018 defense bill allots
got stronger, businesses wanted to County. We provide all documents that are about $634 billion for core Pentagon operations and nearly $66 billion for wartime
participate in our economy again, available that meet the request. From time to missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and elsewhere. The funding boost pays for more
because they have confidence in this time, we will receive requests that do not ask for troops, jet fighters, ships and other weapons needed to halt an erosion of the
president," Sanders said. the information that a person believes they are military's combat readiness, according to the bill's backers. It also grants troops a 2.4
She added that Trump has also asking for, said Walton County Public Informa- percent pay raise, slightly higher than what the Pentagon sought. Trump's 2018
gotten rid of regulations, which has tion Manager Louis Svehla. We believe that request sought $603 billion for basic functions and $65 billion for overseas missions.
allowed for more job creation and this is what occurred in this case. The County The defense legislation includes $12.3 billion for the Pentagon's Missile Defense
economic growth. "There's a reason provides all the documents that meet the request Agency and orders a more rapid buildup of the nation's missile defense capabilities.
that it continues to go up, and it that is made, and are confident that the Clerks
started when President Trump was
elected and when he got into office,"
office does the same.
Magnolia Tribe Chiropractic
Sanders said. "It had nothing to do
with President Obama, and I think 17287 US Hwy. 331 Morgan Lightsey-Santos, DC
everybody knows it, including Freeport, Florida 32439 Chiropractic / Owner
President Obama. And I think it's
pretty laughable that he's trying to
take credit for it."
With Obama being a Shadow presi- # 850-312-9573
dent is only out to cause headaches Thanks for picking this up to read..
for Trump. Trump is Not concerned Our Advertisers are very special to us,
with Obama clonies, for he knows Maybe youre a visitor. Mark us as a news feed
which way this nation needs to go to to Freeport , ck the web thru us, THE Emerald Mission: Helping people become the Best version of themselves.
become Great Again! Star so we can become known for all it can do Ribbon Cutting DEC. 14th, from 4-7pm
for you, no matter who- YOU are! God Bless
Page 4 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Thursday, December 14, 2017

Enough with the Victimhood: THE SHEPHERD'S VOICE

Millionaire Athletes and Their Pamela Bonds
Lost Cause by Sylvia Thompson
Christmas was
Hwy 331 S, next to Cypress Cattle & Produce I must admit I have never in my life
special to my
purchased a ticket to a sports event. I am not
mother, and so
850-583-4BBQ (4227) We also Cater! a sports enthusiast. But I am an American
Christmas is special
black citizen, and I have had it up to the gills
Trailermade Gulf Coast Q / Home of the Slab Wrap to me. Mom went all
Like us on Facebook with black people who embrace victimhood.
out buying gifts,
I also highly resent my being expected to do
planning dinner, and
Open Tuesday thru Saturday, 11am to 6 pm the same in order to affirm my "blackness."
decorating. This was
Black victims these days, for the most part,
Along Hwy. 331 S. just past Hwy20 on RH side important to her
are the product of decades of Black Ameri-
FREEPORTs Best Pork Sandwich, take some to the beach! because she was
cans being used primarily by white
from a poor sharecropper family.
progressive leftists to advance an anti-
One year she bought an artificial, silver,
American agenda. The current brouhaha
Christmas tree with all blue bulbs. She
surrounding the despicable behavior of NFL
set up a multicolor turn wheel, and the
athletes toward the National Anthem and the
color wheel made the tree very beautiful
American flag is a prime example of what
at night.
the Left has done to my race.
Matthew 1:21-23 And she shall bring
One must assume these players and their
forth a son, and thou shalt call his name
guilt-conflicted white coaches and owners
JESUS: for he shall save his people
(and victimhood-inflicted black coaches) are
from their sins.
SRB HOLIDAY Lights being manipulated by the Left, because no
intelligent, thinking people would
Now all this was done that it might be
fulfilled which was spoken of the LORD
deliberately cut themselves off at the knees.
by the prophet saying,
Essentially, what these young misguided
114 McDowell St.- Santa Rosa Beach mostly black men are doing is ensuring the
Behold a virgin shall be with child and
shall bring forth a son, and they shall call
Stop BY and listen to the Xmas Music & Lights demise of their lucrative paychecks. Further,
his name Emmanuel, which being
I would wager that if these teams consisted
interpreted is, God with us.
of all white athletes, none of this idiocy
Mary, a fourteen year old virgin was
Follow us on Facebook @ SRBHolidayLights would be allowed. We are witnessing this
travesty because the vast majority of players
selected by God to carry his son. Joseph
was much older than Mary.
are black and can whine "oppression" if
In one of Beth Moore's Bible studies, it
appropriate action is taken against them for
We have the lowest rates in the county. We cover from 30A all the way thru all was pointed out that God took the seed
their unconscionable behavior.
over FREEPORT up to DeFuniak Springs along Hwy.90 and up to Hwy. 83 to the of Abraham and supernaturally formed a
The twisted reasoning that claims these pro-
jail too! Being that we are every other week it does become hard to find. Come to zygote. Then in God's continued power,
tests are to highlight "injustice" and "police
FREEPORT City Hall, all Libraries in the county and all businesses in FREEPORT he placed the zygote in Mary's womb
brutality" is a laughable crock. What they
with supernatural characteristics.
do in fact is dishonor valued symbols of
We are of the seed of Abraham. In God's
this nation's heritage and cover over truth
power, God chose to enter the world
about black crime. Black males bear the
through Abraham's seed. God became
brunt of police encounters because black
flesh and lived on earth.
males commit disproportionately more
God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy
crimes. Police encounters with black men
Spirit are one. They always were.
are so often confrontational because so
Jesus speaks the Word continually. He
many of these men, especially the young,
holds the earth together by the power of
don't think "compliance" applies to them.
his Word.
They foolishly assume they are above the
John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word,
law and disrespect for police officers is an
and the Word was with God, and the
act of honor. These young blacks, sadly,
Word was with God, and the Word was
took much of their direction from racists
Obama and Eric Holder during Obama's
John 1:14 And the Word was made
destructive, eight-year regime and Holder's
flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we
corruption of the Justice Department. These
beheld his glory, the glory as is the only
two men, abusing their federal powers,
begotten of the Father,) full of grace and
gave young blacks the impression they
need not heed the law, because laws are
The virgin birth and the resurrection set
somehow unjust when they are applied to
Christianity apart from all other
black Americans. The NFL lot, and any
other athletes taking a similar stance, are
I urge you to read the Christmas story
also influenced by Obama's and Holder's
again. Until we meet again enjoy your
disdain for law and law enforcement. I am
not familiar with one case where a black
suspect to a crime was not proven legally to
have caused the behavior against him,
particularly in cases where the police officer
involved was exonerated by facts. Michael
Brown of "hands up, don't shoot" infamy is
one good example. ..Cont on Page 6
Thursday, December 14, 2017 The Emerald Star News, Inc. Page 5
Business Ads as
low as $25,
850-585-0262 The FREEPORT POST
Chemical-FREE Living with SEASIDE Breaks Ground on a
The Mayors Post
Doctor Leesa New Post Office Plaza Russ Barley-Freeport Mayor

The All Natural Pharmacist 1st Step in the Overall Development Plan for the Please send any and all comments to
Krier Tower The
495 Grand Blvd. Miramar Beach
Golden Almond-Fort Walton Beach Seaside is excited to announce the beginning of a new
The Mayor was unable to post this time. We
EMAIL for Appointments or call 850-733-7017 Post Office Plaza. It is part of the vision of Seaside will look forward to all the goings on around
founders, Robert and Daryl Davis. The plaza is the Freeport. Several businesses have signed the
DOTERRA ESSENTIAL oils first project leading to the future construction of the
Krier Tower, said George Calvi, Seaside Director of
Development, and should take about six months to GREEN NOSED RAINDEER?
complete. Rudolph the snot nosed reindeer had a terribly
Thank YOU FREEPORT! Located at the southern end of Seaside Avenue, the bad cold
plaza will house the Seaside Post Office as well as His rosy red nose had turned green one
seven new public restrooms and additional bike park- hundred and one multifold
ing. Unique in design, there will be four vernacular Then one morn', sweet Santa said to him,
bathrooms contrasted by three infill platonic shaped 'Rudolf with your nose green, you'd better stay
SKIPPERS FURNITURE structures a play between the classical and roman-
tic, said architect and urbanist Dhiru Thadani. The
Leaving a trail of green snotty slime
FREEPORT three pristine objects are handicap accessible rest-
rooms. The plaza is planted with 22 stunning Medjool
Rudolf the reindeer shuffled back to his pine
While he was dreaming of strange green bells
NOW OPEN: Mon-Sat. from 10am-6pm palm trees the same height as the ones around the Sea- Suddenly he was awakened by Santa yelling
side Amphitheater. There will be additional head-in 'Hell'
auto-parking in the front and rear with short-term re- Gratefully leaving his green bell choir
Furniture & Mattresses served parking for Post Office customers. What he discovered was Santa's house afire
The Krier Tower, an architectural landmark designed Quickly he ran into the house
Brand Names *Ashley *Klaussner by renowned architect and urban designer Lon Krier, All grey with smoke just like a mouse
*Sealy *CatNapper *Tempurpedic is one of several planned projects that shape Seasides All was dark and confusion and terror
What was needed was a courageous
long-term vision. As an admirer of Leon Krier said
Seaside cofounder Robert Davis, it has long been my torchbearer
dream to bring to fruition the Krier Tower planned for And finally his nose, no longer a misfit
Seasides town center, as well as creating a worthy Shining and green as an emergency exit
Twin Sets from $99 civic space for the Post Office. As outlined in Tha- Everyone escaped out into the cold
danis book, Visions of Seaside, the idea for the Tower And this was how green turned to the value of
Queen Sets from $199 was included in the original plans for Seaside. The gold!
Post Office Plaza is the first phase in the realization of
that dream.
Sofas starting at $399 Seasides urban spaces and civic buildings have pro-
5pc. Dinettes starting at $399 vided gathering places that draw people to our com-
munity to learn, create and experience small town
urbanity as well as life at the beach, said Robert
Davis. The Post Office Plaza will enhance the experi-

ence of visitors and residents by creating a pedestrian
park on one of the three axes leading from Seasides
Central Square. And, by freeing up space for the
Mention this Krier Tower, the long-term vision for Seasides down-
Advertisement town will take one more step toward realization.

& receive 10% OFF of

Furniture Only Stop-IN Emerald Coast flowers & gifts
& The prissy hen

137 Hwy 20 West Freeport

"check out our weekly Cash & Carry specials!

Store hours are Mon-Fri 10-5 and Sat 10-2.

FREEPORT Presbyterian CHURCH, located on Hwy 20. Next to Franks Cash & Owners Russ Barley and Tim Ard, invite everyone to stop on in!
Carry. We are extending an open invitation to come to our quaint little church to give
thanks and praise to God. Small town feel and childrens services also available too.
Sundays at 9am Bible study.10am church service. Come meet Pastor Gene.
850-835-5200 or 850-267-2616
Page 6 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Thursday, December 14, 2017

Youve tried the REST, NOW CALL THE

BEST! Solid 30+ exp.. Solid Crew, Reliable


How about $5000.00
Do you have an investigative mind? An Oregon man walking in the
Find, locate items or persons of woods made a startling discovery
interest. LIVE ACTION ! when he stumbled upon a Porsche
that had been reported stolen an
49 Waterside Ln. Freeport astounding 27 years ago!
Public is requested to The Jackson County Sheriff's Dept. Cont from Page 4 Blatant lies were spread to cloud the truth about Brown's case.
call in upon any house- shared a photo of the remarkable find, Back in the day when I was growing up in the racially segregated South, the opposite
hold items, furniture, which was overturned on the side of prevailed in many cases. There was much injustice particularly toward black men, but not
tools, 2-360 engines an embankment beside a road. today. Today, too many blacks have been fed the notion that it is now "pay-back" time, and
+327/350 turbo trans in Amazingly, authorities say that the car they can flaunt their lawlessness because some whites flaunted theirs during an earlier time in
a primer 1952 Chevy? appears to have been there for quite a our nation's history. Although Obama and Holder no longer wield power in this country, some
18596 Hwy. 331 while, but managed to go unseen by of their minions continue on the pernicious path of "paying back" American whites for wrongs,
FREEPORT, was the the passing cars above due to the steep real or imagined. But as the saying goes, there is a new Sheriff in town and he is not
last person(s) identified as to having angle of the cliff. guilt-conflicted. He expects fair play under law and tolerating pay-back is not part of his
possession of the stolen property. Although agenda. Black Americans, when they break the law, can no longer claim victim status simply
(Dated 9/10/17). finally found because they are black. Those days are over.
Contact FBI Mattox #850-383-4800, after being American laws and law enforcement personnel will be respected in America, again; our
there is a $5000 REWARD for reported traditions and values will not be impugned in America without consequences, again. Anybody
information leading to the details of stolen back in unsettled about this turn of events is welcome to leave this country. I suggest all the black
Grand Theft, to make arrest/convict. 1991, the players try a country in Africa, and see how successful they will be at making millions playing
**People are talking, ACT FAST!. pilfered games. They will all soon learn what oppression really means. Some self-directed, independent
This is a warning to anyone who Porsche still -thinking blacks (and there are many of us) have offered that if these millionaire protestors
knows information about this. presents a number of unanswered want to tackle some real problems, they might consider the thousands of black children killed
IF YOU KNOW-MAKE SOME $$$ questions, such as how long it has in abortions annually (by the progressive Left), or perhaps the many, many young blacks
Lt. Thomas Nathan/US Marshall been in the woods and how police plan murdered routinely on inner-city streets by other young blacks (in cities run by progressive,
Contact information is requested to to remove it from such a precarious leftist Democrats), or the downright criminal state of education of black inner-city children,
ESNews 850-585-0262. position. orchestrated by the progressive leftist National Education Association (NEA). The NEA's aim
Thank you all, who still watch out. Should they successfully extract the is to produce unintelligent pawns to feed the cause of progressivism.
(Cash paid upon Conviction). stolen car, one hopes that the former I am annoyed by the expressions of "sincerity" gracing the faces of the NFL protestorsas if
Tax FREE CASH. owner of the car will get it back, since to convey the "hallowedness" of their cause. In actuality, they provide a picture of grown men
We have 5 depositions on file thus it might be a collector's item after 27 allowing themselves to be made fools of by the progressive Left. I don't doubt, however, that
far from witnesses who know. years, provided it can be refurbished. some of these men have been coerced into compliance with this lost cause, either through
threats of violence or shunning (from coaches and players). Alejandro Villanueva of the
Pittsburgh Steelers and former Army ranger is very likely a victim of such threats. He was
Have you ever been to EDs Tasty Freeze in DeFuniak? publicly castigated by his leftist coach for his patriotism. The coach demanded unity behind an
ignorant cause.
You must try one of the Best Burgers around. And finally, this issue has nothing to do with First Amendment rights. President Trump's
The menu of items vary so much and it all speaking out against the clownish behavior of the athletes, on behalf of the majority of
tastes so great. Come taste for yourself! American citizens, does not mean he can or would stop any of these misguided people from
making fools of themselves. To restrict them, as a government entity, would indeed be a
violation of the First Amendment. But their employers, if they were to develop even a
(From Combo meals to Dinner Menu) modicum of testicular fortitude, could and should fire them for doing major damage to the
Located at 1324 US Hwy. 90 West in DeFuniak Springs bottom line of the business. The rest of us non-millionaire "Joes" would certainly be
pink-slipped by an employer if we dared to be so clueless about the necessity of profits and so
Call 850-892-5839 or 850-892-7963 disdainful of the sensibilities of customers.
I will wait patiently for the true sports enthusiasts to vent their rage by simply boycotting the
games. It will be sweet revenge to witness the slain goose cease producing its golden eggs.
The Emerald Star News is out front too!
Thursday, December 14, 2017 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Page 7

Happenings in DeFuniak Springs

Healthmark Health Matters Healthy holiday gatherings

Christmas is a time when people like to gather together and celebrate the season. Family and friends get
together and there are lots of office parties. Usually food and drink are found in abundance and whether
someone is hosting or just attending, there are some common sense rules that should not be forgotten.
With large varieties of food being served and left out for hours at the time, food contamination is the big-
gest culprit. Fortunately, most cases of food poisoning can be prevented with proper food handling. To prac-
tice food safety, quickly refrigerate perishable foods, such as meat, poultry, fish, dairy and eggs - do not let
them sit more than two hours at typical room temperature or more than one hour at temperatures above 90 F
(32 C). Put out smaller amounts at a time and kept the rest refrigerated. Platters can be replenished easier
than dealing with sick guests.
Be careful not to cook food too far in advance of the event. Food can be kept for three to four days in the
refrigerator but should be eaten within that time. After that, the risk of food poisoning increases. Since bac-
teria usually does not change the taste or smell of food, it is hard to tell whether a food is dangerous to eat.
The best rule of thumb is - if in doubt, throw it out.
Uncooked foods, such as cold salads or sandwiches, should also be eaten or refrigerated promptly. The
goal is to minimize the time a food is in the "danger zone" - between 40 and 140 F (4 and 60 C) - when bac-
teria can quickly multiply.
Reheat pre-cooked food on the stove, in the oven or in the microwave until the internal temperature
reaches 165 F (74 C). Slow cookers and chafing dishes aren't recommended for reheating food because they
do not get hot enough to kill bacteria.
When preparing food, keep raw meat, poultry, fish and shellfish away from other foods. This prevents cross-contamination. Cook foods to a safe temperature. Prepare
ground beef to 160 F (71.1 C); steaks, roasts and chops, such as lamb, pork and veal, to at least 145 F (62.8 C). Cook chicken and turkey to 165 F (73.9 C). Make sure fish
and shellfish are cooked thoroughly.
Refrigerate foods promptly - within two hours of preparing them. If the room temperature is above 90 F (32.2 C), refrigerate perishable foods within one hour. Do not thaw
food at room temperature. The safest way to thaw food is to defrost it in the refrigerator.
Food poisoning symptoms, which can start within hours of eating contaminated food, often include nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. Most often, food poisoning is mild and
resolves without treatment. However, sometimes people need to go to the hospital and they will not thank you for this later.
To help prevent food poisoning, always wash your hands well with warm, soapy water before and after handling or preparing food. Use hot, soapy water to wash utensils,
cutting boards and other surfaces. Antibacterial soaps are no more effective at killing germs than regular soap. Using antibacterial soap might even lead to the development
of bacteria that are resistant to the product's antimicrobial agents - making it harder to kill these germs in the future.
Christmas holiday gatherings should always be a time of good cheer and following
these simple rules will make sure your holiday gathering is memorable for the right
reasons. Food poisoning is the gift no one wants for Christmas.

Eden Gardens State Park annual Christmas Candlelight Open

House will be held Saturday, December 16th from 5:00 to 8:00 pm.

The public is invited to

enjoy the traditional
luminary walk to the
beautifully decorated rooms
of the Wesley House. Each
room has been decorated by
numerous individuals and
civic organizations who
lovingly decorate their
room with a particular
theme. The public is asked to
vote for their favorite room.

Admission fees are waived

for the evening and the Friends of Eden will be providing refreshments in the
Pavilion. Donations to the Friends of Eden, a Citizen Support Organization, are
always welcome and greatly appreciated.
Eden Gardens State Park, 181 Eden Garden Road, is located in historic
Pt. Washington, off of highway 98 East and CR 395 North.
This annual event is hosted by the Friends of Eden and the Florida Park Service.


DEC. 16 5 TO 8 PM.
Page 8 The EMERALD STAR Inc. Thursday, December 14, 2017
Thursday, December 14, 2017 The EMERALD STAR Inc. Page 9
Letter to the:

To the editor:
I am sending you this email regarding a
Marx Coastal Optical
news release about the Mormon Church IN FREEPORT 25% OFF frames!
that was recently published. I believe you
will find the article a human interest story
that would have broad based appeal among Alaqua Animal Refuge (HWY 20, across from Franks Cash & Carry)
your readers. It's totally legit and accurate,
Pet of the Week Guya Accepting: VSP, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Davis Vision,
no fake news. If interested you can Aveis, Eye Med (we accept most all insurances).
download a copy of the lawsuit filed in
Federal Court in Tampa, FL. Below see
link to article and court filing. Oh sweet Guya, this gorgeous eight year old Give the GIFT of SEEING BETTER this Holiday,
What is very interesting about this law suit Doberman Pinscher is as sweet as she is beau- gift cards available at our office.
is that it was filed against the Mormon tiful. Guya loves her walks and giving kisses to
Church claiming they were infringing the all of the staff and volunteers. She is quickly We can use your old frames and make new lensesOr take
Copyrights of the Alexander Scourby becoming a favorite around here. We're sure your old lenses and place in new frames. Sunglasses too.
narration of the King James Bible, to you'll fall in love with her too! Custom Lenses of any style, made on Location!
which Litchfield Associates owns
the copyright. They paid a huge amount of Set your appt. for EYE EXAMS available on Wednesdays with Dr. Evans
Guyas adoption fee is
money to settle this out of court, so you
$150 which includes
can draw you own conclusions about their
culpably. her spay, microchip Same Day Service -in most cases
and current vaccines.
Below is a link to the Church's copyright
If you are interested in & great quality customer service!!
page with a title of "Thalt Shall Not Steal"
and it says this in part: her, please fill out an
"The eighth commandment prohibits theft
in all of its forms. The Lords law of love
application online
at http://
271 Hwy. 20 Suite C Office# 850-880-6778
teaches us the commandments positive
side: Respect the rights and property and OPEN: Mon Fri 9-5...Wed 8-5
adopt/apply/. Then come to meet her!
needs of others".
I think as you read this right now, you are
finding this quite amusing, while at the Alaqua Animal Refuge
same time bewildering. I'm sure you can
see why your readers may also find this Coraline
dichotomy, of this present day "Bible
Story", very a compelling and interesting Sweet Coraline is a four year old Chihuahua.
read. Coraline came to the refuge pregnant and
All the best, Rob Reece had her beautiful litter soon after. All of her puppies have found their forever homes and
813-220-9516 Coraline is ready for hers once she is medi-
Copy of news wire article cally cleared. Coraline is a unique lady with a
Mormon Church Pays Substantial personality to match.
Damages to Settle Copyright Infringement
Coralines adoption
article/415852281/mormon-church-pays- fee is $150 which
substantial-damages-to-settle-copyright- includes her spay,
infringement-lawsuit microchip and cur-
rent vaccines. If you
Dear Editor, are interested in
We appreciate you bringing your her, please fill out
FREEPORT Newspaper to Eglin AFB. an application
Many of us look for housing in the area
online at http://
around here. Many of us enjoy reading
online too.
Keep telling it like it is. That is what adopt/apply/. Then
America needs more of. Honest reporting. come to meet her!
TSGT. Runyan
Dear Editor,
It is hard to believe what you been writing
in your editorial. However, it is very eye
opening to a system that many folks never
see. Cant count on the Cops to help?
To witness the woman in court, mention
your newspaper was a joke, she looked like Do you have a business?
a fool. Hopefully the Judge will see the Lowest Ad Rates in Walton
games they have played on the Courts and county! Jump on board now!
they should be punished for removing or
letting anyone else remove your property.
Wed like to see you advertise
Especially a Judges order? Stephanie B. with us! Call 850-585-0262
Page 10 The EMERALD STAR Inc. Thursday , December 14, 2017


George Roll P.A.-C Boost, But Dangers The Walton County Board of County 12/22/17
Commissioners proposes to adopt the
Seagrove Medical Clinic
Call # 850-231-6200
Remain following by ordinance:
Walk-ins and Appt.s
Paul Austin believes there is a responsi- APPLICATIONS
Send health questions or ble way to take LSD, and he makes his AN ORDINANCE OF THE
comments to: P.O.Box 1133
living telling people how. BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSION-
Freeport, Florida 32439 You are hereby notified that the Walton
The founder of a company called The ERS OF WALTON COUNTY, FLORIDA
County Tourist Development Council is
Third Wave isnt advocating that people take enough of the ESTABLISHING HOURS AND DAYS
now accepting applications for the follow-
drug to go on psychedelic trips popular in the '60s. Instead, his company OF OPERATION FOR AIRBOATS IN
ing volunteer advisory committees:
promotes a trend thats gaining popularity among the Silicon Valley set: WALTON COUNTY; PROVIDING FOR
microdosing. Microdosing LSD involves taking small doses of the drug -- also PURPOSE, LEGISLATIVE FINDINGS,
known as lysergic acid diethylamide or acid -- on a regular schedule. AUTHORITY, SEVERABILITY, IN- Beach Management Committee
Proponents say it boosts creativity, productivity, and overall emotional and CLUSION IN THE CODE, AND AN EF- Destination Improvement Commit-
psychological well-being without the trip. Its attracting attention for its use in FECTIVE DATE. tee
places like California's Silicon Valley as way to boost work performance. You are hereby notified that a Public Marketing and Communications
I was more in touch with my senses of touch and smell. I went to dinner with Hearing on the ordinance will be held on Committee
friends, and it was a bit easier to connect and talk with them, says Austin, 27. January 9, 2018, beginning at 4:00 p.m.,
or as soon as possible to that time, at the Events, Activities, Arts and Culture
"I did a little bit of work, and it was easier to eliminate social distractions, stay
South Walton County Courthouse Annex Committee
off social media, and dial into my work. But some skeptical doctors say there is
located at 31 Coastal Centre Blvd., Santa The application deadline has been ex-
no published research yet on the effects of microdosing. Law enforcement offi-
Rosa Beach, Florida. tended to Friday, December 22, 2017.
cials also make clear that possession of LSD -- for any reason -- remains a crime.
Its hard to identify the size of the microdosing movement, but more than 23,000 Please be governed accordingly.
people are part of a Reddit community on the subject. A how-to video posted to Advisory committees assist the TDC with
YouTube in September 2015 has more than 700,000 views. Austin, who lives in tourist development and creative initia-
Brooklyn, NY, offers an online course about microdosing, has done about 60 ADULT XMAS FUN! tives. Committee member terms are 2
consulting calls on the subject, and created an online community of about 350 AJs Grayton Beach, Dec 15th, 9 PM years. Applications and a Members Code
people involved in the movement. The interest in microdosing comes at a time Break out the hideous Christmas sweaters of Conduct can be found at
when researchers are studying hallucinogenic drugs like LSD for a variety of and put on your party pants, AJs at Grayton
conditions, including anxiety and depression. But the practice of microdosing Beach is hosting their Ugly Christmas
has many skeptics -- especially in the medical and scientific community. "There Sweater party featuring live music, drink Public Notice
is absolutely no credible research on microdosing as of today," says David. E. specials, $250 in cash and prizes and more!
Nichols, an adjunct professor of chemical biology and medicinal chemistry at the The Grayt Santa Pub Crawl- Grayton You are hereby notified that the Walton
University of North Carolina. LSD was created in a lab in the 1930s. It wasnt Beach, Dec 16th, 3 PM Benefitting the County Administration will hold a Walton
until the 1960s that it became widely used as a hallucinogen, when psychologist American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, United Broadband Meeting on Wed.
Timothy Leary encouraged young people to turn on, tune in, and drop out. The Whole Life Fitness is sponsoring the Grayt December 20th. 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
counterculture of the decade spread its use, and it remained popular on college Santa Pub Crawl in Grayton Beach. Put Walton County Administration
campuses, at raves, and at festivals into the 21st century. LSD use can lead to together your best holiday themed costume 76 N. 6th Street, DeFuniak Springs, FL
long-lasting psychoses like schizophrenia or severe depression, and the DEA and crawl your way around The Red Bar, The purpose of this meeting is to discuss
warns of an overdose risk that can lead to more intense trip Craft Bar 30A, AJs @ Grayton and the broadband feasibility study and current
episodes and possible death. Unlike Marijuana, there is the Hurricane Oyster Bar. Your ticket includes: projects.
possibility of overdose as with any drug. Legal or Illegal. Food, Drink and Shot Specials, shuttle rides Please be advised that two or more
to each stop, keepsake photos, costume con- Walton County Commissioners may
tests with prizes and live music at each stop. attend this meeting.
Happy Holidays from all of us at L.Cs Pizza Wristbands can be purchased for $70 online Please be governed accordingly.
& Subs in FREEPORT. Small Business City. or $75 at the event.
Check-in will be at Hurricane Oyster Bar.
Emerald Coast Theatre Company: Improv Uncensored- Grand Boulevard, Dec 15th &
22nd, 9 PM Much like the show Whose Line is it Anyway? in this show no topic is off
limits. Patrons are invited to arrive early to allow time to peruse the local artists gallery
located in the ECTC Lobby. Tickets are $10 and may be purchased online or at the door.
Holiday Champagne Tasting NEAT Tasting Room, Dec 28th, 5-7 PM
Get bubbly with some bubbly at the NEAT Holiday Champagne tasting featuring live
music, champagne offerings and Henrys Pizza Truck (not included). Tasting cost is $35
per person, advance reservation not required. Salute 2017- Fonville Press, Alys Beach,
11-2 PM Indulge in some afternoon treats while participating in this Alys Beach New
Years Tradition featuring Chris Alvarado. Leisurely enjoy light refreshments, cocktails
and music while gearing up to say goodbye to another year. The Red Bars New Years
Eve Bash- The Red Bar, Grayton Beach, 5-Midnight / Ring in the New Year at the local
favorite, Red Bar featuring the Red Bar Jazz Band followed by a DJ pumping out dance
hits to take you into 2018. From 5-9 guests can enjoy regular menu pricing and seating,
but from 9 until midnight you enjoy a 4 course set menu with party favors and
complimentary champagne! Reserve your seat now! Caf Thirty-A New Years Dinner-
Caf Thirty-A, Seagrove, 6 PM -12:30 AM /Ring the new year in with a delectable
three-course meal ranging from Oeufs Au Caviar to Filet Mignon and Pan Roasted Veal
Buy any Sub, get equal Sub 1/2 off Chop at Caf Thirty-A. Reservations accepted from 6-10:30, call to reserve at 850-231-
Hamburger Combo...Only $6.99 2166. Toast the New Year with Surfing Deer- Surfing Deer, Seagrove, 6-10 PM Join the
fine folks at Surfing Deer in Seagrove for the New Years Dinner Celebration. The $130
16 1 Topping Pizza for ONLY $10 seat cost includes a delightful five-course meal created by Executive Chef Gregg Smith.
Thursday, December 14, 2017 The EMERALD STAR Inc. Page 11
AD Only
We see you! $10 per issue List your FOR SALE ITEMS only
Do folks see you? Mail or E-mail
Classifieds $10.mail info. to
P.O. Box 1133 Freeport 32439
Advertising space is available Are you in FREEPORT?
within this newspaper! 585-0262 For Sale Visit the BIOPHILIA CENTER
looking for local conversation and an this year. A very Special place in
ICE Cold BEER? Stop on IN 5x 17 Trailer, 4 high wooden rail FREEPORT off Hwy. 20E
Artists Announced for Underwater Museum of Art
Pool tournaments on Thursday sides, metal drop down rear. Solid. East of Hwy. 331. 2 miles down
The Cultural Arts Alliance (CAA) of Walton County,
WED. Wii-Bowling tournaments $850.OBO Call Carol 850-307-7016
in partnership with the South Walton Artificial Reef
Association has announced the artists whose proposed The LUCKY STAR BAR We want businesses to Advertise
sculptures have been selected for the Underwater with us. We are going to places that
Museum of Art (UMA) project:
Karaoke weekends @ 9pm Handymen no other paper goes. Let us help
Just North of the Anchor Fountain you, as you help us. 850.585.0262
Kevin Reillys sculpture is titled JYCs Dream
Justin Gaffreys sculpture is titled Self Portrait
past Freeport Caf, turn right. Available
Vince Tatums sculpture is titled SWARA Skull :Wanted= to help folks Solid Waste Recycle Trailer
Evelyn Tickles sculpture is titled Concrete Rope Are you up in DeFuniak Springs? Placed at Legion Park in
Reef Spheres
Looking for a great BBQ dinner/date get things fixed around the Miramar Beach
place? Adult Beverages, Beer, Wine. house. From repairs to new builds, Following the removal of the
Rachel Herrings sculpture is titled They Grayt
Pineapple Stop in @ 4C BBQ make us a list! Free estimates. recycle trailer that was located at
Marek Anthonys sculpture is titled Propeller in Big screen TV& several other TVs Licensed, Bonded and Insured the SWFD at 217 South Geronimo
Motion Karaoke most every Sat. Jeremy @ 850.428.1785/ 585-0262 Street, the County has placed a
Allison Wickeys sculpture is titled Anamorphous Feel like shooting some Darts? recycling trailer at Legion Park.
Octopus 2person, 4person team leagues too. Legion Park is located at 119 Crest
Five of the seven artists whose proposals were Tell Robin you saw this AD!!
I OFFER to you! Place, Miramar Beach.
(The reader) to become a part of this
selected for this first installation are local to the This new placement provides new
newspapers history, as we grow with
Emerald Coast. For artist info and a full description of **Check both Bar websites for opportunity for residents of
FREEPORT and the surrounding
each sculpture, visit: https:// Specials upcoming Parties and such Miramar Beach to have access to a
areas into the future. Send in your during the Holidays! Hurry up!! recycling trailer in their area.
comments anytime! E-mail to:
museum-of-art 4C BBQ located in behind If you should have any questions,
Artist renderings of the winning proposals can also be Walgreens (past Wal-Mart) on right please contact Solid Waste
viewed and downloaded here: https:// Great Music / Great Food Manager, Billy McKee, at
HERE....IN FREEPORT FLA. 4C BBQ Caters Too! 850-892-8180.
*** The only versatile newspaper
The artists selected will each receive a $2,000 stipend
that offers both sides of discussion.
to create their sculpture, and $500 to use to ship the
Let the people in charge = read your NOTICE of PUBLIC
finished sculpture.
The UMA is the first of its kind in the USA.
opinions or comments. WORKSHOPS
Support FREEPORTs They work with your tax dollars!
The museum is part of the CAAs In Public Spaces ONLY NEWSPAPER
program and will reflect the mission of the South You are hereby notified that the
Let us get your name out Walton County Public Works
Walton Artificial Reef Association to enhance the No need for PC here. Live!
ecological, creative, cultural, economic and Department will hold Public
educational opportunities for guests and locals alike. How long does it take for people to understand that this future progress starts Workshops on Thursday, Jan.11,
The UMA project will begin with the deployment of 7 with discussions and meetings throughout the County? 2018 and Thursday, Jan.18, 2018
sculptures acting as artificial reefs to provide anchor If you sit idle and watch those special interest persons looking out to make 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
money on any deals made in the County, you cannot complain if you dont Freeport City Hall
points for marine life to inhabit. The pieces are
care about what is taking place here in Walton County. 112 Highway 20 West, Freeport,
scheduled to be shipped at the beginning of February
when they will each be fitted with a custom concrete Take notes, talk to friends who live here too. If you dont have the will to
The purpose of these workshops
and limestone base. The sculptures are expected to be write in to us, how can those in Charge making changes know that you may are to discuss the Bay Grove Park
in place for the Summer 2018 season. The sculptures not want it to become like it may.
Do your homework. Study the ordinances so that when you do call the Law Conceptual Plans.
will rest in about 50 to 60-feet of water on a one-acre All residents are encouraged to
enforcement, they dont act like you are foolish and not knowing.
patch of seabed 0.71 miles off of Grayton Beach State attend.
Park that has been dedicated to the CAA for the What does it matter to you, the reader? Please be advised that two or more
purpose of the underwater sculpture exhibit. As you know we use the Advertising dollars to pay for the Walton County Commissioners
PRINTING of this (Free to you) FREEPORT Newspaper. may attend this meeting.
**We do accept donations as well. Checks or CC welcome Please be governed accordingly.
Voice of the People!
We are expanding coverage area as well as raising the # Bells will be ringing in a NEW
of copies per month. ***New owner has BIG PLANS!!!
YEAR 2018 is coming soon!
Get your Advertising needs filled
WALTON COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT here, lowest pricing in the county.

December 19th End of 2nd Nine Weeks

End of 1st Semester
Dec. 20th-Jan. 1st

Christmas & New Years Holiday

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