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Graduate Prospectus


Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this prospectus is correct at the time of printing. The COMSATS Institute of
Information Technology however, reserves the right to make changes wherever necessary. In the event inconsistency between the
information contained in the prospectus and the institute’s regulations or programs, or where an interpretation of the prospectus is
required, the decision of the Institute shall be final. The prospectus does not form any part of a contract between any personal and the



business, banking and other professions of their

Welcome by the Rector CIIT is committed to continuously strive for
academic excellence and maintaining a high
The Graduate Prospectus of the COMSATS Institute of standard of teaching and research. I am sure
Information Technology is in your hands. We hope it you will have an exciting and successful time
will outline the unique and distinctive features that studying here at CIIT.
CIIT offers to its graduate students as a Centre of
Excellence and institution of higher learning. Dr. S. M. Junaid Zaidi, S.I.
Our aim is to provide you state of the art knowledge,
develop your skills and create in you an enthusiasm
that will allow you to meet the challenges that lie
ahead, and enable you to effectively contribute
towards progress and future development of our
country in particular and the world in general.

CIIT is a leading research based institution, admired
nationally for its teaching standards and internationally
for its research output. It is being consistently rated
among the top universities of Pakistan. We have a
unique breadth of subjects available in the five
faculties: Science, Engineering, Business
Administration, Information Science & Technology and
Architecture & Design. CIIT holds an elite position, in
terms of the students we work with, and the
environment we provide.

CIIT is proud of its uncompromisingly high standards
that are the threshold to professional life and personal
development of over 15000 students. Our students are
serious and dedicated. This helps us ensure a mature
and focused atmosphere, where committed students
are eager to learn and to contribute.

We offer you a rare amalgamation of theory and
practical knowledge in emerging technologies in a way
that provides impetus to technical excellence,
originality and a broad vision sharpened by
transferable skills such as team work, communication
and leadership for your future career.

We achieve this through our qualified faculty, which is
drawn largely from the academia as well as industry to
ensure that links with the academia and commercial
worlds are maintained and that students work on real
world problems. This provides an excellent basis for
career progression of our students. CIIT graduates
have a very high success rate in securing jobs in


engineering. computer labs and most importantly a culture of research and higher learning through the commitment of the faculty and motivation of the students. Saleem Asghar. As Pakistan premier advancement of intellectual. the graduate program has come a long way to Dr. 3 faculty. S.D.I. I am confident that you will have a factor. The over-selves to the cause of education and higher graduate program at CIIT is thus focused to achieve the learning for our country and the generations yet highest standards in terms of quality research. human resource development and transfer of wonderful learning and living experience at CIIT. technological and Science & technology Institute. We can reputation for delivering academic and research take this nation to the highest glory through the excellence within a supportive learning environment. Graduate Studies Research We all know that in this competitive and fast The universities and the centers of higher learning are developing world no other resource is as established to generate knowledge. create knowledge valuable as human resource for the and disseminate knowledge. You can have an interaction with international institutions (numbering 39) having research linkages and collaborations with CIIT and its 3 . Here we have built a broad academic community of researcher’s scholars who are ready to support and mentor you during the most inspiring tenure of your academic life. CIIT has been ranked at # 07 by HEC on the basis of cumulative impact factor. A number of foreign faculty members are contributing to strengthen the graduate program at CIIT. digital library.D. in over 120 universities of Pakistan. CIIT has earned a great economical development of a country. out of which 135 have joined to expand and diversify research base of CIIT. There are number of research centers Welcome by the Dean fully dedicated to research and development activities at CIIT. CIIT has achieved an outstanding success in Faculty Development Program. T. under which 400 faculty members have been sent abroad. You can benefit from number of scholarships offered on merit to Graduate students. impact to born. You will have an access to excellent facilities established at CIIT campuses in terms of library. students who are undertaking their degree programs in various disciplines of science. management science and computer science.I establish conducive research culture. A top of the line faculty engaged in research and research supervision will always be available to guide you in achieving your academic and research persuits. We look forward to welcoming you as a member Almost all academic departments of CIIT offer of our community and wish you success in all exceptional facilities for conducting research work your scholastic pursuits and ambitions! leading to MS and Ph. unsurpassable strength of research and higher CIIT is targeting all the facets of the educational learning and let us make a resolve to dedicate obligation of the state and the society at large. You can very well avail this unique opportunity. Since the inception in 1999. knowledge through quality teaching. The CIIT is Dean Graduate Studies & Research offering 32 graduate programs at its various campuses with an enrolment of 590 MS and 135 Ph.

4 Contents Inroduction 05 CIIT Charter 06 Board of Governors 07 Graduate Programs Offered 08 General Admission Criteria 10 Applying to CIIT 11 Reasons to choose CIIT 12 International & National Linkages 14 Research Centers 16 Research at CIIT 18 Faculty Development Program 19 CIIT Campuses 21 Islamabad Campus 22 Abbottabad Campus 27 Lahore Campus 36 Wah Campus 42 Attock Campus 43 Sahiwal Campus 44 Vehari Campus 45 Academics 46 Faculties & Departments 47 Faculty of Business Administration 48 Department of Management Science 50 Department of Development Studies 57 Faculty of Engineering 61 Department of Electrical Engineering 63 Faculty of Information science & 77 Technology Department of Computer Science 79 Health Informatics Unit 94 Faculty of Science 99 Department of Biosciences 100 Department of Chemistry 108 Department of Environmental Science 113 Department of Mathematics 121 Department of Meteorology 130 Department of Physics 136 General Guidelines 143 4 .

5 Fee Structure 144 CIIT Contacts 145 5 .

the Muslim Ummah and the world . apply and exchange knowledge between the institute and society by applying CIIT Charter scholarly expertise to intellectual. Outreach and Public Service Extend. technology commercialization and partnership with business. founded in the belief that understanding enriches all people. Using The President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the the resources of its multiple campuses in an Patron of CIIT. and by making the XXXVIII issued on August 12. COMSATS. is dedicated to the search for truth through advancement of learning and extending the frontiers of knowledge. professional and undergraduate students as well as non-degree seeking students interested in continuing education and lifelong learning for active roles in competitive and culturally diverse environments. understanding and creativity by instigating enquiry. scholars and communities across the country. the Institute is the Rector. understanding and creativity by providing a broad range of educational programs among a diverse community of learners and teachers and prepare graduate. at large. the Institute vies to Technology is the Chancellor. government and The principal academic and administrative officer of community groups. in general. conducting high- quality research and promoting scholarship. as a whole. and the Muslim Ummah and the world. The Minister for Science and integrated fashion. knowledge and resources created and preserved at the institute accessible to the citizens. that benefit students. Mission The COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. to the sharing of this Knowledge through education in an academically diverse range of disciplines. changing environments. The Institute’s mission is threefold: Research and Discovery Generate and preserve knowledge. 2000. by helping The CIIT was granted Degree Awarding Status by the organizations and individuals respond to their Federal Government vide Presidential Ordinance No. research and the Executive Director. 6 Teaching and Learning Share the knowledge. 6 . and to the application of this knowledge to benefit the people of Pakistan in particular. development. who performs his functions in accordance with the general policy guidelines laid down by the Board of Governors. social and technological problems. CIIT functions under the strengthen the services to the state through the guidance of the Board of Governors (BOG) headed by education of a modern work force.

Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Chairman Development in the South (COMSATS) Secretary. COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Member 2 Deans of Faculties of COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Member nominated by the Managing Committee of the COMSATS Registrar. Islamabad Member Secretary. COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Member Campus Directors. Ministry of Science and Technology. 7 Composition of Board of Governors Executive Director. Islamabad or his nominee Member Chairman. COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Member/Secretary 7 . Islamabad or his Nominee Member Nominee of Educational NGOs Member 3 Persons of Outstanding Merit nominated by the Managing Committee of Member the COMSATS Rector. Ministry of Education. Higher Education Commission.

Lahore • MS in Remote Sensing & GIS and Wah campuses in the subjects shown as below. Abbottabad. Physics Department: Islamabad Campus • MS and PhD in Physics Biosciences Department: Specializations/Focus Areas: • MS and PhD in Biosciences Micro and Opto Electronics Specializations/Focus Areas: High Energy Physics Biochemistry / Molecular Biology Radiation Physics Molecular Genetics Quantum Optics Microbiology / Immunology Laser and Optics Molecular Virology • MS in Nano Technology • MS in Bioinformatics Computer Science Department: Abbottabad Campus • MS and PhD in Computer Science Chemistry Department: • MS Software Engineering • MS and PhD in Chemistry • MS Wireless Networks • MS Cryptography and Computer Security Computer Science Department: • MS Embedded Systems • MS in Computer Science • MS in Health Informatics Electrical Engineering Department: • MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Department: Specializations/Focus Areas: • MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering Automation and Control Engineering Specializations/Focus Areas: Power Engineering Computer Engineering Telecommunication Engineering Electronic Systems Engineering Automation and Control Engineering Environmental Sciences Department: Power Engineering • MS and PhD in Biotechnology Telecommunication Engineering • MS and PhD in Environmental Science Networks Engineering • MS in Sustainable Water Sanitation Energy Engineering Health and Development • MS in Mobile Communications Engineering Management Science Department: • MS in Internet Engineering • MS in Management Science • MS in Wireless Networks Engineering • MS in Development Studies • MS in RF. Attock. 8 • MS and PhD in Management Science GRADUATE Programs Mathematics Department Offered • MS and PhD in Mathematics Meteorology Department: Admissions in the Graduate Program (MS/PhD) are • MS and PhD in Meteorology being offered at Islamabad. MW and Antenna Systems Mathematics Department: Engineering • MS in Mathematics • MS in Embedded Systems Engineering • MS in Multimedia Information Engineering • MS in Power Systems Engineering • MS in Computing Systems Engineering Management Science Department: 8 .

9 Lahore Campus Computer Science Department: • MS and PhD in Computer Science Management Science Department: • MS and PhD in Management Science Mathematics Department: • MS in Mathematics Physics Department • MS in Physics Electrical Engineering Department • MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering Specialization/Focus Area: Telecommunication Engineering Chemical Engineering Department • MS in Chemical Engineering Wah Campus Computer Science Department: • MS in Computer Science Management Science Department: • MS in Management Science Attock Campus Electrical Engineering Department • MS in Electrical Engineering Specialization/Focus Area: Communication and Radar Technology 9 .

0 with no third division of course work in place of MS thesis.D.0/4. degree shall normally graduate programs. or D grade throughout the academic career. • After Completion of Course work. The non thesis option • A 16 years degree in the relevant field from an will also be available and the accredited educational institution with first candidate can take 06 credit hours division or CGPA 2. Normally. the candidate has to Admission Pre-requisites undertake minimum 24 credit hours of course work and 06 credit hours MS admission: of MS thesis. be not less than three years and not more than five years.Phil. PhD Degree • Eighteen (18) credit hrs of course GRE Requirement: work. institution with first division or CGPA of 3. • The candidate can take any number • NTS GAT (General) with 50 % marks. The merit will be determined on the basis of • The candidate has to complete 30 the academic record.5/4. International GRE (Subject) Test wherever the candidate is required to pass the applicable or GAT subject as per requirement of comprehensive examination. degree: conform to the policies/regulations of HEC for The duration of studies for Ph. HEC. credit hours for MS degree. or its equivalent degree in the allowed and the registration will be relevant field from an accredited educational required for that semester. The policies of the institute are designed to Duration for Ph. Duration for MS degree: The duration of studies for MS degree shall not be less Conformance to HEC Policies than one and half years and not more than four years.0. test and interview. of credit hours in one semester.D. Scholarships & Assistantships In exceptional cases Board of Advanced Studies and A number of MS and PhD Scholarships and Research may allow the extension beyond five years. teaching/research assistantships are available on merit. 10 . 10 Course Wok: General Admission Criteria MS Degree The admission into the graduate program will be strictly • Total Minimum Credit Hours: 30 on merit. The candidate may drop one semester PhD Admission: altogether but the time will be counted for maximum time limit • MS/M.

The dates of these tests are prominently displayed on the NTS website: www. 500/. The selected candidates are required to appear before the Departmental graduate Admission Committee for interview and selection. 500/. The Admission Forms can also be downloaded from CIIT website.nts.NTS Test: 40% requisites for that program. the applicants are advised to keep in touch with the concerned department or visit Admission Form is made available on payment of Rs. phone. However. Candidates securing at least 50% are eligible to apply for admission in graduate (MS) programs of CIIT. The weightage criteria for the admission Applying to CIIT programs is given as below: Candidates may apply for admission to a degree Academic Record: 40% program if they fulfill the prescribed Admission Pre. The result of the NTS test is also displayed on the NTS website. They should submit their completed Admission Forms in the campus where they want to seek admission.from all campuses of CIIT. Admission Forms must be submitted at the campus where the admission is sought. however. CIIT website for latest information. Admissions are conducted website. The overall merit list is prepared by combining the weighted marks obtained in the previous public examinations with the 11 . Interview The list of candidates short listed for Interview is displayed on the specified dates on the Campus / Prospectus may be purchased from any CIIT campus. NTS. Entrance Test Prospective students desirous of getting admission in graduate (MS) programs of CIIT should appear in the GAT (general) test conducted by National Testing favour of CIIT. the downloaded forms shall be submitted to the concerned CIIT campus along with a bank draft / Pay Order of Rs. Interview: 20% How do I apply? The final merit list is displayed on the Applications are invited in response to the admissiondepartmental Notice Boards as well as on CIIT notices in the press. 11 marks obtained in the NTS test and interview. Although the Graduate Admission Office according to an Admission schedule which is will also contact successful applicants by email or prominently given in these admission notices.

engineering. The strength of the graduate program and importance given to research CIIT is an equal opportunity institution for the productivity is bringing in highly motivated and students of all Pakistan and belonging to all dedicated students from across the country. CIIT has Commission on Science & Technology for Sustainable been ranked at 07 position among more than Development in the South (COMSATS).based institutions in Pakistan. CIIT has made extra ordinary growth in terms of campuses (currently it has 07 The institutions of higher learning are the places campuses). CIIT is one of the fast growing been placed at position 03 on the basis of ħ research . This clearly speaks of the research an ideal place for higher studies leading to MS and PhD produced and its quality ensured. Presently sections of society. More importantly it has Established in 1998. research.D. Friendly Campus Environment Since its establishment. which freedom of thought. to generate and create new knowledge through academic programs. The institute has top priority in terms of the quality of the research produced by its graduate 4. This brings in the diverse about 150 Ph. information understanding and fellow feeling among the technology etc. degrees.D. The CIIT is providing confidence 1. The institution is truly turning to be their dream place 5. Because of this a great educational institute for graduate studies: sense of fraternity and cultural mixing is seen on the campus. makes it a popular choice for undergraduate as well as The CIIT is promoting these virtues and culture graduate programs. a on the information provided by Thomson leading degree awarding institution of higher Reuter. In sciences to cutting edge emerging technologies) and a terms of research citations it has risen upto # 2 network of inter-disciplinary research centers making it in Pakistan. faculty members. Ranking teaching and research. According to this education in Pakistan. Quality of Research at CIIT and trust among the students by providing friendly and fearless environment. is a Center of Excellence of statistics for the year 2007 and 2008. tolerance. number of students. 12 The CIIT has a fabulous short history of its development and growth in terms of its position in the hierarchy of the universities in Pakistan. Our Ph. by providing a friendly atmosphere to interact with the students of all the provinces and Following reasons can make to choose CIIT as your diverse backgrounds. • Learning at a campus renowned for its 2. The graduates of CIIT are overwhelmed with research.D. The institutions are recognized by the quality of the graduates have great confidence and trust on research and knowledge generated by the faculty. 120 universities on the basis of cumulative research impact factor. Diversity students leading to MS and Ph. 12 . graduates. with a wide factor which is indicative of the quality of range of academic programs (ranging from basic research produced in terms of citations. Reasons to choose CIIT The ranking of the universities is made by HEC COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT). Distinguishing Factors for seeking higher studies in Pakistan. CIIT their abilities and a great desire to deliver in has an excellent reputation in this regard due to its their future career. qualities of consideration. Our graduates are wiser and highly qualified faculty engaged in teaching and more knowledgeable. 3. teaching and a spirit of serving across the country. ISI web of knowledge. students are undertaking the degree community together which generates great program in various disciplines of basic sciences. management science. free environment conducive for outreach to accomplish its stated mission. expression and reasoning. research output and public a friendly.

• Learning at a state-of-the-art facility in selected major cities of Pakistan. 13 • Innovative programs highly geared to cater for the needs of national and international job markets. • Unrivalled gateway to successful career progression. • Enhanced personal development in a truly cutting-edge competitive environment. 13 .

UK MoUs are listed below: University of Surrey. Azerbaijan CIIT has signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) EMMA Partnership. These include: Linkages with National Organizations In addition to International organizations. NESCOM Leeds University . Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology Bangkok (AFIC) Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. the CIIT has established linkages with University of British Columbia. Azerbaijan Realizing that Research & Development activities in this University of Bedfordshire. Germany Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science & University of Bologna. Beijing Institute of Technology. UK National Engineering and Scientific University of Hull . Technologies. Finland Helsinki University. Beijing National Institute of Banking & Finance. London national organizations with whom CIIT has signed University of Leicester. UK Swansea University. UK Sungkyunkwan University. Seoul. China Faculty of Engineering. Uthal. water Dubna . Dortmund. UK University of Glasgow. Simon Fraser University. Finland Nankai University. USA as private sector. Chinese Academy PNAC of Sciences. USA Lancaster University. China University of Applied Sciences. Italy Technology. Balouchistan Alliance Francaise. 14 Korea Cardiff university. UK Research. USA different national organizations in public as well University of Nebraska . A few of the public sector Queen Marry College. Canada Otago University. Germany Michigan Technological University. UK Pakistan Meteorological Department. NUST. with a number of international institutions. China signals. China NIBAF Harbin Institute of Technology. CIIT is University of Illinois.PCRET Finland National Institute of Electronics. UK International & National Azerbaijan National Academy of Linkages (MoUs) Sciences. UK place in isolation. South 14 . UK Pakistan Council for Scientific & Industrial University of Lancaster . Rawalpindi Asian Institute of Technology. PCSIR University of Sussex . New Zealand Linkages with International Organizations Sumgayit State University. UK Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Helsinki University of Technology(TKK). UK Commission. Graduate School. Islamabad Tampere University of Technology. University of Bradford . NIE Merseburg University. Russia & marine sciences. UK era of tough competition and globalization cannot take University of Sheffield. PINSTECH Islamic University of Uganda Pakistan National Accreditation Council. Urbana also taking up collaborative programs with Champaign. Laasbela University of Agriculture. military college of Tongji University. Canada reputed national and international organizations. UK PMD University of Essex .

LMKR Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority-SMEDA Small and Medium Enterprise Bank SME Bank TERA DATA-NCR National Productivity Organization NPO TERA LIGHT National Testing Service.NTS COMSATS Internet Services Provider INTEL Pakistan IBM Pakistan Microsoft Telenor 15 . Land Mark Resources. 15 Industry Partners CIIT has established partnership with the following industrial groups.

These are: To bring in innovations for implementations in telecommunication • Centre for Quantum Physics industry. • Centre for Advanced Studies in Telecommunication • Centre for Research in Management Centre for Research in Management Science at Science CIIT • Interdisciplinary Research Centre in The Centre for Research in Management Science Biomedical Materials (IRCBM) is established at CIIT Islamabad. develop an interface between university and 16 . Another aim of the Quantum Information theory and quantum computing centre is to promote meaningful exchange of are interdisciplinary emerging research fields with ideas and collaboration between regional tremendous applications for technological industry and academia. established a number of research centers and a few are in the developing stage. feasibility underlying strength in these disciplines to carry out studies and technology assessment world class research and development. To encourage and promote linkages with the industry and to offer quality Centre for Advanced Studies in Telecommunication information and training programs to Centre for Advanced Studies in Telecommunication commercial clients. and telecommunications. The CIIT has areas. Research Centers To provide high quality post graduate education and training in telecommunication. through promoting a research Australia. These A few objectives are as follows: considerations have generated a great interest in the study of Quantum Physics across the world. Research Centers The centers of excellence are symbol of pride and To provide technical expertise in the recognition for the institutes. To support high quality research within The centre has developed collaboration with the department of Management prominent scientist from USA. A quality quality research databases. for staff and to quality and industry relevant research and to students. 16 telecommunication industry. The centre is working steadfastly on the following objectives: To conduct quality research in the field of telecommunication for solving industry related problems. China. Economics. Sciences. South Korea and Saudi Arabia. development and practical implementation in highly fascinating area of quantum teleportation. It is established with a view to COMSTECH with a vision to establish a world class promote research activities that lead to high Centre in Quantum Physics. These show the form of consultative services. Centre for Quantum Physics was established at CIIT Management. The centre has a number of active researchers from across the Centre for Quantum Physics Finance and Accounting. was established at Islamabad in 2007 to undertake quality research and development in To start a ‘Research Seminar Series’. Marketing. and Information Islamabad in 2006 with the support of HEC and Technology areas. Germany. research is being undertaken and published in the leading journals of the field. quality research output. culture among staff and students and The Centre provides opportunities to undertake establishing and maintaining high research leading to PhD in Quantum Physics. The aim is to provide continuity ‘Discussion Paper Series’.

Lahore campus as a centre of excellence with multi- disciplinary approach to Biomaterials. polymer Chemistry. The Centre works beyond subject boundaries with the aim of translating fundamental research to clinical care. Nanotechnology and Tissue Engineering. Scientists at IRCBM are carrying out research in the field of Bioceramics. 17 . 17 Interdisciplinary Research Centre in biomedical Materials IRCBM The interdisciplinary Research Centre in biomedical Materials (IRCBM) was setup in 2008 at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT). They are looking a new ways of synthesizing novel bone fixation and bone replacement materials in order to improve the biological properties. Bioperformance is determined via invivo and in-vitro biological testing and some of Pakistan’s leading surgeons are associated with the centre.

CIIT has been repeatedly ranked at # 07 by HEC on the basis of impact factor of the research produced. 200. The CIMI medal was instituted in 2006 and awarded annually in various academic fields. The CIIT has been widely acknowledged both nationally and internationally in this regard. The CIIT medals for Innovation are awarded to recognize outstanding and original contributions of faculty members and graduate students of CIIT. Research Publications The recognition and evaluation of the institution is based upon the research produced and knowledge added to the society for the betterment of country and humanity. The incentive of doing research is particularly important for young emerging faculty. CIMI Medals for Innovation 18 .000/= are available for research projects to be completed in one to two years. a certificate and a cash award of Rs 100. Research Grants The CIIT realizes the importance of research and research culture at the institute. the CIIT has established “CIIT Research Grant Program” under which research grants upto Rs.000/= in Research various disciplines. To encourage the research graduates and young faculty. A brief summary of the research publications from CIIT in the recent years is presented: Research Publications in 2007 = 169 Research Publications in 2008 = 189 Research Publications in 2009 = 200 To encourage and appreciate the graduate students for undertaking research an incentive of “Cash awards” is initiated for each publication. The award includes a Golden Meddallion. 18 It is well known that the application of science and innovations thereof plays an important role in the economic development of a country.

Sweden. In addition. China. the efforts are being made to make arrangements with different organizations/ countries/ universities to secure further opportunities. Besides this. 19 Faculty Development Program: CIIT has an impressive faculty development program in which about 400 faculty members have been sent abroad to expand and diversify the base of our research activities. Australia. UK. The Institute is optimistic in its efforts to send another 700 faculty members for MS/PhD degrees abroad. Malaysia from CIIT funding. The CIIT is always at the forefront of human development and takes proactive steps to attain the self sufficiency and future requirements of the nation according to the vision of the institute. Germany. 165 faculty members have been funded through other sources. Two hundred and thirty five faculty members have been sent for MS and PhD degree program to the advanced countries like USA. teaching and academic environment of the Institute. Twenty five PhD and 110 MS graduates have joined CIIT after completing their degrees. Finland. The return of the faculty is making a tremendous change in terms of research. 19 .

fee record. results. The facility is helping tremendously the students and parents to monitor their progress on daily basis. This is an online facility through which students and their parents can access activities like attendance records. This is providing an essential. which is simply incredible for developing countries. Digital Library CIIT is subscribing 23000 online research journals in different disciplines. These facilities are provided to CIIT through the courtesy of HEC. In addition CIIT has an access to 40.000 online books. COMSIS for respective Campuses can be accessed through given webs addresses. semester wise progress reports. 20 . adequate and excellent facility to undertake research in diverse fields of science and technology. 20 Other Facilities COMSIS COMSATS students Information system (COMSIS) has been developed by CIIT Islamabad Campus.

management science. • Wah. • Abbottabad. CIIT is offering 32 graduate programs leading to MS and Ph. engineering and computer science etc. The principal seat is in Islamabad. in the major disciplines of basic sciences. is 150. • Lahore.D. In all. In fall 2010. CIIT Campuses CIIT Campuses The COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) is a multi-campus centre of higher learning. as well as overseas. the strength of MS students is about 600 and that of Ph. The CIIT received its Charter from the Federal Government in August 2000 as a Degree Awarding Institute in the public sector. there are seven functional campuses at the following places: • Islamabad.D. • Vehari. Presently the student strength of CIIT is around 15000 students with faculty strength around 1650. • Sahiwal. Specifically. 21 A few more campuses are in advanced stage of planning and are expected to be launched in the near future. • Attock. 21 . The future plans also envisage opening of more campuses in the provinces of Sindh and Balochistan.

named after the Kind Faisal of Tel. (051)9258481 Saudi Arabia. 22 Islamabad Campus Welcome to Islamabad (Established in September 1999) Situated at the edge of Pothohar Plateau in the footsteps of Margalla hills. environment and a hub of cultural and business activities and a great place for national and CIIT has its Principal Seat at Islamabad Campus. Sharkarparian Hill. Islamabad. The CIIT Islamabad campus is situated at a suitable place approachable from Islamabad as well as The success has been due to its eminent faculty. is the largest mosque in the world. Chak Shahzad.ciit. spring during March & April. adherence to merit and commitment to good Islamabad is known for it multi-ethnic governance. in a short span of time. Winters are cold. Islamabad the capital Principal Campus city of Pakistan is a great place to study and best place to live. situated international cuisines. The campus during May & June followed by monsoon rains is now easily recognized as one of the best institute in during July & August. has grown in recent years form a small garrison town to a vital commercial center. with teaching. Nathigali and Ayubia which are popular tourist resorts to beat the scorching heart in summer and to see snow fall in winter. Programs offered in Islamabad Campus 22 . whereas Rawal Lake is favourite recreational spot for those who love blue waters and sunny skies. temperatures occasionally falling down below The success of CIIT is a landmark in the history of zero during December to February and a pleasant educational institutions in Pakistan. Rawalpindi considered to be twin city of Islamabad due to its of Muree. Fax: (051) 4442805 Islamabad is linked by road to nearby hill stations Web: http://www. Islamabad. It is a marvel of modern architecture surrounded by a lush green Among the places of interest in and around environment and peaceful surroundings. The city experiences all the four The campus has emerged as a leading institute of higher weathers in a calendar year with hot summers learning in Pakistan. Daman-e-koh & Pir Sohawa offer a bird’s eye view of the city. research and basic facilities. Islamabad The Faisal Mosque. at Park Road-Chak Shahzad. Park Road.

23 • MS and PhD in Physics Islamabad Campus Specializations/Focus Areas: Biosciences Department: Micro and Opto Electronics • MS and PhD in Biosciences High Energy Physics Specializations/Focus Areas: Radiation Physics Biochemistry / Molecular Biology Quantum Optics Molecular Genetics Laser and Optics Microbiology / Immunology Molecular Virology • MS in Bioinformatics Computer Science Department: • MS and PhD in Computer Science • MS Software Engineering • MS Wireless Networks • MS Cryptography and Computer Security • MS Embedded Systems • MS in Health Informatics Electrical Engineering Department: • MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering Specializations/Focus Areas: Computer Engineering Electronic Systems Engineering Automation and Control Engineering Power Engineering Telecommunication Engineering Networks Engineering Energy Engineering • MS in Mobile Communications Engineering • MS in Internet Engineering • MS in Wireless Networks Engineering • MS in RF. MW and Antenna Systems Engineering • MS in Embedded Systems Engineering • MS in Multimedia Information Engineering • MS in Power Systems Engineering • MS in Computing Systems Engineering Management Science Department: • MS and PhD in Management Science Mathematics Department • MS and PhD in Mathematic Meteorology Department: • MS and PhD in Meteorology • MS in Remote Sensing & GIS Physics Department: 23 .

study the dynamics of cluster based computing and to carry out software development projects in the area of parallel computing. Microprocessor lab is fully equipped to provide students with an Computer Labs exciting environment to implement and experiment knowledge acquired in the class The Campus has established a state of the art IT room. This lab provides ideal setting for hands on experiments. The Campus has one large electronics lab equipped with the latest testing and measuring instruments. The CCCRP is an effort to provide faculty to carry out research and researchers with a facility that allows them to development work. The Directorate of Distance Education looks after the affairs of the Virtual Campus. staff and solutions. Immunology and CIIT is an authorized CISCO Regional Academy. This enables students. offering available in any other academic institution opportunities to those interested in building HPC in Pakistan. All workstations VLSI and DSP lab are connected to CIIT’s LAN and a high bandwidth connection provides connectivity to the Internet This lab is located in the Department of round the clock. infrastructure. Biosciences Labs CISCO Lab There are well equipped specialized laboratories for Biochemistry. Students learn experimental routers and switches is located at each campus. techniques and methods such as preparing and handling genomic DNA including PCR amplification & gene cloning. The practical Electronics Lab demonstration of techniques like DNA sequencing is also organized. Such a Computing Clusters are changing the dynamics of sophisticated facility is perhaps not High performance Computing. Molecular Biology. with the main purpose to promote distance education Microprocessor Lab 24 . test equipment and CIIT Computational Cluster Research Project host of VLSI and DSP training equipment as (CCCRP) teaching aids as well as development systems for researchers. the Virtual Campus was established in July 2008. The electronic lab offers practical facilities for all electronic related Virtual Campus experiments. There are more than 750 computers at Islamabad Campus providing at hand facilities to research graduates. A Molecular Genetics in the Department of well-equipped CISCO laboratory with different Biosciences. Microbiology. Electrical Engineering and has latest sets of computers. 24 Computer Engineering students at Services & Facilities Islamabad Campus are provided excess to areas such as microprocessor architecture & programming. CAD tools. Following the emerging trend of utilizing the information and communication technology and the need to share the expertise of the faculty of all the campuses of CIIT.

and work ethics. landscapes and photography. established to provide a platform for CIIT The Digital Library provides access to more than students to keep themselves updated with 23.000 full. We try to imbibe a developing their aesthetic career preparation. It is fast developing into one of Computer Science Society the richest and finest information resource centers (CSS) in Islamabad having more than 26. It aims to develop the concepts of our students by linking Career Development Center (CDC) theoretical knowledge to practical experience by executing many activities of importance.ciit. establishment of a career/advisory centre for the students and The library at CIIT Islamabad is spacious.000 books. COMSATS Institute of Information Technology takes special care towards academic and professional Fine Art and Photographic Club development of the students of CIIT. career exploration. English Literary Society English Literary Society holds English Declamation contests regularly in order to provide students an opportunity to exhibit Societies their speaking skills. The activities Include participation and organization of Library seminars and exhibitions. and offers the highest standards of international level. regional and national activities. poster provide a platform for CIIT students to elearning pursue their interest in the field of telecommunication beyond academics. The training is portraits. For this purpose. imparted for career awareness.eeducation. Fine Arts & Photographic Club was formed At CDC. The library subscribes a good number of periodicals Computer Science Society has been and journals of the highest standards in the field.text journals in the relevant fields. deliver and add value to the society. Our students are connect to libraries around the world for encouraged to acquire new skills by reference and consultation. planned. Telecom Society has been established to Website:http://www. audio visual system Electronics Society (CIITRON) This Society provides opportunities to students to take part in internal. the computing industry. we try to chanalise the energies and efforts in 2001 to polish the creative skills of of the students to be assets for the country and students and improve their personality by the employer they work for. It offers its users an electronic information access software competitions and seminars are and services. The students have put up excellent performances in various 25 . well arrangements of jobs and internships. attending workshops and short courses in The Library is fully equipped with sophisticated contemporary computing areas. Internet facilities in the library organized regularly. 25 and link other campuses to share experience of the Telecom Society experts and qualified professors. The Club spirit of self assurance confidence and trust to focuses on sketching.

Besides regular sports activities in each semester. organizes and conducts adventures and activities for the students. It provides opportunities for sports enthusiasts to share their interests and participate in events. Dramatics Club An exciting variety of musical programs. Football. Inter-campus. Adventure Club The Adventure Club plans. the Dramatics Club. etc. Hockey and Athletics. exhibitions. walks. 26 .the national poet and great philosopher to the younger generation. 26 contests held in other institutions and have won various prizes. visits to historical places. Sports Club organizes tournaments in sports like Cricket.Allama Mohammad Iqbal. Bazm-i- Iqbal has been set up to keep the spirit of nationalism and a sense of pride in our culture and traditions. matches from time to time. Sports Club Sports Club arranges all sorts of competitions to channelise energies of our students. Badminton. Bazm-e-Iqbal In order to pass on the message of Dr. Table Tennis. throughout the year. hill stations and geologic sites. It focuses on providing extra-curricular entertainment to the students and the Faculty. Bazm-e-Adab The objective of having the Bazm-e-Adab is to create awareness of Urdu culture and keeping up the traditions and customs to protect our cultural heritage. the club also organizes friendly. drama nights and many special events take place through COMBEATS. The activities include excursions.

The campus is an ideal place to study. Kakul. 13 undergraduate programs. have all combined to make the Abbottabad campus more of a resort. CIIT Abbottabad Campus is ideally located in the vicinity of Pakistan Military Academy 27 . an awe inspiring modern day place of learning. emerged the leading institute of the region which has now eight departments. large land area. orchards. providing state of the art facilities to students. helping in social uplift of the community it is located in. sports and recreation facilities and above all. a student strength of 4500. 2001. The majority of the campus area encompasses parks. blooming flower beds and trees. and the first academic session started in September live and work. Imparting quality education. From a modest beginning University Road. contributing effectively to the research base of World-War II barracks. Abbottabad with three departments and 121 student Tel. Set in these environs with a panoramic background view of Thandiani and Galiat mountains makes CIIT Abbottabad campus. on a land measuring about 350 Kanals. established as a project of Ministry of Abbottabad Campus became functional in July Science and Technology. (0992) 383591 (0992) 383591 strength in three undergraduate programs Fax: (0992) 383441 and a physical structure comprising old Website: http://www. Our physical infrastructure emulates the best educational institutions of the country. Abbottabad Campus CIIT Abbottabad is the first IT University in (Established in September 2001) NWFP. the campus symbolizes a modern and progressive seat of learning. lush green grounds. 9 graduate programs. a secure and friendly environment. The natural climatic advantages of Abbottabad city. a qualified faculty strength of 411 including 73 PhDs and 42 modern laboratories.

an awe inspiring modern day place of learning.Welcome to Abbottabad The natural climatically advantages of Abbottabad city. The campus is and ideal place to study. Inspite of being sperated from Mansehra and Haripur Districts. The majority of the campus area encompasses parks. a secure and friendly environment have all combined to make the Abbottabad campus more of a resort. Apart from serving as the educational hub for the locality. sports and recreational facilities and above all. live and work. Abbottabad is a at a moderate distance from both the cities. blossoming flower beds and trees. Among Pakistani cities. clean city and located in the spacious valley is a rarity. hockey and golf. neat. Abbottabad a small. lush green grounds. Abbottabad also serves as a gateway to some most stunning sites in Northern Pakistan. Abbottabad is a town surrounded by lofty peaks and pine scented air. Set in these environs with panoramic background view of Thandiani and Galiat mountains makes CIIT Campus Abbottabad. football. With the very pleasant climate all around the year the scenic beauty of this town provides mind stimulating environment and vast turfs for all kinds of sports. giving an opportunity to the students to both these localities to enjoy the facility provided in the valley. orchards. large land area. Location and Composition Located north of Islamabad. including polo. 28 . It is famous for its educational institutions especially CIIT.

Programs offered in Abbottabad Campus Chemistry Department: • MS and PhD in Chemistry Computer Science Department: • MS in Computer Science Electrical Engineering Department: • MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering Specializations/Focus Areas: Automation and Control Engineering Power Engineering Telecommunication Engineering Environmental Sciences Department: • MS and PhD in Biotechnology • MS and PhD in Environmental Science • MS in Sustainable Water Sanitation Health and Development Management Science Department: • MS in Management Science • MS in Development Studies Mathematics Department: • MS in Mathematics 29 .

ERM • COMSATS Community Development Unit (CCDU) a). These facilities includes: • COMSATS Information Technology • Software House. delivers and facilitates the use of information technology services and resources. The clients of the • Fitness Centers center include: • Common Rooms for Girls • UNDP • AKD Securities. COMSATS IT CENTRE includes the CIIT Abbottabad provides exceptionally good following sections. Hattar Center (CITC) • NTS (National Testing Service) • INIT (Inter Islamic Network on COMSATS IT Centre is a well-sized technology Information technology) center having a large number of skilled • UET Peshawar professionals. network design and configuration. develops. 30 . internet provision. multimedia solutions. corporate Facilities & Services training.Karachi • ERRA (Earthquake Relief & Rehabilitation authority) • UNICEF COMSATS Information Technology • Bestway Cement Limited. data warehousing. Center(CITC) • ISP • Laboratories • CISCO Local Academy. It has been providing state of the art solutions to national and • Mess and Cafeteria international organizations. • Engineering Resource Center (ERC) • Research & Development • Library • Equipment Repair and Maintenance. • LiSCENT • Computing & Network Services (CNS). COMSATS IT CENTRE promotes. and testing services. COMSATS IT CENTRE has a successful history of projects and a long list of b) Community ISP satisfied clients. Software House • Career Development Center (CDC) It was established in 2001 and works as an • Accommodation and Housing industrial unit within the campus. Its objective is • Mosque to provide IT services to the all CIIT Campuses as • Medical Centre well as to the corporate world. including software application and web development. facilities to its students.

The enhance the service and structure of the network. Community ISP has well trained motivated staff for handling campus wide network R&D at IT Centre is group of enthusiastic and infrastructure and providing hardware repair and energetic professionals who have expertise in the trouble shooting services. maintenance.11g is SignTel. Computing & Network Services (CNS) section at COMSATS IT Center provides access to the Laboratories network and computing systems at the CIIT Abbottabad. This Community ISP at IT Centre is giving service to 300 node LAN and 30 Wired Ethernet–based. ISP provides Web. R&D has c) CISCO Local Academy been working to make available to the institute the latest technologies and world standard COMSATS Institute of Information Technology methodologies. So far CISCO Academy has provided training to 101 trainees in f) Equipment Repair and Maintenance. teaching and research. Fax Over-IP etc students of different departments of campus. Wireless LAN based on 802. upgrading and troubleshooting of Computer Hardware.0 ERM is a dedicated section of IT centre for d) Computing & Network Services (CNS) assembling. Local Area Network (LAN) dialup ports providing a wide range of services.1 and CCNA Exploration v4. FTP and number of other network services to its e) Research and Development growing clients. the Community ISP is facilitating dialup also functional and covers the entire campus.IT Centre is facilitating the educational needs of research and to other activities directly related to the Institute and helping the research and the mission of the CIIT. areas of High Performance Computing and various domains of Open Source technologies. of the campus is one of the largest in the country Community ISP team is constantly working to covering an area of about 350 Kanals of land.ERM CCNA v3. Areas\Services Provided by R&D Abbottabad got the status of Cisco Local Academy are as following: in July 2007. balancing) COMSATS CISCO Local Academy is delivering wide -Open Source technologies range of courses and support needed to develop -Security testing future global workforce. Our CISCO lab is first such lab in NWFP and is equipped with multiple CISCO -Clusters (computational. manage switches & Computers. failsafe and load Routers. development network. CISCO Local Academy is -Call Centers also providing hands-on experience and labs to -Video Over-IP. and corporate LAN clients. installation. -Network monitoring and Audit Students also utilize CISCO lab for their -Backup Solutions assignments of networking courses. Use of the labs is restricted to We at CIIT Abbottabad profess highest levels of scholarly activities like student’s instruction. Mail. Our excellent research and 31 . campus network facilities continue to grow at an Having a well sized backbone through PTCL and increasing pace.

• Instrumentation Lab Heavy Metals Analysis. • Image Processing Lab agriculture. Environment. Our • DLD Lab primary goal at LiSCENT is to provide high caliber • Microprocessor Lab services to academia. Our comprehensive set • Physiology Lab of services includes analytical services. public • VLSI Lab & private sector organizations and NGOs. cost • Control Lab effective. and attempt to resolve • Pharmaceutics Lab most analytical problems. Lab infrastructure of any Engineering 32 . research institutes. health. • Interactive Language Lab Analysis of Drugs. Clinical Tests. We offer • Pharmacognosy Lab services in different specialized fields like: • Digital Signal Processing Lab Agriculture. Physico-chemical • Bio-Chemistry Lab Tests and Pharmaceutical Services. We have 37 well equipped laboratories for addressing the needs of our Life Science Services Center (LiSCENT) is a students studying in various disciplines. matrix spikes. services in • Pharmacology Lab Microbiology & Biotechnology. food and environment. Our standard quality assurance • Power Industrial Lab practices include careful instrument calibration. assist • Chemistry Lab with data interpretation. • Power Systems Lab analysis of blanks. Physico-chemical. Toxicology • Bio-technology Lab Testing. Microbiological. Pesticides and Quality Control. duplicates. • Computer Labs Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical services to • Electronics Lab all academic institutions and commercial • Physics Lab enterprises at minimal service charges. Our staff provides • Central Analytical Lab guidance on sampling. • R&D Computing Lab • Networking Lab Engineering Resource Center (ERC) • Advanced Computing Lab • Sun Solaris Lab In engineering education both the theoretical and practical aspects of study are of paramount importance. Geology. and targeted results that make analysis easy and provide help in speeding up research and • Engineering Workshop decisions. • Electrical Machines Lab • Electronics Project Lab We combine world class scientific expertise with • Telecommunication Lab specialized laboratories to deliver accurate. Vitamin Testing. Identification Tests. Herbicide. designing and analysis of • Micro-Biology Lab analytical and diagnostic aspects of standards are backed by our LiSCENT (Life Sciences Center) outstanding facilities. These labs multifaceted analytical and diagnostic centre include: which provides an array of Analytical. industry. and • Optical Engineering Lab standard reference materials.

works on industrial initiatives. By this ERC environment in its library. Following books and is fast growing . • Microcomputer trainer overview: organizes engineering based training and manages • Multipurpose trainers : a component store for student projects. COMSATS Institute system lab of Information Technology Abbottabad. ERC team consists of highly electronics and physics lab talented.Institution requires constant evaluation process of • Single Phase Transformer Trainer – Used development and modernization. as well as books and periodicals in relevant subject and interest areas. The library remains • DC Power Supply Trainer – Used in power open for students from morning till midnight. It maintains. • Industrial Transformer Trainer . contains over 23. works on developing new following lab equipment is in progress: engineering Labs. Used in power system and Photocopy and bookshop facilities are also instrumentation lab present at the library.C Machine Abbottabad. created • Synchronizing Panel Trainer – Used in Engineering Resource Center (ERC) in January Power System lab 2008.000 sq ft.Used in The aim of ERC is creation of comprehensive Electrical machines lab infrastructure for delivering high quality • Diode Characteristics Apparatus – used in engineering education. It subscribes to equipments were designed and developed by ERC: more than twenty one research journals and magazines. spacious and peaceful in the arena of electrical engineering. Computers have been provided • Moving Iron Ampere Meter Trainer – for browsing the web and the digital library. • LOGIC Trainer – Used in Digital logic associate engineers and technicians to provide Design Lab engineering support to all the labs of CIIT • Variable Speed Drive Based A.Indigenous Development / production Library Indigenous production and development of state CIIT Abbottabad has provided its students of the art equipment by ERC is milestone achieved with comfortable. devoted and visionary engineers. Keeping this in Electrical Machine Lab and power very important aspect in view. The 33 . • Communication Trainer • Student Kit Our Distinction . operates and optimally Further.500 foreign exchange of mother land. the latest reference and information power system and instrumentation lab techniques. system and power electronics lab Library at CIIT Abbottabad also provides a • 3-Phase AC DC stabilized Power supply wide range of up to date information using unit Trainer – Used in Power electronics. the design and development of the utilizes the existing labs. It spreads over an has saved millions of dollars of hard earned area of 10. It also assists the Electrical Trainer – Used in power system and Engineering Department not only in imparting Electrical Machines lab quality education but also in state of the art research.

Our hostels are managed by wardens their academic experience and in achieving who also look after the safety and security of successful transitions to the workforce and students. starting and managing their career in terms of self-presentation. Boarders The aim of Career Development Center is to have access to a 24-hour campus store and a support students in optimizing the value of mosque. Mess. CV Medical Centre preparation. order to empower students to actively engage in the integration and implementation of their Mosque academic and employment choices. hostel rooms are spacious and make for comfortable living.V room. Mess and Cafeteria Accommodation and Housing The on-campus Mess and cafeteria remain open for students and faculty the whole day. seven days 34 . job-hunt. The objectives of this centre Teaching Areas. Ayub Teaching Hospital. Cultural and traditional norms are further educational endeavors. Also. T. The Mosque provides not only a are: place for spiritual expiation but is also a platform for interaction among students who come from all • To provide a guideline to students for over Pakistan. A separated provides quality career development hostel for the faculty is also under programs and employment-related services in construction. of course curriculum. CIIT Abbottabad houses a fully equipped Medical • To initiate a research into modern Centre that has its own Medical Store and a trends in related disciplines and qualified doctor to provide immediate medical emulate them by making them a part care in case of any on-campus emergency. This centre develops positive faculty-staff- employer relations that result in access to CIIT Abbottabad has its own Mosque which is in career information and career opportunities close vicinity to our on-campus Hostels and our for the students. which is a fully • To conduct corporate seminars. Gym. Besides. library also provides access to more than There are four on-campus (three for boys and 17000 journals through HEC digital library one for girls) hostel buildings to accommodate service. Sports rooms and round-the- Career Development Center (CDC) clock security. is two minutes drive from the • To develop a close liaison with campus. equipped Hospital. corporate networking and leadership qualities. This centre strictly followed in the hostels. approximately 640 male and 100 female student. Our Hostels have been established as per international standards and contain central heating and cooling system. corporate world.

Sports clubs are the platform for continually monitors menu selection and ensures promotion of healthy activities among students. Sports. software and photographic activities. Presently girls) are functional at the campus. All these activities are arranged by our student body which The apex of all the above mentioned activities is organizes itself under different clubs and societies. • Qirat and Naat Society • Eco-Adventure Club Extra Curricular Activities • Cricket Club • Football Club • Athletics Club Extra Curricular Activities are a vital part of any • Badminton Club educational process. quiz shows. Students • IT Society pay a nominal fee to avail this facility. photographic competitions and scientific 35 . • Adventure Club • COMSATS Literary Society Common Rooms for Girls • Bazm-e-Adab • Aadrish (Art. To ensure quality of food. Naat and Qirat competition. magazines and periodical • Funkada (Dramatic Society) journals are available for reading. Apart from these The Abbottabad Campus has a number of grounds indoor eating facilities. seen in the students’ week. The sports Fitness Centers are organized by a full time Physical Education Officer who is supported by Sports Two Fitness Centers (one for boys and one for Representatives from the student body. availability of hygienic food. drama. sports activities like cricket. faculty and the reading competitions. Daily newspapers. all help individuals to develop • Girls Sports Club balanced personalities by taking healthy breaks • Volleyball Club from academic rigors. badminton. two open-air eating outlets that are designed and maintained for various are also available for students. held annually at the These societies are involved in literary. table tennis and athletics. This week is dedicated to competitions scientific. volleyball. dramatic. indoor climbing • Software Development Society boards and weight training equipment. There is a • Entrepreneurial Society multitude of extracurricular activities that take place at the Abbottabad Campus all year. As a tradition. debates. week-long event. The Fitness Center for females is equipped with exercise machines. etc. creative • Table Tennis Club writing. student body enthusiastically participates in this concerts. campus. Teamwork and competition • Green Thumb Society also help in building character. football.a week. The Fitness the following clubs and societies are actively Center for boys is equipped with the latest working: machines. CIIT Abbottabad gatherings. and tournaments held among different classes and The societies also regularly organize poetry department teams. Painting and Photography Our Academic Blocks contain Common Rooms for Society) girls.

continuous Lahore are shrouded in the mist of Antiquity. The campus intends to excel in its research capability. Off Tel: (042) 9203101 (042) 9203101. five academic beautifully with Mughal. The Mughal emperors beautified Computer Science. which forms strong foundations for a city has now expanded tremendously. The sprawling complex is purpose built Website: http://www. survive are Lahore Fort. During a short span of time. gardens and mosques. The campus is Welcome to Lahore equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and Welcome to the city of Lahore. girls’ systems of architecture. the campus caters to the ever-increasing Lahore was a thriving cultural centre of the great demands of students in diversified fields such as Mughal Empire. creative busy industrial and trading centre with many and challenging. which blended administration and is spread over an area of 185 acres with constructed area of 420. Lahore from Thokar Niaz Baig on Defence Road. Chemical the buildings of the Mughal period. In a city of learning as Location and Composition Lahore. which still Engineering. ft. The origins of computers. historical buildings. Bio-Medical Materials Science and Shalimar Gardens. besides other (Established in March 2002) scholarships. Lahore is known for its challenges. Some of Engineering. It is efforts of the dedicated faculty under the dynamic one of the oldest cities of Pakistan and is known to leadership of worthy Rector and the Director have exist for the last 2000 years. This campus was established in Fax: (042) 9203100 March 2002. rich culture and excellent academic institutions. The campus consists of one monuments sprang up in Lahore. The old city was made CIIT Lahore synonymous with academic situated inside the walls of the fort. hostels and a number of residential units for the 36 . 5321090 Raiwind Road. Here the young minds in size and now second largest city of Pakistan with can nurture themselves to meet their future a population of eight million. Later during British regime many Mathematics. bazaars and markets.ciitlahore. a faculty block. The campus offers 30% seats to children of Lahore Campus industrial workers free of cost. which will open new frontiers of knowledge in various fields. 000 sq. a mosque. Physics. which is not only conducive for their educational pursuits but would also ensure that the students are equipped with skills. both for teachers and students. However the excellence. Gothic and Victorian blocks. Off Raiwind Road. cafeteria. Badshahi Mosque and Architecture. It has grown brighter career for its alumni. The beautiful campus with lush green lawns provides students an ideal environment. Computer Engineering. Management Sciences. Telecommunication Lahore with places. employees. library. Now it has developed into a The environment at the campus is vibrant. COMSATS institute of information Technology Lahore Campus is located about 15 minutes drive Defence Road.

Programs offered in Lahore Campus Computer Science Department: • MS and PhD in Computer Science Management Science Department: • MS and PhD in Management Science Mathematics Department: • MS in Mathematics Physics Department • MS in Physics Electrical Engineering Department • MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering Specialization/Focus Area: Telecommunication Engineering Chemical Engineering Department • MS in Chemical Engineering 37 .

It on “first come first serve” basis. The whole facility is managed from well Cisco Networking Academy Facilities & Services Cisco Networking Academy helps students in developing valuable information and Accommodation communication technology to increase access to opportunities for career advancement. The provides online courses. parents and faculty. along Lecture Rooms with server room have been setup at the campus. Information Technology Center Distance Education ITC provides services of network and communications. software development and digital COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. Five air conditioned computer labs. Internet connectivity is being provided to the The campus has well furnished. Another lab has been established in girls’ hostel. Every room has a capacity for fifty or Mbps (CIR). Through COMSIS (Online Student Management System) ITC provides detail information of all academic matters to students. interactive tools. CIIT provides pick and drop services to students and employees. faculty and staff at Lahore campus has fully functional Distance CIIT Lahore has internal connectivity via optical Education facility that aims to provide quality fibre (LAN)/ wireless (WAN) which provides education to students. also available. and lab accommodation is available for approximately 130 activities to help individuals develop the skills students in private hostels managed by CIIT. The accommodation is available skills to improve economic opportunities. more students. needed to fill ICT (Information & Communications Technology) positions in virtually every type of Transport industry. research facilities to students. Nine buses and two coaches provide Computer Labs and Resources this service between campus and the city on subsidized rates. each equipped with fifty work stations with internet facility. It is an The campus provides hostel facility for both boys innovation that delivers communication technology and girls students. air-conditioned students with an enhanced bandwidth of up to 8 lecture rooms. Using videoconferencing 38 . Most of these class rooms are furnished with multimedia facility for teaching A number of multimedia and overhead projects are purposes. communications with outside world at a reasonable bandwidth rate 8 Mbps (CIR) .

000 books along with A comfortable and spacious common room has CDs and videos has been provided for the students. locating employment opportunities.000 world class journals discussions in free time available. This space For research purposes. library houses includes wide of services. over 17. both Lahore campus has a well-equipped physics lab. been established in the academic to perform experiments in comfortable environment. The air conditioned lab is fully equipped rigors of competition and fair play. with up to 8 MB bandwidth to facilitate students in Highly skilled staff is specialized in providing real time and without any delay. resume development. social and professional goals. It also includes assisting them in range of informational films. Common Room for Girls A collection of more than 12. five professional has been designed to give female students a place international journals are available for students and to relax. handling of academic as well as peer pressure etc. through implementation of many programs. students in finding employment through a variety Other than books. students may interact in real time with students with range of services designed to help foreign professors and faculty from other CIIT and assist them adjust to university life and to campuses. students with comprehensive solution to their everyday problems including their adjustment to Physics Lab university environment. CIIT. Daily newspapers. offer prayers. CSS achieves these goals To meet the current scientific challenges. The JPC offers journals and newspapers. are also available online as part of the digital library magazines and periodical journals are available for reading. study and have informal faculty. Email address: with required apparatus and purpose built furniture css@ciitlahore. CSS arranges many Students from different engineering disciplines co and extra-curricular activities in order to bring perform experiments related to their physics the best out of students and prepare them to the courses. within and outside the campus. and identifying authors or titles. Students are The mission of Job Placement Cell (JPC) is to assist encouraged to make full use of it. audiocassettes. COMSATS Students Services (CSS) Cafeteria CSS .COMSATS Students Services cell has been established at CIIT Lahore Campus to provide 39 . The distance education room here at achieve potential in terms of their personal. job hunting skills. interviewing skills search for books. Lahore has latest equipment and technology In addition. job one-on-one assistance regarding data bank. Library Job placement Cell The library functions as an information resource center for the campus. and students profile directory. The library is opened six days a week. The library staff provides students grooming

football and basket ball field of electronics. table tennis. 40 . debates. drama. and current affairs competitions. It arranges Gym Club various music and movie shows from time to time to provide good entertainment to the students. seminars and other related events in the Playgrounds for hockey. It promotes development of innate Mini shopping center talents of students apart from academic excellence. quiz Playgrounds programs. A Gym club has been made functional for the students. This club has been established to organize art. chess boys’ hostel provide a serene facility for prayers and athletics. which is running quite successfully. snacks. The Electronic Society organizes competitions. The computer science society organizes seminars. badminton. basketball. female students’ participation in the sports events. The society facilitates both male and including Juma congregation. and beverages for the faculty. Central mosque between academic building and football. A mini shopping center has been established to Dramatic and Music Club facilitate the students and the residents living on the campus. and have brought back honors & Health Center prizes. quiz programs. one for faculty & staff and the other for students. Members of the society have represented the institute at several forums and competitions. This is one of the most popular have been developed and are being maintained to societies and has a regular activities calendar. a health center has been established near the girl’s hostel under the Electronics Society supervision of a qualified Resident Medical Officer. naat. quiz programs and other events related to computer sciences. and singing competitions. mushaira. It has two portions. To provide first-aid and medical facilities to students and faculty members.The cafeteria is responsible for catering meals. Debating and Culture Society This society organizes seminars. Sports Society Mosque The sports society organizes competitions in cricket. qirat. provide extracurricular activities to the enrolled students for grooming their personalities. staff and Computer Science Society students at reasonable rates.

visits to historical places. To achieve this objective. guest speakers from corporate and industrial sectors are regularly invited to the campus in order to share their practical wisdom and experiences with the students Campus Publications COMSMAG: This is an annual magazine reflecting the whole academic year in a nutshell. walks. hill stations and geological sites. Seminars One of the key features of education at CIIT is a visionary approach of constantly providing practical exposure to the students regarding the course contents. It also highlights various events about various academic and extra-curricular purposes 41 . The pages of the magazine depict the essence of artistic and academic abilities harbored by the students of COMSATS Lahore. Newsletter: This is a semester wise output that focuses on day- to-day milestones reached at COMSATS Lahore. The club currently had more than 250 student members.Adventure Club The Adventure club organizes activities for CIIT students including excursions.

42 .

The Campus is situated right at the Mall of beautiful Wah Cantt. Rawalpindi. the town having the and Rawalpindi and is a growing industrial centre. Dr. Wah is easily accessible for students coming from probably Akbar was on a journey to Kashmir. Taxila. and Wah Cantt similar meaning to the English word "wow". in been built by the Mughal emperor Akbar in the pursuance of its commitment for the sustainable 16th century. highest literacy rate in the Country.. his caravan stopped at a spring in Punjab to quench their thirst. the way. Akbar said Wah! which has a Quaid Programs Offered in Wah Campus Computer Science Department: MS in Computer Science Management Science Department: MS in Management Science 43 . Due to its location CIIT Legend states that one of the Mughal Emperors. Remarking at the quality and purity of the water. The Mall. near Nashaman Location and Composition Special children school. Islamabad to launch a campus at Wah. development in Science and Technology decided It is connected by road with Peshawar. Gen Abdul Qayyum.000. The main Industries in Wah include one of the largest forces behind this venture were the joint efforts cement factories in South Asia. implements and spare-parts manufacturing. Amenities include a garden said to have COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. Minister of Science and Technology and the Nearby is Wah Cantonment. Welcome to Wah Wah Campus The population of Wah is estimated to be over (Established in September 2001) 500. Chairman ordnance and tractor plants. Atta-ur-Rahman. other than and desires of Lt. Chancellor of CIIT. Website: http://www. That Tel: (051) 9272614 (051) 9272614 spring became known as Wah and the city gets its Fax: (051) 4546850 name from this event.ciit-wah. On Wah. and agricultural (POF) Board and Prof.

Km. the city of (Established in April 2004) Attock is also the administrative centre of Attock COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Tehsil (CIIT). District Attock has a area north of the Haro River is a flood plain with population of more than one million people. Talagang tehsil from the Jhelum District and the Pindigheb. The land consists change. The maximum River Indus. from Peshawar. of Attock Town. The name of the district was changed to Attock in1978. place of contrast offering the best life with the peace of most beautiful countryside. the Haro River comes from neither certainly static nor backward looking and is Haripur and passes through the Attock tehsil on the continuously at the fore front of development and north of the Kala Chitta Range. Its location has helped it to become a mainly of hills. plateaus. The original name Tel: (057) 9316330 (057) 9316330 was Campbellpore district after Sir Campbell who Fax: (057) 9316329 founded the city of Campbellpore to the southeast Website: http://www. Location and Composition Currently CIIT is imparting education to over 9000 Attock District's climate is characterized by very hot students nationwide. from Rawalpindi and temperature reaches 40° became functional in 1998 . Attock is a compared to the southern part. The competitive business area. Attock Rawalpindi District of British Raj. one of the leading IT institutes in Pakistan. from more humid. 2000. of the population belongs to the profession of agriculture but the development and advancement Attock District (Urdu: اٹک ) is located in the in various walks of life has paved the path to northwest of the Punjab province of Pakistan. Attock City lies on the bank of summers and very cold winters. The northern part is 100 Km. District Attock The river Indus flows on the western and northern has total area of 6000 Sq. The understand the importance of education in the lives district was created in 1904 by the merger of of people as an individual and as a nation. neighboring 10 km.ciit-attock. and attained the status of degree awarding institute on 12th August. The Attock city is sides of the district. Program Offered in Attock Campus Attock Campus MS in Electrical Engineering Specialization/Focus Area: 44 . Most fertile soil. It is just 80 Km. and dissected plains. Fatehjang and Attock tehsils from Kamra Road. Welcome to Attock Attock Campus As well as being the district capital. with a relatively moderate climate as Pakistan Aeronautical Complex.

Communication and Radar Technology 45 .

The principal crops are wheat. This city was a (Established in December 2006) small village on the Karachi-Lahore railway line in 1865 when it was named Montgomery after Sir COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Robert Montgomery. The people of Sahiwal are known as Sahiwalians. Irrigation in the region is provided by the Bari Doab Canal Location and Composition The climate of Sahiwal district is Cotton goods and lacquered woodwork are manufactured.T. The soil of the district is very fertile. is the site of a Malli city captured by Alexander the Great in 325 bc.[ The city lies in the densely populated region between the Sutlej and Ravi rivers. This city got his name from the first inhibitors of this city the sahis (a jutt sub-tribe or cast). then Lieutenant-Governor of Sahiwal was established in August 2006. The districts of Okara and Pakpattan are under Sahiwal division. administrative centre of Sahiwal District and Sahiwal Division. and down to 5°C in winter. The average rainfall is about 2000 mm. oldest urban center of Harappan or Indus civilization in South Asia. legumes. Sahiwal lies 87 NL. It took its current name in 1966. About 18 miles Southwest of Sahiwal is Harappa. Off GT Road Sahiwal.ciitsahiwal. an ancient city of the world. reaching 52 °C in summer. 46 . About 28 miles (45 km) west of Sahiwal. It is the located on 87 NL. at Kamalia. and oilseeds. Off G. Road approximately 180 km from the major city of Sahiwal Lahore and it is the biggest city between Lahore Tel: (040) 4016302 (040) 4016302 and Multan. cotton. Website: http://www. tobacco. It is Punjab. Pakistan. Welcome to Sahiwal Sahiwal Campus Sahiwal is a city in Punjab.

Vehari Campus
(Established in August 2008)

Multan Road, Vehari
Tel: (067) 3362774, (067) 3362774

Welcome to Vehari
Vehari is located on the southern alternate route of
both railway and road between Multan and Lahore,
the capital of the Punjab province of Pakistan.

Location and Composition
The summer in Vehari is very hot, but the weather
becomes pleasant between October and February.
Light rainfall leaves the land generally arid and
dusty. The country's agricultural products are
fantastic and include mangoes in the summer and
guava and citrus fruit in the winter. Vehari is the
best cotton growing area in the entire Pakistan.
There is a great deal of prosperity due to cotton
based industry and very fertile agriculture land.



Faculties & Departments
The CIIT comprises of following Faculties and
Departments & units which offer graduate

1. Faculty of Business Administration
• Department of Management
• Department of Development
2. Faculty of Engineering
• Department of Electrical
• Department of Chemical
3. Faculty of Information Sciences &
• Department of Computer Science
• Health Informatics Unit
4. Faculty of Science
• Department of Mathematics
• Department of Physics
• Department of Biosciences
• Department of Environmental
• Department of Meteorology
• Department of Chemistry


bringing ideas to life and making knowledge work Master of Business Administration (Aug.Z. The Department of Management Sciences at CIIT. Talat Afza Universities. with Faculty of publications in HEC recognized journals and in international journals with impact factors. beside teaching and grooming of students. Wayne State University (USA) The Faculty of Business Administration of the Short Profile of Dean: COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT). community. 1980). actively involved in Azam Scholarship holder) cutting edge research. In order to realize its mission of promoting and supporting research in the field of management so far a number of national and international conferences have been organized by Departments: the department over a short span of time. with this several research papers have also been published and presented in various national and international conferences and journals. Business Administration If you would like to be a part of our team and take your role as one of the research scholars who will Welcome message by Faculty Dean: shape tomorrow’s intellectual world. at number 5 among the 114 PhD (International Trade & Finance) institutions of the higher education in the country. with its distributed network in the regional Ph. has correspondingly emerged as one of (International Trade and Finance) the leading Business Administration Faculty of the Master of Arts in Economics (May 1984). the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has ranked CIIT. faculty members and a broader University. campuses. B. Recently.D. (Aug. 2000. Pakistan. Along 50 . 1988). I to join us at COMSATS Institute of Information am delighted to share with you that COMSATS Technology to keep pace with the expanding Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) has frontiers of knowledge and research training to been at the forefront of research lead education address the concerns associated to existing local and has played an active part in shaping the and global issues of society. Wayne State country that excels not just in research. Multan. Wayne State university –USA. economy and business modern day higher education since its inception in world. Our faculty’s strength rests on the (Finance and Accounting)(Gold Medallist and Quaid-e- quality of learned faculty. has always been a host to many eminent scholars and has institutionalized research as being a vital factor in its growth. but in University – USA. for its students. on the basis of Faculty Dean Research Performance 2005-07 of Pakistani Dr. making the institution a credible center of excellence both in quality teaching and research. I invite you As the Dean-Faculty of Business Administration.

The graduate programs MS and PhD are offered in the Following departments of various campuses of CIIT: Abbottabad Campus • Department of Management Science • Department of Development Studies Islamabad Campus • Department of Management Science Lahore Campus • Department of Management Science Wah Campus • Department of Management Science 51 .

development of the individual. organizations are seeking future • Finance business leaders with improved good interpersonal skills as • Marketing well as a well rounded perspective of various global issues. As MS research is likely to be thematic rather than discipline 52 . government on the national and international levels. to develop your thinking processes. CIIT The MS program is divided into core and elective courses. It underpins the structure and content of our MS program. the Department has recognized administration. educational qualification for future senior managers and executives. industry and which forms the basis for the taught element of the program. Introduction Management Finance Short Introduction: Marketing The Department of Management Sciences offers professional Information Technology Management graduate courses of study designed to provide competency in Business Economics management and to acquaint the student with a variety of business activities. In the Management Sciences is designed to prepare graduates for first year you are supported by our research training program managerial and administrative roles in business. skills. Campuses Offering Programs Abbottabad. however final Faculty of Business Administration decision regarding specialization offered will be decided as per number of students enrolled. The Department of Management Sciences aims to The program enables you to contribute more towards the provide a program. It also prepares students for a variety of leadership positions in Department of complex contemporary business environments and teaching careers. It aims to improve the ability to apply concepts to develop managers and business leaders with the vision. in ways which cannot be gained The ability to think beyond the boundaries is characteristics by experience alone sought by any forward thinking organization. increase writing knowledge. • Information Technology Management Businesses also want their employees to be exposed to a • Business Economics research driven environment which is capable of involving a range of business issues. The MS is designed necessary to integrate dynamic and strategic view of to contribute to the sponsoring organization and to the organizations and to play an effective role within them. The MS program in Students will be supervised by leading CIIT academicians. and capabilities beyond those generally attainable through normal public service etc. Increasingly from the • General Management employer’s perspective. change career direction or seek a fresh intellectual stimulus. that students may want to improve their job opportunities. field. commerce. Subject Areas: Many are also looking for an enhancement of general business Five primary research areas have been proposed: management rather than specialist skills. The overall objective of the MS Program is to work. Specializations are available in following areas. These programs are both decision and Special Features and Objectives policy oriented and focuses on key aspects of modern business In developing the program. Our MS prepares the students not only for Management Science at management but also involves them in the practical research for an in-depth study of a specific topic earning a MS degree. managers who already have an MBA or related qualification Lahore & and are seeking continued learning and progression in their Wah. practice. Program Overview enabling you to make a contribution to knowledge and practice The Programs are widely recognized as the most appropriate through research. which is both educationally sound and workplace and offers a higher intellectual platform to develop directly relevant to such areas as industry. ethics and entrepreneurial ability skills and enhance professional credibility. creativity. It is also suitable for experienced professionals or fast-track Islamabad. CIITs’ MS program is the ultimate professional business qualification and provides an accelerated route to a doctorate.

Lahore Campus: relevant support is computer labs. Name: Prof. candidates are supported by a panel of senior faculty members rather than a single supervisor. and study areas for the small group discussions which are central to the learning process on both the BS and MS programs Department Contact .edu. Qaiser Abbass Mailing/Courier Address: Park Road. to ensure that most Department Contact . Ahmed kaleem Mailing/Courier Address: Defence Road. Chakshahzad. Fax: 051-4546850 class teaching and learning facilities including lecture which is the largest and most diverse of any business institution in the Email: drkaleem@ciitlahore.Islamabad Phone: 051-8318471 Fax: 051-2318499 Email: qaiser@comsats. Off Raiwind Knowledge into action-a faculty with Management Department Contact . a strength reinforced by close links with outside organization through consultancy and research. Campus: Name: Dr. Our quality of teaching and learning Department Contact . Mailing/Courier Address: Quaid country. a management information and resource center.Islamabad Campus: Name: Dr. Most have managerial experience. Mushtaq Khan Jadoon Mailing/Courier Address: University Road Abbottabad Phone: 0992-383591-6 Fax: 0992-383441 Email: khanmm@ciit. Excellent facilities: Phone:051-9272614-5 /051-9314382-4 COMSATS Institute of information Technology provides first. Lahore experience Phone: 042-111-001-007 Fax: 042-9203100 One of our major strengths is our teaching faculty.Wah Campus: Name: Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed is rated as excellent by the Higher Education 53 . The Mall.based. Wah Cantt. Email: mushtaq_45@yahoo.

Khan Post Doctorate Dr. Muhammad Mushtaq Khan PhD (Applied Statistics) PhD (Public Health Specialization in Health Policy & Charles University Prague. Netherlands Dr. Majid Khan PhD (Development Economics) PhD (Education Policy and Leadership) University of Bradford. Cardiff University. Qaisar Abbas Dr. UK IOWA State University. Shehla Amjad Dr. USA Dr. Greece Texas A&M University. National University of Modern Languages (NUML). comprising of a number of Dr. Melbourne. M. Muhammad Zahid Iqbal PhDs & MS degree holders from Foreign / Pakistani PhD (Human Resource Development) universities. Tianjin. Hasnain Naqvi PhD (Economics) 54 . Czechoslovakia Management) University of Groningen. UK Dr. Germany The department of Management Sciences has well qualified. USA Islamabad Campus Dr. USA Management Science Faculty of Business Administration Dr. Muzaffar Ali Qureshi Department of PhD (Management) Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of New York. China Dr. Kashif Rashid Dr. Amherst. USA PhD (Human Resource Development) Nankai University. Dr. Australia University of Manchester. UK Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) Harbin. Syed Amjad Farid Hasnu Dr. UK Dr. Muhammad Tahir Masood PhD (Civil Engineering) Dr. Speyer. Muhammad Afzal Khan University of Florida PhD (Economics) PhD (Development Economics) Multan University of Manchester. Iqtidar Ali Shah Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Zulfiqar Shah PhD (Corporate Governance) PhD (Accountancy and Finance) Victoria University. Mohammad Nasr Abbottabad Campus Post Doctorate University of Warwick. Aurangzeb Khan PhD (Public Administration) Faculty Members German University of Administrative Sciences. Iram A. USA PhD (Development Economics) PhD (Urban and Regional Science) University of Thessaly. Islamabad Dr. Shahab Alam Malik PhD (SME Management) PhD (Total Quality Management) University of Bradford. UK University of Massachusetts. China Dr. UK Dr. Khalid Riaz Post Doctorate PhD (Agricultural Economics) Cardiff Business School. competent and energetic faculty.

UK PhD (Finance) Harbin Institute of Technology Harbin China Dr. Malaysia Wah Campus Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Bodla PhD (Econometrics & HRM) Wayne University. Mushtaq Ahmad PhD (International Trade & Economic Forecasting) University of NSW Australia/ University of Wales (UK) Dr. Malaysia Dr Shahbaz Shabir Gill PhD (Marketing) University of Malaya. Saqib Gulzar 55 . Dr Ahmad Kaleem PhD (Islamic Finance) University of Malaya.R. USA Dr.University of Dundee. Talat Afza PhD (International Trade & Finance) Wayne State University (USA) Dr. Samina Nawab PhD (HRM) GUACAS Institute of Policy & Management Beijing China Lahore Campus Faculty Dean Dr. P. Abdul Haque PhD (Econometrics) Huazhong University of Science & Technology.C.

For admission in PhD. The MS degree MS in Management Science program is both decision and policy oriented and focuses on key aspects of modern business Islamabad administration.year BBA with first division or CGPA of 2. Lahore Management Science MS and PhD in Management Science Career Potential/Career Prospects: Faculty of Business Wah On successful completion of the course the Administration MS in Management Science graduates will have an excellent opportunity in finding employment in areas with a broad. variety of business activities. Why to choose Management Sciences at CIIT: The Master of Science in Management Science program offers a professional graduate course of Campuses Offering Programs study designed to provide competency in management and to acquaint the student with a Abbottabad. MS and PhD in Management Science Department of . public environments and teaching careers in administration.5/4.0 in business administration.0 This knowledge makes them ready for a variety or Master’s degree with first division or CGPA of of leadership positions in complex contemporary Program: 2. Management /Business Economics. The /Marketing candidates who have certain basic deficiencies /Information Technology would be required to take up deficiency courses in addition to the already required courses.0/4. administrative sciences or some universities MS/PhD in Management relevant discipline is required for admission in Science MS. General Management A committee will also evaluate each applicant /Finance and decide on the elective course work required by each candidate towards his/her MS/PhD. 56 . 4.5/4. All the previously obtained degrees should be from recognized Specialization: institutions.0 is required. Program Details (MS/PhD) critical and practice-based understanding of Specific Entry Requirements (MS): Electrical Engineering & specialized disciplines. MS in Ist division or CGPA of 3.

• Advanced Topics in Service and Industrial Marketing Department of Management Science • Seminar in Marketing Faculty of Business Administration • Marketing History and Theory Course Details (MS) Information Technology Management Advanced Topics in Knowledge Management Program: Advances in Technology Management MS in Management Science Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation Advanced System Development and Management Core Courses Seminar in Management Technologies • Management.Marketing • Managing Marketing Profile • Advertising and Event Management • Issues in Brand Management • Advances in Marketing Research • Advances in Integrated Marketing Communication 57 . Organizational Policy and Practices • Statistical Inference Business Economics • Research Methodology • Microeconomic Analysis 1 • Mathematical Modelling for Business • Econometric Methods 1 • Microeconomics Workshop Elective Courses • Personnel Economics (According to area of specialization) • Intertemporal Macroeconomics and Finance • Continuous – Time Financial Economics General Management Issues in Strategic Management Advanced Topics in Change Management Advances in Human Resource Development and Management Advanced Topics in Conflict and Crisis Management Advanced Operations Management Emerging Issues in Leadership and Motivation Advanced Topics in Performance Management Systems Advanced Topics in International Business Management Seminar in Management Advances in Supply Chain Management Advances in Small Business Management Finance Advanced Financial Management Advanced Topics in International Finance Advanced Topics in Financial Instruments and Market Portfolio Selection Management Financial Modeling and Enterprise Risk Management Stock Market and Efficiency Issues in Financial Economics Advanced Topics in Risk Analysis and Insurance Management Seminar in Financial Management Marketing • Issues in Consumer Behavior • Advanced Topics in E.

Management Science • Information Technology & Business Collaboration • Enterprise Systems Strategy Core Courses • Social Enterprise: Innovation in the Information Society • Management Thoughts & Philosophy • Advanced Techniques in Data Analysis Business Economics • Microeconomic Analysis II Elective Courses • Market Design (According to area of specialization) • Advanced Topics in Financial Economics • Econometric Methods II Management • Multiperson Decision Theory • Economics of Strategy and Organization • Applied Econometrics and Economic Research • Organizational Ecology • Game Theory • Workforce Diversity: Organizational Development • Applied Industrial Economics • Social Capital for Managerial Effectiveness • The Economics of Institutions and Organizations • Reward Systems: Theory and Administration • Strategic Management of Knowledge in Professional Service Firms • Bargaining and Influence Skills • Social Norms • Designing Organizational Research • Social Psychology of Organizations Finance • Empirical Methods in Finance • Emerging Issues in Financial Markets • Financial Theory and Corporate Policy Decisions • Advanced Corporate Finance • Risk Management Techniques • Advanced Topics in Financial Economics • Advanced Topics in Financial Theory • Seminar in Finance • Dynamic Asset Pricing Theory Marketing • Behavioral Research in Marketing • Quantitative Research in Marketing: Empirical Models and Methods • Attitudes and Persuasion • Behavioral Decision Making 58 . • Multicultural Marketing and Business Development • Marketing Data: Measurement & Analysis Department of Management Science • Issues in International Marketing Faculty of Business Administration • Retail Strategy: Internet & Global Dimensions • Marketing High-Technology Products Course Details (PhD) Information Technology Management • Business Systems Consulting Program: • Leveraging Information Technology in Business Strategy PhD .

the institute established the Phone: 0992-383591-6 department of Development Studies as a separate discipline during first Fax: 0992-383441 quarter of Being the premier institute of the region having mission and vision to achieve Sustainable Development in the Development Studies is an interdisciplinary field. administrative and management sciences in order to foster the development of cross-disciplinary skills necessary to prepare students for the field of Development Studies. enhancing established careers and improving research expertise in the related fields.Abbottabad Campus: domain to encompass Development studies as a separate and distinct program Name: Dr. Subject Area: • MS in Development Studies Campuses Offering Program Abbottabad Program Overview The MS in Development Studies core curriculum integrates substantive knowledge spanning the disciplines of social. The MS degree program in Development Studies will be spread over 30 credit hours including 12 credit hours of core courses. computer labs. In addition. 59 . national and international arenas. and study areas for the small group discussions which are central to the learning process on both the BS and MS Introduction programs The ability to think beyond the boundaries is characteristic sought by any forward looking organization. specific learning outcomes for the program identify essential knowledge and skills that each graduate should acquire throughout the course of the program. Shehla Amjad of study along with the ongoing Engineering Programs. a management Faculty of Business Administration information and resource center. This underpins the structure and content of our Short Introduction: MS program. Emphasis is also placed on providing a sound basis for conceptual understanding of issues related to study of development policy with particular reference to Pakistan. The MS graduate will be able to thrive in any world class corporate and competitive international environment. Contemporary themes of the subject encompass a wide array of ideas and perspectives both from an academic and practical standpoint. In view of the present Mailing/Courier Address: University Road Abbottabad trends and emerging needs of the disciplines. COMSATS Abbottabad expanded its Department Contact . 12 credit hours of elective courses and 6 credit hours of research thesis. environment. The degree is a recognized qualification for attaining jobs in development sectors. The degree builds the sound foundation and provides opportunities for specialized education for broaden the academic base to increase options and opportunities for appropriate jobs in private and public sectors in local. Department of Development Studies Excellent facilities: COMSATS Institute of information Technology provides first-class teaching and learning facilities including lecture rooms. Email: shehla@ciit.

D (Economics and Natural resource Management) University of Minnesota USA PhD (Economics) Quaizd-e-Azam University Dr. University. Germany 60 . UK Dr. Shehla Amjad PhD (Development Economics) University of Bradford. competent and energetic faculty. Abbottabad Campus Dr. Tahir Mehmood PhD (Rural Development) Georg August.Department of Development Studies Faculty of Business Administration Faculty Members The department of Development Studies has well qualified. Norway Dr. comprising of a number of PhDs & MS degree holders from Foreign / Pakistani universities. Himayatullah Khan Ph. Bahadur Nawab Khattak PhD (International Environmental and Development Studies) Norweign University of Life Sciences.

Or Master’s degree/four years bachelor Department of degree with first division or CGPA of 2. This knowledge makes Abbottabad them ready for a variety of positions in complex contemporary environments and teaching . Masters in Development studies with CGPA of 2. critical and practice-based understanding of Campuses Offering Program Development studies. Specific Entry Requirements: 61 . Program: MS. management/administrative sciences Development Studies or other relevant disciplines Faculty of Business Administration Fee Structure: Program Details (MS) Since the fee structures may change from time to time therefore as a better approach students must contact the relevant graduate office for the details. careers in universities.5 in social sciences.5.Development Studies Career Potential/Career Prospects: Master of Science in Development Studies program prepares students with a broad.

Politics and Development  Institutions and Governance 62 .Department of Development Studies Faculty of Business Administration Course Details (MS) Program: MS in Development Studies Core Courses  Development Theory. Policy and Practices  Statistical Analysis for Development Studies  Applied Research Methods  Economic. Social and Political Dimensions of Development  MS Thesis Elective Courses  Advanced Readings in Development Studies  Anthropology of Development  Major Issues in Gender and Development  Advanced Topics in Development Economics  Human Resource Development  Project Management for Rural Development  Sustainable Agriculture and Development  Aid and Development  Natural Resources and Development  Climate Change and Development  Health and Development  Political Ecology  Conflict and Development  Global Political Economy  Human Rights and Development  International Relations.

Dean. come from all over the Pakistan and represent a rich blend of diverse geographic locations. This is the best time to be a our faculty members for higher education and short-term scientific and student at Engineering departments of CIIT and take full advantage of their rich research training in well reputed International Universities. It has been consistently ranked among top ten Engineering keep our tuition fee well-below the tuition fee charged by many other Faculties of Pakistan by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Shahid Ahmed Khan student body to over 6. In support of research and training. We offer Graduate/undergraduate degree programs at different Campuses of CIIT in Telecommunication Engineering. 63 . When it comes to career development and planning. institutions of the country. Civil Engineering and Bio-medical Engineering are in progress. Proposals for new programs in Mechanical Engineering. I am convinced that as it continues to mature and expand Best wishes. At CIIT engineering teaching aids and supplemented with wide range of facilities for extracurricular education was initiated in 1999 with single discipline and now. These arrangements reflect CIIT’s commitment to enabling all of our students to access the maximum possible range of career opportunities in engineering sectors. Under the premeditated to ensure that the Faculty of Engineering at CIIT remains one of umbrella of Faculty development program every year we send quite a few of the leading Faculties nationally and internationally. Electronic Engineering. The Industrial liaison offices work closely with career development offices to liaise with relevant employers in order to learn their hiring priorities and guide the students accordingly. Our students rank in University of Portsmouth.000 students at different campuses of COMSATS Professor of Radio-Communications Institute of Information Technology. UK the top tier statistically. it will emerge as an internationally recognized centre of excellence in the field of Engineering. highly qualified Faculty members have tremendous potential to change the traditional way of thinking about engineering education. modern opportunities for innovative education. We are also in process of launching few degree programs in collaboration with International Universities of very good repute. new libraries (one of the largest in the country). The Engineering education at CIIT is PhD (Radio wave propagation and antennas) distinguished by the extraordinary quality of its students. after more than activities. the changes which are activities and we add significantly to this faculty base continuously. we recognize that the choice of nine years. and research. Faculty of Engineering has been active in recruiting Our past achievements are a source of pride to CIIT and many more exciting outstanding new faculty members to support their teaching and research changes are planned for the years to come. engineering has grown beyond expectations having eight different an institution is influenced by practical concerns such as location and cost. Electrical Power Engineering Computer Engineering and Chemical Engineering. Apart from educational excellence. Faculty of Engineering Since the establishment of Faculty of Engineering at CIIT we have increased our Dr. Our engineering disciplines at undergraduate and graduate levels and many more campuses are located at very convenient places and we are also striving to are in progress. students at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology are supported by marvelous services of our career development centers and advice from our newly-established Industrial Liaison offices at different campuses. Welcome message by Dean – Faculty of Engineering: Our newly developed campuses are equipped with state-of-art teaching and Engineering at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology offers unique research labs. pedagogy and research excellence. we have established a Center of Advanced Faculty of Engineering Studies in Telecommunication (CAST) at Islamabad Campus and similar centers of excellence in other areas of Engineering are going to be established in other campuses of CIIT. Our young and learning environment. Since its inception.

Departments: The graduate programs MS and PhD are offered in the Following departments of various campuses of CIIT: Abbottabad Campus • Department of Electrical Engineering Islamabad Campus • Department of Electrical Engineering Lahore Campus • Department of Electrical Engineering • Department of Chemical Engineering Attock Campus • Department of Electrical Engineering 64 .

Mailing/Courier Address: Defence Road. broadband computer Website: [Department web URL] Department Contact .Lahore Campus: system design for Shahzad A Malik Introduction Mailing/Courier Address: Electrical Engineering block. Off Raiwind Road. optical • Computer Engineering • Power Engineering • Energy Engineering • Electronic Systems Engineering • Automation and Control Engineering • Telecommunications Engineering • Networks Engineering • Communication and Radar Technology Campuses Offering Programs: Abbottabad. Park Road. Islamabad Phone: 051-8318471 Short Introduction: Fax: 051-8318499 These programs in Electrical Engineering provide advanced education and Email: smalik@comsats. Saleem Akhtar and computer facilities are available in the above areas. Strong emphasis is placed on the areas of mobile wireless communications. Lahore Phone: 042-111-001-007 Subject Areas: Fax: [042-9203100 Eight primary research areas have been proposed: Email: sakhtar@ciitlahore. Attock Phone: 057-9316330-1 Fax: 057-9316329 Email: Campus: Name: Dr. Shahid Khattak Mailing/Courier Address: University Road Abbottabad Phone: 0992-383591-6 Fax: 0992-383441 Email: skhattak@ciit. RF/microwave engineering.Abbottabad Campus: Name: Dr. Islamabad & Lahore Department Contact . Specialized state-of-the-art laboratories Name: Dr.Attock Campus: 65 .pk research to develop knowledge & expertise in communications engineering. communication signal Website: [Department web URL] Department of Electrical Engineering at CIIT Faculty of Engineering Department Contact . Name: Muhammad F Fakhar Mailing/Courier Address: karma Road . and embedded electronic Department Contact . Attock.

Optical Communication is the only source to accomplish the up-coming high These Labs have State-of-the-art software and hardware technology. multimedia calls) and user mobility. Microwave Filters. better Quality of Service (QoS) and resource management fiber communication systems. such as algorithms based on fractal signals. The field of Computer Engineering The key areas of research in Optical communication are WDM Passive optical encompasses both software and hardware. latest software tools in these areas. parameter estimation. resource distribution among new and handoff calls on the basis of call types To produce quality research publications. 66 . communication. To take into account the probabilistic modelling in recognition algorithms VLSI/ Comp. Our approach to new algorithms includes some Research Activities. Fiber Channel Storage computer engineering. we often look to nature Facilities: for inspiration and as a metaphor for new signal processing directions. toolkit for the purpose of education. (R&F) and Radio-Over-Fiber (RoF). Communication Lab Electronics Lab Optical & Microwave Communication (OpticoM) Microwave Lab The Optical & Microwave Communications Research Group at CIIT Lahore Control Lab undertakes research on a range of topics applicable to cutting edge wireless Project Lab broadband and optical communications technology. target recognition. chaotic Information behavior in nonlinear dynamical systems in addition to the more conventional areas of signal modelling. optical sensors. requirements have introduced several new challenges for researchers. Free Space Optics (FSO). Facilities and Related unconventional directions. Mm-wave and Submm-wave (THz) antennas. QoS. Architecture Lab To enhance the performance of MIMO OFDM systems. Microprocessor Lab To develop recent research based CAD Models/Simulations. Mobile cellular To develop an open source graphical user interface (GUI) based software networks have received wide spread approval and appreciation from masses. sampling and signal representation. reliability and ease of communication. with the applications serving as motivating contexts. technology up gradation. Our prime Faculty of Engineering focus is on algorithm development in general. radar and sonar. communication. wireless resource management and mobility management in next generation To do research in latest developments in field of optical and microwave cellular mobile networks. high precision optical measurement the students can take up research projects in any of the mainstreams of technologies. Radio Frequency Lab high data rates and logically independent hierarchical connectivity (WDM). (voice. Currently work is underway on Adaptive Call Queuing Schemes that prioritize To develop Computer Aided Design (CAD) models/simulations. To develop new algorithms based on advanced filtering techniques. analog and digital communications. In addition to basic lab equipment we also have Area Networks. Our labs are well-equipped so that networks. research and design of optical However. protocol transparency. We have Bandwidth demands due to the advancements in Technology. The Department of Electrical Engineering at COMSATS Institute of Information The group aims Technology has the following Labs for research and development. Radio-and-Fiber advanced equipment. The major Mobile Communication & Networks (MCN) objectives of the OpticoM group are: The advancements in Mobile Cellular Communications have revolutionized the concepts of connectivity. free space laser communication. wireless sensor networks. When developing new algorithms. Fiber over Wireless (FiWi) networks. Optical communication Graduate Lab systems (OCS) have successfully rationalized in back bone transmission systems Networks Lab in terms of economic scalability. The To study the cutting edge technologies in field of optical and microwave group aims to conduct research and development in areas of security. The research activities in Microwave communications are focused on multiple-element antennas and associated Research Groups: signal processing techniques. quantization. Antennas Propagation.Department of Electrical Signal Processing for Wireless Communications (SPWCOM) The Signal Processing Group develops signal processing algorithms that cover a Engineering wide variety of application areas including speech and image processing.

Discrete wavelet Multitone for PLC & DSL Starting of M. The major emphasis is on protocol design. Design & Hardware Implementation of transceivers based on Multirate high –efficiency power generation systems. palm print. Some of the key application Technologies. Computer vision research is becoming more and more essential for the Offering of Short Training Course (Power Distribution System Design). camouflage breaking. surveillance. for communication networks. quality of service (QoS). Currently. etc. ns-2. and sustainable power system technologies. Equalization techniques for discrete wavelet multitone modulation Industrial Projects & Collaboration. a wavelet based system that Renewable Energy & Power Systems (REPS) best suits an engineering requirement could be conceived. Wireless Mesh. The group has the Renewable Energy & Power Systems research group is multidisciplinary group objective to design & hardware implementation of transceivers based on that fosters collaborative research efforts and advances in the areas of efficient Multirate singnal processing techniques and MCM. crime control. etc). The issues of interest include mobility management. including face. In civil applications. crosstalk and high noise content in the surveillance. The objectives of the REPS group signal Processing techniques and MCM are: Wavelet OFDM for wireless communications Publishing of research papers. The group will develop fundamental The future directions for the group are: and applied knowledge that is required for the next generation of low-emission. finger prints etc to assist in Turbine. development and optimization. Design and Implementation of UPS to generate Micro-Power Using Jogging Computer Vision (COMVIS) Machine Projects. Micro-Wind authentication. OMNET++. setting up a new dedicated network by opting for the “No New Wires” solution fingerprint. channel. ZigBee and Bluetooth. Application of multirate signal processing techniques/wavelet • Surveillance (tracking. (DWMT) techniques Seminars/Workshops on MATLAB. MATLAB. etc). road safety) transforms in combination with multicarrier Modulation can be utilized to • Object categorization and scene analysis in natural images (e.Sc in Power and Energy System. mitigate these channel impairments. feature The greatest motivation for pursuing Wavelet Multicarrier Modulation (W-MCM) analysis) systems lies in the freedom that they provide to communication system designers. However these wireline media have their share of problems. Game theory. areas of computer vision are in public security. Biomass. radio resource allocation and performance evaluation in diverse wireless networks such as 3G/4G cellular. UWB.g. building extraction. forensic record analysis such as face. such as the digital subscriber line (DSL) and the • Intelligent video processing and understanding: automatic video power lines.Multirate Communication Networks (MRCN) • Applied Basic Research in Image Pattern Recognition: fundamental With the influx of the internet and multimedia applications in everyday life. the issues in statistical learning. ANSYS. defence and industrial sector. need for a cost effective solution. WiMaX. biometric Renewable Energy Projects (Photovoltaic System. Islamabad Campus Research Groups Networks Research Group Network Research Group is focusing on broadband wireless and mobile networks. technological advancement of a country with the increasing number of Development of Micro Grid Station at CIIT LHR using Renewable applications in civil. MEMS. cannot be overlooked. object recognition. analysis and understanding to reduce human intervention in including multipath signal propagation. iris. To empower the CIIT students in design methodology of Power Distribution The group has focus on primarily these application areas: System. etc) and simulation modelling (OPNET. our research is focusing on following issues: 67 . that offers reliable communication with higher • Biometric Recognition: individual identification by analyzing their data rates. By tailoring the design specifications.g. We can save extra cost and effort involved in physiological and behavioural characteristics. etc. identification. one of the Involvement of Undergraduate final year students in Implementation of most prominent application fields is security e. The research work is carried out using both analytical and mathematical modelling (Queuing Theory. WLANs. AutoCAD.

Currently focus of FPGA and DSP based Applications and Latest tools for Embedded Application this group is towards the antenna design and radio wave propagation. currently we are on making facial images illumination attenuation due to the hydrometeors. Single device handling multiple technologies is the need of the hour and for this Image Processing Communication Research Group purpose antennas operating at multiple frequency bands are required. design and analysis of antennas. The group is involved in a High speed Data Converters variety of research fields that are recent and future demanding areas. Queuing Theory and Tele-traffic Systems Protocol Design. pressure and humidity. Ultra Wide Band and Multi Bands Data acquisition and measurements with database and GUI support requires expertise in various technologies and simulation softwares. Analysis and Development Analog Integrated Circuits & Systems Research Group RF Network Planning and Optimization Channel Characterization and Modeling Mathematical and Simulation Modeling of Networks A research group is working under the name of Analog Integrated Circuits & Systems (AICS) Digital Systems Communication Research Group Core research area will be Analog and mixed signal Integrated Circuit Design The Digital Systems Research group was established in March 2009. design and implementation publications are on the credit of group members. In an iris recognition WiMAX system Segmentation mean extracting the inner circular boundary (pupil) and Wideband outer circular boundary from an eye image. Currently research is overcome current security problems. We are exploring various kind of losses in invariant. Over all Integrated Circuits for Wireless Communication number of publications are more than 10. Wide band and Ultra mainly focuses on Biometric Recognition Systems. All the Systems etc. For The basic theme of establishing Image Processing group is to explore different higher data rates. Above 60 Analog electronic circuits and systems: Analysis. Wide Band. achieving illumination invariance in the presence of Radio Resource Allocation large pose changes remains one of the most challenging aspects of automatic Quality of Service (QoS) Provisioning face recognition from low resolution imagery.Mobility Management in Wireless Networks recognition system. with an aim to building suitable foundation in. Image Processing. Analogue Integrated Circuits and Systems (AICS) research group is organizing a video lecture series. actively carried out in improving different antenna parameters and designing with focus on exploring Research is based on Segmentation and Normalization. Besides areas of Image processing and computer vision. Digital Signal various systems Processing To initiate research activity under the umbrella of AIC Intelligent Processing Algorithms Configurable and Extendible RISC Processor Architectures for Computationally RF Communication Research Group Complex Applications such as Video Encoding. Image Processing. We proposed some new methods Ultrawide Band for both pupil segmentation and iris as well. Analysis and design of Analogue Integrated Circuits in order to implement VLSI Architectures for Video Encoders. 68 . Multi Band Iris normalization is a process to transform the circular reign to rectangular so Radiowave Propagation that the matching algorithms can easily be implemented regardless pupil dilation Tropospheric Propagation and the different iris size caused by the different distance between the eye and Variations in the upward direction in the environment changes rapidly due to the video zoom factor. bandwidth expansion is also required. Digital Signal The basic aim to establish RF communication group is to explore the behaviours Processing. The research in this group the compact design. The research including. variations of temperature. Since. along with interactive discussion The group is involved in the following areas of research: among participants. of transmission environment. capacity and to accommodate larger number of users. Computer Vision Algorithms. numerical and Low Power / Low Voltage Analog Integrated Circuits experimental work in both digital and analog aspects. Propagation in this sphere is affected by the scatter and In face recognition. Filters and Amplifiers Microprocessor/microcontroller-based systems Antenna Designing Industrial automations Design of antennas for WiMAX. that can be helpful to wideband antennas are suitable for such applications. 10km above the earth level is defined as troposphere. group members have research publications on various reputed forums. which is one of the most fundamental preprocessing step of any face the troposphere. in this group covers a wide range of activities including analytical.

PhD in Flight Vehicle Design. Shahzad A. Thailand Islamabad Campus Dr. Mushtaq Afzal Golra PhD Electrical Engineering (Power) Dr. Intesar Ahmed Faculty Dean PhD (Electrical Power Engineering) University of Adelaide. Beijing Télécom ParisTech . Russia Post Doctorate (Optical Communication) East China University of Science & Technology.Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications ENST University of Aeronautics & Astronautics. France Muhammad Fakhar Ud Din Dr. Kamran Liaquat PhD (Optoelectronics) Power Engineering Brunel University London. China Attock Campus Dr. UK Abbottabad Campus Dr. Shaista Shehzada PhD (High TC Superconductors) Faculty of Engineering Quaid-i-Azam University Faculty Members Dr. UK PhD (Control Systems) University of S Dr. Abdul Rashid PhD (Power Electronics) Dr. Saleem Akhtar Dr. Study of these changes with variation of PhD (Computer Networks) different parameters is focused. UK Dr. Ejaz A Ansari MS ( Computer and Information System) D. Izhar ul Haq PhD (High TC Superconductors) Department of Electrical Quaid-i-Azam University Engineering Dr. Sharjeel Wyne University of Manchester. Beijing PR China (Old). ENST. Dr. UK Ivanovo State University. Prof. USA AIT. Shahzada Khan PhD (Mobile Cellular Networks) Chief Engineer. Malik changes in the environment and layers. Laiq Khan Control System Strathclyde University.Eng Telecommunications University of Detroit Mercy . UK sphere is more affected by the radiation so its impact on the propagation of wave is more than any other layer. Raja Ali Riaz Manchester University. UK PhD (Wireless Communication) LUND University. Nasrullah Khan PhD (Fiber Optics Communications) University of Essex. Shahrukh Agha PhD (System on Chip Designing) Loughborough University. Shahid Ahmed Khan Ionospheric Propagation PhD(Radio wave propagation and antennas ) Solar radiations are the main cause of creation of the ionosphere the outer University of Portsmouth. Australia 69 . Moreover day and night will create drastic Dr. Paris. Sweden Dr. France Dr. Saleem Farooq Shaukat Dr. Glasgow Lahore Campus Dr.

Electronics Engineering. Bachelor of Science in Electrical /Networks Engineering Engineering in related disciplines such as: /Communication and Radar Technology Islamabad Electrical Engineering. GIKI. TU Berlin. Pakistan Harbin Institute of Technology.Ali Nawaz Khan PhD (Information and Communication Engineering) Dr. Graduates with a 16-year degree in • MS in Wireless Networks /Networks Engineering Computer Science. PhD Electrical Engineering. MW and Antenna Systems graduate Admission Committee at admission • MS in Computing Systems Engineering time for entry into this program Engineering • MS in Internet Engineering Why to choose this course at CIIT: 70 . • MS and PhD in Electrical Communication or Telecommunication Engineering Engineering and Computer Engineering or • MS in Mobile Specialization: equivalent from an accredited institution Communications Computer Engineering ii. China Dr. Physic or any Engineering related discipline shall be eligible for this program subject to passing with minimum of • MS in Embedded Systems • MS in Mobile Communications “C+” grade (or 65% marks) the prerequisite Engineering Engineering courses recommended by the departmental • MS in RF. Sobia Baig. MW and Antenna /Energy Engineering (or 65% marks) the prerequisite courses as /Electronic Systems Engineering recommended by the departmental Graduate Systems Engineering Advisory Committee at admission time for entry /Automation and Control Engineering • MS in Internet Engineering /Telecommunications Engineering into this program iii. Saquib SarfrazPhD (Computer Vision) • MS in Multimedia • MS in Wireless Networks Department of Engineering Information Engineering • Electrical Engineering • MS in Power Systems MS in Engineering Embedded Systems Faculty of Engineering Engineering • MS in Computing Systems Program Details Campuses Offering Programs Engineering • MS in Multimedia Information (MS/PhD) Abbottabad Engineering • MS and PhD in Electrical • MS in Power Systems Engineering Programs: Engineering • MS and PhD in Electrical Specialization: Engineering Lahore /Automation and Control Engineering Specialization: • MS and PhD in Electrical /Power Engineering Computer Engineering /Telecommunication Engineering Engineering /Power Engineering Specialization: /Energy Engineering Attock Telecommunication Engineering /Electronic Systems Engineering • MS in Electrical Engineering /Automation and Control Engineering Specialization: Specific Entry Requirements (MS): /Telecommunications Engineering Communication and Radar Technology i. Graduates from other engineering disciplines shall be eligible for this program Engineering /Power Engineering subject to passing with minimum of “C+” grade • MS in RF. Germany Dr. Electronics.

MS Electrical Engineering program focuses on departmental graduate committee. A student may complete 30 credit hours of critical and practice-based understanding of course work and also complete 06 credit hours of Electrical Engineering & specialized disciplines.5 CGPA in course work and market and subsequently accelerates their satisfactory defense of Project/Thesis career progression with an excellent preparation for PhD studies. students’ employability in a competitive job Minimum 2. who registers for thesis or project. additional This knowledge makes them ready for a variety course work will be considered non-credit. The student the topics ranging from fundamental techniques will be eligible for the award of the degree to cutting edge technologies in Electrical whenever he/she completes the program Engineering. In such cases. Career Potential/Career Prospects: On successful completion of the course the graduates will have an excellent opportunity in Courses finding employment in areas with a broad. may environments and teaching careers in still chose to complete degree requirements universities through course work option only by taking additional courses with the approval of the 71 . MS Thesis or Project. Our primary aim is to provide a requirements through any of the options as learning experience which maximizes our specified above. A of leadership positions in complex contemporary student. .

Video and Multimedia MS/PhD – Electrical Engineering • Audio Signal Processing • Computer-Aided Design of Digital Systems II Core Courses • Hardware/Software Co-Design Techniques • Interconnection Networks • Advanced Engineering Mathematics • Embedded Software and RTOS • Stochastic Processes • Advanced Topics in Computer Vision • Data Networks and Communications (Communications) • Advanced Topics in AI and Neural Computing • Linear Systems Theory (Automation and Control) • Special Topics in Signal Processing • Integrated Circuit Analysis & Design (Electronic Systems) • Advanced Topics in Image Processing • Advanced Computer Architecture (Computer) • Special Topics in Computer Systems Architectures • Power System Analysis (Power & Energy) • Advanced Topics in Digital Design • Research Methods • Advanced Topics in Embedded System Design Power and Energy Engineering Area of Elective Courses • Power System Analysis • Power System Operation and Control Computer Engineering • High voltage Engineering • Analysis of Algorithms • Power System Planning • Probabilistic Methods in Computer Systems Modeling • Engineering Optimization • Compiler Design • Power Electronics • Advanced Operating Systems • DC and Flexible AC Transmission • Artificial Intelligence • Renewable Energy • Natural Language Processing • Power generation and plant operation • Data Networks and Communications • Electric Power Quality/Quality of Supply • DSP Hardware Systems Design • Integration of distributed generation • DSP Software Systems Design • Design of Electrical Machines • Robotics • Flexible AC transmission • Real Time Computer Systems • Power Electronic Design • Digital Design • Advanced Digital Relaying • Logic Design and Switching Theory • Generation of sustainable energy system • Advanced Computer Architecture (Fundamental/Core) • Power System Protection • Power System dynamics • Advanced Microprocessor Systems • AC / DC Drives • Computer Vision • Power Transmission and Distribution • Pattern Recognition • Power Engineering project management • Multimedia Data Compression • Power Sector Management under Deregulation • Advanced Digital Signal Processing • Hydel Generation 72 . • Digital Image Processing Department of Electrical • Diagnosis and Design of Reliable Digital Systems • Computer-Aided Design of Digital Systems I Engineering • Performance of Computer Systems • Multithreaded Architectures Faculty of Engineering • Parallel Processing • Embedded Computing Systems Course Details (MS/PhD) • ASIC and FPGA Design • Neural and Fuzzy Systems • Radar Signal Processing Program: • Image.

Video. and Multimedia • Optical Fiber Components and Transmission Systems • Audio Signal Processing • Optical Fiber Communication Systems • Advanced Topics in Computer Vision • Optical Fiber Networks • Advanced Topics in AI and Neural Computing • Microwave Active Devices and Circuits • Special Topics in Signal Processing • VLSI Architectures and Algorithms • Advanced Topics in Image Processing • Design of Systems on a Chip (SoC) • Advanced Topics in Control Systems • Low Power Analog and Mixed Signal ICs • Communications Engineering • Computer-Aided Design of Digital Systems II • Stochastic Processes • Hardware/Software Co-Design Techniques • Probabilistic Methods in Computer Systems Modeling • Embedded Software and RTOS • Advanced Operating Systems • Active Semiconductor Devices • Communication Networks-Architectures and Protocols • Microwave Integrated Circuits • Data Networks and Communications • Advanced Topics in Digital Design • Information Theory and Coding • Semiconductor Processing Technology • Communication Systems Engineering • Electronic Materials • Digital Telephony • Semiconductor Opto-Electronic Devices • Digital Communications • Advanced Optoelectronic and Photonic Devices • Wireless Networks 73 . • High Voltage Design • Optical Networks .Transport and Switching • Project feasibility study • Next Generation Optical Networks • Advanced Topics in Power Systems Engineering • Advanced Topics in Integrated Circuit Design • Advanced Topics in Renewable Energy • Advanced Topics in VLSI Design • Advanced Topics in Embedded System Design Electronic Systems Engineering • Special Topics in Microelectronics • DSP Hardware Systems Design • Advanced Topics in Micro Systems Fabrication • DSP Software Systems Design • Advanced Topics in Solid State Devices • Integrated Circuit Analysis and Design • Advanced Topics in Optical System and Devices • MOS VLSI Circuit Design • Advanced Topics in Optical Networks • Circuit Modeling of Solid-State Devices • Advanced Topics in Optical Communications • Real Time Computer Systems • Logic Design and Switching Theory Automation and Control Engineering • Advanced Microprocessor Systems • Artificial Intelligence • Microwave Passive Devices and Circuits • Natural Language Processing • Fundamentals of Semiconductor Devices • Computer Vision • Theory of Optical Fibers • Pattern Recognition • Optical Fiber Devices and Components • Neural and Fuzzy Systems • Lasers and Optical Communication • DSP Hardware Systems Design • Optical Communications • DSP Software Systems Design • Laser and Modern Optics • Robotics • Principles of Fiber and Integrated Optics • Linear Systems Theory • Quantum Physical Electronics • Linear Control Systems • Advanced Integrated Circuits for Communications • Multimedia Data Compression • Mixed-Signal VLSI Systems Design • Non-Linear Systems & Control • VLSI System Design • Intelligent Control Systems • Diagnosis and Design of Reliable Digital Systems • Advanced Digital Signal Processing • Computer-Aided Design of Digital Systems I • Digital Image Processing • Embedded Computing Systems • Digital Control Systems • ASIC and FPGA Design • Optimization Control Theory • Optical Signal Processing • Radar Signal Processing • Integrated Optical Circuits and Devices • Image.

• RF System Engineering and Design • Telecommunication Software Design
• RF Propagation and Planning for Wireless Communications • Radar Signal Processing
• Microwave Passive Devices and Circuits • Image, Video, and Multimedia
• Electromagnetic Interference & Compatibility • Audio Signal Processing
• Theory of Optical Fibers • Embedded System Design for Telecommunications
• Optical Fiber Devices and Components • Modeling and Analysis of Telecommunication Networks
• Lasers and Optical Communication • Telecommunication Network Management
• Optical Communications • Emerging Wireless Networks
• Queuing Theory for Performance Modeling • QoS Architectures for Multimedia Wireless Networks
• Graph Theory and Network Optimization • Multimedia Networking
• Mobile and Broadband Networks • Teletraffic Engineering
• IP Routing Protocols and Internetwork Design • Advanced Multi-user Systems for Wireless Communications
• Advanced Network Programming • Adaptive Techniques for Wireless Communications
• Networks and Computer Security • Detection and Estimation Theory
• Performance Evaluation of Computer Networks • Traffic Engineering and QoS in TCP/IP Networks
• Multimedia Data Compression • Numerical and Computational Techniques in
• Advanced Digital Signal Processing Electromagnetics
• Digital Image Processing • Microwave Integrated Circuits
• Wireless LANs • Smart Antennas for Mobile Communications
• Performance Analysis of Communication Systems • RF Filter Design
• Cryptography and Secure Communication • RF and Microwave Measurement Techniques
• Advanced Digital Communications • Wireless Channel Modeling
• Wireless Communication Techniques • Advanced Optoelectronic and Photonic Devices
• Telecommunication Switching Systems • Optical Networks - Transport and Switching
• Broadband Network Architectures • Next Generation Optical Networks
• Broadband Access Networks • Special Topics in Computer Networks
• Mobile Cellular Systems and Standards • Advanced Topics in Network Security
• IP Telephony • Special Topics in Signal Processing
• Electromagnetic Field Theory • Advanced Topics in Communication Signal Processing
• Microwave Active Devices and Circuits • Advanced Topics in Telecommunication Electronics
• Antennas Theory/Design and Applications • Advanced Topics in Communications Theory
• Radio Wave Propagation • Special Topics in Communication Systems
• Satellite Communications and Navigation Systems • Advanced Topics in Wireless Networks
• RF Network Planning and Design • Selected Topics in Wireless Network Security
• Introduction to RF Front-End Design • Selected Topics in Wireless Networks Design and Planning
• Radar Systems • Advanced Topics in RF/Microwave Engineering
• Optical Signal Processing • Advanced Topics in RF System Design
• Integrated Optical Circuits and Devices • Advanced Topics in Radio Wave Propagation
• Optical Fiber Components and Transmission Systems • Advanced Topics in Antenna Design
• Optical Fiber Communication Systems • Advanced Topics in RF Planning and Optimization
• Optical Fiber Networks • Advanced Topics in Optical Networks
• Telecommunication Software Design • Advanced Topics in Optical Communications
• Application Development for Mobile Devices
• Mobile Computing Open Electives
• Design and Analysis of Computer Communication • Advanced Engineering Mathematics
Networks • Professional and Technical Communication
• Network Management and Operational Network Security • Stochastic Processes
• Internetworking: Architectures, Protocols and Applications • Advanced Linear Systems
• Network Forensics • Graph Theory

• Discrete Mathematics • Independent Studies-II
• Automata Theory
• Research Methods Program:
• Modeling and Simulation MS in RF, MW and Antenna Systems Engineering
• Software Development Methodologies • Engineering Mathematics
• Probabilistic Learning: Theory and Algorithms • Stochastic Processes
• Modern Data Analysis Methods • RF System Engineering and Design
• Optimization Techniques • RF Propagation and Planning for Wireless Communications
• Formal Specification and Modeling • Microwave Passive Devices and Circuits
• Computational Biology • Electromagnetic Interference & Compatibility
• Biologically Inspired Computing • Modeling and Simulation
• Power Electronics • Electromagnetic Field Theory
• Introduction to MEMS • Microwave Active Devices and Circuits
• Nanosystems • Antennas Theory/Design and Applications
• Radio Wave Propagation
Program: • Satellite Communications and Navigation Systems
MS in Mobile Communications Engineering • RF Network Planning and Design
• Introduction to RF Front-End Design
• Communications Systems Engineering • Radar Systems
• Digital Telephony • Numerical and Computational Techniques in
• Digital Communication Techniques Electromagnetics
• Wireless Communication Techniques • Microwave Integrated Circuits
• RF System Engineering and Design • Smart Antennas for Mobile Communications
• Optical Communications • RF Filter Design
• Modeling and Simulation • RF and Microwave Measurement Techniques
• Mobile Broadband Networks • Wireless Channel Modeling
• Advanced Digital Signal Processing • Directed Study-I
• Digital Filters • Directed Study-II
• Cryptography and Secure Communication • Industrial Project-I
• Advanced Digital Communications • Industrial Project-II
• Telecommunication Switching Systems
• Advanced Wireless Communications Program:
• Mobile Cellular Systems and Standards MS in Internet Engineering
• Estimation of Signals and Systems • Engineering Mathematics
• Antennas Theory, Design and Applications • Stochastic Processes
• Satellite Communications and Navigation Systems • Communication Networks-Architectures and Protocols
• Introduction to RF Front-End Design • Data Networks and Communications
• Optical Fiber Communication Systems • Wireless Networks
• Teletraffic Engineering • Modeling and Simulation
• Adaptive Techniques for Wireless Communications • Queuing Theory for Performance Modeling
• Detection and Estimation Theory • Graph Theory and Network Optimization
• Smart Antennas for Mobile Communications • Mobile and Broadband Networks
• RF Filter Design • IP Routing Protocols and Internet work Design
• Wireless Channel Modeling • Advanced Network Programming
• Engineering Mathematics • Networks and Computer Security
• Stochastic Processes • Performance Evaluation of Computer Networks
• Industrial Project-I • Wireless LANs
• Independent Studies-I • Broadband Network Architectures
• Industrial Project-II • Broadband Access Networks

• Mobile Cellular Systems and Standards • Network Forensics
• IP Telephony • Telecommunication Software Design
• Optical Fiber Networks • Modeling and Analysis of Telecommunication Networks
• Mobile Computing • Telecommunication Network Management
• Design and Analysis of Computer Communication Networks • Emerging Wireless Networks
• Network Management and Operational Network Security • QoS Architectures for Multimedia Wireless Networks
• Internetworking: Architectures, Protocols and Applications • Multimedia Networking
• Network Forensics • Teletraffic Engineering
• Telecommunication Software Design • Advanced Multi-user Systems for Wireless Communications
• Modeling and Analysis of Telecommunication Networks • Adaptive Techniques for Wireless Communications
• Telecommunication Network Management • Traffic Engineering and QoS in TCP/IP Networks
• Emerging Wireless Networks • Smart Antennas for Mobile Communications
• QoS Architectures for Multimedia Wireless Networks • Wireless Channel Modeling
• Multimedia Networking • Directed Study-I
• Teletraffic Engineering • Directed Study-II
• Advanced Multi-user Systems for Wireless Communications • Industrial Project-I
• Traffic Engineering and QoS in TCP/IP Networks • Industrial Project-II
• Optical Networks - Transport and Switching
• Next Generation Optical Networks Program:
• Directed Study-I MS in Embedded Systems Engineering
• Directed Study-II • Engineering Mathematics
• Industrial Project-I • Stochastic Processes
• Industrial Project-II • Analysis of Algorithms
• Probabilistic Methods in Computer Systems Modeling
Program: • Compiler Design
MS in Wireless Networks Engineering • Advanced Operating Systems
• Engineering Mathematics • DSP Hardware Systems Design
• Stochastic Processes • DSP Software Systems Design
• Communication Networks-Architectures and Protocols • Robotics
• Data Networks and Communications • Real Time Computer Systems
• Wireless Networks • Digital Design
• Modeling and Simulation • Logic Design and Switching Theory
• Queuing Theory for Performance Modeling • Advanced Microprocessor Systems
• Graph Theory and Network Optimization • Modeling and Simulation
• Mobile and Broadband Networks • Optimization Techniques
• IP Routing Protocols and Internetwork Design • Advanced Digital Signal Processing
• Advanced Network Programming • Diagnosis and Design of Reliable Digital Systems
• Networks and Computer Security • Computer-Aided Design of Digital Systems I
• Performance Evaluation of Computer Networks • Performance of Computer Systems
• Wireless LANs • Multithreaded Architectures
• Advanced Wireless Communications • Parallel Processing
• Broadband Access Networks • Embedded Computing Systems
• Mobile Cellular Systems and Standards • ASIC and FPGA Design
• IP Telephony • Digital Filters
• RF Network Planning and Design • Estimation of Signals and Systems
• Mobile Computing • Image, Video, and Multimedia
• Design and Analysis of Computer Communication Networks • Audio Signal Processing
• Network Management and Operational Network Security • Adaptive Signal Processing
• Internetworking: Architectures, Protocols and Applications • Design of Systems on a Chip (SoC)

Video. and Multimedia • Compiler Design • Audio Signal Processing • DSP Hardware Systems Design • Adaptive Signal Processing • DSP Software Systems Design • Advanced Topics in Computer Vision • Real Time Computer Systems • Advanced Topics in AI and Neural Computing • Logic Design and Switching Theory • Special Topics in Signal Processing • Advanced Microprocessor Systems • Advanced Topics in Image Processing • Modeling and Simulation • Directed Study-I • Diagnosis and Design of Reliable Digital Systems • Directed Study-II • Computer-Aided Design of Digital Systems I • Industrial Project-I • Performance of Computer Systems • Industrial Project-II • Multithreaded Architectures • Parallel Processing Program: • Embedded Computing Systems MS in Power Systems Engineering • ASIC and FPGA Design • Engineering Mathematics • Adaptive Signal Processing • Stochastic Processes • VLSI Architectures and Algorithms • Power System Operation and Control • Design of Systems on a Chip (SoC) • Engineering Optimization • Low Power Analog and Mixed Signal ICs • Power Electronics • Computer-Aided Design of Digital Systems II • High voltage Engineering • Hardware/Software Co-Design Techniques • Power System Planning • Interconnection Networks • DC and Flexible AC Transmission • Embedded Software and RTOS • Modeling and Simulation • Directed Study-I • Estimation of Signals and Systems • Directed Study-II • Renewable Energy • Industrial Project-I • Power generation and plant operation • Industrial Project-II • Electric Power Quality • Integration of distributed generation Program: • Design of Electrical Machines MS in Multimedia Information Engineering • Flexible AC transmission • Engineering Mathematics • Power Electronic Design • Stochastic Processes • Advance Digital Relaying • Analysis of Algorithms • Generation of sustainable energy system • Artificial Intelligence • Power System Protection 77 . • Low Power Analog and Mixed Signal ICs • Natural Language Processing • Computer-Aided Design of Digital Systems II • DSP Hardware Systems Design • Hardware/Software Co-Design Techniques • DSP Software Systems Design • Interconnection Networks • Robotics • Embedded Software and RTOS • Real Time Computer Systems • Directed Study-I • Modeling and Simulation • Directed Study-II • Advanced Engineering Mathematics • Industrial Project-I • Optimization Techniques • Industrial Project-II • Computer Vision • Pattern Recognition Program: • Multimedia Data Compression MS in Computing Systems Engineering • Advanced Digital Signal Processing • Engineering Mathematics • Digital Image Processing • Stochastic Processes • Neural and Fuzzy Systems • Analysis of Algorithms • Radar Signal Processing • Probabilistic Methods in Computer Systems Modeling • Image.

• Power System dynamics • AC / DC Drives • Power Transmission and distribution • Power Engineering project management • Hydel Generation • High Voltage Design • Directed Study-I • Directed Study-II • Industrial Project-I • Industrial Project-II • Dynamic Modeling of Electric Machines and Controls • Illumination Engineering • Computer Methods in Power System Analysis • Energy Resources and Technology • Industrial Automation and Control • Non Conventional Energy Systems • Power Sector Deregulation • Power System Reliability • Power System Stability and Control • Power System Transients Open electives • Research Methods • Advanced Stochastic Processes • Advanced Engineering Mathematics • Optimization Techniques • Computer Vision • Pattern Recognition • Multimedia Data Compression • Artificial Intelligence • Natural Language Processing • Digital Image Processing • Neural and Fuzzy Systems • Radar Signal Processing • Directed Study-I • Directed Study-II • Industrial Project-I • Industrial Project-II 78 .

decision-making and research. The faculty is committed to interdisciplinary conferences. Dr. respect of our courses. hiring of the requisite faculty and nearly dogged Cardiff. This book is published Information Science is a unique area in many respects. he has served on technical faculty & graduate program structure. We have a unique by Taylor & Francis USA. Health Informatics is a body of knowledge and a set of techniques to organize and manage information in support of research. The proof of this commitment is publication of papers in journals and conferences of international repute. Computer Science departments are intensely involved in joint journals and conferences. He also regularly reviews papers of several international research. He joined COMSATS as assistant professor in August 2005 and pursuit of our students after they have left our doors till they get good later promoted to associate professor and head of computer science CIIT jobs is a pride of ours. The faculty has special connections program committees and on organizing committees of several with leading industries." A useful model of the emergence of informatics is to consider different roles of clinicians. True to our claims we dare say that our faculty of Information sciences Short Profile of Dean: and technology has all the hallmarks that ought to be present in to-day’s [Professor Syed Asad Hussain obtained his PhD in computer networks competitive world. Syed Asad Hussain Welcome message by Faculty Dean: (PhD) (Queen’s University Belfast UK) Welcome to the faculty of Information sciences and technology. education and patient care. counseling. UK. I wish you best of luck Faculty Dean 79 . We also strive to give atmosphere to our students Lahore.His interests are in the areas of cater to their non non-academic needs such as admissions. projects with faculty members in other departments producing world class research. Our mission of the multidisciplinary Health Informatics Program is to “develop health care systems as information environments. management and IT services in health care. career active and programmable networks. A member of IEEE. Health Informatics is the science of information management in healthcare and its application to support clinical practice. He has published more than 40 letters. Faculty of Information Science & Technology Prof. research papers. Presently he is working as a professor in CS and Dean Faculty of where they feel at home not only in satisfying their academic queries we information sciences and technology. wireless and mobile networks. job hunting and above all make them people of principles and networks modelling and simulation. He has written a book “Active and Programmable Networks for Adaptive Architectures and Services”. Our dynamism to adapt to the changing times in from Queen’s University Belfast UK and his MSc from University of Wales.

Departments: The graduate programs MS and PhD are offered in the Following departments of various campuses of CIIT: Abbottabad Campus • Department of Computer science Islamabad Campus • Department of Computer science • Health Informatics Unit Lahore Campus • Department of Computer science Wah Campus • Department of Computer science 80 .

with N1 grid engine. These include kits with and without memory management 81 . for grid computing. Career Potential/Career Prospects: The Solaris-9/10 based Sun lab is equipped with 2 Sun-fire-V240 servers. e. 10 The objective of offering MS/ PhD in Computer Sciences is to provide an Sun-blade-150 workstations. Computer Networks work. This includes Java. It is a distributed computations. Short Introduction: Sun Lab . These computers platform for them to work in and explore further their areas of interest. XML. they were tuned up to b. C/C++ Compilers. Later. g. at CIIT Facilities Faculty of Information Sciences & Technology The well equipped Computer Labs and other practical facilities are open to carry out research work. The CCCRP is an contributing to future software design and developments and pursuing effort to provide researchers with a facility that allows them to study the research in the field of computer science. Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM). Computer Graphics and Visualization Embedded Software Lab Facilities The Embedded Software Lab. Computing Clusters are realms of computer science. A high bandwidth connection of Internet is available Introduction round the clock over wired and wireless LANs. On successful completion of the course. d. MPI. facilitates software development for embedded systems. Software Engineering The facilities in other departments like Electronics Lab. Microprocessor Lab. DSP Lab and library facilities are also accessible to pursue research f.the-shelf Six primary research areas have been proposed in Computer Science: (COTS) components. So far. include specialized servers and desktop machines. opportunity to enhance the knowledge of all those graduates who have good These computers run various software needed for normal computations or scholastic background in Computer Science or related disciplines. CIIT has an scholastic background in Computer Science or related disciplines. Today. Business Intelligence work together in a single logical unit. This connectivity becomes further productive when research scholars use HEC sponsored access to digital libraries and numerous research journals. dynamics of cluster based computing and to carry out software development projects in the area of parallel computing. and analysts since the release of the first parallel computing The courses are tailored in a way that it cover state-of-the-art concepts in the environment. Database Systems purchased. Why Computer Science at CIIT: scientists. available resources. Lahore & Department of Computer Science Wah. course is tailored in a way that it covers state-of-art concepts in the realms of Globus Toolkit and Sun Grid Engine for GRID computing. Islamabad. Java 3D APIs. Semantic Web and Service Engineering VLSI Lab. in-house assembled and connected. In order to meet the academic objectives. The Directory and Message Queue servers. The project was aimed at setting up Subject Areas: a modest (40-50 GFLOPS/sec) computing cluster using commodity-of. based at the Computer Science department. Multimedia Technologies h. For this purpose. It is a overall 54 Sun computers installed at its different campuses. normal COTS components were a. desktop applications. Web and platform for them to work in and explore further their areas of interest. offering will have skills that are attractive to employers and have a solid foundation for opportunities to those interested in building HPC solutions. RFID software. we have achieved 250GFLOPS/sec c. Artificial Intelligence and further expansion in terms of hardware and performance is underway.An Investment into Future The objective of offering graduate programs in Computer Science is to provide CIIT is proud to be the first academic institution in Pakistan who has built Sun an opportunity to enhance the knowledge of all those who have good Lab for this purpose. Careers in academia Careers in research CIIT Computational Cluster Research Project Careers in industrial research projects (CCCRP) High-performance computing clusters have gained the attention of researchers. Campuses Offering Programs: The laboratory contains embedded kits with varying processing power and Abbottabad. along with many other computer science. This computing facility is being used in various undergraduate and graduate programs in each campus. graduates changing the economics of High performance Computing.

82 . Study of huge collision data needs excessive computing resources which will be arranged by using Universal grid. physicists learn about the laws of Nature. COMSATS is listed among the grid computing sites for ALICE Experiment. This laboratory provides a unique facility of its kind at COMSATS whereby the students of Computer Science learn the embedded software development and can be productively employed at embedded systems industry. Huge array of detectors observe and record the results of these collisions. The experiments done over the Intel based systems will be deployed to the embedded kits. the European Organization for Nuclear Research.unit and also the DSP processor based kits. be deployed to work. By studying what happens when these particles collide. Accelerators boost beams of particles to high energies before they are made to collide with each other or with stationary targets. Founded in 1954. Therefore students learn the embedded development environment through student projects. CERN Collaboration CERN. In February 2009. is one of the world’s largest and most respected centers for scientific research. At CERN. without any prior training. All of these kits run a variant of Linux as the core embedded kernel. The embedded system industry finds very difficult to get fresh graduates who can. It was one of Europe’s first joint ventures and now has 20 Member States. This is due to the fact that neither Computer Engineers nor Computer Scientists are trained for the embedded software development. the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments are being used to study the basic constituents of matter — the fundamental particles. the CERN Laboratory sits astride the Franco–Swiss border near Geneva. The instruments used at CERN are particle accelerators and detectors. of which CIIT setup is a part.

It is a platform for them to work in and explore further their areas of interest. The department of Computer Science is offering MS for full time students. In all of the department’s programs.Faculty of Information Science & Technology Department of Computer Science . Sajjad Haider Madani Mailing/Courier Address: University Road . laboratory experiments ensure that students have both theoretical and practical understanding of computer science. We have a unique faculty/graduate program Campus The objective of offering MS/PhD in Computer Science is to provide an opportunity to enhance the knowledge of all those graduates who have good scholastic background in Computer Science or related disciplines. The Computer Science Department educates students in the discipline of computer science and teaches them to apply their education to solve practical problems in a socially responsible way. The department is committed to interdisciplinary research.Abbottabad Campus: Name: Dr. Abbottabad Phone: 0992-383591-6 Fax: 0992-383441 Email: 83 . Computer Science is a unique department in many respects. Department Contact . The research publications point to the high quality of our graduate program. The department has special connections with leading industries. which enhances the success of our graduates at all levels. The CS Department has excellent faculty and a strong research record in traditional and emerging areas of computer science and continues to grow at a rapid pace in terms of research funding. The course is tailored in a way that it covers state-of-the-art concepts in the realms of computer science. publications and national and international service and recognition. The CS department is intensely involved in joint projects with faculty members in other departments of the Campus.

integration. Artificial Intelligence and parallel / distributed computing using schemes where access to a central authority is not possible. research in the domain of modeling. A special interest group explores the concepts and techniques of data mining. Semantic Web Engineering high-performance architectures along with geographic information systems. OLAP. games. The aim of this novel students. A special interest group focuses on the security issues in wireless networks – exploring vulnerability issues such as Area of Specialization / Research Opportunities malicious behavior detection. Business Intelligence (BI) refers to technologies. the world has literally changed the way it enables researchers to fully exploit their potential. telecollaboration. It is our firm belief that our goals can only be achieved by creating an open and free atmosphere that With the emergence of digital era. If this research institutions. mobile ad-hoc networks. analysis. Not only. The Department of Computer Science includes vast opportunities for creativity and Specialized tracks comprises of Computer Networks. simulation. Artificial Intelligence. With Computer Graphics and Visualization no air and graces CS Department has a depth of sixty (60) faculty members in The penetration of Computer Graphics is evident in every corner of today’s total. Faculty of Information Science & Technology Artificial Intelligence The goal of the Artificial Intelligence Group is to persuade intelligence in all its Department of Computer components by promoting excellence in basic research. sophisticated scientific The graduate Program Comprises of Masters of Science in Computer Science visualization. Many of the researchers working under CS have the study of latest trends in computer networks. We aspire to attain outstanding performance by investigating the mechanisms underlying Science . multimedia databases. This promising field has produced quality research articles in impact factor Journals as well as high groups exploring issues in wireless sensor networks. Networking. of novelty. management (MSCS) and PhD in Computer Science. and Embedded Systems etc. It is used extensively in television. computer-aided design. and scalability of techniques for the discovery of patterns hidden in large databases. reputed international conference. then Department of Computer Science COMSATS Institute of Information Business Intelligence Technology Islamabad is the place for you. rendering. Research area in this field will focus on the issues related to distributed databases. The Backbone of Cs Department is its Research. faculty members not only lecture out their knowledge and perception to the Web Mining and Knowledge Warehousing technologies. Computer Networks We encourage young scholars to undertake research challenges in order to A major research area of the Department of Computer Science at Islamabad is compete in the modern world. In the field of intelligence functions and computer has played a big role in the transformation. applications and practices for The Department of computer Science CIIT has always opened new portals the collection. On the practical cluster/grid are available. levels. Moreover. Indeed Computer Science is the present and vehicular area networks and delay tolerant networks. department is increasing gracefully which further strengths a promising future architecture. data warehousing and data mining. and the need for widely dispersed groups in R&D. damage control in the case of node capture. Data Mining. in which thirty percent (30%) are PhDs. Database Systems and Data mining. usefulness. side. Extensive simulation future of mankind and compel in this epoch of invention in it is the right choice studies of routing protocols are undertaken and results are presented in to be made! national and international conferences. it this requires an interdisciplinary and international mixture of has made our life easier but also became a prime source of lucrative career for students/researchers/staff and globally networked co-operations with top a number of talented people. these portals are good enough to mesmerize It supports better business decision making by executives and related persons. individuals into the realities and wonders of computer world. efficiency. The MSCS Program is no doubt a and anywhere else where visual data plays an important role. towards emerging technologies. and presentation of business information. and improvise their knowledge for future benefits of computer science. modeling. a collaborative arrangement with the Wildlife Department of Government Database Systems 84 . This field at the specialization track for the students to progress in their desired fields. we seek to motivate and teach students at all all fascinates you and want to explore the frontiers of information technology. visualization. a promising and flourishing frontier in database systems and new database applications. The research opportunities in the fields of Databases. art. in addition to be calling computer genius. spatial databases. motion pictures. object-oriented databases. Our talented BI systems deal with Data Warehousing. The main focus is on issues related to feasibility. The number of PhD in CS growth industries. This is because of About the Graduate Programs huge demands for prototyping tools for 3D modeling. and interactive illustration. user interfaces and time Systems. This Scholastic attitude increases the urge of students to seek more development to satisfy the country’s current requirements. Real.Islamabad Campus intelligent behavior and by creating intelligent artifacts. simulation. Software security of group membership schemes and various message authentication Engineering. but also motivate them to be intellectuals and professionals in their discipline is to educate and disseminate knowledge in the process of research & approach. Web Housing.

This connectivity becomes further productive when research scholars use HEC sponsored access to digital libraries and numerous research journals. consumers seek out multimedia and digital media as a replacement for traditional analog media and older forms of entertainment. quality attributes. thus keeping abreast of technology and market trends. Phone: 051-9235302 Fax: 051-8318499 Email: smohsin@ciit. Sajjad Mohsin Mailing/Courier Address: Islamabad Campus. Software Engineering (SE) Software Engineering is one of the biggest growing fields now a days. The knowledge can later be used to integrate. Systems Design as well as Multimedia Publishing. Facilities The well equipped Computer Labs and other practical facilities are open to carry out research work. Chakshahzad. as it has all the possible applications to related fields. Details of facilities can be seen on under the heading of facilities and introduction of Computer Science department. In today's crowded entertainment 85 . Major focus of this field is on the research of Multimedia Communications and Broadband Systems. activities based on hypothesis. Semantic Web and E-Services for Business Integration. The road map themes of research group software engineering (SE) are working with estimation (metrics) to functional as well as non functional requirements that is working in estimation to analyse design. Department Contact . interactive digital media and visual effects. Planning and hence developing quality research applications. Animation. Web Mining. risk management aspects oriented metrics and project management strategies. Applications of the Software Engineering in the natural sciences like a project to tag wild animals with sensor nodes for monitoring their health and habitat has been initiated. practices and discussions is the main focus of this group. Physics. There is a huge market of graduates in the field of multimedia including gaming. Park Road. and other spheres of life too is a proven factor. This promising field has the expertise to provide strategic guidance to propose and implement new ideas. This program provides students with the sound grounding of scientific. Semantic Web and Engineering Services Semantic Web Services is one of the emerging fields which focus on complex yet better web applications. combine and infer heterogeneous and distributed information.Islamabad Campus: Name: Dr. global databases and re-use of information. methodological and technological fundamentals in Engineering Services and Semantic Web areas.of Pakistan. desktop and web publishing. Biology. A high bandwidth connection of Internet is available round the clock over wired and wireless LANs. This research-based graduate program includes topics in Data Mining. Multimedia Technologies Multimedia Technologies is the fastest growing field in the current era.

Just in the year 2007-2008 alone. semantic web.Lahore Campus standard expected of professional computer scientists. databases. chapter was produced by another faculty member in a foreign edition of equal standing. Their research activity in the department is very of selected. Computer scientists have made tremendous contributions to change our way Following areas of research are available in the department. engineering and mathematics. It also depends upon the exceptional teaching quality and facilities of the Computer Science Department Area of Specialization / Research Opportunities at the CIIT Lahore. Senior faculty institute or in industry. essential aspects of computer science in breadth and depth. algorithms and operating MS program in Computer Science at CIIT. The program combines a wide department which encourages MS (CS) students to participate and engage range of taught advanced courses. England. Another book specializations. very few professional computer projects take place in isolation. Students must take responsibility for their own learning: a vital skill in such a rapidly developing field. Essential skills also include understanding the requirements of users. USA. Natural Language Processing 86 . recognizing international and national conference as well. in particular the needs of people in employment. of life. leading-edge research topics to significantly advance your career commendable. graphics. Lahore is challenging and rewarding. Faculty and students published their work in In order to accommodate the different needs for further education. 16 journal papers were prospects within IT industry and to aid you in undertaking research in produced out of which 11 papers were published in international journals in Computer Science. It provides sufficient breadth the following observations. Department of Computer Our academically challenging courses are designed to help students acquire these skills. Successful computer scientists however have more than these specialist skills. Netherlands and Hong Kong while five papers were published in local journals. This shift in emphasis is reflected in the research we the additional entry requirements which include Mathematics. and sets in the context of programming and its applications. The CS department of Lahore Campus has around and depth of experience in up-to-date methodologies and in-depth treatment faculty members. creatively and carefully translating them into working modules and checking to see that programs work safely. It has elements of design. we provide flexible ways of One book chapter in Spaniard edition was produced and the publisher showed pursuing the MS degree in Computer Science by offering different a lot of enthusiasm and invited the author to publish full book. Students begin by learning core areas such as computer Architecture. reliably and as intended. Taiwan. Team work is crucial. By the end of the degree program. with a research project undertaken in the themselves with devotion and commitment to research. systems before they take advance electives in different areas such as providing training in research that enables you to develop real skills in research. biological sciences and engineering design The academic demands of this degree program from its outset are reflected in to name but a few. members provide requisite lead to their junior partners resulting in full fledged research activities wherein both faculty as well as the students eagerly The MS program aims to impart a sound understanding of the general participate. Crucially we conduct and in the postgraduate programs we offer. techniques and methods to challenging real-world problems. hard work and commitment as essential to meet the intellectual demands of Computer Science as a subject of academic study in a The MS in Computer Science is a quality research program which draws upon a vibrant research-oriented environment. networks. becoming one is an opportunity to shape the future of our world. environmental modeling. Computer scientists should enjoy such Faculty of Information Science & Technology challenges and have the patience. AI etc to create a well-rounded or application design and implementation-skills that enable our students in program of study. Together with team project and possible work placements the course provides excellent Computer science is increasingly concerned with the application of core preparation for professional computer scientists. The course is fast-paced and reflects the high Science . Industrial links enable us to provide a broad based program A conducive atmosphere for research exists at the Computer Science at a level beyond that of undergraduate degree. in medicine. for examples. Since virtually every sector of industry requires computer scientists. regard enthusiasm. The quality of research is fairly standard one as can be judged from principles of Computer science. Computer science offers a unique way of expressing yourself. renowned reputation of excellent quality research. persistence and determination to see it through. you will have covered the career development or in subsequent PhD study.

Plenty of faculty members and related concepts. according to user requirements. with wireless networks and have great potential applications in medical internees of software houses and faculty are working on it. vital signs. scenarios. Node Mobility. WSNs have many applications such Commerce. Security and Density calculation. due to its civilian and military applications is very popular research area deal of overlapping of methods used in the fields exists. A management issues of a Distributed Database System and at the same time on dedicated research group at CIIT Lahore is working to develop new techniques the implementation issues. failure recovery. Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET) have transpired as a key research area over the past 8 years. large scale deployment. Distributed Databases (DDBs). This part of DDB design concentrates on the can be made flexible by generating the design of software from its fragmentation and its different types. Visualization becomes inevitable for quick and efficacious motes are equipped with radio transceiver. fire detection. traffic control. are generally implemented in relatively large organizations and need better understanding of the database Software Engineering and networking concepts. In order to give a better and clearer implementation for the purpose of reusability. But WSN has many other open research issues such as limited battery life. which is discussed with examples. heterogeneity of sensors. Research is going on to develop novel schemes to provide intelligent priority assignment mechanisms to time critical medical emergency data. research issues in MANETs such as Routing Protocols. BWSN emerged from the integration of biomedical sensors field is popular in the department and a number of research associates. senior faculty member are engaged in this area of research that have their expertise in algorithm analysis. the focus of research is on graphics primarily is concerned with making or designing a picture image. MS (CS) students and faculty members have addressed various adjustments. is replication. different examples using leading check another research group with the name Semantic Web and Service Engineering 87 . After that major architectures of the DDBs are discussed are working in the area of Reverse Engineering so that software development followed by design issues of a DDB. While the computer at Computer Science Department. The issues related to DDBS speech analysis and synthesis and many related offshoots like digital audio administration. Currently. textiles and buildings etc. Advanced topics such as Parallel Databases. This Networks (WMSN). pictures. battery and microcontrollers. The emphasis in the course of DDBs is on the design and software that can perform flawlessly. healthcare. aircrafts. Also. transaction management and concurrency entertainments etc. waveform. disaster situations. The sensor files are examined. emergencies and Aided Design (CAD) which routinely is used for design of automobiles. Computer Networks The team has produced research papers for international and local conferences Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) and a number of them are in the pipeline. patient discover the patterns and trends of phenomena to which data is related. home automation. MANETs have no fixed infrastructure and each node in a MANET is mobile and acts as an independent router. During which require designing are prepared to quickly see the effect of interactive last three years. music video and television shows heavily draw their strength from computer graphic methods and this phenomenon is commonly visible in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Hollywood films. research issues of MANETs. Image Processing communication failure. Biomedical Wireless Sensor Network (BWSN) and Wireless Multimedia Sensor processing on the other hand is used to modify or interpret a given picture. These networks are very useful particularly in situations where geographical or terrestrial constraints Computer Graphics demand a totally distributed network system without any base station. The second alternative for the implementation of DDBS encompasses digital signal processing. dynamically. A number of young faculty members under the supervision of a Object Distributed Databases and Multidatabases are also presented. Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) consists of tiny sensors to monitor physical or Visualization is a process of seeing a large amount of data in visual form to environmental conditions such as temperature. Entertainments have benefited stupendously from computer graphics.Natural Language Processing is an important branch of research which DDBMS are presented. industry and engineering fields normally deal with wide expanse of as disaster management. A grasp of trends. watercrafts. Databases WMSN is a new research area and the focus of our research is to provide low Use of distributed systems has become a common practice in today’s latency to multimedia contents over WSNs and to optimize routing protocols computing environment especially with the easy access of the Internet. harsh environment and security. Quality of Service (QoS). Image processing and computer graphics go almost hand-in-hand and good WSN. spacecrafts. object tracking and agriculture. A senior member of the department is providing guidance to WSN normally constitutes an adhoc network and therefore extends many researchers who opt to go in this field. The same two concepts provide the foundation of Software Engineering is an approach which helps to design and develop this course. Digital signal processing is used to provide analysis of time control are discussed as well. military applications. vibration. Wire frame models of things MANET is a prominent research area at Computer Science Department. code development and software engineering. and sound at different locations. however. The course starts with the basic definitions of DDBs and methods for engineering the quality software. nuclear data and trends and patterns are not easily apparent if usually the large data reactor control. Motion Intrusion Detection. Few One major offshoot of this area of research is popularly known as Computer applications of MANET are battlefields. pressure. automatic speech recognition (ASR). CIIT Lahore has established understanding of the fragmentation.

Research Group, under the umbrella of Software Engineering. We are offering
this new specialization with name of Semantic Web and Service Engineering, so
that our students and faculty members can share their knowledge in the
upcoming world of Service Engineering.

The semantic Web and Service Engineering
The Semantic Web is not a separate Web but an extension to the current World
Wide Web (WWW). The Semantic Web aims at finding the information on the
basis of contents of Web resources rather than performing only the key word
based searching. To make the Web documents equally understandable both for
human and computers is the vision of the Semantic Web. Web Service is
platform and language independent technology to develop business
applications as business services. Combining the idea of the Semantic Web and
Web Services will help in dynamic integration of business services as newly
emerging technology known as Semantic Web Services. This specialization will
briefly cover the topics in the area of the Semantic Web and Semantic Web

Computer science is an academic discipline that is distinct from other pure and
applied sciences, engineering and mathematics.
You will be taught by computer scientists who are at forefront of knowledge.
This is reflected in the Department’s high rating for research. Teaching is of a
high standard achieving a rating of ‘excellent’. You will find the atmosphere in
the Department friendly and informal and help is readily available. Teaching is
conducted by lectures, tutorials and laboratory/ practical exercises.
Involvement in research by students is encouraged.

Department Contact - Lahore Campus:
Name: Prof. Dr. Syed Asad Hussain
Mailing/Courier Address: M A Jinnah Building, Defense Road off Raiwind
Road, Lahore
Phone: 042-111-001-007
Fax: 042-9203100


in diverse fields of Computer Science. The faculty members of the department
have tremendous research contribution to their credit.

Seminars provide an activity for interaction among people of different schools
of thought. The computer science department at Wah campus regularly
organizes seminars by the faculty members and researchers in different areas.
This activity has tremendously uplifted the research horizons of the faculty
members at the department.

Faculty of Information Science & Technology
Department of Computer
Science - Wah Campus
The Department of Computer Science was established in year 2001. It is
offering BS degree in Computer Sciences BS(CS), BS Telecommunication &
Networks BS(TN) and Master of Computer Sciences MCS. The main objective of Department Contact - Wah Campus:
the department is to produce Computer Scientists and Information Technology Name: Mr. Muhammad Sharif
personnel in order to meet the growing demand for computer professionals in Mailing/Courier Address: Quaid Avenue, The Mall, Wah Cantt
the country. Phone: 051-9272614-5
Fax: 051-4546850
It has a progressive vision to meet the future academic goals of the country and Email:
at the same time produce scholars, who can carry out research and
development in IT industry. It is a place where you and highly qualified,
professional and dedicated faculty members including PhDs will develop and
implement the ideas by getting the things out of you that you never knew you
had. Immediately upon graduation from the department, students are well
prepared to meet the challenges of the professional world.

The Department of Computer Science is increasing its strength by introducing
new disciplines and programs. This year we are offering Master of Science in
Computer Sciences MS(CS) with specialization including Computer Networks,
Software Engineering, Database Systems. It will be a good opportunity for the
students seeking higher education and standards in Pakistan.

Area of Specialization / Research Opportunities
The Department offers rich variety of research areas for its students. Some
popular research areas that are being explored at the department include
Computer Networks, Computer Graphics and Visualization, Software
Engineering, Database Systems and many more.

The Faculty
The Department of Computer Science enjoys the services of two Ph.D. and nine
MS faculty members. These faculty members have rich experience of research


Dr. Sajjad Mohsin
PhD (Artificial Intelligence)
Muroran Institute of Technology, Hokkaido, Japan

Dr. Mohammad Mahboob Yasin
PhD (Computer Science)
Open University, Milton Keynes, UK

Prof.Dr. Maqbool Uddin Shaikh
PhD (Business Intelligence)
Liverpool University, UK.

Dr. Romana Aziz
PhD (Software Engineering)

Faculty Members UMIST, UK.

Faculty of Information Sciences & Technology Dr. Khalid Rashid
PhD Software Engineering
Department of Computer Science Nagoya University, Japan

The department of Computer Science has well qualified, competent and Dr. Shahid Nazir Bhatti
energetic faculty, comprising of a number of PhDs & MS degree holders from PhD (Systems Engineering & Automation)
Foreign / Pakistani universities. J. Kepler University, Linz, Austria

Dr. Abid Khan
Abbottabad Campus PhD (Information Security and Assurance)
Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China
Dr. Sajjad Ahmad Madani
PhD (Engineering Sciences) Dr. Nasro Min-Allah
Vienna University of Technology, Austria PhD (Real-Time Embedded Systems)
Chinese Academy of Sciences (GUCAS), China
Dr. Qazi Mudassar Ilyas
Ph.D China Dr. Manzoor Illahi Tamimy
Information and Communication Engineering PhD (Chinese Academy of Sciences, GUCAS),
Dr. Muhammad Waqas Anwar Dr. Muhammad Asim Noor
Ph.D China PhD(Johannes Kepler University Linz)
Language Processing and Computational Linguistics Austria

Dr. Imran Ali Khan Dr. Shehla Abbas
PhD (Computer Science and Technology) PhD (University of Bordeaux)
Chinese Academy of Sciences, P.R. China. France

Dr. Danish Irfan Dr. M Farukh Munir
PhD ( Computer applications) PhD (Telecom Paris Tech.)
Herbin Institute of Technology France
Dr. Mansoor Ahmad
Islamabad Campus PhD (University of Vienna)


Dr. Vienna University of Technology) Herbin Institute of Technology Austria China Dr. Pakistan Wah Campus 91 . Zia Ud Din Dr. Muhammad Wasif Nisar PhD( Asian Institute of Technology) PhD (Internet & Software Technology) Thailand GUCAS Beijing China Dr.Muhammada Ahitesham Aslam PhD Computer Science University of Leipzing Germany Dr. Majid Iqbal PhD (University of Vienna) Austria Lahore Campus Prof.Austria Muhammad Sharif MS(CS) Dr. Najmus Saqib PhD (Computer Software & Theory) PhD (Institute of Computer Technology.Islamabad PhD (Telecom Paris Tech. J S Mirza PhD Electrical Engineering Salford University UK Dr. Muhammad Tahir CIIT. Syed Asad Hussain PhD (Computer Networks) Queen University Belfast UK Dr. Ehsan Ullah Munir Dr.) Pakistan France Dr. Rizwan Jameel Qureshi PhD Computer Science NCBA &E.

• Algorithms & Data Structures. computing in industry and Abbottabad commerce. • MS Software Engineering • MS in EMBEDDED SYSTEMS Career Potential/Career Prospects: • MS in Wireless Networks On successful completion of the course. or /Business Intelligence • Bio-Informatics or Management Sciences /Artificial Intelligence /Software Engineering However. MS and PhD Computer Science MS Cryptography and Computer Security MS Software Engineering MS in EMBEDDED SYSTEMS MS in Wireless Networks Department of Lahore Computer Science MS and PhD Computer Science Faculty of Information Sciences Wah. Computer • Organization and Assembly Languages • Database Systems • MS Cryptography and • Operating Systems Concepts Computer Security • Computer Communications and Networks. the applicant seeking admission in this /Semantic Web and Service Engineering program must have a sound background in the /Computer Networks following areas of Computer Science: /Multimedia Technologies /Computer Graphics and Visualization. Specific Entry Requirements (MS): A minimum of 16 years degree in any of the following fields: Program: • Computer Science/ Computer Engineering • MS/PhD. research in computer science or MS Computer Science related disciplines. or teaching at various levels. Program & Technology MS Computer Science Details (MS/PhD) 92 . graduates will have an excellent opportunity in Campuses Offering Programs finding employment in areas such as Information Technology (IT).Computer Science or equivalent Specialization: • Basic Sciences: Physics/ Mathematics/ Database Systems Statistics. Islamabad.

Elective Courses • Advanced Topics in Neural Networks (According to area of specialization) • Advanced Topics in Machine Learning • Advanced Topics in Artificial Database Systems Intelligence • Advanced Topics in Distributed • Special Topics in Intelligent Systems Databases • Special Topics in Neural Networks • Advanced Topics in Object Oriented • Special Topics in Machine Learning Databases • Special Topics in Artificial Intelligence • Web Based Databases • Advanced Topics in Database Systems Software Engineering • Department of • Advanced Topics in Data Warehousing Advanced Topics in Data Mining • Advanced Topics in Human Computer Interaction • • Computer Science • Special Topics in Database Systems Special Topics in Data Warehousing Advanced Topics in Software Estimation and Costing Faculty of Information Sciences • Special Topics in Data Mining • Advanced Topics in Requirements Engineering & Technology Business Intelligence • Advanced Topics in Software Project • Web Warehousing & Web Mining Course Details • Advanced Topics in Expert Systems • Management Advanced Topics in Software Quality • Advanced topics in Knowledge Based Assurance Program: Systems • Advanced Topics in Software MS/PhD – Computer Science • Advanced topics in Decision Support Engineering Technologies Systems • Advanced Topics in Object Oriented Core Courses • Web Based Databases Software Engineering • Advanced Topics in Operating • Advanced Topics in Data Warehousing • Advanced Topics in Product Line Systems • Advanced Topics in Data Mining Systems • Advanced Topics in Computer • Special Topics in Intelligent Systems • Advanced Topics in Software Scope Architecture • Special Topics in Data Warehousing Management • Advanced Algorithms Analysis • Policy Issues in Software Industry • Special Topics in Data Mining • Agent Oriented Software Engineering Pre-Requisite Courses • Knowledge Management for Software Students having their final degree in a field other Artificial Intelligence Systems then Computer Science will be required to study • Intelligent Systems Design • Special Topics in Human Computer the following pre-Requisite courses. • Advanced Topics in Expert Systems Interaction • Advanced Topics in Knowledge Based • Special Topics in Software Engineering • Introduction to Programming Systems • Special Topics in Requirement • Database Systems • Advanced Topics in Decision Support Engineering • Operating Systems Systems • Special Topics in Product Line Systems • Computer Architecture • Natural Language Processing • Special Topics in Software Scope • Computer Networks • Machine Learning Management • Analysis of Algorithms • Advanced Topics in Intelligent • Special Topics in Software Estimation Systems and Costing 93 .

• Advanced Topics in Computer • Special Topics in Simulation and • Semantic Web and Service Animation & 3D Modeling Modeling Engineering • Advanced Topics in Human Computer • Component Software Interaction Common Electives • Semantic Web Services • Advanced Topics in Multimedia • Theory of Computation • E-Services for Business Integration Documents & Publishing • Advanced Topics in Mathematical • Web Warehousing & Web Mining • Advanced Topics in Multimedia Modeling • Semantic Web Entertainment & Gaming • Advanced Topics in Geometric • Advanced Topics in Semantic Web • Advanced Topics in Multimedia Modeling • Advanced Topics in Data Warehousing Authoring • Advanced Topics in Computer • Advanced Topics in Data Mining • Special Topics in Multimedia & Animation • Special Topics in Semantic Web Hypermedia Systems • Advanced Topics in Parallel • Special Topics in Data Warehousing • Special Topics in Multimedia & Architecture Broadband Communications • Advanced Topics in Parallel Processing • Special Topics in Data Mining • Special Topics in Multimedia System • Advanced Topics in Distributed Design Computing Computer Networks • Special Topics in Multimedia • Advanced Topics in Estimation and • Advanced Topics in Distributed Technologies Detection Theory Computing • Special Topics in Computer Animation • Advanced Topics in Chaos Theory • Advanced Topics in Computer & 3D Modeling • Advanced Topics in Quantum Networks • Special Topics in Human Computer Cryptography • Performance Evaluation of Networks Interaction • Advanced Topics in Grid Computing • Advanced Topic in Cryptography & • Special Topics in Multimedia • Advanced Topics in Open Source Network Security Documents & Publishing Systems • Advanced Topics in Wireless • Special Topics in Multimedia • Special Topics in Mathematical Networks Entertainment & Gaming Modeling • Advanced Topics in Social Networks • Special Topics in Multimedia • Special Topics in Parallel Architecture • Advanced Topics in Distributed Authoring • Special Topics in Computer Systems • Computer Graphics and Visualization Architecture • Challenged Networks • Advanced Topics in Computer Vision • Special Topics in Parallel Processing • Special Topics in Computer Networks • Data Structures for Computer • Special Topics in Distributed • Special Topics in Performance Graphics Computing Evaluation of Networks • Advanced Topics in Digital Image • Special Topics in Estimation and • Special Topics in Cryptography Processing Detection Theory • Special Topics in Network Security • Pattern Recognition • Special Topics in Chaos Theory • Special Topics in Ad-Hoc Networks • Advanced Topics in Computer • Special Topics in Quantum • Special Topics in Wireless Graphics Cryptography Technologies • Advanced Topics in Multimedia and • Special Topics in Grid Computing • Special Topics in Social Networks Graphics Language • Special Topics in Open Source • Advanced Topics in Image Processing Systems Multimedia Technologies • Advanced Topics in Graphic • Advanced Topics in Multimedia & Information Systems Program Hypermedia Systems • Advanced Topics in Simulation and Modeling MS Cryptography and Computer • Advanced Topics in Multimedia & Broadband Communications • Special Topics in Multimedia and Security • Advanced Topics in Multimedia Graphics Language • Advanced Topics in Operating System Design • Special Topics in Image Processing Systems • Advanced Topics in Multimedia • Special Topics in Graphic Information • Advanced Algorithm Analysis Technologies Systems • Applied Cryptography 94 .

• Advanced Topics in Network Security • Special Topics in Embedded • Advanced Topics in Mathematical Databases Modeling • Theory of Computation • Embedded Software for Life-Critical • Advanced Topics in Geometric • Security Engineering Applications Modeling • Number Theory • GPU Programming and Architecture • Advanced Topics in Computer • Privacy and Security Aspects of • Independent Study/Embedded Animation Biometric Systems Systems Project • Advanced Topics in Parallel • Theoretical Cryptography • Embedded System Architecture Architecture • Information Theory • Embedded System Software • Advanced Topics in Parallel Processing • Public Key Cryptography • Performance Analysis • Advanced Topics in Distributed • Advanced Topics in Probability and • System Validation Computing Statistics • Embedded Networking • Advanced Topics in Estimation and • Algebraic Cryptanalysis • Design of Integrated Embedded Detection Theory • Interactive and Zero Knowledge System • Advanced Topics in Chaos Theory Proofs • Advanced Topics in System and • Advanced Topics in Quantum • Theory of Coding Control Cryptography • Security Analysis of a Communication • Advanced Topics in DSP • Advanced Topics in Grid Computing System • Energy Aware Computing • Advanced Topics in Open Source • Trusted Systems • Fault-tolerant Systems Systems Common electives • Code Optimization • Advanced Topics in Distributed • HCI for embedded Systems Computing • Stochastic Processes • Advanced Topics in Parallel • Probabilistic Methods in Computer Architecture Systems Modeling • Advanced Topics in Grid Computing • Compiler Design • Advanced Topics in Quantum • Artificial Intelligence Cryptography • Natural Language Processing • Advanced Topics in Estimation and • Robotics Detection Theory • Digital Design • Advanced Topics in Open Source • Modeling and Simulation Systems • Advanced Stochastic Processes • Advanced Topics in Mathematical • Advanced Engineering Mathematics Modeling • Optimization Techniques • Advanced Topics in Parallel Processing • Digital Image Processing • Computer-Aided Design of Digital Systems I Program • Performance of Computer Systems MS Embedded Systems • Multithreaded Architectures • Advanced Topics in Operating • Estimation of Signals and Systems Systems • Neural and Fuzzy Systems • Advanced Real Time Systems • Adaptive Signal Processing • Advanced Algorithm Analysis • Design of Systems on a Chip (SoC) • Principles of Embedded Computation • Hardware/Software Co-Design • Embedded and Cyber-physical Techniques Systems • Interconnection Networks • Control of Systems • Engineering Mathematics • Multicore Programming and Architecture Common electives • Theory of Computation 95 .

as required when using computers and networks in information systems. with a goal of remote. 1) Information for clinical purposes 2) Information for the management of health care Short Introduction: Why Health Informatics at CIIT: 3) Information for the study of health trends of the community. well being and dying coding and classification systems used for Informatics Program is to “Integrate Health care with dignity. COCHRANE. recording of data and its quality control in system with I. electronic medical record. competence and Understand the principles and the risks involved roles of clinicians. human-computer interaction and scholars use HEC sponsored access to digital 96 .called “early adopters” within of medicine and the ways in which information universities and healthcare institutions. Campus Offering Program: knowledge and a set of techniques to organize To create an awareness of increasing role and Islamabad and manage information in support of research." A useful model of the To establish. health technology may meet the needs of healthcare Informatics (HI) focuses on the application of professionals involved in system implementation workers. The Health Informatics Unit provides working research project / thesis. potential of information technology and education and patient care. interfaces. . emergence of informatics is to consider different of qualifications. etc. with special professionals who want to redirect their careers Improve the consulting skills and confidence emphasis placed on the fields of health to become health informatics researchers.G. particularly for rural. This program is likely to of information technology in different branches which involves collaborations with international appeal to the so. To promote. communications technology for effective and Facilities The degree requirements include a mandatory efficient health services. N. management and health- well as those who are interested in integrating consultation. from an introductory overview to an intense. Health Informatics Unit in the Department of The Health Informatics Master's Degree program Computer Science offers courses of study ranging at CIIT is designed in such a manner that deliver Improve skills. Faculty of Information Science & you will have the capability to apply for a wide Develop ability to locate and manage all types of Technology variety of posts both in public and private information for healthcare including: hospitals. professional roles. security of health care Develop ability to search the health and Health Informatics systems. biomedical literature using international databases such as MEDLINE. and messaging systems. advance and encourage the study care. enabling technologies. Objectives of the course: with the introduction and use of information and retrieval. include research in areas such as disease management systems including understand the It becomes further productive when research management. representation and manipulation of telecommunication technologies in the health data. OVID. in use of electronic communication of health care. telemedicine. Health Informatics is a body of technology. desk to MS scholars along with a desktop producing work that may be published in peer- Improve the understanding of the general nature computer. Possibilities for projects will and purpose of (health) information Internet is available 24 hours over LAN. computer information systems to health care and individuals with an interest in conducting Develop appreciation to and understanding of and public health. uphold and improve the standards computer-based systems in the health services. Courses of study are health informatics expertise in their current Improve awareness of the various potential uses offered as part of an innovative curriculum. confidence in the use of health. It extends beyond simply using related research. and practice of the application of informatics in Understand the principles and applications of Our mission of the multidisciplinary Health the promotion of health. the legal. storage. management and IT services in conduct of health informaticians in the Pakistan. full advanced training in informatics to health care Health informatics Applications. pharmaceutical industries. Health Informatics is the science of To produce heath informatics graduate who information and data interchange between information management in healthcare and it understand the application of information computers over wide area networks. housebound patients. standardized medical terminology dentistry. and the privacy of patient data. The good bandwidth connection of reviewed journals. and multi- Introduction national Health Care Organizations. need for information technology in medicine. and other full-text and bibliographic systems. decision-making and technology and advanced telecommunications research. Health the health care environment. CAB. blends clinical practice.Os and Overseas organizations.T. Unit Career Potential/Career Prospects: After completing Masters in Health Informatics EMBASE. human and social (including the computer as a tool for computation into the privacy and confidentiality) issues associated process of knowledge acquisition. training. ethical. curriculum in Health Informatics. pharmacy and healthcare in general.

identify beneficial uses of the Internet. Health Early Warning for members to share information. with their System. Health Informatics and Management Health Informatics Department (HI) encompasses Education (CAHIM) USA health information systems used in health care • Global Allied for ICT and Development delivery and management. Computer Science Organization (W.O) Department (CS). Health. and assist the Health Professionals Global Network in the timely collection of data. Health Information and • The Commission on Accreditation for Management System (HIMS) Ministry of Health. best scientific work that the fields of health informatics services research have produced and Research Publication published during the previous calendar year. Research Groups provide a forum Networking. build the fields of Health Informatics. PACS) facilitate interaction of • Canada's Health Informatics in the department. health professionals. Modeling to Develop a Clinical Practice.jhidc. dispensing of controlled medicines through software. develop disease management tools. Department of Human Resources for enhance the coordination and continuity of care. MS (HI) is research based of services and resources for health informatics and students’ MS thesis will be supervised by researchers. New Zealand. we also recognize the need for some other leading overseas universities. Reproductive Health and Research. The COMSATS Institute of Information Technology award-winning article provides new insights into and University of Otago. disseminate research The MS students get research opportunities in findings. in individuals to interact around specific topics. support clinical decision-making. and network with those sharing Record. www. individuals around specific topic areas relating to Association(COACH) health informatics services research • International Network for the Availability of Research Collaborations Scientific Publications(INASP) Health Informatics Department. University of Research Group strives to provide a broad range Otago.libraries. and learn more about a topic. Medical 97 . Telemedicine. There are well equipped computer labs Imaging (DICOM. addition to local faculty. e. computing for Physicians. Dental The Article-of-the-Year award recognizes the Surgeons and Pharmacists are available. Electronic Health research skills. New Zealand are jointly the delivery of health care and advances publishing a journal named “A Journal of knowledge of field of health informatics. (HPGN) Health and Mobile Health Technology.H. IT skills for health professionals and peers. Data Mining. The Group focuses (GAID) approved by the United Nations on the use of health information technology to • Global Development Network (GDN) improve the quality and reduce the cost of • Health System Action Network (HSAN) health care • Health Care Information for All 2015(HIFA) Research Group members share an interest in • Geneva Foundation for Medical Education health information technology issues such as & Research (GFMER) using technology to support patient-centered • The World Health Organization (WHO). and senior professors of University of Otago and Academic International Links: • The Health Informatics Department is institutional academic Member of the The Health Informatics Department has International Medical Informatics established Inter Departmental Research Group Association (IMIA) USA • Global Health Work Force (GHWA) Geneva Its members are Centre for Advanced Studies in (Switzerland) a subsidiary of World Health Telecommunication (CAST). common goals. Health Informatics in Developing Countries “ ISSN: 1178-4407. care. Research Group members have an opportunity Research Opportunities to exchange knowledge.

Mursalin MBBS. S.Health Informatics Unit Faculty of Information Sciences & Technology Faculty Members (Islamabad Campus) Dr.M. MSc Med Adm (QAU) Dr.D. Farrukh Seir MBBS. Khan MBBCH (Cairo).MSC (Public Health) Lahore 98 . Shafaat A.(USA) Dr. M.

D. health professionals involved in Campuses Offering Program: system implementation and individuals with an Islamabad interest in conducting related research.B. Health Program Details want to redirect their careers to become health informatics researchers. with P. variety of posts both in public and private MB. Career Potential/Career Prospects: After completing Masters in Health Informatics you will have the capability to apply for a wide Specific Entry Requirements: . management and health- enabling technologies.C or Study Pattern B. the computer as a tool for computation into the Program: process of knowledge acquisition.Health Informatics This program is likely to appeal to the so. It extends beyond simply using expertise in their current professional roles. Courses of study are Faculty of Information Sciences The Health Informatics Master's Degree program offered as part of an innovative curriculum.S with one year house job and registered Overseas organizations. Pharmacy with one year intern/job in Hospital This program requires satisfactory completion of or Pharmaceutical Industry and registered with courses of the program and the structure P.G.C or national Health Care Organizations.D.Os and B. The applicant seeking admission in MS(HI) must courses demonstrated and explained with help have a sound background in undergraduate of case studies.M. full by the department to take these as non-credit curriculum in Health Informatics. representation and manipulation of data. This includes routine classroom coaching of core and elective 99 .D. is designed to deliver advanced training in which involves collaborations with international & Technology informatics to health care professionals who universities and healthcare institutions. examples and real life scenarios.C. courses like “ICT for Health Informatics” and “Health Application Development”.called “early adopters” within the health care retrieval.M.P suggested by the department. MS. storage. In case a Health Informatics Unit in the Department of student does not have required proficiency in Computer Science offers courses of study ranging pre-requisite back ground he/she may be advised from an introductory overview to an intense. with special courses. N. emphasis placed on the fields of health Health Informatics Why to choose Health Informatics at CIIT: information systems. as well as those who are Informatics (HI) focuses on the application of computer information systems to health care interested in integrating health informatics and public health. environment.S with one year house job and registered hospitals. pharmaceutical industries and multi- with P.

MS-Health Informatics * More Courses can be added in the list. • ICT for Health Informatics • Healthcare Application Development • Statistical Research Methods in Health Sciences • Thesis Electives* • Software Engineering for Health Informatics • Geographic Information System for HI • Medical Imaging • Management in Health Informatics • Administration of Health-care Organizations • Hospital Pharmacy • Industrial Pharmacy Health Informatics Unit • Clinical Pharmacy Practice • Epidemiological of communicable diseases Faculty of Information Sciences & Technology • Mobile Health Technology (m-Health) Course Details • Artificial Intelligence in Health Informatics Program: *More Courses can be added in the list. Core Courses Note: Administrative practicum in hospitals and pharmaceutical • Electronic Health Record System industries is mandatory as a non-credit internship. • Healthcare Information System • Standards in Health Informatics 100 .

as well opportunities to pursue academic and research oriented careers. Every year the faculty of science tops in terms of research produced at the CIIT. The faculty of Science at CIIT consists of the departments of Mathematics. and experience and dedicated faculty. the faculty strength and the research produced. and Environmental Science. The faculty of science is providing different programs. • Department of Physics Faculty of Science • o Centre for Quantum Physics (CQP) Department of Meteorology Lahore Campus Welcome message by Faculty Dean: • Department of Mathematics The courses for these disciplines have been designed with the express aim to • Department of Physics impart a clear insight into basic sciences and to develop strong experimental and technological skills. Departments: The graduate programs MS and PhD are offered in the Following departments of various campuses of CIIT: Abbottabad Campus • Department of Chemistry • Department of Environmental Sciences • Department of Mathematics Islamabad Campus • Department of Biosciences • Department of Mathematics 101 . Biosciences. If you really want to excel in basic sciences CIIT will provide you the best facilities. The faculty is of international repute which is providing research facilities in diversified field and a dynamic and vibrant environment to undergo a transformation in research and development. chemistry. These programs provide a firm foundation for employment in industry and R & D organizations. The strength of graduate students is increasing tremendously as a feedback of excellent research facilities available at CIIT. Meteorology. advanced infrastructure. environment and research culture comparable with the top universities of the world. This is the strongest faculty in terms of the programs offered. Physics.

the Department of genes responsible. Cystic fibrosis. Some have affected • Microbiology/Immunology international trade and tourism. The availability of complete genome sequences for several human pathogens MS in Bioinformatics coupled with bioinformatics will lead to significant advances in understanding completely the biological processes underlying the normal physiology of both Campus Offering Programs: hosts and pathogens. are used. Introduction Genetic analysis of Leishmaniasis. Since September 2005. Hepatitis C Virus and Mycobacterium tuberculosis. studies and mutation analysis. Department of Biosciences Research Projects in Molecular Genetics Research projects presently carried out pertain to the following areas: Faculty of Science Genetics of the diseases such as Polycystic ovary. Biosciences has been offering a postgraduate program as well. The medical developments arising from genome projects are required to be exploited to monitor the disease susceptibility and spectrum Islamabad of disease in our indigenous populations. Almost all • Developmental Biology these diseases have caused fear and panic. explosive epidemics of unidentified and re- • Biochemistry/Molecular Biology emerging diseases have given the world a few close calls. Hypercholesterolemia and Retinitis Pigmentosa. Immunology. Molecular Studies on inherited disorders in humans are also carried out to identify the Genetics and Bioinformatics. skeletal and ophthalmic disorders. Research work is becoming quite popular in the country. To achieve these goals classical genetic approaches. such as prevalent in the Pakistani population. especially in the mode of inheritance and gene association of different Genetic Disorders prevalent in Pakistani population (e.areas pertaining to Genetic Toxicology. skin. Information Technology (CIIT). in the above. • Understanding the process of carcinogenesis. These epidemics have resulted in overwhelming the • Molecular Virology health services and diversion of essential resources from elsewhere. Muscular Dystrophy. The first program to be Genetic analysis of how the accumulation of multiple genetic abnormalities introduced was BS (Bioinformatics). breast. Molecular Biology. Our academic staff is highly qualified tumors and characterization of the genetic basis of hereditary cancers and is involved in research in different fields of Biosciences. This program is highly rated and is progressively lead to uncontrolled cell growth and metastasis. thyroid. genetic linkage and PhD. MS Bioinformatics Research work: Molecular Genetics In this discipline. Deafness. etc). leading to MS including identification and phenotyping of diseased families. which we hypothesize would be MS and PhD Biosciences different from rest of the world and also within the country. others have led to the mass slaughter of • Molecular Genetics poultry and farm animals. • Identification and analysis of genetic changes in cancers including oral. including role and mode of action of different carcinogens. Subject Areas: MS/PhD Courses are offered in the following areas: Microbiology/ Immunology Over the past two decades. Microbiology.mentioned areas of specialization.g. 102 . skin. Four year BS (Biosciences) degree carried out in diversified subjects such as identification of genomic changes in program has also been initiated recently. prostate and gastro-intestinal tract. Evaluation of chemicals/drugs/xenobiotic agents/factors which can either Short Introduction: modify the structure of DNA or the fidelity of chromosome segregation and The Department of Biosciences was established at the COMSATS Institute of distribution to future generations. Identification of the corresponding genes will provide potential targets for functional studies. Islamabad in 2003. research work is carried out in diversified fields of Molecular Genetics. Biochemistry.

Effects of abiotic Development of whole cell-based Biosensors for environmental applications stresses on the expression of genes are especially studied using differential Study of the molecular mechanism of drug resistance in community and display of mRNA technique & DNA-DNA hybridization. staff and students can work productively microbiology with special emphasis on genetic and molecular basis of disease. Helicobacter pylori. Biochemistry is a science whose boundaries now encompass all aspects of interpretation. Electrophoresis. Students in this field will pursue research on molecular mechanisms of biological processes in living systems. and biotechnology sectors. correlation. pertain to the following areas: biosensors. biology is Biochemistry/Molecular Biology now a data rich science. antibiotics. foods. together with Molecular Biology. In short. proteins. warehousing. The newly emerging fields of Bioinformatics. It is different biological data. agriculture. Our transformations essential to cellular growth and reproduction. Studies are in progress which aim at locating and water-borne diseases in Pakistan characterizing the genes responsible for stress resistance. We are actively involved int science. amino acids. bioinformatics e-learning. from viruses and bacteria through plants to bioinformatics is now experiencing phenomenal growth as it has direct mammals. to medicine. The field of bioinformatics deal with capture. In this regard. analysis. In addition. Glaucoma Pathogenesis and Associated Risk Factors Proteomics of Asthma Allergens Research Projects in Microbiology/Immunology Regulation of Gene Expression The following areas of research are currently pursued in this particular field: Genetics of Huonglongbing Cloning and molecular characterization of genes Epidemiological investigation and molecular pathogenesis of commonly occurring pathogens such as Bordetella pertussis. ELISA and various types of blotting assays are approaches such as DNA fingerprinting. which form the morphological structures Bioinformatics is an enabler and provides necessary tools and data for modern represented by the cell and cellular organelles.and cell based therapies for human diseases Bioinformatics has now become an integral component of research and development in life sciences. Function of genes can also be explored by detecting the expression differences Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Viral etiology of human cancers Vaccine & drug development MS in Bioinformatics Development of gene. the Department is committed to provide a stimulating 103 . research will also focus on the use of biotechnological approaches to develop engineered microorganisms for industrial and commercial purposes Research Projects in Biochemistry/ Molecular Biology to produce organic acids. including man. concerned with all life forms. temporally. and visualization of large quantities of biology. After the dot-com and the telecom booms. and has enabled the proteome informatics. or conditionally are isolated via Host-Pathogen Interaction differential screening approach. important role in the global economy. Multi-locus sequence typing along with routinely used. degree programs in Bioinformatics are much focused and designed to produce Biochemistry and Molecular Biology are the most rapidly expanding areas of bioinformatics developers rather than just users. biopesticides and Research projects presently carried out. B and C are also studied using modern molecular biology such as PCR.This program would provide an up-to-date knowledge in the field of environment in which faculty. Research in Molecular Biology/Biochemistry is diverse and interdisciplinary. and to ecology. serotyping and other conventional approaches Living organisms have evolved mechanisms for tolerance to one or more of the Environmental surveillance of bacterial pathogens associated with food and abiotic stresses. Molecular Medicine and Clinical Biochemistry are to a great degree dependent upon the information provided by the Molecular Biology techniques with special reference to the gene function in normal and diseased tissues. computational phylogenetics and several other development of biotechnological industries that are playing an increasingly domains of bioinformatics. among different tissues. nucleic acids and lipids. as well as provide machinery for biotechnology. together in pursuit of interdisciplinary goals. has brought about research in computational genome annotation. Thanks to large scale projects like the human genome project and increasing use of high-throughput instruments. rapid advances in the biological and medical sciences. The department of Biosciences hosts the prestigious Pakistan the inheritance and expression of genetic information and energize catalytic National node of the EMBnet(European Molecular Biology Network). the molecular biology techniques Hepatitis A. from molecules to cells. Bioremediation and phytoremediation research is also envisioned to address indigenous industrial pollution problems and hence would offer Molecular Biology of Cardio-vascular Diseases practical solutions to local environmental issues. genes/DNA hospital acquired infections transcripts that express spatially. to organisms. For these purposes. It deals with the study of biological molecules such as applications in the pharmaceutical. Biochemistry.

Opposite Main Fluorescence Microscope. Opposite Main Computer Laboratory Islamabad Campus. The the Department of Biosciences has made rapid progress in establishing well equipped-laboratories. Mahmood Akhtar Kayani Mailing/Courier Address: Bio Block. with high speed Internet Fax: 051-8318499 access. ELISA reader. degree holders. Immunology. Fluorescence spectrometer. Islamabad Campus. Currently available research Name: Dr. Mailing/Courier Address: Bio Block. incubators.Phil and 6 M. 34 M. Thermal Cyclers. incubators. We believe that our graduates with broad based knowledge will fill this gel electrophoresis water-jacketed CO2. Department Contact . Chairperson equipment includes DNA sequencer. including those of Biochemistry/Molecular Biology.Sc. Molecular Genetics. autoclaves. Name: Dr. Faouzia Yousaf. Chakshahzad. Faculty A highly qualified local and foreign trained faculty is available to teach various courses. Email: fouzia@comsats.D. Email:mkayani@comsats. Faculty of Science The Role of Our Graduates in Society Department of Biosciences . products and a variety of biomedical and biotechnological applications emerging from the field of genomics are widely considered as transformation engines for medicine and biology in the coming years. is not only vital for the economic growth of the country but also of global importance to best reap the profits of human resource world-wide. Career Potential/ Career Prospects: 104 . Fax: 051-8318499 deionizer. including 14 Ph. Facilities in the Department In its short history of 7 years. HPLC unit. Islamabad Freezers (-350C and -860C).Islamabad Campus: Tissue culture & Sequencing in the Department. biological safety cabinets. in this whole process. sonicator. fractionator and other instruments of routine use. The graduates can pursue their career in various domains of public and private sectors such as health. Real-time PCR. homogenizer. agriculture. Park Road. the Department of Biosciences has its own library containing a comprehensive collection of books on Bioinformatics and other areas of biosciences. Chakshahzad. Refrigerated and non-refrigerated centrifuges. gel documentation systems. There are many well- equipped specialized laboratories. An Islamabad Campus equitable contribution of developing countries. biotechnology. information Technology and education. energy. UV/Vis Phone: 051-4340857 spectrophotometer. Cancer Genetics Departmental Library Complementing the institutional library that provides books and electronic resources in diverse fields of knowledge. such as Pakistan. Park Road. ice machine. Islamabad In addition to the wet labs there are two well-equipped computer laboratories Phone: 051-4340857 to carry out hands on exercises in Bioinformatics.

University of the Punjab. Lahore Prof. Shahid Nadeem Chohan Dr. Plant Genomics) Islamabad Campus CEMB. Asrar Muhammad Khan PhD( Biochemistry / Molecular Biology) PhD (Molecular Biology) University of North Texas. Shehzad Mufti PhD (Anatomy) Case-Western University. Multan Faculty of Science Faculty Members Dr. Islamabad Dr. UK Dr. Dr. Syed Sarfraz Hussain PhD (Molecular Biology. USA Australia Dr. Muhammed Kausar Nawaz Shah Department of Biosciences PhD (Molecular Genetics) Bahaudin Zakariya University. comprising of a number of PhDs & MS degree holders from Foreign / Pakistani universities. Arshad Rafique PhD (Molecular Genetics) Quaid-e-Azam University. Quaid-e-Azam University. Asifa Ahmed PhD (Biochemistry / Molecular Biology and Proteomics) The department of Biosciences has well qualified. Dr. Raheel Qamar Dr. Fauzia Yusuf Hafeez Dr. UK Dr. Islamabad Dr. competent and energetic University of Karachi-Pakistan faculty. Dr. Netherlands Worscester. Syed Habib Bokhar PhD (Microbiology & Immunology) University of Glasgow. Farah Mustafa PhD (Plant Microbiology & Biotechnology) PhD (Molecular Virology & Immunology) Quaid-e-Azam University / Wageningen.USA Dr. Islamabad 105 . Swansea. MA.K. Asif Mir PhD (Molecular Genetics) Quaid-e-Azam University. USA Dr. Rani Faryal PhD (Microbiology) Quaid-e-Azam University. U. Sajid Rashid PhD (Plant Molecular Biology ) PhD (Molecular Biology) University of Manchester. Islamabad Dr. Mahmood Akhtar Kayani PhD (Molecular Genotoxicology) University of Wales.

0 in relevant life sciences disciplines are eligible for admission to the MS program.5/4. and not more than 5 years for part time students Specific Entry Requirements (MS): Applicants seeking admission in MS Program in Biosciences must have completed 16 years of education with 1st division or CGPA of 2.Department of Biosciences Faculty of Science The insights. /Molecular Genetics /Microbiology/ Immunology Career Potential/Career Prospects: /Molecular Virology A degree in Biosciences will prepare students for suitable careers in the field of teaching. Why to choose CIIT: 106 . pharmaceutical companies. after 1st registration. clinical /Biotechnology and research institutes. An equitable contribution of developing countries. Campus Offering Program: . Islamabad MS and PhD Biosciences Program Duration: The duration of studies for MS degree shall normally be not less than one and a half years (three semesters) and not more than three years for full time students. We believe that our graduates with broad based Biochemistry/Molecular Biology knowledge will fill this vacuum. such as Pakistan. biotechnology industries. products and a variety of biomedical and biotechnological applications Program Details emerging from the field of genomics are widely considered as transformation engines for (MS/PhD) medicine and biology in the coming years. etc . is not Program: only vital for the economic growth of the country • MS/PhD – Biosciences but also of global importance to best reap the Specialization: profits of human resource world-wide. in this whole process.

products and a variety of MS. We believe that our graduates with broad based Program Duration: knowledge will fill this vacuum. and teaching. Why to choose this course at CIIT: Over the past two decades. such as Pakistan. Applicants seeking admission in MS Program in Biosciences must have completed 16 years of education with 1st division or CGPA of 2. others have led to the mass slaughter of poultry and farm animals. Program Details Career Potential/Career Prospects: Program: The insights. which we hypothesize Faculty of Science would be different from rest of the world and also within the country.0 in relevant life sciences disciplines are eligible for admission to the MS program. The medical developments arising from genome projects are Biosciences required to be exploited to monitor the disease susceptibility and spectrum of disease in our indigenous populations. An Bioinformatics equitable contribution of developing countries.Bioinformatics biomedical and biotechnological applications emerging from the field of genomics are widely Specialization: considered as transformation engines for medicine and biology in the coming years. clinical and research institutes. pharmaceutical companies. computer Specific Entry Requirements: sciences field. in this whole process. 107 . explosive epidemics of unidentified and re-emerging diseases have given the world a few close calls. Almost all these diseases have caused fear and panic. Some have affected international trade and tourism. software warehouses. biotechnology industries.5/4. etc. is not only vital for the economic growth of the country Campus Offering Program: but also of global importance to best reap the Islamabad profits of human resource world-wide. not more than 5 years for part time students. after 1st registration. The duration of studies for MS degree shall normally be not less than one and a half years A career in Bioinformatics will prepare the (three semesters) and not more than three years students for suitable careers in the field of for full time students. both hosts and pathogens. These epidemics have resulted in overwhelming the health services and diversion of essential resources from elsewhere. The availability of complete genome sequences for several human pathogens coupled with bioinformatics will lead to significant advances in understanding completely the biological processes underlying the normal physiology of Department of .

Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Elective Courses Core Courses • Cancer Genetics • Advances in Molecular Biology • Cytogenetics • Advances in Microbiology • Gene Regulation and Expression • Advances in Cell Biology • Recombinant DNA Technology • Molecular Genetics • Research Techniques • Developmental Biology • Report writing and seminar • Bioinformatics • Trends in Genomics • Human Genetics Elective Courses • Seminar • Clinical Biochemistry • Advances in Molecular Genetics • Gene Regulation and Expression • Clinical Genetics • Molecular Immunology • The History and Philosophy of Science • Trends in Genomics • The Origin and Evolution of Life on Earth • Nucleic Acids • Protein Chemistry Program: • Recombinant DNA Technology MS in Biosciences.Microbiology/ Immunology • Advances in Molecular Genetics Core Courses • Report writing and seminar • Advances in Molecular Biology • Research Techniques • Advances in Microbiology • Biochemistry and Physiology of Vascular diseases • Advances in Cell Biology • The History and Philosophy of Science • Molecular Genetics • The Origin and Evolution of Life on Earth • Developmental Biology • Bioinformatics Program: MS in Bioinformatics 108 . Elective Courses Department of Biosciences • Medical Microbiology • Strategies of Parasite Infection survival and Transmission • General Virology Faculty of Science • Fundamentals of Microbial Genomics and Proteomics Course Details • • Advanced Topics in Microbiology Molecular and Cellular Immunology • Environmental Microbiology Program: MS in Biosciences-Molecular Genetics • Environmental Microbiology • Bioremediation and Biodegradation Core Courses • General Mycology • Advances in Molecular Biology • Report writing and seminar • Advances in Microbiology • Research Techniques • Advances in Cell Biology • The History and Philosophy of Science • Molecular Genetics • The Origin and Evolution of Life on Earth • Developmental Biology • Bioinformatics Program: MS in Biosciences.

Biotechnology • Protein Chemistry • Data Mining & Warehousing • Advanced Algorithms Analysis Core Courses • Artificial Neural Networks • Current Trends in Biotechnology • Software Project Management • Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology • Pattern Recognition techniques • Research Methodology in Environmental Science • Data Structures for Computer Graphics • Bioinformatics • Mathematical Modeling • Advances in Molecular Biology • Stochastic Processes • Optimization Theory Elective Courses Program: • Bio Chemistry • Molecular and Microbial Genetics MS/PhD in Biosciences.Molecular Virology • Advanced Techniques in Biotechnology • Advances in Microbiology Core Courses • Bioremediation and Biodegradation • Cell and Tissue Culture • Advances in Molecular Biology • Cell Biology and Genetics • Advances in Microbiology • Conservation Genetics • Molecular Genetics • Environmental Biotechnology • Developmental Biology • Agricultural biotechnology • Bioinformatics • Medical Biotechnology • Essentials of Virology • Industrial biotechnology • Advances in Cell Biology • Biometrical Techniques in Genetics Elective Courses • Molecular Biology of Animal Viruses • Plant Virology • Viral-based Gene Therapy and DNA Vaccines • Advanced Topics in Virology • Tissue Culture and its Applications • Gene Regulation and Expression • Trends in Genomics • Recombinant DNA Technology • Report Writing Seminar • Research Techniques • Fundamentals of Microbial Genomics and Proteomics • Molecular and Cellular Immunology 109 .Core Courses • Seminar • Applications of Bioinformatics • The History and Philosophy of Science • Trends in Genomics • The Origin and Evolution of Life on Earth • Biostatistics for Bioinformatics • Advances in Bioscience Research • Principles for Computational Biology Elective Courses • Systems Biology • Proteomics • Gene Regulation and Expression Program: • Molecular Genetics • MS/PhD in Biosciences.

Atomic Energy. equipment and capital available for R&D. conservation of habitat and provision of need-based scientific feed back to the industries. at the end of a semester. PCSIR. The mission is to develop high quality man power for the exploitation of natural resources (Medicinal plants and Minerals). Ministry of Environment. Its Name: Dr.Abbottabad Campus: not benefiting from the contributions of basic and applied chemistry. etc. COMSATS Abbottabad. Ministry of Environment. Kohota Research Labs. Mineralogy department. PCSIR. the department of Chemistry. Research institutes (NIBGE. Pharmacy. In order to fulfil these enormous demands of Chemists. etc. Atomic Energy. education and research but also as the national and international collaborator in science and technological advancement. Pharmacy. etc)Health departments.g. There is large number of job opportunities for Chemistry graduates nationally and internationally e. Agriculture and Teaching Institutes. Rehana Rashid. in Industries. is offering MS/PhD specialization in the following fields: • Industrial Chemistry • Applied Organic Chemistry Campus Offering Program: Abbottabad 110 . Mineralogy department. There is no aspect of human society that is Department Contact . Career Potential/Career Prospects: Chemistry has such a wide variety of important applications that it creates constant demand for well-trained chemists in many Chairperson application has resulted in countless new products that are considered Mailing/Courier Address: University Road. Phone: 0992-383591-6 Vision Chemistry is to develop a strong baseline of science and technology such Fax: 0992-383441 that COMSATS will not only be at top ranking only as contributor in quality Email: rehanar@ciit.Research institutes (NIBGE. The synergy of collaboration often has a multiple effect on the nation’s pool of talent. Short Introduction: Chemistry is the core of all Sciences. in Industries. MS and PhD Chemistry Department of Chemistry Scholarships: Faculty of Science Students who demonstrate academic excellence by achieving outstanding Introduction positions.. and that Chemistry in technological growth and competitive advantage “depends upon individual and collaborative efforts of industry. government and academia to improve the nation’s R&D enterprise. There is large number of job opportunities for Chemistry graduates nationally and internationally e. Agriculture and Teaching Institutes. etc)Health departments. Kohota Research Labs. In order to fulfill these enormous demands of Chemists Subject Areas: Chemistry has such a wide variety of important applications that it creates constant demand for well-trained chemists in many fields. in each program on campus shall be awarded merit scholarships..g. Abbottabad essential for our socio-economic uplift.

liquid intellectual and enthusiastic students of this region in particular have to strive crystals . UV-Vis & IR Spectrophotometers. anti rheumatic or industrially important molecules. Oxbridge. PCR. polymers. liquid crystal displays for computers. Organometallic and disciplines that boosts economic growth and reinforces the national Polymers development. • Vienna University of Technology.Drug Discovery eradication of deadly diseases by developing life-saving pharmaceuticals . University of the Punjab. is an ideal platform for the students to carry their research. Islamabad • Institute of Chemistry. Vienna. research institutions and industries at national and specially at anticancer. London. for quality education and innovative research . International Research Collaborations • East China University of Science and Technology. Synthetic Organic Chemistry including the synthesis of biologically active like universities. synthesis and manufacture. China • Brunel University. There for composite materials. They played a significant role in the Photochemical and biological studies of the plants form NWFP . Potentiometers. for compounds. the etching process that designing. Karachi University. Shanghai. Medicinal chemistry including rational and computational example. At present a wide range of instruments like Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy. • Quaid-e-Azam University. regional levels became one of the burning issues and the critical economical development of new synthetic procedures and catalysis. involve in biochemical analysis.. synthesis of designed medicinal is industrial revolution on account of new materials produced by chemists. Austria National Research Collaboration • International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences. Synthesis of biologically significant nano materials. fuel cells. There is a bright future in chemistry for the young generation. Natural Product Chemistry From environmental control to information technology. The list is endless and much more is expected in future such as molecular opto-electronics. Media development compounds and materials. are available to conduct teaching and research experiments. Our Laboratories are Department of Chemistry – equipped with the most modern and automated technology. There is a dire need of professional chemists who can evaluate new nutrient removal (BNR). Synthesis of scenario urged to limit the indigenous and foreign scholarships. molecular medicine.There Guided Natural Product Chemistry. and organometallic compounds. Chemistry is one of the most vibrant and fundamental discipline underpinning Research Groups multiple areas of science and technology . High Abbottabad Campus Performance Liquid Chromatograph. chemists have played a Research Interests key role in shaping the modern world. plastics. etc. Gas Chromatograph-FID. Water Treatment This area is a rich source of medicinal plants and rocks containing minerals Water Sanitation Health & Development which are yet to be explored efficiently and there are number of industries in Water and Wastewater Treatment (Chemical and Biological). Synthesis of Biologically active nano-materials it would be fair to state that Chemistry is one of the most significant scientific Composite Materials. one has Photochemical studies of Medicinal Plants to just glance at the modern trends and advancements in chemistry. hydrogen storage Research Group II cells most of them are the subjects of active research in this discipline. Karachi. with its highly qualified faculty. anti leishmanial. having major impact on the world Research Group I present. Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer. UK.Lahore and Research Group III Peshawar etc. new magnetic and superconducting materials.Faculty of Science The Department of Chemistry.Most of them could not afford to seek admission in the quality providing institutions of Karachi . Lahore Lab Facilities 111 . Applied Liquid Crystalline materials. devise new and cleaner industrial methods for for arsenic removal from potable water. Biological this region. In short. forensic science. Research Interests The increasing demand of qualified academicians and researchers for colleges. None of this is possible without a strong University education in Chemistry. made microchip technology possible. Modifying industrial processes. synthesis and biochemical evaluation of new drug molecules. Hence graduate program in chemistry was thought to be Research Interests: launched at Abbottabad campus from Fall 2009. quality control and environmental protection.

Braunschweig. Research Institute of chemistry. Karachi University. Abbottabad Campus Dr. Zakir Hussain PhD (Organic Chemistry) Sciences University of Karachi . Rehana Rashid PhD (Synthesis of Composite Materials) Martin-Luther University Halle. Lahore. Germany. Abdur Rehman Khan PhD (Water & wastewater treatment)Birmingham. Muhammad Riaz PhD (Medicinal Chemistry) HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry. TU.Department of Chemistry Faculty of Science Faculty Members The department of Chemistry has well qualified. PhD (Natural Product Chemistry) Canada HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry. Pakistan Dr. Pakistan. Tauqir A. Austria 112 . International Center of Biochemical Dr. National Research Council.Karachi. Ather Farooq Khan PhD (Heterocyclic synthesis) (Vienna University of Technology. Pakistan Dr. Umar Farooq Environmental Technology (ICPET). Abida Khan PhD (Inorganic / Analytical Chemistry) Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad. comprising of a number of PhDs degree holders from Foreign / Pakistani universities. UK Dr. Dr. Afsar Khan PhD (Organic Chemistry) HEJ. competent and energetic faculty. Karachi University. Sherazi PhD (Applied/Polymer/Material Chemistry) GC University. Germany Dr. PAKISTAN / Institute for Chemical Process and Dr. Pakistan Institute of Organic Chemistry. Dr.

5/4. etc..g. Agriculture and Teaching Institutes. 113 . Ministry MS and PhD Chemistry of Environment. are eligible for admission in MS program. in Industries.0. PCSIR. There is large number of job opportunities for Chemistry Program Details graduates nationally and internationally e. in Fist division or CGPA of 2. Mineralogy department. for teaching as well as for research studies leading to PhD and an exciting research career in these fields. Pharmacy. Campus Offering Program: Abbottabad MS and PhD Chemistry Specific Entry Requirements: Applicants having 16 years of formal education in any discipline of chemistry. Research institutes (NIBGE. Kohota Research Labs.Department of Career Potential/Career Prospects: Chemistry Chemistry has such a wide variety of important applications that it creates constant demand for Faculty of Science well-trained chemists in many fields. etc)Health departments. Why Chemistry at CIIT: A degree in Chemistry will prepare students with suitable qualifications for jobs in the relevant department. In order to fulfill these Specialization: enormous demands of Chemists Industrial Chemistry /Applied Organic Chemistry. Program: Atomic Energy.

petrochemical and fuel gases • Dead Ends and Detours in Organic Synthesis • Polymers and allied industries • Bioorganic Chemistry • Advanced analytical techniques • Biopolymer chemistry • 20 hrs /week workplace training/method development • Fourth State of Matter • Statistical analysis • Modern Trends in Organometallic Synthesis • Food and allied industries • Synthesis and reaction mechanisms of Polymers • Steel and metallurgical products & electroplating • Conjugated polymers • Polymer technology Elective Courses • Characterization techniques for polymers • Chemistry of coal conversion process • Thermodynamics and kinetics of polymerization • Characterization of fossil fuels by advanced instrumental • Catalytic Chemistry techniques • Advances in Organic Synthesis • Petrochemical processes • Method development/intern-ship/workplace training • Polymerization in petrochemical processes • Advances in petroleum production • Alternate sources of Energy • Chemical Kinetics • Corrosion Chemistry • Industrial water conditioning • Industrial Effluents and Emission Analysis • Environmental Technology • Environmentally Benign Technology using Green Chemistry • Alternative Reaction Medias • Electro-chemistry • Agrochemicals(Pesticides & Fertilizers) • Method Development Program: MS /PhD in Applied Organic Chemistry Core Courses • Organic Transformations • Basic concepts of Macromolecules • Spectroscopic Techniques • Organic Chemistry Lab or 20 hrs /week workplace training 114 . • Statistical Analysis • Smart Synthesis • Chemistry of advanced composite materials Elective Courses Department of Chemistry • Synthesis and Nature • Organic synthesis & stereochemistry Faculty of Science • Organic Chemistry-(Laboratory-II) • Chromatographic techniques Course Details • Carbohydrates in Synthesis & An Opening to New Drugs Program: • An Entrance to Drug Design MS /PhD in Industrial Chemistry • Drug Development/ Medicinal Chemistry • Natural Product Chemistry Core Courses • Catalysis in Organic Synthesis • Petroleum.

pk] Introduction Short Introduction: The Department of Environmental Sciences was established at CIIT with the principal mission to continue applied and fundamental research in environmental Raja (HoD)] Mailing/Courier Address: University Road. Campus Offering Program: Abbottabad MS and PhD in Environmental Sciences MS and PhD in Biotechnology MS in Sustainable Water Sanitation Health & Development 115 . 303] Fax: [+92-992-383441] Faculty of Science Email: [iaraja@ciit. Department Contact – Abbottabad Campus: Department of Environmental Name: [] Website: [www. Iftikhar A. The department is aimed to provide both students and faculty with an opportunity to pursue their ambitions in this broad and multidisciplinary field and to become efficient advocates of environment.ciit. Abbottabad Sciences Phone: [+92-992-383592-6 Ext.

soil and plants by Gas Establishing centers for specialized research and training in energy and Chromatography. sustainable development and • Biotechnology Lab biotechnology. the department is establishing linkages with international have critical mass of talent. Each group led by highly skilled senior faculty member consists of broad and multidisciplinary field and to become efficient advocates of five to seven members assisted by research associates and students. The department is also devising tailored courses according to the needs of related organizations. Governance and Conflict Resolution in 2004 with the principal mission to continue applied and fundamental • Geo-spatial Technology research in environmental science. Earth Sciences and Development Studies. • Microbiology Lab Our graduate programmes aim to equip researchers belonging to a variety • Applied Chemistry Lab of backgrounds with the latest knowledge and to establish a research base with following long term objectives: • Plant Herbarium & Research Farm Developing internationally recognized capabilities in the areas of specific need within Pakistan Promoting the integration of environment. Abbottabad • Policies. The department has 25 faculty members and associates coming from Biotechnology lab is mandated with DNA fingerprinting. • Life Sciences Centre (Liscent) water resource management. urine R/E of interests.Faculty of Science Department of Environmental Sciences • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security Abbottabad Campus • • Disaster Management Water Sanitation and Health • Earth Sciences and Natural Resource Management The Department of Environmental Sciences was established at CIIT. public and private water. biotechnology and consultancy services enough to analyze pharmacological compounds from medicinal plants by HPLC. Currently. sustainability and resources All these labs are provided with best sophisticated equipments and development in education instruments. gene mapping. disciplines like . soil and plants by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. treatment and R&D Groups recycling of the effluents of textile. genomic analysis and tissue culture. alternate energy. R & D Facilities The Department has established four international standard laboratories and Students at the department represent a multi cultural and intellectual related facilities:- community. tannery and chemical industry. Research is undertaken on other issues when and where expertise is sought but biotechnology. demonstrate significant expertise. The • Centre for Community Development (CCD) Department is composed of highly competent faculty and research staff with • Environmental Management Unit (EMU) diverse backgrounds in a variety of disciplines including environmental studies. environmental policy and law. The department is aimed to provide both Based on these themes seven Research and Development Groups are students and faculty with an opportunity to pursue their ambitions in this established. energy transformation. These environment. Apart from pesticide detection the facilities in the lab are environment. The research students are addressing a wide spectrum of issues from waste management to • Central Analytical Research Lab climate change. In addition to analytical labs a Plant Research Farm provides favourable environment to conduct graduate level research in • Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology 116 . placing a premium on critical thinking and analysis. the programme development efforts. Biotechnology. It reflects through DNA fingerprinting of economically important plant species is in the necessary interdisciplinary team approach to problem solving in today's progress. Microbiology. The broad spectrum of the department provides its graduate groups are further supported by community services units/centres: students a great flexibility in choosing the program of their interest. water. gene mapping and tagging Chemistry. Preparing and delivering tailored courses for industrial. This interdisciplinary nature of environmental team leads to a diversity testing of drinking water. through seven broad themes: and culture blood-urine. waste management. study on the microbiology of waste water. industries or institutions in Pakistan. Laboratory of Microbiology handles biological and microbiological world. the department is mainly focused on the above seven areas where the groups In addition. Laboratory of Applied Chemistry is involved in the analysis. Central Analytical Lab deals with analyses of heavy metals in food.Environmental Science and Engineering. analysis of sectors aromatic and volatile compounds from food. and concentrate institutions to develop split degree and research collaborative programmes.

2007.. ESDev-09 is now due. Third conference. the Department of Environment Sciences successfully organized “First International Conference on Environmentally Sustainable Development” ESDev-2005. At present a number of medicinal plant species. agriculture and water sanitation. (Funded by HEC) • Heavy Metal Recovery from Industrial Wastewater. The 2nd International Conference. vegetables. forest species and cereal crop species are grown in the farm. fruit trees. • Cloning and Expression of human enzymes ………… (HEC Funded). Norwegian Funded • Treatment of Industrial Wastewater …. Over 300 local and 40 foreign participants from different Universities. Publications during 2004-09: Over 100 research and review articles have been published in reputed journals and presented at National & International Conferences. practical and culturally acceptable solutions to the inherent and upcoming environmental problems of Pakistan..(Funded by COMSATS) • Environmental influences on maiz…(Funded by COMSATS) • Molecular detection of potato diseases (Funded by COMSATS) • NORAD MS Programme (NOMA. ecology.. biotechnology. in June 2005. Higher Education Institutions and Organizations attended the conference. On-Going R&D Projects • Municipal Solid Waste Bagh (AJK)Project… (Funded by European Commission) • Mapping of Ph-I Wheat Gene. ornamentals.. health. Moreover. 117 . (in collaboration with Shezan International. Long term goal of the department is to provide innovative.. the department aims at providing technical support. plant genetics and plant pathology...phytoremediation. Conferences-Environmentally Sustainable Development “ESDev” In pursuit of its objectives. .. agriculture. policy advice and community services in environment.. to be held in August 2009. ESDev-2007 was held in August. Over 350 delegates including 50 international participants from 23 countries attended the conference. Hattar) • Molecular and morphological characterization of T1 and T2- generations . Among the recommendations was to continue the ESDev series of conferences every two years.. pharmacology.

Muhammad Maroof Shah Dr. Umer Farooq Ph. Dr. Tahir Amin Earth Sciences PhD (Environmental Engineering) USA South Korea Dr. Robina Farooq Ph. Amir Haider Malik Dr Raza Ahmad Ph.D (Organic Chemistry) Germany Department of Environmental Dr. Raja Foreign Professor Dr. competent and Norway energetic faculty. Arshad Pervez Dr Yusra Pervez Ph. Dr. Amjad Sabir Ph. Jamshed Iqbal Ph. Soil Chemistry) Sciences USA Faculty of Science Dr.D (Environmental Sciences) MBBS. Muhamamd Ahmad Farooqui Dr. South Korea Dr.D (Earth Sicnces) Dr. Amjad Hassan Ph.D (Molecular Genetics and Bio-Technology) PhD (Environmental Engineering) USA.D (Renewable Energy) Ph. Bahadar Nawab Ph. Mustafa Nawaz Shafqat Ph.D (Earth Sciences) PhD (Plant Genetic Engineering) Germany Korea Dr. Romana Taous Ph. UK.D (Radiation Physics) Ph. PR China Dr.D (Hydrology) USA University of Peshawar Pakistan Dr. comprising of a number of PhDs degree holders from Foreign / Pakistani universities. United Kingdom China Dr.D Japan Faculty Members Dr. & Development Studies) The department of Environmental Sciences has well qualified.D (Earth Sicnces) Ph.D (Environmental Engg).) PhD (Environmental Sciences) Canada.D (En.D (Bio Technology ) Abbottabad Campus Italy Dr. Javaid Jahan Baluch Dr.D (Civil & Environmental Engg. Ishtiaq Jadoon Ph. 118 . Qaiser Mahmood Ph. Abdul Mateen Awan Ph. Iftikhar A.D ( Env.D (Medical Microbiology) Pakistan UK Dr. Zahid Mahmood Khan Dr.

biological and chemical sciences.Pakistan Dr. engineering. physics. forestry. medical. Sciences Why to Choose Environmental Sciences at CIIT : Faculty of Science A postgraduate qualification in Environmental Sciences will offer the flexibility of a range of Program Details subjects to choose from and also a wide range of career options. Campus Offering Program: Abbottabad Career Potential/Career Prospects: Specific Entry Requirements: The objectives of the program are to enable the Applicants seeking admission in MS Program in students to contribute successfully to Environmental Science must have minimum 16 professional. Bachelors (4 years after 119 . computing. and other related fields. Muhammad Farooq Dr. development industry and the Government. chemistry. (MS/PhD) MS degree in Environmental Sciences is equally Program: open to graduates of earth and environmental sciences as well as single subject degrees in MS and PhD Environmental biology. competencies currently required by business. mathematics.e. Department of agriculture. technical and managerial years of schooling i. economics and engineering to Sciences embark upon successful training in Environmental Sciences. Muhammad Tariq PhD (Geophysics) PhD (Petroleum Geology) Pakistan Pakistan FSc) in environmental sciences. Environmental or MSc in Natural sciences. studies.

Why to Choose Biotechnology at CIIT:
Department of Biotechnology is emerging as a powerful and
valuable source of economic strength and
Environmental sustainable productivity in developed and
developing countries. It offers great
Sciences opportunities for students for higher studies and
research in biosciences to manipulate microbial
Faculty of Science and genetic material to produce a marketable
and consumable product for the world economy.
Program Details Pakistan lags far behind in the arena of
biotechnology to exploit all likely potentials of
(MS/PhD) productivity and growth. Realizing biotechnology
as a means of dealing with malnutrition, parasitic
Program: diseases and crop out put, the department in
collaboration with the Department of
MS and PhD Biotechnology Biosciences, CIIT Islamabad is going to launch a
fascinating graduate programme in
Campus Offering Program:
Career Potential/Career Prospects:
Specific Entry Requirements: The objectives of the program are to enable the
Applicants seeking admission in MS Program in students to contribute successfully to
Environmental Science must have minimum 16 professional, technical and managerial
years of schooling i.e. Bachelors (4 years after competencies currently required by business,
FSc) in Biotechnology, Plant Breeding and industry and the Government.
Genetics, Agriculture, Environmental Sciences,
Biosciences, Microbiology, DVM, Forestry ,
Medical sciences
or MSc in biological and chemical sciences (
Genetics / Chemistry / Botany/ Zoology or
Forestry), and other related fields.


Department of Environmental
Faculty of Sciences
Program Details (MS)
MS- Sustainable Water, Sanitation Health
and Development

Campus Offering Program:

Specific Entry Requirements:
Applicants seeking admission in MS Program in Sustainable Water, Sanitation
Health and Development must have minimum 16 years of schooling i.e.
Bachelors (4 years after FSc) in engineering, , agriculture, forestry, medical ,
environmental sciences and development studies,
or MSc in Natural sciences, biological and chemical sciences, development
studies, and other related fields.

Why to Choose Sustainable Water, Sanitation Health and Development
program at CIIT:
The objectives of the program are to enable the students to contribute
successfully to professional, technical and managerial competencies currently
required by business, industry and the Government.

The curricula of the programme are developed in response to the increasing
demand of the market with appropriate blend of foreign skill and creativity and
local culture.

Career Potential/Career Prospects:
The students will acquire skills to plan, design, implement, manage and
communicate appropriate technical solutions suitable to both urban and rural
contexts and hence act as proactive team players committed to achieving the
Millennium Goals with respect to water and sanitation.

Core Courses

• Current Trends in Biotechnology
• Cell and Tissue Culture
• Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
• Research Methodology in Environmental Sciences
• Bioinformatics
• Advances in Molecular Biology

Elective Courses

• Bio Chemistry
Department of Environmental •

Molecular and Microbial Genetics
Advanced Techniques in Biotechnology
Sciences •

Advances in Microbiology
Bioremediation and Biodegradation
• Current Trends in Biotechnology
Faculty of Science • Cell Biology and Genetics
• Conservation Genetics
Course Details • Environmental Biotechnology
• Agricultural Biotechnology
• Medical Biotechnology
Program: • Industrial Biotechnology
MS/PhD in Environmental Science • Biometrical Techniques in Genetics

Core Courses Program:
• Environment & Development MS in Sustainable Water, Sanitation Health and Development
• Environmental Impact Assessment
• Environmental Technology Core Courses
• Research Methodologies in Environmental Studies • Introduction to Sustainable Water and Sanitation
• Environmental Policies, Planning & Laws • Health, Environment and Sanitation
• Water and Wastewater Treatment Principles
Elective Courses • Sustainable Sanitation-Ecological Engineering for Waste
• Advanced Water Resources Management Management
• Waste Water Treatment • Water Supply Engineering and Management
• Solid & Hazardous Waste Treatment • Technology Development, Gender and Culture
• Environmental Management • Designing and Implementing Water, Sanitation and Public Health
• Applied Environmental Economics Policies
• Advanced Techniques in Biotechnology • Water Sanitation Institutions and Governance
• Advanced Analytical Techniques • Applied Research Methodology
• Molecular and Microbial Genetics
• Energy and Environment Elective Courses
• Health, Safety and Environment • Community Water Supply
• Environmental Health/Radiation Physics • Urban /Rural Sanitation
• Environment and GIS • Ecological Sanitation
• Environmental Geology • Wastewater Treatment and Reuse
• Water Conservation / Rainwater Harvesting
Program: • Sustainable Rural Development
MS/PhD in Biotechnology

123 .

at the end of a semester. engineering. for teaching and an exciting research career in these fields. 124 . acquiring talented faculty members. Scholarships: Students who demonstrate academic excellence by achieving outstanding positions. The students are encouraged to develop new ideas in research and to apply them in real world problems. Career Potential/Career Prospects: A degree in Mathematics will prepare students with suitable qualifications for jobs in the department of mathematics. The power of mathematics is felt like never before. and cryptography. mathematical modelling. actuarial sciences. social sciences etc. and providing an environment conducive to teaching.Department of Mathematics at CIIT Faculty of Science Introduction Short Introduction: This has been rightly said and acknowledged by all that “Mathematics is Queen of all Sciences”. information technology. Campuses Offering Programs: Abbottabad Islamabad & Lahore Why Mathematics at CIIT: The Department aims to pursue excellence in Mathematics through teaching and research by developing appropriate curricula and teaching practices. bio-sciences. This beautiful subject has got recognition in all aspects of human life like basic sciences. research and learning. in each program on campus shall be awarded merit scholarships. technology. statistics. engineering. environmental sciences. The phrase has been well understood and appreciated with the passage of time.

2007. Physics. Algebra and Analysis. The purpose of holding the Symposium is to bring together researchers. MATHEMATICA. SCINTIFIC WORK PLACE publications. Publications Laboratory The faculty of the department is active in research work and publishing their A well equipped laboratory has been designed for graduate students that articles in national and international journals. LATEX. as a center of excellence. Department of Mathematics provides service courses in different departments Chemistry. Major contribution from different universities and institutions participated and delivered is from CIIT Abbottabad. Geometric As a continuation of the series of Symposia held in 2006. while10 faculty members are on leave for 2006. The 1st Symposium was held under the umbrella of Techno Moot on May 8-9. program both in Pure and international and 16 national speakers. More than 200 renowned scientists from all over the world. Abbottabad Phone: 0092-383591-6 125 . Research groups are working in Theoretical and Computational Fluid educationists. More than • Complex Analysis 1000 books and 200 journals are available on Applied and Pure Mathematics. industrialists and scientists to present the achievements done so Mechanics. Currently The department organized its 4th Symposium (CCIS) on May 11. Madad Khan. Innovations and Abbottabad Campus Solutions (CCIS)” is also a regular annual feature of the department. Symposia A series of symposia on “Computational Complexities. • Mathematical Finance Conferences • Number Theory The department organized first International Conference on “Models and • Relativity Methods in Fluid Mechanics” from 23-27 June 2003. HOD Workshops Mailing/Courier Address: University Road . 12. including 10 PhDs and 27 M. Number Theory. Function Theory. in the most professional manner. the department of Mathematics is committed to arrange Conferences. The Department organized its third two-day Symposium of the series CCIS on Research Areas May 12-13. Analysis. Fuzzy Algebra. and TECPLOT. the department is arranging its 5th Symposium on May 10-11. Biology. Total 21 talks were delivered during the symposium by 5 The department has initiated MS leading to Ph. Name: Dr. Fluid Mechanics. Relativity and Topology. Seminars. Library Area of Specialization For learning and research environment a departmental library has been established and is being updated according to the requirements. Mathematical Finance. • Fluid Mechanics The facility to access international journals is also provided to the researchers. 2007. The Department of Mathematics is emerging far and to share the experiences vis-à-vis their respective fields of research. 2007 in which 22 talks were delivered. Symposia and Workshops for • Heat and Mass Transfer pursing its objectives. We are offering various subjects in different fields of mathematics. delivered by researchers from national universities and scientific organizations. MAPLE.Abbottabad Campus: this conference and more than 28 talks were delivered. such as being the platform for producing more than 80 International research FORTRAN. 2008 and 2009. in order to share of CIIT Abbottabad.Faculty of Science The department also organized many one day workshops on Computational and Industrial Mathematics chaired by well-known Professors and talks were Department of Mathematics . • Functional Analysis Conferences/Seminars / Symposia • Fuzzy Algebra To raise the standard of research in various branches of mathematics the local • Geometric Function Theory mathematicians should interact with the eminent researchers and scientists of • Group Theory and Generalizations international repute. in research with the scientists working in other disciplines of this institute. The Conference focused • Topology on theoretical and computational fluid dynamics. Functional Analysis. This department has 37 permanent faculty members. MATLAB. Medicine and all branches of Engineering. The second two-day Symposium of the series CCIS was held on May 8-9. Applied Mathematics with special emphasis on Fluid Mechanics since Fall 2004. Phil. 2009 in our faculty and graduate students are actively involved in research in Complex which 26 talks were delivered. 2010. Heat and Mass Transfer. The faculty also interacts methods and ideas and to regroup original contributions from all these fields. The department has the honor of contain latest computers with all required accessories and soft wares.D. illuminating talks. as renowned scientists and researchers research productivity conducted by HEC for 2006 and 2008. The primary objective of the Symposium is to bring together computational scientists from all fields of the traditional sciences like Mathematics. Realizing the fact. higher studies. including 7 international speakers. Group Theory and Generalizations. COMSATS Institute of Information Technology stands 5th in ranking for The Symposium was a great success. attended Department Contact .

which can be considered as an The research output of the department is very impressive and speaks clearly extraordinary achievement. but a few achievements. such as MATLab. UK and Chartered Mathematician. The scope of these conferences will be extended in other research research collaboration with over fifty scientists from across the globe. the scientists of the OIC countries (02). Optimization and related disciplines. This is ongoing process to enhance the quality of the research in this institution. The pervasive network provides to teaching. the faculty of Mathematics department is actively • Computational Fluid Mechanics involved in research. MAPLE. China. In the years 2007 and 2008. new ideas in research and to apply them in real world problems. email. The department of mathematics has a highly qualified and distinguished faculty. during this short period of its existence. Canada. both in quality and number. CIIT Islamabad has been a part of the awards conferred by the Government of Pakistan (02). Research Areas • Fluid Mechanics Seminars • Computational Mathematics Apart from normal teaching. research and learning. The scientists from also contributing in the development of the subject. civil The Department of Mathematics. However. The students are encouraged to develop access to local and national electronic information services. Scientists • Heat and Mass Transfer and educationists from outside the department are also invited to stimulate • Topology the intellectual life of the department through their lectures and seminars. the faculty is recipient of extraordinary honors such as Fellows of Pakistan Academy of Sciences (01). UK. gold medals Pakistan Academy of Sciences. department started functioning independently from September 2002. Foreign faculty is playing the advanced countries and the region are actively participating in these an important role in some research areas of high interest and value. IT facilities available to them and that all students entering CIIT have the The Department aims to pursue excellence in Mathematics through teaching chance to acquire sound IT skills. software). • Modeling and Simulation Conferences Research collaborations An international conference in Models & Methods in Fluid Mechanics has An impressive research collaboration of the faculty exists with the international become a permanent feature of the department. There is conferences. The activity is contributing community from leading universities of the world. library catalogue. Europe. and providing an environment conducive etc are available for students and researchers. The department of Mathematics provides a forum for • Computational Analysis researchers and graduate students to present their latest research. areas as well. There are 23 PhD faculty members including 03 on Foreign Faculty Islamabad Campus Hiring Program. The department is offering Department of Mathematics have published more than four hundreds opportunities and specializations in Pure Mathematics. SCIENTIFIC Applied Mathematics. The faculty has a national and international standing and recognition. and all the other facilities needed for learning and research. MS leading to PhD program Applications. To mention. research articles in ISI journals of Mathematical and Engineering Sciences Numerical Mathematics. the faculty has published 107 and 91 papers respectively. when it Two faculty members were Fellows of the Institute of Mathematics and its offered a four-year BS (Math) program in Fall 2002. the most productive department of Mathematical Sciences at CIIT since 1998. Faculty of Science Faculty Department of Mathematics . popularizing the subject and further strengthened at both personal and institutional levels. The research is being conducted and Computer Facilities published in international journals. There are strong research groups working in The mission of CIIT is to ensure that all students and staff have a wide range of various research areas. Japan and other countries have been regularly visiting the department for a short visit to collaborate in research with the local faculty. This collaboration will be extensively in the development of the subject. acquiring talented faculty members. particularly in Pure and Computational Mathematics. virtual learning environments. Some of the faculty members are member of several editorial boards of leading and reputed international journals of mathematical and engineering sciences. Adjunct faculty is enhancing the prestige of the institution and the country. Faculty members of the in Mathematics was started in Fall 2004. Various Computer Algebra Systems (math and research by developing appropriate curricula and teaching practices. A • Elastodynamics weekly seminar series has been initiated from Fall 2008 semester. UK. Area of Specialization 126 . Fax: 0992-383441] Highly eminent and leading scientists from leading universities of USA. Email: madadkhan@ciit.

pk/math/ 127 .pk Website: http://ww2. Moiz-ud-Din. Head of Department. • Complex Analysis • Computational Fluid Mechanics • Computational Mathematics • Convex and Non convex Analysis • Convex and Nonlinear Analysis • Electrodynamics • Fluid Mechanics • Geometric Function theory • Heat & Mass Transfer • Hyperbolic Conservation Laws • Modeling and Simulation • Numerical Analysis • Numerical Mathematics (Nonlinear Equations and related areas) • Numerical Optimization • Optimization • Topology • Variational Inequalities Department Contact .edu. Chakshehzad. Phone: 051-9235952 Email: moiz@comsats. Mathematics Mailing/Courier Address: CIIT Islamabad Campus. Park Islamabad.Islamabad Campus: Name: DR.ciit-isb.

Physics • Convex and Non convex Analysis and Computer Sciences departments. Survey areas) Methods. The Mathematics section of the library contains large number of Name: Dr. The Lahore Campus department is planning to hold a workshop on Effective Mathematics Teaching at College and University Level and another workshop of The Lahore campus of COMSATS Institute of Information Technology became Statistical/Mathematical modeling in near future. Numerical Analysis and Optimization. Mathematical Statistics. Initially the Department of Mathematical Sciences was established at the campus. functional in 2002. The department was a cluster of Mathematics. The Department of Mathematics Area of Specialization started functioning as an independent department in 2005. • Numerical Optimization Faculty • Optimization The Department of Mathematics enjoys the services of twelve Ph. Lahore has rich library resource at its Department Contact . The major aim of the department is to impart quality mathematical education • Convex and Nonlinear Analysis to undergraduate and postgraduate students at the campus. Large number of computer softwares are available Email: [qanberabbasi@ciitlahore. Functional Analysis. MAPLE. Road. Lahore Computer Facilities Phone: 042-111-001-007 The wide availability of computer facilities has greatly increased the Fax: 042-9203100 importance of Mathematics. The Department as • Complex Analysis a part of Mathematical Sciences and as an independent unit has been providing • Computational Fluid Mechanics services to almost all the disciplines offered at the campus. MATHCAD and many more. Ghulam Qanbar Abbasi collections on classical and advanced texts on the subject. and three MS faculty members. SAS. the department is equipped with the powerful mathematical and statistical softwares like MATLAB. These faculty members have rich experience of research • Topology in diverse fields of Mathematics. SPSS. The workshop named Mathematics Day is one such event.Faculty of Science Workshops The Department of Mathematics has always been at the forefront to organize Department of Mathematics .D. Presently. The workshop attracted more than 100 mathematicians from various institutes of the province. • Variational Inequalities Library The Mathematics department at CIIT. Graph Theory. Mathematical Modeling. The students have Mailing/Courier Address: M A Jinnah Building . This activity has tremendously uplifted the research horizons of the faculty members at the department. MATHEMATICA. Deffence Road Off Raiwind full access to digital library resources of HEC via CIIT Lahore. The department has the facility of providing topnotch computing environment to its students. Commutative Algebra. • Numerical Mathematics (Nonlinear Equations and related Complex Analysis. • Heat & Mass Transfer Research Areas • Hyperbolic Conservation Laws The Department offers rich variety of research areas for its students. The mathematics department at Lahore campus has initiated seminars by the faculty members. Non convex Analysis. Quality Management and related areas.Lahore Campus: to solve analytical and numerical problems in the subject. Some research areas that are being explored at the department include Group • Modeling and Simulation Theory. Differential • Numerical Analysis Equations. Physics and Computer Sciences The department • Electrodynamics aims at establishing a Center of Excellence in Mathematics so that it can impart • Fluid Mechanics quality research and education and can train its students to serve the nation as • Geometric Function theory better mathematicians. the events that bring close mathematicians from various institutes. The major users of • Computational Mathematics the services of mathematics department have been the Engineering. 128 . Seminars Seminars provide an activity for interaction among people of different schools of thought.

Anwar Hossain University of Michigan. Islamabad Dr. Dr. China PhD ( Functional Analysis) Prof. USA Dr. UK Quaid-i-Azam University. Islamabad PhD (Applied Mathematics) PhD Brunel University London. Mehmood Ul Hassan Dr. Abdullah Shah Pakistan PhD (Computational Mathematics) Prof. Multan Dr. Dr. Rashid Ahmad Dr. Zahid Ahmad Prof. Saeed Islam Brunel University. Islamabad highly qualified teaching faculty which is actively PhD (Geometric Function Theory) engaged in teaching and research. Masood Anwar Pakistan Dr. Khalida Inayat Noor ASSMS (GCU Lahore) PhD (Pure Mathematics) Dr. Saleem Asghar PhD (Applied Mathematics) Dr. Germany the area of specialization is mentioned below: Dr. Dr. UK Economics Dr. UK PhD (Fluid Mechanics) Dr. UK PhD (Computational Mathematics) CAS. Pakistan ASSMS(GCU Lahore) Dr. Islamabad B. Bejing. Bejing. Saqib Hussain Quaid-e-Azam University.Z. Asghar Khan Dr. Abdul Sami Awan PhD (Solid Mechanics) China PhD (Functional Analysis) QAU. Dr. Lahore Quiad-e-Azam University. USA Prof.Phil. Usman Ashraf Harbin Institute of Technology. there are a number of MS Islamabad PhD (Mathematics) and M. Nazir Ahmad Mir strength of 42 PhDs . University. The faculty with a degree of PhD and Pakistan Hamburg University. Islamabad.Department of Mathematics Faculty of Science PhD (Mathematical Finance) Queens University. Adam Khan Islamabad Campus PhD (Electrodynamics) MS (Statistics) Kagoshima University. Noor Muhammad Larik PhD (Applied Statistics) PhD (Econometrics / Statistics) National College of Business Administration & University of Southampton. Muhammad Mushtaq Dr. Moizuddin Khan Abbottabad Campus PhD (Fuzzy Algebra) PhD (Pure Mathematics) Quaid I Azam University . Sultan Hussain PhD (Measure Theory) PhD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) 129 . Aslam Noor Pakistan PhD (Applied Mathematics) Dr. Islamabad Prof. Farkanda Ikhlaq Prof. Akhtar Hussain PhD (Applied Mathematics) The department of Mathematics at CIIT has Dr. UK Dr. Tahira Haroon China PhD ( General Relatvity) PhD (Applied/Computational Mechanics) Punjab University. Dost Mohammad Pakistan PhD Mathematics Prof. Shenzhen. Beside COMSATS Institute Of Information Technology. Japan Colorado State University. Dr. Mir Asad Ullah Quaid I Azam University . Ishtiaq Ali Pakistan University of Wales. Dr. Dr. Saima Anis PhD (Applied Mathematics) PhD (Group Theory & Generalizations) Dhaka University. Madad Khan Quiad-e-Azam University. Dr. Aftab Khan CAS. Dr. Bangladesh Dr. Islamabad PhD (Fluid Mechanics) Pakistan University of Essex. Canada ASSMS(GCU Lahore) Faculty Members Pakistan Dr.

CIIT. Dr. Islamabad. University of the Punjab Pakistan. Dr.D (Computational Fluid Dynamics and Process Pakistan PhD Mathematics Engineering) Government College University. Lahore Dr. Beijing Moscow State University. Muhammad Hussain Dr. Shamsul Qamar NCBA &E. Lahore Dr. Dr.M Quaid-e-Azam University. Tariq Javed Zia Prof. Imran Anwar PhD (Statistics) Pakistan PhD Mathematics Government College University. Kashif Ali Pakistan PhD Mathematics Dr. Sobia Sultana Pakistan PhD Mathematics PhD (Mathematics) Government College University. Dr. Muhammad Arif Rafiq Pakistan Germany PhD Mathematics Bahauddin Zakariya University. Dr. Imran Ahmed Pakistan PhD Mathematics Dr. Sarfaraz Ahmad Ph. Rauf Ahmed Government College University. Lahore China.Multan Dr. Imran Siddique Pakistan Lahore Campus PhD (Mathematics Physics) Government College University. Dr. Hani Shaker China Russian Federation PhD Mathematics Government College University. Tajammal Hussain PhD (Functional Analysis) Pakistan PhD T.Guericke University Magdeburg. Lahore Otto-Von. Lahore Dr. Shamsul Islam Brunel University Dr Saman Shahbaz PhD (Computational Mathematics) United Kingdom PhD Statistics Harbin Institute of Technology. Islambad Dr. Lahore Dr. NCBA &E. Muhammad Qaiser Shahbaz Pakistan PhD Statistics Dr. Lahore. Ghulam Qanber Abbasi Pakistan PhD Mathematics PhD Mathematics Chinese Academy of Sciences . Shahadat Ali Taj Pakistan PhD Mathematics Dr. Lahore GC University.Q. Akbar Azam Government College University. Lahore 130 . Pakistan. Lahore Dr.

actuarial sciences. mathematical modelling. accredited educational institution for admission into MS Program. acquiring talented faculty members. for Mathematics teaching as well as for research studies leading to Ph.0 from an 131 .5/4. Career Potential/Career Prospects: A degree in Mathematics will prepare students with suitable qualifications for jobs in the Department of department of statistics. and cryptography.D and an exciting research career in these Faculty of Sciences fields. Program Details Program: MS and PhD Mathematics Campuses Offering Program: Abbottabad MS Mathematics Islamabad MS and PhD Mathematics Lahore MS Mathematics Specific Entry Requirements: A 16 years degree in the relevant field in first division (through out) or CGPA of 2. research and learning. Why Mathematics at CIIT: The Department aims to pursue excellence in Mathematics through teaching and research by developing appropriate curricula and teaching practices. and providing an environment conducive to teaching. The students are encouraged to develop new ideas in research and to apply them in real world problems.

the • Topics in Applied Mathematics students are required to work on a research problem and submit a thesis of 6 • Topics in Pure Mathematics credit hrs. In the third semester. • Topics in Numerical Mathematics • MS Thesis • Hilbert Space Methods • PhD Thesis • Optimization Theory • Perturbation Methods I • Fixed Point Theory and Applications • Numerical Solution of ODEs • Advanced Numerical Analysis • Numerical linear Algebra • Approximation Theory and Applications • Advanced Partial Differential Equations • Variational Inequalities & Applications • Integral Inequalities • Numerical Solutions of PDEs-1 • Advanced Statistical Inference • Advanced Mathematical Statistics • Time Series Analysis and Forecasting • Linear Statistical Models • Advanced Topics in Graph Theory • Commutative Algebra • Topology • Algebraic Topology • Advanced Topology-1 • Advanced Topology II 132 . • Geometric Function Theory • Advanced Convex Analysis • Advanced Modern Algebra with Applications • Theory of Groups • Representation Theory of Finite Groups • Field Extensions and Galois Theory • Differential Subordinations and Applications • Convolutions in Geometric Function Theory • Symmetry Methods in Differential Equations • Viscous Fluids I • Viscous Fluids II • Perturbation Methods II • Numerical Solutions of PDEs II • Physical Fluid Dynamics • Elastodynamics Department of Mathematics • • Fluid and Thermodynamics Magneto Hydrodynamics Faculty of Sciences • Group Theoretic Methods • Advanced Analytical Dynamics Course Details • Momentum and Thermal Boundary-Layer Theory • MHD and Porous Media Program: • Heat Transfer MS/PhD-Mathematics • Numerical Methods for Variational Inequalities • Non-Newton Fluid Mechanics MS students are required to complete eight courses. each of 3-credit hours. • Spectrum Methods in Fluid Dynamics from the following list during first two semesters. 133 . Campus Offering Program Islamabad MS and PhD in Meteorology MS in Remote Sensing & GIS Department Contact . Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) have not been able to make much headway. Chakshahzad . Islamabad Phone: 051-8318471. Department of Meteorology made a start in 2005 to focus our attention on these multidisciplinary fields and their significance to Pakistan.Islamabad Campus Name: Dr. and to make sincere and serious efforts for the growth and advancement of education and research in this field.Department of Meteorology Faculty of Science Introduction Short Introduction: We in Pakistan despite fully recognizing the potential applications of meteorological science. Mohsin Jamil Mailing/Courier Address: Park Road . 051-9250361 Fax: 051-8318499 Email: mohsin_jamil@comsats.

Real-time meteorological data are reflected solar radiation. Laser Ceilometer software. Ikonos. it can be used in natural sunlight. downloaded and processed by the department to support its research and housing. The department also utilizes the laboratory facilities coating. under plant canopies. robust and lightweight. Department scientists use computer to run various state-of-the. • Measurement range from 0 to 7. The department has established its own meteorological research laboratory 5. low power consumption. Main Astronomical Observatory advantages of visibility sensor are. The detector has Cloud-to-Ground Lightning range from 0 to 30 nautical miles 134 . AWS systems are widely used in: Computer Science Lab • Climatological measurements The IT Computer Labs at the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology • Hydrological networks provide facilities and state of the art computer technology to assist students and faculty in achieving their academic goals. temperature difference is converted to a voltage by the copper-constantan Meteorological Lab thermopile. Arc GIS. easy to install. The Department of Meteorololgy maintains an automatic ‘MEADE 8 inch • Runway Visual Range (RVR) application LX200-ACF’ telescope and ‘DSI PRO II’ monochrome CCD Camera to monitor • Accurate and traceable measurement astronomical events and night time observations. MODIS and Aster data of various years. The lab is fully equipped with state of the art HP plotter height and vertical visibility measurements. pressure. It can pick up performing the experiments and will impart basic training to the students. ground stations. The paint absorbs the radiation and converts it to heat. The labs offer a peaceful environment where students can carry out their research in an innovative way. The pyranometer consists of a thermopile sensor. Pyranometer Synoptic Labs The pyranometer is designed for continuous outdoor use. The IT Computer labs provide • Energy production and management several open labs for student use and also a variety of labs that are available for • Building automation use as classrooms. workstations. dome and cable. In addition. Automatic Weather Station offers high performance in a very compact design. The labs are offering an environment where students can carry out Visibility Sensor measures transparency of the atmosphere and calculates its peacefully their research and projects in an innovative way. ERDAS imagine image processing software has been installed on The Laser Ceilometer is a compact and lightweight instrument for cloud base Pentium IV machines. extension coefficient and meteorological optical range (MOR) values. These instruments offer a • Range up to 75 km range of applications for researchers and ameture astronomers. user-friendly set-up and graphical display software. 4. Map Info. Visibility Sensor machines. relative humidity and precipitation. The main advantages of laser ceilometer are. precipitation or well as a huge data bank of satellite data purchased and archived from satellite other obscuration is analyzed and used to determine the cloud base height. Arc View.Faculty of Science 1.5 km • Excellent performance both at high and low altitudes GIS Lab • Reliable operation in all weather conditions Geographic Information System labs are also well equipped with the state of • Cloud detection during precipitation the art hardware and softwares paramount for geographical research. Islamabad. wide selection of sensors. and Arc Info softwares are installed on Pentium IV 3. temperature. There have • Can be used for aeronautical and SYNOPTIC visibility been arranged moon sighting events at CIIT campus for the students and public measurements in the past. NOAA-AVHRR. extensive calculation and data Islamabad Campus logging capacity. field-proven reliability and accuracy. It is able to detect three cloud and Scanner. Automatic Weather Station (AWS) Department of Meteorology . in green houses or buildings and inverted to measure art regional and global atmospheric models. The thermopile is coated with a black absorbent teaching missions. Lightning Detector equipped with the most advanced equipment and computers vital for Lightning Detector is used for judging the danger of lightning. • Environmental research • Sport and recreational activities Remote Sensing Lab Remote Sensing labs are well equipped with the state of the art hardware and 2. GPS. The resultant available in Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD). electrical activity as far as 40 miles away and track the storm as it approaches. The basic sensors suite measures wind speed/direction. Due to its flat The department includes a powerful computing environment with a network of spectral sensitivity from 300 to 3000 nm. Some of the important equipments are. The data bank includes SPOT. the Remote Sensing lab hosts Xeon Server Systems as layers simultaneously. The reflection of light caused by clouds. Landsat.

DOAS allows for the determination of different trace gas concentrations at the same time without disturbing the chemical behaviors of the substances to be investigated. SE. NE. NESCOM. and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). In addition to the above mentioned equipment the department is in the process of getting the Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) in near future. Remote Sensing/GIS. Italy. The technique measures chemical concentrations by matching the spectral absorption patterns of known molecules to absorption patterns in light that has traversed a long path in the atmosphere. NW). department of Meteorology will collaborate with organizations like Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD). Trieste. Germany and is at its last leg. Atmospheric Science. Two students have recently completed their research work from UIUC under the same MOU. Under this collaboration every year there will be an international conference in Pakistan covering the domains of Space Sciences with the help of researchers from Germany. these facilities can also be utilized to train private and public sector organization professionals by offering. Seismology and many others. Recently. short and long term professional academic and practical courses to the executives and technicians. SW. The MOUs signed between CIIT and University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (UIUC) is of great importance for the research activities carried out in the department. Climatology. A new collaboration is afoot with University of Karlsruhe. S. Remote Sensing/GIS. the department is in the process of establishing the research collaboration with International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP). W. SUPARCO etc. Research Collaboration CIIT is developing linkages with research and development organizations and industries for the development of quality human resources in the vital field of Meteorology. WAPDA. With this MOU the department sends some of its most suitable MS student every year for a period of 4 months to conduct the research activities during the last semester of their study. In this connection CIIT has signed memorandum of understanding (MOU) with some research and development organizations. Seismology and Global Warming etc. Climatology. E. Thus. to work on problems of applied nature in the field of Atmospheric Science. China.with direction finding to one of eight compass octants (N. for the enhancement of their expertise. Omnidirectional Cloud Lightning range is 0 to 30 nautical miles. 135 . Furthermore. Two PhD students will also undertake their research under a sandwich program between the two universities.

Islamabad Campus Prof. Lodhi PhD Physics Dr. competent and energetic faculty. UK Prof. A. M. Abdul Ghaffar PhD University of the Punjab Pakistan 136 . Dr. Dr. Gul Muhammad PhD. comprising of a number of PhDs degree holders from Foreign / Pakistani universities. Dr. Mohsin Jamil Butt PhD University of London UK Prof.Department of Meteorology Faculty of Science Faculty Members The department of Meteorology has well qualified.

and subsequently the PhD dissertation. Meteorology Marine Meteorology Numerical Weather Prediction Agro Meteorology Aviation Meteorology Climatology Seismology Remote Sensing and GIS Hydrology and Water Resources 137 . and afford evidence of originality. energy resource management.Remote Sensing and GIS weather modification. shall be meaningful and representative of the subject matter. Why Meteorology at CIIT The program aims to provide consultancy. Hydrology. commodities trading and weather derivatives. Islamabad MS and PhD in Meteorology MS in Remote Sensing & GIS Specific Entry Requirements: A 16 years degree in the relevant field in first division (through out) or CGPA of 2. including air-quality regulation.0 from an accredited educational institution for admission into MS Program. food warning and control. Glacier Monitoring Department of Meteorology Urban Planning and Development Agriculture and Forest Management Faculty of Science Oceanography and Coastal Monitoring Program Details Geology and Geophysics Programs: Career Potential/Career Prospects: MS and PhD Meteorology The graduates will be working in every level of government and private industry on a wide variety of applications. either by discovery of new facts or by the exercise of independent judgment. and many others. Students seeking admission in PhD may have the following options for PhD dissertation. solutions and future trends in the areas of Climate change. Land use & Land cover. freight routing. site planning. The topic of research. MS. It shall form a distinct contribution to knowledge. Geology and a range of relevant state- of-the-art technologies. PhD Dissertation Student is required to submit dissertation on the completion of research work.5/4. Oceanography. Snow & Ice. government or industrial laboratories. Persons with advanced degrees can also Campus Offering Program: participate in teaching and research activities in a university. Agriculture & Forest.

Program: PhD-Remote Sensing and GIS. • Remote Sensing and GIS Lab Program: Seismology Core Courses Department of Meteorology • Remote Sensing • Elements of Earth Science & Cartography Faculty of Science • General Meteorology Program Details • Mathematical Methods Elective Courses Program: • Seismology MS in Meteorology • Earthquake Geology Core Courses • Hazard Assessment and Disaster Mitigation • Remote Sensing • Seismology Lab • Elements of Earth Science & Cartography Program: • General Meteorology PhD-Meteorology • Mathematical Methods Core Courses Elective Courses • Numerical Weather Prediction • Dynamic Meteorology • Numerical Modeling in Weather and Climate Change • Climatology • Agrometeorology • Synoptic and Tropical Meteorology • Monsoon Meteorololgy • Atmospheric Thermodynamics & Physical Meteorology • Glacial Dynamics • Biometeorology Program: Remote Sensing and GIS. Core Courses • Remote Sensing Core Courses • Elements of Earth Science & Cartography • Applied Remote Sensing & GIS • General Meteorology • Spectroscopic Theory • Mathematical Methods • Statistical Data Analysis • Numerical Modeling Elective Courses • Programming Language • Advance Remote Sensing • Research and Project Writing Skills • Image Processing and Analysis • Geographical Information System 138 .

the 'reductionist' approach of physics has led to some mergers of various disciplines of physics.and enable them to handle challenging research problems. to optical and quantum computers. semi.Phil (18 years Short Introduction: of education) in Physics with a minimum CGPA of 3. at the end of a semester. Campuses Offering Programs: Islamabad MS and PhD Physics Lahore MS Physics Career Potential/Career Prospects: After pursuing a degree in Physics. biology. communications. in each program on campus shall be forces. They can also move to interdisciplinary areas and join Engineering Institutions and Medical Centers and other fields according to their specialization background. chemistry. it is helping to use laws of nature to design and develop devices leading awarded merit scholarships.0/4. It has established itself as a powerful tool of far reaching Why Physics at CIIT: applicability. and information technology. and engineering into new interdisciplinary fields of nanoscience and technology.0. Physics is a study aimed at unraveling the laws of nature and understanding how they operate. super-conductors. lasers. Specific Entry Requirements: Applicants seeking admission in MS Program in Physics must have completed 16 years of education with 1st division or CGPA of 2. computers.5/4.g. The development of The objective is to provide the students with a broad-based theoretical technology spearheaded by physics leads to the creation of new industry. ample opportunities are available for the students to go abroad and pursue their higher studies on Scholarships which will be brought to them by the Department. genetic engineering. both directly and through spin offs. several branches of physics have been remodeled as Scholarships engineering sciences. While searching for fundamental constituents of matter and their positions. For admission in PhD the applicants must have completed MS/M. alternative energy sources. etc. Over the last few decades. More recently.0 in one of the following subjects: • Physics • Computer Science (with BSc in Physics and Mathematics) • Mathematics (Applied) • Computer Engineering • Engineering Sciences • BE in Electrical Engineering Department of Physics at CIIT • • BS in Material Science/Metallurgical Engineering BE in Mechatronics Faculty of Science Candidates majoring in subjects other than physics will be required to take Introduction some additional pre-requisite courses. The students will also find equal opportunities to join local universities and other Research and Development organizations across the country to start their professional careers at handsome salaries. biophysics. 139 . These technologies have transformed the society and have left a deep imprint on the fabric of human development. These are at the cutting edge of the technology Students who demonstrate academic excellence by achieving outstanding revolution. e. knowledge as well as enhanced experimental and computational skills to electronics.

Environmental Radiation Dosimetry. etc. Furnaces. These are at the cutting edge of the technology High Energy Physics Group revolution. heavy particle decays in Standard Model and Minimal Super symmetric Standard Model. growth. materials science. this need has become even more urgent. Research Facilities: RF and DC Magnetron Sputtering. Wet etching benches. Reactive Ion Etching. Track including modern fabrication. such as X-ray diffraction. as listed below. 0. System to Measure Radiation Tracks in Solids. It has complete sets of equipment to study different optical phenomena. NaI (Tl) Gamma Ray Spectrometer. While searching for fundamental constituents of matter and their Research interests: forces.and Nanoelectronic Devices for Applications Furnaces. interests in both theoretical and experimental physics. Photolithography. and optical amplification. and vibrating sample magnetometer. Annealing Design and Fabrication of Micro. several branches of physics have been remodeled as engineering sciences. Lab Facilities: Research facilities: The Department of Physics has highly qualified faculty with diverse research Establishment of a regular node in the ALICE. MDC CV system for I-V/C-V/G-V characterization and CVBT analysis Hall Effect System (o. Radiation Effects in Various increasing importance of nano-scale materials and devices in the technologies Materials. Islamabad Campus spectrometers. Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (PECVD). it is helping to use laws of nature to design and develop devices leading Quark gluon plasma. finite temperature field theories. Environment: Class (1000) Clean room 140 . BF-3 Neutron Detector Design Tool: TCAD Simulation and Modeling Package and Surface Barrier Detectors. Physics has. Short Introduction: Research Groups Over the last few decades.37 T. developed state-of-the-art Research facilities: laboratories for research in the above mentioned field. LHC (CERN) grid is underway. Alpha unique in Pakistan in terms of the experimental facilities and expertise they Particle Spectrometer. Optical microscope and Spectroscopic Ellipsometer. Geological/Cosmological Studies. study and analysis of to optical and quantum computers. scanning electron microscope. characterization of optical fibers. Radon Gas Detection System. and electronics. Automatic Scanning offer. G. In addition.M. Optical Microscopes. a major problem for scientists aspiring to explore events at the Research interests: cutting edge of science has been the inaccessibility of experimental facilities Heavy Ion Interaction Studies. These laboratories are HP (Ge) Gamma Ray Spectrometer. The Department of Applications. Spin coater. General User Facilities for Characterization Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) Dynamic Temperature X-Ray Diffraction (DTXD) X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (XRFS). Thermo Electronic Measurement System Teaching Laboratories: Optics Laboratory The laboratory has discrete laser sources and optical components to conduct experiments related to light and optical fibers. Radiation Sources and Survey Monitors. fully equipped laser and vacuum Faculty of Science laboratories are also being established. under some approved mega-projects. With the Detection Methodology and Applications. Electron Beam Evaporator. and characterization facilities.55 T and 1 T ) Semiconductor Characterization System (fully integrated) Differential Hall Measurement set up with transient Ion Drift Measurement (TIDM) Microwave Annealing System connected with in-situ metrology unit Cryogenic Probe System. Radiation Physics Group In Pakistan. applications to cosmology and early universe. Neutron Activation Analysis and of the future. This laboratory is equipped with modern equipment for sample synthesis and characterization. Graduate Teaching Laboratory Department of Physics .

Ultrafast Optics. Nanostructure growth phenomena. ferrites. Russia. High Voltage Power Supplies. and thermal insulators. Detection Research interests: Preparation and Characterizations of superconductors. Campus: fabrication and IR detectors Name: Dr Mehnaz Qadir Haseeb Research Facilities: Mailing/Courier Address: Park Road. Electronics & Characterization Equipment.Applied Thermal Physics Group Different Laser Systems. Serbia. optical and electrical measurements. IV Fax: 051-8318499 characterization unit. • Technical University of Berlin. International Research Collaborations • University of Albany. Photo multiplier tubes. UK. • High Energy Physics Wave Function Generator. Low-Pressure Glow Discharges. • A&M Texas. semiconductor nanostructures. NY. Belgrade. Fiber Optical Sensors • Quantum Informatics Development. Vacuum Systems. Research facilities: Planetary ball mill. 50 – 400 K). Germany. Hydro-thermal cells and complete wet chemical synthesis. USA. nanoparticles. Research Facilities: 141 . The research interests also includes solar cell Department Contact . nanostructures. room temperature and low temperature growth. close spaced sublimation technique. Austin. solar cells incorporating nanoparticles. Laser Deposited Thin Films. • Micro and Optoelectronics Dual Channel 8 GHz Acquisition Board. Darmstadt. other related Specialized Equipment are being acquired. multi layers and magnetic semiconductors. annealing unit. Computer Generated Holography and Associative Lasers & Applied Photonics Group Research Interests: Atomic & Molecular Spectroscopy. • Queen Mary College University of London. Email: mahnazhaseeb@comsats. • Materials Science Research facilities: Photon Counting/Detecting System. TX. Islamabad High vacuum coating unit. Canada. Power Meter. laser coating Phone: 051-9235714 vacuum system. biosensors. composites. • Radiation Physics • Lasers and Applied Photonics Thin Films Technology Research Group Research Interests: TFT research group covers the fabrication of II-VI semiconductor compound . Research facilities: Nano particle synthesis via wet chemistry and sol-gel • University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Oscilloscope 40 GHz. routes. Technological applications of Fixed Frequency and Tunable Lasers. thin films. Chakshahzad . materials thin films and characterization including structural. USA. Switzerland. Fuel cells. high temperature receptivity measurements system. UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer. Lock-in-amplifier. Switzerland. Research interests: Synthesis and applications of semiconductor oxide • Germany. Quantum Computing. Research interests: Study and applications of magnetic interactions in • ALICE experiment in LHC (CERN). • Tsinghua University. dc electrical resistively and thermal transport properties measurements. waveguide. • JINR. Beijing. Geneva. Italy Nano materials Synthesis Group • Technical University. USA. and nanoparticles. • Institute of Physics. Uniaxial press UV-VIS spectroscopy. magnetic • University of Calgary. Spectrometers. • University of Bologna. UK. China. Moscow Region. Magnetic Materials Group • University of Lancaster. Research facilities: Thin film coating unit. Nanomaterials Applications Group Research Interests: • University of Geneva. Subject Areas: Advanced Electronics Group Research interests: MS/PhD Courses are offered in the following areas: Classical and Quantum Optics Engineering. Research Facilities: UHV growth system. vibrating sample magnetometer (3 Tesla. nanostructures and nano materials.

They are also sent abroad on different short term training programs which are fully funded by the university. It also enables the Quantum Computing students to develop a research aptitude which will help them in their PhD study Combining Physics.These are one of the most dynamic and applied fields in all branches of science and telecommunication. Mathematics and Computer Science. devotion and hardwork is regarded in true spirit. food processing industry. Department of Physics – Laser and Fiber Optics Communication/Optoelectronics: As everyone is acquainted with the significance of Lasers and fiber Optics Lahore Campus communication in the present world . which enhances their outlook as a researcher. One of the and R & D organizations where students can be sent to get experimental results senior faculty members is providing guidance to those who opt to go in this and analysis and also are trained in an interactive atmosphere of learning. This. They are in the phase of developing their own labs. motivation. subsequently not only benefits the students but also nourishes the overall research environment in the Department. The Department offers laboratory facilities available in the Campus as is developed as a fascinating area of research which involves study of atoms well as has collaboration with the Research laboratories of other universities and how they can be used to perform memory and processing tasks. Available Areas of research: Material Science and Nanotechnology: Material Science is an interdisciplinary field of research which involves the properties of matter and how they are applied in science and engineering. This dynamic field of research which can provide an enormous improvent in the also opens new research avenues on them and the interaction is fruitful in processing speed of existing computers. knowledge to our students which helps them to equip themselves with professional skills to join any organization to start a career. It is a sound field of theoretical and experimental research which later finds its applications in Astrophysics. Plasma Physics: Plasma Physics is a study of matter in its plasma state and its interaction with other materials. Quantum Computing later. pursue their career as researchers are offered fellowships and scholarships . Those who want to 142 . computer industry. energy resources. Material Science is contributing in many areas of biotechnology. and medical science.PhD scholarships are also brought to the students through different national and international funding A vibrant research and academic atmosphere awaits our students in the Department of Physics where their.Moreover its sound curriculum imparts enriched elevate your career as a professional. terms of flourishing a reputation as a good professional which later on helps in getting jobs in different organizations and universities. Currently they have collaboration with other universities to utilize their lab facilities for material development characterization. Opportunities Short Introduction: are available in the Department not only to conduct research under the The MS/PhD program offered by Department of CIIT Lahore is designed to guidance of our competent faculty members but also to send the students to compete with the standards of education and academic facilities offered by other countries on Scholarships or making available other sources of funding to contemporary universities . optical communication etc. The Department has PhD faculty members which have a research background in the fields of materials and nanoscience. One of the senior faculty members is conducting active research in the field of Plasma Physics and has been listed in American journal “who is who” as a renowned Faculty of Science scientist contributing to the field of science. In addition to that . A physicist with a strong research background in plasma physics can enter into world renowned research centers and universities for pursuing higher studies and a good career. The study of materials at nano scale has formed a new branch of physics known as nanoscience or nanotechnology which is at the forefront of the world wide universities and research institutes.

Javaid Iqbal Mailing/Courier Address: Defence Road off Raiwind Road.Lahore Campus: Name: 143 .edu. Lahore Phone: 042-111-001-007 Fax: 042-9203100 Email: javediqbal@ciitlahore.Department Contact .

United Kingdom Dr. Ashfaq H. Ashraf Atta Dr Naheed Kausar Ali Johannes Kepler University. Islamabad Faculty Members Dr. Islamabad Dr. Waqar Ahmad Adil Syed Dr. UK Dr.Salman Naeem Khan Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Dr. Mohammad Aslam Khan PhD (Laser Spectroscopy)) PhD (Theoretical High Energy Physics) PhD (Lasers & Applications) Imperial College of Science. Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmad PhD (Particle Physics) (Islamabad) PhD Physics Quaid-i-Azam University. Japan Japan University of Cambridge. Linz. Islamabad QAU. Islamabad PhD (High Energy Physics) Dr. Quaid-i-Azam University. Dr. Umair Manzoor Dr. Islamabad China Dr. Mais Suleymanov Quaid-i-Azam University. Islamabad Dr. PhD (Physics) PhD (Electro-ceramics Materials) University of Austria Birmingham University. Islamabad Dr. Manzoor Ikram Herbin Institute of Technology. Russia Quaid-i-Azam University. South Korea Institute of Plasma Physics. Moscow Region. Sajid Qamar PhD Optical Engineering Dubna. UK Dr. Naseem Zafar University Malaya PhD (Solid State Physics) Malaysia Islamabad Campus Cambridge University. Chinese Academy of Science Dr. PhD (High Energy Physics) Dr. Zuhair Subhani Khan Post Doctorate Physics Prof. PhD (Semiconductor / Nanotechnology) Kyoto University. PhD (Quantum Optics) China Dr. Muhammad Anis ur Rehman China PhD (Particle Physics) PhD (Materials Science) London University UK QAU. Javaid Anwar Dr. Russia PhD (Quantum Optics) Zhejaing University. UK Manchester. England Technology & Medicine. Abdul Rashid PhD Physics Dr. Dr. London UK UK Prof. Shoaib Munir Dr. PhD (Magneto-Optics) Lahore Campus competent and energetic faculty.China Quaid-i-Azam University. Islamabad Quaid-i-Azam University. Islamabad Dr. Natori. Nazar Abbas Qureshi PhD Condense Matter Physics PhD (Quantum Optics/ Lasers) PhD (Material Science. Ashfaq Ahmad Dr. Germany KAIST. comprising of a Quaid-i-Azam University. Syed Javaid Iqbal number of PhDs & MS degree holders from PhD Physics Foreign / Pakistani universities. Khosa Faculty of Sciences PhD (Solid State Physics) PhD (Quantum Optics) Quaid-i-Azam University. Dr. Thin Films) Zhejiang University Hangzhou. Sadia Manzoor Dr. University of Southampton University of Hull. Muhammad Asif PhD (Physics) PhD (Materials Science & Engineering) PhD ( Plasma Physics) Marburg. Fazal Ghafoor Department of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research PhD (Quantum Optics) Dubna. Ehsan Ullah Khan Dr. Ejaz Ahmad Dr. Yashar Huseynaliyev 144 . Arshad Saleem Bhatti PhD (Energy Science & Technology) Miyagi National College of Technology. Kamaluddin Ahmed Dr. Mahnaz Qader Haseeb Centre for Quantum Physics Dr. Ishaq Ahmad The department of Physics has well qualified. Islamabad Physics Dr.

Department of Physics Faculty of Science Program Details (MS/PhD) Program: MS and PhD Physics Campuses Offering Programs: Islamabad MS and PhD Physics Lahore MS Physics Specific Entry Requirements: Applicants seeking admission in MS Program in Physics must have completed 16 years of education with 1st division or CGPA of 2.5/4. Why to choose Physics at CIIT: The objective is to provide the students with a broad-based theoretical knowledge as well as enhanced experimental and computational skills to enable them to handle challenging research problems. Career Potential/Career Prospects: A degree in Physics will prepare students with suitable qualifications for jobs in the relevant department. 145 .0 in one of the following subjects: • Physics • Computer Science (with BSc in Physics and Mathematics) • Mathematics (Applied) • Computer Engineering • Engineering Sciences • BE in Electrical Engineering • BS in Material Science/Metallurgical Engineering • BE in Mechatronics Candidates majoring in subjects other than physics will be required to take some additional pre-requisite courses.D and an exciting research career in these fields. for teaching as well as for research studies leading to Ph.

• Microsystems Technology • Graduate Lab • Radiation Detection & Measurements • Principle. • Solid State Electronic Devices • Physics of Lasers MS in Physics • Geometrical Optics & Fundamentals of Optical Fibers Core Courses: • Electronic Materials Processing • Mathematical and Computational Methods in Physics • Optoelectronic Devices • Advanced Electrodynamics • Laser Spectroscopy • Advanced Quantum Mechanics. with the consultation of supervisor. Method & Application of Nuclear Tracks PhD in Physics • Relativistic quantum Mechanics Core Courses: • Group Theory • Advanced Statistical Mechanics • Quantum Chromo Dynamics • Gravitation and Cosmology Elective Courses: • Physics of the Early Universe • Particle Physics I & II • Finite Temperature Field Theory • Materials Science I & II • Physics of Magnetism g • Plasma Physics I & II • Neutrino Physics • Quantum Field Theory I & II • Big Bang Cosmology • Quantum Computations I & II • Quantum Optics I & II • Micro and Opto Electronics • Supersymmetry • Nanomagnetism • Catalysis of Nanostructures • Radiation Physics • Nuclear Physics • Particle Collisions • Environmental Physics • Errors and Data Analysis • Applied Quantum Mechanics 146 . • Environmental Physics • Integrated Optics • Optical Communication Networks: • Design & Simulation • Non Conventional Energy Resources • Optical Fiber Devices & Sensors • Environmental Physics • Heavy Ion Physics Department of Physics • Medical Physics • Ultrafast Optics • Geo Physics Faculty of Science • Surface Physics • Course Details • Materials Processing with Lasers Lasers and their Applications • Graduate Laboratory Program: • Quark Gluon Plasma MS/PhD-Physics • Kinematics of Nuclear Reactions at High Energies • Electronic Material Processing MS students would have to take four core courses and the remaining four • Nanoscience & Technology courses will be selected from the elective courses.

Fill application form. 4. 1. If selected then get enrolled with the specific department by deposit necessary fees/dues with specified time for details please see the next page. Wait for the merit list display. Submit admission application form complete in all respect to admission office at the respective campus you are interested. 2. Get accommodation if required. 147 . Start of classes as notified by the department. 6. 7.Get – Set . 3. 5. Specializations area & Courses. Select Program.Go After going through our prospectus for your area of interest in graduate studies following are the course of actions which you would follow to be a graduate student at CIIT.

Fax: 051-8318499 Email: per credit hour Nagina Shafi Registration Fee Rs. 3. Phone: 057-9316330-31 Fax: 057-9316329 Credit hours: Email: shiraz@comsats.500 Phone:051-9272614-5 / 9314382-4 Fax: 051-4546850 Email: imranjahangir@comsats. MS program has 30 credit hours PhD program has 27 credit hours Islamabad Campus Deputy Treasurer Existing Fee: Muhammad Sajid Rasool The Fee structure has been designed in such a way that suits to all interested. Treasury Contacts: Fee Structure Principal Seat Administration and Accounts Treasurer Ahmad Javed Jafri Treasury Phone: 051-9258488 Fax: 051-9258224 Program: Email: treasurer@comsats. 2. years and not more than four years. Phone: 051-8318471 Ext 279 in getting quality per semester Phone: 042-111-001-007 (303) Lab / Bench Charges Rs.126.750 148 .000 Lahore Campus Degree processing fee Rs.000 Deputy Treasurer Tuition Fee Rs.000 Fax: 042-9203100 Email: shafinagina@ciitlahore.10. 5.000 Caution Money ( Refundable) Total Package / dues for completion of program in normal time period: Wah Campus Deputy Treasurer MS Imran Jahangir Attock Campus PhD Assistant Treasurer The duration of studies for PhD shall normally not be less than three years and Shiraz Khan not more than 5 MS and PhD Abbottabad Campus Deputy Treasurer Program Duration: Ibrahim khan Phone: 0992-383591-6 MS Fax: 0992-383441 The duration of studies for MS degree shall not be less than one and a half Email: Admission Fee PhD Rs.10.

042-111001007 Ext 215 Treasurer CIIT ATTOCK Ahmed Javed Jafri Ibrar Hussain 149 .pk Director Planning & Development CIIT Contacts Tahir Naeem Phone:051-9250690 E-mail: Dr.9274056.051-9257151 Rector E-mail: abdulazizkhan@yahoo. Arshad Saleem Malik Syed Kamran Shafique Hashmi Phone:051-9258225 Incharge Admission Cell E-mail: Principal Seat Advisor International Liaison Office/ R& D Phone:0992-383591-6 CIIT WAH Director External Campuses Admissions Office CIIT ISLAMABAD Director of Academics Prof. Nadeem uddin Qureshi E-mail: mazim@comsats. Muhammad Azim Additional Registrar(Academics)/In-charge Admissions Phone:051-9250692 Mr.5321090.9314371 CIIT LAHORE Controller of Examination Muhammad Sohail Ghani Shahid Latif Phone:051-8318471 Ext 166 Admission Officer/ Public Relation Officer E-mail: Phone : 051-8318471-Ext:222 CIIT ABBOTTABAD Registrar Dr. Junaid Zaidi S. Haroon Rashid Badar Suleman Phone:051-9258478-9 Assistant Professor E-mail: Phone:051-9272614-5. M. Phone : 051-8318470 Fax: 051-8318470 E-mail: rector@ciit. Abdul Aziz Khan Phone:051-9258488 E-mail: treasurer@comsats.

pk 150 .Admission Officer Admission Officer/ Public Relation Officer Phone:057-9316330-31 CIIT Contacts Academics Dean Graduate Studies Research Program Prof. Syed Asad Hussain Phone:042-111001007 Dean Faculty of Science Prof. Saleem Asghar Phone:051-9250693-Ext-209 e-mail:sasghar@comsats. Dr. Talat Afza Phone(051)9250693-Ext-209 e-mail:talatafza@ciitlahore. Dean Faculty of Business Administration Dean Faculty of Information Science & Technology Prof.051-8318471 e-mail:raheel_qamar@comsats. Dean Faculty of Engineering Dr. Shahid Ahmad Khan Phone:051-8318471 Ext 209 e-mail:shahidk@comsats. Dr. Raheel Qamar Phone:051-9235033.