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A New Paradigm for Power Generation

Nuclear Power is a Key Element of Our Energy Mix without the transportation and construction costs of big nuclear power
In order to meet the planets ever expanding need for affordable energy, plants. Sealed and self-contained, they offer a safe energy solution for
a number of different types of clean, emission-free technologies must be areas of the globe where nuclear proliferation is a concern. But unlike any
developed and employed. Nuclear power, with its ability to provide ro- other clean energy generation, SMRs operate when the wind doesnt blow
bust, continuous, and reliable energy regardless of weather conditions and the sun doesnt shine.
must be part of this diverse mix. However, conventional large nuclear
power plants, due to construction expense and the time required to The Hyperion Power Module (HPM)
build them, must be augmented with a smaller solution. The Hyperion Power Module (HPM) is the frontrunner in the SMR
industry. The HPM is one of the smallest, safest, and simplest designs.
Small & Modular nuclear power Reactors (SMRs) Hyperion Power is deeply concerned about the state of the environment,
That smaller solution is the category of power reactors known as Small needless human suffering, and the search for energy independence vital
& Modular nuclear power Reactors (SMRs). The history of SMRs is not just to the U.S., but to every nation on the planet. Hyperion Power
about as long as the commercial use of large nuclear power plants. The believes that these concerns can be met through the safe deployment of
fuels and technology included in todays SMR designs have been studied SMRs and so is dedicated to realizing the full potential of this small but
for over 50 years, and some units went online decades ago. SMRs provide mighty power module the HPM. Clean, safe, affordable energy should
the benefits of larger nuclear power plants clean, continuous, reliable be available to everyone even in the most remote locations.
energy with no greenhouse gas emissions yet they require very little
space in which to operate. SMRs can be transported to sites and engaged

Condensate Cooling Steam Turbine Connection to local grid,

Generator factory, or military base.

Ground Ground
Level Level


Reactor Vault

Hyperion Power

Hyperion Power Module-based 25MWe Electric Power Plant

Industry & Community Benefits Hyperion Power Module Product Characteristics
The Hyperion Power Module (HPM) offers a perfect distributed 1. Transportable
independent energy solution for remote locations that are too difficult Unit will measure approximately 1.5m wide x 2.5m tall
or expensive to reach with traditional electrical grid systems from one
large, centrally-located power plant. Each HPM-based electric plant Fits into a standard fuel transport container
generates 25MW of electricity and can be configured for steam only, Transported via ship, rail, or truck
co-generation, or electricity only.
Modular design for easy and safe transport
An HPM-based power plant can supply enough power for:
2. Sealed Core Safe and Secure
20,000+ American-style homes, or a Factory sealed; no in-field refueling, closed fuel cycle
Large hospital complex Returned to the factory for fuel and waste disposition
Entire government complex
Irrigation systems 3. Safety
Water treatment & distribution site System will handle any accident through a combination of
Waste sewage facility inherent and engineered features
Heavy oil recovery Inherent negative feedback keeps the reactor stable and operating
Refugee community at a constant temperature
Emergency disaster response center
Military installation Sited underground, out of sight
University or college Proliferation-resistant; never opened once installed
Mining or drilling operation
Industrial center or factory 4. Operational Simplicity
Corporate data centers Operation limited to reactivity adjustments to maintain constant
And more temperature output of 500C
Produces power for 8 to 10 years depending on use
HPM power plants can also be teamed in groups of two or more to
provide additional power. By teaming multiple units, a medium to 5. Minimal In-Core Mechanical Components
large-size power plant can be constructed years faster than a plant con- Operational reliability is greatly enhanced by the reduction of
structed on site in the traditional manner. moving mechanical parts

Reactor Power 70MW thermal 6. Isolated Power Production

Electric generation components requiring maintenance are
Electrical Output 25MW electric Condensate Cooling Steam Turbine
completely separated from the reactor
Lifetime 8 10 years Allows existing generation facilities to be retrofitted
Size (meters) 1.5w x 2.5h
The Hyperion Power Module will be licensed by national and
Weight (ton) Less than 50
international regulatory authorities.
Structural Material Stainless Steel
Coolant PbBi Condenser
Fuel Stainless clad, uranium nitride Level
Enrichment (% U-235) <20%
Refuel on Site No
Sealed Core Yes
License Design Certification
Passive Shutdown Yes
Active Shutdown Yes
Transportable Yes intact core
Factory Fueled Yes
Reactor Vault
Safety & Control Elements Two redundant shutdown systems
& reactivity control rods Hyperion Power

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