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(10p granted)
I. You are going to read an article about a new type of holiday resort. Seven sentences have
been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A-H the one which best fits each
gap (1 6). There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. (30p)
A. Whatever was missing, we had packed in our suitcase.
B. It could be a Mediterranean climate one minute and an Alpine chill the next.
C. Surely there is nowhere in the world thats both hot and cold?
D. In the future, it may well take the place of tropical islands and ski resorts.
E. This is what virtual reality is all about making you believe that you are actually there.
F. What is more, theres no danger of getting an upset stomach because of the local cuisine.
G. It always causes huge family arguments that last for days.
H. The landmarks, buildings and scenery we saw were so realistic.


Whenever the topic of holidays comes up in our house we can never agree on what to do or
where to go.
0) ...G... Mum and Dad usually want to go on a winter holiday and enjoy skiing in the Alps
whereas I prefer relaxing in the sun by a tropical sea. We never seem to want the same thing and
in the end nobody completely enjoys the break.
This year we found a solution to please everybody a combined winter and summer holiday!
How did we manage that? 1) ...... Well, the only way to experience snow-covered mountains and
golden sands at the same time is to take a holiday in the realms of virtual reality.
Using the latest technology and vast amounts of information collected about thousands of
different holiday resorts, this new computerised travel system is extremely convincing. You can
go anywhere and see anything you want. You really cant tell the difference from the real thing.
2) ...... The Great Lakes of Canada, the Great Barrier Reef and the Taj Mahal were just like Ive
seen on travel documentaries.
I was able to sunbathe on a beautiful white sandy beach and swim in a tropical blue sea. I could
feel a warm gentle breeze against my skin and smell the salt in the air. Meanwhile, my parents
were skiing down the long ski slopes with real snow and deep green trees sparkling with ice.
It all sounds wonderful, doesnt it? We just had to put on gloves, goggles and headgear and sit
back relax and enjoy the trip. However, neither the slopes nor the sea were real. Only the people
on the beach or skiing beside us were real. The clouds and the blue sky are painted scenery and
the sea is a huge swimming pool with an enormous wave machine. The sun comes from the sun
lamps in the roof.
Nevertheless, it feels so real it is hard to tell the difference. I actually had to keep reminding
myself that I was only about half an hours drive away from my house. 3) .......

For those of you who believe that it is all too fake and artificial and couldnt possibly compare
to the real thing, just stop and think about it for a moment. No more delays or lost luggage at the
airport and no more crowded beaches. Your holiday will never again be spoiled by bad weather
and you wont break your leg going down the slopes either. 4) ..... In fact, everything is perfect.
However, that is not all a virtual reality holiday has to offer. If you get bored with a place or have
had enough of swimming in the sea, just a quick click of a button and the season has changed. 5)
...... Alternatively, you could simply change the sea from a gentle ocean to a surfers paradise.
The choices are endless and they are all yours.
We enjoyed a wonderful few days holiday. Nobody got annoyed, fed up, sunburnt or bitten by
mosquitoes, in fact we all felt extremely relaxed and completely satisfied. I think that this type of
holiday will become more and more popular as technology progresses. 6) ..... I cant wait until
next year when once again we will travel around the world of virtual reality.

II. Circle the correct item: (15p)

1. A kettle is a household .
a) tool b) furniture c) appliance d) gadget
2. We havent .a hotel room yet.
a) rented b) booked c) hired d) reached
3. Mexico City is a(n) city with a population of over 20 million people.
a) deserted b) unspoilt c) mixed d) crowded
4. Los Angeles is for its exciting nightlife.
a) maintained b) renowned c) marveled d) experienced
5. While on holiday Jim only eats the .. cuisine.
a) public b) national c) topical d) local

III. Choose the correct answer: (15p)

1. The Prime Minister gives/ is giving a speech in the television right now.
2. Jade and Tom are having/ have a car boot sale next Saturday.
3. The DIY shop isnt usually closing/ doesnt usually close until 9 p.m. on weekdays.
4. Have you travelled/ Did you travel abroad many times?
5. They arrived / have arrived a week ago.

IV. Youve decided to throw a surprise Christmas party. Write a letter to a friend inviting
him/ her to the party. Give details about the party as well as directions on how to get there
(80 words). (30p)

Marking Scheme:
I. Reading ...

6 answers x 5 p each = 30 p

1-C, 2-H, 3-E, 4-F, 5-B, 6-D.

II. Circle the correct item

5 answers x 3 p = 15 p

Answers: 1- c, 2 b, 3 d, 4 b, 5 d.

III. Choose the correct answer

5 answers x 3 p = 15 p

Answers: 1 is giving, 2 are having, 3 doesnt usually close, 4 have you travelled, 5

IV. Writing .....

Task achievement & original input ......... 10p

Organisation ................................................ 5p
Organisation / layout 2p
Cohesion and coherence 2p
Length constraint 1p

Language accuracy and variety ................... 5p

Correct use of grammar structures 3p
Accurate spelling and punctuation 2p

Register and Vocabulary ................................... 10p

Appropriate register and vocabulary 5 p
Range of vocabulary 5p d

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