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Gender Inequality

Gender inequality has been a huge problem in todays society. This issue has been going
on for over 10 years. Some examples of gender inequality is education. People assume that
women are smarter than men. Research show that most women have a higher IQ than men.
Another kind of gender stereotypes include peoples personality and characteristics. People
believe that men are supposed to be strong and tough, while women are supposed to be shy and
quiet. Gender inequality is a huge cause to everything. It is changing todays society and how
everyone sees each other. With this issue, it is causing both men and women to feel weak about
themselves. However, everyone should feel confident and bold in their own skin. In conclusion,
judging people by their gender is a huge discrimination that is circling around the world.


Eighty percent of men and women are victims of

gender inequality. Being judged for your gender is a huge
problem that many people have witnessed or experienced it
People think that women are mostly affected by
gender inequality, but men have a strong impact on
this problem as well. The article, Justice, says
Men are lazy and messy, and never get the
responsibility for taking care of the children. Men
are dressed in mostly shorts and shirts. They always have short hair or no hair. Unlike a
women they would be dressed in a dress with makeup and designer purse. People
shouldn't assume someones gender by the way they are seen. Appearance doesnt matter,
it's who the person wants to be.
Gender Inequality is a huge struggle for women on having rights. According to the
article, The Global problem of Gender Inequality, Availing women to an equal voice
in culture, social, economic, and political spheres of public life is wrong. Womens
earning power remains approximately 20% lower than mens, from the article Global
Problems: Gender Inequality. Women and men should be treated equally in politics,
economic, and more.
Mens equal rights in economic is higher than womens right but the jobs for men is
lower. Gender Inequality has became a poor outcome for men, tells the article,
Gender inequality affects men too. According to the article, Men and Gender
Inequality, Job searching has been a problem for men because of Gender Inequality.
Men suffer from gender inequality in economics. Men shouldnt be judged by their own
gender for looking for a simple job. People need to work together to solve the problem of
gender inequality for everyone.
Major Findings

Many people might not think that gender inequality is much of an issue, but in reality,
gender inequality is still a big problem in the world
There is still a gender pay gap in the workplace.
In an article called The Simple Truth
about the Gender Pay Gap it states, In
2016, women are working full time in the
United States and are typically paid just
80 percent of what men are paid, a gap of
20 percent.
According to Scholars Strategy Network, Women still make only about 80% of
what men earn for full time work.
The gender pay gap has narrowed down since the 1970s but it still exists today. Women
should not be looked down on just because of traditional stereotypes. Both men and women
should be treated equally, and, therefore, they should be paid fairly as well.

Gender discrimination is not only affecting adults in the workplace, but it has a big
impact on children as well. According to, The consequences are still felt
today: 75% of female teenagers in Switzerland choose their apprenticeships from a narrow range
of only 11 stereotypically feminine occupations, such as hairdressing or as dental assistants.
Children should not be influenced by cultural and traditional beliefs about each gender. From a
young age, both girls and boys are taught to act in a certain way and how their life should be.
They should not be treated like an object, trained to do whatever they are told to do.

Gender Inequality is Being Solved Today

In addition, gaining gender equality in the society is one of the biggest goals today. Many
people have inspired others to help gain peace and justice for both genders.
People in the entertainment business have been helping to spread word and . According
to, there are many female celebrities that are speaking up on gender
inequality including Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, Beyonce, Natalie Portman,
Oprah Winfrey, and many more. All of them have either written or spoken about how
women are seen as less than equal. Many celebrities, especially women, are using their
honor and position in todays society to give justice and equality to both genders.
On January 21, 2017, the entire world protested against human rights, including womens
rights and gender inequality. It states in an article on, Hundreds of
people, joined the Womens March on Washington and poured into the nations capital.
Both men and women gathered altogether to protest against gender inequality, even
though it was a womens march. Gender inequality doesnt always affect only girls and
women; it affects men as well.

Although people has tried countless ways to achieve

the solution of gender inequality, it still exists. As we know,
gender inequality has been an issue for many years but still,
there is no solution. According to, there has been
several attempts over the decades to solve gender inequality,
but did it work? In the Nineteenth Amendment, in the year
1920, women finally got the right to vote.
For example, in ancient times they had something called a social pyramid where
they separated individuals into categories. And then, within those categories they
stereotyped the jobs between the men, women, and children.
As you may have known, there is a famous statement in the Declaration of
Independence where it states, All men are created equal.
Throughout history, this all led to where our world stands today in terms of gender
equality. Everyone knows and may have experienced unfair treatment, or inequality because of
their gender. Everyone should be able to be themselves in their own living environment. Perhaps,
people can create clubs where both men and women can get to know each other, and talk freely
without being judged. Gender inequality has been a problem for several years, and people are
still uncomfortable talking about the issue and they feel like they have to follow a certain
standard. Eventually, these clubs will get discovered by national representatives, news report
stations, and will hopefully spread gender inequality awareness all around the world. This would
gradually bring people together and they will also become more accepting to both genders.
Some people already took matters into their hands and made organizations that are
currently helping to reduce gender inequality. believes, Human rights are standards
that are essential to the full development of individuals and communities. Gender equality is
such a basic human right. According to this organization, they arent the only one who wants to
help. also mentions there are many other organizations working day and night to
bring equality to men and women.
Gender inequality not only affects men, but women as well. People, websites, and the
communities will would stand up for gender equality, but women also have to do their part of
their share. states that women can make a change in their community by just doing
simple changes in their daily lives if they want their voices to heard. Some ideas include:
Stand up for your rights if you know what is right. As a member of the
workforce in the United States, you are entitled to the same rights as your male
Sponsor a child, there are many young girls who need someone to look up to, like
a role model, and someone to tell you right from wrong.
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