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NAME: Andrs Moreno LEVEL: Fourth.

1. Complete the following definition with the expression below

a. The word entrepreneur is derived from the French verb entreprede. It
means to undertake.

English verb French verb Italian verb French verb

ebtrepede entreprede entreprede enterprise

b. Entrepreneur is the risk of starting a new organization or introducing a new idea,

product or service to society.

Is the risk of Is the risk of Is to staar a Is the risk of

starting finished risk business

2. Complete the following graphic organized about the classification of the Entrepreneur.

Clarence, Danhof,
Arthur H. Cole


On the basis of
On the basis of scale ownership
3. Underline the characteristics of an Entrepreneur
Passion punctual selfconficence flexibility organized creativity dedication

4. Classify the following advantages and disadvantages to start a business

Work long hours - Disadvantages
Be independent - Advantages
Personal satisfaction - Advantages
No salary and benefir - Disadvantages
Lost all the money - Disadvantages
Dont have to follow elses orders - Advantages

5. Complete the following definition

A business can be classify in Product and Service
Production product interview service market

6. Give an example of a business of product and a service

Products: comic book, toys, T-shirt, video games and food.
Service: babysitting, tutoring, law mowing, and housecleaning.
7. What are the requirement to start a business
1. Obtain the RUC or the RISE.
2. Obtain the Metropolitan Operation License issued by the Municipality.
3. Obtain the Fire Department Permit to operate.
4. Obtain The Business Type Rating.
5. Obtain the Operating Permit issued by the Ministry of Health (for establishments
that require sanitary control).

8. Complete
A business is a system in which all Parts contribute to the success or Failure of the hole.
9. Complete the following graphic organized

Consumer Competitor

Channels of



Strategic Financial

10. What are the most common departments in a company

1. Production
2. Marketing & Sales
3. Finance
4. Human resource
5. Information Technology departments.

11. The Human Resource Department is in charge of recruiting, training and the dismissal
of employees in an organization.

12. True of False

a. Dismissal is where a worker is told to stay their job due to satisfactory work
b. Redundancy is when the business needs to reduce the members of employees
either because it is closing down a branch or needs to reduce costs TRUE.
13. Choose the main section of a marketing department
Buy department
Sales department
Research AND Production
Research and Department
Production department
Channel of distribution
Distribution Department

14. Complete the following chart

It is responsible for the administrative control of the
money from the company and employee

Maximum authority in the company

It is responsible for the production expected day to day.

It is responsible for coordinating the needs of employee

and recruiting them

It is reasonable for customers and optimize sale