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1. Mensuration Formulas for


Area of Rectangle = Length Breadth.

Perimeter of a Rectangle = 2 (Length + Breadth)

Length of the Diagonal = (Length2 + Breadth2)

2. Mensuration Formulas for SQUARE

Area of a Square = Length Length = (Length)2

Perimeter of a square = 4 Length

Length of the Diagonal = 2 Length

3. Mensuration Formulas for


Area of a Parallelogram = Length Height

Perimeter of a Parallelogram = 2 (Length + Breadth)

4. Mensuration Formulas for

Area of a triangle=(1/2)(Base Height)=(1/2)(BCAD)

For a triangle with sides measuring a, b and c, respectively:

Perimeter = a + b + c

s = semi perimeter = perimeter/2 = (a+b+c)/2

Area of Triangle, A=
(This is also known as Herons formula)

Area of isosceles triangle =

(Where a = length of two equal side, b = length of base of
isosceles triangle.)

Area of an equilateral triangle =

(Where, a is the side of an equilateral triangle)
5. Mensuration Formulas for

Area of a trapezium = (1/2) (sum of parallel sides)

(distance between parallel sides)
= (1/2) (AB+DC) AE

Perimeter of a Trapezium = Sum of All Sides

6. Mensuration Formulas for


Area of a rhombus=(1/2)Product of diagonals

Perimeter of a rhombus = 4 l
(where l = length of a side)

7. Mensuration Formulas for CIRCLE

In the following formulae, r = radius and d = diameter of the

Area of a circle = r2= (d2)/4

Circumference of a circle = 2r = d

Circumference of a semicircle = r

Area of semicircle =(r2)/2

Length of an arc = (2r)/360, where is the central

angle in degrees.

Area of a sector = (1/2) (length of arc) r =