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CIR NO. ADV/ 58/2015-16 Date: 03.09.2015


Dear Sir/ Madam,

Organising Mega Credit Camp of MUDRA Loans (PMMY) From
From 25.09.2015 To 02.10.2015 - Sanction of loans Under Shishu upto Rs. 50,000/-

Please refer Cir. ADV/ 22/ 2015-16 dated: 18.06.2015, on the captioned subject, advising
detail guidelines on PMMY.

As you are aware that, to provide access to institutional finance to micro/small business
units, Micro Units Development & Refinance Agency (MUDRA) Ltd Bank established
for development and refinance activities relating to micro units especially under non-farm
sector. All loans given to non-farm income generating enterprises in manufacturing, trading
and services, whose credit needs are below Rs.10 lakh are covered under PMMY Scheme
including the OD (SB-CUM-OD) facility provided to PMJDY account holders.

Under the aegis of PMMY Scheme loans extended upto Rs.10 lakhs are further classified into
3 categories based on the amount of loan limit viz, Sishu loans upto Rs.50000/-(Product
Code 6210-6401), Kishore loans from Rs.50,001 to Rs. 5.00 lakhs (Product Code:
6210-6402) and Tarun loans above Rs.5.00 lakhs and upto Rs.10.00 lakhs(Product Code:
6210- 6403). As per PMMY scheme 60% units allotted for the Shishu loan category and
the remaining 40% to the other two categories.

Now, we have been advised by the Ministry of Finance, DFSs, GOI vide letter F.No.
27/01/2015 CP/RRB(Part-I) dated 20.08.2015 advising to organise Mega credit camp for
disbursement of loans under Shishu category from 25.09.2015 to 02.10.2015 and further
advised that in the meantime bank shall make preparation like finding the potential
borrowers, collecting application forms and processing /sanctioning of loan application.
Some of the camps are likely to be inaugurated by the prominent dignitaries for disbursement
of loans.

We have been allotted target of 7014 A/c to the tune of Rs.14 crores for disbursement under
Shishu category during the campaign period from 25.09.2015 to 02.10.2015 and same has
been advised to Regional Offices in turn to re-allocate the same to the branches keeping in
view of potential.
Types of unit/firms which can cover under PMMY Scheme.

Any type of firm/unit, whether proprietorship or partnership, which comes in the purview of
being a non-corporate small business segment (NCSBS) engaged in manufacturing, trading
and services, can be covered under the scheme. The NCSBS can be in rural or urban area.
Thus, the NCSBS could be:
i. A service sector unit
ii. A manufacturing unit
iii. A food service / food processing unit
iv. A small industrial unit
v. A fruit or vegetable vendor
vi. A shopkeeper ( including franchise outlet)
vii. A truck operator
viii. An artisan
ix. Govt schemes falling under this category may also be covered.
x. Other trade advance etc.,

In order to cover all eligible units under the scheme during the campaign period i.e.,
25.09.2015 to 02.10.2015, we advise all the branches that:

a) Accordingly, please ensure to display a banner at the Branch premises in this regard.
b) Chalk out a strategic approach to cover more number of beneficiaries subject to the
satisfying terms and conditions governing sanctioning of advance.
c) All non-farm sector income generative activities i.e,. small business activities under
Manufacturing, Service and trade are to be covered viz., shopkeepers, fruits/
vegetable venders, Hair cutting saloon, beauty parlours, transporters, truck operators,
hawkers, food service units, repair shops, machine operators, artisans, food
processors, professionals and service providers etc.
d) All eligible existing and new units may cover under the scheme and ensure to create
loan account in the Product Code 6210-6401.
e) Ensure to cover all eligible loans under CGTMSE immediately after sanction of loan
and any deviation in this regard the concerned official will be personally held
f) Separate MUDRA applications for the product is being arranged for printing.
Please collect the loan applications from your Regional Office being supplied by

We advise the branches to cover more number of proposals and ensure to provide the credit
facility to those who have not been financed subject to fulfilment of all terms and conditions.

Please bring the contents of this circular to the notice of all staff members working at your
branch/office for necessary action and compliance.

Yours faithfully,