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Level FIVE (5)

CU Title CU Code CU Descriptor CU Work Activities Performance Criteria

1 Information System Information System Technology 1. Analyse current usage and 1.1 Overall quality and efficiency of
Technology management is a set of management sustainability of existing business operation assessed according
management disciplines that allows organisations to technology to performance report on usage of
manage technological advancements. It existing systems
is fundamental to create competitive 1.2 Effectiveness and sustainability of
business advantage. technology usage assessed according
to performance report on usage of
The person who is competent shall be existing systems
able to analyse current usage of
existing technology, review companys 2. Manage current companys 2.1 Effectiveness of information system
information system, perform business information system technology management evaluated based on
process analysis and plan new users feedback and system
technology implementation. performance report
2.2 Implementation of information system
The outcome of this competency is to analysed according to Companys ISP
ensure that technology management of (Information System Planning)
business activities are coordinated to 2.3 Execution and implementation of
ensure sustainability and innovative information system management
technology. reviewed according to Companys
information system infrastructure and

CU Title CU Code CU Descriptor CU Work Activities Performance Criteria
3. Analyse business process 3.1 Business process operation reviewed
by applying the business process
analysis methods
3.2 Synchronization of management
system reviewed to establish seamless
integration of systems
3.3 Business process analysis report
findings produced

4. Propose new technology 4.1 Business requirement analysis

enhancement conducted according to categories of
requirements which include design,
architecture, functional and
performance requirements
4.2 Technology scanning carried out
according to scanning process and
4.3 Information system requirement
specification determined
4.4 Strategic technological change
proposed according to organisation
4.5 Proposal submitted to the management
for approval

CU Title CU Code CU Descriptor CU Work Activities Performance Criteria
2 Information systems The Information system policies & 1. Review existing policies & 1.1 Stakeholder involved in policies &
policies & procedures procedures management competency procedures procedures review determined
management unit title describes the competency 1.2 Departmental direction determined
required in revising and developing 1.3 Policies and procedures analysed
information system policies & 1.4 Differences between departmental
procedures management in order to policies & procedures and industrys
enhance the functionality of the system. best practice defined
1.5 Weakness of current policies and
The Information system policies & procedures determined
procedures management competency 1.6 Policies beneficial to organisation
unit describes a person who is aware of determined
industrys standard practice, and
proposes changes to management 2. Amend policies & procedures 2.1 Format of policies & procedures
regarding the Information Systems determined
policies and procedures 2.2 Statement of revised policies and
procedures confirmed
The person who is competent in this 2.3 Changes to policies & procedures
competency unit shall be able to confirmed with management
compare current policies with new 2.4 Revised policies & procedures
trends and standard practice, revise documented according to format
policies & procedures and implement 2.5 Statement of policies and procedures
revised policies & procedures documented
2.6 Endorsement obtained from top
The outcome of this competency is to management
be able to continuously review and
update work procedures which adhere 3. Implement updated policies & 3.1 New policies & procedures are
to the organisations policies procedures disseminated to staff
3.2 Updated policies & procedures
implementation issues interpreted
3.3 Policies & procedures implementation
report produced
CU Title CU Code CU Descriptor CU Work Activities Performance Criteria
3.4 Policies & procedures report submitted
to top management for review

3 Information systems The Information System auditing 1. Plan system auditing 1.1 Organisations information systems
auditing competency unit title describes the auditing requirement determined
competency required when auditing the 1.2 Organisations information systems
information systems which is an auditing procedure interpreted
examination of the management 1.3 Audit team determined according to
controls within an Information organisation requirements
technology (IT) infrastructure. The 1.4 System auditing schedule prepared
evaluation of obtained evidence
determines if the information systems 2. Perform system auditing 2.1 Audit activities conducted in
are safeguarding assets, maintaining accordance with organisations
data integrity, and operating effectively requirements
to achieve the organization's goals or 2.2 Standard procedures to determine
objectives. These reviews may be compliance and incompliance
performed in conjunction with a determined
financial statement audit, or internal 2.3 Assessment findings verified and
audit. compiled
2.4 Assessment findings analysed
The Information System auditing
competency unit describes a person 3. Produce system audit report 3.1 Audit findings summarised in report
who is responsible to audit the system 3.2 Follow up activities to rectify
to ensure procedures are being incompliance proposed in report
followed and the system is operating 3.3 Final auditing findings report prepared
according to organisation requirements according to management report
3.4 Final audit findings report submitted for
The person who is competent in management acknowledgement
system auditing shall be able to identify
system auditing requirement, plan
system auditing activities, perform
CU Title CU Code CU Descriptor CU Work Activities Performance Criteria
system auditing activities and produce
system audit report

The outcome of this competency is to

ensure the efficiency and accuracy of
the information system and that it is
being utilised and recommended for
improvement accordingly

4 Staff management The Staff management competency unit 1. Perform staff performance 1.1 Staff performance criteria determined
title describes the competency in appraisal according to companys policies
managing all employees in the 1.2 Staff performance evaluated based on
organization, including the development appraisal technique and ethics
of staff skills through training and other 1.3 Outcome of the appraisal prepared and
forms of staff development as well as recommendation given to the staff.
the identification, development and
implementation of training needs and 2. Conduct training need analysis 2.1 Staff performance issue determined
programs available for staff from the outcome of the TNA session
2.2 Staff development requirements
He or She is responsible to evaluate determined
departmental staff capabilities, 2.3 Staff training program prepared.
develops staffing strategies and
implements staff development 3. Carry out staff interview session 3.1 Information on applicant collected and
regarding staffs planning and recorded before interview session.
development 3.2 Selected candidate confirmed.
3.3 Candidate for vacant position selected
The person who is competent in the based on performance during the
Staff development management interview session
competency unit shall be able to plan,
conduct, and review staff development
CU Title CU Code CU Descriptor CU Work Activities Performance Criteria
4. Identify staff management 4.1 Companys policy and procedures on
The outcome of this competency is to requirements staff management obtained
ensure that all the activities involved in 4.2 Staff management scope of work
business operation are effectively determined
coordinated and supported 4.3 Manpower requirement determined

5. Evaluate staff management 5.1 Staff scheduling activities assessed

activities 5.2 Staff scheduling activities performance
5.3 Company policy and procedure on staff
benefit & compensation determined.

5 Corporate Affairs and Corporate Affairs and Communication 1. Administer information systems 1.1 Companys legal policies and
Communication Management is communication with legal matters procedures determined according to
Management government agencies and liaison legal issues needs
relating to legislative matters, 1.2 Legal needs evaluated and reviewed
government procedures, policies and according to requirements
compliances. The management of 1.3 Related legal documents finalised
corporate affairs which include setting according to procedure
company procedures policies and 1.4 Company regulatory compliance
techniques of communication. It is determined according to regulatory and
fundamental to the organisations statutory body requirements
competitive advantage and 1.5 Corporate company legal issues
sustainability. related to the Information System
coordinated with organisations legal
The person who is competent shall be personnel as to ensure action and
able to administer legal affairs decision taken promptly.
activities, administer authority liaison 1.6 Summary of legal issues ascertained
and administer communication from companys lawyer/legal
management department

CU Title CU Code CU Descriptor CU Work Activities Performance Criteria
The outcome of this competency is to 1.7 Legal affairs conclusion reported to
ensure that all the activities involved in stakeholders
corporate affairs operation and
communication are effectively 2. Perform government authority 2.1 Authority policies and procedures
liaison related to information system
coordinated and supported in an
organisation. 2.2 Authority compliance needs evaluated
and reviewed according to business
environment requirements
2.3 Regulatory and statutory body
compliance determined according to
business environments requirements
2.4 Compliances with regulatory and
statutory bodies ascertained according
to business environment requirements

3. Perform corporate relations 3.1 Company policies and procedure on

management communication management
3.2 Method of communication relevant to
company operation determined
3.3 Business correspondence records
obtained and assessed according to
company procedure
3.4 Client/public response to information
system assessed according to
organisation procedures
3.5 Communication effectiveness
assessed according to reports and
internal and external feedbacks

CU Title CU Code CU Descriptor CU Work Activities Performance Criteria
6 Business Continuity Business continuity is the activity 1. Conduct Business Impact 1.1 Business operation requirements
Management performed by an organization to ensure Analysis interpreted
that critical business functions will be 1.2 Information system functionality related
available to stakeholder that must have
to business operation requirements
access to those functions. Business
Continuity refers to activities performed interpreted
daily to maintain service, consistency, 1.3 Criticality, recovery point objectives,
and recoverability. The foundation of and recovery time objectives
business continuity are the standards, determined through Business Impact
program development, and supporting Analysis techniques
policies; guidelines, and procedures 1.4 Extent and timescale of the impact on
needed to ensure a firm to continue
different levels of an organization
without stoppage, irrespective of the
adverse circumstances or events. All determined
system design, implementation, 1.5 Effect of disruption on operational,
support, and maintenance must be functional and strategic activities of an
based on this foundation in order to organization determined
have any hope of achieving business
continuity, disaster recovery, or in some 2. Conduct risk mitigation planning 2.1 Potential risks and threats to critical
cases, system support. business activities both internally and
from the external environment
He or She is responsible for planning determined
and managing system operations to 2.2 Procedures to enable risk mitigation
maintain service, consistency, and determined
recoverability in the event of an 2.3 Outage timeframe determined based
accident, disaster, emergency, and/or on accepted business operation
threat. downtime
2.4 Risk mitigation plan procedures
The person who is competent shall be documented
able to conduct Business Impact
Analysis conduct risk mitigation
CU Title CU Code CU Descriptor CU Work Activities Performance Criteria
planning, conduct business recovery
planning , implement the Business 3. Conduct business recovery 3.1 Emergency Response team personnel
Continuity plan, and evaluate planning determined
implementation according to disaster 3.2 Emergency response and management
recovery/business continuity standards procedures required during situations
in which the plan is to be activated
The outcome of this competency is to based on disaster recovery/business
ensure service availability and reliability continuity standards
in order to have any hope of achieving 3.3 Damage assessment procedures
business continuity, disaster recovery, determined according to disaster
or in some cases, system support. recovery/business continuity standards
3.4 Disaster declaration procedures
determined according to disaster
recovery/business continuity standards
3.5 Instructions on recovering operations
3.6 Document management procedures in
event of disaster determined
3.7 Disaster recovery plan documented

4. Implement business continuity 4.1 Business Continuity plan which include

in system operations risk mitigation plan and disaster
recovery plan compiled
4.2 Business Continuity procedures and
information documented
4.3 Business Continuity plan
communicated and disseminated to
organisation personnel through
awareness and training programs
4.4 Emergency communications and
coordination with public authorities
CU Title CU Code CU Descriptor CU Work Activities Performance Criteria
carried out in event of emergency
4.5 Change management procedures
enforced based on business continuity

5. Evaluate business continuity 5.1 Business continuity procedures

management implementation checked against business continuity
5.2 Business continuity in terms of
document and information
management assessed
5.3 Business continuity implemented in
business operations assessed
5.4 Business continuity plan issues
5.5 Solutions to improve on business
continuity procedures proposed
5.6 Business continuity plan revised based
on evaluation findings

7 Project management The Project management competency 1. Analyse project management 1.1 Companys SOP on project
unit describes the competency required requirements management activities interpreted
in planning, organizing, securing, 1.2 Objective, cost, constraint and risk
managing, leading, and controlling interpreted
resources to achieve specific goals. 1.3 Project management scope of work
A project is a temporary endeavour with determined
a defined beginning and end (usually 1.4 Project constraint and risk determined
time-constrained, and often constrained 1.5 Project management budget allocation
by funding or deliverables), undertaken determined
to meet unique goals and objectives. 1.6 Type of project to be developed

CU Title CU Code CU Descriptor CU Work Activities Performance Criteria
He or She is to manage project
activities in an organisation to ensure 2. Conduct project planning 2.1 Project cost estimated
the effective delivery of approved 2.2 Project resources planned
planned programs of the company by according to project requirement
adopting suitable methods 2.3 Project development schedule
The person who is competent in project 2.4 Redundant task determined
management shall be able to identify 2.5 Critical activities categorised
project management requirements, plan 2.6 Project milestone established
project development activities, 2.7 Job and manpower distribution plan
coordinate project implementation, established
evaluate project implementation and
produce project management report 3. Manage information system 3.1 Project resources managed in
project implementation accordance to project plan;
The outcome of this competency is to Cost
ensure that all the activities involved in Time
project management are carried out Manpower
efficiently to enhance the companys Tools, Equipment and
image in delivering product/services Materials
and to ensure the sustainability of the 3.2 Project development progress checked
company. against project development schedule
3.3 Project changes managed within the
project scope
3.4 Project development efficiency
assessed in accordance with project
development schedule
3.5 Project development outcome
measured against the objective of

CU Title CU Code CU Descriptor CU Work Activities Performance Criteria

4. Report information system 4.1 Project development outcome verified

project management activities 4.2 Project closing conducted and
outcome report circulated to project
4.3 Final project management report
prepared and submitted to
stakeholders for review