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Integration Baseband 5212 / 5216 Ericsson Manual


Integration Baseband 52xx Ericsson Manual Method


1. Web Browser (recommended use Firefox or Chrome)

2. Latest Moshell or minimum Moshell 17.0c ( Moshell 17.0e )
3. RJ-45 LAN cable straight
4. SFTP aplication ( Download Here )
5. Software 17A SW R5E74 ( Download Here ) 706 MB

Baseband Configuration Files

1. RBS Summary Script

2. Site Basic Script
3. Site Equipment Script
4. Transport Network Script
5. Radio Network Script

You can download here

1. Power Up Baseband 521x

Connect Laptop to port LMT Baseband using RJ45 cable straight
IP Laptop Setting
Firewall and antivirus should be disabled in the local PC

Setting SFTP Server

- IpAddress Baseband :

- User : ftp
- Password : ftp
- Root path : Directory to Software 17A SW R5E74 and script folder

2. Open IE/Chrome/Firefox
Log in to AutoIntegration Web GUI :

- Host : (IP Laptop)

- Username : ftp
- Password: ftp
- Site Installation File: /<RBS_Summary>.xml

3. Press button Download Files until download complete.

Proses download will appear in AutoIntegration log

After download files complete, press button Integrate for starting integration. Baseband will
restart before integration, process started (estimation 15 minutes).
Make sure transmission cable already connect to TRM Equipment (mandatory)

After Auto Integration complete, in AutoIntegration Web

GUI will appear Welcome to RBS.

Open Moshell, log in to RBS using default IP

If Integration process failed/error, Baseband will automatically restore to factory setting. Details
error check in Emergency Access

4. Running Transport Network & Radio Network script via Netconf with command below.

!ssh -o PubKeyAuthentication=no -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -o ForwardX11=no -p

<port_netconfssh> rbs@ -s netconf < filename.xml
Example :
!ssh -o PubKeyAuthentication=no -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -o ForwardX11=no -p 830
rbs@ -s netconf < /home/enurnug/BB5212/Test/Transport_Local.xml

Another command maybe usefull

Chek mac address router: mcc Router=vr_Traffic3G show arp-cache

Ping test: mcc Router=Traffic ping --count 2 --packetsize 1000
Make CV: acc BrmBackupManager createBackup or cvmk <backup name>
Delete CV: acc BrmBackupManager deleteBackup or cvrm <backup name>
Cvset & node restart on startable CV: acc BrmBackup=XX restore or cvre <backup name>
Restart Node: acc FieldReplaceableUnit=1 restartUnit