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This is an archive of actively maintained links to RPG Troves.

Each one is a single game, theme, or publisher and strives to be

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If you wanted to help, you could join the Anon Brigade by becoming a Curator and/or by
finding stray pdfs for other Curators.

Pick a game or small publisher you like thats not too big and complete it as best you can

Really prolific games can be divided into components; by edition, setting, publisher etc.

Upload the pdfs somewhere. Hunt for and request the missing things. If it gets taken
down, put it up again later. Using indirect links like $nip li or pasteb!n has a real
advantage in that this document will tend to stay valid without constant editing.

I found this big honking list of rpgs,

that probably means everyone else has known about it for ages.
It stopped in 2007, it has descriptions and stuff.
This one started in 2008
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Sorry for the incomplete links and funny L33t spelling of upload site names
ss, @SS or $$ is Send Spaace, m3g@ is Megaa, <d0t> is a period or dot as in dot com

There is a u$ercl0ud and a u$er$cl0ud, be careful to go to the correct one.

Add the hypertext protocol colon stuff to the front then the upload site spelled correctly,
then add the final gibberish to build a complete link.

The most recent version of this document and others can be found at

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7th Sea - First Edition

$n!p<dot>li /k7I2 (offline)

$n!p<dot>li /aftermath
s00<dot>gd /Yrk8

$n!p<dot>li /AmberRPG

Bestiaries Collection - HOLY MOLY! and "Wowsers in my Trousers"

$n!p<dot>li /Bestiaries

$n!p<dot>li /BTRC
s00<dot>gd /1Jfb

SS /folder/gthatc

Other BW system games

SS /folder/x9bcvm

Burning Wheel Gold

$n!p<dot>li /Burning-Wheel-Gold

$n!p<dot>li /Bushido
s00<dot>gd /tGrv

Cartoon RPGs
$n!p<dot>li /OjHc

Chuubos Marvelous Wish Granting Engine

$n!p<dot>li /Chuubo

Conan the Barbarian

$n!p<dot>li /Conan

Crawling Under A Broken Moon

$n!p<dot>li /CUBM
s00<dot>gd /Z0aU

The Ultimate Cthulhu Collection:
- Achtung Cthulhu!
- Cthulhu 1920s
- Cthulhu by Gaslight
- Cthulhu Dark
- Cthulhu Dark Ages
- Cthulhu Invictus
- Cthulhu Now & DG
- Cthulhu Rising
- Cthulhu Tech
- End Time
- Trail of Cthulhu & Cthulhu Confidential
- Plus Age of Cthulhu, BRP, The Unspeakable Oath, World War Cthulhu, Worlds of Cthulhu and
$n!p<dot>li /Cthulhu

Cypher System
$n!p<dot>li /7eXI

$n!p<dot>li /Daredevils
s00<dot>gd /A9VK

The Dark Eye - English Fifth Edition

$n!p<dot>li /TDE5e

Deadlands - Classic, Hell on Earth, Lost Colony

$n!p<dot>li /Deadlands

Dime Adventures
$n!p<dot>li /DimeAdventures

Doctor Who AITAS Collection:

$n!p<dot>li /AITAS

Duet Trove - games for two people

$n!p<dot>li /jwB2

Dungeons & Dragons

$n!p<dot>li /TSRTrove
h1v3<dot>@m /TSRTrove

$n!p<dot>li /WOTCTrove
h1v3<dot>@m /WOTCTrove

$n!p<dot>li /HomebrewTrove
h1v3<dot>@m /Homebrewdesign (templates for making pretty pdfs)

EPT Trove - AS&SH, Blood and Bronze, Castle Zagyg, DCC/MCC, Empire of the Petal Throne,
Metamorphosis Alpha, New Wilderlands
$n!p<dot>li /EPT

$n!p<dot>li /UOA6

Fate of the Norns - Ragnarok

$n!p<dot>li /Fate-of-the-Norns-Ragnarok

Fragged Empire (4-eared Elven Catgirls in Space!)

$n!p<dot>li /FraggedEmpire

Feng Shui - First Edition

$n!p<dot>li /FengShui_1ed

Feng Shui - Second Edition

$n!p<dot>li /FengShui_2ed

Final Fantasy FFRPG

SS /folder/2o2b2u

Freebie Collection! - Curated by TheWiz! 600+ Open Source, Copyright Free RPG PDFs
m3g4 /#F!Nq5mVJqR!6WdkQ9T9awc07Uu8oaUzHg

Gameshoppe 1987
$n!p<dot>li /GS1987
s00<dot>gd /GS1987

Gamma World - First Edition through Fourth Edition

m3g4 /#F!z9wHCQwC!HCeMOum5467vvbTd2XwiMw

$n!p<dot>li /Gangbusters
s00<dot>gd /OigS

$n!p<dot>li /Ghostbusters
s00<dot>gd /4CfH

Golden Sky Stories

$n!p<dot>li /qotL

GURPS Classic
$n!p<dot>li /GURPSClassic

$n!p<dot>li /Hackmaster
h1v3<d0t>@m /Hackmaster
Hero Games
$n!p<dot>li /HeroTrove
h1v3<dot>@m /HEROTrove

In Nomine
$n!p<dot>li /InNomine

Iron Crown Enterprises

MF / folder/dnh302cpzen0y/Iron%20Crown%20Enterprises

JDR Trove
$n!p<dot>li /JDRTrove

JDR Magazines
$n!p<dot>li /JDRMags

$n!p<dot>li /Justifiers

Kid Friendly Games

$n!p<dot>li /KidFriendlyRPGs

Lamentations of the Flame Princess

$n!p<dot>li /lament
h1v3<dot>@m /lament

The Laundry
$n!p<dot>li /Laundry

Legend of the Five Rings

$n!p<dot>li /LFR

$n!p<dot>li /LittleFears

Lone Wolf Adventure Game

$n!p<dot>li /LoneWolfAdventureGame

Mage, the Ascension

$n!p<dot>li /Mage

Map Tiles
s00<dot>gd /qyny

Men in Black
$n!p<dot>li /MiB
Games, play aids, and RPGs picked out of interest or curiosity
$n!p<dot>li /MiscTrove

The Morrow Project

$n!p<dot>li /MorrowProject
s00<dot>gd /bNBm

SS /folder/ vfbm44

Night Wolf Inn

$n!p<dot>li /NightWolf

Sminks RPG Novel Emporium

$n!p<dot>li /RPGNovels

Numenera - with Cypher System, Gods of the Fall, and The Strange
$n!p<dot>li /Cypher
h1v3<dot>@m /Cypher

The One Ring

$n!p<dot>li /TheOneRing
h1v3<d0t>@m /TheOneRing

Over the Edge

$n!p<dot>li /OverTheEdge

Paranoia - all editions

$n!p<dot>li /Paranoia

$n!p<dot>li /PFTrove
h1v3<dot>@m /PFTrove

Pelgrane Press
$n!p<dot>li /Pelgrane

Powered by the Apocalypse

$n!p<dot>li /PbtA

$n!p<dot>li /Ptolus

Rifts - with other Palladium products

$n!p<dot>li /Rifts

Rogue Trader
s00<dot>gd /RGTR

Role Playing Magazines

$n!p<dot>li /RPGMags

Role Playing Magazines - a more extensive trove

$n!p<dot>li /uOh3v

Roll 19+1
$n!p<dot>li /R20Trove

RuneQuest - all editions

$n!p<dot>li /RuneQuest

Savage Worlds - numerous settings

$n!p<dot>li /SaWo

Shadowrun - 5th Edition

$n!p<dot>li /Shadowrun

Shadow of the Demon Lord

$n!p<dot>li /SOTDL
h1v3<dot>@m /SOTDL

Solo Trove - games for one person

$n!p<dot>li /ARtu

Space 1889 - all editions

$n!p<dot>li /Space1889
s00<dot>gd /pml3

Space 1889 - Clockwork Publishing

$n!p<dot>li /Space1889_Clockwork

Spectrum Games - Macabre Tales, Retrostar, Slasher Flick, The Big Crime, Stories from the
Grave; doesn't include Cartoon Action Hour
$n!p<dot>li /SpectrumGamesRPGs

Star Trek - FASA

$n!p<dot>li /StarTrek-FASA

Star Wars - D6, D20 and FFG

$n!p<dot>li /StarWars

Star Wars - WEG

$n!p<dot>li /StarWars-WEG

Stormbringer - with Elric! and Dragon Lords of Melnibon

$n!p<dot>li /Stormbringer

Swords and Sorcery

$n!p<dot>li /SnS

$n!p<dot>li /Technoir-Mechnoir

Top Secret
$n!p<dot>li /TopSecret
s00<dot>gd /hRzb

SS /folder/y2fz0f
$n!p<dot>li /Torchbearer

Traveller - the general trove

$n!p<dot>li /Traveller

Traveller - another, differently organized trove

$n!p<dot>li /kqm2x

Tri Tac Games

$n!p<dot>li /TriTac

Triple Ace Games

$n!p<dot>li /TripleAce

TSR Archive
$n!p<dot>li /TSRArchive

Two-Hour War Games

$n!p<dot>li /TwoHourWargames

Wraith, the Oblivion

$n!p<dot>li /Wraith

$n!p<dot>li /xzGCj

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