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Final Fantasy

The most shocking moments

M. N. G. Einstein

13. Mai 2017

For a lifetime of fun, great moments, fantastic stories and amazing

characters, brought to existence by former Squaresoft now Square
Enix. In remembrance of a splendid time.



Song Of Prayer

Without words

The most shocking moments
Number Twelve
12. The attack on Gatrea in FF II. You start the game and your party is imme-
diately annihilated.

Number Eleven
11. When ATMO92 revives itself in FF VIII.

Number Ten
10. The ending of Final Fantasy X as Dream Zanarkand and Tidus (main charac-
ter) just vanishes.

Number Nine
09. The annihilation of Cleyra and Lindblum after Kujas victory at Burmecia at
the end of CD 1 in FF IX.

Number Eight
08. Kains treason after the Demon Wall battle and after he already betrayed the
party at the Siege of Fabul in FF IV.

Number Seven
07. Exdeath return after defeating him in the otherworld in FF V.

Number Six
06. Finding out that the witch Edea is the orphan mother of the main characters
after they get the order to kill her in FF VIII.

Number Five
05. Josef sacrifice as Borgan triggers a trap and a giant boulder comes crushing
down the steps in the Snow Cavern in FF II. The party attempts to outrun the
rock, but Josef chooses to stand his ground long enough for the group, which
wittnes his demise, to escape.

Number Four
04. Galufs fight to the death after Zeza (not a party member, but a dear friend
of Galuf) has already sacrificed himself at the Barrier Tower in FF V.


Once the party gets the Time Gear from King Argus, which they bring to Cid
and whom enables their ship to transform into an airship, the party finds out, that
the entire game so far took place on a floating continent in FF III.

Number Three
03. Celes jump for suicide in the World of Ruin in FF VI.

Number Two
02. The detonation which leads to the collapse of sector 7s plate and Aeris death
by the hand of Jenova, shapeshifted to look like Sephiroth, as in the North Crater
it is revealed, that all the prior encounters, since their first encounter in Hojos
laboratory, were all Jenova and not once [the real] Sephiroth in FF VII.

Number One
01. Kefkas apocalypse creating the World of Ruin, after already poisoning an en-
tire city and much more in FF VI.

Saturday, 13. Mai 2017 at 21:03 oclock