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Grade 10 Set Book second period

Unit (4)

1-What might computer games be like in the future?

a- They will be more realistic and naturalistic .Games will be more convoluted
2-What are the problems that might be occurred when improving the
graphic computer games?
Companies will need to employ hundreds of animators. Designers mat focus on
visual effects and forget about quality.
3-Why do game characters have to become more intelligent?
They will perform more tasks. They will need to take decisions.
4-What will the characters be able to perform?
Characters will be able to perform Visual perception, speech recognition and
decision making.
5-Why will game designers be working hard in the future?
To compete with other companies and to invent new games.
6-What effect can playing computer games have on young people? Discuss
good and bad effects.
Good effects:
- It helps develop imagination.
- Computer games used in gyms can make us healthier and fitter.

Bad effects: playing computer games for a long time wastes time.
Playing computer games leads to many health problems like back pain, eye pain
and headache.
7-What is the job of the computer helpline assistant?
He helps people who have problems with computers.
8-Why dont parents of teenagers want their children to spend too much
time playing computer or video games?
-Playing computer games makes them idle. playing computer games gets them
out of shape.

9-What are the benefits of using joystick games?

- They can improve our fitness. Players can build up their muscles
10-Computer games are detrimental to childrens social development .Do
you agree or disagree? Why or Why not?
I do agree because:
-Children lose family communications as they spend too much time alone.
-They suffer from a lot of healthy and social problems.

Unit (5)

1- What are the Paralympics?

It is an international sports competition for the disabled.
2- Paralympics are important because..
They draw people's attention to disabled. They give power and self-confidence to
3- What skills are important to athletes, whatever their abilities?
a- patience b- sacrifice c- self-discipline
4- Kuwait has done a lot to encourage and motivate disabled. Mention some.
building The Kuwait Disabled Sports Club.
b-organizing competitions for them.
5- To join a sports club, you should
-Fill in an application form and pay the fees.
6- To be a sports champion you need some Psychological factors or mental
factors, why?
Because these factors can help to perform well.
7- Write some of the Psychological factors or mental factors that
sportspeople need to perform well.
a- Motivation b- feedback. Boys 7
8-Your personality can affect your choice of sports and performance. How?
Extroverts like team sports, such as boxing and football.
Introverts are shy and prefer sports with closed skills such as golf.
9- Which sport do you find the most exciting? Why?
-Marathon racing as it needs fitness and determination to win.
10- What are the pressures of being a world champion?
-The lifestyle changes completely, and a big change in the champion's behaviour.
11- What do different sportsmen need to do to stay motivated?
They need to be excited, they need to acquire open skills and lots of
unpredictability, and they need to arouse the spirit of sportsmanship.
12- " Your personality can affect your choice of a sport ".Explain.
Extroverts like team sports, such as boxing and football.
Introverts are shy and prefer sports with closed skills such as golf.
13- What is meant by motivation?
It is the interest and desire caused by someone to others to do something well.
14- Write the names of two famous types of racing.
a- Formula One b- Marathon racing
15- Compare between the marathon racer and the other sprinters?
Sprinters: receive more recognition, they run just for seconds.
Marathon racers should work harder, they run for hours, they have personal
16- Which is more important to an athlete, natural ability or determination
to succeed? Why?
Athlete needs both to perform well.
Unit (6)

1- What is remarkable about Al-Jahra Pools Nature Reserve? How was it in

It is completely man-made, freshwater space. It was formed from the effluent
waste water flowing from Al-Jahra.
2- What benefits does Al-Jahra Pools Nature Reserve provide for the
region?ks Unit 6
a- Conservation b- Propagation c-Education d- Research
3- What makes Al-Jahra Pools Nature Reserve the best bird watching sites?
It has become a crucial sanctuary for birds.You can see rare birds from all over
the world.
4- What can bird watchers see in Al-Jahra Pools Nature Reserve in
(Many animals come to live at Al-Jahra Pools Nature Reserve such as:)
a) Rare animals b) rare plants c) A variety of buzzards,
eagles, vultures and harriers d) Migrated birds. d) Rich vegetation.
5- What is the work of the WWF?
It's a global organization works to stop the destruction of the natural world.
6- How can you help to protect wildlife in your area?
- look after birds by putting out some food, a bird bath or a bird house. Have an
environmental cleanup to turn wastelands into a home for animals. Protect
wildlife by ensuring that there are no dangerous toxins there. Don't buy exotic
birds from pet shops if they are from the wild.
7- How important do you think it is for countries to protect animals and
wild birds in the modern world?
- The wild should be preserved so we don't lose any more precious creatures.
Wild life is essential for our life, so losing them means losing life itself.
8- Give some instructions and guidelines for Children to keep animals and
wild life.
-Don't hurt or frighten animals, don't trap or catch them, be careful of their home
and don't litter.
9- What are the threats to animals and birds in their natural environment?
(What things threaten animals and cause them to be extinct?)
a- poaching. b- The use of pesticides c- forest fires d- cutting trees
10- How can you \ government \ WWF prevent the wild life (the natural
world) from destruction? (We can help protecting wild animals in many
ways :) (How does the WWF contribute in saving the natural world?)
- By looking after birds, by providing running or dripping water. Removing
dangerous toxin from the area and by collecting money .ure10th Grade 1st term
11-Should human development be more important than animal welfare?
No, of course not, because they share life and they depend on each other.
12- Mention some wild animals that are in danger.
a) Lesser Kestrel b) Siberian Tiger b) Ostrich
13- Why are Lesser Kestrels in danger?
a) Use of pesticides b) destruction of habitat
14- (Kuwait is a shoppers Paradise .Comment.)
- It has some of the best malls and shopping centers in the Middle East.
-Shopaholics can spend a great time there.
15- How do you know that someone is shopaholic?
He buys things he doesn't need .He enjoys shopping and spends most of his time
16- What makes a mall a successful destination for shopping?
A mall can be a successful destination for shopping when it has exciting brands
and when it offers good customer service.