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The country Cambodia is one of the countries that is in WHOs Country Cooperation

Strategies. The Country Cooperation Strategy (CCS) is a document to guide WHOs work in
countries. It is a medium-term vision for WHOs technical cooperation with a given Member state,
and supports the country national health policy, strategy and plan. It is a program of WHO to keep
in touch with other Nation bodies and development partners in terms of health situations.

The WHO-CCS in Cambodia was drafted in 2008 and continued until 2015. CCS informs
WHO about the planning process- based on country need- to be able to come up with a biennial
program budgets at country level. The CCS then identifies the country needs, gaps, and WHOs
areas of strategic collaboration in a particular country, known as the CCS Strategic Agenda. Also,
it was drafted in parallel with the Second Health Strategic Plan 2008-2015, Since then, Cambodia
and its health sector have developed rapidly and the donor environment changed markedly.

The goal of Second Health Strategic Plan 2008-2015 of Cambodia is to enhance and
develop the health sector for better health and well-being for all Cambodian especially the poor,
women and children. It also provides an increase demands and equitable access to obtain high level
of health care services.

In order to be in parallel with the reflect changes, a midterm review of the Cambodia-WHO
Country Cooperation Strategy was conducted in 2013. It refocused WHO support to Cambodia in
three priorities: first is a universal access to an essential package of quality health services based
on finances and equitable access, second is knowledge about disease and public health programs
and last is a more effective partnership of health sectors.

During 2015, this CCS was drafted by WHO in parallel with the inclusive process of
development of the Third Health Strategic Plan 2016-2020. BY assessing from 2013 CCS midterm
review and continuing policy discussion with the government, WHO was able to develop strategic
directions for Cambodia. The periodically reviewing and resetting priorities is important in order
to reflect the changing need of the country.

As for today, the goal of the Third Health Strategic Plan 20160-2020 is to improved
health outcomes of the population with increasing financial risk protection in access to quality
health care services. The four Health Development Goals are: 1) Reduce maternal, newborn and
child mortality, as well as malnutrition among women and children; 2) Reduce morbidity and
mortality caused by communicable diseases; 3) Reduce morbidity and mortality caused by NCDs
and other public health problems; 4) Increase access to and utilization of affordable quality
services with reduced financial burden. Cambodia has a well-established network of public
health systems, including at the central, provincial and community levels, as well as those in
operational districts. The national budget for health has almost doubled in real terms in the last
five years, and there has been impressive progress in providing financial risk protection for the
poor through measures such as Health Equity Funds (HEFs) and voucher schemes, with the
former covering all health centers now.