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Applications can be submitted online at

All applicants are required to submit a copy of their latest transcript for supporting
the application.

Shortlisted applicants may be asked to undergo a selection process that includes

participation in a group discussion, the completion of a short summary, and a brief
individual interview.

Online application fee: HK$300

(non-refundable, to be paid at the time of application)
Acceptance fee: HK$16,120
(equivalent to 4 credits, to be paid upon acceptance of offer)
(Incorporating the Postgraduate Diploma in Public Policy and Management, PGDPPM)
Programme Code: P27

Who is Eligible?
Degree holders working in public, private, non-profit and voluntary sectors OR
Professionals or postgraduate qualification holders seeking a masters degree

Priority will be given to applicants with relevant work experience.

Those who have or have not studied public policy and management before are equally

For further details, please contact:

Department of Public Policy
Tel no : +852 3442 7533
Fax no : +852 3442 0413
Website :
Email :

Dr Glenn HUI
Admissions Officer
Tel no : +852 3442 7016
Email :

Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies

Tel : +852 3442 5588
Fax no : +852 3442 0187
Website :

Mode of Study : Combined Mode

Normal Duration of the Programme : Full time: One year (including two regular semesters and one summer term)
Part-time: Two years (including four regular semesters and one summer term)
Minimum no. of Credits Required : 30 credits (MAPPM) / 24 credits (PGDPPM)
Tuition Fee : HK$4,030 per credit
Overseas Residential Fee : Approximately HK$8,500
Master of Arts in Public Policy & Management (MAPPM)

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes Programme Structure

The MAPPM provides students with opportunities to enhance their theoretical knowledge, Credits
practical skills and critical understanding of public policy and management processes in both Semester A (Year 1 & 2)
local and international contexts. Upon successful completion of the MAPPM you will be able
Theories of Government & Public Administration 3
discover and analyse critically current and emerging knowledge relating to principles, Values & Choice in Public & Social Policy 3
theories and practices in international and local governance, public policy and Comparative Public Policy 3
management; Public Budgeting & the Management of Financial Resources 2
contrast and assess the roles, inter-relationships and limitations of various actors and
organizations involved in governance, policy making and public management; Semester B (Year 1 & 2)
explain, compare and evaluate critically various values, ethical principles and cultural Managing Organizations & People 2
traditions shaping policy-making processes and the delivery of services to the community; Policy Processes & Analysis 2
be creative in problem solving and demonstrate practical and, as appropriate, innovative International Public Management 3
management, planning, team-working, decision making and research skills; and
contribute to the development of knowledge about public policy and management by Semester Break (Year 1)
active discovery through undertaking supervised dissertation or other project-related
Year 1 Residential* 4

Programme Features Summer Term (Year 1)

Applied Research Methods Workshops 2
The MAPPM offers you:
Comparative Perspectives Year 2
International Insights Dissertation 6
Integration of Theories and Practices OR
Global Policy and Management Trends Evidence-based Policy Issues & Evaluation AND 3
Enhancement of Analytical and Critical Skills Comparative Public Sector Management 3
Experiential Learning through Residential and Study Tour
Guest Lectures from International Speakers and Practitioners * Additional fee will be charged for the overseas residential trip