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English 3

4 November 2017

Terrorism in London and Its Effect

In America, when people are invited to a park, they may go depending on how

their schedule works out. When people find out about their favorite Artist is having

concert nearby, they worry about the time and place of where the concert is taking

place. But in London, people first worry about their childrens and their lives, for going

anywhere public just puts them at risk of being injured from a terror attack. The attacks

in London have impacted the country in more than one way.

London is known for Big Ben and many architectural structures and monuments.

But due to the Terror attacks, tourism numbers have dropped. According to Tait, there

are more cancelled trips and less tourism. Schools cancel class trips and families hold

off their travels. People are becoming fearful to travel to London which causes trips to

cost less (OCeallaigh). Due to mostly violent depictions on the news about London and

the first suggestion of London includes terror attacks, people only are exposed to the

bad things they see. Companies take the initiative to make their trips more enticing by

lowering the price of a trip. With the lower costs, the travel rates are on a steady

incline(Ahmed). All these fluctuations occurred due to nearly monthly attacks.

Terror attacks in London have increased in the past year. According to UK, in

June 19, a Muslim group was hit with a van, May 22, a suicide bomber at Ariana

Grande concert hit 22 people, March 22, 6 people were killed from getting hit with a car.

All these attacks occurred in the same year, crippling the lives of families and friends of
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the victim. The attacks may cause children to be permanently on edge, may fear being

without parents and become clingy (Walker). To reassure citizens and tourists, the

government took action.

London government put more police on the ground to protect and serve the

people. Some people feel that the government shouldnt increase the amount. Which

lead to the resigning of the Prime Minister for pushing for Police cuts (Foster). London

needs more police on the ground to protect the people. Theyve stopped many plans

and arrested. Many plans and people including 18-year-old man involved in an attack

on a train (Spark). This proves they are needed and correctly fulfilling their job. By

keeping the police on the ground, it ensures safety(Collier). With protection and

security, the country begins to grow stronger.

With all these devastating events, London shows strength, unity and resilience.

Told by The World Staff and Agence France- Presse, people came together for a candle

lighting to demonstrate their strength. Families are coming together to remember and

reflect on what happened for Terror attacks affect almost everyone in some way said

by Zahra Mulroy. Earlier in the year, London followed through with anti-terrorism

operation and adds 600 more armed police on the ground (Britton). Staying strong and

optimistic through these unfortunate events will keep the country going. Recognizing

and learning ways to lower the rate of terrorism will also increase the security of its

citizens and tourists.

A fuel for the terror attacks, according to Sarah Birnbaum, is showing the attacks

all over the news and internationally broadcasting them. This gives them a platform to

do more extreme things and entice more extreme people to follow behind them. A
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possible reason for the terrorism is poor integration and how easy it is to attack people

(The Conversation). It's easier to murder people you have no relationship with or

knowledge of similarities. The terrorists are choosing to kill people who share different

beliefs and customs, for they've never took to the time to fully understand them. A way

that may evoke change is publicly broadcasting how resilient London is and how much

its positively grown from the attacks. Showing strength will weaken the terrorist.

These terror attacks have a deep impact on London. The citizens must comfort

the victims and stay strong and positive. Other countries should use London as an

example of how to stay resilient and united. Though these events were tragic, there was

good things that came from it. Recognizing the good in the bad will keep their heads up

and people closer.

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