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SEMESTER 2, 2017


The study of customer shopping experience, and their satisfaction.



In the highly competitive fashion industry, many fashion retailers have to strive in

providing excellent customer service to gain a positive customer shopping

experience and customer satisfaction. This report has been prepared to determine

and discover the influence and impact its has on a consumer based on their

customer retail experience, customer shopping behaviour, retailer loyalty reward

programs and customer satisfaction. The attributes of a retail store setting and

atmospherics will be further interpreted to identify if it has any further impact on

customers shopping experience. The purpose of this report is to determine and

assist in building an effective customer shopping experience, satisfaction and a

positive customers shopping behaviour. It is also to communicate the attributes

affecting consumers shopping behaviour and what influences them.

For this research report, the research was obtained by reviewing various secondary

journal articles related to the topic and also, primary research was conducted to

gather necessary data. The primary research methods include expert interviews,

focus group discussion and survey questionnaire. This study explores the different

retail store attributes settings, retail customer shopping experience, and how the

customer loyalty and loyalty program will impact the customers purchase decision.

Through this study, it is understood that more modern consumers are engaging with

sensory marketing and a growing experience economy. The sensory marketing

includes various visuals, auditory, olfactory, tactile, and atmospherics surrounding

that influences and affects consumers shopping behaviour sand perceptions. With

the increase in competition in the retail industry, many companies have expanded

their focus beyond its products. Many products and store settings have been
designed to attract and appeal consumers based on their emotional level that include

their five senses - Taste, Tactile, Olfactory, Auditory, Visual.

There is a direct impact and influence towards customer shopping experience,

customer satisfaction and their purchase decision. With a positive customer shopping

experience, it is found to have a direct relationship with customer satisfaction, their

perceived value of the brand, customer loyalty and brand loyalty, word of mouth

recommendations to friends and family and repeated visits and purchases.

1.0 Introduction


This report has been prepared with the intent to meet the interest and general needs

of two audiences, Retail consumers and Retail Companies. This report benefits

those who are interested in understanding the relationship between customer

shopping experience and their satisfaction in retail. The purpose of this report is to

determine and assist in building an effective customer shopping experience,

satisfaction and a positive customers shopping behaviour. It is also to examine and

explore the attributes of customer shopping experience, satisfaction and customer


The scope of this report consist of the research aim and objectives, research

methodology, research results that includes both primary and secondary research

data, and the recommendations.


The main reason this report has been prepared and written is due to its relevance

and importance to the retail business and consumers. A retail customer shopping

experience and satisfaction revolves around their individual lifestyle and daily life. For

retailers and businesses, providing excellent customer experiences are essential, as

this affects profitability, sales and revenue, and brand reputation. For retail

consumers, experiencing a positive and memorable shopping process will increase

their satisfaction and so they will return to the same retailer as a relationship has

been formed.

The aim of this report is to establish and discover the relationship of store attributes

that impact customers shopping experience and their satisfaction. The attributes

identified in the secondary and primary research will be used as comparison and



To identify the attributes and determine the influence it has on customers shopping

experiences and shopping satisfaction.

To analyse how brand loyalty and loyalty programs may influence shoppers

experience and purchase decision.

To evaluate the relationship between a store attributes and customers shopping

2.0 Research Methodology

There were several research methods used for this report to discover which is the

most effective attribute that influences customers shopping experience and

satisfaction. Both secondary and primary researches have been taken into

consideration. The research methods include secondary article sources, expert

industry interviews, focus group discussions and survey questionnaires. These

research methods were used to ensure that both retail companies opinions and

consumers opinions are taken into account to produce the most accurate research

result and report. The research findings data were analysed through Microsoft excel

spreadsheet where each response from the various research methods was

categorised according to the report objectives.

Based on the data collected, it should be noted that there are some limitations in the

report that need to be taken into consideration. A major limitation is there was no

information collected about the consumers residing country from the primary data.

Therefore, some assumptions may be made based on existing secondary research

and generalising consumers throughout the world.

Below shows the detailed research methodology applied in this report.

3.0 Research Results

The final data was collected and analysed through interpreting and categorising each

responses according to the research objectives. The results of this study extend our

understanding of how the design, store layout attributes, store atmosphere, service

quality, consumer emotional attributes and loyalty programs influence customer

shopping experience and satisfaction.