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Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire is the ultimate competitive miniatures game a fast-

paced game of arena combat for 2-4 players (3-4 with an additional Core Set), set in the world of
Warhammer Age of Sigmar.
This game is a brand-new format for Games Workshop: its easy to learn, has minimal set-up and
a small footprint, all of which mean this game is ideal for store activities. The game has enormous
depth, even before its many expansions. Deck-building promotes immersion even before the game
begins, and once battle is joined the players must constantly weigh up their tactical options. All
told, this is the best Games Workshop game yet for ongoing organised play in store.
As such weve already created a number of in-store promotions for Warhammer Shadespire,
including the one you hold in your hands! We have Demo and Demo+ Packs for launch, plus
monthly and quarterly OP packs for 2018 (make sure youve signed up for these with your Rep).
These instructions are for running demos, both a single 2-player demo from the materials provided
by the Demo Pack, and multiple demos (including the 3/4-player game) supported by the materials
from the Demo+ Pack.

Good news: set-up and footprint double-sided game boards, two sets that can be played quickly and
for Shadespire is much less of Citadel push-fit miniatures, three easily by anyone. As such, reading
involved than for pure miniature decks of cards one of which you through the Rulebook and running
games, so taking the Core Set and wont need for demos plus gaming through a quick play-through before
breaking it up allows you to set up tokens and custom game-play dice starting out on providing demos
the game with far less prep, time, (this enables a full 2-player game will give you enough experience
and space than you would need out of the box, with the 3/4-player to run the demo itself. In fact,
for Warhammer Age of Sigmar or variant requiring a second Core experienced board gamers amongst
Warhammer 40,000. Simply follow Set). The miniatures (Stormcast your customers could probably be
the instructions in the Rulebook. Eternals Liberators and Khorne given the Rulebook and figure it out
Youll use the Stormcast and Bloodreavers) are pre-coloured for themselves in a few minutes if
Bloodreaver decks for demos: the blue and red, need no glue and youre busy with other customers in
additional deck (from your sample are quick and easy to assemble for your store.
game) isnt needed, as this is for your demos.
Of course, having your demo/demos
more advanced play after someone
This brand-new game is designed next to your stack of Core Sets never
has played their first few games.
for low-model-count, fast games harms sales!
Included in the Demo+ Pack are
5 playsheets for the 3/4-player
game (allowing you to replace the
playing surface whenever it gets
blemished). The playsheet mimics
the 4 boards which 4 players would
bring to a multiplayer game, and
the Pack contains the miniatures,
dice, cards, etc. to have 4 people
play a demo. (For clarity, the
components are aimed at running
demos, they are not the full Core Set
boxed contents.)
The Warhammer Underworlds:
Shadespire Core Set contains two


Theyll be plenty of people interested in trying

the game out before release in your stores because
of the promotion Games Workshop has done
and will be doing (including its appearance at
Gen Con 50, the NOVA Open and considerable
social-media promotion).
Of course this is backing up your own promotion,
via your own online communications and using the
materials weve provided including the poster, hanger,
invite cards and sign.
Remember: telling everyone to come in and check
out the latest game is the surest way to ensure your
demo activities are full!

Demos must be tailored to different customers: an effective demo given to those who already play miniature games
or board games will be very different from one for those who have little to no experience with these types of game.


To those used to miniature games and modern board more grandiose Warhammer Age of Sigmar. For all
games, Shadespire has easy-to-learn rules, so demos gamers its tight tactical play, fast play time and card
for these people should focus on its key points. For dynamics make it a great filler game (with awesome
miniature gamers its a fantastic way to play quick miniatures of course), or a serious competitive game
tactical games, giving a different experience to the ideal for tournaments.

When showing games to customers who have never climax. Remember to keep using emotive and
played games of this sort before we have some descriptive language, especially towards the end,
specific tips: and if you need to fudge a few dice rolls to keep
it exciting, so be it.
Tailor it to the customer. Gauge your customers
level of interest and experience, and run the Present the product. Once the game is over,
game accordingly. For some customers, a quick take a moment to recap it with the customer.
run-through of the most basic points is enough, Did they enjoy it? What were their favourite
without actually playing through the game: You parts? Then show them the product, and
move your players around the board like this, ask if they want it. The Shadespire box itself
rolling dice whenever they want to do an action contains everything they need to play more
for example, Garrek wants to attack Steelheart, games of Shadespire at home, but dont stop
whos one hex away from him. Roll a dice to there: the Citadel Build + Paint set lets them
see if he hits! For other customers it might be assemble and paint it. There are also plenty more
more suitable to run them through an entire Shadespire products coming out. Invite them to
turn, letting them decide what they want their come back to your store for the other in-store
players to do and talking them through what activities, such as the Shadespire release day,
they need to do in order to do it: Okay, you painting lessons, a games night or whatever else
want Brightshield to charge into Garrek? Great! you have on offer.
First, you move Brightshield next to Garrek.
Then, take these dice and roll them to attack if
you roll 2 or more hammer icons, the attack is
successful! In any case, keep it simple: avoid
describing the rules or getting into detail.
Build to a climax. This is vital with any
introductory activity you want it to finish on
a high for maximum impact. Youve already
set an objective, so the hard part is done.
Now you need to just keep reminding the
customer what they need to do and the
action should naturally build to an exciting

This brand-new game is designed for balanced, include miniatures of course, but also cards some
small-scale tactical games that can be played quickly specific to that faction and others that any warband
and easily by anyone. The game rules are designed can use. First up next month we have the new
with competitive play in mind, so whilst they are Deathrattle Sepulchral Guard and Orruk Ironskulls
easy to learn, they are difficult to master, not least Boyz, along with more accessories which allow
because of the depth brought to the game by the everyone to enhance their games.
deck-building process.
Monthly OP begins in January with quarterly OP
As such, customers will be looking for more, shortly afterwards, so building your Shadespire
and over the coming months well be releasing community from launch by running lots of demos is
expansions which will allow gamers to enlarge and a sure-fire way to guarantee the ongoing success of
customise their card decks. Each expansion will this product in your stores.

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