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November 4, 2017

Bicolandia Agro-Industrial Zone 9932 sq.m.

Barangay Del Rosario,
Pamplona, Camarines Sur

Subject: Assessment of Concrete Pavement


I am pleased to submit my proposal for the Assessment of the Existing Pavement. Please find in the following the
scope of work covered by this proposal:

I. Scope of Work:
1. Preparation of Material Testing
Coring Test Destructive test for the determination of concrete strength and pavement
thickness. Eight (8) core holes shall be taken at strategic locations.

a. Vertical Coring of Concrete (Using 3 and 4 diameter core bit)

Initial 9-inches and below thickness
Without Rebar 8 core hole x 2,900.00/core= P 23,900.00
b. Thickness Determination on Concrete Core 8 core hole x 150.00/core= P 1,050.00
c. Mobilization & Demobilization Charge = 3,500.00
2. Preparation of As Built Plans/Core location= 3,000.00
3. Preparation of Assessment report by Materials Engineer - 10,000.00

II. Submittals:

1. Cad files of location

2. Assessment Report

In view of the above mentioned professional services, I am proposing an amount of P Sixty One Thousand Two
Hundred Fifty Pesos Only (P41,450.00).


1. Downpayment -30% =Php 12,435.00

2. Balance Upon Submission of Report

Above Payment Scheme could be Negotiated.

Hoping that this proposal will merit your utmost consideration. Thank you.

Very Truly Yours,

Engr. Reinaldo B. Corre Jr.

RB Corre Builders