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MODEL QUESTION PAPER B.Tech Degree Examination

Eighth Semester
Branch : Computer Science and Engineering
CS010 804L01: E-COMMERCE (CS)
(New Scheme - Regular)
Time : Three Hours Maximum : 100 Marks
Answer all questions.

Part A
Each question carries 3 marks.

1. What is E-commerce and Give some applications of E-commerce?

2. Write a note on Firewall?
3. What do you meant by on line payment?
4. What is EDI envelope for messages? Explain?
5. List out the Salient features of ATM (5 x 3 = 15 marks)
Part B
Each question carries 5 marks.

6. Explain the anatomy of E-commerce in detail.

7. Write a note on Client-Server Security Threats?

8. How risk is handled in e-Payment system?
9. Explain the different types of digital documents.
10. Briefly explain frame relay in broad band communication? (5 x 5 = 25 marks)
Part C
Each question carries 12 marks.

Module 1
11. Explain the anatomy of E-commerce in detail
12. Consider the development of a portal for a Retailer shop. Discuss the various technologies, tools and
components involved in designing the same.
Module 2
13. Explain the security on the web
14. Explain the different network security problems with solutions

Module 3
15. a) What is on line payment system ? Explain in detail. Also, discuss the various risks associated
with it.
b) Explain how smart cards and credit cards have roles in e commerce applications
. Or
16. Explain the design aspects of a secure E-Commerce system and its applications.

Module 4

15. Explain EDI architecture in detail.

16. Explain the supply chain management.

Module 5
17. Explain ATM in detail.
18. Explain about broadband telecommunication

(5 x 12 = 60 marks)