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Anthony Rodriguez, RN
(786) 346-7453
1421 NW 1st ST apt 1 Miami FL, 33125

New Registered Nurse (RN) graduate seeking for opportunities as an RN in the

community. Proven ability to build positive relationships with patients, family members, and
healthcare professionals. Effective oral and written communication skills. Bilingual (English and
Spanish). Great team building skills with ability to motivate others and provide a quality service.


Currently enrolled in school at Miami Dade College as a full-time student. Just obtained
an Associate in Science of Nursing (ASN) with a GPA of 3.65. Register to take the N-CLEX on
March 2nd 2018 and continue studying to obtain a Bachelor in Science of Nursing(BSN) degree.

Completed all clinicals hours including specialties (Psychology, Obstetrics, and

Pediatrics) without misses or tardiness and obtained a good amount of experience.

Graduated with honors from Miami Senior High School with a weighted GPA of 4.54
and an un-weighted GPA of 3.45.


Licensed Registered Nurse, Florida Board of Nursing, license number RN12345.

Basic Life Support (BLS) Program.

CPR certified, American Heart Association, valid through August 2018.


Hialeah Hospital

Clinical Rotation Fall 2017, ER and Telemetry (3rd) Floor.

Assisting and performing Tracheotomy care, Inserting and monitoring of IV sites, administering
medication, cardiac monitoring, etc.

Jackson Memorial Hospital (Main)

Anthony Rodriguez, RN
(786) 346-7453
1421 NW 1st ST apt 1 Miami FL, 33125
Clinical Rotation Summer 2017, Psychology unit, Obstetric unit, and Pediatric unit.

IV therapy, Central venous line care, Special treatment for Psych patients, Therapeutic
communication, rehabilitation care, etc.

Hialeah Hospital

Clinical Rotation Spring 2017, Med-Surg (2nd) Floor

IV therapy, PO med administration, TPN administration, GT/NG tube feeding, Colostomy care,
rehabilitation care, post-op care, Burn/wound care, etc.

Jackson Memorial Hospital (North)

Clinical Rotation Fall 2016, Hospice/Rehab Center

Monitor for vital signs, blood glucose, and progression of treatment. Create care plans based on
assessment findings. Document interventions, medications, patient responses, treatment changes,
assist patients with activities of daily living, provide patient comfort, etc.

Employment History:

Bank Teller

04/2016 Present. Provide a highly good customer service experience to the clients. Assist client
with their transactions and teach them how to do it by themselves by offering the new features
that are currently available to make their banking experience easier.

Cashier and Customer Service

09/2014 04/2016

Skilled at learning new concepts quickly, working well under pressure, communicating
ideas effectively. Exhibits sensitivity, maturity and flexibility in coping with difficult situations.
Future goals include pursuit of BSN degree.

References available upon request.