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Data for Hands-on Practice

Telco_Churn.xls: This data contains telecommunications company's efforts

to reduce churn in their customer base. Each case corresponds to a separate
customer and records various demographic and service usage information

Data file: Telco_Churn

Exercise: Write Business Problem in your own words why do you think
the solution to this problem will help Telco company to increase their
profit? Suggest definition of churn based on your understanding of the
problem. Does this data support your definition?
Create Story from Telco_Churn Data

Normally as a first step, Company wants to understand overall status of the

problem where does the company stand? What is happening and when is it

Exploratory Analysis:

Using R create the Profile of users who churned.

i. Average age of churner
ii. Proportion of married users
iii. Proportion of males and females
iv. Region-wise proportion of churners
v. Education status-wise

Also learn to draw appropriate graphs. Do you think any other summary measures
you can extract form this data which will throw light on the churn problem?

Proportion of churners region wise

Proportion of churners gender, Education status and region-wise
Proportion of churners in the high-income group region wise.
Exercise: Write a consolidated report by selecting interesting findings
obtained in above
Prepare a vector, list, matrix and data frame by using R studio. Write a code
to modify, create or remove a row or column from a vector, list and data
Create an application of Shiny.
Create a function which can draw histogram and normal quintile plot.
Difference between a vector, list, matrix and data frame