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RESOLUTTON NO.016 - 2014

WHEREAS, Sec. 48, Rule XVI of the Revised IRR of R.A. 9184, otherwise known as the
'Government Procurement Reform Act" provides that in order to promote economy and
efficiency, the procuring entity may resort to any of the alternative methods of procurement
which are Limited Source Bidding, Direct Contracting, Repeat Order, Shopping and Negotiated
Procurenent, provided that the most advantageous price for the government will be obtained;

WHEREAS, Sec. 50 provides further that DIRECT CONTMCTING or single source

procurement is a method of procurement of goods that does not require elaborate Bidding
Documents. The supplier is simply asked to submit a price quotation or a pro-forma invoice
together with the condition of sale. Direct contracting may be resorted under any of the
following conditions:

a) Procurement of goods of proprietary nature which can be obtained only from the
proprietary source;

b) When the procurement of critical plant components from a specific supplier is a

condition precedent to hold a contractor to guarantee its poect performance, in
accordance with the provisions of its contract:

c) Those sold by an exclusive dealer or manufacturer which does not have suFdealers
selling at lower prices and for which no suitable substitute can be obtainad at more
advantageous terms;

WHEREAS, upon review of the attached Purchase Request No. TF 1821-14-09279

dated September 25,2014 indicating the item/s that is/are included in the cunent APP and
PPMP, and that the supplie/s Certificate of Sole Distributorship/other documents as exclusive
dealer or manufacturer/ supplieds documents like patents, trade secrets and copyrights and the
condition of sale to support the procurement, the BAC finds that the above conditions for Direct
Contracting are satisfied.

NOW, THEREFORE, in the light of the foregoing considerations, we, the Members of
the Bids and Awards Committee, hereby RESOLVE as it is hereby RESOLVED:
a. To recommend for approval by the University President, Anthony tl.
Penaso, Ph. D. the foregoing findings, the procurement through DIRECT
CONTRACTING of the Purchase of Taxes, Duties and Licenses for Phil-
Lidar 2 indicated in the above Purchase Request in the amount of One
Million Five Hundred Thousand Pesos Only (Php.1,500,000.00).

BAC Resolution No .016-2014

Let copies of this Resolrrtion be posted at the CSU Website, and at conspicuous place at
the Caraga State Universig for information.

RESOLVED, at the CSU Conference Room Office this 16th day of October, 2014 at
Caraga State University, Ampayon, Butuan City.


BAC Member

BAC Provisiofal Member


Approved on: October_, 2014

Done this 16' day of October, Two Thousand and Fourten at Caraga Stiate University,
Ampayon, Butuan City.

Head, BAC Secretariat

BAC Resolution No. 0lc20l4