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Assignment 1

Wanda Alexander

ENTD600 Object Oriented Analysis and Design

Dr. Charles Edeki, Instructor

December 17, 2017

1. Suppose you are an analyst working for a small company to develop an accounting system. What type
of methodology would you use? Why?
I would choose the Agile/Scrum methodology to manage the development of the accounting

system. Scrum is an agile process framework that has proven to work in project/product development

environments that experience rapid change and/or emergent requirements. The complexity in these efforts

can result from the domain, number of people involved, compression in time, emergent feedback and

more. Scrum is suited for projects that require the combined intellect of more than one individual. The

complex problems that are appropriate to tackle with Scrum require the combined focus of a team. The

Scrum framework is for more than just software development. It was born from the need to create

software, but is much more about enabling rapid intense human collaboration. Because Scrum enables

such rapid feedback, it has proven itself in many domains other than software and has become generally

applicable to cognitively intense knowledge work for teams. With Scrum, you can build and then apply

the intellectual muscle of a team. When Scrum is applied with care, a well-formed team becomes focused

on delivering business value.

2. Pretend that your instructor has asked you and two friends to create a Web page to describe the course
to potential students and provide current class information (example, syllabus, assignments, readings,
etc.) to current students. You have been assigned the role of leader, so you will need to coordinate your
activities and those of your classmates until the project is completed. Describe how you would apply the
project management techniques that you have learned in week 2 reading assignment (chapter 2) in this
situation. Include descriptions of how you would create a workplan, staff the project, and coordinate all
activities - yours and those of your classmates.
The workplan, task list and deliverables for the student web page development have been

described in chart format as seen below. The Gantt chart is included to display some of the tasks assigned

to some of the resources.

Workplan Information Items

Name of the task Designing a course
Start Date January 2, 2018
Completion Date June 30, 2018
Person assigned to the task Project sponsor – Wanda Alexander
Deliverables Student Web page development
Completion status Open
Priority Normal
Resources needed Jira, Visual Studio, MS Project
Estimated time 140 days
Actual time 160 days

Project timeline with deliverables.

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Oriented Approach with UML, 5th Edition, John Wiley & Sons