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March 21-22, 2015
Hotel Ambasciatori, Rimini

Alessandra Previdi
Dr. Alessandra Previdi, a biologist, has studied many alternative medicine modalities
before discovering radionics. She studied radionics in Great Britain, becoming the
first Italian member of the RADIONIC ASSOCIATION (Oxford, Great Britain). She
followed her studies in U.S.A. exploring the uses of radionics in agriculture. She met
extraordinary people all around the world, either as researchers of radionics or as
researchers of development of the human potential. To spread the knowledge about
radionics in Italy she wrote the book “Radionica, l’energia che guarisce a distanza”
Ediz. Mediterranee (“Radionica la energia que cura a distancia” edic. Panamericana
available in Latin America). In 1995 she became the founder and the president of
the Società Italiana di Radionica. Alessandra directs the School of Radionics and the
Giornale di Radionica.
Besides this, she is working on ecological and agricultural radionics solutions for the

Peter Gariaev
Ph.D., acad. Russian Acad. Natural Sci., acad. Russian Acad Medical/Technical Sci.
To create an organism, two genetic programs are required. The first one is
geometric, i.e. a scheme, how to design the body. The second program is in the
form of a meaningful text which contains instructions and explanations how to use
the first program, how to understand and build the organism. These programs exist
in the form of “DNA video tapes”, which are used by the genetic apparatus, acting
like a bio-computer. When the bio-computer reads these video tapes, sound and
light images appear that constitute the movie program of the development of the
organism. When the creation of a grown-up organism is completed, the movie ends.
Then the second movie starts, which contains the instructions for maintenance of
the organism for indefinitely long time. Unfortunately, the videotapes containing
information about a perfectly healthy organism, get corrupted with time, errors
accumulate (DNA mutations). The instructions accumulate errors and the organism
gets sick, grows old and dies. It is very likely that these DNA video tapes can be
renewed and corrected. With this new understanding of how our genetic apparatus
works, completely new technologies for healing a person and extending a person’s
life become feasible. And this is the essence of wave genetics and its practical
applications to come.

Vyacheslav M.Bronnikov
Vyacheslav M. Bronnikov is a world-known expert in Human science and Evolution
of Cosmic Space in the Solar System and he created an exclusive and highly
effective system for human improvement by activating superconsciousness and
harmonizing it with consciousness and subconsciousness.
The system invented by Vyacheslav M. Bronnikov represents the combination of practices
that have been mostly taken from different ancient gymnastics and adapted for the
modern people to achieve the highest possible efficiency. The sharp increase in human
energy potential and synchronization of both cerebral hemispheres activity arise from
the training according to Bronnikov’s technologies. As a result hidden unclaimed abilities
and potentialities of human organism come to light. Furthermore a person switches on
the contact with one’s super-consciousness. The system has undergone large number
of examinations and scientific validation and is considered as an established scientific
practice. Fantastic capabilities of human organism are revealed by usage of special simple
exercises that help to develop right-hand cerebral hemisphere that is almost invalid
in brain of modern people through ignorance. The person, who practises Vyacheslav
Bronnikov’s technologies acquires the ability to restore vitality fast and competently, to
never get tired, to withstand different loads. One can increase the rate of reaction,and
develop physical abilities. Study of system allows our organism to switch on functions that
never worked before. Organism begins to get rid of pathologies. Developing cerebrum
expands memory possibilities, assimilates new memory types (photo-visual memory,
bio-computer memory), and takes possession of new vision modes (without common
eyesight). People who have studied Bronnikov system can see with closed eyes (masks
blindfolded eyes), can orient themselves in surrounding space, can read texts, can do the
energetic and informational examination and functional correction of their organisms,
and can help other people. Blind people who have practiced Bronnikov technologies
got the alternative vision (people with bad eyesight can considerably improve common
vision), deaf people can get the alternative hearing.

Raymon Grace
He is a native of the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and has been studying forms of
healing since 1973.Raymon is founder and president of Raymon Grace Foundation,and
has taken dowsing to new heights, empowering individuals to gain more control of their
lives. With a unique and down-to-earth manner, he teaches in a style that characterizes
his life. He doesn’t own a suit and tie. He lectures across North America, speaking to a
wide variety of audiences.His work has been used in at least 48 countries to improve
water quality, reduce violence in schools, communities and to eliminate abuse of
women and children.He has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows including the
well known “Coast to Coast Am Radio.” He has authored three books.”The Future is
Yours - Do Something About It”,”Techniques That Work For Me” and “Seasons of April-
How to Help Your Kids Succeed”. He also has a unique DVD created for purifying and
energizing water and a DVD for clearing energy in homes & schools, along with several
other DVD’s & CDs. His “Techniques” book has been translated into four languages and
all of his books are translated into Chinese. Retired newsman, Jack Kestner, a long time
friend wrote:”Raymon Grace is undoubtedly the most independent person I’ve ever met.
He goes strong through life, along whatever byways give promise of new and exciting
adventures, always listening to his own drummer.”
Prof. Piergiorgio Spaggiari
General Director of Cremona Hospital. He graduated in physics in 1967 and in
medicine in 1978 at the University of Pavia.

He then also specialized in sports medicine. He has two passions: medicine and
quantum technologies. He was professor of biophysics in Milan, director of research
at the Institute of Advanced Biomedical Technologies of the National Research
Council in Rome and general manager Gaetano Pini Orthopaedic Institute, Milan.
Today he is general manager of the hospital in the province of Cremona.

Gillian Lowe
Bsc, MRadA has been a radionic practitioner for the last 20 years following working in
cancer research in Edinburgh. She now is on the council of the Radionic Association
(UK) ( and tutors students at all stages of the course
to become professional radionic practitioners. She lives in rural Somerset in SW
England with her husband, 2 dogs, hens, and 3 beehives. She believes that being
close to the natural environment complements this energetic work and keeps her

Ros Coombs
M.Rad.A BHSII has been practising radionics for 15 years and has a busy practice
treating humans, small animals and horses. Ros is a Council Member of the
Radionic Association ( and also tutors students training
to be radionic practitioners. She is also a Reiki practitioner and a Bowen Technique
practitioner and uses these therapies in her radionic practice. Ros lives in Wiltshire
in the South West of England with her husband, horse, dog, cat and chickens.
The first rule is there are no rules- Ros and Gilly will show you through examples
from cases they have worked on over the years how radionics can be implemented
to aid a huge variety of situations, from life guidance, families and groups with
karmic issues, animals( from horses to bees) and houses with attitude. We think the
scope is limitless.

Bogdan Jochym
He has experience in radiesthesia and radionics for over 30 years. He is a specialist
in the use of energy pendulums and the French Universal Pendulum in healing and
has been teaching dowsing and radionic techniques worldwide since 1990. He trains
health practitioners in energy dowsing for healing, specialising in harmonising
negative effects of geopathic stress, electropollution and negative energies in places
and people. He has a broad experience in applying dowsing in business, health and
spiritual development. He is a member of The British Society of Dowsers and The
Radionic Association of the UK.
Subtle energy effects of radionic treatment captured by special camera and software.
This detects light interference patterns created by photons when passing through the
energy fields of the subject receiving treatment. Whilst it is an indirect method, some
remarkable changes in the energy patterns can be seen. The system developed by Dr
Harry Oldfield can be used to see the effects of healing and at a distance adding more
proof that radionics does work.

Tanja Romanazzi
Was born in 1970, studied scientific computer science, specialty physics, doctorate in
the field of multimedia and since 2000 the constitution of a horse stable near Dresden
(Germany) with more than 70 horses. More than 25 years experience with own
and foreign horses, dressage competition up to the difficult classes, foal breeding.
Qualification as alternative practitioner for animals, REIKI 1st Grade, MRadA of the
German School of Radionics. Author (6 books) about health of horses and horse
keeping topics.
“We manage a stable with 75 horses. In my talk I want to show a variety of possibilities
for radionic support. I start with the radionic analysis of a single horse and describe,
how you get a complete view of the horse with its restrictions and diseases and most
important with their causes. Therefore I want to show some examples of horses with
common problems. Another point is the influence of the behavior of single horses
and also of a complete herd of horses. We use radionic treatment to give the desired
direction. Regularly, for example, we inform the herd, when a new horse is integrated
into a herd, to achieve a smooth familiarization. A last point ist the development of the
whole horse stable. For half an year now, I have treated the riding stable with radionic
affirmations and in this time amazing corrections and improvements have occurred.”

Claudio Romanazzi
Founder of the German School of Radionics (1994) and of Radionik Verlag (http://www. a small publishing house specialized in radionics and health topics. In
2004 he built the Radionik Manager, a computer aided radionic device and in 2010
rebuilding George de la Warr’s Radionic Camera. In 2011-2014 reinvented Basis 64 and
Lux Radionica, Keith Mason’s radionic systems.
Maybe you know the Base 64 System as a mean to evaluate the chakra constellation
of a man at his birth time. This is a very powerful tool to find out about strength and
weakness, about talent and absence of talent. And by comparing the state at the time
of birth to the actual state you find out about wrong life tracks you might have walked
in the course of your life. This is a powerful tool also to advise your clients with
family or company problems. The program has been updated and given new useful
functions. I will then introduce the Lux Radionica, Keith Mason radionics instrument
based on kabbala and numerology, but extended in its functions by my ideas. It fits
nicely into the Base 64 program structure, because you could introduce the personal
rate directly into the instrument and also I provide a special rate generator (Mason
rate style) for transmitting affirmations into rates.
Michelangelo Catalano
Doctor Michelangelo Catalano specializes in acupuncture and subsequently in
Homeopathy. (
Since 2003 he has devoted himself exclusively to Quantum Medicine and since 2007
has begun to develop a hardware and software for Quantistic Agriculture. In 2009
he was elected President of the Italian Society of Quantum Medicine that brings
together the Doctors working in this field. He has held several conferences on the
subject of Quantum Medicine and Quantum Agriculture both in Italy and abroad
(Brazil, Spain, Hungary, etc.). He directs the Research Centre “Domenico Fontana”
in Rome, and owns AgroQuantum Srl, a company whose purpose is to disseminate
the innovative quantum technology in agriculture. He applied the unique quantum
technology “Telos”, in the production of many agricultural products (tomatoes,
artichokes, strawberries, soybeans, sunflowers oil, etc.) And particularly in the
implementation of the Etna DOC white “Quantum” 2009, the first wine in the world
made entirely with quantum technology, defined by a panel of professional tasters
as the best white wine of Etna so far produced.

Bill Hurt Jr
He is a successful and wealthy American farmer. He owns many farms and successfully
treats them using radionics

Federico Marincola
Performer and Vice-President of the Italian Society of Radionics. He has spent the
last few years in the project Radionics Without Borders, teaching and graduating
the first radionic practitioners in Central America, and helping this small company
passionate in creating their own foundation of Radionics. He will talk about the
experience of these trips and contact with the Mayan religion, which was started as
Ajq’ij (Spiritual Guide) .

T. Galen Hyeronimus
a famous pioneer of radionics in USA. He has been interviewed by Scott Beulich,
president of the Psychotronic Association many years ago.

Società Italiana di Radionica

The Società Italiana di Radionica, a non profit association, was founded in 1995 in
Rome, by dr. Alessandra Previdi, to promote in Italy the development, research and
teaching in the radionics field.
It is the first organization that teaches and develop radionics in Italy. Its main activities
are research and trial, popularization and promotion of radionics through a biannual
publication “Il Giornale di Radionica“ (Radionics Journal). It also manages the register of
italian radionic operators and dowsing technicians.

Scuola di Radionica e Radiestesia

accredited by Società Italiana di Radionica

School that teaches the principles and application of radionics directed by dr. Alessandra
Previdi, biologist and member of the Radionic Association di Oxford, founder and
chairman of the Società Italiana di Radionica, leading institution in radionics in Italy
since 1995.

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