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Step 1: To build the side walls, place 10 Step 2: Place 2 craft sticks across each Step 3: For the

For the front cabin wall, take 10

craft sticks, one above the other and shift wall and draw trim lines across the ends craft sticks and trim 1cm off one end of
every second craft stick to the right by so each craft stick fits within the perim- each stick. Cut another 5 whole craft
1cm. Ensure that all the inner and outer eter. Trim away the ends along the lines sticks exactly down the middle. Repeat
ends are perfectly aligned, or use the and then glue them back in the same this step for the back cabin wall.
SIDE WALL template as a guide. Repeat position to secure the pieces together.
this step for the second side wall.

Step 4: To create the front and back Step 5: Using a ruler, draw a door and a Step 6: Repeat Step 2 to glue all the
walls, line up the craft sticks from Step 3 window on the front wall. Ensure that pieces together for the front and back
as pictured above, or use the FRONT there is a 2cm gap in between the door walls. You will need an extra craft stick in
and BACK WALL templates as a guide. and window. Then cut the marked craft in the middle for the back wall, and one
Make sure the sticks join at the trimmed sticks along the lines one at a time and in between the window and the door for
ends, and alternate the order of short place the pieces you’re keeping back the front wall).
and long craft sticks with each row. into its original place. Use the FRONT
Don’t glue the pieces together yet! WALL template as a guide if necessary.
Step 7: Cut the craft sticks for the Step 8: Interlock the side edges of the For each of the corners, glue
window and door frames to size. For 4 wall panels to form the base of the 2 additional craft sticks on the
the corner joints, cut the ends off the house structure. Ensure the vertical inside for reinforcement.
craft sticks at a 45-degree angle. Use craft sticks are on the inside.
the WINDOW and DOOR templates
as a guide if necessary. Glue the
pieces over the trimmed edges on the
front wall panel.

Step 9: Glue 1 and a half craft sticks Step 10: To make the roof panels, line Step 11: Glue craft sticks across
flat on each of the longer top edge of up two lots of 19 craft sticks side by the roof panels, as shown above, to
the structure. Allow some overhang side. Draw a straight cutting line secure the pieces together. Glue 1
on the outer sides. across, 1cm from the bottom and trim craft stick across the middle, 2cm
off the ends. from the untrimmed side. Use the
ROOF PANEL template as a guide if

Step 12: Glue the two panels together Step 13: Glue 4 craft sticks (cut to
at the trimmed edges on 90-degree size with all the round edges trimmed Line up craft sticks as shown above
angle. Split a wooden peg and glue off) along the top edge of the roof to create a base (floor) for the cabin.
the halves along the inner corner joint structure. Once the glue has dried, Glue craft sticks across to fix the
to reinforce it, as shown. place roof on top of the cabin walls. pieces together. Turn over and place
the cabin on top.
Do not scale templates when printing.




Do not scale templates when printing.