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Joel S Goldsmith

Good Evening.

There are three major steps or three major periods of life on the spiritual path. The first one is
a very pleasant one. The second one is not so pleasant and the third is pleasant again. The
reason that the first one is pleasant is that our thoughts are primarily on changing the
conditions of evil, error, discord, and inharmony to more harmonious conditions. Many of
these changes do take place as so many of us have discovered. We do have a better sense of
health. Very often, we have a much better sense of supply. Our human relationships
straighten themselves out and become much better than they were before.

It is safe to say that in this first stage of our spiritual unfoldment, it is quite a joyous thing,
watching some of the old man die and the new man be born, watching some of the old
conditions disappear and new and harmonious ones appear.

The second stage is the difficult one. It is probably the longest period and the most difficult
one. The reason is that in the second state you are living in two worlds. You have yourself
glimpsed something of the nature of reality. You have yourself glimpsed some of the nature,
the unreal nature, of the phenomenal world. In other words, you come to a stage where you
do not run around looking for an aspirin the moment you have a cold. You do not start looking
for medicines the moment this or that happens to you because these outer conditions no
longer have terror for you. You have no fear of them.

But unfortunately, your friends are all thinking the way they did before and they make life
pretty miserable by reminding you that you must be practical and there are things you must
fear, the things you must protect yourself from and how unreasonable it is to forgive your
enemy and so forth. You actually find yourself living in two worlds and you must cater to both
of them. There is no way of running away from either one of them. You cannot all of a sudden
lose the spiritual ground that you have gained with so much work and study and meditation.
On the other hand, there is a law against killing our friends and relatives so that these must be
put up with in some way or other. Not only that but we have to love them as ourselves. That
means that sometimes we may be called on to feed them with medicines and to commiserate
with them when we do not feel like it.
However, outwardly we have to be in this world. Outwardly, we have to let them see how
loving we are and we are not. Not in that sense anyhow. As a matter of fact, we are not even
patient with it but we cannot let them see our impatience because that would not be loving. So
it is that we engage in double talk. In business, we use ordinary business language and at the
same time we do not believe it.

I went through a period of taking bayonet lessons with Major Biddle who was very famous for
training of the marines with a bayonet. Of course, with every lunge we were saying “you filthy
Hun, you so and so, so and so, and so and so” and here I was inwardly forgiving my enemies
and loving them. It is not easy to live a double life but you do it. You really do it.

It is difficult also because you are not yet firmly grounded into actually believing all the things
you know. You do not yet have the full conviction that it is true. Yes, it says so in the books
and yes, so and so says so and yes, I believe it but, but… So here you are, holding firmly to
something that you have not yet completely demonstrated. This really becomes our difficult

Once we get past the second stage, which might be anywhere from our second to our twenty-
second year of study, when we get past that, we are really enjoying life. Because now we are
so completely removed from the hates and the fears of this world and the doubts of our
principle that we can live the double life without any reaction upon ourselves. It does not
touch us anymore to use human language and to speak in the language of the day and yet in
the back of our mind, live in the consciousness we have now attained.

As a matter of fact, this third stage is where most is demanded of you. This is where others
with their real problems begin to seek you out for help. And every problem that is brought to
you is just another opportunity for the living of the consciousness you have attained. And it
does not strike you as a problem. Remember in our first stage and somewhat in our second,
every time we have a problem we say, “Why did that have to come to me? I have been so
serious in my study. I have been so faithful. Now why did this come to me?” So we really
begin to fight with ourselves.

However, in this third stage, we know that it is inevitable. That the higher we go, the more
problems are going to be presented to us. Only now, they are not all our personal problems.
They are mostly the problems of the rest of the world; the friends, the family, the patients, the
students. These bring the problems but they are no longer problems, they are opportunities.

Understanding this, you must have periods of conversations with yourself so that you make it
clear to yourself that, first of all, if you have temptations that do not seem to yield immediately
that you are going to understand this. No demonstration can rise higher than the
consciousness from which it emanates. Then you say, “Ah yes, I have God consciousness.”
Indeed you have but that is not yet the consciousness that is governing your daily life. Not yet.

That is when you come to the third stage, when you are God-governed. In the first stage you
are hoping for it. In the second stage you are beginning to see some fruitage in it. But it is only
in the third stage where you really become the child of God, an heir and live by grace.

Now let me show you how this works out so that you will not lose patience with yourself, so
that you will understand that you really do have a work ahead of you and not play, and not just
the blind faith. I myself am Infinite Divine consciousness. Now this is just as true of you and it is
true of me. So you can repeat this to yourself: I myself am Infinite Divine consciousness.
However, I still see a lot of the natural man in me, therefore I am not wholly governed by my
divine consciousness. I am governed partly by the Divine consciousness and partly by man
whose breath is in his nostrils, partly by the natural man who is not under the law of God.

Let us take that statement for a moment. As a human being you are not under the law of God.
You are not under the grace of God. You are not under the protection of God. Therefore, as
you start your studies or your students start their studies or your child starts studies, remember
that in these first months, they are 99% under the carnal mind; the natural man and they are,
of course, benefiting by your more advanced consciousness, not theirs. Theirs is not yet
sufficiently advanced for them to be benefiting by it.

You can notice this. I think this is proof of the whole principle. You will notice some children,
let us say children of a beautiful mother or a handsome father or both, and notice what
beautiful children they are or as a general rule are. Now they, in their childhood reflecting the
consciousness of their parents; the beauty of the parents’ consciousness, the integrity of the
parents’ consciousness, is reflected in the face and body of the child. Well, remember the
moment that child becomes sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, it begins to live its own life.
It begins to manifest its own consciousness. Watch how often that beautiful child becomes the
Cinderella. And watch also how many Cinderella’s, when they are under their parents’
consciousness, become beautiful once they get away from it, once they begin to reflect their
own state of consciousness which sometimes is far more beautiful than their parents.

It is in this same way that you can expect your child to be 80% free of children’s diseases, of
children’s delinquencies, of children’s accidents, of children’s fears if you are maintaining your
spiritual consciousness living in the realization of one power. Of course, as you know I have
witnessed this for more than 30 years: children in the homes of metaphysical families and
noticed how much more free they are of the world’s discords than those who do not have the
benefit of metaphysics.
If however, that child does not accept some of these principles during these childhood years,
they are very apt to lose the benefit of their parents’ consciousness once they are living their
own consciousness, once they get out from under that umbrella of their parents’

But let us get back to you. You are as a patient or student, benefiting by the consciousness of
your practitioner or teacher. You are having far less of the world’s discords and inharmonies
because of your practitioner or teacher, because their consciousness is the law unto your
experience. However, remember this, that if you are not yourself learning these principles,
getting into the meditation and developing your own consciousness, then when the Master
goes away, the Comforter is found to be no longer with you.

So you see that from being the man of earth, the natural man who is not under the law of God,
you are spending the days of your student hood, your neophyte days, improving yourself. You
are learning the principles. You are learning to pray aright. You are learning to meditate. You
are learning to live in the consciousness of one power. You are learning to live as
Omnipresence, Omnipotence, and Omniscience. And year by year there is less of the natural
man about you, and more and more of that mind that was also in Christ Jesus. So it is that you
go through all of your student days, partly under the law of God, partly under the law of the
natural man. Partly under the grace of God, partly under the law of the natural man.

So when problems come, please remember that this represents that degree of the natural man
which you still are, which has not yet been overcome. Do not wonder at it. Do not believe for
a moment that a few years of study are transforming you into the Christ, into the risen Master.
That is not true. It is only true that you are, in proportion to your studies and meditations, you
are manifesting less and less of the natural man, overcoming the natural man and
demonstrating more and more of your divine consciousness.

As problems arise, here is the reason that you have not yet overcome fully the natural man.
That part of you which is the natural man is not yet under the law of God, neither indeed can
be. That part of you cannot receive the things of God. As problems come to you, remember
this, all that you are called upon to do is to remember. Yes, but this natural man is not of God
and is not a power and is not a presence, is not a reality and that is the function. That is the
purpose of this spiritual life I am leading. To recognise that every time the carnal man raises up
his head that I can say, “I know thee who thou art, get thee behind me.” Thou art not of God
therefore there is no reality in you. There is no spiritual law, no divine grace to support you, to
maintain or to sustain you.

In other words, the degree in which the Son of God has been raised up in you is what enables
you or is the measure in which you can turn on the carnal mind and its manifestations and
nullify it. If you have caught well the principles of impersonalization and nothingization, all of
which constitutes our 1959 work so that in the event of these problems coming to you, you do
not say “how could that happen to me, I have been reading the books all year or I have been
meditating all year or all ten years”, that is not what counts. What counts is what degree of
Christ is risen in you. What degree of loving your neighbour have you accomplished? What
degree of forgiving your enemy. What degree of resisting not evil. What degree of realization
of one power. This determines the degree of your freedom from discord and it determines the
nature of your ability to meet the problems quickly and decisively.

Never for a moment believe that faith enters into this whatsoever. You may have all the faith in
God and you may have all the faith in the Infinite Way, and just look around and see where
faith has gotten people. It is not a matter of having faith, it is a matter of actually
understanding these principles and having the impersonal ability to apply them and apply them
when the chips are down. Not merely when everything is going along well, to say there is only
one power and evil is impersonal but the ability when you are faced with that Satan or that
condition then to be able to stand fast and say, “Aha! This is the nature of universal belief in
two powers.”

I interrupt myself because right here the temptation comes in to blame yourself for something
and then you are not impersonalizing. You have fallen into the trap. Once you say, “I am at
fault” or “Oh well, I guess I am not a good student. Evidently I do not understand. Others do
but I do not,” you have personalized. If you have personalized, be assured you have fallen
overboard. You are going to have a struggle. No, be sure that even though you recognize as
Paul did, “I do not claim to have fully arrived,” I am just not looking at the past, I am looking
towards the future and going forward. I am not claiming that I have attained Christhood. I am
claiming only that Christhood is my true identity and that as I come into the realization of my
Christhood, in that degree I am God-governed and there can be no problems, certainly not of
my own. Then when temptation comes; the problem, please remember you are not dealing
with any failure on your part. You are dealing with the appearance of a universal claim of two
powers. You are dealing with the claim of personalized evil, personalized discord and it is up to
you to put your heel on it.

In other words, you are laying the axe at the root of the tree. You are impersonalizing the
entire picture. And once you have impersonalized it, the problem has no person in whom or
through whom to operate. Every time that you give way to doubt or discouragement, it is
because you are personalizing evil. You are personalizing the universal belief in two powers
and holding yourself responsible for it. For as you may be responsible for being 90 years of age,
you are not responsible for being old at 90 years of age. That is a universal claim. In fact, at 70
or at 80, it is a universal claim. And if you are going to accept the universal claim as being
personal to you then you are the one that manifests it.

You are the one who must understand that, I, in my true identity, am as old as God because I
co-exist with God. I have no more beginning than God has a beginning and I have no more
ending than God has an ending. And I know this and you know this. Ah, yes, we all know it
until we get a twinge of rheumatism and somebody else reminds us we are 48 or 52.

You see, one of the reasons the Master says, “Few there be that enter,” the spiritual path calls
for standing fast on certain principles. Probably the major principle is that of impersonalizing.
If you are going to condemn the woman taken in adultery, if you are going to condemn the thief
on or off the cross, if you are going to condemn your friend or your neighbour, you have no way
to enter because the secret is impersonalization.

We do know that as long as there is a belief in the world of two powers, of good and evil, that
people are going to act good and evil. As a matter of fact, we are going to act good and evil
until such time as we actually realize that we have no right to be functioning as human beings.
We have no right to have human feelings of good or of evil. We have no right to have a human
will. Once you begin to understand the true nature of your identity then you come into a whole
new mode of life.

Let us see if we can see just a little of the functioning of that mode of life. Let us take the
theme of one of the class nights, “I have hidden manna.” Now what is that hidden manna?
Well, that hidden manna is my divine consciousness, my Christ consciousness; my Christ
consciousness, my spiritual consciousness, my real consciousness, that consciousness which
God gave me, which is God, really. That consciousness is my hidden manna because from this
consciousness emanates my life, my prosperity, my friendships, my judgements, my guidance,
my art. Everything that pertains to my life emanates from my divine consciousness.

Now, up to a certain point, I am not proving this. What I am getting is a combination of good
and evil. Some of my life is good and some of it is bad. Some of it is up and some of it is down.
Some of it is rich and some of it is poor. Why? Because I am functioning on the level of the
belief of good and evil, the natural man that receiveth not the things of God.

However, now, in our stage, we are declaring, “Ah, but that was in the days of my ignorance
when first of all I thought I was man.” Secondly, I thought I had no control over this world or
that I was not at one with God or under the law of God. But now, now I know my secret name.
I am the son of God, I am heir of God, I am joint heir. The word ‘I’ makes me so. ‘I’ will never
leave me nor forsake me. I, the Christ, will be with me to the end of the world. Therefore I, I
am spiritual consciousness. I am immortal. I was never born and I will never die. I live and
move and have my being in God and God in me for we are One: this conscious awareness that I
and my Father are One, I and infinite divine consciousness are One. Divine consciousness is the
one that I am and this is my hidden manna. Therefore, this divine consciousness which I am is
the substance of all form. It is the substance of my tomorrows, the hours and the minutes of
my tomorrows, the dollars of my tomorrows, the food and the relationships and the clothing
and the transportation and the activity and the success of my tomorrows. I, of my own self can
be nothing but the ‘I’ that I am which I now recognize to be Christ selfhood, divine selfhood,
God selfhood, this is my hidden manna.

This, you see, deprives me of the privilege of having desires. I have no right to have desires. I
must now be a beholder, letting God’s grace flow from my consciousness. I have no right to
have a will of my own. I am always at the standpoint of being a beholder bearing witness to
God’s will being manifest through me. I have no right to know lack or limitation or unhappiness
because I am a beholder, watching the infinite Spirit of God flow forth from me, through me
and as me. I am the beholder. I lose the privilege of having fears, of having doubts. I lose the
privilege of losing hope because if I indulge that, all I do is take back my mortal selfhood, the
one that is supposed to be dying or already dead.

In the degree then, I start to live humanly, that I start to have human desires and human will,
human ambition, human fears, human doubts, in that degree I am denying my Christhood. I
am really crucifying my Christhood. Think of this, I have hidden manna, that hidden manna is
the divine consciousness which I am. It is the fullness of the Godhead bodily. In its presence is
fulfillment. It can say to me, “My peace give I unto you, spiritual peace and harmony and rest
and completeness and perfection and guidance and wisdom and direction.”

This is my hidden manna because no one in the world, not even my mother, can see it. No one
can see my hidden manna. No one can see the divine consciousness which I am nor can they
see my awareness of it because I do not go out in the street and talk about it. Secretly,
sacredly, I realize within myself, “Thank you Father that I have learned that God constitutes my
being.” This is my hidden manna; the knowledge, the awareness that God constitutes my
being. Therefore, infinity is the measure of my demonstration. Immortality is the measure of
my life. Nothing less, there is no big or little, there is no great or small, there is no up or down,
it is just ALL. It has to be because God is the substance of my days and God is the substance of
my nights, and everything flooding into my days and nights is God action, God activity, God
substance, God presence, God law. This is my hidden manna and I can rest and relax in it.

In one of my books I have said it is like resting back upon a cloud, floating in a Sea of Infinity and
doing nothing. Just floating and taking no thought for tomorrow. “Take no thought for your
life, what you shall eat, what you shall drink.” Float back in that Sea of Infinity. Swim in it, live
and move and have your being in the Sea of Infinity, the divine grace and let it flow. Each
moment of every day and night, do those things that are given you to do without anxiety,
without fear, without doubt. Why? Because permeating your being is divine wisdom, divine
energy, divine love, immortal life, immortal spirit. You have no hidden manna or rather you
have no conscious awareness of your hidden manna unless you are able to rest back and float
in that Sea of Infinity. When you can do that, it is because you have an awareness that some of
the ancient prophets had when they said, “He that is within me is greater than he that is in the
world” or Paul: “I can do all things through Christ which strenghteneth me.” This is the
awareness of your hidden manna. The understanding that because God constitutes your being,
God is the essence and substance of your life and that in this presence of your very own
consciousness, there is rest, quiet, contentment, peace.

In quietness and in confidence. Why? I am resting. I know that I have this hidden manna. I
know that God constitutes my consciousness. I know that God constitutes my tomorrows. You
may break up tomorrow into hours and minutes and seconds but what is the substance of an
hour or a minute or a second. Can you separate time from God? Can you have time
somewhere and God somewhere else? Or is God the essence and substance of all the time
there is?

Well now, if you remove the clocks from your thought, you will soon see that there are no days,
hours or minutes. There is just an infinite and an eternal NOW. A ‘NOW’ that is going on and
going on and going on and it is always being now. It is never being afterward. It is never being
before. It is always being now. It is only when you bring the clock back that you divide up
infinity into periods called hours, weeks, days and months. All you have to do is see how many
times the calendar has been changed and realized that it may be soon changed again. To know
that there is no such thing really, in the kingdom of God as a division of time. There is not. Just
remove the clock from your consciousness and see that you are just here in this space, in this
time and it is always Now. You will not even need a clock to tell you when it is time to eat or to
take a bath or to shave. You will see that you can get along without clocks and always know
that it is Now and each period of our nowness, we have a function to perform.

Of course, you will recognize the fact that it is not meant to take the clocks out of our human
experience because we still need those as a ‘suffer it to be so now.’ Because everything turns
on time. But we need not feel the limitations of time in our consciousness. Because in our
consciousness there is really no time. It is always just Now.

There must come to each one of us eventually a consciousness that can live by the clock
outwardly while being completely free of the clock’s domination within our consciousness. And
when that happens, we are living in the eternal Now. However, God is the substance of our
time. God is the substance of our days, God is the substance; the activity and the law of our
nights and that is why there never can be age. There can only be Now. Once we catch this
vision, there will not be any more disease because there cannot be disease in Now. Disease is
something that takes place in time. And the moment you have eliminated time as a factor of its
own, you have eliminated disease and sin.

Sin always has to take place today, tomorrow, yesterday, day after tomorrow. But the moment
we give that up and live now, there is no reason and no season for sin. As a matter of fact, I do
not think anyone sins now. It is always something we are planning for the future or fearing
because of the past. God is the substance, the law and the activity of my consciousness, of my

This just came to me. Do you know that if we live in the consciousness of now, there really
couldn’t be sin in our lives? Because while we are thinking of now and living in the now, it
would be an impossibility either to think a sin or commit a sin. A sin really has to be planned. It
has to be prepared for. And as we are living in this consciousness of Now, certainly we could
never consciously plan for sin. This is worth thinking about a good deal.

God is the activity of my time and God is the substance of tomorrows, this is my hidden manna.
And because of this, I can relax. Now, I am in God’s time. Now, I am in God’s care. Now, I am
floating back in that Sea of Spirit, that ocean of contentment. I have felt this often as a cloud
around my shoulders. It is as if I rest back right from the shoulders up in this cloud. This cloud
of spirit, of peace, of rest. This is what is happening.

As you dwell in the awareness of divine consciousness, the natural man of you is dying. Why is
it dying? It is only fed by your thoughts. The moment your human life is not in your thoughts,
it is dying. The moment your carnal selfhood is not in your thoughts, it is dying. The moment
you live up here in the conscious awareness of God constituting your being, the more the
natural man is being depressed and depressed and depressed until it fades.

We sustain the evils, the errors and the discords of our lives by thinking about them. In the
moment when we no longer think about them, they no longer exist because they never existed
at all outside of our thinking. There is neither good nor evil but thinking makes it so. And the
very moment we stop dwelling in our triumphs and in our failures, they no longer exist. And
we find that I live yet not I, Christ liveth my life.

How are you going to demonstrate Christ liveth my life? How are you going to demonstrate
that I can do all things through Christ? The first way, you have to give up that personal word
‘I’. I fear, I doubt, I am not able, I do not have the ability, I do not have the time. All these
must be given up and you must remember your hidden manna. The hidden manna is your
awareness of this indwelling Christ.

As long as you abide in the awareness of your indwelling Christ, the things of this world must
lessen and lessen and lessen until they disappear. The longer you carry around in your thought
the fears of this world, the less chance you have of losing them. They must be dropped first.
They cannot be dropped psychologically. That has been tried. They cannot be dropped
psychologically. You cannot “psychologize” yourself out of your fears.

There is only one way in which you can drop the concerns of this world and that is to let Christ
fill your consciousness. That is, to have the constant awareness of this hidden manna. “I live
yet not I, the Christ liveth my life.” My life is in good hands. “I can do all things through Christ. I
am come that ye might have life and that ye might have it more abundantly.” You cannot be
living up there with that and hating or fearing something down here. “I am come,” the Christ is
come to your consciousness that you might have life and that you might have it more

Ah, but it is your conscious awareness of this that makes it happen. “Ye shall know the truth
and the truth shall make you free.” If you do not abide in this word, you will be as a branch of a
tree that is cut off and withers and dies. It is you who must abide in this revelation of your
hidden manna. You have to know that you have hidden manna and what it is. Do not have
blind faith that it is something or other. It is not a charm, it is not a sacred word, it is the
understanding that God is your consciousness. It is the understanding that Christ is your mind.
It is the understanding that it is Christ that is the law that operates through you.

If you are Chinese and like the word ‘Tao’ better, I do not blame you. But have a word that to
you represents spiritual Sonship or divine power. Have some word or some term that denotes
spiritual Sonship or divine power and then realize that the ‘I’ of your being is that. I am that
Christ. I am that Tao. I am that Spirit. I am that Son of God and then rest in that truth. This is
your hidden manna. This is the secret you cannot tell the world because you will be crucified
for it as others have been before you. If you are not crucified on the cross, you will be crucified
in your soul by being ridiculed, laughed at, misunderstood. However, if you keep this locked up
in your consciousness, your demonstration turns the laugh on the other fellow. When they see
the practicality of this, the practical nature of this; when they see the harmonious lives that
unfold, there is no argument left. Even if they do not believe, there is still is no argument left.

Be Still. Be still about your hidden manna. Let God see your understanding in secret and be
assured you will be rewarded from the house tops. “I in the midst of you am mighty and I am
come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly.” Rest in this. Abide
in this word. You can see why these customs in the human world, the language of the human
world, the mode of human demonstration; you can see why it is a very difficult period as you
try to hold steadfastly, as you try to maintain this word in your consciousness, as you attempt
to abide in this word and let this word abide in you. You can see the difficulty because you pay
lip service to the world’s conversation and at the same time have to always maintain your
spiritual integrity within and yet not voice it without.
Can you see why it is necessary to have these many periods of ten seconds, twenty seconds,
thirty seconds or minutes for pausing in the midst of the day or night, to relax and to remember
and to sort of float back in the Sea of Spirit? Can you see why it is absolutely essential to close
your eyes at times to the sense testimony and just get back there and float for a second or two
or three or ten and remember “Thank you Father, I in the midst of me is my hidden manna."

All of this time, you are lifting up the ‘I’. You are lifting up ‘I’ in you from the personal sense of I
to the I that I really am. You are really crucifying that personal sense of ‘I’. Keep it up long
enough and it will be dead. And there will be nothing left but the I that I am and with it, my
peace and my grace, my wholeness, my completeness, my harmony, my justice, my fairness.
All of this while you are crucifying the personal sense of I and you are lifting up the I that I am,
the Christ Self.

You have to remember often that the Christ Self is your true identity. The God Self is your true
identity. The natural man is that part of you which has been imposed upon you by birth and
which you are now overcoming. The degree in which you lift up the ‘I’ in you, in that degree
are you dying daily to the personal sense of ‘I’. In that degree you are taking no thought but
resting in the Sea of Spirit. In the degree that you are doing this, you are letting Christ live your
life and in each moment of the day, you do those things given to you.

An understanding student will not believe for a moment that this is a way of doing nothing. It is
in one sense a way of doing nothing but in doing nothing it lets you lead an awfully busy life.
The doing nothing is not really a doing nothing. It is doing nothing of a personal nature or doing
nothing with personal fear; doing nothing with personal doubt, doing nothing that is purely of
my will or of my desire. In this sense, it is a doing nothing but otherwise, it is a very active
existence because God is fulfilling Himself as our individual experience.

Think of the meaning of this, will you? God is fulfilling Himself, its destiny as our individual
experience. This is not your life or my life to do with as we would like. This is God’s life which
God is living in our form. Once you begin to perceive this, you will understand immortality.
You cannot understand immortality while you think of your life as being yours because you
know right well that that personal sense of life comes to an end. Therefore, you can have no
sense of immortality. There is no way of perpetuating eternally that limited sense of self. It is
only as you die daily to that limited sense of self and realize it is not my life that is eternal, it is
the God life which is living itself as my life. Then you will know it cannot die. Then you will
know it cannot age. Then you know eventually it cannot be diseased.

The more you realize that this is God’s life, God consciousness appearing as you, you lose
concern for your own life in the realization that God knows how to maintain and sustain his life
which is mine. This is the hidden manna, knowing your true identity, the ability to rest back.
God cannot die, God cannot sin, God cannot be sick. God has no limitation whatsoever and
God liveth my life.

Christ is the eternal Son of God. Christ is my life. My life is eternal only because Christ is
eternal. Christ was never born. Christ will never die. Christ lives as you and Christ lives as me.
The divine Son of God. Relax, rest back in this truth. Let this be what the Master referred to,
“I have Meat the world knows not of.” Let this be your meat that the world knows not of but
which you know. This is your meat, your secret meat, your spiritual meat, the substance of
your life, the understanding of your true identity, the understanding of your Christly life, of your
Christly mind, of your Christly soul, of your Christly being. Then, you say in a minute “what
about all the sins that I am guilty of?" No, you never were. This is a personal sense, the natural
man which has been the cloak, the mask. Yes, that is it. Is it not? Persona, mask, our
personality is a mask we have been wearing. Strip off the personality, there is no more mask
and we are revealed. Christ is my identity. Thank you.