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of core competence awarded November 11th 2012 to

Zaw Sithu
On successfully completing and passing the interactive course

Ex basic

The training was performed in accordance to ISO 9001

with relevant procedures, regulations and standards from IEC/CENELEC/NEK/DSB/NEMKO
The course is valid until 2017-11-11

Course specifics found on seperate appendix - ref 1191632910,

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Bjørn S. Kristoffersen Terje Gravdal
Course manager Managing Director

Ex basic
Course objective
The course provides participants with sufficient in-depth understanding of electrical installations in hazardous areas to enable
them to carry out installation and maintenance work in a safe and professional manner. Participants will become familiar with
the contents of the applicable Ex regulations, standards and guidelines.

In order to be considered adequately qualified to work independently on electrical installations in hazardous areas, participants
must be able to document practical training in addition to theoretical study. Practical training may be carried out at the
participant’s current workplace.

Basic Ex skills and knowledge are necessary for those wishing to take more advanced courses. Ex basic provides the necessary
background for classroom courses within Exi basic, Ex maintenance, Ex authorisation course and Exi for planning personnel.

Course contents
: Ex philosophy
: Standards and regulations
: Ex protection categories
: Marking
: Ex motors
: Cables, glands and terminations
: Earthing

Course arrangement
The training was performed in accordance to the procedures of Trainor Training Center, which is based on ISO 9001 and
procedures, regulations and standards given by:
NEK The Norwegian Electrotechnical Committee is responsible for standardisation in the electrotechnical area, and is
the Norwegian member of CENELEC and IEC
DSB Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning. The Directorate is responsible for monitoring fire and
electrical safety, hazardous substances and product safety. It is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice
and Police
OLF The Norwegian Oil Industry Association is a professional body and employer's association for oil and supplier
companies engaged in the field of exploration and production of oil and gas on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.
Nemko Nemko is accredited as test laboratory according to the standard EN ISO/IEC 17025, and as certification body
according to EN 45011. Nemko is Notified Certification Body according to EU Directives such as ATEX, LVD EMD
R&TTE etc. Nemko is approved test laboratory and certification body within the IECEx Scheme.
Ptil Petroleum Safety Authority Norway are the regulatory authority for technical and operational safety, including
emergency preparedness, and for the working environment.

Trainor is approved and certified by the Achilles Joint Qualification System as a supplier to the oil and gas industry, and by
Sellihca as a supplier to the Nordic power distribution sector.