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Main Bearing Temperature Alarm and Shutdown

Requirements for Reciprocating Compressors
Main bearing temperature sensors are now standard on JGU:Z:B:V and KBB:V frames. They are
unavailable for JGI and optional on all other frame sizes.
At minimum, the packager must provide either or both of the following when applying main bearing
temperature alarm and shutdown to Ariel compressors:
1. Main bearing temperature high alarm and shutdown - Set the alarm and shutdown as close
as practical above the normal operating temperature. Ariel recommends 20°F (12°C) over normal
operating temperature for alarm and 30°F (18°C) for shutdown. Maximum values of 220°F
(104°C) for alarm and 230°F (110°C) for shutdown apply. Normal operating temperature is the
average of all main bearing temperatures at design load when oil temperature stabilizes and all
components are heat soaked.
2. High main bearing temperature differential alarm and shutdown - Main bearing differential
temperature is the difference between the maximum and minimum of all main bearing tempera-
tures. Ariel recommends the alarm set to 20°F (12°C) and shutdown at 30°F (18°C). It is possible
after a warm shutdown that main bearing number 1 will cool faster than the other main bearings.
Insure that a cooler number 1 bearing will not prevent a restart.
Temperature sensor options include type J or K thermocouples, or RTDs:
1. Type J (Iron-Constantan) or K (Chromel-Alumel) Thermocouples - A thermocouple is two
dissimilar conductors joined together at one end to form a sensor that produces a small self-gen-
erated thermoelectric voltage as an accurate function of temperature. Proper electronics con-
nected to the thermocouple can interpret the voltage as temperature. Ariel provides single
element thermocouple sensors.
Wire: Use proper thermocouple wire from sensor to control panel with each lead wire metal
matching each conductor metal of sensor.
Sensor Accuracy: 4°F (2.2°C) or 0.75 percent.
Terminals: Use proper terminals with metal matching each thermocouple sensor conductor/wire
lead metal.
2. Resistance Temperature Devices (RTDs) - An RTD is a resistor type sensor that produces
electrical resistance as an accurate function of temperature. Proper electronics connected to the
RTD can interpret the resistance as temperature.
As of 2/7/05, Ariel started shipping standard, six-wire, dual element, 100 ohms (at 0°C),
Alpha = 0.00385 ohms/ohm/°C, platinum thin film type sensors.

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Dual element RTD’s were originally Element 1 Element 1

supplied with four red wires and two
white wires; it required a continuity White White
check to determine which wires
belonged to a given element. In the Red Red
future, these RTD’s will ship with two Red Red
black wires and one green wire for one
element, and two red wires and one Element 2 Element 2
white wire for the other. This simplifies
wiring requirements. See Figure 1. White Green

Dual element RTDs allow rewiring Red Black

instead of sensor replacement if an Red Black
element fails. Insulate unused wire
ends from each other and conduit
ground. Old Version New Version
Wire: Dual element RTDs use 24 FIGURE 1 Dual Element RTD Wiring Diagram
AWG (American Wire Gage) instru-
mentation wire from the junction box
mounted on the side of the compressor frame to the sensor. An RTD three-wire set may be wired
using a two, three, or four-wire system - more wires increase accuracy. Ariel recommends using
standard foil shielded instrumentation cable runs from the compressor frame to the control panel.
Ground shields in the control panel.
Sensor Accuracy: 100 ohms ±0.12 ohms (at 0°C), 1.1°F (0.6°C), or 0.6 percent.
Terminals: Use any standard terminals.

Ariel Contact Information

Contact Telephone Fax E-Mail
Ariel Response Center 888-397-7766 740-397-1060
Spare Parts (toll free USA & Canada) or 740-393-5054
Order Entry 740-397-3602 (International) 740-397-3856 ---
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Technical Services
Web Site:
Ariel Response Center Technicians or Switchboard Operators answer telephones during Ariel
business hours, Eastern Time - USA or after hours by voice mail. Contact an authorized distributor to
purchase Ariel parts. Always provide Ariel equipment serial number(s) to order spare parts.
The after-hours Telephone Emergency System works as follows:
1. Follow automated instructions to Technical Services Emergency Assistance or Spare Parts
Emergency Service. Calls are answered by voice mail.
2. Leave a message: caller name and telephone number, serial number of equipment in question
(frame, cylinder, unloader), and a brief description of the emergency.
3. Your voice mail routes to an on-call representative who responds as soon as possible.

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