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Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani

First Semester 2017-18

Admissions to Integrated First degree programmes other than B. Pharm.

1. Check the website to find out the degree programme to which you have
been offered admission (Also refer item No.7 for information regarding sliding up).

2. If this offer is acceptable to you, please send in advance the requisite fees (Admission Fee and One
Semester Fee) of Rs 1,68,300/- so that the same is received at the Admissions Office, BITS, Pilani –
333031 (Rajasthan) latest by 5.00 P.M., 10th July, 2017. Please read carefully 'refund of fees clause'
mentioned below under item no. 5 before making payment.

The fee payment can be made in one of the following modes:

(i) By cash payment at all ICICI Bank branches through a challan which is to be printed from the above
link. Note: Payment by challan at the bank has to be made on or before 5 PM on 10th July 2017.
(ii) Payment through Net banking of selected banks (Details of banks are available online at the website).
Note: Payment by Net banking facility will be available only upto 5.00 PM on 10th July 2017.

3. If you are offered a degree programme at Pilani/Goa/Hyderabad campus of BITS please report, with all
your original certificates, marksheets etc. at the Admissions Office of the respective campus at 9.00 A.M.
on 29th July 2017.

On 11th July 2017, after removing the names of candidates who have not paid fees before the deadline,
another iteration of programme assignment will be done and some of the candidates may slide up to their
higher preference. Those who were initially on waiting list and are offered a firm offer of admission on
12th July, 2017 are required to pay the balance fee (Rs 1,36,000/-) so as to reach the admissions office at
Pilani before 5.00 P.M. on 20th July, 2017. The names of those who do not pay fee before the above
deadline will be removed and on 21st July 2017, another iteration will be carried out. Please be sure to
check the website on 12th July 2017 and on 22nd July 2017 to find out your latest assignment and
subsequent instructions to report at the respective campus at 9.00 AM on 29th July 2017.

If a candidate after joining at Pilani/Goa/Hyderabad wants to opt out of his/her higher preferences to
programmes at the other campuses, he/she will be allowed to opt out of such preferences on the day of
joining. In any case, he/she will not be allowed to opt out of the preferences given for programmes at the
same campus where the candidate is admitted.

4. In addition to the advance fees specified above, between 23rd July 2017 and 27th July 2017 you will be
required to pay a fee towards Institute Caution Deposit, Mess & Electricity Advance, Hostel Fees,
Students’ Union Fee etc. through a bank link (most preferred way of payment) provided at the Admission
website. Pl check the Admission website on 23rd July 2017 to know about the link addresses. The
following amount will have to be paid by a candidate:

Rs. 36175/- for Pilani campus, Rs. 39675/- for Goa campus and Rs. 39675/- for Hyderabad campus.
 Alternatively, you can bring a DD drawn in favor of drawn in favour of BITS, Pilani payable at UCO
Bank-Pilani (Code: 0150) or ICICI Bank- Pilani (Code: 1538).
 Alternatively, you can bring a DD drawn in favor of BITS Pilani, KK Birla Goa Campus", payable at
SBI, BITS Pilani, Goa Centre branch, (Branch Code 10720).
 Alternatively, you can bring a DD drawn in favor of BITS, Pilani Hyderabad Campus payable at
BITS, Pilani Hyderabad Campus, Jawahar Nagar Branch (Branch code: 21092).


a) If a candidate is offered admission to any programme of his/her preference as specified in the
application form, he/she has to pay admission fee of Rs. 32,300/- and requisite one semester
tuition fee of Rs. 1,36,300/- within the deadline as specified under item no. 2 above.
b) If a candidate, who is offered admission, accepts the offer by remitting the above fees but fails
to report at the Institute on the date specified above, he/she will forfeit the 10% of the total fee
towards processing charges (Admission fee plus one semester tuition fee plus hostel fee).
c) If a candidate accepts the admission offer but withdraws within 15 days of reporting to the
assigned campus on the specified date, he/she will forfeit the 20% of the total fee (Admission fee
Plus the one semester tuition fee plus hostel fee) plus actual expenses incurred towards mess
and electricity usage.
d) If a candidate accepts the admission offer but withdraws between 15 to 30 days of reporting to
the assigned campus on the specified date, he/she will forfeit the 50% of the total fee (Admission
fee plus one semester tuition fee plus hostel fee) plus actual expenses incurred towards mess and
electricity usage.
e) If a candidate accepts the admission offer but withdraws after 30 days of reporting to the
assigned campus on the specified date, he/she will forfeit 100% of the total fee (Admission fee
Plus the one semester tuition fee plus hostel fee) plus actual expenses incurred towards mess
and electricity usage.
f) A candidate who accepts an offer of admission by paying the requisite fees (as above) cannot
subsequently withdraw from the admissions process that involves “sliding up” (or re-assigning
a programme and/or campus depending upon his his/her preferences). Should he/she do so,
he/she will forfeit the fees paid by him/her as per clauses above. The refund of balance fee, if
any, will be done in due course of time after the complete admission process is over.
g) While remitting fees, no candidate can stipulate any conditions such as changing order of
preferences, addition/deletion of preferences etc. Even if any such conditions are mentioned
while remitting fees, these will be ignored and the fees will be accepted only as per the
conditions mentioned in this admission letter

 at Pilani campus:
CLICK HERE for detailed instructions for newly admitted students and arrangements for Hostel Allotment.
The allotment of hostel rooms is random and computerized which will be allotted from Friday 28th July,
Reporting at Pilani campus: On arrival at Pilani Campus, please contact Mahavir Singh, Hostel
Superintendent, for hostel accommodation (Mob:9694096464).

 at Goa campus:
1. Please refer to the Goa campus website link for details about
reaching the campus, hostel room allotment and admission procedure at Goa campus,
information on anti-ragging laws and affidavit.
2. For any assistance contact by phone or email any of the following persons:
Reporting at Goa campus: On arrival at Goa Campus, please contact the following for hostel
Mrs. SmitaAcharya: 0832-2580146,
Mr. S.Y. Muralidhara: 0832-2580147

 at Hyderabad campus:
1. Please refer to website: for Hostel Room Allotment, and for
details about reaching the campus (Detailed information will be made available on 15 July, 2017).

2. For any assistance contact by phone or email any of the following person:
Reporting at Hyderabad campus: On arrival at Hyderabad Campus, please contact
Dr. Pranav Kumar Narayan, Chief Warden (09010202882), for hostel
 Parents accompanying their wards will have to make their own arrangements for stay. The Institute cannot
provide accommodation to them. However, they can stay temporarily for a very short time with their wards
in the hostel. In case of girl students only female guardian accompanying them are permitted to stay with
the wards.
 On reporting you will be required to submit the following documents in original along with a
photocopy of each:
 Marksheet of Senior School Certificate Examination (XII Standard) under 10+2 School System or its
equivalent issued by the Board/University.
 Senior School/XII Pass Certificate Issued by the Board**.
 Matriculation/Secondary School/X Pass Certificate issued by the Board.
 Transfer/Migration Certificate**
 Certificate of Medical fitness (See Proforma below).
**Candidates may be permitted to submit these certificates later at the discretion of the Dean Admissions.

 Between 23rd July to 27th July 2017, a candidate is required to upload the scanned copies of the above
documents at the below url:

 On the reporting day, the candidate will be interviewed by a Dean/Senior faculty member of the Institute.
This interview will not change any merit order of the candidate. However, if the candidate fails to show up
for the interview his admission will automatically be cancelled.
 A candidate will be finally admitted only if he/she is declared medically fit by a registered medical
practitioner (Refer to proforma below for details).
 The admission will be followed by freshmen orientation and registration. The classes start
immediately thereafter and candidates should come prepared for the same.
 Candidates who wish to be considered for Institute’s merit-cum-need scholarship will be required to submit
the latest Income Certificate of their parents/guardians along with their application for scholarship. The
candidate whose both the parents are employed should submit Income Certificates of both from their
respective employers. These certificates should not be dated earlier than 1st April 2017.

Whenever you are admitted to a programme, you are kept on a waiting list for programmes of your higher
preferences. Until all admissions for I Semester 2017-2018 are completed, any vacancy in any programme
caused by non-acceptance of the offers will be filled by offering the vacant seat to the next candidate in the
order of merit. This process is called ‘Sliding-Up’. According to the Institute rules, your acceptance of the
admission offer implies that you will be automatically considered for sliding up to programme of higher
preference as indicated in your application form, under the above circumstances.

All students admitted to M.Sc. programmes will be given an opportunity to work under the dual degree
scheme for one of the B.E. programmes, assignment being made by competition on their performance at
BITS at the end of first year, separately in Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad campuses. Normal duration for
completion of both the degrees is five years.
The allotment of hostel rooms is random and computerized. Separate hostel accommodation for boys and
girls will be provided for all admitted students.

10. (a) Telephone numbers for queries regarding admission: 01596-242205, 01596-515330/515294
(b) You can also check the status of your admission on Internet at

Application No.: ______________
If a candidate is offered admission, this medical examination report duly signed by a Registered Medical
Practitioner has to be submitted to the Admissions Officer on the day of reporting at the respective campuses.


Name of Candidate ___________________________________________
Son/Daughter of ______________________________________________
Sex: Male / Female Age ______ years


Tick (  ) appropriate item
Any Allergic disease (Br. Asthma, etc.) Yes / No T.B Yes / No
Any Drug allergy Yes / No Asthma Yes / No
(If answer is yes, names of drugs: _____________________
Cardiac disease Yes / No
(If answer is yes, give details _________
Any major illness / operation Yes / No ____________________________
(If answer is yes, give details ________________________ ____________________________

Height _____________ Pulse rate _____________ Regular / Irregular
Weight _____________ Respiration rate ________ B.P. ____________
Evidence of Anemia Yes / No Vision ________________

* Respiratory Syst. O.K. / Not O.K.
* Cardiac Syst. O.K. / Not O.K.
* Abdomen O.K. / Not O.K.
* Lymph nodes O.K. / Not O.K.
* CNS (Epilepsy etc.) _____________________________
* Any other significant finding ____________________________________________
IDENTIFICATION MARKS : _________________________________________________
BLOOD GROUP : ____________
(Tick (  ) those against which immunized)

I have examined the above candidate and certify that he/she is fairly robust, his/her constitution is sound, and
he/she has no disease, body or mental deformity rendering him/her unfit now, or likely to render him/her unfit in

Date ______________ Signature ________________________

Name ________________________
Rank ________________________
Regn. Number in the State Medical Council _______________


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