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Rajo Laurel

Their Works Different

- Born May 19, 1971
- A fashion designer in
in Product
Manila, Philippines
- He began his professional Industrial
career in 1993, holding Design
his 1st international
exhibition the following

- Guested on the May

15,2007 episode of
C om p a n y Na m e
Philippines Next Top
Model, holding a mock
go-see for the contestants Keisha Mae Richmond

10- Our Lady of Lourdes

Kenneth Cobonpue Monique Lhuillier Josie Natori

- A Filipino industrial - Born September 15, 1971 - An American fashion

designer known for his in Cebu City designer and the CEO
unique designs and founder of The Natori
- A fashion designer and
integrating natural Company
creative director
materials. - Served as a
- Internationally recognized
- He began his career commissioner on the
as one of America’s
after his studies in White House Conference
foremost designers
Industrial Design in on small business
New York - Launched her eponymous
- April 2007, she received
brand in 1996 and has
- He moved back toCebu the “Peopling of America”
established fashion
in 1996 to help manage Award from the Statue of
C om p a n y Na m e
houses in Los Angeles,
their family business Liberty – Ellis Island
founded by his mother Foundation
in 1972