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Course Work Rights*

Bachelor Degree & Masters by 2 Years

Coursework Degree

Masters by Research Graduates 3 Years

PhD Graduates 4 Years

Meeting with institutions

Obtaining a Visa Submitting your application

Paying your fees Proving your

English language skills

Accepting an offer
Expenses Individual Amount required in AUD

Tuition Yourself Course fees

Children (Age 5-18) AUD 8,000 per year

Living Yourself AUD 19,830 per year

Spouse AUD 6,940 per year
First child AUD 2,970 per year

Travel Yourself AUD 2,000 (Return airfare to Australia)

Dependants (Spouse and Children) AUD 2,000 (one return airfare per individual)
IDP Education Services
Student Counselling
• Information on universities and institutions
• Course & institution advice
• Matching student eligibility and preferences

Admission & Application Processing

• Application fee waiver & on-the-spot offer
• Interview Programs
• IELTS registration and examination services
• Advice on bank loans & scholarships

Visa Processing
• Student Visa assessment & advice
• Assistance with fee payments & eCoE
• E-Visa lodgement

Pre departure Assistance

• Pre-departure seminar & kits
• Assistance with accommodation & airport pick up

Arrival in Australia
• IDP offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth