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Haddock Split FC Pre-Season Friendlies 1995

Date/Time: 10-May-1995, 19:30

Opponents: James Paget Hospital
Venue: Emerald Park, Gorleston
Result: 0-1 (HT 0-0)
GK Jon Elson
2 Matthew Eagle
3 Kevin Keable (Mike Smith, 45 minutes)
4 Marc Scriven
5 Paul Marchal
6 Ben Taylor (Matthew Allison, 80 minutes)
7 Andy Gouldby
8 Nick Page
9 Phil Welsby
10 Matt Sherlock
11 Jason Bagshaw

This was a very even game, decided by a well-taken goal fifteen minutes from the end.
Haddock Split began the game with a three-man defence of Eagle, Marchal and Keable; with Scriven playing just in
front of this back three. The midfield consisted of Welsby, Sherlock, Bagshaw and Gouldby; with Taylor and Page
up front. It wasn’t long before a conventional back four was adopted, with Scriven moving to right-back.
There were very few chances in the first-half, with both teams’ goalkeeper and defence on top. The best moment for
Haddock Split came from a 30 metre shot from Welsby that brought a good save from the JPH goalkeeper.
As the second-half began, Smith had replaced Keable at left-back.
There was more pressure from JPH in the second-half, with long kicks from the goalkeeper posing some problems.
However, Elson was still dominant in goal, and there looked to be little chance of a breakthrough. At the other end,
Page had a couple of good chances and there was a good attempt from Bagshaw.
After about 70 minutes, JPH had a good period of pressure which was rewarded with a goal. The goal resulted initially
from the Split defence failing to effectively clear the ball. The ball was eventually crossed in low from the right-wing
and the JPH forward did very well to beat Marchal at the near-post and guide the pall past Elson.
Soon after the goal, Allison replaced Taylor up front. Despite a good deal of effort, Split did not look likely to force the
equaliser and so the game finished 1-0 to JPH.
Haddock Split FC Pre-Season Friendlies 1995

Date/Time: 09-Aug-1995, 18:30

Opponents: Victoria Athletic
Venue: Somerleyton
Result: 0-4 (HT 0-2)
GK Jon Elson
2 Matthew Leigh (Mike Smith, 45 minutes)
3 Kevin Keable (Ben Taylor, 45 minutes)
4 Marc Scriven
5 Paul Marchal
6 Gareth Getvoldsen
7 Andy Gouldby
8 Matthew Eagle
9 Kins Leonard
10 Matt Sherlock
11 Jason Bagshaw

Although this was a heavy defeat, it was still a good performance against one of the better teams from Division 2.
What also needs to be taken into account is that this was the first competitive match for several months that most of
the team had played. Because of this factor, fitness was also a problem.
In the first-half, what slope there was favoured us. Although we played some reasonable football, we never looked
like scoring and, despite generally good defending and goalkeeping, conceded two goals ourselves.
At half-time, the manager, Matt Harvey, made a couple of changes.
Despite the changes, we continued to compete well but as before, could not threaten their goal. However, we
managed to keep the score to two-nil until fairly late on in the game when Victoria scored two more. As the game
went on, their midfield were more and more dominant as our lack of fitness at this level became a factor. However,
this may not be so much of a problem in the fourth division when the league season finally begins.
Haddock Split FC Pre-Season Friendlies 1995

Date/Time: 22-Aug-1995, 18:15

Opponents: Bartrams Reserves
Venue: Norton Subcourse
Result: 2-1 (HT 1-1)
GK Phil Larter
2 Matthew Leigh (Mike Smith, 45 minutes)
3 Kevin Keable (Ben Taylor, 45 minutes)
4 Paul Marchal
5 Gareth Getvoldsen
6 Matthew Eagle
7 Andy Gouldby (1)
8 Marc Scriven
9 Matthew Dunn
10 Ben Taylor
11 Jason Bagshaw (1)

Our first win of any kind came as a big boost for the coming season; our opponents play in Division 3.
Once again, the weather was very warm, considering the evening kick-off time, and the pitch was rock-hard, resulting
in very difficult conditions. In the first-half, we were playing towards the sun.
This affected vision, especially when the ball was in the air, which was most of the time.
Play was very scrappy and it was appropriate that the first goal was an own-goal. Getvoldsen chased a long ball
towards the goal, and in trying to hack it clear sent it flying over the head of Larter in goal.
Our equaliser also came as the result of a long ball. Gouldby managed to reach the ball first and, despite the ball
behaving like a balloon, he managed to control it and knock it over the head of their ‘keeper.
In the second-half, with conditions much easier for us and the temperature dropping, we controlled the game and
played some reasonable football.
After several reasonable chances, the winner came from an excellent goal by Bagshaw. He picked the ball up in a deep
position, beat several challenges and hit a shot from twenty-five yards that left the goalkeeper with no chance.
After this, despite Bartrams exerting some pressure, the lead never looked vulnerable, and we had other chances to
extend it.