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Friday, October 29, 2004

Which “C” will you vote
for? See photos, page 2.
NEWS Who wears the 20 05
crown? See story, page 5.

Rose State College 6420 SE 15th Street, Midwest City, OK 73110 Vol. XXXIV Issue 5 October 29, 2004

Briefly New mascot unveiled Cyber Security degree

transfer made easier
Speaking... Travis Tucker
Sports Editor
The Raider Rally will be held Nov. 9 to cel-
while carrying 2,000 pounds of bomb load and
fly 2,000 miles. Without having all the details,
ebrate the unveiling of RSCʼs new mascot during Doolittle researched the issue and chose the
Miss RSC/MWC Pictures the beginning of the womenʼs first home game B-25 bomber.
The pictures taken at the scholarship against Seminole at 6 p.m. The celebration will The idea was to launch a bomber from an aircraft
pageant can be viewed and ordered at continue throughout the end of the menʼs game carrier. The bomber would fly over Japan then The password
against Seminole that will begin at 8 p.m. attempt to land somewhere in unoccupied China.
to view the pictures is rosestate1. For Pictured from left: Scott Newman, President
more information, call Rick Woodard, Prizes will be raffled off for two sets of Univer- Landing a B-25 on a carrier was impossible, and
James Cook, President Bob Klabenes and
at 733-7688. sity of Oklahoma versus Nebraska tickets as well flying a B-25 off a carrier was considered insane,
Art Zenner. (Photo by Devin Horst)
as a mini pocket bike (miniature motorcycle). but almost every man in the four squadrons that
The womenʼs basketball attendees will receive were approached volunteered, resulting in the Erin Waltman
a ticket to fill out for the drawing of the first pair new squadron of 140 men and 16 B-25s called Assistant Editor
of OU/Nebraska tickets. Those who attend the the “Raiders.” OSU-Okmulgee President Bob Klabenes and
Coat Drive RSC President James Cook signed an articulation
The annual Student Senate Coat Drive menʼs game will also get tickets for the second Although for the most part this was considered
pair of OU/Nebraska tickets. The remaining a suicide mission, landing areas were researched agreement on Oct. 27 to facilitate seamless transi-
for less-fortunate families will be held
tions from RSC to OSU-Okmulgee for Network-
the week of Oct. 25-29. Coats for both tickets will be combined for the mini pocket bike while all secret devices were removed from the
children and adults can be taken to ing/CyberSecurity students.
drawing following the menʼs game. To win the planes and all guns except the nose gun were re- RSC students who have received their Associate
the Student Center and placed in the
box next to the Student Activities Of- prizes, one moved to give in Applied Science degree in Networking/Cyber-
fice window. must be pres- more fuel Security will now be able to apply that degree
ent during the weight. to the OSU-Okmulgee Bachelor of Technology
drawing. Broomsticks in Information Assurance and Forensics degree,
The all-new were painted offering the students a clear path to a four-year
RSC mascot black and BS degree.
Healthy Sexuality Workshop will also be used to re- “The agreement makes ... the Associates in Ap-
A workshop focusing on promoting unveiled at place the re- plied Science in Networking/CyberSecurity ...
healthy sexuality education will be transfer 100 percent to OSU-Okmulgee,” said Ken
held in the LRC Fireside Chat Room, the beginning of the womenʼs basketball game. moved tail guns to appear operational to Japanese
Dewey, Networking/CyberSecurity professor.
Room 202 Oct. 26-Nov. 17. The class Though it is a secret at the time and information fighters. “Students can now complete two years at RSC and
will be led by RSC Peer Educators, is limited, the mascot will most likely be related The plan was launched on April 18, 1942. Even then continue on at OSU ... to take two additional
who will answer questions regard- to the history of the “Raiders.” though the capabilities of the planes were already years to complete their BS degree.”
ing HIV/AIDS or STDs. No sign up
Many on campus believe the Raider name is being stretched beyond their design limit, Japanese Both RSC and OSU-Okmulgee teach forensics
is needed to attend; go to the second
floor of the LRC for a complete listing shrouded in mystery. The name was adopted as patrol ships caused concern that lead to the Raiders and information assurance to prepare students
of scheduled times. a part of being located so close to the Tinker Air taking off 200 miles further than expected. “to work in the field of Networking, Information
Force Base. The Raider name itself represents With everything against them, the Raiders de- Assurance and Forensics Education. Forensics
a group of men who changed the tide of WWII livered a devastating blow to Tokyo, the capitol involves the identification, acquisition, preserva-
after Pearl Harbor was attacked. of Japan, whose citizens were led by their govern- tion, examination and documentation of digital
evidence,” said Dewey.
Japan led a surprise raid on Pearl Harbor, Ha- ment to believe their homeland was impenetrable.
Self Promotion Workshop “Information assurance ensures that an orga-
The second workshop of a four-part waii on Dec. 7, 1941. Over the following weeks, This blow to Japan turned the tide of the war by nizationʼs critical information and [Information
series entitled “The Importance of Wake Island, Singapore, Hong Kong and most devastating the morale of the Japanese citizens, Technology] systems [and the] products and
Self Promotion” will be held Thurs- of the Philippines were overrun by the Japanese while offering America a sense of justice for processes that manage it are reliable and secure,
day, Nov. 11 in the Communications army. President Franklin D. Roosevelt asked the what happened at Pearl Harbor just four months and that appropriate safeguards are in place to
Center from 12:30-2:30 p.m. The OKC
Mayor, Mick Cornett, will speak and militaryʼs leaders to figure out a way to strike earlier. counter malicious attacks,” reported a recent
then have lunch with those in atten- back at Japanʼs homeland as quickly as possible. Against all odds, not one of the bombers were press release.
dance. Students will also have the This proved to be more difficult than any could shot down, although only one landed in one piece. Both RSC and OSU-Okmulgee are members of
opportunity to meet with advisors in imagine thanks to the Pacific Region Japan had Most of the crews ditched or bailed out. Eight men The Oklahoma Center for Information Assurance
“breakout” sessions in order to have
already acquired. who landed in Japanese-occupied territory were and Forensics Education Consortium. The consor-
questions and concerns addressed. tium is made up of community colleges, career
Lt. Col. James “Jimmy” H. Doolittle, noted taken prisoners as war criminals, three of whom
tech centers and the University of Tulsa and was
racing and stunt pilot who was returned to ac- were executed. recently awarded an education grant of $3 million
tive duty in 1940, was asked to recommend a This story was recently depicted in the motion from the National Science Foundation.
medium bomber that could take off on a 500- picture “Pearl Harbor.” It is these brave men for For more information, contact the Business
Scholarship Offered foot runway that was no more than 75 feet wide whom the RSC Raider name comes. division Dean Art Zenner at 733-7343.
The Edmond Women’s Club is offer-
ing a $500 collegiate scholarship to
“qualifying women who demonstrate
a clear financial need in pursuing the
Educators given golden award
Erin Waltman
development of a career, upgrading
career potential or changing direc- Assistant Editor mum,” said Brown. “Once [the principal] con- back. I call the principal again and tell them
tion.” Students applying must be at The Golden Apple Teaching Award recipients firms the teacher is there and a good teacher, I the person has been selected, and the prin-
least 25 years old, have completed 60 will be welcoming 11 new educators into their send the [nomination] letters over to [President cipal tells the teacher and we send out the
credit hours at the time of the applica-
ranks Nov. 16. Cook] and he approves them and sends them [invitation] letters.”
tion and reside in Edmond. Finalists
will be required to attend a personal RSC has been hosting the Golden Apple At the banquet, the students who nominated
interview on Nov. 19 and applications Teaching Awards since 2001, a program which the teacher read their essay for the assembled
must be submitted by Nov. 10. For was inspired by a suggestion by RSC president, guests and the awarded teachers are given a
more information, visit the Financial Dr. James Cook. Awards are presented to 12 chance to say a few words.
Aid Center Lobby for a copy of the ap-
Oklahoma educators each year in November “Itʼs usually pretty emotional,” said Brown.
in honor of American Education Week (Nov. “Sometimes the teacher hasnʼt seen the stu-
14-20), a time that focuses attention on the dent since the student was in their class.”
importance of education. “About 75 people attend the banquet from
“The people named for [the award] are high [RSC] administrators to board of regents
Diamond Leadership Series school, junior high and elementary school members,” said Brown. “The principals of
Ed Gerety, a national leadership
speaker, will be speaking at the first
teachers,” said Dr. Bill Brown, associate vice the teachers who were nominated attend and,
of the Leadership Series seminars this president for Academic Affairs and event co- of course, the teachers.”
year. The seminar will be held on Nov. ordinator. “The whole idea of this is that we All the award recipients are given a plaque
19 in the Communications Center have our students nominate teachers that they with a golden apple on it, a copy of the
Performing Arts Theater at 11:30 a.m.
had through their elementary, junior high and nomination letter and a RSC leather gradu-
The seminar, entitled “Making A Dif-
ference,” will be free to the students high school years.” ation folder. The students who nominated
and RSC faculty. For more informa- Students write a letter nominating their teacher their teachers are given $25 gift certificates
tion, call 733-7376. of choice and turn it in to the Academic Affairs for the RSC bookstore. Since the ceremony
office for consideration. Once the educators can only seat between 85-90 people, it is a
have been chosen, Brown contacts the school closed event.
the educator teaches at to verify that the teacher “I think itʼs RSCʼs finest hour,” said Brown.
still works there and is in good standing. “I am deeply involved with this and have co-
Transfer Change “I donʼt want too many [teachers] from the ordinated it for the last four years ... it usually
The University of Oklahoma is chang-
ing the Fall 2005 application deadline same school system; two is about the maxi- turns out to be a very moving experience.”
from June 1 to April 1. For more infor-
mation, visit the RSC Transfer Cen-
ter in the Student Services Building,
Academic Advisement, Room 100D.
Award Winners School Nominator
Bill Uselton Choctaw High School Charlie McMillon
Freeda Richardson Norman High School Elizabeth Privett
Gayle Fischer Del City High School Tracy Bocquin
Funds Needed for Ms. James Murphree Norman High School Benjamin C. Mills
Wheelchair Oklahoma Liz Butcher Moore High School Aaron Smith
Sherri Kelly, Ms. Wheelchair Okla- Mary Beth Gilliand Guthrie High School Amanda Kriz
homa 2004-2005, is currently rais- Mary Burton Choctaw High School Kimberley Lora Burnette
ing money to speak at a conference
in Hawaii Feb. 28- March 1. She has
Mildred Bates Little Axe Middle School Tan T. Tran
already raised some funds, but still Ronald Parker Star Spencer High School Kellen Smith
needs $3,200. To help, email Kelly at Tessa Tefertiller Edmond North High School Lee Ownby Mary Ann Bergman Moore-Norman Technology Center Candy Jons
Page 2
News Oct. 29, 2004
15th Street News

Sharing, learning appreciated diversity

Sara Nealey
News Editor items. Artifacts relating to the culture,
Cultural diversity was celebrated on traditional clothes, maps, music, art and
Oct. 14 at the Intercultural Fair in the free food were all things that were found
RSC Campus Mall. at the fair. Some of the people manning
Various clubs set up booths to display the booths were also dressed in the style
the culture of their choice for Intercul- of the culture they were representing.
tural Day. Represented were Native Near the booths, there was a stage
American, British, African, Russian where music of different cultures was
and the United Statesʼ cultures and performed, such as African drums and
many facets of each culture. Native American chants.
The booths gave visitors and par- The booths were judged and, at the end
ticipants a look at an assortment of of the fair, Towry Barnard, coordinator
of student activities, announced the win-
ner. The African American Clubʼs booth
representing the African culture won.
October is cultural awareness month,
and Intercultural Day was celebrated
in honor of that designation. “Intercul- (Photos by Steve Reeves)
tural Day is for appreciating cultural The Office of Intercultural Commu-
differences and similarities,” said Dr. nications is responsible for events that
Shenethia Manuel, presidential advisor spread intercultural awareness across
on intercultural communications. the campus, such as Intercultural Day.
Many feared a small turnout, due to According to the RSC Web site (www.
the enormous Global Oklahoma event, Intercultural communications
that took place on Oct. 2. However, is also accountable for other events that
despite the cold weather, many stu- “build coalitions and enhance educa-
dents, faculty, staff and students from tion, unity and understanding among
community high schools came to view diverse populations.”
booths, eat free intercultural food and For more information about intercul-
learn more about the diverse cultures tural activities, visit the RSC Web site
of the world. or contact Manuel at 733-7905.

Carson/Coburn debate draws crowd

State Representative Brad Carson - (D) and Dr. Tom Coburn - (R) attend a political debate held by RSC and NewsChannel4 in the Communications Center on Tuesday, Oct. 19 for the
next U.S. Senator from Oklahoma. The two candidates fueded on the topics of abortion, Oklahoma’s roads and recent television advertisements from their opponents. Picketers lined
Hudiburg Drive cheering for their choice candidate. Linda Cavanaugh, of NewsChannel4, was the debate mediator. (Photos by Jon Rollman)

Platforms shared, candidates compared



Top Three Issue Positions: Top Three Issue Positions:

Economy: Continue economic recovery by keeping tax cuts, prevent tax hike Economy: Repeal high-income tax cuts, provide funds for health care
Education: Establish school choice program, improve post-secondary education Education: Create after school programs for kids, establish a college tax credit
National Security: Continue Middle East presence, create national intelligence czar National Security: Increase partnership with U.N., use force for United States if necessary
Photo courtesy of Bush-Cheney ‘04, Inc. Photo courtesy of Kerry-Edwards 2004, Inc. from Sharon Farmer

Note: Independent Presidential Candidate, Ralph Nader is not on the Oklahoma ballot. Information about the candidates obtained from the MSN 2004 Election Guide (
Oct. 29, 2004 News Page 3
15th Street News

HIV/AIDS Awareness Prevent abuse in homes

classes educate students Sara Nealey
News Editor
Domestic violence is a serious problem for
A victim might stay with an abuser for
any number of reasons. He or she may fear
what the abuser will do if he or she tries
many; however, it can be prevented, which to leave, the victim may worry about the
is why October is Domestic Violence Aware- financial difficulties and the abuser is not
ness Month. always abusive, leaving hope for the victim
Abuse is not limited to a husband beating that the abuser will change.
a wife. The abuser can be a boyfriend, girl- Potential abusers come from all walks
friend, husband, wife, father, mother, sister, of life, but there are many similarities that
brother, daughter, son and many others. are often seen. The NCADV Web site de-
Abuse can also be verbal and/or sexual, in scribes potential abusers as growing up in
addition to physical. It is important for one a violent family, using force or violence to
to be able to stop the abuse before someone solve problems, abusing alcohol or other
gets injured or killed. drugs, being jealous of any relationship
“It can happen to anybody: male, female, with others that the victim might have,
homosexual or not,” said Kenzie Rippetoe, expecting one to follow orders and advice,
small business administration major. having access to weapons and threaten-
Students at RSC volunteered to raise aware- ing to use them, going through extreme
ness on domestic violence, performing skits highs and lows, causing fear when he or
at a nearby hospital on Oct. 20. The skits she loses his or her temper, and treating
portrayed an abuser and a victim and how others roughly.
(Photo by Kenneth Beachler) the violence can progress. One of the many If someone suspects abuse in another or
Travis Tucker Scientist are rushing to find a cure but the road has reasons that victims do not report abuse is is being abused, he or she may do one of
Sports Editor proven to be difficult. Scientist have an unusual di- that it can start out mildly. The abuser may the following: dial 911 for emergencies
RSC participated in HIV/AIDS Peer Education lemma in that simpler forms of life cannot contract the grab an arm and shake the victim at first, and and immediate assistance, call the National
classes in conjunction with CarePoint, a local virus, and human testing is a slow process with many the victim may not consider this to be abuse. Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-
agency that was created to promote prevention and moral obstacles to overcome. For instance, cancer has
education about the HIV/AIDS disease. caused death in humans since before written history
If the victim does feel that he or she is being 7233 or find a nearby organization. For
CarePoint is an Oklahoma-based nonprofit and can be found in almost any form of life from fish abused, it may seem like such a small thing more information on Domestic Violence
corporation that provides Coordinated Access to to mammals, yet it has remained for the most part a that getting help would be more trouble than and Domestic Violence Awareness Month,
health care and support services to anyone who mystery for science to evade. it was worth. visit the NCADV Web site.
may have questions regarding HIV/AIDS. The class Science is making progress on enhancing and Abuse can also start as verbal abuse. Shout-
promotes prevention and education about the virus extending the life of those who have contracted the
and syndrome. disease. The public is becoming more understanding
ing can lead to violence, and it may seem as
Today, 42 million people are estimated to have to the risk involved and have become less fearful of though the abuser simply lost his or her tem-
the virus with the number growing every year. those who are carrying the virus. There are even dat- per, and a victim may believe that such a thing
HIV/AIDS is real and deadly to those who contract ing services available on the Internet to those who are would never happen again if the victim does
it, but it is preventable. A person who contracts this carrying the virus who may be looking for compan- not provoke such outbursts. This is rarely the
virus will eventually develop AIDS. ionship to aid in the digression of the disease.
Over time, HIV destroys the immune system leav- The HIV/AIDS Peer Education class counts for
case, and any abuse should be reported to the
ing the host vulnerable. AIDS only sets the stage college credit and was funded by a $3,000 grant police immediately.
for the simplest of sicknesses - such as a common from the Bridges to Healthy Communities. The Red According to the National Coalition Against
cold, which can turn into pneumonia before killing Cross donated the certification course workbook to Domestic Violence Web site (www.ncadv.
the host. students. org), “Battering escalates. It often begins with
The largest danger regarding HIV is that it can Graduates of this course will be certified by the Red
go undetected for such a long time. After acquiring Cross to provide peer education regarding HIV as
behaviors like threats, name calling, violence
the virus, a person may become sick for just a few well as other STDs. They have also made available, in [the victimʼs] presence (such as punching
days but then show no symptoms for the next 10 Tuesdays through Fridays in the Library Fireplace a fist through the wall) and/or damage to
years, leaving time for the carrier to spread the virus Chat Room, Room 202, one-on-one peer counseling objects or pets. It may escalate to restrain-
many times over before realizing the harm they are to anyone who may have questions as well as male ing, pushing, slapping and/or pinching. The
doing. The only way to know if a person has the and female condoms to help make our campus and
virus is to get a blood test. Many organizations of- community a safer place.
battering may include punching, kicking,
fer free testing along with information in the hopes For more information, contact Jean Dunlap at biting, sexual assault, tripping and throwing.”
to slow the progression of the disease until a cure or contact Care Point at 800- It can get so serious that it can become life (Photo by Kenneth Beackler)
can be found. 285-2273. threatening.

PTK welcomes new members

Erin Waltman
Assistant Editor 20 new inductees made it to the ceremony. PTK members at RSC offer much of their
The RSC branch of Phi Theta Kappa, an The ceremony included a brief history of time to the community and “promote civic
international organization dedicated to identi- PTK, guest speaker L. Dean Fisher, associate engagement in a variety of ways,” some-
fying and encouraging intellectualism among vice president of enrollment management, a thing inductees are told at the ceremony.
two-year college students, inducted new taking of the official oath and signing of their “PTK heads up Project Graduation in
members into their ranks during a ceremony names in the official membership book for which food items and childrenʼs books are
on Oct. 16. the inductees and the presentation of a white collected for the needy,” said Sherri Mus-
PTK, established in 1918, is the largest rose, a symbol of intellectual friendship, to satto, PTK advisor. “PTK was involved
honor society in American higher education. the inductees. in helping out with two Walks for Life to
PTK has more than 1.5 million members and “The induction ceremonies are always quite benefit the American Cancer Society [and]
1,200 chapters in the United States, Canada, beautiful,” said Phyllis King, PTK president. PTK sponsored a Pop Culture Seminar
Germany and various U.S. territories. The “We get the opportunity to meet the new coordinated by [2003-ʼ04 PTK President]
hallmarks of PTK are scholarship, leadership, inductees and share with them the experi- Gina Williams.”
service and fellowship. ences that they have the ability to participate Students who received a letter of invitation
The RSC branch of PTK sent out 330 letters in through PTK ... [such as the up-coming] in September and have not had a chance to
of invitation in early September to students Halloween carnival, the Raider Rally and the pay the one-time $65 membership fee but
Tutor of the week who have completed a minimum of 12 hours
of college credit courses and have a GPA of
Christmas lighting ceremony.” still want to join PTK can still apply. “It is
PTK is sponsoring a Haunted House at the not too late to join this semester. You have
3.5 or higher. So far, 53 new members have annual RSC Halloween carnival. The carnival until Dec. 10,” said Mussatto.
Angelica Lopez joined PTK this year. is hosted for the benefit of RSCʼs two adopted For more information, call Mussatto at
Pre-nursing major The induction ceremony was held on Oct. schools, Willow Brook Elementary and Telstar 733-7503 e-mail her at smussatto@rose.
16 in the Tom Steed Center auditorium and Elementary, on Oct. 29. edu.

The Oct. 29 Adopted

Schools Tutor of the Week
is Angelica Lopez.
She tutors children in
both group and one-on-
one tutoring in reading
and math.
“In group tutoring, the
children are usually in-
spired and learn from
each other. I’m there to
help with anything that is
new or help them catch up
to the rest of the class,”
said Lopez. “Most of the
children are very willing
and really appreciate the (File photo)
Page 4
Voices Oct. 29, 2004
15th Street News

Take it to the polls

Darcy Delaney est number of voters and registered voters
Editor in Chief compared to any other age group. Imagine
In a survey conducted by the U.S. Cen- the amount of registered voters in other
sus Bureau in November 2000, 40 of the states and the amount that voted in other
50 states show their states if our num-
voting records for bers beat theirs.
voters ages 18-24. In After another sur-
that survey, Oklaho- vey, just like the
maʼs youngest voters beat out 32 of the one above, was taken in 2002, they asked
40 states in the percentage of registered people who did not vote to state a reason.
voters. They also had a higher percentage Nearly 30 percent said it was because they
of voters who turned out on Election Day were too busy or they had conflicting sched-
during the 2000 Presidential Elections than ules on that day.
25 other states. Think about what could have happened if
The statistics sound good when you look they had just taken a few minutes out of their
at it that way, but not so good when you “busy schedules” to vote. People are always
hear the numbers. Only 52.5 percent of complaining about different aspects relating
Oklahomaʼs 18-24-year-olds were regis- to politics, but when it comes down to it they
tered to vote for the election and only 32.3 are not willing to take the time to go and
actually voted. That is barely half of the vote. If voting would affect the amount they
people aged 18-24 who were registered pay in taxes, the future of their heath care
and way less than that went to the polls or how long they will have to work before
to participate in the voting process; not to they can retire, I bet more people would go
mention that this age group has the small- to the polls; oh, wait ... it does.

Sidewalk Talk
25 people polled
voted for the
scariest movie
“Who was/is your favorite teacher
and why?

Counseling Tip No. 6

Practice the Railroad Crossing theory of communication.
“Dr. Brewer is one of the most inspirational
Remember what we learned to do at railroad crossings – Stop, teachers I have ever had. She is very un-
“Mr. McNair of Midwest City High School.
He taught world history from a non-biased
Look, Listen and Proceed with caution. When we communi- derstanding, funny and diverse. She gives point of view. I have had many teachers that
cate with others, imagine how much better the communication hope that an African American, like me, teach from only a euro-centric standpoint.
can truly make it in the professional world. He was willing to learn new things from
would be if each party Stopped what they were doing, really She is like a second mother; always car- many views and teach all that he knew.”
Looked at the other person, really Lis- ing, sweet and opinionated.” Zena Levine, Zhelia Azartash-Namin, pre-med major
sociology major
tened to what they had to say, and when
it was each personʼs turn to talk, they
Proceeded with Caution. For more
information or for free confidential
counseling, call Special Services and
Student Outreach at 733-7373.

For tip No. 7 see Nov. 5 issue.

“Mrs. Brown, a computer science teacher “I would have to say my high school his-
Obituary at the University of Central Oklahoma.
She was an interesting teacher and made
tory teacher, Mr. Murphey. He was nice,
cool, was overall a great teacher, he taught
Robert G. Park me want to pursue the job I am working to- his classes like no other teacher I know
Robert G. Park, former RSC professor, Rose State College in Midwest City, Okla., and had a sense of care for his students.”
wards today.” Lee Ownby, MIS computer
passed away on Oct. 3 at St. Maryʼs Hospital where he also served as Chairman of Engineer- science major Benjamin Mills, undecided major
in Grand Junction. ing/Science for several years. He also taught
Park was born in Blackwell, Okla., on May at the University of Wisconsin, North Idaho
1, 1933. He graduated from Blackwell High Junior College, and Sterling Junior College in
School in 1951 and served in the U.S. Army Colorado.
from 1954-56. Park married Nadine Holyfield In his spare time Park enjoyed skiing,
of Oklahoma City in 1958 and graduated fishing, backpacking, rock hounding, mak-
from Oklahoma State University with a BS in ing furniture, and traveling. He is survived
Chemistry the same year. Park then earned his by his wife Nadine of Almont; daughter
MS in Chemistry from Montana State Univer- Elizabeth Broadway of Tampa, Fla.; sons
sity in 1963 and his Ph.D in Soil Chemistry
Charles Park of Bend, Ore., and William
from the University of Idaho in 1966.
In 1991, Park retired to a house he built
Park of Carlton, Ore.; a brother Jim C. Park
himself in Almont. of Okmulgee, Okla.; and grandsons Connor
“Mr. Trussell, my Trigonometry teacher at “I say that Mr. Thrasher is my favorite
Park worked for both the Blackwell Zinc Co. and Owen Park of Carlton.
McLoud High School. He was extremely professor. He is energetic and keeps my
in Blackwell, and the Mallinkrodt Chemical There will be no formal service and the fam- talented and understood how to make his attention every class period.” Justin Pick-
Co. in Weldon Springs, Missouri. He spent a ily requests donations be made to the American students understand the work.” Candace ett, business administration major
number of years teaching college-level chem- Cancer Society or American Heart Associa- Souders, nursing major
istry and math, including a 21-year stretch at tion.

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of the editor. Anyone having a complaint may or procedures. Daniel Cunning Julie Lesko-Bishop
This includes, but is not limited to admissions, [] [] []
call the editor in chief, 733-7400, or the Student
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Oct. 29, 2004 News/Features Page 5
15th Street News

Sampley crowned Miss RSC/MWC Aries March 21-April 19 … Your plan to

discover the essence of “coolness” will take
on new meaning this week when, while at-

tempting to say “Ehh!” like the Fonz, you are
struck by a runaway shopping cart.

Taurus April 20-May 20 … After no less

than 300 failed attempts to join the New York
Yankees as a bat/towel boy, you will finally
achieve success. Not because the Yankees
will hire you, but because you will finally
beat that six-year-old girl from down the

street in a game of horse.

Gemini May 21-June 21 … This week, while

picking out a Thanksgiving turkey, you will
be knocked unconscious by an airborne can
of peas. Good news is in store, however, as
this particular can of peas was hurled by a
livid Oprah Winfrey.

Cancer June 22-July 22 … While sticking
caterpillars up your nose, you will discover
something profound…amazing…perhaps
even down right startling. This cosmically
important thing that you, average working
shmoe, will discover, is that Mr. Belvedere
did indeed have an accent.

Leo July 23-August 22 … Your neighbor,

(Photo by Kenneth Beackler) Dr. Jim-Bob McFlippinpatty de la McSmith,
Sara Nealey recently invited you over for dinner. Your
ling introduced the judges. They then announced An interpretive dance by Megan Smith, Junior
that the swimsuit competition would be next, Miss American Rose OKC, and Bailey Morgan
mistake was not that you accepted the invita-
News Editor
Miss RSC/MWC for 2005, Kara Sampley, counting for 10 percent of the final score. Williford, Miss RSC/MWC Oklahoma Star, sang tion, but that you showed up without shoes.
won the crown on Oct. 15 in the Communica- Following the swimsuit competition, the FGI a song following the eveningwear and onstage The Doc noticed the grotesque bacterial
tions Center Performing Arts Theater. Dance Studio performed a dance routine. After questioning. growth on your feet and has banned you from
The scholarship pageant started at 7 p.m. the routine, Darling sang. While the judges scored the contestants, Rick the neighborhood.
with a group dance by the contestants. After The contestants then competed in the talent por- Woodard, pageant director, took the stage to
the routine, the contestants introduced them- tion of the pageant, which counted for 30 percent hand out awards and to thank people. Virgo August 23-September 22 … After

selves. Those competing were Alicia Powell, of the final score and, after a short intermission, After Darling concluded her final walk as several attempts to “make your life more
Susan Cooper, Kara Sampley, Brandi Davison, visiting queens were introduced, including Miss Miss RSC/MWC, Regent Betty J.C. Wright enjoyable,” you should probably just give up.
Beatriz Reyna, Courtney Larmon, Alicia Wil- Black Rose State Uduak Williams. presented a business award, named in her honor Your only chance at true happiness rests in
liams and Krystina Olmsted. The eveningwear and onstage question portion by the pageant committee, to Williams. A judge your ability to “talk” in complete sentences
Joey Combs, disc jockey for Wild 97.9, and of the pageant followed another act by Darling. then came to the stage to give other pageant with your armpit.
Carissa Darling, Miss RSC/MWC for 2004, This counted for 20 percent of the overall score awards. The “Crowd Pleaser” award, decided
took the stage. The two explained the competi- – 10 percent for eveningwear and 10 percent by a vote of the audience, was given to Reyna. Libra September 23-October 23 … While
tion, saying the interview portion was worth 40 for the answer given to the question. Sampley The fourth runner up for the Miss RSC/MWC riding the mechanical horse at the grocery
percent of the final score, which the contestants was asked a question regarding her platform crown was Cooper; third runner up, Larmon; store last weekend, you were violently tossed
had completed earlier that afternoon. “Stopping Drinking and Driving.” She replied second runner up, Williams; first runner up,

onto your head . This week, seek your re-
Next on the stage was a special feature, per- in order to decrease the numbers of those who Davison and the 2005 Miss RSC/MWC coro- venge by drawing a funny moustache on that
formed by the Carl Albert High School choir. drive while drunk that “it is important to raise nation followed, with Sampley being crowned
psychotic horseʼs ugly plastic head.
After the act from the choir, Combs and Dar- awareness.” the new 2005 reigning queen.

“Ink”uiring minds want to know Scorpio October 24-November 21 … Last

weekend, during a frenzied state of depres-
sion, you began to listen to a little known
Daniel Cunning from many. A better solution might be to make 21 jazz album released in 1903 by Bob Dole.
Assignment Editor I think that although the law is ridiculous, the age of adulthood. Therefore, no com- If depression strikes again, you should seek
This week it seems that tattooing is- those who are most upset about it seem to be plaints can be made about being an adult refuge in the magical instrumental work of

sues have been bothering our friend Sara. between 18 and 25 years old. Many people in but still being limited as to what a person the one and only Michael Bolton.
It seems that she, along with countless this age range seem to think that they should has access.

He said
other young adults, are still upset that it not be told what they can and cannot do. Possibly the best solution, however, is to Sagittarius November 22-December 21 …
remains illegal to get a tattoo in the state While it is true that once 18 a person is le- let things be. They have worked for years This week, while telling your favorite pet
of Oklahoma. gally an adult, that does not mean they magi- now, although not perfectly, and why change rock a bedtime story, you will be struck with
While for the most part I completely agree cally become mature. Honestly, to avoid these it up all of a sudden. If the laws governing a nugget of profundity. This profound nugget
with Sara that when you think about what kind of issues, the government either needs the people of Oklahoma are not suitable, is that you, a weirdo that befriends rocks,
the law is actually prohibiting people from to face up to the fact that, immature or not, then too bad for them, it is something should probably look into hair replacement
doing, it seems both stupid and wrong. once they are an adult people should have the they must live with. surgery.

Sara and I both seem to understand that choice of what they want to be able to do. As it stands, Sara is correct that the drive
when it comes to altering your own body, If they can be imprisoned or shipped off to is not very far into Texas where tattoos are Capricorn December 22-January 19 … This
the government should really have no say war if necessary, I think they should also be completely legal. So for the time being, week, while attempting to speak like Donald
at all. The reasons behind the argument, able to make decisions that are still being lim- those unsatisfied with Oklahoma law have Duck, you will pull a hamstring. Although
however, are what typically set me apart ited by the state and national governments. a choice. you will be rendered immobile for a number
Sara Nealey of months, most of your friends will think
News Editor so he or she must take this responsibility. Be- degrees of permanence are legally allowed you are extra cool when you tell them you
He is fine with the idea of driving a dis- on someoneʼs body? “pulled a hammy.”
sides, I hardly think that is the reason behind

tance to get a tattoo - a legal tattoo, anyway. Oklahomaʼs banning tattoo parlors. Another issue to consider is the low-quality
Aquarius January 20-February 18 … Instead
I am not fine with that idea. Sure, I will do Most of my out-of-state friends do not be- tattoo parlors that one can find right across
of making fun of older folks this week, try
it, but I should not have to do so and neither lieve me when I tell them about this law. After the border. This can lead to the same prob-

She said
making fun of people working out in the gym.
should anyone else. all, why would it be illegal? lems that many people think are avoided by After being knocked unconscious by one of
A tattoo is a big deal. They will be on I am not altogether sure why tattoo parlors parlors being illegal. In addition, tattoo sup- these brutes, quickly resume your hobby of
someone for quite some time, unless they are illegal in Oklahoma, especially if body plies can be purchased in Oklahoma, but they making fun of the elderly.
choose to have it removed, which is another piercing is legal. Some may argue that body cannot be used in our great state. That kind
big deal into which I will not go. The fact piercing should be illegal as well, but I say of rigmarole is just ridiculous to me. Pisces February 19-March 20 … After listen-
that the tattoo will remain is something that whoever is against body piercings and The entire issue is just ludicrous to me. ing to Michael Jacksonʼs “Thriller” album for

that one must realize, and a long drive to tattoos simply does not have to get those The distance that I must drive to go to an- 462 consecutive hours last week, you decided
a tattoo parlor may give a person some things done. A tattoo may be considered more other state does not bother me, it is the fact to try and imitate Jack-O by speaking in his
much-needed time to think over the deci- permanent than a piercing, but piercings can that I must do so. Perhaps I have simply not strange dialect. However, you will quickly
sion. However, one must be a legal adult in leave scars. It is a lesser mark upon the body, outgrown my rebellious stage, but it really realize that a vocabulary sprinkled with the
order to “get inked” at a legitimate place, but why should Oklahoma law decide what does bother me. words “Hoo, hoo!” and “Ungh!” will simply
not get you fame and fortune.

Rose-Colored Glasses By Erin Waltman

Page 6
Health/Sports Oct. 29, 2004
15th Street News

Month observes SLE

Meet the Sara Nealey
News Editor his symptoms or influence his disease severity,”

October is Lupus Awareness Month, and every- according to a 2003 press release from the Lupus
one is urged to learn about this potentially serious Genetic Linkage Study.
disease in order to identify it in friends and family In a recent newsletter from OMRF, a correlation
or oneself. between smoking and SLE is being investigated.
Lupus, according to, is “a The newsletter reported, “Evidence from cross-
chronic autoimmune disease in which the immune
system turns against the body and harms healthy
cells and tissue.” It also affects joints, much like
arthritis, and organs. The most common symptoms
include joint pain, rash, fatigue and mouth sores.
Lupus usually affects women, although men
can be diagnosed with the disease as well, and
the disease is predominant in people with African
American or American Indian heritage.
Kathy Holland, administrative assistant for the
vice president of academic affairs, suffers from
systemic lupus erythematosus or SLE, which is a
chronic disorder affecting many body systems. “I
first started having pains in my legs, especially in The Oklahoma Research Foundation is
the back of my knees, in 1994. The doctor X-rayed currently looking at the genetics of Lupus.
me for a possible cyst behind my knee, since it was (Photo by Jon Rollman)
so swollen, but it came back negative. These symp- sectional and case-control studies in various
toms, along with three-day flu-like symptoms, went populations shows that adult smokers are ap-
on until September of 1995” before she discovered proximately two times as likely as non-smokers
that she had Lupus. to develop SLE.”
Since the diagnosis, Holland has found that the Symptoms of Lupus include a rash, sun-sensi-
treatment is an amazing help. There are still “flare- tivity, oral ulcers, inflammation of joints, inflam-
ups,” however, in which she has pain in her joints mation of the lining of the lungs or heart, kidney
and extreme fatigue. These seem to be triggered by disorder, nervous system disorder, blood system
spicy or sweet food, long hours of sitting or driving disorder, immunologic disorder and a positive
#15 Della Kimble #5 Kaevin Robinson and a large amount of exposure to the sun. However,
the disease is different in everyone.
ANA (antibodies against the nucleus of a cell).
“[Lupus] is not a death sentence. I remember I
“I have found that stress and lack of sleep are two had a neighbor years ago that found out she had
things that trigger a flare of symptoms in my SLE,” lupus. She had to keep her shades pulled all of the
19 years old and raised in MWC, 20 years old and raised in Houston, time and wasnʼt allowed to go outside unless her
said Erin Waltman, LTA major. “My rhuematologist
Okla. Texas tells me to avoid sunlight, but I rarely experience body was completely covered. With the medica-
any symptom flares when Iʼve been out in the sun tions [available] today, this is not necessary,” said
Sophomore in her second season for Second year sophomore on his third Holland. “You still have to use common sense so
for an extended period of time.”
the Raiders season for the Raiders The causes of Lupus are largely unknown, but a you donʼt trigger the many different episodes.”
study is being conducted at the Oklahoma Medical “Being diagnosed with SLE changed my life, but
Started playing: for Ridgecrest Started playing: for Alice Johnson not in a bad way. Iʼm more aware of my limita-
Research Foundation by the Lupus Genetic Link-
Elementary when 9 years old middle school in Houston Texas when age Study to explore a possible genetic link. The tions now, and I respect them,” said Waltman.
study is in hopes of “bettering lupus treatment, For more information about lupus, visit the
Favorite food: Chicken Fajatias 12 years old.
because the genes an individual has may determine Lupus Research Web site.
Favorite food: Gumbo
Pre-game routine: Pray then clown
around (to relax before the game)
Pre-game routine: Pray then listen to
Zero, an artist out of Houston, Texas
Red Sox try to beat curse
Kimble has two personalities: the one Travis Tucker
Robinson is collective in that he Sports Editor World Series games since the trade and have
she takes on the court that is outgoing
thinks before answering questions, If you have not noticed, the World Series has lost every one of them.
and aggressive, and the one that is begun. The sport has a renewed interest on both Frazeeʼs choice to change the contract (to
this is not surprising when you find fund his girlfriendʼs play) was thought of as
“quiet and shy” when you speak to sides as the St. Louis Cardinals have enjoyed
that he is a psychology major hoping an amazing regular season that carried them to an unforgivable thing to fans who named the
her one-on-one. to transfer to a 4-year college and have the world series while the Boston Red Sox have curse the “Bambino Curse,” and there may
“On the court, I can be the meanest another chance to beat the 86-year curse. be some validity to it.
a child psychology practice. The Cardinals have defiantly earned their Red Sox fans have already spread the news
person out there, but off the court I am He was red shirted last year with position by winning 105 regular season games that the curse has been lifted with the teamʼs
a sweetheart,” said Kimble. some knee problems. They are fixed while having almost everyone on their roster 2-0 start, but this could be yet another year
enjoy a career year for statistics. Their success where they will go all the way to game seven
Kimble started playing with her sister now and he is looking forward to the is due to their ability to have an off-day on to simply loose it all in a late inning. Some
in high school for Monroney Jr. High, new season. offence or pitching. If their pitching was off, people have said it is the nature of the curse
they would simply out-hit their to let them think they are
but stated it was playing with her “I’m really anxious to play [after being
opponent and when their offense The Sports going to have a World Series
brother at home that inspired her to join red shirted last season]. I am hyped up was not producing the numbers Stop win every now and again to
the school team. She has an obvious to compete again,” said Robinson. across the plate, the pitching was keep the fans hoping.
good enough to win by a close margin. This This is the third time the Red Sox have
competitive nature when in group Robinson is looking forward to the
strategy has paid off well for the Cardinals had a 2-0 lead going into the World Series.
situations and could be described as Seminole game Nov. 9 as it is a home in the regular season but the World Series is The first time was before the curse in 1916,
game and a rivalry of sorts for many proving to be a different situation. and the Series turned out great for them. The
a clown. The “Bambino Curse” refers to an event that second was in 1986, and it did not go well.
of the players as the Seminole coach took place in 1920, two years before the Red Curt Schilling, their starting pitcher who has
As a secondary education major
used to coach the Raider team. Sox had won their fifth World Series in 1918 been immortalized by the media for playing
Kimble hopes to coach Jr. High
“Everybody on the team has their own which was the most World Series won by any with an injury, will most likely not see much
basketball possibly for Monroney. club at that time. One of the stars of their game more gametime due to the measures taken to
personalities. They’re funny and we all was a young pitcher by the name of George allow him to play the first two games. He has
“We have a real good team this year;
have a good chemistry ... we all want Herman Ruth, better known as “the Bam- earned respect from many by stepping up and
we have nice girls who can listen bino” or “Babe” Ruth. The owner of the 1920 shutting down both the New York Yankees
a championship,” said Robinson. “My
and play. Outside of basketball we Red Sox, Harry Frazee, sold Ruthʼs contract and Cardinal lineups with the injury he has
leadership and determination to get for $100,000 (plus a loan) to a club that had incurred.
get together and have a good bond,” to nationals will help the team fulfill never enjoyed a World Series win at the time, “It was a great performance in an era where
said Kimble. the New York Yankees. The Yankees went on a lot of players take advantage of injuries,”
our goal.”
to win 26 World Series games after the trade said RSC menʼs baseball assistant coach
while the Red Sox have only appeared in four Coty Cooper.
Across 48 Female 26 Scare 44 Mineral
1 Allows 52 Preposition 27 Assists 45 Bean
5 Ear of corn 53 Born 28 Unkept hair 47 Gibson
8 Superman feature (French) 30 __ _ jam 49 Anger
12 Travelerʼs need (2 wds.) 54 Great lake 33 Sweet __ 50 Edge
13 __ Gardner 55 Florida __ 34 Home of cars 51 Hawaiian garland
14 Poohʼs nemesis (2 wds.) 56 Raised rail- 36 Freeze
15 Stooge ways 37 Ewer
16 __ Four 57 Half (prefix) 39 News articles
17 In back 40 Cod and Ann
18 Opposite of SSW Down 43 35th president
20 Yes vote 1 Young man (init.)
22 Counter 2 Flightless bird
25 Shaving cream 3 Faucet Answers to last weekʼs crossword
29 Recruit 4 __ Tracy Oct. 15, 2004
30 Promise to pay (abbr.) 5 Diners
31 Road assistants (abbr.) 6 Eggs
32 Employer 7 Ancient city
33 Jillian or Landers on Euphrates
34 Strong breeze 8 Gem weight
35 Gratuity 9 Lincoln
36 Lupino 10 __ in a pod
37 Gaynor or Jackson 11 Ever (poetic)
38 Urge 19 Pecan
40 Polite bow 21 Water
41 __ Aviv (French)
42 Oriental potentate 22 Severe
43 Canseco or Ferrer 23 Tub
46 Young demon 24 Able