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the qncshons thatfollo*:
Rcad rhe passaAe given beloNaDd ans*cr
ever\ole h
Th. .nd oI strmptrdry laNs did not meatr tlrai
..,,.,"'" :;:,":1,. ;:i' .r,"" - .'- '"m" t'v rhe n"n'h
.I on i 'quJr'r\ "ru - r"r rF'o'ie'r
;li;,-,,;', .,". \ad 'nF q"'".
1... i: - -- ,s rhr ,rv. rr,dl nJ'nidd-d u'o'- p \dcsei
"'"-,",'0,,.,,.",,.,," -,1-,r -Fo'"'r\'Poor
'-:. ,. , ,, - rn' >dm-'oud Brr rd(' no ronB'r
; . qr' rh- {dv'h' ) $r'h'!i D rac-n' es r
".r'-"'i r"\s
";". o'rs-d Lur"r h"r.hcnd
"; "o\'
.e" oe\.'op'!i ,h"tr o\$ ' ut,L'p of
'i.,; :,. ,;;;l::;'"',,
: :,, .. '..i i (""' \" b Jjrrlr o' ue r p'ore' o np'op"-
decenl or \arlgat. diftered
hPiveeD me! ald
srlles or .lothmq atso emphaslsed diferen'es
."-; ;;;",,'; ;.-,;;" eiao,,a g'oo'-o ' ni hxdnood ro
i''-'i"" -' ia '" ''5"'F{\: "''dob'd'""'rn
nd. h, jne wr m"r {E - 'r?a '|-d
:;,":,: ",."';,,;;1";-;:;
'" \om-1 $-F .-En
;,,, ..;' ' ., .n".or,a-rr a" aeq"i\-'
"'" *"'""
'. 1.,,:,^;'. ,,.,,,, \o'm' o''ro'hnsI-l""rcd
'i.-,'J:"i: ;:,"'."id1;; ",,r-.r"
gi,i' *.' 5 "d;p;d d'**"
., ,.:',;..;;;,,.;. '' bod'q'
,o, "1"' , ' "nt' o""'r 'onia'n
l;.";'i."1,;.',;i'-;.' $h'n'r'Bni ""*t'rd o''
({n"' ""Lrrored''Ph(
u-^ admr"d "q
i,,,,i- ,",,,', rd"o
'nrrr'('' "d nrd\-r'po"'n*rrne
"'':'. ;";;.,",,1ohd<'hu
d1. nnae. orriail subnrissirt
I 'h" 'de" ' o' \oar'nnooo Tn' 'd'"1"
,,.,",-l;":;':;;..'hr:ra''r"edu'.iron | .om r''dho r
;'.,:, ,i;. r^":;, i,' .. . .o, n.' . no.
qrrw Jp
;".';, ""; fo' r lonl'nr" ro"-"'*"1'1lll,,::',:l'l:
.,,n Nas es'Lnual bc r! seen
Jnd pdm
l:'.;i' ,^,";.,;- ", , , - ",". 'h- 'o "r" '|\h

accepred thesc Mlues ov'r rhe nxreteelrh

,..".;':. ;"." .r,:"a"o n!:Lr" ra3os' women h Encta:d ::qli
lll:,- i;,"'*;"";, ,,gr,,. r r,- "'r, ,."moL"m-- d1e'Iop"d
",.p",""."r' '' ida' wd' ' md4rFr
' o. -'
I"l,,,i'",",-r'l",.-',:"nd """Ia''o'm'r'"rdrrrac"'

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amole Ionng gnls such rlothulg r.skicrc.l bo(lJ {r.(1h and

hampercd Dlood ,emained und.rd.\aiopcd and 3
the spines qor bent Do.tors r.po ral thn nranv leo cn N$e ree l.rl!
.omplaLling of acute veakrress. relr lar4,id 3nd lamtt fr.quc.l\.
.o',Fr5 d ,. b".'h' . ,, ,, tr.' o' ,l i ul
liJ $lrat narr qucsn.n ras.d br llr' r'i.n.h Rcvol.noD '
was thc I

111) How were thc rvonen grdomed h thc \'lcloria! Dnqland'

lllll whardetined the wearhg ollhc nch.n.t tl'L iJo.r ?
llv) E.sidcs. Nea,LnqNhat clsr rh. sir-l.s orclorhtr,g odpt:asred ? l
lr, wnai qualitics made on. mascnlin. a I

lvi) w]1ar qualitics made on.leDnnle ? 1

Find out aYord lrom tlrc passagc {'hl.h means

lvii) Aperson / anlnralrhal rs qu'ct and e3s,lt .ontrolled l
lrai) Apdrson / a.nnal thar has a quality olanger and dd mnraton
ll\) A special nght or advantaEe
R€ad th.louow,ne passaq. and snsNer th. qu.srons thnL lollo$ :
The tdea ihat tronens nqhts are humar lghts h.s preseDlly
ganed nonemuh gllball! and has se.trred ro.ognitron

VrvekaDanda observed a c,v ,ation could bc jrrlg.d by tlre My tr

lf a t.uly deno.rali. .nd equlLrble soc,.1Y is to bc
lrom all scgnenls rn.luding ore lcss privllcged
nrusr be given voice j! dcc6i
family Hence th. la.t ol nccd for prole.non ol Nonens righls has
been present b the Ind,an so.B1..d p.liL'.al ststenr
Seversl steps have be€n tnl.n by the Corernnent lor prote.lioD
or rights of ttro lvomeD To gl\'e.e.ogrrion 1.Ih. Nomen. t has becr
made compnlsorv to ir.lldc m.ih.r's name atonq wih dr31 ol fallr.r
ln the vanous applicaiion lorms requned to b. lilled for an lndian
child lvhile seeknrg admissiou n) a school S.lfral changes h3ve bc.n
made u tiro persoDal latrs to p.oteci th. Notren's righls nnd remove

'rhe covernmcnt of hrdE h3s tahc. sevelal measures 1o help lnd

supporl the NomeD spr.ian) ol lh. N.3ker se.ri..s o, socrerl. Thosc
rJrcludc the Rashk,ra Mahila (osh and ih. M.hila samakhva
prosammes The formalion or scll Hctp croupr oI women is anolher

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e.\.nq \o' ' or\'uom'n EiaJn''ol 'nd'Pend' n'_

i".'. .' ..r i' .- ;-.. .. . d n '' rorea"' \"' r-"d rLr"tr
'ji har' plated an imPort'nl
oi l,rera.! is ole Nberc Nomcn
.orr br ,, rt the *^i" ot ^t-o"pt.." burding or reacrrng or thc
as lteraci_
ii Fmbs steciallt in thd srate of Rajaslran' As rar'Ih'v 's
.""," ir*.',i-* t plaved an inponant rol' lrave bceD
'".a ;. 'r,. u .".nn,r"
-;;,.,.'; ^" -Fo. rnd -\1 r-''(h-n'h^P"h"'
i,"-- 1.,- i ou .'d' - 8. "n o' r- '' 'mrn or'('-'
'i,i." ",
onrs ls d.r€lopnE .olntrv and medla has _ a promirent role h
" ,.--,ta-p ite " 'iIU l"' o. '.'
." ,-r.,
-.-.:'.;",,;, B' e'tre 'pd "
:.1 .n.-r." .n"ri-'.r.\ 'on,,,r'i" '"h'
" ".--.".
glonous \rcrld ol$omen '
md hs exlstenc
.J Oa 'h ' 1d+' i 'ou' r_dd ,B or 'nF dbd_ pA'oC_ mdLF nol"
on rs'ne headdes :nd lub htddlnBs
0, wrlt a mnmaryolthe Passage and snggest a suitable title 2

l'ou ha!. consru.ted a neq house You rvant io let out a portron of
lhai housc wriie an advcrtisemeDl to be publlsherl
.lassf,ed colunrns oIa local nsspap€r
You a.e rhe Ediior ol your school maeazBe Dralt a notlce lor )our
school siudeDts and stafi members iniiiing arricles' sk'lches etc

,-""'."r,-r -a*.. sign as PQRorCort. s. s school sllapur'


Your.lub organised a blood donatlon camp in your c l wnle a teport

\|'r1r. a ractual dcscription ol vour schoot Mornhg AssemblY b aboxt

Your residcntbl area ls sanitatlo! problem as r''ll 3s bad

ard disnragc problcnr wrirc a letl.r 10 thc Edior or lo'al n'lvsFper
..'lnr.iirng ;lroni ,t

write a roL aPPhcatlon for rhe Post of clerk advcrtised b th.
nc(spapc, oflour.rty.

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We an agree thal readhg ls d wonderful Journey to th€ hea.t. On lh€

basis ofrlu
€xpdtence Mile a speech on Joy orreadhgl

write d dllcle to be publlshed in a local ne{spaPer a}out the use
dd misuse of C.Iphone keepLlg ,n vie, of studert liJe.
7. Read the €xt.a.l glEn b.low and ansrer ihe qu€stlons that lollow I

DrLv,ng from my parcnt 6 home to cochln

last Friday horning,

I sN my moth.r besLdeme, dou€, op€n mouthed.

her face ashm lke that

or a ceipse dd .elised wlth pain that

I .n. -.5* * "n. ""n.4
lI) was the poet drlltng ro md wlth whom ?

(il) whai dld she nottce wh,le ier norhd sat besld€ h€r ? l
(ril) Flrld wo.d 6om the enract whlch meds dead body. I

Aunt Jennifer s fkrgds flutie ng dnough her wool

Fr,ad €ven th. Ircry 4eedle hdd to putl,
Th€ masstw welght of uncre's weddmg band

Sits hea'ily ulon Aunt JennlJer's h d.

(1) $ihat Ms lytig hevy ? 2

rI (iil where *re Aunrs lng€rs nutterng tlnough ? I

(jii) Flnd vord from the enra.t whtch meds notug about 1

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a. Ansv--r any rhr€e ofthc lollowhg que6$oE h 30 40 words each I

hr whrL Jo.s rhc poer wanr Io' Lbe.hJd'en or rhe sluEs ,

( 4n Elenenta.g Scnool Classr@m h a Slum )

wl.n do-! ioulrDB up ro l$elE Md keepnS srlll help us,

achreve ? I reeptnq qulet )

riii) L,{ the thlngs ofbeauty menuoned,n th.

\ A rhhs oJ B@tt! I

put up the Roadsrde

( A R@dslde Stcnd )

Answer the folloMrg qu€stlons tn 30 -

lThe Ldsr Lessn | 2

Iil wtr dld the peddler slgn htmsef a€ Captat! von Stable ?
( rhe RdxtdP | 2

ht, why rs Ralkumar Shukla describ€d as behg r€solute ?

I Indlgo ) 2

(lv) why didr l Sophi€ vdt Jdsle to know about her story plth
Danny ? I Aohg PLaces I 2

lo. n;Ner rhe folloving questlon lIl about 12s Mrds :

Ho\r d jd rhe hstructor 'bund a svllrmer' out of DouAIas ?

I Deep Watet I


whar are some of rhe posit,ve v{es on rnt€*rews ?

I The lntetuleD )

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Ansver the folloving questlon ln aboul 125 sords l

Why ls an adult's perspe.tire on llf€ dlffer ent fronr that ol a .hild

I shauLd wzatd Hit Mann!

Whai rs rt that draws Oerry torErds Mr. Lamb in sp . olhDnsrll'7

, uq thc t-,!, q lL,
tl) 12. Answer the followhg quesrions li 30 - 40 words each

(i) what do€s the thi.d level ref€r 10 ? | the Thna L.Del ) 2
(lt) wlat does the chter asbologer predlcl to be the .aus. ot lhe
. Mahdalas death ? \'theTiqet Khlg ) 2
lvhar knd ol3 pe,son was Evani'i rJa.! r ?
(ivl Bama s elaerlence ls that of a ltcnm of the cast systen. whal
kxd ot dlscrtmhatlon does zltkala sas e4ericnce deprcr ?

\ Meno.tes alchttdhoJ )

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