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Welcome to the

School Year
Eclipse Day
Aliria Arreaza - 3/4 Spanish Immersion Combo Teacher
Lina Castellanos - 1st Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher
Janell Crosby - Literacy Spanish Immersion Teacher
LaToya Harvey - School Improvement Coach
Annette Faison - Assistant Principal
Bracey Kinnamon - Kindergarten Teacher
Maria Madrid - 2nd Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher
Beth Moore - 4th Grade Teacher Assistant
Julio Ramos - 1st Grade Spanish Immersion TA
Erika Rengifo - Kindergarten Spanish Immersion Resident
Gina Riano - Kindergarten Spanish Immersion Teacher
Brittany Rose - Principal Resident
Teacher Assistant Assignments
Shout Outs/Shares/Thoughts...
Celebration of 2016-2017
Elm City Elementary
Highlights of 2016-2017
● Grew 13 points overall in proficiency from 2015 -2016 (51%-64%)
● Received Green Ribbon Status for PBIS
● Upgrades to playground thanks to BB&T
● Chromebooks for 3-5 students (6 carts)
● Exceeded United Way goal again
● Battle of Books Team won the district competition
● K-2 implemented Jan Richardson’s Guided Reading
● Uninterrupted 90 minute reading and math blocks were implemented
● Jump Rope for Heart
● Students experiences engaging field trips
● Field/Fun Day survived major storms
● PTO supported the school through fundraisers
● Character Club collected tons of food for the Salvation Army
● 3 Weather Stations Donated by BB & T along with several science based readers
● Donor’s Choose Projects Funded
● Books were collected by ECM students and donated to our students
● Another successful EOY talent show
● PBIS and Renaissance Celebrations for students
● Huge 3-5 Parent Night
● Use of Data
● Others...
Areas to continue growth...
● Reading
● Math
● PLCs
Changes for 2017-2018
● The Eagle’s Nest has grown: 21 classrooms; 440 students;
special area teachers here 5 days a week; Assistant Principal;
Principal Resident; Mrs. Reason 2 days a week
● K-3 classrooms can not have over 23 students (state mandate)
● 5 Buses
● More...
Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5

Autry Williford Watson Ruffin Battle

Arreaza Crosby Kinnamon Madrid Castellanos
Rengifo Leiva Worley Basaez Beckstead
V.Johnson C. Johnson Neal White Godwin
Jenkins Wells Rodgers Cockings May
Rogers Riano Bongiovanni Harvey Wooten
H. Bass Stallings Leary Barnes Ramos

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Nuts and Bolts
WCS Curriculum Frameworks
How to Access the Frameworks

Guided Reading and Guided Math Groups

*Times are built in the master schedule

In conclusion...
Remember sometimes you have
to get off...
Thanks for your dedication to our