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Scene Study

1 - Upload a Snap of your additions to the script (Due: December 8)

2 - Upload a Snap of your tech (Due: December 12)
Criteria Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1
I have created - collaborated - worked with - chooses ideas with - contributed
an alternative with partner to partner to some sense of what very few ideas
ending to a play develop an create makes good theatre
in pairs using alternative alternative - disengaged &
creative ending using a ending using a - distracted during distracted
processes variety of creative process the process during the
(improv, voice creative process
work, role play, processes - chooses ideas
etc.) thoughtfully
- inventive,
CTI C1 innovative

- eagerly
I used a variety - theatrically - ideas based in - ideas based in some - difficulty
of strategies to compelling knowledge of knowledge of applying
influence my choices what makes theatre, but may not knowledge
audience (ex. effective be able to
lighting, - makes bold theatre consistently apply - flat
blocking, and effective knowledge to
sound, costume choices based - execution execution of - sloppy
choice, etc.) on best approaches performance/analysis
practices goals - inhibited
TA1 TA2 TA3 - inhibited

- visible effort at

- too quiet
I described and - respectful - engaged most - distracted - disinterested
used proper of the time
audience - engaged - engaged some of - disengaged
etiquette during - happy with the time
the rehearsal - takes the way things - needed
process and risks/brave look the first reminders to be
during the final time respectful
performance. during
I took risks - focused and - tries things - tries things more - lack of
during my on target several times than once diligence in
rehearsal rehearsal
process and - leadership - makes - requires reminders
final role changes in or direct instruction - requires
performance to order to on what to improve frequent
revise and - keen attention improve reminders
refine my final to details to outcomes and - unpolished
performance. create polish improve polish performance with - hastily
major lapses assembled,
C2 - keen artistic - uses artistic sloppy
judgement judgement to unfocused
make good performance as
choices a result of

CTI: I can apply my knowledge of effective dramatic performances when creating or interpreting
my script or score for performance. (A1/B2)
C1: I use the stages of the creative process (e.g., imagining, planning, exploring, etc) to inform
my performances. (A1)
TA1: My voice and body are strong, clear and focused. (A3)
TA2: I use effective staging strategies. (A2)
TA3: I can integrate technical elements (e.g. light, sound, costume, props, etc.) into
performances to support storytelling (A3)
C3: I am collaborative, responsible and safe when creating and watching performances. (A1)
C2: I can work diligently to continually revise and refine my performances so that they are
polished and effective. (A1)