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Java is a programming language and computing platform first

released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. There
are lots of applications and websites that will
not work unless you have Java installed, and
more are created every day. Java is fast,
secure, and reliable. From laptops to
datacentres, game consoles to scientific supercomputers, cell phones
to the Internet, Java is everywhere!


Java was designed with a few key principles in mind:

 Ease of Use: The fundamentals of Java came from

a programming language called C++. Although C++ is a
powerful language, it is complex in its syntax and inadequate for
some of Java's requirements. Java built on and improved the
ideas of C++ to provide a programming language that was
powerful and simple to use.
 Reliability: Java needed to reduce the likelihood of fatal errors
from programmer mistakes. With this in mind, programming
was introduced. When data and its manipulation were packaged
together in one place, Java’s was robust.

 Security: As Java was originally targeting mobile devices that

would be exchanging data over networks, it was built to include
a high level of security. Java is probably the most secure
programming language to date.
 Platform Independence: Programs need to work regardless of
the machines it is being executed on. Java was written to be a
portable language that doesn't care about the operating system or
the hardware of the computer or device it is running on.



The objectives of the system are-

 Event manager can keep records of participants.
 The data in a centralized way which is available to all the event managers.
 Participants can register for any happening event from anywhere.
 Event manager can keep records of participants.
 Data security.
This software package can be readily used by non-programming personal
avoiding human handled chance of error. This project is used by two types of
 Event Head
 Students.
Students can create their accounts and see the event posts by event head and
also apply for particular event.
Event Head can maintain daily updates in details and print reports according to
Application can be upgraded according to user’s and administrator’s
requirements with little changes.
New features can be added as per requirements.

This project has a large scope as it has the following features which help in
making it easy to use, understand and modify it:

 Secure Administrative panel.

 To save the environment by using paper free work.
 To increase the accuracy and efficiency of the event procedure.
 Management of Users Data.

This software package can be readily used by non-programming personal

avoiding human handled chance of error. This project is used by two types of
 Event Head.
 Students.

Main Points are:-

 Easy communication with the manager
 Event Posting.
 Get instant message about any changes.
 Real-time Information Publishing through system alerts.


 Eclipse: Eclipse is a Java-based open source platform that allows
a software developer to create a customized development environment
(IDE) from plug-in components built by Eclipse members.

 Google App Engine: Google App Engine (often referred to as GAE or

simply App Engine) is a web framework and cloud computing platform for
developing and hosting web applications in Google-managed data centres.

 HTML: - It is used for giving eye catching look to the website. And also providing
easy to use GUI.
 CSS: - CSS is cascading style sheet which is used to give designer look to HTML
using the external file.
 Java: - Java is used for client side which can help in using validation and many more
other functions.
Methodology/ Planning of work
To enter into this site user has to register himself first. Requirements of r
egistration are first name, last name, user name, email-id, password, confirm
password etc.
Input: User Details
Output : Filled Registration Details.
Processing :
User details are checked with database. Password constraint is checked as
per validation.

User Login
Description : The System provides facility to login into the system.
Input : Enter username and password
Output : User Profile page
The system will check the input of user and if valid then login is done.
Otherwise user will be asked to re-enter the username and password.

Select the event

Description : The user can select the event and also select payment method.
Input : Main event , Sub event, Add team member .
Output : Event selected Successfully ,also see all detail and delete also .
Processing : The system will add selected data into database.

Forgot Password
Description : The user can send reset link to the mail id to reset password.
Input : Email id
Output : Reset link send to Email id.
Processing : By reset link we can easily change the password and update store in
database .

Manager panel
Description : The manager can add volunteer ,main event and sub-event also .
Input : Main event, sub-event , volunteer.
Output : Add successfully in database .
Processing : The system will add selected data into database.

Description : The system provides the facility to logout from the site
Input : Select logout option
Output : Logout from the system
Processing : User will logout
 Google for Problem solving