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No such things

In an interview with a reporter, Thomas Edison was questioned “how it feel to have failed 2,500 time in
his effort to create a simple battery storage?” Then, he replied that “Why you are calling these as
failures” Now I just found of 2,500 ways not to make a battery. What do you know?

Before his famous, he was complained by his teacher that he was too slow and hard to handle. This
cause his mother decided to take him out of school and taught him at home. However, the young Edison
was too much fascinated in science and he attended his first chemistry laboratory class at 10 year olds.
Because of his talents and geniuses, Edison became one of the greatest inventor in history of science.
And during his life time, he create over 1,300 inventors as a result of his hard work.

Unfortunately, in December 1914, his laboratory was virtually destroyed by fire. That disaster cause a
large damage, which exceeded 2 million dollars. Much of Edison’s life works was went up in the flames
that December night. In the next morning after the terrible disaster, Edison looked at the ruin and said
“There a great value in disaster” he continued, “All our mistake are burned up in the fire, thank God we
can start anew.”

Why taking smart drugs just isn't very clever

Forgive me for this week’s column is a bit so-so. I slept badly last night and my brain feels all clogged and
hairy. I’ve had two cup of coffee and a paracetamol, but the blockage isn’t shifting. What I need is some
proper chemical: something that will make me-for the next few hours at least-cleaver, focused and wide-
awake. Miraculously, such a medicine called “Modafinil” and as of this week it is officially the first “smart
drug” to be proved both safe and effective. Scientists at Oxford and Harvard analyzed 24 separate studies
into Monidifi. They found that it does improve concentrate, memory and creativity, and even make work
more pleasurable. The more difficult and complicate the job in hand, the greater the benefit of Monidifi.


- Try to use varieties of structures: simple and complex; passive (noun phrase+passive)
- Use more comparative structure when compare two things differently.
- Try to use more adv to make emphasize on the main point.