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Novabeans: Exploring New Heights in 3D

Printing Technology through Cutting Edge
Products & Services

D printing in India is in a very nascent stage when online stores and e-studio centers with additional training,
compared to various developed economies across 24/7 support, warranty parts and consultancy services.
Europe, America and Asia, primarily because Novabeans has already worked with several companies and
of the high pricing and lack of ecosystem. But institutions like IIT, BITS, HCL, Intel, Tata, Reliance, GE,
the future holds high promises as many startups Philips, Mahindra & Mahindra, and several private schools
are emerging with interesting innovations and diverse and companies.
applications. While the 3D printing market is projected
to cross $179 million by 2021, the investors are exploring
options for early-stage investments. But back in 2014,
the landscape was deserted when Gaurav Loyalka (Co- Novabeans’ powerful digital thread
founder, Novabeans) was looking to bring 3D printing empowers professionals, students and
technologies to revolutionise small and medium scale
industries. The team of IT professionals stood their ground individuals in every industry to bring their
and launched Novabeans Prototyping Labs LLP in May ideas into life and enhance their portfolio
2015 from Gurgaon, gradually creating awareness about
3D application and outclassing Chinese competition. Novabeans’ other major service is e-studio, which is a
hub for creative minds to make their own models, participate
Empowering through Education in workshops and certified courses, featuring from basics to
Novabeans is bringing 360º customer experience in 3D advanced techniques of 3D printing and new technologies
printing, and manpower training along with making suitable for all ages. “We do not compromise on quality
prototypes for the industry. The company provides the most even when it is tempting. Our unique selling proposition
advanced and comprehensive 3D design-to-manufacturing is to provide end-to-end 3D printing solutions,” asserts
solutions including 3D printers, 3D scanners, 3D printing Gaurav Loyalka. These 3D printing services are available
pens, 3D printing materials, 3D printing training workshops, in variety of materials like ABS, Polyamide, Resin,
3D printing school kits, 3D printing professional support, Elastic Plastic, Alumide, Steel and precious metals such
made to order 3D design, and 3D print consultancy and as bronze, silver, gold, platinum, titanium and rhodium.
services. Novabeans’ offering can be broadly classified into Novabeans is also an official authorised master dealer of
three main areas, the primary one being in the education - many premium global brands including Formlabs, BigRep,
by conducting first of its kind training and workshops on LeapFrog, Ultimaker, 3d Systems, Littlebits, Structure
3D Modelling, computer aided designing, real world object Sensor Scanner, Makerbot, 3Doolder, LixPen, CreoPop,
creation, motor skills and new technology adoption. The b9creator, Photocentric, Innofil3D, Structure3D, Rasie3D,
courses are aimed for school, college Modifi3d, ColorFabb, and Scan in a Box in India.
and university students from 6-50
years within different categories. Road Ahead
Novabeans’ powerful digital thread Novabeans has been successful in recording 180 percent
empowers professionals, students and organic growth rate year-on-year. The company employs
individuals in every industry to 45 people who work like gearbox from their offices in
bring their ideas into life and Gurgaon, UK, France, U.S. and Delhi. It is currently
enhance their portfolio. The focusing on its vertical growth in Engineering &
company has multiple channels Product design, Manufacturing, Research & Education,
to sell its products through Entertainment, Jewelry and Medical fields, and seeks to
Gaurav Loyalka,
a network of resellers and open discussions with potential value added partners to
franchises across pan India speed up the future goals.

44 DECEMBER 2016