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How to make water-based electrode (graphite for anode) for your reference:

1. Weight Ratio (All other weights depends on how much active power your will use):
Active Powder: 92.5%
CMC: 1.5%
SBR liquid: 2.5%
Conductive: 3.5%
Absolute Alcohol: 15ml/kg graphite
Deioin water: At least 125% of graphite
2. Make liquid thicken agent: Heat up deion water to 60C and then slowly put the CMC into it
and keep stiring unless all of them dissolved.
3. Put alcohol into 125% deion water and then to conductive powder to stir.
4. Put active powder into 3 and stir (better have vacuum mixing)

5. Put liquid thicken agent into 4 and stir (better have vacuum mixing)

6. Put SBR into 5 and stir (better have vacuum mixing)

7. Take a little sample and test the viscosity, if in 3000-5000 mps, it is OK to coat, if over, put
some deion water, if less, binder in (CMC and SBR)

Electrolyte LiPF6 for Lithium-ion battery R&D (LiPF6 in Organic Solvent for Immediate Use) 500g
(10 x 50g) - EQ-Be-LiPF6

 Electrolyte Salt: 1 mol/L LiPF6 (Click here to learn the safety data of LiPF6)
 Organic Solvent: EC+DMC+DEC; 1:1:1 in volume
 Net weight: 500g, 50g/bag (1.75 oz) and 10 bags in total
 Max. Voltage: 4.5V

Conductive Graphite is used as conductive material when preparing Li-ion battery Cathode and
Anode. It has strong inoxidizability, self-lubrication and plasticity as well as good conductivity
and adhesion under high temperature.


 For preparing Li-ion battery electrode material and conducting material, for
o Cathode: Cathode Powder (LiFePO4)+Conductive Graphite+PVDF+NMP
o Anode: Anode Powder (Artifisial Garfit) +Conductive Graphite+PVDF+NMP
(or SBR+CMC)

 Corrosion resistance to Potassium Hydroxide.
 For anti-corrosion and high temperature lubricant
 For preparing carbon resister, conducting dry film and electrolyte.
 Applied in the rub and plastic as bulking agent.
 Applied in the raw material of alloy.
 Applied in the chemical industry as catalyst.

SBR is a water based binder which is mainly used to prepare anode electrode for Lithium-ion
batteries. Such binder is characterized by Strong adhesion and high ageing-retardant.


 Appearance: Milky white liquid with light blue gloss.

 Solidity: 50 +/- 2%
 PH: 6-7
 Viscosity (NDJ-5S, 25oC): 100~350 mPa. S
 Vitrification temperature: -18 oC
 Storage Temperature: 0~38 oC
 Emulsion Form

Tips: You may use binder like below:

Cathode: Cathode Powder+Conductive Graphite+PVDF+NMP
Anode: Anode Powder+Condcutive Graphite+SBR+CMC