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A Study of ............

with respects to Boutiques in Guntur

Section – I

1. Name of the boutique –

2. Owner’s name –
3. Website –
4. Email address –
6. When did you start your boutique?
7. How much was the initial capital/investment?
8. Can you please give a break-up of your capital?
a. Materials -
b. Labour -
c. Overheads –
d. Shop –
i. Rent -
ii. Goodwill -
9. How did you get this idea of starting a boutique? Interest
10. Did anyone help you?
11. How do you assess your customer tastes and preferences?
12. What is the specialization/focus area of your boutique?
a. Surface Ornamentation
i. Zardosi
ii. Meena work
iii. Aari work
b. Textile Designing
i. Dyeing
ii. Printing
c. Costume Designing
13. Do you work on a particular theme or design according to your customer
14. How is your boutique running currently?
15. Poor
16. What are the problems that you faced during initial days?
17. When did you get your first customer after you started your boutique?
18. How many months did you struggle to reach the Breakeven point/no profit no loss
19. When did you start getting profits?
20. How is your profit line going?
21. From where do you procure the raw materials?
22. Do you export your products?
23. If so, what do you export?
24. To whom?
25. Where?
26. How did you come across this export opportunity?
27. Channel of export?
28. Net profits in exporting...profit per piece
29. Cost per unit + Price per unit
30. How do you get export order?
31. Are you connected with any franchisees?
32. If so, who is the franchisee?
33. If you get an export order, are you ready to do?
34. Can you give the rough estimate of price per piece
35. Export price
36. Local market price
37. Readymade garments
38. Dyed clothes
39. Printed material
40. What are your pricing strategies?
41. Market survey
42. Pros and cons
43. Approach of Boutique owners
44. Niche
45. Business development plans?
46. Sole proprietorship
47. Partnership
48. Contracting
49. Target customers
50. Age group
51. Requirements
52. How do you come to know about competitors’ strategies?

As per our University norms to get a Masters degree in Business Management, a project study on the
‘Consumer Behaviour on Denim Jeans’ is to be undertaken and this survey forms part of my

Your participation is highly appreciated and is very important for this study. Your survey responses
will be strictly confidential and data from this research will be reported only in my dissertation.

Thank you in advance for your help.