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Kaivalya Education Foundation

Week 3 Intervention Plan- Jhadol (Udaipur)

Table Contents :

1. Summary
2. HM Capacity building
3. One on one meeting
4. Staff meeting
5. School Plan
One day intervention School plan
Two day intervention School plan
Three day intervention School plan
6. Collabration with Sambal Trust
7. Event planning
8. Meeting with ABEEO/BEEO
9. Library Day : 17 schools-one Saturday
10. Strategic outline
11. Fellow role
12. Debrief pointers
13. Gowth tracked by Fellows
14. Testimonials
Summary- HM capacity building-
Special dialogue sessions were designed for HM to take them through the
This report is divided into two parts: complete process of Staff Meeting and understanding of the role of HM in
1. Analysis of the Week 3 the process. It was designed in two ways-
2. Week 4 Plan 1. Video based dialogue
2. Literature based
The report majorly focuses on the impact areas and our small success steps. (Depending on the teacher’s preference)
This week the plan and intervention was mostly on a personal level with Sample dialogue:
teachers and the HM. Monthly/Weekly planners were designed, Solution Video based: Leadership and effective Collabration
based approach was the centre of all the conversations throughout this The Questionnaire was shared in the previous report.
week. Teachers actively participated in the planning and hence the plan Literature based: आचार्य चाणक्र् और चन्द्रगुप्त मौर्य संवाद-:
seemed more functional to them. The fellows still left open loops for the
आचार्य चाणक्र् एक बार अपने शिष्र्ों को सफलता के रहस्र् बता रहे थे. जिसमे
teachers with regard to detailed planning and first phase of intervention
was rolled out. उन्होंने सफल होने के शलए एक दल और उस दल को वििेता होने की दृष्टी से
आिश्र्क तत्िों को अपने शिष्र्ों को समझार्ा
The team has taken major interventions in execution part and tried to
आचार्य चाणक्र् -मनुष्र् के सफल होने के शलए आिश्र्क है कक उसके पास एक
decode the missing link in the dialogue process. This report highlights how a
small shift in our dialoguing is now helping us in effective execution. संर्क्
ु त और सिक्त दल हो .आध्र्जत्मक तौर पर इसकी व्र्ाख्र्ा कुछ इस प्रकार की
िा सकती है जिस प्रकार मनुष्र् अपने िीिन काल मन सफल होने के शलए .
It is difficult for the schools to adopt the pacing strategy but few teachers
और ,कान ,नाक ,आंआ ,अपनी पांच इजन्चर्ां त्िचा ,आिश्र्क है कक िह अपने दल
have been a great support. The report also highlights how to plan effectively
for a shared responsibility keeping in mind to create a strong monitoring .िीर पर यनर्ंरण रआेइसी प्रकार सांसाररक और सामाजिक दृष्टी से अगर एक
process. रािा को वििेता बनना है तो आिश्र्क है कक उसके पास एक सिक्त दल हो और

The document gives a brief of our planning of the school and how the visits उस दल को वििेता बनाने के शलए िह इन पांच प्रमुआ तत्िों का िरुर ध्र्ान रआे 1.
of the fellows are visualized. It also focuses on the upcoming plan and प्रोत्साहन .2 .माना म कहानुा 5 .ीाननुच 4 .श्नाड़ाज/सन्बम्स 3 . श्नज .

strategy outline for the coming week. इन तत्िों पर चचाय करने के शलए र्ह आिश्र्क है कक पहले चन्चगुप्त तुम इन
तत्िों से िुड़ी अपनी समझ को व्र्क्त करो.
And thereafter the teacher/HM and Fellow leads the discussion to build an
understanding on the five pointers:
Making a difference.
One on One Meetings with Teacher in charge/Subject Teacher/HM- Staff Meeting-
The major focus of second week strategy was on conducting Staff Meeting
The first visit was focused on the set of schools where interventions has to in schools led by the HMs.
be very concrete and urgent. The approach in these schools was a little During the previous year, the fellow himself would conduct the staff
different.The fellows identified the most positive teacher who believes in meetings which didn’t yield the required results. Thus, the focus shifted to
Library as an important resource and is very open to feedback.One on One developing ownership among the HMs to produce sustainable impact.
discussion with these teachers/HMs were done on the following pointers: The objective of the Staff Meeting was capacity building of the HMs on
following pointers-
Schools Concerned Teacher Discussion Pointers
Luro Ki Gawari Teacher in - Teaching 1. Effective Communication skills
Dhikliya charge/Subject Practices 2. Assertiveness
Lakhaguda Teacher - Library Execution 3. Developing own vision and values, and transferring them to his
Bari - Challenges staff.
Lakhaguda - Where and how 4. Facilitation of planning with staff.
Malpur support is
Bansbari required The fellows discussed with the HM regarding the pre-requisites of the
Akaliya - Need of print rich meeting and kept a log throughout the meeting to give feedback later.
Ganeshpura - Saturday as
Pre-Requisites of the Staff Meeting-
Library Day
1. Establishing need for Staff Meeting.
- Lesson plans
w.r.t. Library 2. Setting agenda and pointers for discussion.
a. Need for Library and its effective execution.
b. Collaboration among teachers to improve their classroom practices.
c. Data analysis of Week 1.
d. Action steps
We are directly intervening in these schools through these teachers by e. Weekly planner
helping them grow professionally in Transaction. Lesson Plan and Feedback 3. Providing with resources required for Staff Meeting
culture was the major focus. Although many of our teachers from this set
will be role models for all schools of Jhadol in their area of their expertise in During the second week, 6 HMs conducted successful Staff Meetings on the
the upcoming event. above pointers in their schools with the support of the Fellows.

After the one-on-one meetings, Staff Meetings were held in 6 schools.

Schools Unique Action Steps Support asked for
M.Phalasia Meeting with Sarpanch for Design of library
whitewash and repair of activities.
ceilings in library room.
Design of 3 lesson plans
with teacher around Library

Kochla Use of games and activities Creating a

on Library Day collaborative
GUPS Richawar GUPS Adkaliya
among teachers in
the school.

Richawar Selection of student library Building of

in charge and teacher in Confidence and
charge for each class. assertiveness in the
Changla Initiative by HM to plan Regular feedback
entire next week by Sunday and creative ideas
and share report every for improvising
week with the Fellows. school ecosystem.
GUPS Malpur GUPS Paliyakheda
Nayagaon To use Library books during Planning around
lack of teachers (other than execution of
on Library Day) in presence Library.
of students in charge.

Mahadev Ji ka Kad To use Library books to Planning of library

manage classrooms (1 as subject centric
teacher school) learning resource.

GUPS Kochla GUPS Bari

School Plan: One day intervention : Library Day: Plan
08:15-09:00 Assembly HM introduce the library day in assembly. Fellow do one
On the basis of the discussion of the assessment and the challenges the library related activity for the first day only.
school is facing in the execution of the Library, the schools were divided into 09:00-10:30 Books HM will allot one or two classes to a teacher for continuous
distribution monitoring. Books will be distributed according to the
three major intervention categories students’ level.
1. One day intervention schools 10:30-11:30 Evaluation/Follow-up (Guiding evaluative activities )
2. Two day intervention schools Readers and Semi Readers
Memory based
3. Three day intervention schools 1. Name the characters in the story?
This segregation of the schools also helped us to create a effective follow-up 2. What they (characters) did in the story?
process and effectively plan to create a support structure for the school 3. How does the story end?

staff, when required. Understanding based

3 day intervention 2 day intervention 1 day intervention 1.Moral of the story
2.Define your favorite character
Paliyakheda Ludo ki ganwari Bari 3.Summary of the story
Richawar Malpur M.Phalasia
Changla Adkaliya Lakhaguda Creative and imaginative skill development
Nayagaon Palawada MKK 1. Make your own story on same characters.
2. Change the ending of the story
Dikliya Bansbari Ganeshpura
Kochala Harniyakheda Non-Readers
Three day intervention schools : 1. Draw any two pictures which you liked the most in the story?
2.Flashcard making
The major focus is on execution and follow-up. These are the most positive 3. Identification of words in the book given by facilitator.
schools, need support in execution and are ready to take a leap of faith. The
plan was formulated keeping in mind the HM and the staff, CRT, teaching LUNCH BREAK
Video Session followed by above mentioned evaluative guiding pointers.
practices and library. *Hindi copy of the Schedule was discussed with Teachers and HMs in the school.
Two day intervention schools : प्रबंधक के कार्य-
These set of schools need some initiative from the fellow side and १.ककताबों को हर सप्ताह कक्षा ि स्तर अनस
ु ार व्र्िजस्थत रआना
continuous collaborative execution with the Teacher incharge is required. २. पस्
ु तकालर् के शलए नए संसाधन अध्र्ापकों ि छारों द्िारा बनिाना
Value articulation of Library as a learning resource is there but physical ३. पस्
ु तकालर् से सम्बंधधत छोटी कक्षाओं ि बड़ी कक्षाओं के शलए स्िर्ं और बच्चों के साथ शमलकर
attributes renders poor execution. These schools have dripping ceilings, गयतविधधर्ााँ बनाना
acute shortage of staff. ४. ककताबों के माध्र्म से बच्चों के स्तर मन ककतनी बढ़ोत्तरी हुई है, इसकी िांच करना
One day intervention school : ५. ऐसे विद्र्ाधथयओं को चन
ु ना िो सह प्रबंधक की रूशमका यनराएंगे
These schools celebrate Library day every week . Critical schools need slow ६. सह प्रबंधक विद्र्ाधथयर्ों के क्षमता िधयन के शलए समर् समर् पर उन्हन ददिा यनदे ि दे ते रहना
and steady intervention for a sustainable practice. Lack of resources and ववद्र्ार्थी सह प्रबन्द्धक के कार्य
single teacher schools are major concern of this set. A set of intervention १.छोटी कक्षाओं के शलए TLM का यनमायण करना – घर से करने के कार्य
will be designed for such schools to establish as well as redefine library in २. छोटी कक्षाओं मन ककताबन बांटने ि बच्चों को ककताबों से सम्बंधधत गयतविधधर्ााँ करिाना
the school ecosystem. ३. प्राथयना सरा मन पस्
ु तकलर् से सम्बंधधत गयतविधधर्ााँ करिाना
Two Day Intervention Plan:
सोमवार मंगलवार बध
ु वार गरू
ु वार शक्र
ु वार शनिवार

28 29 30 सह प्रबंधक द्िारा पुस्तकालर् की 31 1 2 पुस्तकालर् ददिस-

ककताबों और अन्र् संसाधनों को बच्चो बड़ी कक्षाओं मन ककताबन वितररत की िाएाँ-
के स्तर अनस
ु ार व्र्िजस्थत करना उसके बाद विद्र्ाथी का अिलोकन हो
िैसे- पुस्तक के पारों से अपनी कहानी
पुस्तकालर् के प्रबंधक द्िारा हािरी बनार्े (पुस्तकालर् के शलए संसाधन के
परक बनाना रूप मन इस्तेमाल हों)
4 5 6 तीसरी कक्षा मन बच्चो के स्तर 7 8 9 पस्
ु तकालर् ददिस-
अनुसार सह प्रबंधकों द्िारा ककताबन प्राथयना सरा मन ककताबों से सम्बंधधत
बंटिाना | गयतविधधर्ााँ. िैसे- छोटी कहानी पर
कक्षा अिलोकन
शिक्षक द्िारा पस्
ु तकालर् की ककसी एक
ककताब से बच्चो को पढ़कर सुनाना और
गयतविधध द्िारा अिलोकन करना|

11 12 13 सह प्रबंधक बड़ी कक्षाओं मन बच्चो के 14 15 16 पुस्तकालर् ददिस-

माध्र्म से ALM/VLM अन्र् संसाधन कफल्म प्रदियन
बनिार्न | ककसी दहंदी ककताब र्ा विज्ञान की ककताब
कक्षा अिलोकन के शलए पर पहले बातचीत, कफर उससे सम्बंधधत
पूरी कक्षा मन ककताबन वितररत करना ि कोई कफल्म
शलआने र्ा सोचने कक ककसी गयतविधध
द्िारा बच्चों की समझ िांचना |
18 19 20 21 22 23 पुस्तकालर् ददिस-
प्रबंधक द्िारा सह प्रबंधक विद्र्ाधथयर्ों से ककताबों पर आधाररत, शलआने ि पढने से
पुस्तकालर् कक ककसी ककताब पर सम्बंधधत प्रयतर्ोधगताएं
आधाररत प्राथना सरा करिाना|
Three Day Intervention School Plan :

सोमवार मंगलवार बध
ु वार गरू
ु वार शक्र
ु वार शनिवार

28 29 30 31 1 2
सह प्रबंधक विद्र्ाथी- कक्षा अिलोकन- पस्
ु तकालर् ददिस-
सरी ककताबों को स्तर ि कम से कम कक्षा मन एक बड़ी कक्षाओं मन ककताबन वितररत
कक्षा अनस
ु ार व्र्िजस्थत गयतविधध द्िारा शिक्षण की िाएाँ- उसके बाद विद्र्ाथी
करना अपनी कहानी बनार्े पस्
ु तक के
पारों से (पस्
ु तकालर् के शलए
संसाधन के रूप मन इस्तेमाल हों)
4 5 6 7 8 9
सह प्रबंधक विद्र्ाथी- कक्षा अिलोकन- पस्
ु तकालर् ददिस-
ु तकालर् के शलए बड़ी पस्
ु तकालर् की ककसी एक प्राथयना सरा मन ककताबों से
कक्षाओं से संसाधन ककताब से सम्बंधधत शिक्षण सम्बंधधत गयतविधधर्ााँ. िैस-े छोटी
बनिार्नगे ि अिलोकन के शलए प्रश्न कहानी पर नाटक

11 12 13 14 15 16
सह प्रबंधक विद्र्ाथी- कक्षा अिलोकन- पस्
ु तकालर् ददिस-
स्कूल की एल्बम बनाई परू ी कक्षा मन ककताबन कफल्म प्रदियन
िाएगी- स्कूल की वितररत करना ि गयतविधध ककसी दहंदी ककताब र्ा विज्ञान की
तस्िीरन , लेआ, अध्र्ापकों द्िारा बच्चों की समझ ककताब पर पहले बातचीत, कफर
की िानकारी िांचना उससे सम्बंधधत कोई कफल्म
18 19 20 21 22 23
सह प्रबंधक विद्र्ाथी- कक्षा अिलोकन- पस्
ु तकालर् ददिस-
ु तकालर् से गयतविधध ALM/VLM आधाररत ककताबों पर आधाररत, शलआने ि
समबजन्धत प्राथयना सरा शिक्षण पढने से सम्बंधधत प्रयतर्ोधगताएं

*School weekly intervention system:

S-3(Set1) S-3(Set 2) S-2 S-3(Set1) S-3(Set 2) S-3/ S-2/S-1 ( all 17 schools)

S-3: school with 3 day intervention /S-2 School with 2 day intervention/S-1 : School with one day
The dialogue with the teachers and HM are specifically designed on the Collaboration with Sambal Trust-
basis of the following 5 pointers: Sambal Trust is an organization working on livelihood and agriculture in
1. Appreciate villages of Jhadol. They were taken to CI villages of Kailvalya fellows to
2. Challenge expand their work area and collaborate with the fellows to identify target
3. Celebrate group of people.
4. Belonging Sambal Trust is now working in intervention schools and communities of the
5. Making a Difference. fellows in following areas-
The pointers were discussed in the previous week’s Debrief : As a pre- 1. Sports in GUPS Lakhaguda
requisites to form a winning team. The school SWOT was done keeping this Training of students in archery, volleyball, football and swimming
lens in mind and it shifted the team’s approach towards school. The with the help of two coaches.
objective to script the dialogue in this format was to make it very personal The next school of intervention for sports will be GUPS M.Phalasia.
and to ensure inner drive of the teacher/HM in the process. 2. Library resources in GPS Harniyakheda
During the first week, it was discovered that since we seldom celebrate life Due to lack of resources, the execution of library could not take
with the teachers, and we in our dialogue, fail to align them with our values, place despite dedicated teachers. The fellows approached the
belief systems hence creating a huge gap in belongingness. We fail to make Sambal Trust and they donated 65 books to the school.
them believe that every step that they initiate makes a difference in 3. The Trust has identified a group of 10 women with the help of one
people’s lives. Therefore we are not able to transfer complete ownership of the fellows who will work to produce food products.The fellows
and create a sustainable practice within the school ecosystem. in order to strengthen the collaboration has been helping Sambal
Trust to expand their work and supporting the trust in their
research and hence establish SHG’s in all CI villages of the Fellows.
4. The Sambal Trust showed interest in the Musical Theatre
3.5 (collaborative project of the fellows) performed by the children of
3 Jhadol and is looking forward to possibilities of supporting the
2.5 project financially.
1.5 self
Appreciate Challenge Celebrate Belonging Making a
There is a huge gap that is identified between the alignment of the working
style of Kaivalya Education Foundation Fellows and the school. This gap
mostly occurs because of lack of shared responsibility and co-creation of
strategy with stakeholder to be adopted to bring about the change in the
Event planning: Meeting with ABEEO and BEEO:
With second week coming to a closure the preparation and planning phase The event plan and brief was presented first to ABEEO and then later to
of the Event :Gyanodaya started. To start with the fellows designed a BEEO.The presentation also included how the assessment went and the
calendar for the upcoming days and the task at hand. Different roles and consolidated data of all 17 schools. We also shared how the teaching
responsibility were handed over and a detail backend plan was prepared practices of some teachers are affected by lack of use of resources and
from the fellow side. Major responsibilities are : condition of library, despite of continuous efforts of government, is non-
Responsibilty Teacher/HM Fellow in support functional in most schools because of poor execution. The need of the event
incharge as to promotion of use of Library and continuous feedback culture on
Books/activities/Games/Lab Naresh Garg Sadasiva Reddy teaching practice was well established. The idea of 17 schools collaborating
Foodstalls Dharmendra Lashkar Meera to learn from each other was the most attractive part of the campaign,as
Cultural performances Mrs. Anand Shweta stated by BEEO.He agreed on how it can be far better than any other
Management and resources Naresh Kumar Bipin training process and can also build on creativity amongst the school
The major responsibility of these fellows is to create a collaborative The challenges were presented in front of ABEEO and he willingly agreed to
environment for all 17 schools to work within these heads and help the guide us throughout the process. To keep the essence of collaboration,
major teacher incharge. Four of our most dynamic teachers/HM are Pawan Rawal (BEEO) expressed a need to request schools to join hands
selected to lead the whole event. rather than issuing a letter of participation, hence he personally signed in
These teachers are given the responsibility to conduct the whole event with our letter requesting all schools to participate. He expressed a desire to
assistance of the fellow in charge. Debrief of all these teachers in the office collaborate under Kaivalya Foundation for the event and asked to promote
itself is scheduled on Monday. as much collaboration as possible, among schools of the block.
Appreciation from ABEEO and his desire to participate actively in the event
was the highlight of the meeting.

Planning of the calendar for Event :Debrief

Presentation to Mr. Laluram (ABEEO)
Library Day: 17 Schools One Saturday-
The most important step of this week and was a major initiation in the
action steps for the schools. 16 Schools celebrated Library day on 26 August
2017.The plan was shared with the HMs in the previous visits and 6 schools
were identified that required major support in the process. The fellows also
went to document and monitor the process in the schools.
“It was just not about a day in Nayagaon. The HM distributed the books a day
before and kids were asked to read the books and come. The assembly was like an
inauguration for the library day. HM himself read a part of his favorite book and
announced the day flow to kids and the teachers. Despite of strength of 3 teachers
in a Upper Primary School. I found myself ecstatic in the moment while the teachers
managed to celebrate the day as a festival. The kids were so happy and I am sure
we can turn the table around”…Shweta Dahiya
The day was not celebrated in the same format.HM and teachers asked for
specific kind of intervention. Certain schools picked up only ALM and VLM
this time. At some places it was celebrate just for one half and the other half
was dedicated to movie or arts and crafts. The major essence was to build
an understanding of follow up and assessment of child’s understanding on
the learning resource and hence the subject. Properly formulated
questionnaire was prepared with the teachers in three categories Readers,
Semi-Readers and Non-Readers, that was the basis of assessment to be
followed after the reading or visual based learning. It was then categorized
in two sections Oral and written format. Student in charge assisted the
teachers in the whole process.
“I monitored three schools’ execution of Library today and along with my visit I was
able to clearly map out the spectrum of the schools.Where in Kochala, Meena
Ma’am took complete ownership,single handedly worked with 4 classes and
executed the plan.She expressed her enthusiasm to attend workshop and her
willingness to grow was my motivation today. I also sat down with other staff
members and asked them to constantly support Ma’am in the process. In the second
school the process was pushed by me,although teachers did it full heartedly,I was
the one who initated. This gap needs to be reduced but there is a lot we have
achieved. Teachers need support in design of activities around library to keep
student engaged.”…Sadasiva Reddy
Week 4 Planning Sheet

Library TIPPS
Micro Milestones HM/ teacher engages students in library activities. HM and teachers identify the roles that they will play in the
HM/Teacher integrates lesson plan and classroom activities with feedback process
library Understanding and trust is built around using TIPPS as a tool
Right assortment of books are maintained by students in charge as for improving delivery skills
per the monthly planner. HM and teachers select a set of TIPPS concepts to work on
Goals Shift in Teacher’s mindset. Set-up initial foundation step for using TIPPS module.
Teacher understands in depth the value of Library by indulging in the HM identifies his role in teachers' growth through feedback
process of designing the activities. process
HM's feedback skills start building up
Teachers create lesson plan using the TIPPS module
Steps 1. Activities in Assembly 1. HM sees his teacher's video to build on his observation and
2. Integrated classroom transaction. feedback skills
3. Library campaign gets build by TIPPS campaign. 2. Staff meeting on creating a feedback culture
4. Pre-preparation of Gyanodaya event (Fellow role) 3. Teacher creates a lesson plan along with HM and the fellow
5. Assortment of the Library is done.
Micro Steps Activities in Assembly: 1. Understanding built around why HM is observing his
1. Assembly In-charge and HM sits to plan Assembly calendar for the teacher's video-
month and integrates it with the overall monthly calendar. To give feedback to the teacher so that his best practices
2. Activity log book is designed by the teacher in-charge and HM. enhance and areas of improvement are identified---->
3. HM/Teacher designs two activities for the assembly that relates to improvement in classroom transaction----> growth of a child
the books distributed/ ensures use of other resources. 2. HM observes teacher's video and points out best practices
4. ALM/VLM to be added to Library Day celebration on with specific examples
Saturday/Friday. 3. HM creates a structure for his recorded observation to give
5. Execution is ensured by the HM and a track is regularly better feedback to the teacher.
maintained. 4. Feedback structure refined by the fellow with the use of
TIPPS module and understanding built on how TIPPS can help
in giving concrete feedback.
5. HM records feedback on video one more time on specific
concepts based on indicators of those concepts- YES or NO
with examples.
(1st version of feedback structure)
Micro Steps Classroom Transaction wrt Library: Staff Meeting to share Data Analysis report and feedback
1. HM intimates the teacher regarding day of observation. format-
1. HM observes the classroom + Lesson plan of the teacher. 1. Fellow engages with HM to support him in designing the
2. Discusses the scope of improvement in Library centric Activities. objective and agenda for the meeting.
3. Teacher (under the supervision of HM) designs a planner of the 2. Fellow supports the HM to design the flow of the meeting
week for better execution of the library resources as well as skills. along the lines of issues identified and approach for the same.
4. Teacher designs at least 3 activities with the fellow for the week 3. HM leads the Staff meeting with support of Fellow
and HM ensures the execution. (whenever required) and insights based on leadership video
5. HM/Teacher/Student prepare the resources that might be used and his teacher's video.
for the transaction of the activities beforehand. 4. HM shares the data analysis of assessment of subject
6. Distribution of books once in a week/ Distribution of books in teachers and discusses upon an ideal classroom environment.
class. 5. HM provides ample space to teachers to share their view
7. Showing audio/video in the class to enhance child learning at least points on the same matter and address the upcoming
once in a week. challenges with the help of monthly planning and
collaborating with teachers to come up with a plan for the
6. HM shares the feedback sheet with teachers so that peer
learning also takes place and teachers know the structure with
which they will receive feedback from the HM and fellow
teachers. (The momentum around need for feedback is
created with teachers with the help of baseline assessment
throughout week 1 and week 2)
7. Fellow keeps a log of the meeting (may be audio/ video/
notes) that helps the fellow to plan for the campaign.
Micro Steps 1. Fellow identifies components of the teacher's lesson plan
that indicate some concepts of the TIPPS and hence its
relevance in lesson planning.
2. Teacher creates lesson plan around two more chosen
concepts by him and the fellow gives his inputs as well which
is interactive in nature and ensures use of library books as
TLMs. (prepared in advance)
Fellow Role Debrief Pointers

1. Fellow analyses and prepares the report of Week 2. 1. Weekly Report and Week 3 Planning Sheet
2. Fellows come up with micro steps in intervention areas (library, 2. Inputs by fellows in the schools and consequent output and next
assembly, lesson planning, collaboration, feedback). action steps for the schools (based on current visit)
3. Fellow shares the inputs put forth and collaborative school planning 3. Follow up on Planning for Gyanodaya and response, acceptability of
made in schools and refines it accordingly. HMs and teachers on sharing regarding the event.
4. Fellow reaches out to organizations, people to build resources for 4. Ownership of HMs and Teachers for Library and integrating Library
the schools and create environment for capacity building of HMs and classroom transaction.
and teachers. 5. Weekly planner of teachers.
5. Fellow shares the Week 2 report with the BEEO and updates him on 6. Staff Meeting/Meeting with the HM: Challenges/ outcomes/
the status of schools with regard to library and teaching practices in brightspots.
intervention schools of Kaivalya Education Foundation.
Growth tracked by fellows:
6. Fellow takes updates from HMs and teachers on weekly planning
and prepares resources required by them.
Name Growth Area
7. A set of Assembly activities are designed by the fellows based on Shorya Chauhan How to build a team
Library books. (as backup) How to push the bar every single day
8. Fellow prepares checklist for the event Gyanodaya to be held on 6-7 To comprehend issues before break-even point and create
September. support structure for peer members
9. Fellow selects a few ALMs/VLMs and prepares discussion pointers Bipin Dubey Planning skills- Breaking objective and action steps
for Library Day + CRT. Making team strong and keeping pace with peers
10. Fellow sits with students in charge of library and guide them on Visualizing from different lenses
preparation of resources for primary classes. Using previous knowledge and channelizing towards next
11. Fellow prepares for the Staff Meeting on Data Sharing and Feedback steps
Structure and assists the HM to design the flow. Shweta Dahiya Planning and strategizing- To push self towards creating
12. Fellow creates a sample lesson plan based on TIPPS indicators to be actionable steps
used while planning with the subject teachers. Understanding of ideation due to brainstorming
Improvement in dialoguing with concrete school planning
Creating support structure for peers
Sadasiva Reddy Moving towards- Thinking twice before doing
Goodness of action leads to acceptability
Challenging self as parameter of growth
Meera Bhatt Increase in execution of school plan
Awareness of role of self in the team
Design of activities and procedures

आि ददनांक 32/80/ 3802को पीरामल फाउं डेिन के

कार्यकतायओं के साथ मीदटंग हुई .आप‘ ज्ञानोदर् ’कार्यक्रम
तहसील स्तर पर दो ददिसीर् कार्य्यक्रम रआना चाहते हैं .
र्ह बहुत ही सराहनीर् है .इसको सेकनडरी और हार्र
सेकनडरी स्कूलों के साथ शमलकर सरकारी विद्र्ालर् मन
आर्ोिन ककर्ा िार् तो और बेहतर होगा.
वपछले एक साल से आप लोगों के प्रर्ास को दे आ रहा हूाँ .बहुत मेहनत
करते हैं आपलोग .इस बार िो‘ ज्ञानोदर्’ कार्यक्रम आप लोगों ने रआा
है इसमन हम री पूणय रूप से रागीदारी यनराएंगे .बस मैं आप सबसे
इतना ही अनरु ोध करना चाहूाँगा कक इन प्रर्ासों को हमारे र्हााँ लागु
करने मन री बहुत बाधाएाँ आती हैं .र्ह सुनकर आपको समझ नहीं
आएगा िब आप मेरी कुसी पर बैठनगे तो समझ पाएंगे .आपसे क्र्ा
कहूं ,प्रधानाध्र्ापक तो दरू मझ
ु े व्र्जक्तगत तौर पर रेद-राि का
सामना पड़ता है . मुझे तकनीक के बारे मन कम िानकारी है ऐसे मन
मुझे बहुत सारे डाक के काम िैसे िाला दियन ,र्ा ppa s awwपर
ू ना के शलए ककसी पर यनरयर रहना पड़ता है . इस कारण मझ
ु े
प्रधानाध्र्ापक होने के बाििूद प्रयतयनधधत्ि करने मन बहुत मुजश्कल का
सामना करना पड़ता है .कफर री मैं आपको र्े आश्िासन दे ता हूाँ कक
लाइब्रेरी से िड़
ु ी आपकी गयतविधधर्ों ,कार्यक्रम ,और प्रर्ासों को हम बच्चों
तक पहुंचाने का पूरा प्रर्ास करन गे.