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CIRSEE - Information Technology Divisio


Initial Development date:1994

Date of last update or latest version: Oct. 1999
Developed by:AREAL

Standardisation of the
Supervisory Control And
Data Acquisition (SCADA)
Topkapi comprises supervision
software and man-machine
and control-command software
for automated processes. It allows
interface for Lyonnaise des
operators to monitor data relating
to processes and facilities under
Eaux facilities.

Topkapi is designed to communicate with different types of equipment including; Aquaveil, Perax,
Sofrel, and Sériée remote terminal units, and programmable logic controllers (PLC’s) communicating
under ModBus, Sinelec, Unitelway, Fip Profibus protocols etc.

Topkapi software is available in both single workstation and network versions, both versions offering
full functionality.

The network version is based on a client /server architecture enabling task allocation, data unity and
integrity, and workstation redundancy to be achieved.

Topkapi is supplied by Aréal (France). It is already available in English, French and Spanish. Topkapi can
easily be translated into other languages.

Advantages for the client:

Topkapi is a supervision tool that is
fully adapted for the water opera-
tion business.

Application examples:
Over 230 Topkapi licenses are in use
within LdE in France, particularly at
the Yvelines Operational Centre and
at Eau et Force, Ile de France. Sixty
licenses are in use internationally,
including in Macao, Sydney and
Buenos Aires.

Functions Environment:
PC with a Windows® 95, 98 or NT
operating system.
Topkapi software offers two operating modes:
1 – The configuration mode is used for function configuration, testing and fine-tuning of set-up parameters.
2 – The operating modeis used by operators to view and control monitored processes and facilities. Topkapi software
offers various working environments.

• Spreadsheet mode:process-related information is displayed in spreadsheet cells.

• Synoptic mode: information is presented in graphics form (drawings or photos). Operator commands remain accessible.
• Curve mode: this mode provides real time display of history data in the form of trend curves. The operator has an onli-
ne toolbox to configure the display of curves (zoom, comparison, samples value, automatic print and print on demand,
clipboard copy, etc.).
• Alarm and history mode: this enables the operator to view and generate process-related alarms. It includes real time
historical alarms. A large number of data processing functions are available, such as customised display, selective dis-
play and sorting, etc.
• On-call management mode and remote access:for automated installations, Topkapi allows on-call staff to be contac-
ted in the event of a fault. Such calls can be made via Minitel, radio paging equipment (Alphapage, Operator,
Eurosignal, Tam-Tam) or from a normal telephone via a speech synthesis module or SMS on cellular phones. The ope-
rator thus contacted can then consult the data and remotely access commands using Minitel, RAS client, voice synthe-
sis mode telephone key pads etc.
• Reports mode: this mode uses archived data to draw up summary tables for reporting. Such analysis can cover
different periods (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly). The reports are saved as text files. They can be used either
directly or opened under an Excel© spreadsheet for customised presentation.
Date : Mars 2000 - M. Hurtrez


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