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Jackson, Michael - Natal

Friday August 29 1958, Gary 7h54

Longitude: 87°20'West Latitude: 41°36'North
Universal Time (GMT):13h54 Sidereal Time: 6h33m43s
Planetary hour: Moon

Sun: VIR. 5°42'49"
Moon: PIS. 9°29'24"
Mercury: LEO 25°37' R
Venus: LEO 16°32'
Mars: TAU.21°50'
Jupiter: LIB.28°28'
Saturn: SAG.19°09'
Uranus: LEO 13°29'
Neptune: SCO. 2°34'
Pluto: VIR. 2°10'
Nth Node: LIB.23°01' R
Sth Node: ARI.23°01' R
Black Moon: ARI. 9°33' (=2nd focus of the Moon's orbit)
Chiron: AQU.19°20' R

Part of Fortune: ARI.10°25'
Vertex: ARI.17°42'
East Point: LIB. 9°11'

Placidus Houses:
ASC:LIB. 6°38' 2:SCO. 3°03' 3:SAG. 3°49'
IC:CAP. 7°45' 5:AQU.11°21' 6:PIS.11°21'
DES:ARI. 6°38' 8:TAU. 3°03' 9:GEM. 3°49'
MC:CAN. 7°45' 11:LEO 11°21' 12:VIR.11°21'

In this chart...
*) Moon is strong because:
-opposed Sun
-ruler of the hour
*) Jupiter is strong because:
-in the 1st house
-pole of the Heptagram
*) Neptune is strong because:
-in the 1st house
-sextile Sun
-trine Moon
*) Pluto is strong because:
-conjunct Sun
-opposed Moon

Notice the following groups of planets:

*) The cluster Uranus - Venus - Mercury - Pluto - Sun in the 11th
*) The formation Nth Node - Jupiter - Neptune in the 1st house.

Notice the 8 aspect formations:

*) Kite Sun - Moon - Neptune - Midheaven
*) Kite Moon - Neptune - Pluto - Midheaven
*) Kite Mercury - Saturn - Nth Node - Sth Node
*) Kite Mercury - Saturn - Sth Node - Chiron
*) Kite Venus - Saturn - Sth Node - Chiron
*) T Square Mercury - Mars - Chiron
*) T Square Venus - Mars - Chiron
*) T Square Black Moon - Ascendant - Midheaven

List of the 47 major aspects found in this chart:

1) opposition Sun-Moon, orb = 03°47'
2) sextile Sun-Neptune, orb = 03°08'
3) conjunction Sun-Pluto, orb = 03°33'
4) sextile Sun-Midheaven, orb = 02°02'
5) trine Moon-Neptune, orb = 06°55'
6) opposition Moon-Pluto, orb = 07°20'
7) trine Moon-Midheaven, orb = 01°45'
8) conjunction Mercury-Venus, orb = 09°05'
9) square Mercury-Mars, orb = 03°47'
10) sextile Mercury-Jupiter, orb = 02°52'
11) trine Mercury-Saturn, orb = 06°27'
12) conjunction Mercury-Pluto, orb = 06°33'
13) sextile Mercury-Nth Node, orb = 02°36'
14) trine Mercury-Sth Node, orb = 02°36'
15) opposition Mercury-Chiron, orb = 06°16'
16) square Venus-Mars, orb = 05°18'
17) trine Venus-Saturn, orb = 02°37'

18) conjunction Venus-Uranus, orb = 03°03'
19) trine Venus-Sth Node, orb = 06°29'
20) trine Venus-Black Moon, orb = 06°59'
21) opposition Venus-Chiron, orb = 02°48'
22) trine Venus-Part of Fortune, orb = 06°08'
23) square Mars-Chiron, orb = 02°29'
24) conjunction Jupiter-Neptune, orb = 04°06'
25) sextile Jupiter-Pluto, orb = 03°41'
26) conjunction Jupiter-Nth Node, orb = 05°27'
27) opposition Jupiter-Sth Node, orb = 05°27'
28) trine Saturn-Uranus, orb = 05°40'
29) sextile Saturn-Nth Node, orb = 03°52'
30) trine Saturn-Sth Node, orb = 03°52'
31) sextile Saturn-Chiron, orb = 00°11'
32) trine Uranus-Black Moon, orb = 03°56'
33) opposition Uranus-Chiron, orb = 05°52'
34) trine Uranus-Part of Fortune, orb = 03°04'
35) sextile Neptune-Pluto, orb = 00°25'
36) conjunction Neptune-Nth Node, orb = 09°33'
37) opposition Neptune-Sth Node, orb = 09°33'
38) trine Neptune-Midheaven, orb = 05°10'
39) sextile Pluto-Midheaven, orb = 05°35'
40) trine Nth Node-Chiron, orb = 03°41'
41) sextile Sth Node-Chiron, orb = 03°41'
42) opposition Black Moon-Ascendant, orb = 02°55'
43) square Black Moon-Midheaven, orb = 01°48'
44) conjunction Black Moon-Part of Fortune, orb = 00°52'
45) square Ascendant-Midheaven, orb = 01°07'
46) opposition Ascendant-Part of Fortune, orb = 03°47'
47) square Midheaven-Part of Fortune, orb = 02°40'

Canopus Professional Chart Interpretation for Jackson, Michael

Born Aug. 29 1958, 7h54 in Gary

(Hour of Moon)

In this interpretation, we will follow the following plan:

- introduction
- general points
- major aspects
- planets in houses
The house system used is Placidus

Copyright (c) 1994, 1996 by Clairvision School Foundation


Character oriented astrology

In this chart interpretation, you will notice the terms 'character' and 'soul
forces'. Characters are subpersonalities, that is, various facets of the psyche. In
a person, there may be several characters and soul forces which are not yet
consciously recognised, but have potential and may only surface with time - or
perhaps remain buried in the depths of the psyche.
The Clairvision approach sees the astrological chart as a map of a person's
characters. You should not be surprised if some of the characters described in the

interpretation are not apparent. They may have been conspicuous only in one earlier
phase of the person's life, or they may not have blossomed yet - or perhaps they
correspond to deep unconscious material. Because one of the most exciting sides of
astrological interpretation is to reveal hidden soul forces and potential, the
characters described in the interpretation that the person cannot recognise in
themselves may actually be the most important.

Nothing is fixed
An important aspect of the Clairvision approach to astrology is that it considers
that nothing is fixed. A chart has many facets, and free will can determine which
qualities will be developed, and which avenues of life will be trodden.

This interpretation is valid both for tropical and sidereal charts

As you will notice, this interpretation emphasises planetary aspects the most, and
disregards the position of the planets in signs. The astrologers of the Clairvision
School are in favour of a sidereal system of astrology (taking into account the
precession of the equinoxes) because this matches the astronomical reality of the
constellations more closely. In a sidereal chart, all the positions of the planets
in signs differ by more than 23 degrees from those in a tropical chart. However,
planetary aspects and the positions of planets in houses remain the same. So the
interpretation we are offering you here remains the same for tropical and sidereal


In this chart...
*) Moon is strong because:
-opposed Sun
-ruler of the hour
*) Jupiter is strong because:
-in the 1st house
-pole of the Heptagram
*) Neptune is strong because:
-in the 1st house
-sextile Sun
-trine Moon
*) Pluto is strong because:
-conjunct Sun
-opposed Moon

Notice the following groups of planets:

*) The cluster Uranus - Venus - Mercury - Pluto - Sun in the 11th
*) The formation Nth Node - Jupiter - Neptune in the 1st house.


Note: the aspects are presented in a carefully selected order which reflects their
importance in this chart.

Opposition Sun-Moon, orb = 03°47'

Key Words: Full Moon, fullness of life, need to integrate pairs of opposite values.
Key Words: need to integrate pairs of opposite values and conflictual inclinations.
A Sun-Moon opposition is a Full Moon.
Before anything else, this brings symbolic values of a fullness of life.

Being born at the Full Moon tends to indicate that this is a serious incarnation on
Earth. Not one in which the person is just passing by to collect a few impressions,
but one in which key life-experiences are to be undergone, and key actions are to
be performed. These experiences and actions (karma) will in turn deeply affect the
following lives and long term destiny of the person.
In particular, this is a life in which the person has the potential to deeply
connect with their Higher Self and its values. By tapping from Self potential more
than perhaps ever before, he/she can reach a fullness of experience of much greater
depth than in former lives, and thus operate a change in their long-term destiny.
At the same time, the Sun-Moon opposition may highlight a number of contradictory
tendencies within the psyche. The Sun stands for yang values, the active side of
the personality, the conscious. The Moon stands for Yin values, the more
contemplative side of the personality, the unconscious. The Sun and the Moon also
incarnate a whole set of opposite values, throughout the entire spectrum of the
psyche. A Sun-Moon opposition may therefore bring a few inner conflicts due to
being pulled by opposite inclinations and attractions, or by pairs of characters of
incompatible values.
In practice, what can that mean? Being torn between two possible careers, each with
good and bad sides. Having to make a difficult choice between two partners. Having
to make decisions that will lead to two different kinds of life, each appealing to
different parts of yourself.
It is essential to come to a deeper understanding of what is at stake here. Behind
the details and anecdotes of life circumstances, what matters is that the opposite
sides of the psyche are being brought to the surface for the purpose of a greater
integration. Only if this is achieved will it be possible to access the Self and
its unlimited potential. And so in reality, it may well be that it is the person's
very Self which has been the architect of these situations. If the person can tune
into this 'push' of the Self, this flow of life, then all contradictions will be
resolved, and an infinitely greater harmony will be reached. However, as long as
one remains floored in the lower levels and yearnings of the psyche, some of the
contradictions are likely to be painful.
People born with this aspect should remember that, according to the tradition, the
Buddha was conceived at the Full Moon, born at the Full Moon (that is, with a Sun-
Moon opposition), left home and started his quest at the Full Moon, and reached his
enlightenment at the Full Moon. The element of painful duality in the beginning of
the Buddha's career was obvious: as a young man he had to make the difficult choice
of leaving his father's palace, renouncing comfort, wealth and kingship to become a
wandering ascetic. Had he not been able to make this choice and act on it, he would
never have become the Buddha.

Trine Moon-Neptune, orb = 06°55'

Exceptional sensitivity, highly plastic and changeable, psychic abilities.
The Moon is related to water and earth elements. Neptune raises its level of
vibration from down to earth to more imaginative and spiritual dimensions.
*Moon-Neptune: 2 watery energies combining into the most sensitive of all planetary
Fantastic imagination.
Intense dream life (superlative dreaming, even with eyes wide open). Easy access to
the unconscious.
Dreams of ideals. Romantic dispositions. (Think of John Lennon, Moon-Neptune
trine). Can become emotionally indulgent at times.
Highly plastic (superlative water).
Impressionable mind.
Highly changeable and multifaceted personality.
Potential for great compassion. Ideals of love.
*Extremely psychic:
The plastic psyche is particularly good at tuning into things and people.
Good at opening.

Visions and psychic abilities through great opening - if one can go beyond the
Angel connections.
Need for merging.
Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, had a Moon-Neptune conjunction in the Midheaven.
Possible pitfalls of the Moon-Neptune association:
Difficulty separating the conscious from unconscious material.
Self-delusion. Confusion. Dreaming beyond limits.
The dreaming can become escapism, and the person may withdraw into a reality of
his/her own.
Danger of fooling oneself.
(In terms of the Clairvision work, this is a combination for 'missing bits'.)
Both the Moon and Neptune are, by nature, better at blending than at doing. If
there is not a push from other planets (the Moon-Neptune of Cayce was trine a Mars-
Jupiter conjunction), there may be a danger of sinking into a purely introverted
disposition without concrete realisations.
*The Moon-Neptune combination can result in prepersonal features:
Old, atavistic clairvoyance.
The need for opening and merging.
Tendency to form symbiotic relationships. May find it difficult to discern if what
one feels comes from oneself or from other people, that is, discern between your
emotions and someone else's .
Risk of acting as a sponge for the vibrations of the environment, in particular the
astral environment. If the person experiences being swamped by doom and gloom
without any apparent reason, it is likely they need to learn how to protect
themselves better from their energetic environment, and more generally from the
global fluctuations which regularly sway the consciousness of the planet.
Unclear sense of one's own boundaries.
Difficulty in self-differentiation. Unclear sense of one's own identity.
Famous people with a major Moon-Neptune aspect : Johann Sebastian Bach

Opposition Moon-Pluto, orb = 07°20'

The Moon-Pluto brings exceptionally deep, intense and rich emotions, which at times
may devastate the native.
It is essential for them to find outlets for these emotions and not let them remain
buried underground - otherwise he/she can be consumed by them. Unless significant
work on oneself has been achieved, there are likely to be times when these emotions
explode, internally or outwardly, which can be quite shocking to the native (and to
his/her surroundings). In most cases, however, one should not necessarily worry
when it happens - Pluto can cope with (and vitally needs) significantly more
intensity than the average person.
Because of this rich inner life, the native can intuitively understand other
people's emotions with great sharpness (also because Pluto likes to investigate and
unveil other people's secrets). If the integrity is not high, this can also lead to
a lot of emotional manipulation of parents, friends, and/or colleagues.
The Moon is the planet of fertility, which Pluto's intensity can superlatively
Can lead to an exceptionally fertile imagination and creativity.
Cooking: With this major Moon-Pluto aspect, let's face it, there has to be some
fascination with esoteric/occult topics, if not something of a witch in some part
of the native. (Bubble, bubble - no doubt the witches of Macbeth had a BIG Moon-
Pluto something.) This will often show when the native is cooking. Where other
people would simply be mixing ingredients, they concoct and brew. They intuitively
know how to pour non-physical influences into the food. (Their Christmas pudding
tastes significantly superior to others'.) They are naturally in touch with the
deeply alchemical, magical and occult aspects of cooking.
There are not many combinations like Moon-Pluto for a rich and complicated

sexuality. There is a jungle of fantasies, either at the background of the psyche,
or consciously acknowledged. At times, the desires can be overwhelming - a chasm.
If the native has never experienced the 'sex maniac character' inside themselves,
then they simply do not know themselves.
The Moon eclipsed: However, because of the intensity of their desire, and also in
relation to the concealing nature of Pluto, there may well be the risk of totally
repressing the sexual desire, and cutting off from the rich inner emotional world.
Rather than facing what may at first appear to be the abyss, the native semi-
consciously or unconsciously chooses to close the lid and see nothing. Some people
even lead themselves to believe that they have transcended emotions and sublimated
their passions, while in reality they are in a state of quasi-total suppression.
There are great dangers associated with such an attitude. One is that the native is
living on a volcano, which might create disastrous mental and physical problems.
Another is that this will cause a disconnection from the fountain of creativity
that is inside.
The Moon is the planet of sensitivity and affection, but also of nutrition. Any
disorder of the Moon is likely to create nutritional disruptions, usually through
overeating, sometimes anorexia nervosa (a perfect example of the Moon being taken
underground by Pluto).
With this aspect, each time your eating habits go out of control, the first thing
you should think of is that some unseen emotions are at work deep inside. Rather
than eating, it might be cleverer to do some work on yourself and find the source
of the agitation. Remember also that with Pluto, there are NO limits. If you let
your diet go out of control, it may really go out of control.
Conversely, we have seen several overweight people with a major Moon-Pluto aspect
who lost a stone as soon as they started working on themselves.
If your partner has a major Moon-Pluto aspect be ready to go for great intensities
in the emotional and sexual sides of the relationship. The need to explore hidden
facets and desires is essential for the native to come to know himself/herself and
gain control of his/her destiny, and also to create a real bond between the two
partners. A climate of complete trust must be established, for the native to feel
safe enough to open Pandora's box.
Working on yourself:
With a Moon-Pluto aspect, the first important element is to seek to unveil
emotions, feelings and desires which may have remained completely unacknowledged
and even unconscious in your life so far. There is the need for ISIS (or some other
technique to reveal the depths of the psyche) in great measure.

Conjunction Jupiter-Neptune, orb = 04°06'

*A warm and harmonious combination:
The meeting of Jupiter and Neptune is a happy one: these are two planets of
spirituality and vastness which go well together. Neptune adds a spiritual
dimension to Jupiter. Jupiter holds the Neptunian potential and helps actualise it
out of blurriness. Jupiter's warmth enhances the benevolent values inherent to
Neptune and minimises the coldness sometimes attached to it.
*Neptunian sensitivity in Jupiterian proportions:
Empathy, immense compassion.
Jupiter's generosity and Neptune selflessness.
High ideals.
*High artistic sensitivity and inspiration:
Deep experiences and revelations through music.
Natural perception of the sacred side of arts.
*Highest spirituality:
Jupiter the hierophant, Neptune the mystic - one of the most spiritual combinations
of planets.
Premonitory dreams.
Faith, capital F (as in the pistis of the Gnostic gospels).
Visionary (think of Edgar Cayce, who had Moon-Neptune conjunct in the 10th house,

and trine to Jupiter in the 6th).
Natural understanding of the world of the gods and of high spiritual realities.
Great mystic. Transcendental experiences.
Experiences of expansion and vastness. Universal love.
Vast illuminations.
The Neptunian rich inner spiritual life expanding under the Jupiter influence:
The prophet. The hierophant. High priest(ess).
Notice that this chart presents a Neptune-Pluto sextile (the aspect which appeared
during more than half of the 20th century), which further reinforces the Jupiter-
Neptune combination.
*Working on yourself:
If you have a major Jupiter-Neptune aspect, the challenge is double.
On the one hand, revealing the big values of spirituality that are dormant inside
On the other hand, avoiding a number of pitfalls linked to Neptune and possibly
further reinforced by the association with Jupiter.
The possible pitfalls:
A fantastic ability to dream, and possibly to fool yourself. Neptune delusions,
taking Jupiterian proportions. There is a great need for carefully chosen advisers
that make sure you remain in touch with reality and do not escape into a world of
your own.
Perhaps the greatest of all perils, however, is that the Neptunian inherent
blurriness will never be broken through and that the wonderful spiritual potential
that is within you may never be contacted.
As always with Neptune, there is the need to fight chaos, dreaminess, vagueness,
and procrastination.
Alcohol, tobacco and drugs are to be avoided at any cost, for they favour the inner
confusion - the great enemy of people with a strong Neptune. Moreover, the
Jupiterian tendency to do things in large measure could precipitate you into
pronounced levels of addiction.
*The dreamer character:
Deeply out of touch with reality.
Layers and layers of false conceptions inside, in which the person strongly
believes (Jupiter-Neptune is a combination for faith).
Lives in an imaginary reality of his/her own. Perhaps escaping in novels or videos
(waiting for virtual reality).
A long string of disillusionment experiences in life.
Can end up completely isolated and useless.

Conjunction Jupiter-Nth Node, orb = 05°27'

Opposition Jupiter-Sth Node, orb = 05°27'
The North Node stands for destiny and one's future. Its association with Jupiter
points towards the values of this planet in order to find one's path and solve
one's problems. This means the need of moving out of one's shell, being outgoing
and daring, grasping opportunities while they are at hand. A positive attitude to
life is needed with enthusiasm, optimism and broadminedness. Travelling may help,
and bring opportunities for inner shifts and revelations.

Conjunction Neptune-Nth Node, orb = 09°33'

Opposition Neptune-Sth Node, orb = 09°33'
This points to the values of Neptune as playing a key role in the evolution of the
native during this incarnation.
Perhaps, before arriving on Earth, the person has taken the resolution to advance
along a path of compassion and universal love.
Perhaps there is a streak of high spiritual-artistic inspiration waiting above
their head, already connected and waiting for them to tap into it.
It can also indicate that the spiritual guidance of the individual (the beings who

are in charge of helping to fulfil destiny) is strongly related to Neptunian

Sextile Mercury-Jupiter, orb = 02°52'

Gives a Jupiterian flavour to the mental organisation: broad-mindedness, capacity
to see the big picture, organisation skills.
Enhances a number of Jupiterian values in the personality: joviality, optimism,
generosity, knowing how to make the best of situations and look on the bright side
of life.
Mercury the talker can also take Jupiterian proportions, the loquacity of someone
who not only likes to talk but also has lots of things to say.
Social skills: The Mercurian skills for communication can take Jupiterian
proportion. This gives a sense of how to address the public and conduct exchanges
between interest groups or communities. Can give a talent for advertisement, or
public relations. Can be an excellent sales-person. Negotiation skills. Social
orientation of the personality.

Sextile Jupiter-Pluto, orb = 03°41'

Jupiter, king of heaven; Pluto king of the underworld and richest of all beings -
there has to be some special accumulation of power, material and occult, in this
It gives great magnetism, presence, charisma and capacity to influence others.
In terms of energy, this can be seen as a power in the lower chakras which can draw
forces (including money) and people to itself. Through their Pluto force, the
native can hold vast resources in his/her sphere of influence.

Sextile Sun-Neptune, orb = 03°08'

Key words: strong Neptunian features: idealistic, inspired, compassion, but first
needs to overcome the Neptunian vagueness in order to access them.
Imparts a certain degree of Neptunian qualities to the personality.
Idealistic. High inner dreams.
Compassion. Softness. Can be self-sacrificing.
Spiritual dispositions.
Deep inner aspiration for a merging with the Divine, whether consciously
acknowledged or not.
*The Sun-Neptune inspired character:
Great sensitivity and aesthetic sense.
High inspiration.
Capacity to connect to high spiritual realms, either in an artistic direction, or
in a spiritual one.
Has overcome the inertia and vagueness of Neptune, and therefore can do something
with the inspiration in practical life. Neptune set into action - creator in

Sextile Neptune-Pluto, orb = 00°25'

Key word: an aspect of a generation rather than indicative of individual features.
Uranus and Neptune are very slow planets. Aspects between them therefore last for
years, and are therefore not specific (that is, not meaningful on an individual
level), unless aspected to other planets or to the angles.
Due to the slowing down of Neptune and the speeding up of Pluto in its eccentric
orbit, the two planets remained sextile for about 30 years, from the 1960s to 1993.
With its power of deconstruction over social structures and of awakening latent
human potential, it came to prepare the great Uranus-Neptune conjunction of 1993-

Conjunction Sun-Pluto, orb = 03°33'
A Sun-Pluto conjunction tends to impress the features of Pluto on the native's
personality: intense and needing intensity, magnetic, deep, passionate, mysterious.
The Sun stands for the deepest in an individual; Pluto is the planet of death and
Some major transformations may be expected in this life. It can be a total change
of social, philosophical and spiritual horizons. In any case the person's psyche is
likely to undergo a radical turn at least once during the incarnation.
This may come gradually, through a process of transformation, or be brought about
by some more sudden or even dramatic circumstances.
The more the native can understand and accompany the underground forces that are
pushing for change, the more the transformation can be harmonious. If however,
these underground forces are ignored, then the transformation may turn into a
painful metamorphosis in the midst of tidal-wave changes in their material
situation. Pluto rarely does THINGS in half measures.
A feature essential to Pluto, however, is that it can come out resurrected and more
beautiful than ever from life circumstances that would permanently shatter other
individuals - like the phoenix, reborn from its ashes.
There is in the Pluto-Sun combination an element of phenomenal resistance and
solidity which allows one to cope with infinitely more than the average person can
take. Even if they appear frail, they have the potential to survive holocausts.
Even if they appear to be shattered, they will stand again, renewed and greater, at
the end of the turmoil.
Whether the aspect is harmonious or not, what is good about the Sun-Pluto
combination is that it is never shallow. It counterbalances any other planetary
combination of superficiality. The native can go fully into things. His/her
interests tend to be consuming passions. (Pluto needs either to consume or be
There is in Pluto an aspect of quest and seeking.
As soon as you see someone with an intense Pluto, you immediately know that they
are seeking something. The problem is of course that it may take some time for the
native to discover what it is that he/she is searching for.
There is in Pluto an aspect which draws towards mysteries, a fascination for that
which is hidden. This can manifest in a Sherlock Holmes way - the investigation of
enigmas of various kinds. On a higher level, it can also prove one of most solid
foundations for a long lasting spiritual quest.
Whether it shows or not, it is likely that a high pressure of intensity is at work
within the native's psyche. Their emotions are like nuclear explosions, but often
underground ones, so that even their closest friends may not realise what is
happening in them. Sometimes the intensity is so deep and hidden that the native
himself/herself may not completely acknowledge it.
If you think of the Sun-Mars combination as relating to the will par excellence,
and of Pluto as a transcended Mars, you can imagine the potential of power that is
contained in the Sun-Pluto association. How much the native will come in touch with
this potential depends on whether he/she will be able to face himself/herself and
comprehend the abysmal intensity that lies within.
Many people with a strong Pluto have a full, intuitive, understanding of their
emotional self, and extremely sharp insights into others. However, just as Pluto
abducted Persephone underground, so the Plutonic temperament can also have an
amazing ability to hide feelings even from themselves. When this is the case, then
entire parts of the personality can be eclipsed, and the native can walk on the
planet for decades without ever getting in touch with them. This results in
particular in their purpose in life (Sun) remaining completely hidden, until such
time as a massive transformation period.
If your partner has this aspect, then be ready to match their intensity. Something
in themselves will starve if they perceive you as shallow and unable to meet them.
Perhaps you need to discover your own Pluto side and learn to relate to them on

this deep level. In any case, do not expect to be taken seriously by them if you
can never display a certain 'voltage' of belly force.
You may also play an extremely positive role in their life by facilitating the
discovery of the hidden facets of themselves. Pluto must transform or die, or often
both at once. But the dramatic or even tragic side of the transformations could
often be significantly alleviated if the person was able to get in touch early with
the 'eclipsed' parts of themselves - those which will push for drastic changes in
order to reveal themselves. The more the native can consciously give birth to these
hidden parts, the less there is a need for painful transitions.

Conjunction Mercury-Pluto, orb = 06°33'

Key Words: Investigating, probing mind. Deep need for metamorphoses.
*The Mercury endowed with Pluto qualities:
Deep, penetrating mind.
Curious, inquisitive mind.
Fascination with mysteries.
Likes to probe or unveil that which is secret or hidden.
*Pluto features:
Essentially, a Mercury-Pluto aspect tends to impart Pluto qualities to the
personality - not unlike a Sun-Pluto aspect. Following strict astrological
symbolism, the Pluto values tend to be more clearly manifested in the mental
sphere. In reality, things are not as separate, the person has a strong Pluto
planetary force with:
- magnetic personality; intensity;
- loves secrecy;
- and a number of cliches often attributed to the sign of Scorpio in astrology.
*The Phoenix-Crises:
Perhaps the most significant element in a major Mercury-Pluto aspect is the
propensity to undergo massive transformations, often in the form of crises. These
can take various forms, from family dramas to nervous breakdown, or simply a
powerful transformation path.
The common point to these crises is that the native emerges with a different system
of values and direction in life (the same applies, to a great extent, to the crises
undergone by people with a major Sun-Pluto aspect).
Here astrology can play a very positive role, by pointing out that there is a huge
inner need for transformation. For in reality, what the person wants and needs is
transformation, not crisis! If this need can be identified and addressed through a
process of self-transformation, then all crises can be avoided.
Pluto people, however, can have an amazing ability to disguise and eclipse this
inner yearning for metamorphosis. Bringing themselves to crisis is sometimes the
only way for them to make the move.
But again, in many cases (not always) the crises could be avoided by a 'clear
vision' of the situation, and taking the necessary steps to remedy it.

Conjunction Mercury-Venus, orb = 09°05'

A harmonious combination of planetary forces.
It brings lightness, youthfulness, flexibility, joyfulness.
Sensitivity, artistic abilities, sense of aesthetics - the Mercurian mind taking up
Venusian sensuality.
Mercury likes to communicate, Venus adds softness. The associations suggests
diplomatic skills; the native knows how to ease tension and create a space of
harmony in which communication can flow.
The native gets along well with young people.
On a higher, spiritual, level, Mercury and Venus are two planets of connection with
angelic beings. The conjunction may therefore indicate the potential for spiritual
connections of an extremely high level - but that will probably not appear much
until the native follows a serious work of spiritual transformation.

In most cases, however, a Mercury-Venus conjunction is not extremely significant in
itself, for two reasons. Firstly, Mercury and Venus are fast moving planets, never
extremely far from each other, so that the conjunction occurs relatively often.
Secondly, both planets can change their characteristics dramatically depending on
which other planets they are aspected too.
Significance will come more from other aspects contracted by Venus and Mercury.
Conjunctions usually indicate accumulations of forces. By itself, a Mercury-Venus
does not accumulate much. If however, other planets are either conjunct or
otherwise aspected to Mercury and Venus, then there may be significant
reinforcement of these other connections.

Conjunction Venus-Uranus, orb = 03°03'

Venus, planet of feelings, values and sensitivity receives the awakening influence
of Uranus.
This gives a sense of ideal, in love of course, but also more generally throughout
the spectrum of the person's values.
Creativity: Uranus being the planet of inspirational flashes and even genius, the
association with Venus can result in outpourings of creativity.
Especially in a conjunction or an opposition, it can be amazingly original. The
native has what it takes to bring genuine innovations in artistic disciplines, or
in whatever fields he/she applies his/her creative talents to.
Creativity comes in sudden outbursts, during which the native becomes completely
absorbed in what he/she is doing.
This aspect is favourable for the creators of the Age of Aquarius. Uranus is good
at technology, and thus the native may excel in marrying art and technology or,
more generally, in using technology in whatever form of creative expression they
have chosen.
People with a Uranus-Venus aspect should always be encouraged to use their creative
potential and find a field in which they can express themselves. Apart from
bringing valuable contributions to others, this will also allow them to find an
outlet for the strong Uranus winds which flow through their consciousness. Creating
is for them a way of discharging tension and finding a balance.
Love and Feelings: The encounter of Venus, planet of romance, and Uranus, planet of
the unexpected, is bound to bring an element of surprise in the sentimental life of
the native.
Some encounters may suddenly change the emotional landscape.
There may also be a tendency to be attracted to original people or the
unconventional - and more generally to people with a Uranus personality. If your
partner has a Venus-Uranus aspect, beware! If you are too conventional and make no
effort to surprise them at times, they may well find you boring, and do what Uranus
is so good at doing: move, and fast! Conversely, if you want to gain favour with
someone with this aspect - surprise them. They've got rhythm, can you follow? Use
your sense of humour, which Uranus is nearly always fond of. Last but not least,
leave them plenty of space, for their nature is highly independent.
(Note that this applies not only to sexual relationships but to all forms of
associations and partnerships.)
Uranus hates routines. There is definitely a need for some originality in the way
relationships are set, conducted, and also possibly finished. The sex life may also
prove far more original than that of the average person (Uranus loves to
experiment). It's got to be magic, or it's a waste of time.
Deeper even than all of this, the idealistic temperament of Uranus combined with
the High Priest(ess) side of Venus may set the native in quest of the ideal love,
the perfect union which is (even) more mystic than sexual.
Stability, though, may be a problem for the native.
As with the Moon-Uranus combination, there may be a tendency to rush into
relationships or even marriage without having fully contemplated all the facets of
the partner one feels burningly attracted to.
If he or she follows the more impetuous side of his/her Uranus nature, there may be

a tendency to quit relationships or partnerships at any time and for minor reasons,
or even as soon as they are started. Whenever Uranus is prominent, the Saturn
values of patience and perseverance may be critically needed in order to avoid
People in whom this Venus-Uranus aspect is hot will be well inspired to have a few
common-sensed friends from whom they can seek advice before getting married,
divorced, or pregnant. Otherwise their life may become painfully erratic.

Square Mercury-Mars, orb = 03°47'

The Mars-Mercury combination tends to impart the qualities of Mars to the mental
- alertness, sharpness, mental agility, mental stamina;
- discernment, critical mind;
- can have a lot of clarity if he/she does not let himself/herself be heated up
with anger;
- sharp tongue, can talk a lot;
- enjoys debates, likes to challenge ideas and people, argumentative.
This association of planetary forces can bring a strong sense of humour, and a
witty temperament.
If not properly controlled, a Mars-Mercury aspect can also lead to impulsiveness,

Trine Mercury-Saturn, orb = 06°27'

The Mercury-Saturn combination is usually favourable, in particular for
Saturn, planet of limits, can by itself become restricted and excessively earthy.
Mercury adds lightness to it, and speeds up its vibration level. Out of two
archetypal figures attached to Saturn, the peasant and the scientist, Mercury
pushes for the latter by adding air element, sharpness of mind, intuition and some
originality. Also, Mercury's sense of humour can only contribute to lightening the
heavy sides of Saturn.
Mercury, planet of the mind, may have among its drawbacks a certain superficiality,
a lack of fixity, and instability - all of which will be positively counterbalanced
by Saturn's weight. Mercury is good at establishing connections between things but
may, by itself, find it difficult to ground these into practical applications -
which can only be improved by Saturn's earth element.
The qualities of structure inherent in Saturn will favour many positive traits in
the Mercury-mental organisation: depth of mind, concentration power and focus,
precision, method, mental rigour and logic, common sense, judgement and
discernment, ability for sciences and/or sustained studies.
It also brings certain Saturnian features to the personality such as perseverance,
seriousness, honesty, trustworthiness, reliability, and a touch of reserve.
The possible drawbacks would be more or less the same in a conjunction or a trine
as they are in a square or an opposition. Saturn always brings a certain danger of
dryness. The native must make sure that he/she does not become caught in cold and
sterile logical patterns.

Sextile Mercury-Nth Node, orb = 02°36'

Trine Mercury-Sth Node, orb = 02°36'
To move towards one's North Node, that is, one's future, one needs to develop the
qualities of Mercury: versatility, flexibility, capacity to look at various avenues
in life. People with this configuration may find that they can solve a number of
their problems by being light, not taking life with an overwhelmingly serious
attitude. Use sense of humour and develop a certain playfulness.

Square Venus-Mars, orb = 05°18'
Key words: The encounter of the 2 planets of desire, passion, libido and
The Venus-Mars combination can manifest in quite different characters. A person may
well manifest one of these characters at one period of their life, then another
character of opposite polarity in another period - all this even if they do not do
any work on themselves.
Characters related to the Mars-Venus association of planetary forces:
*The passionate character:
Mars and Venus are the two planets of polarity, attraction and passion.
When they meet in the form of an aspect, they reinforce each other. The fire of
Mars permeates the Venusian sensitivity and adds stamina and spice to it. The
Venusian flow tends to make the Mars planetary force more directly geared into the
sphere of emotions, feelings and sexuality.
The results are:
Lots of fire, lots of desire.
Emotional intensity (this combination is an emotion magnifier).
A rich palette of feelings and also a depth to them.
Strong attractions. Can be fascinated, enchanted, enraptured, captivated. (Think of
mythological stories relating the irresistible attraction between Ares-Mars and
Aphrodite-Venus, and their passionate amorous episodes.)
Strong likes, 'I love that', 'I adore him'.
Strong dislikes, 'I hate this person', 'I can't bear that'.
*The sex maniac character:
Mars and Venus are the two planets of the libido - Venus being the watery, sensual
side, Mars the fiery side. The reinforcement that takes place when they meet in the
form of an aspect is likely to create strong sexual needs, at least for periods.
If a person with this aspect is unaware of any sex maniac character inside
themselves, then it is likely they simply do not know themselves. An entire part of
their sensuality remains dormant and more or less buried in the background of their
psyche, which calls for urgent self-exploration work.
Conversely, this can be an aspect to burn the candle at both ends. The expression
of this aspect can become overdone in an endless multiplication of sensual
experiences. Then it is essential for the individual to realise that these will
never bring full satisfaction and that, deep inside, they are looking for something
of a spiritual nature.
*The creative character:
Being the two planets of the libido, Venus and Mars are also those of creativity.
It can, of course, be artistic creativity - when the fire of Mars is channelled
towards Venusian aesthetic values. Or the creativity can manifest in any other
endeavour, depending on inclinations and dispositions.
Whatever nature it may take, this creativity will prove a wonderful outlet for the
inner build up of intensity that accompanies a major aspect between Venus and Mars.
This should be remembered in particular when counselling someone with this aspect
who is going through a difficult period of inner tension. Encouraging them to
express their creative side through an activity appropriate for themselves will
allow the libido to flow, which may greatly facilitate the resolution of inner
Another important point is that people with this aspect may never have realised how
creative they potentially are, and therefore never applied their qualities to
anything. Children with this aspect, in particular, should be encouraged to learn
some form of artistic expression, such as drawing or music, not only because it is
good for their flow of libido, but also because they are likely to have hidden
A powerful advice that can be given to anyone with a major Venus-Mars aspect and
undergoing an emotional crisis is: do something with your hands. The more creative
it can be, the better. But even if it is not particularly artistic, as in weeding
the garden or taking a few tools and tinkering, working with one's hands has a

powerful balancing effect on the Mars flow of libido.
*Grasping and free-flow:
An important concept in the Clairvision work is that of grasping and free-flow.
These correspond to two different attitudes to sensual enjoyment (be it related to
food, sex, or anything that can be an object of desire). In the first one, the
psyche 'grasps' the object, making the enjoyment a consuming experience. In the
other, there is a much more relaxed, fluid, open attitude to pleasure in which you
can flow with the experience - hence the name 'free-flow'.
Mars is the planet of grasping, Venus that of free flow. The dialectic between
grasping and free-flow therefore takes a special importance for the characters
related to aspects between these two planets. The native may well start his/her
career as a prime 'grasper', rushing into enjoyment of all kinds as a devouring
youth (Mars-Venus aspects give strong stamina).
From there, there is a learning curve of the free-flow to undertake. The quicker
the person can move towards free-flow, the more the Mars-Venus character inside
themselves is likely to reach balance and harmony.

Trine Venus-Saturn, orb = 02°37'

The beauty and harmony of Venus enhanced by Saturn's depth and structure - but also
possibly restrained by them.
*Venus-Saturn: not a bad cocktail at all!
Possible drawbacks of Venus are a certain superficiality and inconstancy. Saturn is
welcome here, adding depth, density and structure.
Conversely, the values of Venus embellish, soften and 'lubricate' the dry, rough
sides of Saturn, and highlight the harmony which is inherent in Saturnian
structures. The flow of Venus mitigates the sometimes harsh and rigid limitations
that go with Saturn.
*The dedicated, loyal friend character:
Venus likes to relate to people. Combined with Saturnian values, this can lead to
friendships with all the good sides of Saturn: lasting, reliable, sincere. The
person is trustworthy and will stick with you in times of adversity, standing up
and defending you if need be.
The loyal friend character has its roots in the depth of feelings which is inherent
in the Venus-Saturn association, as well as in the lover of integrity character.
*The Venus-Saturn depth of feeling:
Venus is the planet of feeling but by herself can be light and easy - a flibberty-
gibbet. Saturn adds depth. In the emotional sphere, this means feelings will be
lasting, deep and sincere. This can be related to the earth element of Saturn. But
Saturn is not all earth; it is also air-structure. This can lead to much more
elaborate, or even complicated, feelings and emotions - not as in a confused mess
but as in a refined, sophisticated inner environment, which can only add to the
charm of Venus.
The combination can also give a great capacity to appreciate artistic works. The
Venus-Saturn character has depth and structure, and therefore will not just be
swayed by superficial likes and dislikes. The person has taste and can discern true
refinement from superficial, kitsch forms of art.
*The lover of integrity character:
Combining with high Venusian ideals, the straightness of Saturn can bring a great
sense of integrity, honesty and fidelity - a love of truth and a deep dislike for
deceit or crooked practices of any kind.
*Feelings inhibited:
Saturn, the planet of limits, may impede the Venusian flow of feelings. This can be
just a touch of reserve and caution - as in the tactful side of a traditional
Anglo-Saxon education. A step further and it could well be a 'keep a stiff upper
lip', as in the not-so-good side of a traditional Anglo-Saxon education.
One step further again and it can be a major difficulty for the person to express
their feelings, and to communicate the warmth they feel inside to the people around

There can also be a certain degree of inhibition in sexual expression. In a mild
form, it can just be a certain sense of shame around sexuality; in a more
pronounced form, suppression of the flowing side of the sexual nature.
When working on yourself, even if you are experiencing your Venus-Saturn aspect on
a very positive mode, you will benefit from a thorough exploration of possible
restraint in the flow of feeling. Inhibitions may be subtle, but this does not mean
they are not powerful. A good idea could be to take a good look at all the human
relationships you are involved in, assess the level of warmth in each of them, and
ask yourself if this corresponds to what, deep inside, you aspire to.

Sextile Venus-Nth Node, orb = 06°29'

Trine Venus-Sth Node, orb = 06°29'
Venus between one's past (South Node) and one's future (North Node) points towards
the necessity of learning Venusian values to find oneself and positively walk
towards one's destiny. Importance of developing one's sensitivity. Some artistic,
creative activities may be a great help. Conversely, there is a danger of
completely missing the point if one lives only according to materialistic,
competitive ideals.

Trine Venus-Black Moon, orb = 06°59'

Black Moon adds depth and originality to Venus.
On one level, the combination can be excellent. Venus has several wonderful sides,
but by itself can sometimes be superficial. From that point of view, it can only
benefit from the exacting influence of Black Moon, and of its need for ideal,
absolute and perfection.
This can lead to powerful realisations, not only in the field of arts, but also in
several other professional activities - provided they can be an outlet for your
creativity. (Black Moon does enhance the creative side of Venus. In many cases, it
also adds a metaphysical dimension to it.)
Because the need for perfection can be extreme, you must make sure that it does not
become paralysing (as in the case of people who prefer to refrain from
relationships rather than being with someone who is not the absolute perfect match,
or people who prefer to create nothing rather than run the risk of creating
something imperfect).
Venus, planet of desire, can also be taken deep down into the unconscious realms of
Black Moon -Lilith. Thus Venus - Black Moon aspects have a number of points in
common with Venus - Pluto aspects. At their maximum, they can lead to devouring
desires and passions. They can also cause the native to be magnetically attracted
to dangerous people or situations.

Trine Saturn-Uranus, orb = 05°40'

The combination between Saturn and Uranus appears to us basically favourable, even
in the so-called conflictual aspects (square or opposition).
Uranus' impetuosity may bring some tension in the Saturn make up of the individual
- but that is certainly not bad. Who wants to be walled in a conventional, earthly,
idiotic type of Saturn? (Certainly not Uranus.) Uranus will dynamise Saturn, break
through its heavy routines, bring spice to it with original and even at times
unconventional ideas and impulses.
Uranus' tendency to be unstable and over-eccentric will only benefit from Saturn's
cooling effect and structure.
Moreover, mental structure is always a challenge in a chart with a strong Uranus.
Uranus brings a high degree of intuition, but if it is not supported by Saturn,
this intuition may well remain vague and never find an outlet to express itself in
a concrete fashion.
The aspect is of course excellent for anything which has to do with science and

It should be remembered that Uranus and Saturn are both slow moving planets. Any
aspect between them will therefore appear on the chart of everyone on the planet
for months. As such, the aspect has individual significance only if it is supported
by aspects to other planets in the chart.

Sextile Saturn-Nth Node, orb = 03°52'

Trine Saturn-Sth Node, orb = 03°52'
The relationship of Saturn to the nodes may have very different meanings. Saturn is
the planet of structure and rigour, but also of karma. This latter aspect may
become more significant when dealing with the axis of the nodes, traditionally
related to destiny.
On one level, aspects of Saturn to the nodes can indicate that this life will be
the opportunity to shake off a lot of old karma. This points to a different reading
of a number of life events. In particular, it suggests that major life changes or
events in the native's life rarely take place by chance, and that there are usually
deep karmic reasons behind them. If, through regression work, the native can come
to understand his/her past life circumstances, it will make dealing with this life
infinitely easier and more meaningful.
On a completely different note, this aspect can mean that the values of Saturn are
needed in order to find oneself and fulfil one's destiny. Perhaps the native has
talents, but these will not be of much use unless supported by the structure and
exacting nature of Saturn. This points to the need to be methodical, organised,
self disciplined, persevering and all other structure-related qualities of Saturn.

Trine Uranus-Black Moon, orb = 03°56'

The Black Moon reinforces the independent and original nature of Uranus. If well
aspected to the rest of the chart, it can be an extremely creative aspect.
Black Moon - Lilith and Uranus have a number of features in common: taste for
independence, dislike of routines and anything which can perceived as enslaving
constraints, affinity with original things, and a rebel - if not rebellious -
nature. (In Kabbalistic mythology, Lilith was Adam's first wife. She rebelled and
left him because she did not want to be subjected to his control.)
On the lower mode, this aspect can enhance the potential restlessness associated
with Uranus and make it difficult for the native to stick to long term enterprises
or follow any kind of discipline.
On the higher mode, the sharpness and originality of Black Moon will reinforce the
imagination and creativity of Uranus.
On an even higher mode, the metaphysical depth of the Black Moon combines with
Uranus in the chart of great visionaries such as Sri Aurobindo (Mars, Uranus, Black
Moon conjunct in the 12th), or Edgar Cayce (opposition). Think also of the depth of
vision of people such as John Kennedy (opposition), or Steven Spielberg


11th house: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Pluto.

Sun in the 11th house:

The Sun in the house of protective friends, great projects and social realisations.
Creates an attraction towards projects of a certain dimension, and towards
realisations that will benefit the entire community.
Powerful help from friends in high positions. Think of seeking them, if you don't
see them around you, for they may not be far at all, and may be willing to support


Mercury in the 11th house:

The planet of the mind, communications and changes in the house of long term
projects, social realisations and protective friends.
Attracted to circles where an exchange of ideas and knowledge is the focus. This
can give a mental feel to friendships in general.
It can also give an ability to relate to people with different backgrounds and
interests. Friends from all fields of life.
Could be a position to establish connections between various members of a

Venus in the 11th house:

The sociable planet in the house of social realisations.
The sociable character of Venus can allow the native to play a harmonious role and
influence public affairs positively.
Dealing with groups and communities may also help reveal the Venus values of the
Venus in the 11th, the house of friends, can bring friends who have the
characteristics of Venus - eg affectionate, creative, charming, artistic, etc. In
any case, Venus is a lucky planet and, if well aspected, this position can indicate
the substantial support of friends or protective helpers in the realisation of the
native's endeavours.

Uranus in the 11th house:

This position can bring lots of Uranus type of friends (friends, and in particular
those who help you, are the domain of the 11th): original, unconventional,
eccentric, good at computers and technology - and possibly interested in astrology
or esotericism.
Friendships can start in a Uranus fashion: suddenly clicking with people, or
meeting in unusual and surprising situations. But they can also finish as quickly
as they started.
In the house of social realisations, the high ideals associated with Uranus are at
home (Uranus is the natural ruler of Aquarius and of the 11th house). This can push
the native towards projects and actions oriented toward the community in general,
possibly pushing for changes. The progressive tendencies, however, are not always
supported by the practical abilities and the patience required to bring about
reforms of social institutions.

Pluto in the 11th house:

Pluto in the house of friends, relating to communities and carrying on long term
Pluto in the 11th can mean that one is attracted to Pluto-kind groups: intense,
investigating secrets, or even underground groups. It's the perfect position to be
a member of a secret society.
In the house of friendship, Pluto can mean one tends to associate with Pluto kinds
of people (intense, magnetic, etc.) Perhaps because of their Pluto, or perhaps
simply because of the way the native' Pluto is invested in the 11th house, these
friends may trigger intense transformations, personality shifts, and changes in
life direction.
Pluto can also mean friendships established along Pluto values and modalities; this
tends to bring the instinctual level in these associations: friendships with guts,
powerful attractions, need for 'absolute' friends. It can also mean deeply
influencing one's friends (or perhaps vice versa). Taken to the extreme, it can
mean power plays.

1st house: Jupiter, Neptune, Nth Node.

Jupiter in the 1st house:

The 1st is the house of the personality, especially what you show of it to the
world. Jupiterian qualities are therefore likely to play a central role in the
native's make up: optimism, outgoing nature, joviality, sense of humour,
generosity, expansiveness. Jupiterian people know how to enjoy life. They are good
at creating atmospheres; they know how to act and are sometimes even theatrical.
They know how to 'go for it' and take chances in life.
Often some of the main lessons they have to learn are how to take care of tiny
details and where to put the limit. This could, for instance, manifest in the form
of a tendency to overeat and put on excess weight.

Neptune in the 1st house:

Neptune is the planet of dreams and inspiration, but also of illusion.
The 1st house is about the personality and what you show of it to the world.
Thus Neptune in the 1st can indicate a personality that shows the qualities of
Neptune: inspiration, intuition, receptivity, intense dream life, an affinity with
music and arts in general, and mysticism.
Even if well-aspected, people with Neptune in the 1st can only benefit from
developing clarity and precision, and fighting confusion in all its forms.

Nth Node in the 1st house and South Node in the 7th house:
Key Words: finding one's destiny through finding oneself.
South Node in the 7th can mean karma related to relationships, or possibly
difficulty in getting into a fulfilling relationship due to the continuation of
patterns from the past.
For some people, South Node in the 7th, house of relationships and partners, can
indicate that in the past one has relied very much on others to establish one's
identity and to determine one's direction. This life is therefore one where it has
become important to seek for answers within oneself and generate one's own drive
without the influence of others.
In any case, North Node in the 1st house is a powerful position to find oneself.
The more the person can just be themselves and reach their own spontaneity, the
more opportunities and new avenues are likely to open up.
On the higher level, this can be a configuration for a powerful meeting with
destiny. This life is not just one where the native is passing by, but one where
there is purpose, and where achievements are in sight.

7th house: Sth Node, Black Moon.

Black Moon in the 7th house:

Super-charged relationships and quest for perfection.
The Black Moon relates to the deepest and most hidden parts of the psyche; the 7th
house relates to close relationships. This can make the native project extremely
high emotional charges onto partners and close friends. Personal attractions (and
repulsions) can be exceptionally intense. Relationships can thus bring profound
healing and/or an exacerbation of the deepest psychological wounds. This position
is an invitation for the native to take a close look at whether they do project
violent emotions onto the people with whom they are closely associated.
Black Moon - Lilith carries a profound longing for the absolute. Transposed to
relationships this means you are likely to have high expectations of your partners,
and thus be mortally disappointed when you realise they are not perfect like God.
Withdrawing from relationships in such times of crisis can be a grave mistake, as
these crises are often self-engineered to reveal profound aspects of yourself and
allow resolution of your deeper conflicts, and healing.
Black Moon in the 7th is also a factor to attract people of great independence and
originality to you - people with the qualities of Lilith: full-on passions and
emotions, rebellious nature, dislike of patriarchal establishment and a need for
absolute perfection.
With this position, returns of the Black Moon to the native Black Moon can bring
upheavals in relationships. The more prepared the native is, the more these

upheavals are likely to take the shape of healthy new beginnings, rather than
painful crises.

Saturn in the 3rd house:

The planet of structure in the house of the mind and communication.
Sense of organisation and method, discipline, seriousness, scientific dispositions.
Caution, with a need to carefully weight all the elements of a situation before
judging it.
The position is also favourable for writing.
As far as we are concerned, however, Saturn's position in this house is less
important than its aspects.

Moon in the 5th house:

Key words: tides of creativity.
In the house of creativity, the Moon, planet of imagination, could find expression
in a variety of activities such as story telling, photography (the mirror nature of
the Moon), turning one's backyard into a farm (the nurturing quality of the Moon
and its affinity with animals), cooking (one of the Moon' s favourite addictions).
The planet of the child and of fecundity in the house of having children indicates
at least an affinity with children and a desire to have some. It can indicate an
intense relationship with a child (or children) which occupies an important place
in the native's life.
The changing nature of the Moon may attract the native to a wide variety of
pleasures (signified by the 5th). Astrologers of old used to associate this
position with a rather fickle nature (the changing face of the Moon) which pushes
the native into a succession of easy, superficial relationships or affairs (5th
house). On a more positive note, it may indicate the capacity to relate to a lot of
people on the level of feeling (the Moon's arch-quality), gathering lots of friends
(Moon stands for multitude) and possibly popularity.

Mars in the 8th house:

Mars' fire and stamina in the house of magnetism, the occult, and sex.
From an esoteric point of view, this position has great potential. It gives
magnetism, belly power, healing force flowing through one's hands (what our
spiritual grandmothers used to call 'the fluid').
The 8th being the house of sex, it can also indicate a very strong sexual stamina
and magnetism.


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