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Abstract contains an overview of the problem, objectives, research methods, results,

conclusions and suggestions. Typed with Times New Roman 12 pt italic 150-200 words in
one paragraph and single space. The Journal Publishes article written in the English and
Indonesia language. For authors who are unable to provide the Indonesia language
version of the abstract, the editor will help. Title, Abstract, and Keyword arranged in
English and Indonesia Language. At the bottom of the abstract typed 3-5 keywords

Keywords: abstract, italic, research, 3-5 word, Times Roman, font size 12


Abstrak berisi gambaran umum tentang masalah, tujuan, metode penelitian, hasil,
kesimpulan dan saran. Diketik dengan Times New Roman 12 pt italic 150-200 words
dalam satu paragraf dan single space. Jurnal ini mempublikasikan artikel dalam bahasa
Inggris dan Bahasa Indonesia. Judul, Abstrak dan kata kunci disusun dalam bahasa
Inggris dan bahasa Indonesia. Bagi penulis yang tidak dapat memberikan abstrak versi
Bahasa Indonesia, editor akan membantu. Di bagian bawah abstrak ketikkan kata kunci 3-
5 berdasarkan abjad.

Kata kunci: abstrak, huruf miring, penelitian, 3-5 kata, times roman, ukuran huruf 12
1. INTRODUC 3. RESULT format size [mm2] aspecta time may be put
TION AND ratioin one set of
DISCUSSIOA4 210 × 297 1.414brackets (Zaman
Introduction JIS B5 182 × 257 1.414& Lehmann 2011).
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Letter 216 × 279 1.294to be numbered in
problems, literature with the literature the order in which
review and data provided by
theoretical basis. The they are cited in
Masdar et al (2017),
literature review is the text and are to
results and
all information discussion should be be listed at the end
obtained from presented clearly and of the contribution
published literature comprehensively under a heading
and related to (not just display the References, see our
problem and results). The Figure 1: This is an example below.
problem solving. presentation in the example of a figure Article must
While the theoretical form of theoretical confirm to the
basis is the theory, descriptions, both reference in
way, and procedures qualitatively and Equations Chicago manual of
used to solve quantitatively to
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clarify the results of
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problems and drawings, graphs or text, centered, and styles adopted
literature review. tables. should be should be
The foundation of numbered consistent
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needed to provide a throughout the article.
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Figures and tables be referred to in 4. CONCLUSI
description of the should be centered the text as ON
discussion presented on the page, Equation (n). Their
numbers should be The conclusion is a
in this paper. numbered summary of the
consecutively typed in
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throughout the parentheses, flush results of the study
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2. METHODOL should have a following example. clearly
OGY caption. Figure communicated in the
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The methodology
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explanation of the figure and for table (1) arranged
methods and the caption is sequentially
according to the
techniques of the above the table. Literature
study numbering system.
The font size for References At the conclusion
implementation tables and figures
(consisting of data References are contains the results
should around 10 - obtained plus the
collection, analytical cited in the text
12 point. benefits, advantages,
methods, just by square
procedures, and weaknesses and
Table 1: This is an example of a table opportunities for
implementation). (Tchobanoglous et
caption. further study
al. 1993). Two or development
more references at
(suggestions or H., Vigil, S.
recommendations). 1993.
ACKNOWLEDG solid waste
EMENTS management:
The engineering
acknowledgement principles and
for funding management
organizations etc. issues. 5th
should be placed in edition.
this section. Thank Singapore:
you for your McGraw-Hill.
cooperation in
Zaman, A.U and
complying with
Lehmann, S.
these instructions.
2011. Urban
growth and
The references are
towards ‘zero
alphabetically and
contain only books, waste city’.
journals, and Journal of
proceedings City, Culture
documents cited in and Society in
this text. Press, 2: 177–
Masdar, M.S.,
S.K. Hasran
U.A., Rosli
M.I. & Daud.
W. R. W. 2017
and stability of
single and 6-
cell stack
passive direct
methanol fuel
cell (dmfc) for
long –term
Journal of
Energy, 42:
G., Theisen,