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Nama Anak Lelaki / Baby Muslim Names and Meanings

(Koleksi papa_terakhir)

Abu Dawud telah meriwayatkan dari Abu Darda’ r.a.

katanya, Rasulullah bersabda: “Sesungguhnya kamu semua
akan dipanggil dengan nama-nama kamu dan nama-nama
bapa kamu pada Hari Kiamat, maka perelokkanlah nama-
nama kamu.”

Memperelokkan nama bermaksud memilih nama yang selari

dengan tuntutan Islam. Memilih nama perlu ada tujuan.
Bukan sekadar untuk memudahkan panggil atau untuk
menggabungkan nama ibu dan bapa serta datuk-datuk dan
nenek-nenek, bahkan ia berkaitan dengan soal
pembentukan peribadi anak itu. Bukankah panggilan itu
mengandungi doa. Setiap orang yang memangilnya, dikira
membuat doa untuknya.

Name Meaning
Amin Mandate holder
Anis Socially suave
Amanullah Security from Allah
Akram More Honor
Ahmad Praised
Ad-ham (1) rope chain, (2) Ancient Remains
Aslam (1) More safe, (2) to embrace Islam
Arsalan Name of an Islamic character
Aiman Right
Arhab Pamper
As'ad Happy
Adib Civilized
Addar Quthni A Imam hadith transmitters
Attirmidzi Imam hadith transmitters
Aththobarani Imam hadith transmitters
Al Baihaqi Imam hadith transmitters
Annasai Imam hadith transmitters
Asyraf Nobler
Amir Rulers - leaders
Anas Romantic
Althaf Softer
Amjad Nobler
Ahnaf More holy (Straight)
Anwar More shining
Arhab Wider area
Azhar Brighter
Aufa More precisely
Anjab More important and valuable

Akhdan Companions
Akmal More complete (perfect)
Abrar Groups that do good
Aflah More successful
Anshar The Ansar Companions of the Prophet
Amrullah Commandments
Asad Lions
Afdhol More principle
'Aashim Avoiding disobedience
'Aamir Prosperity
'Atiq (1) Kaba (2) is freed
'Adli Fair
'Arif Wise
'Adnan Name of the ancients
'Aali High
'Adil Fair
'Abduh His Servant
'Azzan Name of the past
'Azzam Determination
'Azmi Determination
Athallah Gift of God
'Aqil Virtuous
'Aafi Forgiving
'Aathif Compassion
Alauddin Glory religion
'Aakif Man who does itikaf
'Aqib Good reward
'Afif Have pride
'Aatik (1) Gracious (2) The pure
'Alim Has wide knowledge
'Abid (1) Worship (2) Servant
'Abbad Diligently worship
'Ariq Good deed
Antar Brave in war

Name Meaning
Basil (1) Lion (2) Brave
Badar Full Moon
Badruddin The full moon of religion
Bariq Luminous - glow
Bassam Always smile
Basim Smiling
Basyir Giver of glad tidings
Bahauddin The beauty of religion
Bahir Elegant
Badri Accelerated
Bahi Beautiful
Burhan Evidence - Light
Bakri Early in the morning
Baqir Sliter
Burhanuddin Evidence (light) religion
Bakir Early in the morning

Bariz Prominent
Bisyir Good news
Banan Fingertips
Badil Substitute
Baliq Fluent
Budair Walking fast
Buraid Cool
Bukhori Imam hadith transmitters
Badruttamam Full moon
Badruzzaman The full moon of zaman

Name Meaning
Dzakwan Fragrance
Dziyab (1) Obtaining property. (2) invasion
Dziban Expeler
Dzulfiqar Name of the Prophet's Sword
Dhafir Win
Dhahir That helps
Dhiaulhaq Rays (light) of right
Dhia Rays - light
Dhamir Slim
Dhaifullah Guests of Allah

Name Meaning
Faiz Win
Falah Success - lucky
Falih Successful
Fakhri Pride
Farid (1) Singles (2) Expensive jewels
Fauzan Victory
Faisal Separator between right and falsehood
Fuad Mind - heart of hearts
Fuhaid Tiger
Fahim Good understanding
Faraj (1) Grace (2) Discharge
Fauhad Fat kid
Faqih Jurists
Faris Equestrian
Faruq Distinguishing between right and falsehood
Farhan Delightful
Fadhil Honor
Fauzi Victory
Fahd Tiger
Faiq Who beats
Fakhir (1) greatness. (2) The good
Fathi Starters - Pioneer
Fahmi (Good) comprehension
Fikri (Good) thought - Thinker
Furqon Distinguishing rights with falsehood
Fakhruddin Pride of religion
Fadhlurrahman (1) The virtue of God (2) Grace from Arrahman

Fajari Dawn
Fadholi Virtue - lead

Nama Meaning
Ghufron Forgiveness
Ghozi Battlefield soldiers
Ghalib Win
Ghonim Who profited
Ghassan Arab tribes Name

Name Meaning
Hatim Pure
Hazim Careful people
Hamdi Compliments
Haidar Lion
Hafidh (1) Maintainer (2) Memorizer
Husam Blade
Hanif Firm Muslim
Hamid Praiser
Hamdan Praiser
Hassan Good - Nice
Hammadi Praiser
Hamdun Compliments
Hibban Ibn Hibban : a Hadisttransmitter
Husni Beautiful
Helmi Patience and understanding
Hanafi Followers of Imam Abu Hanifah
Hanbali Followers of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal
Hasyim Gracious
Hawari Loyal
Hilal Crescent
Hadi Guide
Hani' who congratulate
Hammam Who have willpower
Hisyam Generosity
Humam (1) King of the king (2) Lions
Hajid The Prayer Tahajjud
Hibatullah Grace of God
Hamdan Somewhere settlers
Hauzan Human beings
Huwaidi Back to the right
Habibi Favorite - My love

Name Meaning
'Izzuddin The glory of religion
'Ismat The power away from the immoral
'Irfan Knowledge
'Imran Maryam's father
'Isom Maksum

'Imaduddin Pillar of religion
Ihsan Kindness
Imam Leader
Iqbal Muslim poets
Ikhlas Sincere
Iyad A difficult mountain to climb
Iman Faith
Ilham Good signal
Irsyad Instructions
Ijlal Reverence - Majesty
Isyraf Supervision

Name Meaning
Jamil Beautiful
Jamal Beauty
Jauhar Gems
Jamaluddin The beauty of religion
Jihad Struggle
Junaid Army - Soldier
Jubair Great Ulama Name
Jalal Greatness
Jawahir Gems
Jiyad Good
Juhair Loud sound - Lantang
Jasim Body - Physical
Jibril Angel Gabriel
Jawad Gracious
Jam'an Two forces
Jarullah Neighbor of Allah
Jubran Name Literati
Jasir Courage
Jaiz May
Jadid New
Jamhari Human groups
Jundi Soldier

Name Meaning
Kamal Perfection
Kamaluddin Perfection of religion
Kamil Perfect
Kadhim Restrain himself
Khairuddin Goodness of Religion
Khairullah Goodness (of) God
Khalis Pure
Khattab Orator
Khatib People who preach
Khaldun Name of a historian
Khairi Kindness
Khalil Favorite
Khabir Who knows the truth
Khozin (1) Storage property (2) Treasurer

Khosyi' People who khusyu 'in prayer
Khodhi' People who are humble
Khidhir People pious friend of the prophet Moses
Khalaf (1) Good child (2) Substitute (3) Scholars
Khairon Kindness

Name Meaning
Labib Healthy mind and clever
Luthfi Soft
Luqman Name of wise guy
Lami' Shiny
Luqmanul hakim Luqman the wise

Name Meaning
Maajid Honor
Ma'mun Safe
Muhyiddin Reviver of religion
Mar'ie Preserved
Masyhur Famous
Majdi Glory
Mukhtar Elected
Mas'ud Happy
Murtadho Blessed
Marwan (1) straight matter (2) A Caliph of the Umayyad
Mustafa Options
Maalik Which has
Mubarak Blessed
Mujahid Warrior
Majduddin The glory of religion
Mahbub Preferred - Beloved
Muhsin Who do good
Mahmud Praised
Mursyid Giver directions
Muslim A Muslim
Mu'min A believer
Muammar Longevity
Mahrus Guarded
Mudrik Intelect - Have good understanding
Ma'ruf (1) Kindness (2) The known
Mundzir Warner
Mustajab Whose dua is granted
Marzuq who is Given fortune
Muin Helper
Maliki Adherents of Imam Malik
Mansur Won
Munadi Who utter a shout
Murfid Helper
Mahir Smart - capable
Miftah Key
Munir Shine
Munawir Who joined the military training

Munawwir Bleach with lime
Mufrih Cheerleading
Mu'tashim Preserved from sin
Mukarrom Majesty
Mus'ad Who is happy
Mahdi Who got Hidayah (guidance)
Mushoddaq Reliable
Mushoddiq Who believe
Muhtarom Dear (in respect)
Muhajir Which migrate
Misbah Lamp
Misbahuddin Lamp of religion
Muntashir Winner
Muflih Successful
Mushlih That improves
Mu'afa Survivors - healthy
Mukhlis Sincere
Mukhlas Sincere
Munif Has high position - prominent
Marjan Marjan jewel
Ma'shum Avoid from sin
Maimun Blessed
Mustaqim Straight
Marsa Seaport
Musyif Supervisor
Makarim Lordly
Muthliq Giver something
Mamduh Praised
Mazru'i Planted
Mubasysyir Giver of glad tidings
Mastur Closed - confidential
Musyaffa' Getting intercede
Mudhoffar Won
Muthohhar Purified
Masy'al Fire lit place
Ma'lum Known
Ma'mur Prosperous
Muzakki (1) Zakat giver (2) The self Cleaning
Murad Willpower
Mahfudh Maintained - awake
Mukhbit Submissive
Muqsith Do justice
Mutawakkil Who trust
Mutawalli The handle position or matter
Mahasin Virtues
Muti' Who always obey
Mufid Who gives benefits
Manaf High mount - Prominent
Munib Who back God's way
Muwaffaq who got Taufiq (blessing)
Mustaghfirin The people who ask for forgiveness
Musaid Aide - Helper

Name Meaning
Nashir Helper
Nashiruddin Helper of Religion
Nashrullah Victory from God
Nail Who like to give
Nu'man Enjoyment
Nuruddin Light of Religion
Nadhir Beautiful - lovely
Naufal Benefactor
Nadi Meeting place
Naji (1) Safe (2) Camel that running fast
Naif (1) Based (2) Prominent
Nashif (1) Fair (2) Insaf (3) Servants
Nizar (1) Less talking (2) Less giving
Na'im Enjoyment
Nuri Glow
Nabih Clever - Honor
Nabil Clever - Skillful
Najmi Star
Nadhmi Well organized (discipline)
Nasih Faithful - Loyal - Sincere
Nadir Rarely
Nawwaf Featuring
Nadim Friends for drinking
Nashir Defenders
Nafil Additional
Nazih Clean from the stain defect
Nidham Regulations
Najib Majesty - Top - Valuable
Nadhim Organizer
Nasim Breeze
Nawwar Giver of light
Nafis Worth - Valuable
Nabhan Honor - famous
Najmuddin Stars of religion
Nadhif Clean
Nahid Children in puberty

Name Meaning
Qosim Handsome
Qoid Leaders
Qutub (1) Name of Leader (2) Pole
Qani' Satisfied
Qosiim (1) The beautiful (2) Part
Quraisy Arab ethnic origin of the Messenger of Allah

Name Meaning

Rajih Steady balance
Rafi' High
Rahmatullah Rahmat from Allah
Rusydi Straight way
Ridhwan Willing of God
Rifqi Friend companion
Riyadh Park
Rasyid Guided
Rosyid Giving guidance
Roja' Hope
Raihan Fragrant plants
Rahmi Compassion
Rosyad Directions to the straight way
Rafid (1) Helper (2) Guard
Rizqullah Sustenance from Allah
Ramadhan Ramadhan month
Rafii' High degree
Ridho Willing
Rajab Month of Rajab
Roid Leaders
Rozin Serious in attitude
Robii' Spring
Rabbani Because of Allah only
Rahid Soft - Gentle
Rofiq Close friend
Rafif Has good behavior
Rosyiq Beautiful shape
Rodhi Feeling compliant
Roji Hopeful
Robih Lucky

Name Meaning
Sulthan (1) Sultan (2) strong evidence
Sabiq (1) The beater (2) The preceding
Sami High position
Samir Friend to chat
Surur Joy
Sa'di Happy
Sufyan Name of Ulama
Saif Sword
Salam Safety - Security
Sa'ud Happy
Said Happy
Salim Safe
Sunni Adherents of sunnah of Prophet PBUH
Siraj Lights - Lamp
Sirajuddin Lamp of religion
Suud Happy
Sa'dun Happy
Samih Gentle - empathetic/tolerance
Saifuddin Sword of religion
Saiful Islam Sword of Islam
Samah Tolerance

Sadad Appropriate action
Sunbul (1) shaft (2) Name of Animals
Sayid Master - Head of the tribe
Samhari Lance loud
Sadid Right - accurate
Sajid People who prostrate
Satir People who cover the disgrace and sin
Sahar End the night before the dawn
Syarif Honor
Syauqi My yearning
Syafiq Compassionate
Syahir Famous
Syukri Grateful
Syakir Grateful
Sya'ban Month of Sha'ban
Syahid Dead as a Martyrs
Syafi' Giving intercede
Syakib Muslim Figures Names
Syarifuddin Glory of Religion
Syadi Clever in poetry and singing
Syahin Bird with long wings
Syammas Servent of worship
Syabibi Aged between 15 to 30 years
Syamil Comprehensive
Syamlan Choosing a ripe dates
Syihab Fractions of stars - meteors
Syarahil Name of a khabilah
Syaiban Cloudy snow
Syuja' Brave
Syaraf Glory
Syafii Follower of Imam Shafii
Syafi Healer
Syarbini (1) Name of a Tree (2) Name of a great Ulama
Syuruq Sunrise
Syamsulhadi Sun guide
Syamsuddin Sun of Religion
Syihabuddin Fractions Star (meteor) of religion
Shodiq True - Honest
Shabri Patience
Shabur Patient
Shobir Patient
Shidqi True - honest
Shiddiq Justify
Shaleh Well - Good deed
Shalah Repair - goodness
Shalahuddin Goodness of Religion
Shobhi Morning
Shofwan (1) Close friend
Shaddam Conflicts
Shorim (1) Courage (2) Sharp Sword (3) Lions
Shafar Month of Safar
Shoib Bull's-eye - Accurate
Shohib Friend
Shabban Soap maker

Shofi Clear

Name Meaning
Tajuddin Crown of religion
Taqiuddin Piety in religion
Taufiq Taufiq
Tamim Strong person
Taisir Ease
Tauhid Purity of Faith (oneness of Allah)
Taqi Piety
Tahsin Improvement - Repair
Tamam Perfect
Taufiq Alhakim Taufiq (God) that wise
Taufiq Arrahman Taufiq (Allah) Most Gracious
Thoriq The man who knocked at night
Thalal The beauty - good condition
Thilal (1) Dew (2) It's spitting
Thalib (1) Student (2) Researcher
Thaha Name of surah in Qur'an
Thomi High
Thahir Neat - Sacred
Thoyyib Well
Thufail Gentle
Tsabit Fixed
Tsawab Pahala
Tsauban Back together
Tsamud The prophet Saleh community
Tsaqib Accurate

Name Meaning
'Ubaid Servant
' Uwamir Name of The Ancients
'Ushaim Maintaining from the ugliness
'Umair Name of the ancients
'Ulwan High
'Umron Development
'Ujab Miracles

Name Meaning
Wajih The person who is domiciled
Wail The back (cover) To God
Waliuddin Helper (defenser) of Religion
Washif Have certain properties
Wahid Alone
Wisam (1) Stars of Honor (2) Medals
Wafi Perfect
Wajdi Love - Happy - Rich - Power
Washil Connecting family relationship

Wasim Beautiful - handsome
Wafir Complete - has lots of goodness
Wahib Gives often

Name Meaning
Yaasiin The first paragraph of surah YAASIIN
Yazid Increases - More
Yaasir Easy People
Yasykur Grateful
Yusron Easyness

Name Meaning
Zaki (1) Growing up nicely (2) Neat
Zuhair (1) Glow (2) Beauty
Zufar (1) Lions (2) Brave (3) Gracious
Zahid (1) Humility (2) Not greedy world
Ziyad An excess
Zahir (1) Brilliant (2) Bright Color
Zahran (1) Flowers (2) Beauty
Zamir Beautiful child
Zumar Beautiful child
Zain Good
Zainuddin Fineness of Religion
Zainulabidin Fineness of the worshipers of God
Zainularifin Smartness wise men
Zainulmuttaqin Fineness of piety people
Zaqhlul The name of Egypt figure
Zaidan Additional - Excess
Zuhdi (1) Humility (2) Not greed to worldly material
Zaidun Additional - Excess